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PASSIONATE PLACES | The Castle Anika Toro

Hidden away in the rural town of Greenback, Tennessee is nestled one of the most unique treasures, The Castle, or as it’s now becoming known, ―The House of the Almighty.‖ Finding this place is difficult—not much in the press, no signs, many people in the surrounding areas don’t even know about it. But if you stop anywhere in Greenback, just ask someone how to get to The Castle, and they will tell you how and maybe even take you there themselves. Eighteen years ago, Mr. Floyd Banks, Jr. started building The Castle as a means to make a name for himself. ―Every man wants his own castle!‖ Banks says. But then, a few years into building, things changed. While working one day, his gaze was fixed to a spot high on the wall of the Throne Room. It was there that he saw an image of Christ appear amongst the stones. Since then, The Castle has shown Mr. Banks images of family members, Satan, Sam Houston, An Indian chief, animals, and many others. The Castle has been a way for Mr. Banks to communicate with the Almighty. As he says, ―God told me not to bother him with special requests. He said just show me you love me. So I don’t pray anymore. Working on this castle is how I show him I love Him; it’s my way of praying.‖

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