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summer 2013/Volume 34 Issue 2

Celebrating our Seniors!

We Welcome Alison Evans, CEO

St. Marys campus took Spring Break in Atlanta where they caught Hawks and Braves games.



Methodist Home

Americus • Columbus • Macon St. Marys • Valdosta • Waverly Hall Ms. Alison E. Evans President/CEO Mrs. Jill C. Myers Executive Vice President Dr. Jeffery D. Lawrence VP/of Programs and Services Mr. Bruce Stanfield VP/Finance Dr. Derek W. McAleer VP/Development Dr. Laudis H. “Rick” Lanford President/The Methodist Home Foundation P.O. Box 2600 Macon, Georgia 31203

The Gateway is a quarterly publication of the Department of Development/Public Relations and is designed to highlight Methodist Home life, to encourage inquiries about potential admissions, and to challenge donors to continue their generous contributions for the children. The Methodist Home is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Mr. William (Bill) Allen Dr. Charlene Black Mrs. Jane Brown Mr. Chuck Briscoe Mr. Craig Buckley Judge Richard M. Cowart Mrs. Joyce F. Dent Mr. William A. Fickling, III Mr. Allen G. Freeman Senator Tim Golden Mr. David F. Green Senator B. Seth Harp, Jr. Ms. Jennifer Harper Mrs. Catherine Harrington Rev. W. Michael Huling Mr. Michael Kemp Rev. Daniel Medina Dr. Bob M. Moon Dr. David Mosely Mrs. Elizabeth Ogie Mrs. Rebecca “Becky” W. Rumer Mrs. Karen C. Shockley Mr. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Mrs. GiGi Taylor Senator Ross Tolleson Mrs. Judy Tott Mr. John “Johnny” C. Walker


Rev. V.L. Daughtery, Jr. Bishop C.W. “Handy” Hancock Rev. A. Jason Shirah


Dr. Edwin Chase Rev. Cleo Conaway Mr. Walter M. Deriso, Jr. Dr. Laudis H. “Rick” Lanford Dr. Wayne Moseley Rev. G. Thomas Martin Rev. Henry Bass Rev. Wayne Racz Bishop James King Rev. C. Benjy Varnell


Mrs. Cater O. Thompson Mr. Hubert “Hu” C. Lovelin, Jr.



Rev. Reggie Williams

In response to Christ and the Church, the mission of the Methodist Home is to be a model organization that restores childhoods, strengthens families and cultivates a peoplebuilding organization.



Mrs. Mavis Moore Mr. Michael Stone

We accept children and youth regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or religious background.


The Methodist Home P.O. Box 2525 • 304 Pierce Avenue 31204 Macon, Georgia 31203 - 2525 (478) 751-2800 (office) (478) 751-2888 (fax) Email:

Pictured on cover Ms. Alison Evans and graduating Seniors. Back Row: Brianna, Ms. Evans, Kahlil. Front Row: Shakira and Kiera 2


Welcome New CEOAlison Evans

Ms. Alison Evans and

The Methodist Home is pleased to

the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

announce that Alison Evans has

in increasingly responsible roles:

been selected to serve as its next

Summer Camp Director, Business

President and CEO. Ms. Evans is

Manager, Regional Director of

currently the Vice President of

Southeast Florida, Vice President

Donor Relations at the Florida

of Public Relations, and Vice

Sheriffs Youth Ranches in Live Oak,

President of Donor Relations.

Florida, and will assume leadership

Ms. Evans was honored for her

at The Methodist Home on June 1st

dedicated service as the recipient

upon the retirement of Dr. Steve

of the Leadership Award by the


Florida Association of Child and

Ms. Evans has served with the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches for 28 years in a variety of leadership

Family Agencies and the Friend of Children Award by the Florida Coalition for Children.

roles, most recently as part of

“The Board is pleased to have

the senior management team

Ms. Evans assume the chief

directing successful fundraising

executive role for The Methodist

efforts across the state of Florida.

Home recognizing that she brings

Ms. Evans holds a Bachelor of Arts

valuable experience in leadership,

degree in Sociology and Business

public relations, and a commitment

Administration and a Master’s

to quality care for children and

degree in Business Administration

youth in need. We have in Ms.

from Stetson University.

Evans the gifts, expertise, and

Ms. Evans began her career serving at Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches as a college summer worker. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Stetson University, Ms. Evans continued to work at

compassion to guide The Methodist Home into its next chapter while keeping the same high standards that are The Home’s hallmark,”

Dr. Steve Rumford

Fun Facts

Alison Evans was born in New Jersey and moved with her family to southeast Florida when she was four. She has lived in North Florida (Lake City) since the early 90’s. Sports have always been an interest of Ms. Evans. As a child, she rooted for the Big Red Machine- Cincinatti Reds in baseball and the Dallas Cowboys in football. In her college years, she paid more attention to college sports, typically rooting for Florida teams, especially if she knew a kid on the team. Ms. Evans says, “College Football certainly will have my attention this fall as my alma mater Stetson and my new hometown Mercer will both have teams.” She adds jokingly, “I have asked Mr. Lonnie to add a Hatter banner to the Rumford Center colors.” (Hatter is the mascot for Stetson University.)

When asked about something unique about her, she responded, “I have a 10 year old retired greyhound named DD. Her racing name was JJ’s Double Dare but DD works just fine for me. I inherited her from my father after his death and I am proud to call her my own.”

says Dr. Bob Moon, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Methodist Home.



Alison Evans, President/CEO Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be... I Peter 5:2 NIV The children we serve are some of the most fragile members of God’s flock. Many are battered, bruised and broken; but they are also full of potential, eager to learn, and yearning for a brighter future. For the past 29 years, our children have been under the watchful, tender care of Dr. Steve Rumford and the talented staff of The Methodist Home. He treated each one as his own, providing shelter from the storms in their young lives. Dr. Rumford’s leadership, vision, and steady guidance took this once small relatively unknown agency and turned it into a nationally recognized, accredited, multifaceted child caring organization. He has multiplied its impact tenfold

Alison Evans

and positively influenced the lives of thousands of Georgia’s boys and girls.

please join me in that prayer as together we seek God’s will for “our children’s home”?

Simply stated, Steve Rumford’s faithful dedication and commitment to care for these children is a remarkable example of the “willing shepherd” that God called him to be.

You, as caring members of our extended family, are vital to our ongoing success. We need your prayers and support for our children, our staff and our Board. Together, we are ready to answer the call to serve and are so grateful that you will continue this journey with us. Thank you for your incredible generosity and amazing commitment to the children in our care.

We are so thankful for him and owe his gracious wife Rozelle, and their four children, a debt of gratitude for sharing him with us for nearly three decades. As the new President of The Home, I am honored to follow such a man of integrity and kindness. I truly ask God to bless me with an ample portion of Dr. Rumford’s wisdom, patience and faithfulness. Will you


Alison Evans

29 OF our boys and girls EACH GAVE $1 TO THE METHODIST HOME in honor of Dr. Rumford’s 29 years of faithful service. PS:





The Future is Here...

Alison Evans, President/CEO Dr. Steve L. Rumford President/CEO, Retired The last issue of The Gateway had a great picture of the chair of The Home’s Search Committee, Cater Thompson, and committee member, Johnny Walker, who was also on the Search Committee in 1984. The committee was made up of 10 board members, eight from The Home’s Board and two from the Foundation. With the support of a search firm they had 90 applications, reviewed 40 resumes, interviewed 10 via Skype and then after additional interviews selected Alison Evans, President/CEO, in an unanimous vote!! Throughout the six weeks of late April and May I have had the privilege to meet Alison and to see her skills, expertise and leadership style. I am impressed! More importantly, I have seen her compassion for youth and her commitment to Christ and the Church. When you add 28 years of experience in residential care in a variety of roles in one organization you have the right person to lead The Home into another era of service. Another privilege I have had has been to introduce Alison to the South Georgia Annual Conference and to Macon, Columbus, Valdosta, Americus, St. Marys and Arabella. Just as Emory Gilbert gave me a profound respect and love for this great conference, I know Alison will find that The Methodist Home is the Heart of the South Georgia Conference. Make no mistake, the challenge to serve youth and families in crisis is as great as it has ever been. My prayer is that every church, every church member and every supporter will give Alison and the ministry of The Home their prayers, their service, their gifts and their witness.

As I step out of my office, I am excited at the future Alison brings and I commit myself to her leadership and success. Rozelle and I have been overwhelmed by the events and farewells of this past month. For more than 20 years, we have had the children of The Home in our home on Christmas Eve. Our kids went to school with our other kids, went on summer trips and were in nearly 100 different churches across the conference. I want to thank each and everyone of you for allowing us to serve your Methodist Home and I urge you to stand tall beside Alison Evans.



