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Enjoy May 2012



Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



Company Profile Allianz

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dominique paravicini Editor

Dear Friends A big thank you to all of our readers in Ghana and also to those of you who join us from around the world via our website Thank you for your loyalty and for all the encouragement that you have given us since the beginning of the year. You are our stars! It is you who provides the material each month and we love to hear from you to share in your events and ideas. Tough times for everyone, but we are still here and looking forward to joining you in all your endeavours, business or pleasure. This month if you are a cycling fan we have a major sporting event taking place in the country from the 15 to the 27th May. Promasidor through its Cowbell brand is sponsoring the 2012 Cowbell National Cycling Tour of Ghana which will provide those watching on television the opportunity to be "armchair tourists" and view parts of this beautiful country that may otherwise not be seen. Alain with a new edition of the Enjoy ur Club social guide is continuing to explore the hot bars and restaurants of Accra and is hoping that you will get out there and try a taste of our local cuisine. Next month we leave the capital and take you around the country. Parties, beautiful people, sports and leisure. We have it all covered and - to top it all - cocoa - what could be nicer. As ever - enjoy the ride,


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Mr Patrick Prado, Managing Director, Allianz Ghana

Gha na

You A re At The Hear t Of Ever y thing We Do

T “ At Allianz we are the world's largest Property & Casualty insurer based on revenues.� 6

he Allianz Group is one of the leading integrated financial services providers worldwide. On the insurance side Allianz is the market leader in Germany and has a strong international presence. In the 2011 fiscal year, the Allianz Group achieved a total revenue of over 103.6 billion euros. Allianz is also one of the world's largest asset managers, with third-party assets of 1,281 billion euros under management at year end 2011. Managing risk and

opportunities for private and corporate customers has been their primary mission since 1890. With over 78 million clients throughout the world, Allianz know the challenges that life throws at us and offers some of the best financial and insurance solutions in terms of propertycasualty insurance, life/ health insurance and financial services (asset management and banking). Allianz aims to help their clients to progress in life and in business; Allianz Ghana began their operations in December 2009 and have Enjoy May 2012

Company Profile

Mr Martin Amoah,Operations Director of Allianz Ghana

Mr Lazarus Lamptey, Finance Director Allianz Ghana

“Allianz remains certainly lived up to their promise as bigwigs in the insurance industry.

a Masters in Business Law and Marketing from Rennes University.

In this corporate profile we bring you an exclusive interview with their innovative and debonair manager Mr Patrick Prado and his Director of Operations, Mr Martin Amoah.

He has over 32 years work experience to his credit, was regional manager of AXA and has been a Board member of AGF. From 2004 to 2006, he was CEO of AGF Central Africa and from 2006 to 2009 he was CEO of Allianz Mali. He also served as the President of the Foreign Trade Counsellors in Mali on behalf of the French Prime Minister. He is currently the President of the French Counsellors in Ghana and is happily married. e

Mr Patrick Prado is the Managing Director of Allianz Ghana. His impressive credentials include an HEC in finance and strategic management as well as a professional diploma in insurance from FFSA and Enjoy May 2012

a financially stable partner for customers, shareholders and employees with a solvency ratio of 179%.�

Financially solid

179% 7



Inter view... Alain Gbeasor (AG): Tell us about the Allianz Group and what makes you international market leaders in the insurance industry? Mr Patrick Prado, Managing Director, Allianz Ghana

Patrick Prado (P.P): With approximately 142,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves over 78 million customers in more than 70 countries. Allianz offers a comprehensive range of insurance and asset management products. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of property-casualty and life/health insurance products for both private and corporate customers. We are the leading property-casualty insurer globally and rank among the top five in the life/ health insurance business. Most of our insurance markets are served by local Allianz companies while selected business lines are run globally

such as global corporate customers, credit insurance, assistance services, worldwide care, global automotive and reinsurance. The Allianz Group is a number one worldwide and this makes Allianz Ghana, the only insurance company in Ghana which is of international parentage. Mr Martin Amoah is the astute Operations Director of Allianz Ghana. He has over 13 years experience in the insurance industry and has been with Allianz Ghana since its incorporation and official opening in 2009. He is a graduate of the University of Ghana, holds an ACII UK insurance qualification and an MBA in Finance. Martin is married with 3 children.

Allianz Ghana Team in a boardroom meeting 8

A.G: What can you tell us about the insurance market in Ghana ?

