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More than 5 weekly flights from Ghana to Morocco

N 77 March 2013 | 1 Call center: +212 522 489 797 / +233 302 78 71 82 o

2 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


A world of fine wines at your doorstep

Direct from more than 300 of the most sought after wine estates around the world, Shoprite offers the widest range of red and white wines for your enjoyment at our lowest prices. That’s why really smart people wouldn’t shop anywhere else. At selected stores only. Shoprite Accra Mall Tetteh Quashie Roundabout, Airport East Spintex Road, Ghana Shoprite Weija Wija Plot no1., Dunkonah Housing Estate Accra-Cape Coast Highway Weija, Ghana Visit our website on

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 3

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Ghannec 10th Anniversary Gala

Discover Morocco With Royal Air Maroc



Women’s Day


Rotary Presidential Dinner



New Government Of Ghana


Beauty Square At Marina Mall


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F R E E M O N T H L Y L I F E S T Y L E • T E MA • K U MA S I • TA KO R A D I •


Dear Friends, The month of March is significant in Ghana as it marks an important moment for Ghanaians, the celebration of Ghana’s Independence on the 6th of March 1957. As with all countries which were once under colonial rule, it symbolizes that single moment of patriotism when our forefathers decided to take hold of the fate of their country and the future of their children. As we celebrate Independence Day, we honour the founding fathers of our nation GHANA, as well as successive leaders who have managed our country and made her great and strong. Today a new government has been chosen to steer the affairs of the country for the next four years. We have provided a guide to who’s who which you may find useful. We wish them luck and best wishes at their various ministries. Our continent is so big and diverse and in this edition, we bring you a special report on the Kingdom of Morocco under the patronage of His Royal Highness Mohamed V. Pack your bags as we go shopping in Casablanca, enjoy the mysticism and culture of Marrakech and the beaches of Agadir. You can travel with Royal Air Maroc, the flight is just under 5 hours and remember to take lots of photos to share. Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture (GHANNEC) is ten years old and membership has increased from 12 members in 2002 to over 100 members today. We congratulate the executives for their commitment and motivation and look forward to their further growth in the next decade. We bring you Leeni Ojaniemi’s new art column, introducing us to the cream of Ghana’s artists starting off with our famous painter Larry Otoo. Look out for Ghana Contemporary’s art exhibition that will be held on the 15th of March. March 8 is International Women’s Day, know that for us at Enjoy that women are to be honoured 24 hours a day; Thank you for your love, your intelligence, your strength. Women are our partners for life. To all friends of Enjoy, the very best of love from the team. ...Enjoy Don’t forget you can also read the magazine online at:

Dominique Paravicini Editor

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 5




The Country that travels within you Call center: +212 522 489 797 / +233 302 78 71 82

6 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Discover Morocco


orocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is the most westerly of the North African countries. It has Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and a rugged mountain interior. Morocco’s climate, geography, and history are all more closely related to the Mediterranean than to the rest of Africa, and for this reason visitors are often struck by the odd sensation of having not quite reached Africa in Morocco. In the north, its fine beaches, lush highland valleys, and evocative old cities reinforce this impression. Yet, as one moves south and east, into and over the starkly beautiful ranges of the Atlases, Morocco’s Mediterranean character melts away. Morocco’s varied geography includes no less than four separate mountain ranges, in addition to lush river valleys, beautiful sandy coasts, and wide expanses of desert. The three most prominent mountain ranges, which run parallel to each other from the southwest to the northeast, are the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas. The ascent of the country’s highest peak, Jebel Toukbal (13,665 ft. /4,165 m.), is a spectacular and not particularly difficult trek. The Moroccan coastline opens onto both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans, offering plenty of great beaches as well as a number of fascinating ancient coastal cities. In the southeast, Morocco’s mountain ranges yield to the wild expanse of the Sahara. The rivers that flow down this side of the High Atlas support long, narrow, and lush river valleys that resemble linear oases. Morocco has a population of over 32 million people with its main ethnic group as the Branès (Masmuda and Sanhaja). Morocco’s political capital

Tin Mal Mosque, in a small mountain village in the High Atlas 100 km from Marrakesh

is Rabat, although the largest city is Casablanca; other major cities include Marrakesh, Tangier, Salé, Fes, Agadir, and Meknes. Morocco has a history of independence not shared by its neighbours. Its rich culture is a blend of Arab, Berber (indigenous African) and also other African and European influences. The main religion is Islam. The official language is Literary Arabic. Moroccan Arabic,

Berber and French are also spoken. Hassaniya Arabic, sometimes considered a variety of Moroccan Arabic, is spoken in parts of the southern provinces. Morocco is becoming more and more the preferred tourist destination for revelers who seek peace, quietude and a unique blend of Africa and Europe. We invite you to join us as we discover Morocco. e

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 7



Casablanca IN MOROCCO

T h e DYNA M IS M t h at t r avels w i t h in yo u Casablanca is a city in western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Grand Casablanca region.

There is no doubts that Casablanca is one of the most spectacular cities in North Africa, offering beautiful scenery and culture to tourists. The different settings, from desert to oasis, along with specific traditions and customs to ensure memorable experiences.

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city as well as its chief port. It is also the biggest city in the Maghreb region. The 2004 census recorded a population of 3,500,000 in the prefecture of Casablanca and 6,000,000 in the region of Grand Casablanca.

Beautiful mosques and palaces, ancient streets with lots of interesting buildings and craft shops, a picturesque coastline and colorful markets – these are the main attractions of Casablanca. Casablanca is really beautiful and this is the reason why the ancient Moroccan city is enjoyed by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

8 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Discover Casablanca

Interior view of the Morocco Mall in Casablanca

The Morocco Mall in Casablanca

Morocco Mall is the largest shopping centre in Africa with 250 000m² of floor space in Casablanca. The mall, which opened on December 1, 2011, was designed by Architect Davide Padoa of Design International, a global architecture boutique with its headquarters in London. With over 600 outlets offering world renowned brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, the Morocco mall has an abundance of restaurants and coffee shops bordering one of the biggest musical fountains in the world. Kids at Adventureland will be entertained by the malls top-notch ice rink and several other attractions. ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 9


Discover casablanca

Must see places in Casablanca The Mohammed V square is the gigantic square with a fountain situated in the centre surrounded by an array of administrative buildings. The ancienne préfecture (old police headquarters) dominates the south side of the square and is topped by a modernist clock tower Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco and the 7th largest mosque in the world, with the world’s tallest minaret (210 m / 689 ft). It can host up to 105,000 worshippers simultaneously, 25,000 of which can get inside the mosque and another 80,000 on the mosque’s ground outside. Inaugurated in 1993, it stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mohammed V Square

Casablanca Cathedral

Hassan II Mosque

Quartier Habous, also known as or “nouvelle medina,” it is described as an idealized, almost toy-town version of a traditional medina with little rows of streets and shop stalls. The French built this district in the 1930s to solve the housing shortage. It marries the best of traditional Moroccan architecture with modern facilities and French ideals. e 10 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Quartier Habous


Discover AGADIR



The Light that travels within you Agadir is a major city in southwest Morocco and is the capital of the Agadir province and the SoussMassa-Drâa economic region. The city is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean. Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port, one of the first major sardine ports in the world. The city is also known for its exports of cobalt, manganese, zinc and citrus products). It is also a seaside resort with a long sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European-style cafÊs, Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco, but a modern, busy and dynamic town. e

Whilst in Agadir, enjoy the beach whilst you relish some of the best seafood menus in the world. Agadir Beach Club Hotel

Agadir Beach ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 11



THE ENERGY THAT TRAVELS WITHIN YOU a major city in the northwest part MARRAKECH,ofis Morocco. Marrakesh is the most important of the four former imperial cities in the history of Morocco. The red walls of the city, built by Ali Ibn Yusuf in 1122-1123 as well as other buildings constructed during this period have given the city the nickname of the “Red City” or “Ochre City” because of the red sandstone used. Marrakesh grew rapidly and established itself as a cultural, religious, and trading center for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa. Jemaa el-Fnaa is the busiest square in Africa. As one of the biggest tourist cities in Africa, Marrakech has over 400 hotels and is host of many cultural festivals of note which includes the National Folklore Festival, the Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts, in which a variety of famous Moroccan musicians and artists participate and the Berber Festival to entertain tourists. The 12 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

International Film Festival of Marrakech, which aspires to be the North African version of the Cannes Film Festival, was established in 2001. The festival, which showcases over 100 films from around the world annually, has attracted Hollywood stars such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Susan Sarandon, Jeremy Irons, Roman Polanski and many European, Arabic and Indian film stars.