We are so proud of our



AnthonyThacker Editor’s Note: Anthony Thacker was named the 2013 Student of the Year for hutchings Career Center by Georgia’s career and Technical Instruction program. He won third place at the 2012 CTI Spring Leadership Conference, third place in CTI’s quiz bowl spelling bee and was a CTI career manual finalist. My name is Anthony Thacker. I have lived at The Methodist Home for about 6 years. During my stay here, I learned about life situations; such as, making the best out of your decisions. When I turned 18, I made the mistake of signing myself out of care but quickly realized that the people at The Methodist Home really do care. So my next action plan was to sign myself back into care and now I am here to graduate high school. What does graduating means to me? It means I can show people I can do something with my life and I can achieve anything I want to achieve. After high school I want to attend South Georgia Technical College to obtain a degree in Culinary Arts and a Doctorate Degree in Science. My favorite quote is Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” I give credit to the staff because they made me work harder and tried to motivate me in a spiritual way. Special thanks to Mrs. Linda, Papa Joe, Mr. Sherard, Mr. Adside, Mr. Zavier (my advocate) and Mr. Rumford. The conversations I shared with Mr. Rumford about social studies are memorable because he tries to make everything funny and applicable to the future for myself. I would also like to thank Mr. Bentley for allowing me to express myself. Peace & Blessings

Anthony Thacker



Shakira Brown All through elementary and middle school I achieved all A’s and B’s. I have always taken school seriously, and who motivates me the most are my parents. You know how your parents always want what’s best for you, and want you to have what they never did growing up? Well education was something they didn’t take advantage of, so I think they encouraged me so I won’t make the same mistake they did. So those school years were basically school then home and home then school. When I reached the point of graduating school, and I was still maintaining my grades, I noticed what my parents taught me was very useful. I used to try to do my best on every assignment and just think “my parents would be so proud of me” but when I got older I noticed I can be very proud of myself. However, my high school career was thrown a curve ball and I ended up being taken away from my parents and put into foster care. Of course, being thrown into a group home is not the ideal situation. Coming into foster care my senior year I thought it was all over. I was scared I wouldn’t graduate from high school and wouldn’t be graduating on time with my class of 2013 but I was wrong. I ended up being placed at 8


The Methodist Home in Smith cottage with nine other girls. I came into foster care with a negative attitude but as I’ve grown to accept my situation I noticed it’s not so bad after all. You have a lot of advantages being in foster care and unlike my parents with their education I am going to take advantage of it. The Methodist Home is all about the children and their needs. Ever since I’ve been here they have only done what’s best for me. Graduating high school is very important to me. Not only is it one of my goals but I will be the first young lady to graduate in my family. Graduating means leaving part of your immaturity behind and growing up a little; not quite all play. Hitting one of the many important milestones in life means it’s time to start taking on more responsibilities and being able to handle more problems on your own. I’m so used to running to my parents about everything now it’s time to be the successful young adult they raised me to be.

- Shakira Brown

Kiera Jenkins

“The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.” C . Joybell C. I chose this quote from C. Joybell after coming out of a catastrophic C. because it defines me. I used to first experience with group home life. hold my past accountable for my After a while of being there I finally failure. I would say and do things that opened up and started engaging and I knew were wrong and unacceptable, interacting with staff members of and my excuse would always lead The Home. They later became very to something that happened in my important people in my life. They childhood. I used to dwell so much instilled ethics, morals, and values on the past that it blurred my vision in me that I was lacking, and made of the future and it hindered me from me a better person. I am now an A-B ever becoming anything more than I honor roll student, and I am currently was allowing myself to be. I used to taking college courses to become a pray for change day and night, but to pharmacy technician to work my way All smiles for Senior Prom 2013! no avail; nothing seem to change. I through college. I have shown myself was at a point in my life where I had and others the potential I have always hit rock bottom until that memorable night I prayed had with the strength of God. I will be attending the most genuine and sincere prayer I had ever Middle Georgia State College in the Fall and I will prayed. major in occupational therapy. The next day I got into more trouble and was all All in all, no matter what has ever happened out of chances. The judge sent me to a group home to you, now that you can conquer any adversity in South Georgia. There I had the most horrible that comes your way. The people who try to keep five-month experience ever. During that time, I you down don’t win unless you give up. So never wanted to go home and never come back. Then on let your hardships hinder you from becoming the August 25, 2011, I was sent to The Methodist Home person you dreamed you could be. in Macon Georgia. At first, I had my guard up and was in attack mode. I didn’t know what to expect

- Kiera Jenkins



Kahlil Williams

So here I am, my name is Kahlil Williams, born in Atlanta, raised in San Diego, California, grew up in Macon & living out the rest of it hopefully somewhere else; with a lot of action & adventure because I still have the heart of a kid in me. list to mention here but I will mention a few. One is how much I need the individuals in my life, how much some value me in different ways & last but not least how this world really is. I’m going to tell you the truth; for a minute I have been overwhelmed with life and how the United States is being ran & concerned about how life is going to be as I get older. I learned just a few things about what I could do & some helpful tips for entering into I have been here at The the “BIG LIFE.” The incognito Methodist Home only four encouragements from select years & actually I’ve sought staff claiming to see potential some valuable things here I in me when I myself only see didn’t expect to contemplate a little. I did things for this about; however, too great of a campus that really… that really



no one would do; nonetheless, now that it’s almost time for my departure from LIVING in The Methodist Home I’ll say… staying here was my reward & I enjoyed it a lot even though some things I didn’t like. I give tremendous thanks to all the Leaders that found this Home & maintaining The Home for about 140 years. Thanks Chaplain Jim Waters for giving a daily Sunday dose of Christian insight & best of all the wonderful children & teens who followed me on my journey to live life almost to the fullest. Live long and prosper,

Kahlil Williams

Ciara Nicole Paul My name is Ciara Nicole Paul. I have been in The Methodist Home for almost 4 years. I learned a lot at The Methodist Home. It has been a long growing up experience from when I first got here. Independent living program has helped me with what I need to know living on my own. Staff always encourages me to do me to do the right things. I am looking forward to going to school and study criminal justice and culinary arts.

From Regional Director, Tracy Hall Ciara was at our home when I took over the directorship some 3 years ago. She was the welcome committee chair for me and at once I fell in love with her. She is funny as you cannot imagine. She has a determination that is rarely seen on a young lady of her age. I have seen her dance with God and it is a beautiful sight. I am amazed as her life unfolds. Recently, at the age of 17 her state case plan has been changed from aging out of the system to adoption. This is such a rare thing for a teen age girl, but especially for someone who is about to be an adult. Not only was the plan changed, but a family has been identified for her and they are working diligently to bring Ciara home. This family, Ciara and The Methodist Home understand that hearing “welcome home� is a pure gift, at any age, delivered right from the hands of God almighty himself. Dance on, our sweet Ciara, dance on.



Brianna Bertram My name is Brianna Bertram. I came to The Methodist Home one month after my 17th birthday, and during my 11 month stay here, I have been blessed. The staff here at The Methodist Home is very supportive of me and my dreams. They encouraged me and my decision to get my GED, due to credits not transferring. I went to classes at Central Georgia Technical College and worked very hard. I ended up graduating a little more than a month later. My scores were good, and I started preparing for college. Being able to graduate on time has made me realize that dreams do come true. My dream only continues as I prepare to attend Middle Georgia State College in the Fall and then transfer over to Middle Georgia, Cochran to study more in physical therapy. Without The Methodist Home, I would have never gotten to this point in my life. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been real and that’s what matters to me. This is what I have work towards my whole life and I am so thankful for the people that helped me do it. I owe you guys! Thank you so much. My life is great and is only going to get better from here.

- Brianna Bertram 12


The Methodist Home BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. William (Bill) Allen Dr. Charlene Black Mrs. Jane Brown Mr. Chuck Briscoe Mr. Craig Buckley Judge Richard M. Cowart Mrs. Joyce F. Dent Mr. William A. Fickling, III Mr. Allen G. Freeman Senator Tim Golden Mr. David F. Green Senator B. Seth Harp, Jr. Ms. Jennifer Harper Mrs. Catherine Harrington Rev. W. Michael Huling Mr. Michael Kemp Rev. Daniel Medina Bishop Watson, Rev. Hinson andM. Dr.Moon Rumford turn the Dr. Bob first dirt on Rumford Dr. Center. David Mosely Mrs. Elizabeth Ogie Mrs. Rebecca “Becky” W. Rumer Mrs. Karen C. Shockley Mr. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Mrs. GiGi Taylor Senator Ross Tolleson 2013 Board Chair, Mr. Bill Allen, Dr. Steve Rumford, and 2012 Board Chair, Dr. Bob Moon. Mrs. Judy Tott Mr. John “Johnny” C. Walker Rev. Reggie Williams

GUEST OBSERVERS Mrs. Mavis Moore Mr. Michael Stone

TRUSTEE EMERITI Rev. V.L. Daughtery, Jr. Bishop C.W. “Handy” Hancock Rev. A. Jason Shirah

EX-OFFICIO Dr. Edwin Chase Rev. Cleo Conaway Mr. Walter M. Deriso, Jr. Dr. Laudis H. “Rick” Lanford Dr. Wayne Moseley Rev. G. Thomas Martin Rev. Henry Bass Rev. Wayne Racz Bishop James King Rev. C. Benjy Varnell

Dedicating the St Marys basketball court with a little help from our friends- The Harlem Globetrotters.