Martin Amoah (M.A): The insurance market in Ghana is a young and budding one compared to the international industry. Notwithstanding that, the industry is competitive and buoyant. Unlike the international market, Ghana’s premium sales have increased by over 25% annually and are still rising because ghanaian society is getting richer and with that comes the need to insure. With less than 3 years in the market, Allianz Ghana is gradually becoming a household name in terms of corporate insurance and our international reputation leads the way.

Mrs Joyce Osei, Marketing Officer Enjoy May 2012




Patrick Prado (P.P):

What are the operational pressures associated with your work?

We seek to remain innovative, client driven, transparent, reliable, visible, profitable to our stakeholders at all times and in the short term become one of the top five insurance companies in Ghana.

Martin Amoah (M.A):

78 million “Servicing over 78 million customers in more than 70 countries.”

In the past year, the main pressure on all major international companies has been the economic crisis. At Allianz we remain a financially stable partner for our customers, shareholders and employees with a solvency ratio of 179%. At Allianz, there is a strong belief in our employees as we believe they hold the key to the future values

What makes your products more appealing to consumers?

Patrick Prado (P.P):

Enjoy May 2012

Any message to our readers and your customers? Patrick Prado (P.P): Allianz Ghana is setting a standard for the insurance industry in Ghana. We wish to become an indispensable actor in the insurance industry and ultimately a household name. I would like to quote a promise from Mr. Michael Diekmann, CEO of Allianz SE “It is in the best interest of all our stakeholders that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.”


At Allianz Ghana we provide our clients with transparency, genuine service and international knowhow. Our operating entities complement and enrich each other, primarily by serving the diverse needs of our customers. We exploit the group-wide synergies that stem from our strong brand, our capital allocation, functional and industry best practices, as well as from shared operations and joint investments in technology. We ensure a relentless focus on our customers by developing strong customer relations. We seek to achieve profitable growth and thereby increase shareholder value. This requires us to deliver excellence in all our products, operations, processes and behaviours.


At Allianz Ghana, we put you at the heart of everything we do. e Mr Herbert Aryee, Marketing Officer & Mr Vincent GasBusiness Devt Manager

and strength of our group. The benefits of being part of an international group are that we are stronger and have access to a wider network of expertise.


91.4bn “For insurance policies,

A.G: What is the main objective of Allianz Ghana and what is the Allianz Promise to your customers?

Allianz's clients were credited EUR 91.4bn in 2010 nearly –9bn more than in 2009.”




Insurance from A-Z


nsurance is as old as human society. It began in the informal sector when economies were more primitive. The insurance in such economies entailed agreements of mutual aid. For instance if one family's house was destroyed the neighbours were committed to help rebuild it. Granaries housed another primitive form of insurance to indemnify citizens against famine. It is the remnants of these insurances that have survived to the present day. In today’s commercially diverse world, any risk that can be quantified can potentially be insured. Allianz are one company that have acquired considerable experience over the years and are today a worldwide giant of the insurance industry.

Client driven

1 million

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Group History


llianz AG was founded in February 1890 in Munich by two banks, two industrialists, a lawyer, a banker, a politician and an insurance expert together with Carl von Thieme and Wilhelm von Finck. It had an initial capital of four million marks. Just three years after its formation in 1893, Allianz made inroads into the international markets and opened an office in London.

“In 2010, Allianz collected feedback from over 1 million customers more and more customers recommend Allianz to friends.”


By the beginning of the first world war, the company had expanded their operations to the USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France and the Balkans. The strength of Allianz as a corporate entity rests with the fact that as a company they have been resilient and lived through two world wars and further through their use of automated data processing and modern information technology as far back as 1926 and 1956 respectively. In 1990, Allianz expanded further into eight Eastern European countries. In the same decade, Allianz also acquired the Fireman’s Fund, an insurer in the United States, this was followed by the purchase of Assurances Generales de France (AGF), Paris. Enjoy May 2012

company profile

Mr Patrick Prado & his team Allianz Ghana

These acquisitions were followed by expansion into Asia with several joint ventures and acquisitions in China and South Korea. Around this time Allianz expanded its asset management business through the purchase of for example asset management companies in California. In 2006, Allianz AG became Allianz SE thereby becoming a European Company or Societas Europeas (S.E) a new legal form for public companies in the European Union. This enabled the group to simplify its structures and would facilitate future cross-border mergers. Allianz SE was the first European Company on the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50. e

Allianz Ghana


llianz SE's local subsidiary Allianz Ghana Ltd started operations in Ghana in December 2009 and is fully owned by the Allianz Group. With just a little over 2 years in Ghana, Allianz has made considerable inroads into the insurance market and is becoming a reputable name in Ghanaian insurance circles.