Discover Marrakesh

Make time to try out these must see sites in Marrakech Jema El Fna Jema El Fna is the busiest market in Africa, filled with vendors and entertainers in a maze of streets and alleyways that are packed with shops and stalls selling everything from carpets to love potions. Experience the heavy scent of spices mingling among the music of snake charmers and experience for yourself why Marrakech is one the most exotic and exciting cities to visit in the world. At night the market square becomes an enormous open air restaurant, teeming with stalls selling every conceivable type of hot and cold Moroccan delicacy prepared fresh. Here every night, amid the noise of entertainers and food vendors, Moroccan locals rub shoulders with tourists and visitors as they sit and eat some of best food Marrakech has to offer. The Jema El Fna at night is a must see spectacle not to be missed.

Quail Pastilla

The Riads of Marrakech

Moroccan Cuisine

The Riads of Marrakech

If you have a taste for good things, you will enjoy the authentic, typical and memorable cuisine. Moroccan cuisine is celebrated throughout the world. It mirrors the image of the country : generous, colourful, fragrant, and abundant. Rich and diverse, it also takes the colours and flavours of each region. Moroccan cuisine reflects the country’s complex history and the different people who settled there. Discover its great classics and its many variants like the delicious Tagine, the pigeon Pastilla with almonds or the Mrouzia which is made of 35 and 45 different spices from Morocco but also from Middle East or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Riads are comfortable and luxurious guest houses that offer affordable accommodation for holidays to Marrakech. These guesthouses are an oasis of Moroccan tradition and luxury. Guests experience true serenity away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, with indoor courtyard pools, palm trees and scattered rose petals adorning the traditional fixtures and architecture. With Riads offering only five or six rooms they are the perfect escape for groups of friends traveling together and trust me the rooms are not expensive at all.

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 13


Discover Marrakesh

Colourful babouche available in the Souks

The Souks

Merchant selling brightly coloured linen articles in the Souks

Colourful Moroccan pottery 14 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without a stroll around the souks. Souks are usually devoted to a particular craft. In Marrakech all the souks are joined to one another in a lively labyrinth of sights, sounds and smells. There are fragrant shops dedicated to spices and herbs or stalls selling brightly coloured cloths and carpets. The hundreds of stalls and shops filled with exotic merchandise are interspersed along maze-like streets just waiting to be explored. A definite must for any visitor to Marrakech. e

Moroccan carpets

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 15


who’s who

Ghanecc Holds Anniversary Gala Night

Mr & Mrs Herbert Friese & guest

Nico Van Stadlduinen, Managing Director Ghanecc

Nico Van Stadlduinen, Victor Rutgers, President Ghanecc

Ambassador Netherlands Gerard Duijyjes, Hon Hanna Tetteh & distinguished guests


he Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture held an anniversary gala night to mark their 10th year in Ghana. The occasion brought together Ghanaian economic actors and their Dutch counterparts in an evening of fine dining, music and culture. In its 10 years in Ghana, Ghanecc has seen a growth in its membership from 12 to over a 100 members in 2013. e Enjoy...

Eric Don Arthur & Akushika Sodatonou 16 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 17

18 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 19



Accra’s Latest Fashion Lounge Unveiled

Lydia Bourgi serves a customer

Lydia Bourgi, Beauty Square

Lydia Bourgi is one of those people who always looks great in an effortless sort of way. She always looks put-together and her outfit always matches the occasion perfectly - never over or underdressed. She is a trained makeup artist certified by Revlon skincare and makeup (South Africa), as well as a

certified Peggy Sage Makeup artist (France). Her fashion lounge, Beauty Square, brings a fresh new approach to the Ghanaian market. Lydia and her staff are experts in make-up for all skin types (including for men) eyebrow waxing and accessories.

Parisax range of cosmetics

Beauty Square is located within Marina Mall and was born out of Lydia’s passion to provide customers with fashion make up and accessories at ‘the right price’. The striking interior provides a comfy yet elegant backdrop to view the range of fashionable pieces for both men and women ranging from earrings, rings, bracelets, bags, and candles to soaps, essential oils, skincare products and makeup pallets from international designers around the world. Lydia travels the world and selects only the very best products for her shop. They are the sole local representatives of a range of international brands such as Peggy Sage, Parisax, Algabo, HT 25, Orly, Tade and Bio. The extensive range of goods, combined with the advice and service that her trained staff provide make a visit to Beauty Square a neccessity rather than a luxury. e

Contact the Beauty Square on: 054272 72 35 or 0244 860 814 Location: Ground floor, Marina Mall – Accra 20 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


Kids Games

Easter Kids Corner

Join the dots, find word and Identify the missing the objects



Find the missing object from the puzzle

HARD EASTER BUNNY FIND THE WORD AND CIRCLE Find and circle all th Easter word that are hidden in the grid. Parade Bonnet Tradition Daffodils Candy Basket Chicks Peeps Sunday Chocolate

Easter Family Flowers Jelly Beans Egg Hunt

Games Bells Bunny Lamb Lily

Colored Eggs Marshmallo Hot Cross Buns New Clothes Robin Eggs

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 21


Rotary Gala Night 2013

Quartet from the National Orchestra


“The Club is currently involved in completing projects including an orphanage for the children of HIV patients.”

he Rotary Club of Accra organized a presidential dinner and classical music gala night at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on 23 February 2013. A fundraiser to support humanitarian projects for the Rotary Year 2012/2013 under the theme, “Peace Through Service”. The Rotary Club of Accra is a member of Rotary International, the world’s oldest humanitarian volunteer organization with more than 1.3 million professional and business leaders in over 200 countries. Rotary Club Ghana is involved with activities supporting communities which include - addressing the challenges to the polio eradication initiative through the construction of a regional vaccine cold store room; an annual blood campaign to assist the National Blood Bank; the provision of water to rural communities; the improvement in the health infrastructure such as those made to the St Joseph Hospital in Koforidua, the eye clinic of the St

Rtn President Kwesi Gyabaa

Delphine & Friends

Theresa and lucky winner

22 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

who’s who

Painting donated by Ghanaian artist Bourlabie

Mrs Tosan Woode, Virgin Atlantic, Dr Juliette & Guest

Dominic hospital in Akwatia and at the St Mary Theresa hospital and the dental clinic at Dodo-Papase. The Club is currently involved in completing projects including an orphanage for the children of HIV patients, the Busunya sanitation project and rain harvesting systems for the Presbyterian University College at Agogo, Akropong and the Abefi campus. e President Kwesi, PDG Nana AsafoBoakye & Trustee PRID Sam

Representatives of Trasacco

Diana & Guests

Guest Speaker HE Claude Marten EU Ambassador & Mrs Marten

PP Dimitri & CEO Hysen and Robert Lindsay ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 23


