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Being here, in his space, as an artist, it is hard not to feel like I am in the presence of one of the greatest folk artists of my time. When I think about Floyd Banks and The Castle, I also think about people like the great Howard Finster and his Paradise Gardens. This space is filled with creative uses for recycled materials, found objects decoratively added to the walkways, walls, and to the façade, and even sculptures and engravings. This space of his is not only a space where he can feel closer to God and grow his crops, it also reflects a place where he can remember the past, enjoy the present , and reflect on the future. What’s special about this place he has created is that it can translate those feelings to the viewer as well . . . it draws my gaze and my mind and heart into his vision.

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Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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