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FOUND| The Unlikely Artist Ashleigh A. Coyner

―Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.‖ —Anton Ego, Ratatouille

©BleuOiseau Photography


hildren do not usually elicit the idea of artist. But if we look closely, we may find something truly remarkable in their artwork. I know I did.

My first featured artist is five year old Audrey. She loves using pastels and markers. She occasionally will use dry erase markers, like in her caterpillar artwork. She sometimes interrupts her drawing with a little dance and a made-up song. She drew her featured artwork at age two. I love that she had no pre-notion, no idea in mind. She just drew from her heart, her being. She had such an intense face when drawing this picture. I love how she raises her arms in triumph only to realize that she wants those big circles colored in. She claims it is a caterpillar, though I believe she may have called it something else when she first drew it! Do you have an artist waiting to be Found? Send your submission to

Now at age 5, Audrey still enjoys a good finger painting session.

©BleuOiseau Photography 20 method press

Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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