INTL Womens day

International Women’s Day All Over the World

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Women employees from Novotel


International Women’s Day is held annually on 8 March to celebrate women’s achievements throughout histroy and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. e Michelle Obama, First Lady United States of America

Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Constance Swaniker, Mawuena Trebarh, Ellen Hagan, Abena Amoah & Abena Amoah

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany 24 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Indra Nooyi, Chairman & CEO PepsiCo

Toni Morrison, Council of the Humanities

Opera Winfrey, Media Proprietor, Philanthropist


Grammy Fashion

Grammy Awards 2013 Red Carpet Fashion

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 25


Hon. Hanna Tetteh Minister for Foreign Affairs

Hon. Kwesi Ahwoi Minister for the Interior

Hon. Henry Seidu Daanaa Minister for Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs

H.E. John Mahama President

Hon. Seth Terkper Minister for Finance and Economic Planning

Hon. Edward Omane Boamah Minister for Communications

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu Minister for Trade and Industry

Hon. Kwesi Amissah-Arthur Vice President

Hon. Doe Adjaho Speaker of Parliament

Hon. Georgina Woods Chief Justice

26 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Hon. Akwasi Oppong Fosu Minister for Local Government and Rural Development

Hon. Mahama Ayariga Minister for Information and Media Relations

Hon. Jane Naana Hon. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah Opoku Agyemang Minister for Youth Minister for Education and Sports

Hon. Collins Dauda Hon. Aminu Sulemana Minister for Water Resources, Minister for Roads Works and Housing and Highways

Independence day

Second Stanza of the National Anthem

Hon. Mark Owen Woyongo Minister of Defence

Hon. Benjamin Kunbuor Minister for Government Business in Parliament

Hon. Nayon Bilijo Minister for Fisheries and Acquaculture Devolpment

Hon. Emmanuel A. K. Buah Minister for Energy and Petroleum

Hon. Oteng Adjei Minister for Environment, Science and Technology

Hon. Inusah Fuseini Minister for Lands and Natural Resources

Hon. Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong Attorney General and Minister for Justice

Hon. Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts

Hon. Clement Kofi Humado Minister for Food and Agriculture

Hail to thy name, O Ghana, To thee we make our solemn vow: Steadfast to build together A nation strong in Unity; With our gifts of mind and strength of arm, Whether night or day, in the midst of storm, In every need, whate’er the call may be, To serve thee, Ghana, now and evermore‌


56 th

Hon. Hanny-Sherry Ayitey Minister for Health

Hon. Dzifa Aku Ativor Minister for Transport

Hon. Nii Armah Ashitey Minister for Employment and Labour Relations

Birthday Ghana ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 27


am-Before 6:00pm



12 Golden Gate Hotel

A delicious spread of continental dishes 25ghc pay yours and bring another person to eat. Venue : Amakom- Kumasi Time : 11:30am-4pm



Take a chance and gamble @ La Palm Casino

Exquisite Jewelry Collection Sale Sunshine Cafe time:- 10am

Movenpick Lounge

Come enjoy a nice chilled evening, good music & food Time 7pm


13 Festival de la Francophonie (till March 23) Venue : Alliance Francaise

Outdoor events (till March 21) Maison Française - Institut of Economic Affairs

All Day

pm-After 6:00pm



14 First Accra Francophone Film Festival (till March 24)

NAFTI Preview Theatre at NAFTI Hostel

Le Must restaurant your midweek dinner joint.

15 St Patrick’s Day Hooley Aviation Social Centre time - 8:00 PM

Miss Alliance Française 2013 Alliance Française Accra time- 8:00 PM

Time : 11:00 PM


Jerk Masters @ Airport West next to Bangos

Blow away the Monday blues with jerk chicken From 7pm

Honey Suckle Happy Hour


Swiss wine tasting night Alliance Française Accra Time- 7:00 PM

Rhapsody Restaurant Bar Accra Mall Time : 7:00 PM

½ Price on Drinks till 7pm Venue: Ring Road opp. Time: From 5pm



Happy Hour Celsbridge Pub Labone Time : @5pm

Millionaires Casino

Golden Tulip Bingo Nite Time 9-10pm


Join your friends for a drink @ Xcobar Osu. from 7pm


Grab a quick taste of the Orient From 7pm

02 Shaka Zulu - Bar/Club

Pop in for a drink on your way home from work. Unwind & dance da nite away

Peter Pan


Bamboo Fusion

Easy start to the week, grab a burger at Peter Pan’s A &C shopping mall


Happy Hour

Tops n Tails Pub Spintex Rd Spintex rd opp Stanchart

Ice Skating

Lizzie Sports Centre From 6pm

KFC at Marina Mall.

Chicken popcorn, large fries and a drink - Tasty!


Happy Hour

Happy Hour

3212 - Sushi in Osu


Apo's Spot Osu Time 6:00pm

Toro Tapas Bar at Afrikiko Time : 5 - 7pm

Venue : Sisters of the East TIme from 6pm

Try the chef’s taster menu for a tasty midweek treat. Venue : Airport West, Opp. African Regent


La Paillotte Takpekpe parle aux femmes / speaks to women Alliance Française Accra time- 8:00 PM

Salsa Dance Nite

Venue : Coconut Groove Hotel. time : 7pm

27 Quand je danse, je parle aussi…et quand je ne

parle pas, je danse peut être (Serge Aimé Coulibaly) Alliance Française Accra Time : 8:00 PM

Firefly @ Osu

Catch up with friends, have a drink and relax in the pleasant surroundings.

03 Happy Hour @ Tulip Avoid the stress of rush hour at the poolside @6pm


Jazz bar with a good ambience and tasty menu. Venue: Ringroad Central. time: 6:30pm



Accra Diplomatic Club Happy Hour

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel - 6:00 PM

Duplex Happy Hour Osu, Time : 7pm

Alliance Française Accra time : 8:00 PM

Les Miserables Musical (two nights).

National Theatre - 6:00 PM Alliance Française Accra time- 10:00 AM




Public Holiday: Easter week-end (4 days) Hollywood Boulevard

Grab a drink and a plate of sushi and watch the action on Oxford St.

ANC Square - Come enjoy hip hop music with hot djs and smoking atmosphere. Time : From 9 - late

Girls Table at African Regent

Fun night, Hen night or bridal shower. Welcome drinks on arrival, 10% offf total bill.

04 Happy Hour

Toro Tapas Bar at Afrikiko Time : Thursday only - All day

Ghana Hang Gliding & Paragliding Festival (till

March 31)

05 Jazzy VIBE At +233 Jazz Club

Time: 8pm Rate: Free

Afternoon Tea Teazy Thurs

At Bella Roma Osu with da hottest DJs Klla Fingaz and Busty Blaze from 10pm

11 Pizza Nite At Mama Mia's

Toro Tapas Bar

Twist Headlines Labone time: 7pm

Share some tapas with friends Venue Afrikiko Compound from 7pm

Sessimé in concert

Event - Job Forum

Lincoln Community School presents Senior IB Art Exhibition

Alliance Française Accra 6:30 PM


African Regent hotel Airport, West. Join us every afernoon for a tasty selection of cakes & desserts time : from12-5pm

12 Chase Restaurant and Takeaway.

Share a peter pan or pepperoni with the family time: 6pm

Try the pizza! From 6:30pm Labone

Happy Hour

Movenpick Lounge

Come enjoy a nice chilled evening with drinks and music.