The Methodist Home

With great appreciation and gratitude. Over the past week, I signed nearly 500 certificates of recognition for the churches of the South Georgia Conference! This is an annual activity that has become very meaningful. When the last certificate is signed, I simply marvel that The Methodist Home is indeed “the Heart of the South Georgia Conference.” The tradition in giving in some of our churches literally goes back 140 years and far more have been giving since their beginnings. Dr. Derek McAleer, Vice President for Development, reports church and individual giving reached $2,016,522.66. This was a record high. Foundations and grants invested income of $380,500 in our programs. We are grateful to all these groups who invest in our ministry. Dr. Laudis “Rick” Lanford, President of The Methodist Home Foundation continues to lead the Foundation so the ministries and services of the Home extend to future generations. (His Foundation report is available at Report #3). What was truly amazing was how many of the churches have become so much a part of the DNA of the Home. They not only give but they invite us to their Sunday service or Wednesday night suppers. They have contributed more than 1,200 quilts that I have had the privilege to present to a child on their first day. So many churches bring groups to visit our campuses. They help us with our Christmas every year and have volunteered at all of our campuses. For so many of our children, The Home is literally woven into the patchwork of a beautiful tapestry that covers all of South Georgia and beyond. What is most interesting and re-

markable is the fact that of the ten United Methodist churches where our youth attend, all ten are churches of excellence and most are in the top five churches in their district. Those who see our youth and know their circumstances are seeing firsthand the opportunity to be in response to Christ and the Church. About 10 years ago, our Board added to our mission statement, to be a model organization. In 2012, the Home demonstrated this goal in extraordinary ways. Executive Vice President Jill Myers reports, “The Methodist Home has many rigorous oversight bodies with the expectations of excellence that measure the quality of programs. The APS Healthcare, Inc., External Review Organization conducts regular audits of The Methodist Home’s Community Counseling Center, Lighthouse for Families, and the scores have been routinely 94% or above with the latest score in November of 2012 of 94%. The State of Georgia’s Office of Provider Management, a contractor of services, engages The Methodist Home in Performance Based Contracts. Average scores from this measure of performance are over 99.3% which is some of the highest in the state. All programs, to include, residential, community counseling, independent living, and services have been reaccredited by Council on Accreditation. This is the 16th year of continuous accreditation by COA. The Methodist Home is also accredited by the United Methodist Association’s EAGLE Accreditation and continues with the 22nd year of continuous accreditation with the Health and Welfare Ministries section of The United Methodist Associa-

tion. Our financial reporting has earned us the Guidestar Exchange Seal, awarded to organizations who achieve transparency in financial reporting. Additionally, The Eagles Nest Children’s Center has just been reaccredited by NECPA, the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation, for the second year. The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center was the first daycare center in the area to voluntarily sign up when the State of Georgia was encouraging accreditation. We are pleased that these external reviews and accreditations confirm that The Methodist Home is living its mission to be ‘a model organization.’ We desire nothing less than the best in our services and ministry!” The most exciting and rewarding aspect of our work is the restoring of childhoods. This effort is led by Dr. Jeff Lawrence who directs all our residential programs in Macon, Americus, Columbus (Carpenter’s Way Ranch/Our House), St. Marys, Valdosta and Waverly Hall (Arabella). In each site we use the sanctuary model which provides a nurturing, supportive and therapeutic care in cottage settings of 8-12 youth. Across Georgia our residential sites are recognized for their excellent facilities. We are blessed to have our auxiliaries dedicated to providing the “wants” of our youth! This includes summer trips, trips to the Braves games, Atlanta aquarium, birthday parties and so many other opportunities. Every year, I have alumni tell me, “The childhood I’ve had came at the Methodist Home.” Our Auxiliary members also run golf tournaments, clothing rooms, our thrift stores and Celebration Day. These

armies of volunteers are almost a 1,000 strong and are the heroes of our youth and staff. Strengthening families is the focus of our Lighthouse for Families which is the community mental health component for The Methodist Home in Macon and surrounding counties. We are recognized for our child and family assessments, intensive family visitation, wraparound services and adult, family and adolescent counseling. In this expanding program, we provide services to enable families to care for their own children and relatives, and to provide much needed support as families work through the obstacles and barriers preventing their reunification. Finally, The Methodist Home has committed itself to be a people building organization. In this effort, 2012 was again at the forefront of providing training and conferences at the Rumford Center. More than 800 hours of training were provided to child and family

professionals from literally every county in Georgia. Our expert staff have benefited from training in trauma-informed therapies, drug and alcohol addiction, the Sanctuary Model, Daialectial Behavioral Therapy as well as being a site for training to DFCS staff at all levels. More importantly is how this impacts our ability to provide the best services for our residents and the families we serve. With the leadership of Mr. Lonnie Bivins, Director of Facilities, our food services and facilities are seen as the finest in Georgia. The look on a child’s face as they eat their first meal at the Home and their expression when they go to the ice cream machine is always memorable. Make no mistake, these continue to be difficult financial times for all child serving agencies. Your support enables us to serve more children, in more places, in more ways, more effectively. Finally on a personal note, it has been the highest of privilege and honor

for Rozelle and me to invest 29 years of our lives to The Methodist Home. You have blessed us with your support and encouragement. The privilege of presenting quilts for me and Rozelle presenting every child with a new book bag as they go to a new school has given us priceless memories. As our watch comes to its close, we have full confidence the new leadership will move in dynamic and exciting ways. We are grateful for God’s bringing us to this wonderful home and thank you for your support and encouragement. Again, we affirm … • Behind us is infinite power • Before us is endless possibility and • Around us is boundless opportunity. Thank you for standing beside us for all these years.

Steve and Rozelle Rumford

The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc. Financial Statistics/Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2012

REVENUES Dept. of Family/Children/Youth Services $6,730,656 51% Endowment &Trust Income $2,389,117 18% Cash Contributions $1,893,140 14% Clinical Services $1,046,493 9% Other (USDA, Rumford Center, Etc) $653,000 5% Federal & State Grants $430,197 3% $13,142,603 100% EXPENSES Program Services $9,452,347 72% Administrative Support $1,867,187 14% Community Services $1,256,136 10% Fund Raising $566,933 4% $13,142,603 100% Fund Raising

Community Services

Administrative Support Program Services

Services 2012: restoring childhoods, strengthening families, building people . . .

* The Methodist Home served 173 children and their families in all of the regional residential group homes with an overall average length of stay of 1.8 years. Children and youth served were from approximately 58 counties across Georgia. Sixty-seven percent of the youth served are from the thirteen counties shaded pink.

67% of youth served from these counties 22% of youth served from Bibb County

* The total residential capacity for all regions is 133 youth and the average occupancy for 2012 was 97% for the year. Macon’s capacity is 73 youth. • The Lighthouse for Families (The Methodist Home’s Community Counseling Center located at 116 Pierce Avenue) served an average of 130 child and adolescent clients a month. These clients included youth that may still live at home, live in foster homes, or perhaps live in other residential programs. Lighthouse for Families was provided a contract to serve adult clients through the Medicaid Rehab Option. This addition allowed the opening for a Mental Health Clinic at 116 Pierce Avenue. Lighthouse for Families recently received an audit score of 90%. • Lighthouse for Families additionally serves as the center of the Intensive Family Visitation program. Recently, an opportunity to expand these important services beyond Bibb County and throughout the Middle Georgia Region has been realized. The opportunity to duplicate the outcomes Bibb County has celebrated is due to this intervention last year: • 87% of the children placed in care since the program opened have visited with parents, siblings and/or relatives within seven days. • Since 2010, 99% of families have visited within 24 hours. • Child Support payments by parents have tripled in eighteen months. • 34% of fathers have been involved with their children. • Since October 15, 2008, 60% of children taken into state custody are no longer in state custody. • Forty-four youth (14 years old or older) from the current population benefit from the Independent Living Program

that supports two young adults in post secondary education. • The Eagle’s Nest Children’s Center serves the daycare needs of The Methodist Home staff members and the community. Seventy-three infants and children were served last year. The Center was re-accredited by National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) in 2012. A recent parent’s comment from a survey conducted included: “We are sooooooooooooooo pleased with the Eagle’s Nest. It is by far the best child care center we have ever used. We LOVE it!!!” • In addition to the recreational services and clinical support services provided to the children, youth and families served, the Rumford Center provides community and statewide training sessions and meetings. In 2012, the Rumford Center hosted 1110 events with 18,488 people that included 2200 hours of occupancy. • The Methodist Home celebrated reaccreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA) this past year for service areas of Group Living, Independent Living, Outpatient Mental Health, and Early Childhood Education. Reported by Parents and Guardians of Children Served:

Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied

Care and Treatment was satisfactory for my child.

I was satisfied with my participation

I was pleased with the progress my child has made.

Reported by the Children Served:

I would send a friend here for similar help I was safe here.



Respectively Submitted, Jill C. Myers Executive Vice President


R um f or d Fa m ily

In honor of Steve and Rozelle Rumford’s service to The Methodist Home, The Home is establishing The Rumford Family Honorary Fund. The money raised by this permanent fund will go to help keep The Home restoring childhoods, strengthening families, and being a people building organization for many years to come. The Rumfords have been a part of The Methodist Home family for almost three decades, often filling in as a surrogate Mom and Dad for the children we serve. Under Dr. Rumford’s leadership, The Home has grown from a small relatively unknown agency to a nationally recognized, accredited multi-faceted child caring organization. Mrs. Rozelle has made the Price Education Center into a top notch school for the children we serve, ensuring an excellent education and chance in life for our children. Seth, Chad, Steven, and Mary Grace grew up with the children at The Home, and have graciously shared their parents with us over the years.

