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The Heart of Christmas


Read about Ruby and her heart of giving to Furever Puppy Rescue on page 4.



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Picture on cover: Charlette and Chris share their experiences of Christmas at The Methodist Home on page 9.




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In response to Christ and the Church, the mission of the Methodist Home is to be a model organization that restores childhoods, strengthens families and cultivates a peoplebuilding organization.


We accept children and youth regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or religious background.


The Methodist Home P.O. Box 2525 • 304 Pierce Avenue 31204 Macon, Georgia 31203 - 2525 (478) 751-2800 (office) (478) 751-2888 (fax) Email:

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all he has made.

Psalm 145: 8-9 (NIV) Alison Evans, President/CEO

Shaking off the evening chill and stepping inside a warm and welcoming church, I hear the familiar melodies of a traditional Christmas Eve service. Humbly, I come to celebrate the innocence, purity and joy of a newborn King. As Silent Night is softly sung, the glow of just one candle is shared from person to person until it illuminates the room, our voices and hearts are full of love. This one night, that special tradition, these familiar songs and the feeling of the presence of God reminds me how grateful I truly am for the blessings in my life. Sadly, many of our children have never known this feeling. Christmas is instead a complicated and difficult time. Families are fractured, hearts are broken and loneliness is surrounded by rejection and hurt. No amount of presents can replace presence. This year, we will be spending Christmas with many of the children in our care. We plan on having a special Christmas Eve service and establish some new memories for our boys and girls. We want them to feel God’s presence, to learn that He is “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.” More often than not, God demonstrates this

to our children through people like you. Your kindness and encouragement lifts them up and reminds them they are special, unique and loved. You give us the resources and offer the prayers to sustain them and be present with them today, tomorrow and in the days to come. Thank you for your support, especially at this time of year. As you spend time with family during Christmas and perhaps participate in a candlelight service, please know how grateful we are for you! As the flame leaps from your candle to another and spreads to a radiant glow, remember our boys and girls and all that you have made possible. Thank you for showing them the heart of Christmas is truly within you, me and especially, each of them.


Alison Evans



So Much in Common To listen to Ruby talk about foster puppies, it’s not hard to see the kinship between them. Both have lived lives we can only imagine. Ruby says it best, “Puppies in foster care are like kids in foster care. They need homes, too.” Ruby began volunteering in the summer with Furever After Rescue by participating in pet washing. She enjoyed it so much she has continued to go during rescue weekends and walk the puppies, give them snacks, and clean up after them. Ruby has been seen on more than one occasion sitting in the middle of a dozen puppies, some on her lap, some at her feet, but all very happy. Her smile at those times warms your heart. She says that taking care of the puppies make her feel good especially knowing the puppies will get a home. Ruby helps the puppies but also gets something in return. She says it’s therapy and very relaxing.



She says the puppies remind her of home, where she always had dogs around. During the photo shoot with Opal, a foster puppy, Opal wanted desperately to chase a ball nearby. Ruby calmly told a squirming Opal, “Yeah, I’d do that, too. I can respect that.” Ruby admits she loves all animals, even snakes and rats. She is very smart and while her compassion for animals is great, you may think she would want to be a veterinarian or explore an occupation that works with animals. Instead, Ruby really wants to be a lawyer specializing in criminal law and medical malpractice. She says most of all she wants to help people. Our kids always try to give back to our community. Will you offer your support to them as they help others?

g n i g a r u Enco s e t o N “I could never thank ‘The Home’ enough for the changes that were made in our lives.” - Cathy M., mother of former resident.

“We’ve had children who did not want to leave The Methodist Home, who said to us, ‘Please do not move me.’ They enable children to feel worthy.” - F. Evans, Department of Family and Children Services staff (Retired)

“Thank you for teaching the children financial responsibility.” - Marie and Lloyd E., Donors

“I have many memories of visiting the girls’ home with my Mom’s mission group. Hoping to follow suit!” - Emily H., Donor

“We absolutely lo ve it when the ch ildren from The M out and help at o ethodist Home ur events. The a are able to come n im als get so much of them really ne love and attentio ed. They are suc n which many h a huge help by puppies. We welc walking dogs an ome them to com d cleaning up aft e out any time t benefits everyon er h e y would like beca e involved and I re use it truly ally enjoy seeing when lending a h the children have elping hand!” (Ed a good time itor’s Note: To re Furever After R ad about Ruby’s escue, see page experience at 4) -Brittany Sm ith, Director Fure ver After Rescu e



In Response to Christ and the Church

“Be generous, and you will be

prosperous. Help others and you will be helped.”- Proverbs 11:25 GNT ALISON is part of a church youth group that took

a Mission Trip to Glory Ridge this summer. She is a young woman who is adamant she is not defined by her past and wants to move forward. It is in that determination that she finds joy in helping others. Her task at Glory Ridge was to help repair houses that were hit by a mudslide. Alison says it was hard and dirty work but “nothing I’m not used to.” Her servant heart led her to use brick and rocks to make a road for an elderly gentleman so he could get into his house more easily. She worked to bring the brick and rocks placing them like puzzle pieces in the dirt. Alison says she “enjoyed it.” Her only regret was she wished she “could have done more to help.” On her trip, Alison learned that “God is all around.” But most of all, she saw that people appreciate help and support. She sees her purpose in life is to help others. Her dream is to open a restaurant and donate 15% of the profits to nonprofits all over the world. Alison says she sees “a bunch wrong in the world and I know I can help.” When asked how others can grow her response was, “They should sign up on a mission trip.”

This trip was made possible by donations from our Auxiliary and people like you. Just as Alison knows she can help in the world, The Methodist Home wants you to know that your support helps in Alison’s world. Will you share Alison’s dream and be an agent of change at The Methodist Home?