As of 2011, Allianz Ghana had registered an annual turnover of over GHc 10 million in its second year of operations. The company is therefore poised for greater returns on investment in 2012. Allianz Ghana aims to become the most trusted insurance company in Ghana and doing so based on international values and strategies. e

Revenues Allianz Group 2011 : EUR 103.6 bn

by segments

y regions

Propert y/Casualt y 43%

Life/Health Asset Management Corporate, Other

Enjoy May 2012

51% 5% 1%

Germany Western Europe Anglo Markets Specialty Insurance Asia-Pacific Central-/Eastern Europe Latin America Africa/Middle East

28% 33% 19% 8% 5% 4% 2% 1%


company profile


Our Services • Motor Insurance • Fire & Other Contingencies Insurance • Burglary • Goods-In- Transit Insurance • Marine Hull & Cargo Insurance • Personal / Group Personal Accident Insurance • Householders Insurance Travel insurance

• Workmen's Compensation Insurance • Public Liability


• Business Interruption • Erection All Risks Insurance

Gross premiums: EUR 43.9 bn

• Electronic Equipment Insurance • Construction and Engineering Insurance

Operating profit: EUR 4.3 bn

• Travel Insurance

97.2 %

• Aviation Insurance

Combined ratio Allianz Ghana provides a world class service to its clientele based on 5 key points of leadership values and strategies developed through years of experience by the global family and by virtue of their presence in a global environment.

Home insurance

Operating Profit EUR bn

Dividend per share EUR

Shareholders' equity EUR bn 47.8

10.3 7.5



5.50 7.9

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011



















Financial statements on basis of IFRS. Fiscal year 01.01.2011- 31.12.2011 12

Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



Barry Callebaut

Mr Loic Biardeau, Managing Director, Barry Callebaut Ghana Ltd


arry Callebaut is the world's leading manufacturer of highquality cocoa and chocolate products and represents

» About 6,000 employees in 27 countries » Around 40 production facilities. » Sales of about CHF 4.6 billion in 2010/11 (up to August 2011) » Comprehensive competency in the art of making chocolate from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate product Barry Callebaut has been producing cocoa and chocolate products for more than 150 years. The group has become the global leader in cocoa and chocolate innovations and provide a comprehensive range of services in the fields of product development, processing, training and marketing. Barry Callebaut is a fully integrated company that masters every step from the sourcing of cocoa beans to the finished chocolate product and is very proud to serve the entire food industry, whether it be industrial food manufacturers or artisans and professional users of our products. You may be surprised to know that most of the chocolate products you eat on a daily basis probably come from Barry Callebaut.

16 that

“Barry Callebaut is a fully integrated company that masters every step from the sourcing of cocoa beans to the finished chocolate product and is very proud to serve the entire food industry.”

Enjoy May 2012

company profile

Barry Callebaut In Ghana


arry Callebaut has been operating a factory in Ghana since 2001. Located in the Free Zone enclave in Tema, Barry Callebaut Ghana has reached full capacity over the last 3 years. Processing more than 67 000T of cocoa beans per year into cocoa liquor, Barry Callebaut is now the largest cocoa processor in Ghana. Top quality cocoa beans are purchased from the Cocoa Marketing Company, a subsidiary of the Ghana Cocoa Board. The production is then exported to Europe, US and Asia to be incorporated in chocolate production. Barry Callebaut Ghana runs 24/7, employs 175 people and has been managed since 2009 by Loïc Biardeau, a French national who previously spent 8 years in Côte d'Ivoire.

Barry Callebaut Ghana Management Team Mr Awuku-Asante, Mrs Boye-Okit, Mr Biardeau, Mrs Sackitey, Mr Addo, Mrs Anin, Mr Adjei & Mrs Baiden-Dare

“Barry Callebaut is now the largest cocoa processor in Ghana. Top quality cocoa beans are purchased from the Cocoa Marketing Company, a subsidiary of the Ghana Cocoa Board.”