Please join us in honoring the achievements of The Rumfords by filling out the form below. The left side is for you to let us know about your gift to the fund. The right side is for you to express your well wishes for the Rumfords. We’ll enjoy sharing these good wishes with the Rumfords, and letting them know of the how we have honored them! Thank you for joining with us in honoring the Rumfords by helping the children they have devoted themselves to. If you desire to give appreciated stocks, please give Dr. McAleer a call at 478-751-2829. Please cut out the entire section and mail to:

The Methodist Home Attn: Development Department P.O. Box 2525 Macon, GA 31203-2525

Dear Steve and Rozelle Rumford,

Name: Address:

Phone number: Email address: I would like to give in honor of Dr. Rumford’s service: $1 per year ($29)

$5 per year ($145)

$10 per year ($290)

$25 per year ($725) $50 per year ($1,450) $100 per year ($2,900) I would like to give $________ in honor of the Rumford’s service. Please call Debbie Coleman at 478-751-2807 to give by credit card. Please use the other side to write any comments to the Rumfords.





Celebration Day

Celebration Day was April 13th this year. We had many wonderful people come out and enjoy the day with us. The 5K Race saw 100 people survive the hills and cross the finish line. The Kid’s Carnival was expanded to 27 booths this year, giving children more activities than ever! Little Book Ministries came out to give away tiny books to the kids. Family Life Radio gave away prizes at their booth. A live remote broadcast was done by New Country 96.5. Bugs 4 Christ came out with the 72 Super Beatle they restored and will be auctioned off to benefit The Home. They also brought another car to talk about their ministry. The Silent Auction had hundreds of items, many going for really good deals. The Live Auction saw bidders bid on more trips than we’ve had in recent history. Our entertainment was two dance groups from Kali and Hayiya Dance Studios. Food was provided by Zaxby’s, Nu-Way, and the Montezuma UMC United Methodist Men provided the BBQ. Thank you to all that came out to make Celebration Day so wonderful. 100 people survived the hills and crossed the finish line of the 5K sponsored by Brannen Motors.

Celebration Day Volunteers and Sponsors Celebration Day cannot happen without dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors. Thank you for your hard work and support!! VOLUNTEERS Celebration Day ChairLiz Fabian Jarvis A.L.O.E. (a little of everything) Chairs- Jeannie Ligon, Judy Holloway Auctions Chair- Pat Patterson Bake Sale ChairsAnn Brown, Ann Sprinkle Carnival ChairsCharlene Umstead, Sandra Gardner Market Chair- Charles Farmer Race ChairsNick Morgan, Megan Carson Auction CommitteeJoyce Farmer, Caroline Edenfield, Amy Hyatt Methodist Home Employees Natasha Butler Sharon Jackson Cathy Houle Jarvis Adside Joe Bullard Sherard Whipple Sterling Royster Antonio Watson Trevva Robinson Corinne Simmons (Valdosta) Julie Stuart Beth Chambers Carolyn Mayor Cassandra High Sharon Jackson Sharia Colson Dallas Davis Anna Richards Brandie Westbrook



Pearlie Braswell Brian Yarbrough Kim McGhee Tonie Maxwell Cameron Bishop Cathy Houle Cassandra High The Methodist Home Development Department Debbie Coleman Diane Gilliam Tineke Hague Alesha Mathis Derek McAleer The Methodist Home Auxiliary Volunteers John & Lucille Toole Faye & Charles Reese Dohn Bonner Sue Cromer Joyce Ullmann The Methodist Home Trustees Volunteers Catherine Harrington Rev. Bob Moon Community Volunteers Carol Mead Adam Brown BSN/RN Ruben Saenz (RAFB) Brandon Williams (RAFB) Chiquita Young (RAFB) Linda Lee (RAFB) Georgiana Tambah-Rivers (RAFB) Tiana Bradshaw (Honor Society) Dylan Ogle (Stratford Academy) Nayah Hill (Stratford Academy)

Jamilla McKenzie (Macon State Leadership Society) Timolin Heacock (Mount De Sales) Carol Foster Alan, Chrissy, Brooke Hudmor Patricia Lawson Tolu Sogade Jaydalia Bennett Magnolia Manor Volunteers Louise Stokes Hazel Stokes Betty Hamlin Rose Wischkaemper Lillian Granville Sue McGraw June Pettis Marie Williams Doris Cantrell Jim Huling Bloomfield UMC Ladies First Baptist Church/ Girls Youth Group First United Methodist – Blackshear Middle Georgia College Sociology Club Montezuma UMC National Society of Black Engineers Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club Wesley UMC Men Wesley UMC Women Wesley UMC Youth SPONSORS Race- Brannen Motors Race T-Shirt- Honey Baked Ham

Race T-Shirt- Burks SS ClassForest Hills UMC Race T-Shirt- Joy SS ClassMulberry Street UMC Race T-Shirt- Wilson Bryant Air Conditioning Race T-Shirt- Noah’s Ark Pet Shop Race Bag- Pediatric Care of Macon, LLC Race Bag- Crossroads Counseling Auction -Ricoh Silver-Burgess Pigment Silver- Auto Air of Macon Bronze- Robins Federal Credit Union Bronze- SCANA Bronze- Pat Patterson- State Farm Bronze Howard, Moore, and McDuffie, LLC Media- Cox Bake Sale BoothAll Good Pest Control Carnival Booth- Christan Living SS- Forest Hills UMC Carnival Booth- Good Samaritian SS- Forest Hills UMC Carnival Booth- Fox Appliance Parts of Macon, Inc Carnival Booth- Rogers AccountingPlease thank these great businesses the next time you visit. Business Auctions Donations: Ace Hardware Allison’s Florists Amanda Jane Amanda’s Cakery American Girl Atlanta Braves Bare Bulb Coffee Shop

The Black Engineering Society from Fort Valley work at the Wild Wild West Booth.

Barnsley Gardens Bashinski Jewelers Big House Museum Bobbitt’s Tire Co. Bonefish Grill Buca di Beppo Casserole Shop/Caroletta’s Cakes Casting Crowns Center for Puppetry Arts Chattanooga Zoo Chi-Ches-Ters “On Vineville” Classic Center- Athens, GA Creter’s Direct South Eliza Thompson Inn/Charlie & Rozanne Aimone Fabrik Fast Signs Fatz Fish-n-Pig Fordham Jewelers Forget-Me-Not Florist Four Seasons Hotel Frames & Art Unlimited Fresh Air BBQ Gaither Music Co Gaudet Chiropractic Center GEM Cleaners Glitz Salon & Spa Green Mountain Coffee Co. Hay House Head over Heels Home Décor Warehouse Homewood Suites

Hop, Skip & Jump Imedia Ingleside Gun Shop J. Christopher’s Jean & Hall Florists Jeneane’s Café JL’s BBQ Karats & Keepsakes Kinetix Health Club of Gray Kirkland’s Knight & Hale Lancaster Tire Lee Nails Logan’s Roadhouse Marble Slab Creamery Memories Moe’s Moore’s Furniture Nature’s Berry New China Buffet Performance Limousine Phillips Furniture Primary Eye Care Publix Raffield Tire Satterfield’s Shurlington Jewelery & Pawn Six Flags Over Georgia Smith’s Radiator Starbuck’s Steve Schroeder Photography Stone Mountain Strato Men’s Wear Super Suppers

Candy Sangster and her children Zoie and Ava enjoy Celebration Day.

Sysco The Lambs Well The Rookery The Varsity The Wax Strip Vineville Tire Walt Disney World Wellness Center Williams Store Wilson’s Bakery World of Coke Zoo Atlanta Individuals and groups who donated items to the Auctions: Alton White Ann Smith Bill & Cynthia Parker Bill & Dana Hardy Bill Perry Butch & June Mosley Camille Lasseter Carolyn, Kay & Danny Willingham Celia Daniel Charlene Black Charles and Sue Wolf Corrine Simmons Crochet Club of Middle GA Diane Craine Dixon and Gigi Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy Asbell Fred & Linda Storar Genevieve Green Irwinville UMC Janet Innes

Jean M. Ivey Jeannie Ligon Jim Lambert Joan Lentini Joyce Ullmann Judy Holloway Judy Tott Karen Shockley LeeAnn Dalrymple Lincoln Park UMC Matt Pippen, DJ Melvina Spence Mike & Christie Amerson NARFE Chapter 1020 Nick Morgan Pam Lossing Sue Cromer Ted Phillips Tshanghi Corey, Mary Kay Representative Cox Celebration Market Businesses: 3 Crafty Chicks (and an Occasional Guy) 31 Gifts- Brooke Stroud Abriennes Agape Nursery Celebrating HomesMelanie Buyer Mike Wallis- Woodworker



The Next Chapter... Derek W. McAleer Vice President for Development & Church Relations This issue of the Gateway is focused on “Next Chapters.” Our graduating seniors are embracing the next chapter in their lives –and facing them prepared! Dr. & Mrs. Rumford are launching the next chapter in their lives as they move into retirement. Ms. Alison Evans is beginning the next chapter in her life as she moves to Macon and assumes the mantle of leadership for The Methodist Home. The whole Methodist Home community is looking forward to the next chapter of our life and ministry together. When I was a high school senior I got my first job at Byrd Brothers Grocery. My youth director at Grace UMC in Savannah came to visit me. He knew I was earning a paycheck for the first time. Steve VanBrackle encouraged me to start this new chapter in my life by tithing from my wages. As I began a new chapter of earning, he invited me into the new chapter of generosity. Let me be clear about this: Few invitations in my life have benefited me as much as the invitation to let the next chapter in my life be one of gracious charity!