MICHAEL is an articulate, bright, and musical young

man. He has his share of obstacles in life which includes being completely blind in one eye and only able to see twenty feet in front of him in the other. But this didn’t stop him from going on a mission trip to Glory Ridge this past summer. He learned about it from the Chaplain at The Home and decided he wanted to help. Because of his vision issues, he thought it was going to be a challenge but found out his service was part of the team’s efforts too! Michael’s day began with devotion time and morning worship. He loved the music in worship. He had never heard the songs but was totally engulfed in the sound. He then headed out to that day’s project. One day he helped an elderly couple with flood damage by removing cinder blocks and debris from the mud. Another day, he replaced shingles, mowed the grass, and replaced insulation. He started wondering what else he could build! During lunch breaks, they would go to a café in town and socialize. Michael plays the piano and after some encouragement from the group, he played for them. It was beautiful music!

Michael says, “It was a great experience. I got to do new stuff and I had a good time. I cared about the work I was doing because I was helping others.” Michael was changed by the experience. He learned how to socialize with others better and improved his communication skills on the trip. He also learned he can make friends easily. When asked what he wanted others to know about his trip, he replied, “If you’ve never gone on a mission trip, check with your church and go. You get to help people, have fun, and it will change you.” How are you helping others in ways that changes them? How are you changing the lives of our kids? Thank you for loving and supporting them!

How are you helping others in ways that changes

them? How are you changing the lives of our kids? You give, love, and support them. Thank you! GATEWAY WINTER Gateway 2013




The Heart of Christmas

A Christmas Story It’s a few days before Christmas… We are getting ready for a Birthday Party for Jesus where we will have skits, good food, and fellowship. Last year, Charlette and her cottage did a dance skit about the Christmas angel. She dressed like a ballerina. Chris and his cottage did a skit about all the things that go wrong when taking family Christmas pictures. In the end the boys reminded us that a family picture is always a perfect picture in Jesus’ eyes. For Charlette and Chris, siblings, Christmas is their favorite time of the year at The Home. On Christmas morning this year, Charlette and Chris will wake up to the smells of Christmas breakfast in their cottages. After they eat, they will run to the tree to begin distributing the presents. Each child in the cottage will stake a claim to a section of the room where they will place their presents; then they will begin tearing into the gifts with a flurry of paper falling like snow in a blizzard. Each child will beam at the present they receive and eagerly move to the next. In a matter of minutes, all the presents will be open. Last year Chris’ favorite presents were the clothes and a pair of

For Charlette, Christmas is not about the presents. It is about “spending time with her cottage family and hanging out with the girls.” She gets to see her brother, which means a lot to her. Chris likes to see his sister during this time. He says what he likes most about Christmas is “when we have fun and spend time with each other.” shoes he received. He can’t wait to see what he gets this year! For Charlette, Christmas is not about the presents. It is about “spending time with her cottage family and hanging out with the girls.” She gets to see her brother, which means a lot to her. Just a few years ago, they were not together at Christmas. Last year was different. They spent Christmas together at The Home. Chris also says what he likes most about Christmas is “when we have fun and spend time with each other.” The kids at The Methodist Home will get to spend the rest of the day enjoying their cottage family and the gifts they received.

For some of the kids at The Methodist Home, this will be their first true Christmas celebration. Until now, Christmas was just another day of the year. They did not know of our Savior’s birth. They did not know our Savior. This year, they will hear the meaning of Christmas. And for those kids like Charlette and Chris, they will be forming new traditions for their own children. Will you help make Christmas for a child a safe and secure one? Will you help them form traditions that will become their legacy to their children? If the answer is yes, you can find more information on how to give on page 12.





Siblings Make Strong Families The Methodist Home currently has fifteen sibling groups throughout all campuses. That means of the 134 children we serve, 12% belong to a sibling group. Meet Sarah, Victoria, and Evelyn- three sisters who are residents at The Home. Sarah is the oldest. She is reserved but has a growing sense of hope. She just learned she will be getting braces soon. Sarah admits she is scared to go out and try new things. But being scared didn’t stop her from playing softball. She also enjoys trying on long, poufy dresses because she feels like a princess. When she grows up she wants to be a heart surgeon. Sarah wants people in crisis to know they will be OK. Victoria is the middle child. She likes cheerleading, playing, and going to school. She enjoys singing and is very bright. Most of all, she likes feeling just like other kids we serve. When Victoria grows up, she wants to create a vaccine for cancer and other diseases. She wants it to be one shot so you don’t have to get any more shots. Her other dream includes being a fashion designer. She has time to decide! With an active imagination,

Victoria can figure anything out and do anything she sets her mind to. Evelyn is the youngest. She is energetic and wants to join gymnastics soon. She likes being in the same cottage as Victoria. Evelyn says, “The Methodist Home is a fun place to be.” She thinks it’s great to be with her family. When Evelyn grows up, she wants to be a hula girl. Of course, she has time to change her mind, too! Victoria and Evelyn are in the same cottage while Sarah lives in a different cottage on the same campus. When they were put into foster care, Sarah was afraid they would be sent to different locations. “This ain’t my first foster home,” says Sarah matter-of-factly. It is actually their fourth foster home. Sarah says they were split up before. It was scary not having her sisters with her. She missed them terribly. Now Sarah says she gets to see them often and likes that she can also meet new friends her own age. The best thing about The Methodist Home is that Victoria, Evelyn, and Sarah are together.

