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Best Lease Rent Discounting By metconfinance on January 21, 2014 Like


These days a lot of financial institutions are present to aid in your financial needs. If you are running out of money then do not worry, you can avail loans to fund your necessities. Different kinds of loans are provided by the financial institutions or banks in various walks of life. Now your own property can take care of tour financial needs. It is a loan offered against rental receipts acquired from the lease contracts with corporate tenants.LRD is a very common type of loan availed by many people. The loan amount is provided to the applicant based upon the discounted value and value of the property.


Being a property owner you can easily earn monthly or yearly rental. But if you wish to get funds from your from loan providers you should definitely go for lease rent discounting to avail discount offers. The agreement is between the property owner and the tenant and repayment is given directly to the lender. Applicant’s needs to fulfill some of the formalities and documents should be prepared properly. Let’s have a look at some of the documents required in getting the lease rent discounting. Address proof of the individual/partners/directors: It includes latest electricity bill or telephone bill voter ID card and so on. Identity proof-Passport, PAN card or voter card can be given as identity proof. Last one year bank statements Existing bank loans if exists then sanctioning letter and track record is required. Individual income tax returns of the individuals r firms. The borrower is given the loan based upon the period of lease. There are many financial institutions which provide best lease rent discounting India. There is no dearth of LRD loan providers in India. In order to get in contact with best lease rent discounting applicant can also take the help of financial service provider or precisely financial advisors who guide you in acquiring the lease rent discount schemes.LRD can be provided on the following basismarriage, child education, business, buying a property, medical grounds, or renovation of property.

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Let us take a look at the individuals who are eligible for obtaining lease rent discounting in India. Partnership funds, private and public limited companies, working professionals like doctors, engineers, and so on can get LRD loans. The most important thing that any financial institution keeps in mind is that while sanctioning LRD no one attempts conversion of black money into white. There are various financial institutions in India offering this type of loan schemes. Metcon is a Mumbai Best Lease Rent Discounting. It provides, Best LRD India; Leased property loans in India, LRD loan providers in India, Lease Rent Discounting are available here.

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