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Keeping Kids healthy Met Council can help you and your family enroll in Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus (CHP/FHP), free or low cost health coverage to keep your kids healthy throughout the year. But you can also help keep them healthy by sending them to school every day with nutritious lunches. Kids need healthy meals at school because growing brains and bodies need a lot of energy. Balanced meals consisting of at least one serving of fruits and vegetables, a source of calcium, a complex carbohydrate and a protein are key. Fruits & Vegetables Carrot and celery sticks Orange wedges Fruit salads 100% Juice Grapes Dried fruit Broccoli and cauliflower Snap peas Red peppers cut in strips Cucumbers Cherry tomatoes

protein Sunflower seeds Hardboiled eggs Hummus Home cooked meat Tuna salad Trail mix Peanut butter with bananas, apples or pears

Calcium String cheese Milk Yogurt Cottage cheese with pieces of fruit Smoothies (yogurt and milk with fruit) Quesadillas carbohydrates Granola Crackers Pasta salad with vegetables and seeds Brown rice with stir fried vegetables and chicken Pretzels Pita chips

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alternatives Instead of sending your kids to school with juice drinks, use 100% juice, which doesn’t have added sugar. Sandwich meat usually has extra added salt, which your kids don’t need. Instead of bologna and sliced ham, use home cooked meats like sliced chicken breast. Complex carbohydrates come from complete grains; making sandwiches from wheat bread, pita bread or corn tortillas are good alternatives to white bread sandwiches.

met council’s helpful tips

Keeping Kids healthy Menu Ideas Cottage cheese with cut up pineapples and peaches Cauliflower Crackers with peanut butter

Pita chips Hummus Yogurt Broccoli and cauliflower Dried fruit

Quesadillas with beans Salsa Red pepper strips Orange wedges

Brown rice with snap peas and carrots Pear slices Hardboiled egg Cheese

Mini bagel with cream cheese Grapes Hardboiled egg Cucumber rounds

Peanut butter and banana sandwich Cherry tomatoes Berry smoothie

Pasta salad with tomatoes and peppers Sunflower seeds String cheese Orange wedges

Tortilla wrap with cheese and pear slices Carrots and celery Hummus

Soup Croutons Sunflower seeds String cheese Red peppers strips

Strawberry and banana smoothie Carrots and celery sticks with peanut butter Granola

Tuna salad Broccoli Pretzels Dried fruit Cheese

Parents and experts agree, that if you are having trouble getting your kids to eat the healthy food that you pack for them, get them involved in the lunch making process. Make a list with them of all the foods that they do like to eat, or give them three choices of fruits and vegetables that they need to pick from.

Yogurt Trail mix Fruit salad Pretzels Cucumber spears

And remember, Met Council is here to help you keep your kids healthy by working with you to enroll you and your family in low cost or free health care. If you have questions about getting enrolled in these health care options, call 212.453.9593. A proud affiliate of

Cottage cheese with banana and apple Broccoli and cauliflower Pita chips Hummus

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