The factory in Tema

Barry Callebaut employees Enjoy May 2012


Company profile


For a sustainable Cocoa Industry


ontributing to a sustainable cocoa supply chain, doing business responsibly - Without cocoa, there can be no chocolate. So for Barry Callebaut, working to ensure a sustainable cocoa supply chain is an imperative, not an option. In Ghana, Barry Callebaut is engaged in various social activities that will not only benefit cocoa growing communities but their own employees. A housing project called "Barry Village", largely financed by the company, offered 54 employees the chance to become homeowners. Trust Fund : one dollar per kilo produced is saved in a fund. It is now more than $ 55 000 per year which is allocated by Barry Callebaut Ghana to various social projects in the fields of health and education in cocoa growing areas : school construction, HIV awareness programmes in schools, postgraduate scholarship in medical fields, support to local hospitals, health facilities, eye clinics to name but a few.

School Commissioning On April 25th 2012, a new 3 classroom block, including 4 offices and desks/chairs for teachers and children was opened in Odaho. The keys of the school built by Barry Callebaut were handed over by Loïc Biardeau to the Ashanti Regional Director of Education GES, in the presence of Mr Adu, Director of Basic Education GES. In his speech, Mr Adu said “ This day will ever be remembered for it's significance for expanding education in the Odaho community. I wish to render my sincere gratitude to Barry Callebaut for the wonderful gesture and to wish them well in their endeavour to support the Government's effort at providing quality education in the country, especially, in the rural areas. It is my hope that the school will provide opportunities for the improvement of education in the Odaho community.” e

From 2009 to 2012, Barry Callebaut has supported five schools refurbishing classrooms, providing electricity, desks, books, boreholes and also financed 30 scholarships.

Interacting with the kids

Handing over the keys of a new 3 classrooms block in Odaho blockL-R Mr. Kena District Director Education, Amansie West, Mr. Onyinah, Ashanti Regional Director of Education GES, Mr. Loic Biardeau, MD of Barry Callebaut Ghana & Mr. Adu, Director of Basic Education GES


“ I wish to render my sincere gratitude to Barry Callebaut for the wonderful gesture and to wish them well in their endeavour to support the Government's effort at providing quality education.”

Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



I nte r v i ew...

H.E Frédéric (F.C):

One on One with... H.E Frédéric CLAVIER (French Ambassador)

H.E Frédéric Clavier, French Ambassador

“My high point would be the 6 years I served with the French presidency. Here I learnt about how national decisions are made, national cohesion is maintained and how a government plans to have their national influence increased internationally.”


Thank you, as an ambassador, this is my first posting to Africa however I have held other portfolios for the French Government on the continent. Ghana has struck me with its cultural, tribal and regional unity in diversity. Ghana has a strong political class, business leadership and vibrant elite with strong backgrounds who are leading the developmental agenda of this country, I am therefore grateful to be living these moments in the history of Ghana personally.

A.G: What is the role of the French ambassador in Ghana? (Considering it’s an English Country)



n the wake of a hugely succesful Francophonie week, we bring you an exclusive interview with H.E Frédéric Clavier, the new French Ambassador to Ghana. He is a career diplomat with degrees in law and political science. He is a Counsellor Hors Classe at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has served over 20 years in various offices. The new French Ambassador believes in hard work, dedication and rewarding these. He is an avid art lover (does some paintings himself as hobby) and loves cigars. He has been married for over 22 years to his wife Chantal and together they have two girls and a boy.

The Franco – Ghana relationship is not a new one and France has always had representation here. The presence of France in Ghana indicates the importance that we accord to Ghana and its people. There are over 60 French companies incorporated in Ghana.

I caught up with him at the residency and asked him a few questions.

Alain GBEASOR (A.G): Good Morning Sir, welcome to Ghana and thanks for the opportunity. I understand this is not your first post in Africa, How is Ghana treating you?

Mr Gbeasor's & H.E Frédéric Clavier at his residence 20

Enjoy May 2012

Interview justice and democracy. For this year’s celebration we put extra energy into the political aspects as well.


H.E Frédéric Clavier with his family

The ambassador and his team are present to help increase the bilateral relations between the two countries as well as enhance co-operation.

A.G: How are Ghana French relations and can you tell us about some of the projects being undertaken by France in Ghana?

One other vision I’m passionate about, is to popularize the learning and teaching of the French Language. Ghana has a deficit of 4000 French teachers; my vision is to help bridge this gap and facilitate access to the the French Language.

F.C: France has a lot of interests in Ghana; there are 5 Alliance Françaises in Ghana and we invest over 240 million Euros in projects through the Agence Française de Development with over 1.3 million Euros in direct investments in Ghana annually. There are many French Government projects in Ghana, categorized into the political, co-operative, economic and educational spheres.