There are a lot of activities lined up for you this month. Send your activities for the Events Calendar to 28 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

events Calendar

Mar & Apr






Ghana International School Bazaar 2013 Ghana International School (GIS) - 9:00 AM

Prix Découvertes RFI-France 24 present: Elemotho (Francophonie

2013) in concert Alliance Française Accra - 7:00 PM


Armand N’TEP & Friends in concert Alliance Française Accra Time - 8PM

St. Patrick’s Day Play Tennis At Accra Lawn Courts available Time : 7am

Cafe Des Amis

Invite your friends for a drink & a chat. Venue: Kand


Happy Hour

TASTY JERK Barbecue Joint Venue: Osu Down Chez Lien Annex Time: 5 pm

Take a trip outside Accra

HoliTomatina party

Toro Tapas Bar - 7:00 PM

Grande Kermesse de la Francophonie Alliance

Kokrobite, White Sands or Ada. Come enjoy!!

Française Accra - 10:00 AM


30 Horse Riding at Accra Polo Club

Happy Easter

Visit the stables for more info about lessons etc

Spend the day at the beach - lovely food and luxurious rooms. Great life-guards for peace of mind.

Swimming Lessons Venue : African Regent 10 - 12 - Every Saturday


Sisimbo Beach Resort:


Marina Mall

Movie Night

The Republic Bar & Grill

Mini Golf Course Bring the kids and enjoy an

Eat, shop and pray - that you have enough money to pay for all your goodies. Enjoy A new bar in town with so much buzz. You are sure to run into a good friend.


Movie popcorn & a drink @ Silverbird Cinema at Accra Mall

afternoon of golfing from 1pm-6pm


National Symphony Orchestra concert National Theatre - 7:30 PM

Kids Concept

Workshops for children between the ages of 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs. Timing: 11am1pm/ 2pm-4pm.

Deli France

Venue Airport Residental Area Anytime

Arlecchino Ice Cream Parlour

Treat the kids to an ice cream. Venue : Osu, Oxford

See you when I see you !

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 29

30 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 31


L een i

Inter views Larry Otoo


y name is Leeni Ojaniemi and it is my pleasure to present to you Ghana Contemporary and my new monthly art column.

Ghana Contemporary is the premier fine art dealership in Ghana, not only representing the best contemporary artists in the country but also offering services to private individuals and corporations who are starting or wishing to expand their collections. In this monthly column we will be following a group of dynamic artists, interviewing them and delivering exciting news about the visual arts in Ghana. Therefore the readers of Enjoy Accra will get to enjoy firsthand news from an insightful new perspective, ie from the artist’s point of view. Our series of interviews begins with no less than the master artist himself, Larry Otoo!

“I would recommend that people acquire art that is aesthetically pleasing as the human being is created to enjoy aesthetic things, that’s why we have eyes”.

32 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Larry Otoo, is one of Ghana’s most renowned painters and he likes to refer to himself as a “contemporary traditionalist.” Born in Accra in 1956, his subject matter is inspired by the everyday activities of ordinary Ghanaians. His vibrant, abstract paintings in oil and acrylic capture the rhythm and beat of daily life. He paints, he says, “to record and preserve our traditions visually.”

Art & CUlture Leeni: The occupation of an artist is not regarded highly in Ghana. Your father was against your choice of profession and wanted you to take a more traditional job. What made you believe in yourself and how would you say things have changed since the 70’s OR have they? Larry: It was very difficult in the beginning to get the approval of my parents but my creative urge was so strong that it helped me overcome the opposition of my parents. I felt that only by exploring this creativity would I feel happy both spiritually and emotionally. Also I love to relate to the larger world in terms of my skill and my ability to make people happy through what I create. In a nutshell, I was determined from an early age to be an artist and to be one of the best. Today, young artists have access to a wider spectrum of art practices both at home and abroad via the internet and I believe that this has given young artists in Ghana more confidence. Technology, new methods of working and new product like acrylics etc have also made it easier for them

to practice and be versatile and adept. In general I feel that there is more interest in the arts and more opportunity for their talent to become a career. Leeni: Describe in a few words the environment for a visual artist in Ghana today and what would you like to see change?

Larry: Ghana should have a national gallery. This would provide an arena for people who don’t live in Ghana to view a national collection that shows the pride and the heritage of the people. I would encourage private individuals and corporations to assist with an institution that would act as a national gallery where artists can showcase their work. Leeni: Tate Modern, one of the biggest galleries in the world, has recently been in Ghana with their programme “Across Borders”. They have also started to build an African art collection. How do you rate African art as an investment and have you felt increasing international interest in your work? Larry: Yes there has been a lot of interest. In 2011 the Embassy of Spain invited me to have an exhibition in Segovia and it was then when I truly realized that art is a way of bringing countries and people together. When artists from different cultures collaborate there

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 33

ENJOY is an expansion of ideas and a bond fostered between different cultures. I feel that interest in my work from abroad has been raised to another level. Europe is now looking at other aspects of African tradition and art is one of these. With this interest in African art in terms of collecting and investment we can say that the artist as the creator will be more confident in his work as it competes and is accepted on the world stage. Leeni: Ghana Contemporary is on a mission to educate the audience in Ghana about collecting art. What in your opinion makes a good art collection or a collector? Larry: I was at the Thiessen museum in Spain and I saw a group of school children in the museum and I was really happy because I feel that for the people to get an interest in art they need to be given exposure at an early age.

Art & Culture Leeni: -We all love art, especially Larry Otoo’s art. Tell us why it is important to be surrounded by art. Larry: I have over the years followed biographies of artists and what I have noticed is a certain calm about creative people and a sense of fulfilment. I would recommend that people acquire art that is aesthetically pleasing as the human being is created to enjoy aesthetic things, that’s why we have eyes. So this all culminates in the urge to satisfy our desires with what is pleasing to the eye and the mind. That’s why it is psychologically important to surround yourself with things that are pleasing to you. Leeni: You have an exhibition coming up in Barcelona. Ghana Contemporary, will be attending and providing feedback from the show. Tell us about your other future plans and ambitions? Larry: I am interested in exposing

Ghanaian art to the outside world. I also want to create a forum for exchange between artists from different countries, from Europe, the Americas and Asia for example. I would love to invite artists to come to Ghana and see what we do and how we exhibit here. We can create different forums for increased dialogue. I also want to create a haven for local and international artists, a retreat where they can come and stay and enjoy the Ghanaian vibe. Stay tuned - the next exhibition of Ghana Contemporary sponsored by Grey Goose will be held in La Villa Boutique Hotel on the 15th March. The exhibition called “Kaleidoscope” will showcase 9 of the most dynamic contemporary artists in the country. Ghana Contemporary extends this exclusive invitation to the readers of Enjoy Accra! Enjoy your March, Enjoy Art & Enjoy Accra! e Leeni : Tel : +233 235 840 000

34 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


F R E E M O N T H L Y L I F E S T Y L E • T E MA • K U MA S I • TA KO R A D I •


ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 35




Solutions for Jan-Feb. 2012 Solutions for Jan-Feb. 2012


Solutions for Jan-Feb. 2012




The Sudoku rule : Complete the Sudoku puzzle so that each and every row, column, and region contains the numbers one through nine only once.



This Month


A ries 21/3-20/04

Taurus 21/4-21/05

Gemini 22/5-21/06

There are some loose ends to tie this month, dear Aries. Those endeavors, and possibly relationships, that are in private or behind the scenes tend to figure strongly and thrive, particularly from the 4-6. The 8-9 is excellent for research of a financial or business strategy - it may be something that you’ve come up with in the past, but now deserves special attention. People from your past could be involved now. As March progresses, it can be as if you are emerging from a waking sleep with planets, one by one, emerging from your privacy sector and moving into your sign. From the 12th forward, your energy levels run high (sometimes too high) and your pioneering instincts are strong. By the 21st, the Sun and Venus are in your sign, and others are taking note. This is a fabulous period for charm and attractiveness. The 27-30 is a power period for you, but it can also be an emotional and impulsive time. Try not to overdo it! You can be rebellious and seeking freedom possibly at all costs.