Because of you, these sisters and the fifteen other sibling groups get to stay together! It’s because you love and support The Home we can accept brothers and sisters in the dead of night, when no one else can help. It allows families to stay together. Will you give this Christmas in support of our sibling groups and allow us to keep them together? 10



The Heart of Christmas

You read about Charlette and Chris on page 9. They told you about what Christmas means to them. They shared that it’s not about the presents but about being a family. They will spend another Christmas at The Home this year. Sarah, Victoria, and Evelyn told you about their fear of being split up. They shared their hopes and dreams of the future with you. They will spend their first Christmas at The Home this year. All five kids are two of sixteen sibling groups we love and keep together on a daily basis. The truth is The Methodist Home could not take care of these kids without your help. Your contributions during the Christmas season and throughout the year keep families together and provide warm, safe, and caring environments for each and every

one of the 134 kids we serve. Be a hero for these kids by giving them the tools to have a brighter future. If you are struggling to find the perfect present for that person who has everything, consider a gift at the heart of Christmas, helping someone else. If the person you know has a heart for kids and a generous spirit, it just may be the perfect gift for them. Imagine how happy they would be to know that someone knew their generous heart well enough to pass on their generosity! You have options! Option #1: You can select any of the gifts in the online catalog at christmascatalog and print the online certificate to give your loved one indicating your gift to

The Methodist Home.

Option #2: You can make a general gift in honor of a loved one and we will send them a beautiful card indicating you chose to honor them by making a child’s Christmas brighter. Option #3: Fill out the coupon below and send it to The Methodist Home. You will know that a child, a family of siblings, has a future together. If you are someone that has all you need, consider asking your family and too much space between friends and to what they would spend on you to the kids of The Home. This generosity helps us change the future for a needy, deserving child each and every day.

Yes! I want to make a difference in a child’s Christmas at The Methodist Home! Here is my gift of  $ _____________________ Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _________ Phone: ______________________ Email: ___________________________________________ Campus:  Where needed  Americus  Columbus  Macon St. Marys Valdosta Use this form to make certain your gift is properly identified. Please send your gift in the enclosed envelope or mail your gift to The Methodist Home PO Box 2525- Macon, GA 31203-2525 The Methodist Home will not share your private info. 12




Serving the Children and Families of Georgia The Methodist Home has six locations and overall, we serve about 650 kids and families a day in our various services and locations (number varies due to admissions, discharges, empty beds).

The Macon Campus is the original campus and it serves 72-75 children in eight cottages. 304 Pierce Avenue Macon, GA 31203 (478) 751-2800

Our House at Capenter’s Way Campus in Columbus serves 25 boys. 1645 Hunter Road Cataula, GA 31804 Office: (706) 322-5406 Arabella Campus in Columbus serves 9 girls. 9308 Georgia Highway 85 Waverly Hall, GA 31831 The Americus Campus serves 10 girls. 102 Mill Creek Rd Americus, GA 31709 (229) 924-9550

The Valdosta Campus serves 10-12 girls. 2545 East Park Avenue Valdosta, GA 31605 (229) 247-5100

Where do our children/ youth come from?

Most come to us through the courts or DFCS. They are removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. Many have failed their way through the foster care system—some have experienced 10-15 failed placements before they find a safe place here. Some are voluntary placements though our local United Methodist churches.



What do we do?

Each child comes with an individual case plan--which we then assess for their future growth and development. We use Family-Centered Practice (engages the parents as experts on their child, understanding the wants and concerns of each family member) We work through denial (most of our kids deny there was abuse or neglect)

The St. Marys Campus serves 10-12 boys. 3296 Winding Road St. Marys, GA 31558 (912) 882-7770

We work with grief (loss of parents, multiple placements, loss of innocence) We work with therapies that address core issues of esteem and attachment Breaking the cycle of abuse is vital

An Evening of Hope On October 10, 2013, nearly 250 people came to An Evening of Hope at the Macon Campus of The Methodist Home. Vince and Barbara Dooley entertained the crowd with their tales of being a Georgia Football family. Joseph “Papa Joe” Bullard, Steve Rumford, and Rozelle Rumford were all inducted into The Methodist Home’s highest honor,

the Hancock Hall of Heroes, Saints, and Legends. Four of our residents, known as Ambassadors, graced us with their smiles and stories. They were able to sit with the guests and enjoy the night. We raised approximately $40,000 for the care of our kids. Thank you to all that attended and supported The Methodist Home.


“Thank you for seating Jarvis and Michael at our table. Jarvis is clearly an asset, caring and compassionate. Michael will go along way with his smile, but oh, so much further with the nurturing and uplifting environment of The Methodist Home. It was our pleasure to be part of your ‘Evening of Hope’.” -Walt M. Donor and Evening of Hope attendee Photos by: Cameron Bishop



Thank you! Millie Grey presented The Methodist Home with school supplies that she had asked her friends to donate instead of presents and her Birthday Party this year. What a wonderful idea by a generous little girl!

The Martha Bowman UMC Saintly Stitchers also answered our call for quilts. They presented a beautiful quilt to The Methodist Home. Pictured from L to R are: Tossy Alston, Allene Harris, Mary Dell Gardner, Carol Collins, Yvonne Long, O’Teria Seagle.

Allentown UMW presented The Home with a check for $100 when Alison Evans came to speak at their meeting.

Grace Circle of Springfield UMC answered our call for quilts and presented a quilt to The Methodist Home.

Big Henry Fund presented a check for $10,000 to The Home. The funds were raised from the Big Henry Golf Tournament.

