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When do the forms come to you, is it while you work? Is it before you drift off to sleep? And how does your series on feeling reflect how you experience emotions? Do they seem more or less like an out of body experience after giving them life in clay? I prefer to work in silence. Music distracts me somehow. While everyday life can be very hectic and busy, I love the silence in my studio. I made this set of feelings over a period of 3 months. Every day, one feeling. It was a project that was followed and carried by many on Flickr. I couldn’t have done it alone. Some of the feelings really came out of my inner self, others were suggested by others. I would ask someone how he/she felt and then I came up with a way to express it. I love the fact that with minimal effect you can express the maximum.

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Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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