March can bring opportunities to clinch a deal and cement a bond, or there can be a positive legal outcome, dear Taurus. However, there can be some financial matters involved that require extra thought. The New Moon on the 11th brings new energy to friendships and long-term goals. From the 17th forward, you will benefit from working on clearing up any problems that have cropped up with friends. This is a time for feeling personally hopeful, emotionally satisfied, and socially popular. Friendships might be renewed or revitalized. In the last few days of March, health or work problems can make themselves known, quite suddenly. For some of you, a neglected matter from the past can re-emerge, or there can be a strong temptation to impulsively act on a secret desire. Get extra rest and treat any slow-downs as a sign that you may need more time to recoup, or to reconsider. You are beginning a period best used for emotional renewal, tying up loose ends, and laying low.

The month ahead is strong for networking, friendships, and new approaches in your career, dear Gemini. The first ten days of March can find you streamlining your routines, heavily involved in research, and highly motivated in work and health matters. The New Moon on the 11th brings fresh energy for career and reputation matters, although it’s better to wait until after the 17th to launch new projects. As well, the second half of the month is more auspicious for clearing up misunderstandings with authority figures. From the 22nd through to the end of the month, there can be surprising happenings with friends or acquaintances and possibly a love relationship. Unexpected meetings, disruptions, or changes that point you in a new direction can occur now. Love requires emotional space and acceptance, and some of you could find love through or with friends and groups. It’s also a time when inspiration comes suddenly, and you could pick up new, and possibly radically different, interests or goals at this time.

36 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77



Cancer 22/6-23/07

Libra 24/9-23/10

Capricorn 22/12-20/01

This is a month in which you can be more experimental, spontaneous, and adventurous than usual, dear Cancer. Your need to “get away from it all” is powerful. Travel or educational plans have a better chance of coming together after the 17th. You are likely to feel the need to assert your independence, with those in authority, family, and/or a partner in March. You have a stronger desire to define your relationships, or to come to a deeper understanding and possibly commitment. Around the 22nd, you might make an unexpected bold careerrelated move, or experience a disruption that sets you on a new course altogether. Opportunities can emerge around the 28th that also seem to come from out of the blue.

A strong focus on your health and work routines continues in March, dear Libra. You could be digging up interesting information now, and research of all kinds can be very beneficial. Close partnerships begin to heat up towards mid-month, and your attention shifts to significant others even more so by the 20-21. The last week of the month brings an emotional Full Moon in your sign, and emotions bubble up to the surface with great force, as well as a big commotion in your partnership sector. Sudden changes, new directions, and strong emotions characterize this period. It’s a powerful period for your relationships (this continues into the first week of April), and while spontaneity is the name of the game at this time, try to avoid rash or careless decisions.

L eo 24/7-23/08

Scorpio 24/10-22/11

March 4-8 is a very strong period for your relationships, dear Capricorn, and in particular with friends and siblings. Even with Mercury retrograde (until the 17th), you can manage to strengthen your relationships through shows of support and positive actions. Most of March is excellent for collecting information, research of any kind, and work that involves refining and editing. By month’s end, you’ll be ready to move new projects ahead. Until then, work on getting things right. There can be surprising events and circumstances surrounding home and family from the 22nd forward. Keep in mind that desires can come on quite suddenly, but may not be long-lasting, so that if you have a sudden and seemingly urgent desire to redecorate or part ways with someone close to you, you may want to wait a few days to see if the desire sticks with you.

The first ten days of March are strong for research and strategy, dear Leo. While you should wait to begin new projects until after the 17th, you can be busy refining and reworking those already in progress, and should meet with success. Finances deserve special attention, particularly shared money and property as well as loans and support payments. Energetically speaking, the month picks up pace considerably by the 12th, and even more so after the 21st. You could feel as if you are moving out of the dark and into the light, and you’re likely to find the spirit and motivation to embark on unusual or simply different adventures. There are some wonderful and perhaps surprising opportunities that have to do with legal affairs, travel, or education this month, particularly around the 21-23 and 27-29.

Romance and pleasure-seeking are in strong focus this month, dear Scorpio. Desires come on quickly and with great force in March and April. You are especially companionable and open to new experiences, although perhaps starryeyed at times. Romantic illusions or selfdeceptions should be watched for. People from the past could be in strong focus this month. You can experience some feelings of regret or hesitance from the 23rd, when responsibilities make themselves known. Enjoy yourself, but keep expectations realistic. From the 27th and into April, surprising events and feelings can arise, particularly in the areas of work, daily routines, and health. Hidden issues and information can surface. Some of you could meet a romantic partner through any of these things, and others might find that sudden events or opportunities push them into a new direction in their work or with health and wellbeing endeavors.

Virgo 24/8-23/09 Dear Virgo, you have been learning the value of waiting for strategic moments to express yourself and to choose your words more carefully with Saturn in your communications sector this year. You might even find that if you hold back opinions or concerns until you’ve truly processed them, you no longer find it wise to express them at all. While others may wonder why you’re so quiet, this is in fact an important learning experience for you, as you discover that what you say can impact the direction of your life in profound ways. The first ten days of March are strong for these discoveries, as well as for research and review. New beginnings in a partnership are stimulated after the New Moon on the 11th, and the 17th brings more forward-looking energy to a relationship. In the last week of the month, there can be a surprising or sudden show of support, emotional or financial.

Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

March is strong for making memories with family and for getting some muchneeded down time, dear Sagittarius. Even so, domestic life is likely to be animated at times, but mostly in a pleasurable way. From the 20th, a shift of focus to more creative, sociable, and pleasure-seeking activities occurs. Surprises are in store, and they’re pointing you in new directions. There could also be surprising turns of events surrounding creative projects, romance, friends, and children at this time. Invitations to go out and have some fun should be grabbed, but try to keep one foot on the ground, particularly when it comes to money. The inner risk-taker is awakened now, and it will be important to have some sense of where you might be headed before you take off. Small risks, however, could very well pay off. Adjustments need to be made in a close partnership or friendship.

A quarius 21/01-19/02 March is strong for gathering information and for inspired money-making ideas, dear Aquarius. While you may want to wait before launching your more important business or financial plans until the end of the month, pay special attention to the ideas coming to you throughout March, and do your research. Your initiative is stronger than usual from mid-month, and your taste for the new and untried is powerful. A partner is in your corner, and an important meeting of minds can occur in the last week of the month. Your powers of attraction skyrocket, and outstanding creative opportunities arise. You could be the go-to person for information and know-how. New interests and possibly love opportunities can be part of the picture in the last week of the month. Some of you could meet someone special through the phone, online, at school, or possibly in your own neighborhood with your relationship ruler (the Sun), your own ruler (Uranus), and the love planet (Venus) aligning in your communications sector.

Pisces 20/02-20/03 The month ahead is a strong one for you, dear Pisces, in terms of personal influence, goal-setting, and finances. The New Moon on the 11th launches a period of increased personal power and charisma, and on the 17th, Mercury ends its retrograde period in your sign. This gives you the green light to begin moving personal projects ahead. You are bolder than usual, and motivated to pursue what you want and to prove your value. There may be job offers and opportunities, and some of you could be receiving significant gifts or bonuses. The last week of the month can stimulate a financial breakthrough, or simply a sudden purchase, but whatever does occur, it seems out of the blueo and unexpected. ENJOY N 77 March 2013 | 37

38 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


Recipe Total time

Moroccan C h i c k e n Ta g i n e

Prep time






4 people

Directions In a large bowl, mix the garlic, cumin, ginger, paprika, salt and pepper, 1/2 cup grated onion, and the oil. Rinse the preserved lemons, and remove the pulp. RESERVE the lemon peel for later use. Add the lemon pulp to the mixing bowl. Add the chicken. Mix everything together and place in a large plastic bag to marinate overnight in the refrigerator. (24hours really gives the chicken the best flavor.)