Thank you to Bikes on Broadway this year. They presented Our House at Carpenter’s Way with a check for $17,813.61. Tuskegee Airmen held a Bike Ride and fish fry to benefit The Methodist Home. They raised $2,213 for our boys and girls! 16



of Christmas Derek W. McAleer Vice President for Development & Church Relations

What’s at the heart of Christmas? “Family” is always a popular answer. For many people, the family gathered for a holiday meal, for gift giving, and for worship is one of the most meaningful aspects of Christmas. “Giving” is another admired response. There is a lot of giving involved in Christmas for most of us. Many of us work at finding the right gift to share with a loved one, a gift that expresses more than just obligation, but affection and appreciation. Every charity can tell you how much of their annual donations come during the month of December (at The Methodist Home it is 40%, in case you are curious). “Christ” is the most complete answer. Christ is the heart of Christmas. The love of Christ, the sacrificial love which humbled Himself to human form, and gave Himself for us, is at the very heart of Christmas. The giving of Christ gave us a family. His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing

We will be the family for most of our residents this year. About 70% of our residents will wake up Christmas morning on one of our campuses. More and more our residents do not have a safe family to “go home to” over the holidays. So we will be their family. us to Himself through Jesus Christ. (Eph. 1:5) As you grow older (and hopefully mature), you really do learn the truth of the gospel message: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Everyone who has sought out that special gift for the darling of their heart knows this is so! There is a reason why O. Henry’s story “The Gift Of The Magi” is a perennial favorite. We will be the family for most of our residents this year. About 70% of our residents will wake up Christmas morning on one of our campuses. More and more our residents do not have a safe family

to “go home to” over the holidays. So we will be their family. Thanks to your giving, our staff will be there on Christmas Eve, providing the meal and reading the Christmas Story. Thanks to your gifts, our staff will be there Christmas morning, helping open gifts, providing a festive breakfast (or brunch), and watching excitedly as the children open their gifts. Thanks to the support of your family, our children and youth will experience the Heart of Christmas this year. Please send in a Christmas gift to help provide not just a great Christmas Day for our boys and girls, but a great day 365 days a year!



FOUNDATION GIVING & COMMUNITY PARTNERS The Methodist Home is blessed to receive support from various Foundations and Corporations. We would like to thank the following groups for their recent generosity:

Flint EMC Foundation UPS Foundation

NEEDS LIST Washers $425 Dryers $425 Refrigerators $650 Storage Shed $2600 Freezers $600 Dishwashers $325 Range $525 42” TV $450 Van $20,000 New Roof for several buildings Operational Support for food, clothing, electricity, and daily care

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Gifts made to The Methodist Home or to the Foundation of The Methodist Home become part of a legacy of giving. We are thankful to you for supporting this heritage.



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Jennie Cape Earlynne & Edward O. Jaindl Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Carter, Jr. Harry S. & Brenda S. Carter Marguerite Cato Martha Bradford Swann Ed Causey, Jr. Mr. Ken Gerdes Mr. Lee Gerdes Lyle Certain Dorris & Tom Burton Joann M. Chalker Mrs. Jeanette Reville Joyce A. Chatfield Mr. & Mrs. C. Jones Hooks Frances D. Christie Epworth SS Class Irwin Churchwell Mrs. Christine Buchanan Lee & Merilyn Guerry Larry & Kay Wilbanks Doris Clanton Director & Mrs. Vernon Keenan Nora Ritchie Clarke Bert, Paulette, and Aunt Dorothy William & Virginia Cannington Ms. Claire Chapman The Gosline Family Jim & Dottie Harden Ms. Madeleine Landry Mrs. Peggy Pratt Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie C. Ritchie Mr. Mack S. Ritchie Ms. Mikie Taggart David Watson Wesley Fellowship SS Class Beverly C. Clybrun Dorris & Tom Burton Allen Cobb Ris N. Bell, Jr. Bible Class Fredericka Coleman Bob & Cathy Revell Mr. & Mrs. James L. Conley Ms. Lola Conley Scott William Conley Rev. Sandra E. Conley Lovick P. Corn Dr. Charlene R. Black Marguerite Webb Corr Hill & Beth Boyett Dick Corthell Dorris & Tom Burton Mrs. Dana R. Harris Paul Quinton Cotton Mr. & Mrs. John R. Adams, Sr. Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Jim C. Coulter Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Joe Courson Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale R.L. Crabb Dr. & Mrs. Michael Sharkey C. Edward Daniel Ms. Melba Daniel

(07/01/13-09/30/13) John T. & Grace Daniel Mrs. Glenda D Price Candi Daniels Mr. & Mrs. James Russell Lee, Sr. & Family Elise Foskey Davis Mr. & Mrs. Harry K. Moseley Marian S. Davis Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gwines William T. & Mildred M. Davis Dr. Annette Nichols & Mr. Julian Nichols Mae Dean Ms. Melba Daniel Leneata Dent Lola F. Stone Frances D. Dollar Robert & Glenda Harrell Joyce Martin McLeod Dortch Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bloodworth Terrell & Lucia Edalgo Mrs. Jane M. Faircloth Mrs. Charles A. Finleyson Ms. Edith M. Garner Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Graham, Sr. Pam & Benjy Griffin Annette & Johnson Hall Judy & Andy Hill, Jr. Ron & Judy Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Lancaster, Jr. Linda & James R. Lee Joyce Martin McLeon Inez & Samuel Tenebaum Jimmy & Joan Tripp Cindy & Tommy Day Wilcox Mr. & Mrs. Mac Wilcox Wallace Dunagan Ms. Vonnie Joiner Talmadge Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Thomas William Elliott William H. Elliot Susan Engram Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Gladys Exley Ms. Judith A. Edenfield Valdee Exley Ms. Judith A. Edenfield Michael Falduti, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford Eunice Farrington Ms. Suzanne Jennings Fletcher Farrington Ms. Suzanne Jennings Bill Feimster Dr. Wiley L. Drury Elisa Jones Feuer Mr. Ray Banks Neva Fickling Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rumford Lee Burgess Fields, Sr. Mr. David Fields Douglas B. Fincher Hill & Beth Boyett Pat & Frank Horne Mary Askew Fincher Cheryl & Emmitte Griggs