Ms. Evans begins a next chapter at Macon.



Is it time for you to move into a new chapter of generosity? There comes a time when we seek deeper pleasures than gathering possessions can bring. There comes a time when we want to invest in others, when we choose to enable and celebrate the accomplishments of others. One of the great gifts we seek to give these young men and women before they leave is the gift of a generous spirit. We know it will be a life-long blessing! I am so grateful for the many, many wonderful persons who choose to invest in the lives of the boys and girls we serve here. I know you have supported us – may I invite you to a new chapter of generosity and bounty? You will be blessed – and through you, others will be blessed, and will bless the name of the Lord!

Macon Seniors begin a next chapter in life.

CELEBRATIONS (01/01/13-03/31/13)


Mr. & Mrs. Harrold Gilbert 50th Veal & Elaine S. Moorman Jimmy & Brylyn Sumner & Family Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Lucas Vernon & Joan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. B.L. Thornton 66th Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Strickland


Jodi Bowman Jimmy & Murrell Ann Bowman Keith & Gina Bowman Tim & Laura Graves Skipper, Lynn & Joshua Hudson Dolores & Russell Lipford Daniel Duke-Barton Rev. Garth & Rebecca Duke-Barton Alex Ellis Vernon & Joan Keenan Paxton Hendley George & Debbie Lee Flem E. Hill (90th) Mrs. Annie S. Lanter Otto Jaindl Earlynne P. Jaindl Brody Jones Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Victory Joyce Joyner Ms. Joan Human

Diane Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Mack Keenan Vernon & Joan Keenan Ashley Brooke Killebrew Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Trent McAdams Charles & Jeanette McAdams Evelyn S. Merritt Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton Mrs. Mary N. Rhodes Mrs. Brandy Wheeler W. Charles Roberts (80th) Mrs. Judith L. Comer Charles W. Robertson Ms. Paige Robertson Mary Robinson Mrs. Judith Maxwell Brock Sanderson Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Victory Mary Margaret Stiff (2nd) Mr. & Mrs. Melvin E. Bishop Albert H. Stone Ms. Gloria Pate


Finnegan Barclay Black Dr. Charlene R. Black


Dr. Scheley Gatewood Ms. Ellen Ratliff

Lawrence- 28 years together. (top) Dr. Rumford and Dr. Jeff at the Awards Ceremony for (below) A resident is recognized Bag Program. For more completing the Orange Duffle agfo ffelb information, orangedu

Gifts made to The Methodist Home or to the Foundation of The Methodist Home become part of a legacy of giving. We are thankful to share in this heritage.





Youth presenting letter from U.K. Coach Cal to Dr. Rumford

John Arnold Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers James Bowers Berryman Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers BG Lloyd & Susan Jones Ellie Bowers Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers Emma W. Bowers Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers Angie Carr Daniel Smith Dr. Edwin Chase Mr. David E. Chase Statesboro First UMW Mark & Tina Chase Bill & Joann Chase Christ UMC Wonder Women SS Class Clara M. Dunbar Mrs. Patsy Kinard Margaret Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Linda Edwards Engagement Rev. Emory C. & Betty H. Gilbert Joe Evans Rosemary Corbett 22 18

Gateway Gateway

Kim Glass Avalons Ladies Bible Class Gwen & Buddy Glawson Wanda & Earl Barrs Martha Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reddick Tim Hemingway Ms. Mary Copetillo Rev. Baxter S. Hurley & Family Ms. Louise B. Peavy Dot W. James Ken & Fran Mayhew Jesus Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reddick Phyllis Jones Mr. Harold L. Jackson Donald & Mary Dale Kea Larry & Geraldine King Kingsland 1st UMC Barefoot Bible Band St. Mary’s UMC Judge Hugh Lawson Joseph Dana Thomas J. Ledford Mr. & Mrs. Clark Neal Caleb & Elijah Lee Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Evans

Rev. Alvin & Peggy Lewis & Family Audrey & Wesley Beasley Tommy Martin Bethel UMW Inge Mason Mr. Wesley J. Mason Shirley McCook Butch & Kathy Pope John McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Hayes, Jr. Pat & Sharon Monroe Tommy & Jo Anne Thompson Rev. & Mrs. Eddie Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cole Sherie Moses Mr. David Moses The Moses Children Jill Myers Mrs. Robyn L. Schopp David & Susan O’Brien Bill & Cheryl Adams Our Grandchildren: John, Emily & Jackson Emily Anderson Sandy Page Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel

Myra Patrick Myles Patrick Rev. E. Saunders & Ginger Pinckard Claire Miles Ann Randazzo Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Carol Y. Reese Butch & Kathy Pope Mrs. Mary Rhodes Mrs. Brandy Wheeler Steve L. Rumford Fran & Ken Mayhew Steve & Rozelle Rumford Edwin & Carole Chase Rev. Emory C. & Betty H. Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Rumph Mr. Malcolm J. Rumph Rabun Victoria Russell Bovic Realty Ashlynn Seckinger Mr. Ronald Bragg Connie Sherman ANEW SS Class Glenda Simmons Butch & Kathy Pope Dr. & Mrs. Tab Smith Dr. & Mrs. Rick Wilbanks Nancy Stephenson Don & Mary Dale Kea Scarlett Stone Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel The Children’s Home Mrs. Gladys Womack Tracy Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reddick Helen C. Wadkins Henry & June Wadkins Myrtle G. Williams Henry & June Wadkins Tommy & Kate Williams Bill & Joann Chase Rev. Donald R. Youmans Mrs. Martha Taylor

MEMORIALS (01/01/13-03/31/13) Elizabeth A. Abbott Shirley & Dave Peterson Bubber Adams Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson James Russell & Linda Lee Dennis & Staci Vickers Mike Adams Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Michael J. Anderson Mrs. Barbara C. Smith Virginia C. Anderson “Tim’s Line” Donald R. “Dick” Ansell Mrs. Ann Stewart Carden Nellie Arnett Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Bertha & Jack Banks Jay & Laurie Maloney Bobby Barfield

Mrs. Betty E. Wise Charlies Barrett Sally & Doug Carden Jeff Bateman Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Sam and Mary Batton Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Charles Lewis Bausch Mr. & Mrs. Dean Crist Miriam Bell Amy & Tyler Rauls David Bennett Larry & Nancy Eley Paul Bennett Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Ron T. Binner Mr. & Mrs. Emmitte H. Griggs

Julia M. Bishop Paul & Jane Wellborn, Jr. Tiffany Bishop Ms. Kristie G. Smith Juanita G. Black Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Black Marion & Lucile Blizard Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Carolyn Bloodworth Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Emma Dee Bloodworth Mr. W.H. Stuckey Shirley Bobbitt Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Derek W. McAleer Al Bostick Ms. Suzanne Jennings Elizabeth Boyer Susannah Wesley Circle

Banks Brown Mrs. Betty E. Wise Betty Brown Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Charles O. Brown Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gwines & Family William Brown Virginia Villatoro Tom Bryan Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Inez Bryant Amy & Tyler Rauls Edna Bullington Amy & Tyler Rauls Walton Burke Rev. & Mrs. Hubert Reeves III Paul E. Cameron Sandra & Roger A. Black

Mercer Association of Women Law Students raised $6,000 for The Methodist Home at a Charity Auction they hosted. Pictured from Left to Right: Cameron Roberts, Jordan Quinley, Dr. Jeff Lawrence (VP of Programs at The Methodist Home), Jennifer Findley, Megan Powers, and Ashley Akins.



Plomer Cape, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Jaindl John L. Carswell John & Peggy Edwards Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Carter, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Harry S. Carter Pearl & John Henry Castleberry Jay & Laurie Maloney Don Cassens Shirley & Dave Peterson Doris Chandler Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Rachel Chapman Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Wilbanks Bessie Chase Edwin & Carole Chase Sammie Chesnut High Cotton USA, Inc Chris Moore Family Frances D. Christie Ms. Marie P. McLendon Mrs. Betty E. Wise Freddie Close George & Debbie Lee Eva Cloud Ms. Jeanette D. Ray Joan Collier Ms. Marie P. McLendon Myrtice Colson Dr. Wiley L. & Phyllis Drury Thursday Morning Bible Study Class

Sherry Courson Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kelly Joe & Becky Middlebrooks Ben Cravey, Sr. Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson John Quincy Crawford Johnny & Sharon Walker Mack James “Jimmy” Crosby Wesley Chapel UMC Pat Crowell Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Bobby A. Culpepper Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Norris, Jr. Bonnie C. Davis Ms. Margaret P. Bell Terry & Betty Jo Toole Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Whitten Bonnie H. Davis Maj. Gen. (Ret.) & Mrs. William P. Bland, Jr. Colquitt Dental Care, LLC Toni Lynn & Barrett Davis Mr. & Mrs. Willis DuVall Jimmy & Janelle King Mrs. Wyatt Mills Cindy, Tony & Tyler Wooten John R. Davis Mrs. Peggy Rumsey Stephen C. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry H. Lawley William T. & Mildred M. Davis Dr. Annette Nichols Mr. Julian Nichols

Irwinville Quilt Ladies bring 40 quilts to The Methodist Home for the kids.