A.G: As ambassador, do you have any particular vision that you wish to achieve in Ghana?

F.C: Ghana is a country rich in culture, history and the people need to jealously guard their political and developmental journey. My vision is to contribute to the achievements the country has made in its developmental agenda and help move them forward. Enjoy May 2012

Flamenco dancer, one of H.E's personal paintings

A.G: The Francophonie week has just ended; I need to congratulate you on the record participation of the diplomatic community this year… How did you achieve this?

F.C: Thank you; the Francophonie is not just about celebrating culture, technology and education but also politics. Member countries of the Francophonie share in equal values of human rights, freedom,

What profession would you have chosen, had you not been an ambassador and how long have you served at the Foreign Ministry? What were some of your high moments?

F.C: That’s an interesting question; I will say am a career diplomat and hence my education and professional development has been in that direction. I entered the Foreign Ministry service in 1987 and have served in various portfolio since then. My high point would be the 6 years I served with the French presidency. Here I learnt about how national decisions are made and national cohesion is sustained as well as how government plans to have their national influence increased internationally.

A.G: Your Excellency, what are your hobbies?

F.C: In my scarce free periods, I love to play golf, tennis, read or do some painting.

A.G: And finally any message to our avid readers?

F.C: My message to your readers is to encourage them to love Ghana more, strive for peace and national development. e



Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



One Night In NYC

brought to you by S m i r no f f


mirnoff Experience transformed the Accra International Conference Centre into New York for one night of extraordinary Smirnoff cocktails, the best DJ mix as well as unforgettable artistes’ performances on 4th May, 2012. Ghana’s top stars turned out to try fantastic Smirnoff cocktails prepared by the Global Smirnoff Ambassador and his crew. See who else was there, tag your photos and be the first to know about our next Smirnoff Experience by visiting Responsibly 18+ e

Sarkodie performing Ray P

D J Black 24

Dance time

Enjoy May 2012

Who's who

Efyah & Sarkordie performing "I am in love with you"

Meet the cabin crew

KOD & Global Smirnoff Ambassador

Kwakye, Andrea, Py, Benny Blanco & a friend Enjoy May 2012




Cycling Tour Of Ghana Launched

Mr Festus Tettey, Mr Olivier Thiry, Mr Wolanyo Agra & Mr Mohammed Sahnoon


he 2012 National Cycling Tour of Ghana was officially launched at the La Palm Royal Beach Resort. This year’s tour follows hot on the success of the 2011 tour which covered a total distance of 1009.40km and featured 80 professional cyclists from 10 Clubs across the various regions. The maiden event saw Henry Tetteh Djangmah of the Diehard Club win the yellow jersey when he made the best time of the Tour taking home an amount of GH¢5,000. This year's tour promises to be one of the best sponsored and organized events in the history of cycling in Ghana. Promasidor Ghana Ltd, through their brand Cowbell have become an unequivocal leader in the promotion of cycling in the country with their injection of over GH¢600,000 into this year's Tour.

Signing of contracts

Exchange of signed contracts

Sponsors showing off the trophy 26

Guest commending sponsors Enjoy May 2012

Who's who

Executives of the competing clubs


This year’s event will cover 8 regions, 11 stages, travel a distance of 2156 Km with 72 riders from 12 cycling clubs covering a total race distance of 1313 Km with considerable insurance cover for all competing cyclists and their managers. In 2011 the cycling tour unearthed a lot of ghanaian cycling talent nationwide.

Mr Tettey addressing the gathering

This annual event is held in partnership with the Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF), Pens and Plastics Ghana, TV3, National Sports Authority, the Multi Media Group, Global Outdoor, DPP Outdoor and is benchmarking the Tour de France which is the third largest sporting event in the World. In a speech, Mr Olivier Thiry, Managing Director of Promasidor Ghana Limited expressed his company’s hope that the "Tour du Ghana" event will promote not only cycling, but also tourism and business activity within the local communities. He further articulated their resolve to help develop other lesser known sports such as swimming, tennis and athletics in Ghana. Mr Festus Tettey, marketing manager of Promasidor illustrated just how lucrative this year’s 13 day event (beginning on 15th May to 27th May) will be to the various participating teams.