Jim Flakes Mr. James E. Thompson Connie Faye Floyd Rita & Wayne Senkbeil Jeff Floyd Amy Orr The Four County Bank Terry D. Floyd Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Maybell Ford Lynda & David Campbell James William Fordham Vernon & Joan Keenan Etheleen Tyson Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Al Bickley Jackie Gaskins George & Debbie Lee Tommy Chester Gay Mrs. Barbara E. Hobbs Dell, Melissa & Russell Wilkinson Ralph E. Gill Sherry & Gary DeGoursey Elizabeth “Beth” Gilleland Kathryn & Lamar Stone Don Godbee Mr. James E. Thompson Peggy L. Glover Ms. Claudia Leonard James Gordon Buddy & Lonna Chapman Mickey & Abbie Kelly Anne M. Greene Mrs. Lavon H. Smith Zane A. Greene Mrs. Lavon H. Smith Ann Griffith Ms. Doris C. Songer Betty Ruth Rigdon Hamlin Dr. & Mrs. Nathan D. Feibelman, III Mrs. Barbara Haley Joan & Terry Harris Sam & Kay Hollis Ms. Gail L. Johnston Sid Middlebrooks Peachstate Nursing Agency Mrs. Ina Webb Harris & Willie Yaughn David Hanson Shirley & Dave Peterson R.L. Harden Danny L. Harden Ms. Maree O. Harden Mr. Ronald W. Harden Margaret Brady Hargrove Mr. & Mrs. Hoke Smith, Jr. Joyce Hopkins Harper Mary Hightower Anderson Carlyle Place Charlie & Suzanne Avant Cox Family Guy & Melanie Eberhardt Ms. Terry R. Donaldson The Easterlin Family Cheryl & Emmitte Griggs Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr.

Mr. Harold D. McSwain, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jerre Pearson, Jr. Don, Kay& Mark Phillips The Chip Stapleton Family Johnny & Sharon Walker The Wills Henrietta Harrell Mrs. Ann N. Ariail Thelma Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Mary Nell Hays Ms. Muriel Lott Lou Nelle Heaney Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Wardell Julian & Runa Henderson Mrs. Ann H. Whitaker Jimmie Lee Herndon Ms. Wynn L. Herndon Melody Ann Herrington Mr. Hal Herrington, Jr. Ann Hill Rev. & Mrs. C.G. Haugabook Ray Hitchcock William & June Hutchings Alma C. Hollis Martha Berry Chapter 351 James M. Horton Bill & Deborah Davis Ms. Marie B. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Stuart E. Gough Joseph Benjamin Hoyle Mr. & Mrs. Haygood Keadle, Jr. Robert Hudnall Mrs. Celia Farley-Hudnall Ross Hudson Mrs. Betty E. Wise Cheryl Hunziker Azalee Wight SS Class Shellie H. Inzer Al & Shirley Greenway Doris Lord Jackson Mrs. Ann P. Davis Jack Jackson Ms. Melba Daniel Ila Mae Jacobs Williams-Pitts Oil Company, Inc. Jane Jacobs Rev. Russell C. Jacobs Russ B. Jacobs Bob & Eleanor Ragsdale Matilda R. “Tillie” James Miss Lynda C. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Huff Mr. W.H. Stuckey Angie Jenkins Richard & Henrietta Cameron Harold Jennings McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co. Elizabeth Johnsen Jimmy & Christie Foddrell Ann Early Fetner Johnson Recovery UMC SS Class Catherine W. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Beckham, Jr. Mrs. Dixie C. Brown GATEWAY WINTER 2013


MEMORIALS Mrs. Mary C. Middlebrooks Edward “Ned” Johnson Mrs. Mary W. Davis Thurman Johnson Mr. Don Johnson Juanita Moore Johnson Ms. Lisa Collins Jack M. Jones Mr. Hal Jackson John A. Jones Linda & Frank R. Victory R.O. Jones Mr. & Mrs. John Jenkins Helen L. Keene Mr. C. Louis Keene Louise B. Kelley Mr. W.H. Stuckey Cecil J. King Stephen & Melody Morgan Christine Ray King Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett J. Lon King, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Henry T. Clay Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Bill Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Neal Talton William L. “Bill” Lane Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Reeves, III Jean Lark Ms. Lois Binns Mr. & Mrs. Wally Binns Dr. Charlene R. Black Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Childress Ms. Alison E. Evans Mike & Nancy Faust Ms. Helen B. Gay John & Paula Hanington Connie & Carl Hobbs Ms. Judith U. Newberry Steve & Elaine Spooner Paula & Sonny Stapleton Mrs. Betty E. Wise Betty Jean Lawrence Behavioral Health, Referral & Leslie Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Myers Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Lawson Frank Lee Ms. Emily A. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Sam Leonard Ms. Claudia Leonard Charles Lewis, Sr. Georgia United Methodist Foundation Mrs. Johnnye Witcher Jane Leymeister Mr. Ray Banks June Liles John & Marilyn Adams Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Pauline Linder Ms. Lynette Bauza Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Callaway\ Ms. Maureen O. Claiborne Dr. Davidson L. Freeman Ms. Margaret Johnson Ms. Kathryn McLeod



Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Pendergrast, Jr. Drs. Charles & Betty Wray Martha Brooks Lord Joyce & Gene Bishop Leslie Hall Lorenz Ms. Alison E. Evans Mrs. Gladys Womack Beverly B. Loveday Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph V. Harrell Blake Austin Loyd Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Gary Lush Lee & Merilyn Guerry Dodie MacElhannon Dr. Charlene R. Black Ellie Dean Mackey Ms. Gwenda L. Gillis Dot Martin Mr. & Mrs. David Gowan Edith Williams Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Danny Falligant Clementine H. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Fuller Robert Mattox Ms. Carolyn Westberry Rex Mays Carroll & Hope Arnold Ellen McAfee First Grade Teachers Crawford County Elementary Hew McCall Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Molly McCall Rex & Jean Neal Lynwood McClung, Sr. H.S. & Sandra Wardell Thomas McCook, Sr. Caroline & Royce Conner Mrs. Howell Jarrard Mr. & Mrs. Bert D. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Phillip F. Sullivan Mike McCoy Mrs. Elizabeth M. Bender Mrs. Ann P. Davis Mr. & Mrs. B. Lamar Doolittle Betty Grace McDavid William Eakin Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Mahaley Gillie McDonald Mr. Charles R. Hardin David McGriff Mrs. Toby L. Howe Elizabeth G. McKinley Ms. Emily A. Cox Alice McKnight Mike & Jo McPherson Helen Cook McMurria Ms. Lottie T. Alston Conrad Buchanan McNair Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Dorthenia McQueen Vernon & Joan Keenan Suzanne V. McSwain Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Frances Meek Mr. & Mrs. Paul (Butch) Barnes, Jr.

Mrs. Martha M. Griffin Stan & JoAnn Pethel Dixie Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Louie Mills Ken & Peggy Gerdes Pete Mitchell Lamar & Dorenda Weaver Donald Mixon Mr. & Mrs. M.D. Hammock, Jr. Bertie Moncrief Hugh & Joyce Rowell Mrs. Carolyn Westberry Russell Montgomery Ms. Kristy Montgomery William V. Moore Mrs. Jean T. Moore Julianna Morris George & Jodi Anderson Bobbie F. Motsinger Pat & Donna Patterson Peggy Miller Nelson Mrs. Ruth Smith Durant & Family Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Long, Jr. Evelyn M. Newberry Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Rentz Nettie (Blondie) Nobles Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Nobles Mrs. Johnnie Norris Ms. Mary Ann L. Comer Dean Odell Mrs. Harriet Underwood James E. Odum, Jr. Mrs. Sylvia Odum Mavis Odom Ms. Faye Grice Carolyn Reynolds Parker Mr. & Mrs. Danny Falligant Jesse Lyle Parrott Mr. Roger L. Folsom Jimmy Patterson Mr. & Mrs. John P. Barlett Claude Lee Pennington, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Henry T. Clay Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Block Eldridge & Doris Perry Steve & Vangie Perry Paul Perry Mrs. Katelyn Satterfield Russell E. Peterman Mrs. Louise B. Peterman Hazel Miller Pigg Mrs. Betty E. Wise Mr. Bonnie M. Pike Dir. & Mrs. Vernon Keenan Pearla R. Poland Larry & Lisa Saxon William O. Powell Jane & Wallace Miller Gay E. Pridgen Mr. Henry A. Pridgen Helen Purdy Mr. William Purdy Gerald Purser Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Nobles

John H. Purser Mrs. Laverne H. Purser R.G. Rabun Mrs. Carolyn Rabun Joel Radney Raymond & Patsy Wallace Edwin Harold Rahn Ms. Crystal Rahn Wren Gregorie Rawls Mrs. Sharon R. McRae Robert A. Reeves, Sr. Ainsworth Zeagler Robert Earl Reynolds Mr. James E. Thompson Harold Rhodes Mrs. Ann P. Davis Perry D. & Lorraine H. Rich Maridel Rich Callan June Rich Laslie Janice Rich Rentz Vision Foundation, Inc. Henry & June Wadkins Tom Riley Vernon & Joan Keenan Donald C. Roberts Mr. Carol B. Moore, Jr. Chaz Robins Ms. Megan Carson Jeanette Rowell Ms. Kristy Montgomery Kayce Russell Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen, Jr. Mrs. Jane M. Faircloth Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Don Salter Mrs. Betty E. Wise Shirley Sandt Mr. & Mrs. Vince Parton Martha Asbell Sauls Joyce & Gene Bishop Mrs. Toby L. Howe Stella Marette Saxon Mr. Larry E. Saxon Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Scruggs Harry S. & Brenda S. Carter Ellen Sumner Melton Sellers Mr. Ray Banks Jim Shackelford Dr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Long, Jr. Alton Jason Shirah Dr. Charlene R. Black Mr. & Mrs. James H. Blanchard Tom & Carol Boers Brookstone School Mr. James E. Butler, Jr., Jeb, Emily & Catherine Ms. Alison E. Evans Rev. & Mrs. C.G. Haugabook Kight Family Rev. & Mrs. Mike A. McAfee, Sr. Derek & Charlene McAleer Mr. W.W. Miller Randy & Ann Moffett Steve & Rozelle Rumford Mrs. Mary Helen Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Joe C. Sparks, Jr.