Bob Day Mrs. Betty E. Wise Dr. Lucius L. Dean, Jr. Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Jess Dennard Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Norris Tom Deriso Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Ryan Dezouche Jimmy & Christie Foddrell Keith Dixon Rev. & Mrs. Chip Strickland Olen Dominy Frank & Pat Horne, Jr. Julian Lloyd Dorminey Mr. & Mrs. Dan Surles George “Spec” Dozier Mr. & Mrs. James D. Speir Phyllis W. Drury Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Mosby Lonnie E. Dunbar, Jr. Mrs. Patsy Kinard Tim Dupree Mr. Cason C. Anderson Mrs. Linda Shingler Talmadge Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Thomas William Elliott Mr. William H. Elliott Dr. Don Eyler Ms. Harriet Underwood

Christine Fair Sandra & Robert A. Black Julia R. Faulk Ms. Carolyn Ellington Wesley Chapel UMC Mr. & Mrs. Lee Burgess Fields, Sr. David Fields Mary Fincher Mrs. Alashia Dawson Paul & Jane Wellborn Harriett Finney Johnny & Sharon Walker Doyle Flanders Calvary UMC John Fleming Ms. Virginia Bennett Paul & Melanie Gates Virginia Folsom Ms. Dorothy Stalvey Mrs. Fannie L. White Jim Forsyth George & Jodi Anderson Hazel Forte Paul & Melanie Gates Margie M. Foster Mrs. Mavis L. Moore Mrs. Betty E. Wise Jim Free Mr. & Mrs. Dean Crist Dr. G.A. French Ainsworth Zeagler Lewis B. Fryer James & Stephanie Whitehead

May Furlong Mrs. Ava Smith Frances Gallemore Mrs. Ruth F. Arnold Amy S. Orr Kathleen Gamble Dr. & Mrs. Homer S. Nelson Clay Gardner Don & Mary Dale Kea Mary Katherine Gettys Lee & Merilyn Guerry Mary Stevens Gibbs Carroll & Hope Arnold Joe Giles Glenn & Debbie Reynolds Mary Louise Gillespie Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McGuire John Gill Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Charles E. Gillis Mrs. Debra G. Hardison Jewel Gilvin Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton Carroll Girtman Mrs. Ethel Phillips Harold Glosson Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Chris Goare Ms. Karen Schaeffer Frances Goolsby Magnolia Garden Club Mr. Floyd Greene Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Wendell Greer Mrs. Billie Jo Greer Terry Griffin Vernon & Joan Keenan Mayo Grimsley Fred & Patricia Hart Ian Haas Mr. Richard Haas Ladye Hagerson Mrs. Christine Buchanan Evelyn Stokes Hallman Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Creech Ann Henderson Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Gwen Quarterman Hamlin Paul & Jane Wellborn Ms. Summer Wellborn Carl Hamrick Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Garrett

Susan Russell Hardy Ms. Linda Clover Ms. Jessica M. Hemard Ms. Jean Morgan Edgar L. Harper Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Rauls Elaine T. Harris Mrs. Linda Shingler Evelyn P. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Women In Mission Gusteen Harris Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Joan Harris Dr. Wiley L. Drury Mary Lee Hays Mr. & Mrs. John R. Adams, Sr. Ettie B. Henderson Ms. Kala L. Bennett Dr. Wiley L. Drury Mr. & Mrs. Ted Gaskins Evan & Shirley Miller Mr. Bobbie Mullis Mark & Laura Rogers Julian & Runa Henderson Ann Henderson Mrs. Ann H. Whitaker Katie Hendley George & Debbie Lee Terry Herndon Jackie & Mary Bell Carter Mae P. Herring Mr. & Mrs. John DeWitt Paul & Melanie Gates Mrs. Lake Nichols, Martha, Derry, Lamar & Sue Martha Hiers Thursday Morning Bible Study Class Leon R. Hilburn Mrs. Betty C. Hilburn Ed Hines Mrs. Brenda Martz Annie Lou Hodges Annie Lou Hodges Circle Mark Hollingsworth Mrs. Ann P. Davis Natalie Honan Harriet & Brad Swann Marian H. Hooks Dr. Charlene R. Black Frances M. Hopkins Michael & Becky Carroll Dorothy Slade Horne Dr. & Mrs. John F. Gibson

One of our boys participates in Baseball this year. o some work around campus.

Tommy Hunter Ms. Glenda J. Crosby Rosetta C. Ivey Mr. & Mrs. C. William Dopson, Jr. Roger Jackson Mrs. Betty E. Wise Robert Jadick Shirley & Dave Peterson Fannie Jenkins Mr. George Kulju Ronald H. Jenkins, Sr. Mr. Jimmy Jenkins William H. Jennings Ms. Suzanne Jennings Annie Lou Jessup Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Yawn Brett Anthony Johnson Jimmy & Christie Foddrell Mr. Carol B. Moore, Jr. Florrie M. Johnson Dynamic Mobile Dentistry, LLC Betty J. Kitchens Estate

Mrs. Annie L. Bragg Mrs. R. Berl Elder Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Johnson, Jr. Dr. David M. Kalish, Jr. Mrs. Bettie A. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Skipper Zimmerman Joyce W. Johnson Ms. Ellen J. Ginn Michael A. Johnson Ms. Gael C. Johnson Ms. Dee Ann McDaniel Polly C. Johnson Shayna & Dave Cranford Vernon D. Johnson Mr. Carol B. Moore, Jr. Patrick H. Johnston Eddie & Kiki Conway Charles Deming Jones Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Annie A. Jones Mr. R. A. Bowen, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James D. Chapman




Bureau We would love to come and share our ministry with your church, Sunday school class, circle, civic group, school or community event. Please contact The Home at (478) 751.2800

Heart of the South Georgia Conference Speakers Available: MS. ALISON EVANS President/CEO MS. JILL MYERS Executive Vice President DR. DEREK MCALEER VP/Development MR. JIM WATERS Chaplain MRS. ALESHA MATHIS Coordinator of Marketing/Public Relations MRS. DIANE GILLIAM Coordinator of Resource Development MS. CORINNE SIMMONS Regional Director/Valdosta MR. DEVON LOGGINS Regional Director/St. Marys MR. MIKE DUGGAR Regional Director/Columbus MS. ALISON MCKINNEY Regional Development Coordinator/ Columbus DR. RICK LANFORD President/The Foundation of the Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.



Mr. & Mrs. James Corley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Green Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Henson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Jones Mr. Ted R. Senters Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Harriet & Brad Swann Bill Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geriner, Jr. Cecil R. Jones, Sr. Calvary UMC Denning Jones Mr. Carroll S. Barnwell & Family Eunice M. Jones Robert & Linda Klett Frank C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Tim Adams Judge & Mrs. William P. Adams Ms. Nancy Bell Dr. Charlene R. Black Mr. & Mrs. Frank Logan Butler, III Mr. & Mrs. James Corley, Jr. Ronald & Lester Giddens Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Howard Julia Jenkins Florrie & Jim Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Jones Becky Clarke Morrison Northside UMW Cam & Cindy Oetter Mr. & Mrs. W. Ray Persons Ralph Ragan Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. The Colleen & Sam Nunn Family Foundation Frank & Annie Jones Ms. Frances L. Clay Dr. Henry T. Clay, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Henderson Mrs. Cordelia Holliday Amy & Tyler Rauls Ginger & Robert Stribling Harold Jones Robert & Linda Klett Helen Joy Jones Mrs. Dorothy D. Barrow Jack M. Jones Mr. Harold L. Jackson Juanita C. Jones Ms. Jettye S. Anderson Mrs. Suzanne T. McIvor Emory & Linda Peacock Mrs. Claire Scott

Kathryne A. Jones Carroll & Hope Arnold Mary M. Jones Mrs. Terrell Coppage Polly Jones Carroll & Hope Arnold Harry & Betty Gilmore R.O. Jones Mr. & Mrs. John Jenkins W.C. Jones, Sr. Ms. Patricia K. Jones Janeen C. Josey Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Doolittle Matt, Amy & Garrett Justice Mr. William C. McFay Mary Redfern Kaliher Sonny & Judy Deriso Dianna Kauder Craig & Becky Parnell Richard E. Kelly Mrs. Sara Harris Ernest & Evielyn Kennedy V.C. Kennedy W.H. Kennedy, Sr. Dr. Loy D. Cowart, III Georgia R. Kent Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Black Willard Kesler Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Della Kicklighter Mr. Wes Kicklighter Martin Kicklighter Mr. Wes Kicklighter Lonie Wood Killebrew Mr. & Mrs. David Fischer James & Stephanie Whitehead Harmony Class Mishie Wood Killebrew Susan & Butch Wiggins V.C. Kinard Patsy Kinard Hal King Mr. & Mrs. James D. Speir Billy King Raymond & Peggy King Cleon Daniel King Mr. & Mrs. Edward Armbruster Mr. Denis Dowty J.E. King Mr. & Mrs. H.A. Dunahoo Christine S. King Mr. & Mrs. Jim King Mr. & Mrs. Bo King Mr. Cody King Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lucas