Mr. Mohammed Sahnoon, President of the Ghana Cycling Federation and Mr Wolanyo Agra, Director General of the National Sports Authority, congratulated sponsors and stakeholders who contributed in diverse ways to making this annual tour a success. Mr Agra called on other corporate bodies to emulate Promasidor in their bid to support other lesser known sports in Ghana. e

“The "Tour du Ghana" event will promote not only cycling, but also tourism and business activity within the local communities.” Mr Agra congratulating the sponsors Enjoy May 2012



MAY Monday








Mothering Sunday


Mövenpick Brunch

La Beach Time: 5:15 PM

Come join us 4 Happy Hour Venue: Osu Time 6:00pm

Honey Suckle Happy Hour

Duplex Happy Hour Osu, Time : 7pm

Residence of the Australian High Commission Time : 10:00 AM

½ Price on Drinks till 7pm Venue: Ring Road opp. Time: From 5pm


Movenpick Lounge

Sumptuous spread to tempt your taste buds. time: 10am


Citizen Kofi



Guitar band

the lobby from 12 to 4pm @African Regent Hotel


Golden Tulip Bingo Nite time 9-10pm

4 Join your friends & enjoy a nice dinner on the terrace

Special Traditional Market Place brunch from

Happy Hour

10 @ Holiday Inn Hotel Airport from 12noon

La Palm Casino

Slots Tournament Time : 7pm

Golden Tulip Slots Tournament

Grown and Sexxxy

@ Rockoffice Open Mic! from 7pm

Millionaires Casino Golden Tulip Ladies Nite 7-10pm

12 Dons Place Jazz Club

Millionaires Casino

Afternoon tea - Week days (12noon to 5pm) (Sun 11am to 4pm) Venue: African Regent hotel

Tops n Tails Pub Spintex Rd Spintex rd opp Stanchart Accra

11 Enjoy Sunday Brunch

6 Upgraded Buffet menu

Time: From 5 pm

11:30am to 4pm- @African Regent Hotel,Airport West

Jazz bar with a good ambience and tasty menu. Venue: Ringroad Central. time: 6:30pm

Labone Time : @5pm


Labadi Beach Hotel from 11:30am-4pm


Happy Hour Celsbridge Pub

Venus Pub/Restaurant

Lunch Buffet

La Paillote Takpekpe• Alliance Française d’Accra @ 8:00 PM

Meet your friends and taste luscious temptations. Venue: A&C Square, East Legon

Millionaires Casino

afternoon of golfing from 1pm-6pm

30 Luscious Temptations

From 6pm Labone

Mini Golf Course Bring the kids and enjoy an



Chase Restaurant and Takeaway. Try the pizza!

Kokrobite, White Sands or Ada. Come enjoy!!

Meet your friends for a tasty breakfast. Time: 8am Airport residential

TASTY JERK Barbecue Joint Venue: Osu Down Chez Lien Annex Time: 5 pm

East Legon TIme: 8pm

Take a trip outside Accra

Groove Hotel. @7pm

Cuppa Cappuccino

Happy Hour

Next to the conference centre Accra. from 7am


Salsa Dance Nite Coconut

Venue : Branche Coffee Shop time : 11am till 4pm

Live Band Chezz Afrique,

Play Tennis At Accra Lawn

23 Sandwich / Waffles Week

Invite your friends for a drink & a chat Venue: Kanda

this and every Sunday

Come enjoy a nice chilled evening, good music & food Time 7pm

Join your friends for a nice drink & dinner @ 7pm Osu

Cafe Des Amis

Brunch@ La Palm Casino

Bead Sale by Trish, the Bead Lady

13 Happy Hour

Jazz bar with a good crowd on most evenings venue : Osu

Apo's Spot Osu Time 6:00pm


Enjoy a glass of wine with Jazz, Osu Time : 8pm-0:00

Jazz Nite @ Bella Roma

Goethe-Institut Ghana@7:30 PM

Pizza Nite At Mama Mia's Share a peter pan or pepperoni with the family time: 6pm

Happy Hour

Twist Headlines Labone time: 7pm

There are a lot of activities lined up for you this month. Send your activities for the Events Calendar to See you when I see you. 28

Enjoy May 2012

events Calendar






18 Thursday Films@GoetheInstitut - “Your Unknown Brother” Goethe-Institut Ghana Time : 7:00 PM

Art Exhibition - Strengh & Adaptability

Alliance Française d’Accra - T Time : 6:00 PM


Yoga Intensive: The Compassionate Warrior

Concert: Mirror Mirror on the wall An exploration and

celebration of self through music and poetry Alliance Française Accra Time : 8:00 PM

