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HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY GET ADEQUATE FOOD IN A FINANCIAL CRISIS There is nothing worse than not knowing whether you’ll have enough food at the end of the week to keep your family from going hungry. Met Council’s emergency food voucher program is designed especially for these situations. Whether you’re a working mother who lost a day’s wages from getting the flu or a recipient of public assistance whose food stamps ran out with nothing left in the cupboard for the weekend, Met Council’s food vouchers are the ideal solution to keep you going. Go to your local JCC, explain your situation, and a counselor there will issue you a voucher immediately. Vouchers are accepted at








Here are some great tips on how to the greatest benefit from your vouchers: EATING HEALTHY Met Council’s vouchers are designed to keep you eating healthy. At the bottom of every voucher is a list of foods that are okay to buy and ones that won’t be reimbursed. Try to use this list as a guideline for all of your grocery shopping—even when you’re not shopping with vouchers. Avoid buying foods that appear on the “not allowable food” list. This way you can keep your family healthier and save money. VISIT A JCC THAT HAS A FOOD PANTRY Take a look at the different non-perishable food items they always have in stock. Try to get ideas about how you can incorporate these healthy but inexpensive foods into your diet. If there’s any item you’re unsure about, don’t hesitate to ask. DON’T BUY PREPARED FOODS These are almost always more expensive and generally not as healthy. If you see a prepared food that you’d like to buy, write it down and try to find a recipe. Besides, things almost taste better when you make them yourself. LOOK AT LABELS Before going to the check-out line, make sure all your selections are as nutritious as possible. Choose cereals that have been fortified with vitamins and minerals, whole wheat bread and pasta, iodized salt, and fruit juices and spreads that have no added sugar. GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED Teach your kids to read food labels and plan means that incorporate all the food groups. And if they ask for “junk foods” like candy or soda, try to explain that it’s more important to have a nutritious dinner tomorrow than sweets right now.

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