» Ingredients » 6 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped » 1 teaspoon ground cumin » 1 teaspoon ground ginger » 1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika » 1 tablespoon kosher or sea salt » 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper » 1 large Spanish onion, grated (about 1 cup) » 2 tablespoons canola, grapeseed or olive oil (not a heavy olive oil)

» 1 to 2 preserved lemons, depending on size » 8 chicken thighs, with bone and skin » Stems from the parsley and cilantro, tied with twine » 1/4 teaspoon powdered saffron or 1/4 teaspoon powdered turmeric and 4 strands saffron » 1 cup pitted green Moroccan or Greek olives » 1/2 bunch Italian parsley, about 1/4 cup chopped » 1/2 bunch cilantro, about » 1/4 cup chopped

In a large Dutch oven or casserole, place the chicken and marinade; add the stems of the parsley and cilantro, the rest of the grated onion, the powdered saffron and 1 1/2 cups water. Bring to a boil over high heat, turn down to a simmer and cook, partially covered, for 30 minutes.


Remove the cover, stir the chicken and continue to simmer for another 15 minutes or until the chicken is tender. Remove the chicken to a serving dish and cover with foil to keep warm. Keep sauce on stove and begin to reduce. Slice the preserved lemon peel into thin slices and add to the sauce along with the olives, parsley and cilantro. Reduce until the sauce is just a little thick. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes at most. Uncover the chicken and remove the skin from the chicken. (It doesn’t look pretty and who needs the extra fat.) Pour sauce over chicken and serve.

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 39


Places to be in Ac Lodge & French Restaurant Gastronomy East Cantonments Tel : 0302 762 959

Cusine :Continental & Local Dishes The Mรถvenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra Tel : 0302 611 000 Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

El Paso Cusine : Mexican

15th Lane | Osu, Accra, Ghana Tel: 0546333444 Tue-Sun 12-3:30pm & 5:30pm-12am 40 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Places to be



Chinese, Indian Restaurant & Hotel, Kumasi We serve Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week

Tel: 054 237 563

Maquis Tante Marie

Accr a’s No.1 Afr i can Dish Restaur ant

Shop G29 Accra Mall, Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, Accra tel:- +233 244 612 832 5th Norla Link, Labone Accra Near Metro TV tel: +233 302 778 914 Monday-Sunday: 8am-10pm

To Advertise Here email : call : 0204 652 679


French - Mediterranean Restaurant

Open Mon-Fri 12:00 - 14:30 & 19:00 - 23:00, Sat 19:00 - 23:00 Closed on Sun 215, Liberation Road Accra opposite Shangri-la Hotel Call +233 302 772 408 / +233 244 802 013

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 41



Shopping in Accra

024 095 4262


Location - Oxford Street No. I674/2 Accra Tel : +233 263 214 621 Mon-Sun 12pm-12am

“A sweet italian touch in the heart of Accra”

To Advertise Here email : call : 0204 652 679

More than 5 weekly flights from Ghana to Morocco Located At Silver Star Building Call center: +212 522 489 797 / Ghana: +233 302 78 71 82 42 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77



Smoothy’s NourishLAB


verwhelmed by Accra’s heat and humidity? Why not stop by NourishLAB for a smoothie of blended fruits and frozen yogurt. The mango and passion fruit combination is a good bet. After you cool down, try one of the sandwiches or freshly baked pastries on offer, and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of Osu’s Oxford St. NourishLAB Smoothy’s is located at upper Oxford Street, opposite Compu Ghana adjacent to ADB bank. Opening hours are from 8am to 11pm daily. It is the mission of NourishLAB Smoothy’s to quench your thirst and hunger by revitalizing your day with our irresistible natural fruit smoothies, chicken, tuna, (mushroom/egg/avocado) wraps, salads, fish and other palatable dishes, with maximum health benefits that will nourish your mind and body. Just one taste and you will want more and more. Look out for a new branch opening soon in East Legon.

copyright pictures food pictures gettyimages

For more variety and a healthier way of living visit Nourish LabSmoothy’s. Your healthy addiction. e

Call us on 024393 9855 / 0289333999

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 43


Afrikiko Asanka Local Buka Ethiopian Rest. Red Chilli Tante Marie Home Touch

030) 222 9997 (030) 278 6328 (030) 278 2953 (024) 306 8165 (024) 790 2809 (030) 277 8914 (030) 277 7662


The Grill Le Tandem Frankie’s Livingstone Au Grand Ecuyer Captain Hook La Chaumière Le Bouquet Landing Rest. Le Magellan Mama Mia(delivery) Monsoon Zanzibar

(024) 966 6333 (030) 276 2959 (030) 277 3567 (030) 276 7740 (030) 276 8643 (030) 276 2228 (030) 277 2408 (030) 277 2417 (030) 276 0775 (030) 277 7629 (024) 426 4151 (030) 278 2307 (030) 278 6099


Bali Hai Chez Lien China House

(030) 277 1700 (030) 277 5356 (030) 276 0284

City Garden Rest.

(030) 222 1710/29

Dragon House Dynasty Noble House Kohinoor Pearl Chinese Heritage Zanzibar

(030) 276 2988 (030) 277 5496 (030) 278 5151 (030) 277 1999 (024) 440 6748 (030) 278 5252 (024) 489 0990


Arlecchino Cuppa Cappuccino Bella Roma Sunshine Akroma Plaza KFC, Osu LA GALETTE Foodies Fali’s Hot Pot Stellar Catering IL Cavaliere Pazzo The Lexington Taverna Tropicana Melting Moments Le Must French Rest. Michelangelo Crown Apartmento 3121 Sushi Bar

(026) 321 4621 (024) 820 4441 (024) 747 4007 (030) 278 0599 (031) 202 5513 (030) 296 3086 (024) 675 2429 (030) 266 1858 (030) 225 8473 (024) 477 3403 (030) 282 3131 024 676 7777 0240 959 406 (030) 222 9101 0244-661 069 (030) 277 0834 0244-661 069 0244 233 533 (030) 277 1713 026 777 3121

44 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


Chase Lounge

Cafe Dez Amis Red Chilli Firefly Lounge Bar Rhapsody’s Rest. Osekan Rest. Picasso Magnolias Rest. Bar The Grill

(030) 277 8477 0544 104 204 (0302) 782 9371 024 790 2809 (030) 277 7818 0244 337 825 0245 352 912 / 0302 775 496 (030) 277 1712/ (030) 291 7527 0206 400 615 024 433 1000 024 966 6333

Chez Marie Lou Rest.

