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Blank—The Outskirts Photography and Essay Mandy Bryant

When I was a kid, I was completely cliché and apathetic. I didn't like living in a small town surrounded by farmland. I hated the fields of Indiana for being simple and I hated the farmers for being…farmer-ish. . Then I grew up (just a little) and I went to art school in the city. And suddenly…Huzzah! I had some sort of revelation. Like maybe where I live is kind of amazing. The empty fields and lonely trees have become the canvas and subject, respectfully, for my little romantic vignettes. On the outskirts of town, condemned houses tell lovely stories, quiet and kind of tragic. And they're so beautiful, they break my heart. I'm not really a landscape person. With all the bazillions of landscape photographers out there, I did not wish to compete. The whole Getty-stock-marketable thing is not my strength. But it's okay, because I now see these stark scenes the way I see everything else I photograph. I see them as good design. I've been taught color and design theory so much now that I don't consciously think about the rules; I just feel them. It's allowed me to experience things differently, like an artist I guess.

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