Ms. Joy B. Trulock Burton L. Smith The Old Duck Hunters Assoc. E. Raymond Smith Mrs. Julianne B. Fortney Mr. & Mrs. Hunter C. Johnson, Jr. Grace E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Helen McCullough Smith Columbus Board of Realtors Mr. Jay Gemes Mr. & Mrs. John Hill Mr. Philip J. Johnson Ms. Susan A. Peters Mr. & Mrs. Andre Ranew Mr. & Mrs. Vandy D. Russell Bunny & Jeff Shumaker Ms. Hazel M. Stone Mark A. Smith Ms. Pam Atkins Ms. Donna L. Brown Mr. Ritchie Griffin Hinshaw’s Frame Shops Mr. & Mrs. David Hutchinson J. Hulgan Consultants & Art Promotion JMC Realty, LLC L. Lavery & Company Mr. & Mrs. James McLendon Mrs. Sandra C. Rives Mr. Walter Sports, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Wendt Ms. Dana Jones Williams Richard B. Smith Pam & Benjy Griffin Doris Sheets Smitherman Mr. Emeris Smitherman Almedia “Tootsie” Spires Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Dick Stallings Don & Mary Dale Kea Ned Steele Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Ralph C. Steele Mr. & Mrs. James L. Twiggs, Jr. Horace E. Stevens Mrs. Mary Stevens Robert C. Strickland Ms. Carolyn A. Strickland Sammy O. Strickland Ms. Gloria Bargeron Beulah Garner SS Class Keith Swindell Mrs. Betty E. Wise Pearl Tapley-Brantley Mr. & Mrs. M.D. Hammock, Jr. Johnny Ray Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hogan Vivian V. Thames Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Johnson Cassidi Thompson Mrs. Peggy N. Floyd Ken Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lee Couch Gloria Thompson Dr. Cyler D. Garner

MEMORIALS Bill Tillman Mr. & Mrs. James L. Twiggs, Jr. Ed Lamar Tillman Mr. & Mrs. Dickie Bryant Sam Tinsley Mrs. Kathi Tinsley Barbara McDowell Todd Barney UMC Thorborn Ross “Buck” Tolleson, Sr. Dr. Charlene R. Black Ms. Alison E. Evans Philip & Monteen Tomberlin Mrs. Virginia Hogan Judge William M. Towson, Sr. Mr. Roger L. Folsom Dr. William & Sherie Moses Bob & Susan Thigpen Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Whitten Nelle M. Tracy Mr. Ray Banks Sara Edwards Tucker Mala W. Hughes Willis W. Varner Mr. & Mrs. David T. Nakayama Julia Sanders Vaughn Bill & Carol Bowen Lex & Janis Pennington Mary N. Veal Jeff & Gail Ellis Brenda Walker Mr. Dave Campbell Kenneth L. Walker Ms. Glenda T. Walker David Wallom Carroll & Hope Arnold Bryan Warren Frank R. & Linda J. Victory

Mr. & Mrs. L.B. Warren, Sr. Bert & Joan Warren Horace E. Waters Elaine & Haygood Keadle Director & Mrs. Vernon Keenan Johnny P. Webb George & Deborah Lee Albert “Rabbit” Welch Mrs. Mary W. Davis Hubert West Mrs. Virginia Faye West Billie L. Whiddon Recovery UMC SS Class Carmen Wilks Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Wilbanks Roy Whitten Michael & Sharon Twibell Charles C.W. Williams, Sr. George & Bobbie Haynie Harris DeVon Williams Frances & Roy Armstrong Mrs. Mary C. McEachern Ms. Sharon R. McRae Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Miller, III Monday Night Bible Study Dorothy H. Williamson Mr. Anthony C. Poole Oliver C. Wilson Mrs. Sarah Wilson Richard Wisenbarker Bill & Joann Chase Constance Woodward Mr. Paul Woodward W.H. “Bill” Woolard Mr. Ray Banks Leroy Young Mr. & Mrs. David Ratliff

Would you consider a special gift for the children in our care?

You can include The Foundation of The Methodist Home of the South Georgia Conference, Inc. in your will, trust, as a beneficiary of your retirement, investment account or Life Insurance policy. For more information, contact Dr. Rick Lanford at 478-751-1725.

HONORS John L. & Thelma Aitkens Mrs. Nancy Hodge Grant & Catherine Alford Bill & Tesa Morris Americus First UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Wayne B. & Frances Sue Anthony Jo Anne & Tommy Thompson Bainbridge First UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Christy Bandy Mr. & Mrs. Al Bickley Melba Belcher Mr. & Mrs. Louis Daniels Ralph M. & Joan Bennett Mr. Grant L. Bennett Amy & Travis Carter Mr. & Mrs. Dan Coppage Bill Chase Charles H. Hall Edwin Chase Mr. David E. Chase Christ UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Claxton First UMC Youth Group Jill & Shelby Griffin College Place UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Lisa Collins Mr. & Mrs. John Callaway Donald C. Combs Mrs. Louise T. Blue Cordele First UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Celia Daniel Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lanford, Sr. Rev. & Mrs. V. L. Daughtery Dr. & Mrs. Bill Martin Jadyn Sophia Davis Ms. Betty Calvert Richard Dial Vernon & Joan Keenan LaToya Dudley Epworth UMC Margaret Edalgo Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Edalgo Myrtice Elder Mrs. Maggie M. Gribble Effingham County Camp Meeting Mrs. Linda Arnold Alison E. Evans Mrs. Gladys Womack Rev. & Mrs. Emory C. Gilbert Ms. Mary Ann Calhoun

Lucas James Ginn Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ginn, Jr. Tristin Reed Ginn Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ginn, Jr. Kim Glass Avalons Ladies Bible Class Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Gowan Mr. & Mrs. David Gowan Great Grandchildren Mrs. Janie May Luke John Guzzetta Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. Durwood Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Philip Almon, Sr. Kay Hind Richard & Vicki Barnhill Luke Edward Hinton Ms. Toni Copeland Olivia Hinton Miss Aeryn Touchberry Baxter S. Hurley & Family Ms. Dorothy S. Yarbrough Thomas & Susan Jenkins Mr. Jim G. Brock Peggy Jerles Rev. & Mrs. William R. Key Jesus Tim & Ashley Grant Phyllis Jones Mr. Hal Jackson Laudis H. “Daddy Rick” Lanford Mrs. Linda Arnold Ms. Angie Carr Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Hayes, Jr. Seekers SS Class Our Grandson Logan Carroll & Hope Arnold Sue Loiselle Ms. Alison E. Evans Linwood Robert Lovett Mr. & Mrs. William R. Lovett Inge Mason Wesley & Inge Mason Derek McAleer Ann & Bill Harris Seekers SS Class Patricia McCarthy Covenant SS Class Mr. & Mrs. James McKinstry Rev. & Mrs. James B. Jensen Charles & Sharon McMillen Stephen & Joy Cotton Gavin McMillen Stephen & Joy Cotton