Mrs. Betty K. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mills Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ware Mr. & Mrs. J.E. King, Sr. Ms. Barbara Arnold Ms. Vickie Jones Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mills Bennett & Debbie Nichols Lamar King George & Debbie Lee Edward Lahr Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Eugenia Laing Mr. George Laing, Jr. Ed Lasater Jim & Barbara Jensen Mr. Joe Law Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Mr. & Mrs. M.R. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Lawson Frank Lester, III Mr. & Mrs. Ed Turley Myra L. Lewis Family of Nellye Lilly: Kaye, Bill, Rob & Becky Clark Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Lee & Merilyn Guerry Harry & LaVerne Ingram

Nurse Managers Emory University Hospital Operating Room Ms. Toni Reiss Mrs. Opal L. Ruhl & Family Surgical Operational Services, Inc. Mr. Hugh H. Tucker Ms. Denise A. Wood Dr. Ralph Lightsey Mr. & Mrs. Scot Pool Carlton Lindsey Glenda & Robert Harrell Sara Lindsey Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Bessie C. Lisenby James & Stephanie Whitehead Martha Logan Amy & Tyler Rauls Lucille R. Lott Dan & Cindy Coppage Beatrice Loubet Ms. Ellen J. Ginn Bobby L. Loyd Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fetters Peggy Luke Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Vickery, Jr. Ruby W. Lynn Mr. & Mrs. William L. Pryor Donald Maddox Carroll & Hope Arnold

Emma Ruth Maffett Mr. & Mrs. B. Lamar Doolittle Lester Malhoyt Amy & Tyler Rauls Marianne S. Marbury Mr. & Mrs. James D. Speir Maudlyn Markert Doug & Sally Carden Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Marrett John & Betty Liles, Jr. Grace Brown Martin Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Couch Dr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford Jack Mason Mike & Janice Bloodworth Kathleen Maxfield Amy & Tyler Rauls Brian May Sharon Walker Lucille McAdams Jeanette & Charles B. McAdams J.T. McAdams Jeanette & Charles B. McAdams Martha Guerry McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Lancaster, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Pearce Lucy S. McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McGuire Mrs. Kenneth B. “Mickey” McKenzie, Jr. Harriet & Brad Swann

Phil McRae Mr. & Mrs. John R. Adams, Sr. John H. Merritt Mr. Ray A. Banks Marvin B. Merritt Ms. Carolyn Ellington Wesley Chapel UMC Kenny Messer Shirley & Dave Peterson Helen Jamerson Mills Chance-Hill Circle Cleon Emerson Moore Becky & John B. Bowdre Mrs. Alashia Dawson Discovery SS Class Jim & Suzanne Dorsey Friends & Co-Workers of Chan White Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. David S. Mann Beverly & Mort Meadors Mr. & Mrs. William G. Moore Mrs. Georgia Rose Mr. & Mrs. John F. Stewart Billie Sue & Tom Thomson Roy & Elizabeth Wyche Jaron Keith Morgan Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel John Morgan Mrs. Mary N. Titshaw

Alumni Brandy Mohn, now Director of Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care, State of Massachusetts with Gayle Moye, Dr. Rick Lanford, Alison Evans, and Dr. Jeff Lawrence.



Bugs 4 Christ is giving The Methodist Home this fully restored 72 Beetle to auction off. Proceeds of the auction will benefit The Methodist Home. They completed this restoration in about a week. Pictured are the Bugs 4 Christ members that restored the car; (left to right) Chris, Darrell, David, John, Steve, Gary, James, Josh, and Jeff.

Michael Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Scooter Harrington Mary Moses Lloyd & Pennie Moses Hilda E. Mosher Ms. Carol A. Treible Willene O. Muggridge Mr. & Mrs. John R. Pinson, III Mary Neal Mr. Clark Dixon Martin J. Nicodemus Ms. Beverly K. Schneider C.H. “Hap” Oliver Mrs. Betty E. Wise Clifton G. Orr Robert S. & Janice Donner Jean S. Pace Ms. Sara Ann Huey Elmre Palmer Mrs. Edna Bailey Jimmy Palmiter Jim & Lin Palmiter Doris Parham Mr. Thomas McMahon Mr. Robert A. Parham Charlie & Opal Peel Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Hoke & Grace Peel Marianne, Jimmy & 28


Kaitlyn Peel Frederick L. Perkins Azalee Wight SS Class Jean Perry Mrs. Mariellen Bateman Joe Dan Petty Georgia Allman Brothers Band Assoc. John Taylor Phillips William B. Sanders CPA Sonny Pittman Ms. Suzanne Jennings Rev. Joe Porterfield Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel June Williamson Powell Lee & Merilyn Guerry Lee Powell Ms. Lottie T. Alston Dr. Doyle Pratt Marianne, Jimmy & Kaitlyn Peel Charlotte Price Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Lancaster, Jr. Commander John Rabai Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Ethel Rainwater Mr. Robert A. Rainwater Janet Randall Dr. Charlene R. Black

Rev. Emory C. & Betty H. Gilbert Paul Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton Samuel Lanier Richardson Frankie Jean & Butch Beaty Sharon & Robert Benson BTBB, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steve A. Byrd Mrs. Betty B. Butler Carter & Sloope Dr. & Mrs. Charlie E. Cloaniger Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Cornett Larry L. Cowart Mr. Edsel Davis Mr. & Mrs. Frank Duncum Mrs. Barbara Every Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. Waverly & Beth Golson Doyle E. Green & Family Mr. & Mrs. Jesse E. Griffin Mrs. Jean Harris Toby & Susan Harris Mrs. Betty C. Hilburn Hodges, Harbin, Newberry & Tribble, Inc. Carl & Kathy Hofstadter Mr. & Mrs. B.G. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lipford, Jr.

Mr. Jim S. Lovett Mr. & Mrs. William T. Marbut, Jr. Ms. Peggy E. Miller Toni & Jimmy McCook Mrs. Sharon R. McRae John & Barbara Peterson David & Jackie Richardson Mrs. Elizabeth B. Richardson SunTrust Bank Mark & Cindy Stuckey The Summit Group Warren Assoc., Inc. Youmans Chevrolet Mr. & Mrs. George E. Youmans, Sr. Eugenia B. Rickerson Charles B. & Jeanette McAdams Juanita Riddle Mr. & Mrs. Ed Turley Dennis & Staci Vickers Chaz Robins Megan Carson Florence Gertrude Clemons Robbins Cheryl Hopkiins Cathryn Newton Helen Robertson Mrs. Doris Griffin Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Shockley, Jr. Marjorie Roughton Mrs. Ann P. Davis Irene Rountree Mr. Clark Dixon Edna Dorothy Russo Betty Herndon Mrs. Clarissa S. Peale Helen Inez Murner Sanders Mr. Emeris Smitherman Jesse H. Scarborough Rex & Lynne Kolczynski Wilma Cardwell Schroer Mr. & Mrs. Foster Zipperer Kenny Scruggs Dr. Wiley L. Drury Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Scruggs Dr. & Mrs. Harry S. Carter John Frank Sercer Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Robert & Rose Graham Ms. Emily Harper Ms. Helen Stokes Preston Settles Vernon & Joan Keenan Michelle Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Harris Yaughn

Beverly Parker Shirah Mr. & Mrs. Donnie W. Culpepper Greg & Tonja Parker & Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Rabren Bob & Debbie Upchurch Mary Ogletree Simms Mrs. Ann P. Davis Miss Lynda C. Davis John Sinnott Dr. Wiley L. Drury Bob Skedgell Mr. & Mrs. Ardis Bennett John D. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Patrick Major Smith Ms. Norma E. Thompson Martha Lou Smith John & Barbara Wilson Mary Smith Dennis & Staci Vickers Robert L. Smith Mrs. Joyce R. Smith Ruth M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Norris, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Norris Wilma Robbins Smith Cheryl Hopkins Cathryn Newton Doris S. Smitherman Mr. Emeris Smitherman William H. Smithwick Glenn & Debbie Reynolds Elizabeth Hayes Spencer Bowen & Betty Jean Wright Helen Spooner Mr. & Mrs. Don Barnes Craig Stafford Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton Mr. James E. Thompson Bob Stone Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Bonnie Story Carroll & Hope Arnold Murthel Bryan Strange Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Betsy Street Mrs. Ann P. Davis Robert L. Swearingen Eloise & Bill Doty Inez Thiele Mr. Robert Thiele, III Josephine Thomas Paul & Melanie Gates Mike Thomas Harriet & Brad Swann

Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Thomason Mr. Arthur L. Sumerlin Hank Thompson Dudley UMC Ralph F. Thompson Mr. Harry L. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Laura Jean Timmerman Mrs. Betty E. Wise David C. Tolbert, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. James Turk Judge & Mrs. Hugh Lawson Esther May Clark Van Scyoc Mr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Bobay Rick & Allison Burns Mr. & Mrs. Randall B. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Dudley E. Coker Mrs. Ann P. Davis Jim & Jeanne deLathouder Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Diekmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Hall Adrienne & John Littlefield Mr. & Mrs. Jagdish P Patel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Rogers Dr. & Mrs. Steve L. Rumford Pauline Shepherd Mr. James A. Shriver Dorothy Stephens June Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Marvin N. Stephens Lucille Timms Clark, Miriam & David Van Scyoc Mr. Laurence E. Weber Betty Winters Charlene Ross Vanderhoff Mr. & Mrs. “Roscoe” P.J. Bennett, Jr. Willis W. Varner Mrs. Kris Ballard Julia Sanders Vaughn Mrs. Ruth F. Arnold James & Goldie Faulk, Sr. Mrs. Betty F. Grimsley Veron Veal Mr. & Mrs. B. Lamar Doolittle Ms. Karen Schaeffer Ruth Dean Waites Mr. & Mrs. John R. Adams, Sr. Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Kenneth L. Walker Mrs. Glenda T. Walker Vickie Garrett Walker Stephen & Joy Cotton


For 141 years, The Methodist Home has prospered on the love and generosity of others. There are numerous ways you can help our residents and daycare, but here are a few things we always need:

Toiletries Moisturizing Soap/Bath Gel Shampoo and Conditioner Hand and Body Lotion Body Wash Mousse and Styling Gel Non-Aerosol Hair Spray Boys and Girls Deodorant Hair Brushes (Bristle and Wire) Medium Toothpaste and Toothbrushes Shampoo–Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Conditioner – Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Moisturizing Lotions – Cream of Nature, Olive Oil or Motions Non-Aerosol Holding Spray – any brand Setting Lotion – Pink Moisturizer Hair Grease (boys) – Any type 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner Wave Caps (boys) Spray Bottles Boys and Girls hairbrushes

Other Supplies 3 Ring Binders (up to 3 inches) 3 and 5 subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled) Fat and Thin Markers Black and Blue Pens Report Covers Disposable Cameras Crayola Washable Markers



Planning 101 One and done. In sports, it’s a catchphrase for a team’s loss in the first game or match of a tournament. In estate planning, it’s the mind-set of people who think they’re done once they’ve put a will or trust in place. In truth, estate planning is an ongoing process. Ensure that your plan fulfills your goals—review it periodically, and adjust it if necessary. Also consider situations that may call for revisions to your will or other estate-planning documents. • Marriage or divorce • A major change in your financial status • Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild • Death of a spouse or existing beneficiary • Death of an executor, trustee or other fiduciary • A move to a new state or province • A change in tax or estate planning laws Try to conduct a thorough review of your plan every five years—even if none of the above events have occurred in your life. Talk with your attorney or financial advisor. Be sure to look over the beneficiary designations for your retirement and investment accounts, along with your life insurance policies, to determine whether the beneficiary designations should be updated.

Ms. Joan Human Barbara Walton Calvary UMC Earnest Walton Calvary UMC Willie Pearl Walton Calvary UMC Martha Watson Calvary UMC Thatcher Watson Jim & Suzanne Dorsey Ms. Jane Johnston Steve & Helen Stewart Harriet & Brad Swann Wade Hampton “Hamp” Watson Dr. & Mrs. Nathan D. Feibelman, III Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Dr. & Mrs. Derek W. McAleer Amy & Tyler Rauls Mrs. Murray Webb Mrs. Emmett W. Bowers Florence White Rev. Cynthia H. & Mr. Randy Autry William (Billy) White Mrs. Sandra Griffin Wardell William Roy Whitten Betty & Cecil Ethridge Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hays, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Ms. Dale McGoldrick William B. Sanders CPA Martha Rose Wildes Mr. & Mrs. William B. Young, Jr.

Birties A. Williams Ms. Lisa Collins Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cook Mr. & Mrs. James W. Faulk, Sr. Charles & Jeanette McAdams Wesley Chapel UMC Larry Williams Carroll & Hope Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith Mr. & Mrs. Sidney P. Smith Lawrence M. Williams, Jr. June & Henry H. Wadkins Lawrence M. Williams, Sr. June & Henry H. Wadkins Luther Jackson Williams Dr. & Mrs. Steve L. Rumford Rev. & Mrs. R.V. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Willis Mr. Laurence E. Weber Zack T. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Folsom Andrea Williford’s Father Amy & Tyler Rauls Corey Joseph Wilson Brannon & Lynn Bonifay Glenda & Robert Harrell Mrs. Jane S. Pate Charles Womble Steve & Joyce Grimes Elizabeth Wren Calvary UMC Elmo Cooper Wright, Sr. Mrs. Annie S. Lanter Doug York Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Cotton

Making a will is simple and puts you in charge of your estate—instead of the government—for the benefit of your family and favorite charities. I pray that as you either make or revisit your will, that you will consider remembering the children and youth we serve here in ministry with a gift to The Foundation of The Methodist Home. For more information contact Dr. Rick Lanford at 478-751-1725 or by email at

Thank you and God Bless! 30


Foundation President Rick Lanford and Foundation Board Chair Sonny Deriso welcome new CEO Alison Evans

Dr. Laudis H. (Rick) Lanford President / The Foundation of the Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc.          At Bishop James King’s Leadership Forum, I sat at a table of ministers whom I deeply admired and respected.  Bishop King had asked each of us to share our favorite stewardship scripture, and it was inspiring to hear each of them quote texts that transformed and shaped their lives.  The scripture they quoted rang true as each of them spoke, for I have personally witnessed their generosity to The Methodist Home.  They were not only generous with their personal gifts, but with their pulpits as well.  Each of them longed for their congregation to participate in the joy of giving to The Home.  Consequently, I received invitations from these ministers to preach the Gospel, and to invite their parish to become a vital part of the mission we embrace at The Home. When the time arrived for me to share my favorite stewardship text, I needed little time to choose from the many that run like a thread through the Old and New Testaments.  II Corinthians 8:14 shaped my own giving through the years, and served as the text for many of my sermons.  “At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need.”  Generosity is a creative, living power.  Paul proclaimed such generosity to be an ever expanding circle.  We share the gifts of our life with others, and when we stand in a time of need the generosity they once needed becomes an expression of their own gratitude.  It has been my joy for many years to invite God’s people into this transforming circle of giving.  As I sat at that table my heart swelled in joy as I considered all of the faces that once stood outside this life of giving, but after hearing the Gospel and the stories of changed lives at The Methodist Home, they participated in the creative power and joy of giving.  The ministers sharing the table with me had opened the door for many of their members to experience the wonder of giving, and the touching reality that in their moments of personal need, God would provide.    For over 141 years, The Methodist Home has made it

possible for men, women, and even other youth to participate in changing the lives of children and youth living in the most difficult circumstances. From their plenty, they gave.  I can only imagine how inspiring it would be to witness how each person who gave from their plenty had been blessed through the years.  God has allowed me just a taste of the sweetness that accompanies a generous heart.  I have received gifts for The Home from many during my ministry, and I have in turn witnessed the changed lives of our children and youth.   Often I listened as Dr. Steve Rumford challenged our youth on graduation day.  He would say, “The front gate of The Home can lead you to anywhere in the world.”  I have grown to love that image.  We usually think of The Home as a place where we receive children.  We often forget it is a place with a “gate of sending.”  The children and youth one day leave, and from the plenty they received through the generosity of so many, they build lives that give in return. Our children have served in all branches of the Armed Services, protecting this great nation as they serve God and Country.  Our children have become Educators, Ministers, Bankers, Authors, Nurses and Farmers. The list is endless.  The circle of plenty continues to touch lives and create hearts sincerely desiring to give in return.  Thank you for stepping into God’s circle of giving as you share from your plenty.  You are making it possible for our children to leave The Home with full hearts.   Alison Evans became the new President/CEO starting June 1st.  I pray you will offer her numerous invitations to visit, and speak with your Church or Civic Club.  Alison would love to share how your gift of plenty is being exponentially multiplied here at The Home. Who knows, one day one of our children might very well be the instrument of plenty that will supply what you need. I know, for from their plenty I have been blessed in every way imaginable!

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Give to The Methodist Children’s Home through the Combined Federal Campaign. Our 5 digit CFC code is 48612.

What is Camp Possibility? “Camp = Having Fun.” – Camp Participant

“What camp meant to me was having fun and enjoying being with friends. I also learned that using team work can help you get a long way in life.” - Camp Participant Summer camp gives our children the confidence and the personal skills necessary to succeed in life- without leaving campus! As one of last year’s camp participants said, “What (camp) meant to me was to always have faith in yourself.” For a child that has been through trauma, having confidence and faith in yourself means the world. It restores their childhood. Can you play a part in restoring confidence, faith, and a childhood by donating one day’s expenses? If so, please designate Camp Possibility on your donation.

Send gifts to The Methodist Home P.O. Box 2525 Macon, GA 31203-2525 or give online at

Summer gateway 2013  
Summer gateway 2013  

Check out the 2013 Graduates and meet the new CEO, Alison Evans!