(030) 277 4891

Jade Garden Koffee Lounge Eddy’s Pizza Le Bistro Rest. Rice ‘n’ Salads Ristorante Sol Moi

024 460 8281 (030) 292 5067 / (030) 250 0185 054 413 3397 (030) 776 738 027 740 1009 (030) 278 4015 (030) 281 6252 024 428 8882 / 024 823 2222 024 220 1087 / 024 526 3582 0242 880 163 / 020 094667 (030) 254 3439 (030) 293 6156 024 393 9855 (030) 273 7027 / 0544 311 511

Sweet Rose Chinese

Escobar Lounge Robi’s Dutch Pub Toros Tapas Bar Appetite Rest. Lounge Star Bites Smoothy’s Santoku Rest. BAR

Bywel Bar Bus Stop Ryan’s Irish Pub Jokers Center Chester’s Bar The Honey Suckle The Republic Bar Shaka Zulu Bar & Restaurant

(030) 276 7793 (030) 222 0930 (030) 276 2334 024 437 0752 (030) 276 2771 (030) 278 0774 027 5 55 6006 024 631 4044 020 140 4164


FIRST CHOICE SALON Tel:+(233)-030 268 2997 / 24 437 4894

SALON CITY SPA Tel: +(233)-030 276 8751

LADY PAM SALON Tel: +(233)-030 277 6952

HOLY TRINITY SPA Tel: +(233)-0362091334

LAJEN UNISEX SALON Tel: (020) 871 4892/ 0302 777 837

L'eden Afro-European Unisex Salon Tel: (024) 426 5179

Beauty Square Tel: (054) 272 7235 CASINOS

Lapalm Casino (030) 278 5420/1 Piccadilly Casino (030) 276 3095

Millionaires Accra (030) 277 4339 Millionaires Kumasi (032) 204 9868 CAR HIRE

VRS Cole Consult Atlas Rent-A-Car

(030) 277 9387 (024) 4035856 (024) 427 7871


Alliance Française British Council Goethe Institute Nebuke Foundation

(030) 277 3134 (030) 268 3068 (030) 277 6764 (028) 910 2163

Express Delivery Services

DHL Fedex Ground Sky Net TNT Express Aramex Express Ltd

United Parcel Services UPS

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Hotels!! Industry!! For all your Laundry & Cleaning Chemical Needs Call 0244 841 350 / 0244 561 827

Hospitality HOTELS - ACCRA



Mirage Royal Hotel

Tel: +(233) 030-277 1700

Tel :+(233) 030 252 0570-2

LABADI BEACH HOTEL (ACCRA) Tel: +(233) 030-277 2501

ALISA HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-214 233/232 670

FRANKIE’S HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-277 3567

NOVOTEL HOTEL TEL: +(233) 030-266 7546

MARISET PLAZA Tel: +(233) 030-277 4542 / 277 4542

DUTCH HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-271 1111-8

GOLDEN TULIP Tel: (030) 221 3161

FIESTA ROYALE TEL: +(233)-030 274 0811

HOLIDAY HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030 277 3660/1

Villa Monticello Hotel Tel: +(233) 030-277 3477 / 026 630 7398

MÖVENPICK AMBASSADOR HOTEL Tel: +(233) 030-261 1000

ROYAL RICHESTER Tel:+(233) 030-252 0786 / 520 791

La Villa Boutique Hotel TEL: +(233) 030-273 0333-6

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel Tel: +(233) 030-222 5155 / 226 310

Oak Plaza East Airport Hotel Tel:+(233) 030-281 6460-3

Erata Hotel Tel:+(233) 544 336 761 / 544 336 738 Protea Hotel Tel: +(233) 030 251 7454

CROWN APARTMENTO Tel:+(233) 289 113 600


Tel :+(233) 030 274 0930

Tel:+(233) 030-222 8700




TEL:+(233) 030 277 5356

BEST WESTERN PREMIER TEL:+(233) 0302 216 570/766 902

AFRICAN REGENT HOTEL TEL:+(233) 0302 765 180-2

AIRPORT WEST HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-276 7870 / 77 1388

Tel:+(233) 030-224 8444

DE HOLIDAY BEACH HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030 292 0710

MIDINDI HOTEL Tel:+233 302 770007 HOTELS - TEMA

ROYAL NICK HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030-320 5186

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 45







+(233)-032-208 3777

Tel:+233 030 222 1742/24 966 6633

Express Property Management Ltd

ROYAL BASIN RESORT Tel :+(233)-032 20 60144 / 20 60169

GOLDEN GATE HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 37073 / 20 37074

MIKLIN HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 39121 / 20 39122 / 39 123

PAPARAZZI HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 92026 / 20 91986


Tel: +233 030 2768 886 Fax: +233 030 2784 210 RESORTS

Lou Moon Lodge New Coco Beach Dutch Hotel Elmina Beach Busua Beach Busua Inn Ramada Resort Hillburi Aburi

(020) 824 1549 (030) 271 7235 (030) 271 1111 (033) 234 00102 (020) 638 8029 (207) 373 579 (030) 271 7235-7 (024) 438 5008

Tel: +(233)-24 393 3399

CEDAR CRESCENT HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 27238 / 248-641 357


Melcom Plus Kaneshie

(030) 225 1789

email :

Melcom Plus Tema

(030) 321 6368

email :


RAYBOW INT HOTEL Tel +(233) 031- 202 2072, 202 5438 AKROMA PLAZA Tel: +233 31 202 3745 / 202 3790


Amadeus Ghana Antrak Travel Global Village Travel Melcom Travel

email :

NomadAfrica Stellar Travel

STELLAR LODGE Tel: +(233) 031 269 98 NIGHT CLUBS


(030) 276 6734

Club Citizen

(030) 278 7811/ (030) 278 7822

Hollywood Boulevard

(054) 476 4069

(030) 276 5590 (030) 277 7134 (030) 276 9273 (030) 225 2984 (030) 701 1234 (030) 276 4557-8 024 288 2009

Signature Luxury Travel (030) 2731 554

Travel Bureau

(030) 282 3004/5


X O WINE SHOP Tel: (024)-664 3208

OTHERS Marina Mall

(030) 282 3040/1 (030) 267 8121 0245 500 0000

Bacchus Wine Shop Tel:+(233)-244 142 026 / +(233)-243 308 737

Greet Kids Concept Lara Mart Village Pet Shop Office Furniture

(030) 277 2955 024 095 4262 (030) 276 6834 024 406 2796 054433005/6


Accra Mall


REDROW DEVELOPMENTS LTD Tel: + 233 244 20 1884

A&C DEVELOPMENT Tel: +233 030 251 5055 46 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

Tel: +(233) 30 281 1407


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HOSPITALS Akai House Clinic Akai House (Osu) 37 Military Hospital Korle-Bu Lister hospital Nyaho Clinic Princess Marie Louise West African Rescue Diagnostic centre

(030)-278 4772 (030)-276 3821 (030)-277 6111 (030)-266 5401 (030)-281 2325/6 (030)-277 5341 (030)-266 4137 (030)-278 1258 (030)-221 1930

POLICE Emergency 191 Regional (030)-266 4611 Headquarters (030)-276 0273 Mobile Force (030)-266 3625 Accra Central (030)-240 1999 Achimota (030)-222 1368 Adabraka (030)-277 7592 Airport ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 47


48 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77



F R E E M O N T H L Y L I F E S T Y L E • T E MA • K U MA S I • TA KO R A D I •


10th Edition

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 49

Refreshing a Ghanaian thirst since 1931


My dearest Club revellers We have arrived at the first milestone of our Club Social Guide. After the first ten editions, we bring our Season One to a close. We thank our sponsor ABL and the best beer brand in Ghana CLUB. To you our readers who send us constant emails, know that we have read each and every one of them and will be around with the Second Season very soon. Till we come your way again, drink your Club Beer responsibly. Send us emails as you visit our selected hotspots and feel free to send suggestions of how we should proceed with the Second Season of our Club Social Guide.Enjoy yourself responsibly. Alain


ACHIMOTA, near mama ladj spot Local and continental dishes Enjoy also Ago FM and foreign music A perfect place to have a meal. Nice interior and attentive service. 0249387347 (CHARLES) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 3 Open 11am -12am Remember to drink responsibly


DANSOMAN,Exhibition Pan african food Live band 0244266575 (Gloria)) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 6am - 3am


LASHIBI, near abe’s plaza/ near ann’s school Local and continental dishes Local and foreign 0242966168 (MAAME SERWA) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 12 Open 12.30pm -1am

50 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77

ABL Guide



SOUTH LA, South La Estates Pork (grilled and fried) Local and foreign music Delicious pork here!!! Everyone should try this. Very cozy and good service. Always fun. 0244547092 (FISH) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 8 Open 10am-till L.C.