Indian Centre Time : 9:00 AM


Allianz Arena

2012 UEFA Champions League Final

Celebration of burger highlife Goethe-Institut Ghana @ 8pm

25 Thursday Films@GoetheInstitut - “5 Senses in Ghana” (Documentary)


Africa Day

Flamenco night at Toros Tapas Bar

African Union Day - The Art Mart Day

Goethe-Institut Ghana

Toros Tapas Bar Time : 7:00 PM

Nubuke Foundation AccraTime : 9:00 AM

Time : 7:00 PM

Special HASH Run in Ada on Saturday

White Night Tulip Mirror Ball Golden Tulip

Ada Sailing CLub Time : 5:15 PM

Time 10:00 Till 5am



Art Exhibition: The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (till June 10)•

World No Tobacco Day First opening - Art Event: The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born

Goethe-Institut Ghana

Jazzy VIBE At +233 Jazz Club Time: 8pm Rate: Free

La Neighbourhood @4:00 PM


8 Goethe-Institut Ghana Time : 7pm

Second opening - Art Event: "The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born"

Fantastic Movie experience with popcorn & a drink @ Accra mall time :6- 10pm

Time : 7:00 PM

Thursday Films@GoetheInstitut - “Nitschewo”

Kids Concept

Workshops for children between the ages of 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs. Timing: 11am-1pm/ 2pm-4pm.

Movie Friday

Goethe-Institut Ghana




Deli France

Steak Night

venue : Holiday Inn Hotel @ 6:30pm

Rhapsody Restaurant Bar Accra Mall Time from 6pm

Meet friends for a pain au chocolat and a coffee Venue Airport Residental Area Anytime


Join your friends for a drink @ Xcobar Osu. time from 7pm

14 Thursday Film@GoetheInstitut: Egoshooter by Wim Wenders Goethe-Institut Ghana @7:00 PM

Teazy Thurs

At Bella Roma Osu with da hottest DJs killa fingaz and Busty blaze from 10pm

Enjoy May 2012



am-Before 6:00pm pm-After 6:00pm All Day


In the heart of Accra in Ghana lies a haven of comfort and modern luxury: Sloane House. Making its home in the airport residential suburb of Accra, Sloane House represents the height of contemporary living and enjoys a superior location and lush surroundings... *5 minutes drive from the international airport and Accra Mall. *15 minutes drive from the Central Business District (CBD) and Osu Street (Accra best shopping address).

3 bedroom flats and 2 bedroom flats are available and all bedrooms have their own bathroom. Each flat has parking space, either underground or on street level, in addition to a cellar. Every home overlooks panoramic views of the urban cityscape and enjoys a balcony that’s ideal for BBQs. Privacy, quality finishes, fine materials and a solid structure combine to make Sloane House an oasis of comfort designed to give you peace of mind.


Sloane House boasts everything benefiting from the serenity of

Enjoy May 2012

Good lighting, natural ventilation, a recycling system and solar panels provide an environmentally friendly element to Sloane House

MF Building, Abelenkpe, Accra Tel: +233 302 777234 Fax: +233 302 780575 Mobile +233 544 349771

a city centre has while the suburbs.

Enjoy May 2012



Enjoy May 2012

who's who


Mr Ebo Botwe receiving award on behalf of Mr Mohinani at State House 22nd April 2012

Mr Ramchand Udharam Mohinani

Lifetime Achievement Award


t an awards ceremony held at State House on the 22 April 2012 recognizing the outstanding achievements of Ghanaian and resident foreign entrepreneurs; Mr Ramchand Udharam Mohinani,Chairman of Mohinani Group, received a lifetime entrepreneur/ achievement award. Mr Mohinani moved to Ghana in 1957 and established a number of successful manufacturing companies including Ghana’s first Polyethylene factory,Poly Products. In 1976, he set up Poly Sacks and in the 1990s, he created factories which are household names including Poly Tank and Poly Kraft which have an enormous portfolio of products including Water Tanks, PET, PVC bottles and other multiple products meant for packaging. The establishment of Somotex (1986), Somovision (1999) and Uniwell (1993) represented a move into the distribution of consumer electronics, home appliances and tyres amongst others. Enjoy May 2012