Angie Michael Ms. Suzanne Jennings Mulberry Street UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Elizabeth Ogie Ms. Carol A. Treible Myra Patrick Mr. Myles Patrick Joann Price Robert & Earlene Cole Stan & Andrienne Rogowski Dave & Shirley Peterson Steve L. Rumford Dr. & Mrs. John W. Caddey Mr. & Mrs. Steve L. Rumford Rev. & Mrs. Mike A. McAfee, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Rumph Mr. Malcolm J. Rumph Sandersville UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Byrd & Warren Selby Joyce & Bill Tucker Jake Smith Vernon & Joan Keenan St. Mark UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Sara M. Stapleton Mrs. Maggie M. Gribble Dan Stewart Mrs. Susan Botsford Sukkot Ms. Phoebe Dawson Tammy Sullivan Ms. Mary W. Davis Neal Talton Ms. Sydney Talton Van Tane Mr. Bobby Whaley Agnes Tebeau Ainsworth Zeagler Richard & Sue Thomas Bill & Joann Chase Judith V. Tott Mr. & Mrs. James Buchanan, Jr. Deborah M. Vetter Mr. & Mrs. C. Oehlert Vineville UMC Ms. Alison E. Evans Eva Ward Fellowship SS Class Tristyn Webb Mr. Charles H. Webb William F. Weekes Karla & Mark E. Smolen Dr. Karen Weekes



Need More Reliable Income?

Your gift of $10,000 or more in the form of a Gift Annuity (cash, stocks or property) can help deserving children and secure a reliable future income for you or someone you love. This irrevocable agreement is backed by the assets of The Georgia United Methodist Foundation. A portion of your charitable gift annuity is immediately tax deductible. In addition, a portion of your annuity payment is tax free during normal life expectancy. The amount of the payment is based on the amount of the gift and the age of the annuitant. These rates are consistent with the recommendations made by The American Council on Gift Annuities. If you have cash, stocks or property that you would like to transfer into a Gift Annuity with The Foundation of The Methodist Home and want to lock in this annual payment rate, please call Dr. Rick Lanford at 478-751-1725 or email

1 Your Gift

Upon Death of Annuitant Remainder to 3 The Methodist Home



2 Fixed Income For Life Initial Tax Deduction and Other Tax Benefits


Please consult with your personal financial advisor or accountant before making the choice to enter a Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement.

Schedule of Annual Payments for Single-Life Charitable Gift Annuity at indicated ages based on a $10,000 agreement. Annual AGE Rate Payment 65 4.7 $470 70 5.1 $510 75 5.8 $580 80 6.8 $680 85 7.8 $780 90+ 9.0 $900

Charitable Gift Annuity  Please send me “no obligation” calculations showing the income and tax benefits of a gift annuity. Please Base the calculations on a potential agreement in the amount of $ ____________ (minimum of $10,000). First Life: ___________________________________________________________________________________ (Date of Birth) Month _____________________ Day _______ Year __________ Area Code _______________ Second Life: ________________________________________________________________________________ (Date of Birth) Month ______________________ Day _______ Year __________ Area Code ______________ Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ____________________ Phone: _________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Use this form to make certain your gift is properly identified. Please send your gift to The Methodist Home Foundation P.O. Box 2600 Macon, GA 31203-2600

Thank you for your caring and timely gift! 22




MAKING IT HAPPEN Dr. Edwin Chase, Alumni guest writer for The Foundation

In the depth of the Great Depression in a small town in Florida, a five-year-old girl named Mary received three dolls for Christmas. There was a Snow White, a Shirley Temple and a third doll for hugging. During Christmas brunch, Mary thought about her friend down the street, whose father had been out of work for three years. In the middle of the afternoon, with her hugging-doll under her arm, she said she was going to a house around the corner. In her friend’s home, without saying a word, Mary handed the girl the doll. Her friend clutched the doll to her chest, as tears coursed down her cheeks. No words were spoken. Mary smiled and returned home. Only then did she tell her parents what she had done. She knew had she mentioned it beforehand, her parents would never have allowed it. When I heard this story, I was impressed with little Mary’s big heart, but also with her implacable spirit. Her friend was going to have a doll for Christmas. And Mary made it happen. Now, as a senior adult, Mary plans to make it happen again. She has included The

Methodist Home in her will. This time, with the stroke of a pen, she will light up the faces of countless children, giving them hope and a new lease on life. For years, I only thought about including the Methodist Home in my will. Finally, one day, like Mary, I made it happen. And I’m glad I did. A friend of mine referred to it as “a final tithe”. I liked the sound of that. If you want to join with Mary and me, and give at-risk children a secure home and a spiritual heritage, contact Dr. Rick Lanford at 478-751-1725. He will gladly show you how to make it happen.

Pictured: Mary Hunter




Methodist Home

P.O. Box 2525 Macon, GA 31203-2525

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The Heart of Christmas is in you and me. Will you consider sharing your heart with our kids? See inside for Charlette and Chris, Ruby, and Evelyn’s stories.

Winter Gateway 2013  

The Heart of Christmas

Winter Gateway 2013  

The Heart of Christmas