NSAWAM, Main Road After Africana They have local foods DSTV, live matches, private movie rooms, console games. Very good service and delicious food! 0267775886 (TONY) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 7 Open 8am-10pm


ASHAIMAN, Comm.22 Near Kowa Naso Local and continental. Local music. Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 4.8 0243668030 (Wonder Aheto) Open 8am-11pm


ASHAIMAN, Just by Atidaka Station - CMS BRANDED Local dishes Local music Clean and cheap chop bar with a vast variety of local food served.. 0243219473 (Charity Akrobo) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢7.3 Open 6.30-10pm

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 51

In G h a n a , Be e r me a n s CLUB

LA, Labone Local and continental dishes Ideal spot for a business lunch in a pleasant, green and cool atmosphere.. 0241109255 (ATO) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢14 Open 9am-12pm

Refreshing a Ghanaian thirst since 1931



ASHAIMAN,Comm 22 - Near The Main park. They have local dishes 027-6009756 (Joyce Fiagbedu) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 5 Open 8.30am-2am


ODORKOR O.T, Untarred Road To Freedom Chapel Banku, tilapia and kebabs Local and foreign food Really fast food and good service. Slot machines available. 0243771155 (DAVID) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 8.30am-2am

52 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


KORLE GONO, near the beach Local and continental Local and continental This is a great place! There is a beach, good restaurant, swimming pool and accommodation. 0204650916 (SAMMY) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10.5 Open 8am-2am


ADJIRINGANOR, Opp. Jokovan Bar Banku and tilapia, kebab Local and foreign 0279-674157 (Bella) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 8am-2am

RASTA’S SPOT (Tikas bar and grill)

DOME, after filling station(left) They have country, local and live band music A amazing place to have your lunch or dinner. Video games and table hockey.Thumbs up! 0247222229 (DEE) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 13 Open 6am-11pm

ABL Guide

Know your limit If you do not already know how much alcohol you can handle without losing control, try it out one time at home with a friend present and have them videotape you, then see what happens when you consume more than the recommended one drink per hour.

Eat while you drink It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese and peanuts, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system.

Cultivate taste Enjoy your drink, don’t rush it. If you gulp a drink you will be losing the pleasure of tasting and smelling the various flavours in the drink.

Accept a drink only when you really want one At a party if someone is trying to force another drink on you, ask for ice or drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

Skip a drink now and then Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration.

Appoint a designated driver Have someone available who will not be drinking and will drive all drinkers home. This is critical if the person has consumed more than one drink per hour. If you know that you will have to drive after consuming alcohol, limit your consumption to no more than one ENJOY N 77 March 2013 | 53 drink an hour. o

Refreshing a Ghanaian thirst since 1931



LARTEBIOKORSHIE, opp. container Pizza + local and continental Local and foreign A very nice restaurant! Clean, good service, delicious food. Awesome pizza available. 0243281509 (MRS DARTEY) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 8am-10pm


KWABENYA, main road They have local and continental dishes Clean, good service and chilled club. Lots of room. 0209141406 (WILLIAMS) Local. Live band on Sun. Budget (food & drink) : Gh¢ 7 Open 7am-12am

54 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


ASHAIMAN, main Zenu road They have local foods 0242403946 (Irene) Budget (food & drink) : Gh¢ 10 Open 8.30am-12am


ASYLUM D, Arr barclays ring rd Try their special banku and tilapia 0302914747 (VICKY)


OSU, re Ghanaian dishes (Rice,Banku & Tilapia) Lot of food to choose from. Delicious. Live matches here and chilled Club beer. 0244268159 (Mr Kabu) Budget (food & drink) : Gh¢ 12 Open 9am-2am

ABL Guide

In order to enjoy beer, on needs

to know how to totally enjoy and savour every drop of the drink meant for kings….


I like to leave a little room at the top of a bowlshaped beer glass in order to swish the beer around and create more aroma. Whichever way you aerate the beer, you’ll want to have some room to stick your nose down in there and give it a good smell. Look for beer smells like malt, yeast, alcohol and hops. Identify unique and signature smell.

Appearance Hold your glass up to the light and check for clarity, cloudiness or colour and match those up with the style of beer you are drinking . Club beer should be golden and clear.

Taste After completing the steps listed above, taste the beer by taking a small mouthful and breathing in slightly as you taste the beer. This will open up all your senses and let you get a complete picture of what you are tasting. In the proper glass, the beer should hit your tongue denoting bitter and sweet flavours on the parts of your mouth that can discern those tastes. Take a second taste and swish the beer around in your mouth slightly to move the beer across all your flavour sensing areas.

Mouth Feel By tasting beer, you should be able to determine the mouth feel. Some beers have a heavy, almost oily mouth feel to them, while other beers are light and dry and offer very little by way of mouth feel. Becoming familiar with beer styles will help you determine what type of mouth feel is common with each style.


Some beers finish with a sweet, pleasant after taste, while other beers finish bitter and even dry. When you taste your beer and swallow it, ask yourself what it leaves behind? What’s the last thing you taste? With a sweeter finish, you’ll end up with a sharper leftover taste impression in the front of your mouth, while with a bitter beer, you’ll taste it more in the back of the mouth. With a dry finish, it will leave very little in the way of taste residue, especially overly sweet tastes. Dry usually denotes the absence of sweet. ENJOY N 77 March 2013 | 55 o


Refreshing a Ghanaian thirst since 1931


Mile 7, ACCRA Ghanaian and continental dishes Try their special Khebab 0244 894 429 Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 15 Open 8am-2am


Kwashiman, ACCRA They serve Ghanaian dishes (Banku and Tilapia) Live music 0242 233 643 (Vinoria) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 8.30am-2am


Achimota, near the Trotro Station, ACCRA They serve Ghanaian and Continental dishes Live matches on Projectors (DSTV) Chilled Club beer always available 0204650916 (SAMMY) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 15 Open 8am-2am


Odokor Road from high tension, ACCRA Ghanaian dishes (Fufu, Banku, Rice & Tilapia) Live matches DSTV on projectors, restaurant, guest rooms & VIP rooms 0264 344 724 (Asante) Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 10 Open 8am-2am

56 | March 2013 ENJOY No 77


Dome St Johns, ACCRA Ghanaian and continental dishes (Banku & Okro, Rice & Yam) Live band music & live match DSTV Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 15

ABL Guide


Cape Coast, near SWEDU Ghanaian dishes Chilled Club Beer always available Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢10

Cape Coast, near BAKANS They serve essentially Ghanaian dishes (Fufu, Ampesia, Omotuo) Sea breeze and fresh air A very spacious place for kids Budget (food & Drink) : GH¢ 12


Cape Coast, opposite ADISCO PARK Ghanaian dishes (Banku, Omotuo, Fufu and Rice) Live matches on DSTV Try also their special Khebab 0245 099 909 Budget (food & drink) : GH¢ 15


Cape Coast, near FORD STATION Ghanaian dishes (Fufu, Banku, Kokonte, etc) Watch live matches on DSTV 0208 154 324 Budget (food & drink) : GH10


Cape Coast, near Adisco Park They serve Ghanaian dishes (Fufu, Rice, Banku, etc) Live matches on DSTV 0209 793 248 (Pope Afenu) Budget (food & drink) : GH¢9

ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 57

In G h a n a , Be e r me a n s CLUB


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ENJOY No 77 March 2013 | 59

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