In 2005 he entered the real estate sector with the establishment of South West Estates & Tourism (Ghana) Limited developing the Arabella estate in Cantonments. They have now begun construction of a new hotel - Protea Hotel in Takoradi. In 2010 the Group secured the franchise to run KFC restaurants in Ghana and the first two restaurants opened in Osu and the North Industrial Area. Mohinani Group has extended its reach with operations in London, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Kenya, Tanzania, etc. The diverse activities of these companies provide employment to over 2,000 people in Ghana and a global work force of over 3000 people. The Group has also won the National Good Corporate Citizen Award in recognition of its social responsibility programme which has included a donation of

$100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars) to the School of Health Sciences at the Korle Bu also scholarships and sponsorships of other national events including special plastic waste management awareness campaigns. Present at the 2nd Ghana entrepreneur awards and dinner ceremony 2011 was the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Stephen Ackah who challenged entrepreneurs to go a step further to identify high-budding entrepreneurs in Ghana to mentor and assist.” e

“The Group has also won the National Good Corporate Citizen Award in recognition of its social responsibility programme which has included a donation of $100,000.00.”



Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



MILO ® U-13 AFRICAN CHAMPIONSHIP “Abedi Ayew Pele, '78 best Colts footballer, three times African footballer of the year (1991-1993) and former Black Stars captain urged the participants to give of their best and not to ignore their education as they strive to get to the top.”


n 12th and 13th April, Milo® Ghana, hosted the Milo® U-13 African Championship at El Wak Stadium in Accra. Six countries participated namely Nigeria, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Liberia and host country Ghana. The Guest of Honour was the Minister of Education, Ambassador Lee Ocran. Launching the programme at the Holiday Inn in Accra, the Managing Director of Nestlé Ghana, Moataz El Hout, noted that his company is dedicated to strengthening its contribution to youth development and to ensuring a lasting bond between Milo® and the youth.

Mr Daniel Yapobi, Business Executive Manager, Nestlé CWAR with Mr Peter Rufai, Nigerian soccer legend

Mr Moataz El Hout with Deputy Sports Minister of Liberia

Players parade

Opening ceremony 36

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Meeting the teams

The Ghana team

Fun zone


The tournament's icon Abedi Ayew Pele, '78 best Colts footballer, three times African footballer of the year (1991-1993) and former Black Stars captain urged the participants to give of their best and not to ignore their education as they strive to get to the top. About 6000 school children from schools in Accra had a chance to share the excitement in the stadium and to witness the victory of the Ghanaian team. e Team Ghana Ayeeko

Celebrating with the champs Enjoy May 2012

Congratulating the winners



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Sweetest Little Delights


12 hrs


Cook Yield Time Servings



Directions Combine the yeast and 2 tablespoons warm water and set aside until foamy. Add the milk, sour cream, egg yolk and 1/2 cup flour; beat until combined. Gradually beat in the remaining 1 1/4 cups flour. Add the whole egg, sugar, salt and vanilla and beat until creamy. Add the butter the dough will be very wet. Transfer the dough to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap leave until it is doubled in size. Stir the dough to punch it down; cover and refrigerate until firm for at least 3 hrs. Pat the dough into a square on the parchment, then roll into an 11-by15-inch rectangle. Transfer the dough to a baking sheet and brush off the excess flour. Cover and chill until firm enough to shape, 1-2 hrs. Make the filling: Pulse the almonds and sugar in a food processor until fine. Add the butter, egg, rum, vanilla, cinnamon, orange zest and

Enjoy May 2012

almond extract; pulse until smooth. Cover and chill 1 hour. Make the streudel: Mash the confectioners' sugar, flour and butter in a bowl with a fork to make clumps. Cover and chill until ready to use. Butter an 8 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch loaf pan. Spread the almond filling over the dough, leaving a 1-inch border; sprinkle with the chocolate. Starting from a short side, use the parchment to tightly roll up the dough, brushing off the excess flour. Pinch the ends of the roll, then twist several times. Fold the twist in half so the ends meet. Twist the folded dough again and place in the pan. Cover with buttered parchment; let rise in a warm place until puffy, about 2 hours. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Brush the loaf with the beaten egg, then sprinkle with the streusel. Bake until the bread is golden and springs back when pressed, 1 hour to 1 hour, 10 minutes. Loosen with a knife, then let cool in the pan, 1 hour. Unmold onto a rack to finish cooling.

For the dough: » 1 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast (about 1/2 packet) » 1/3 cup whole milk » 1/4 cup sour cream » 1 large egg yolk plus 1 whole egg » 1 3/4 cups bread flour, plus more for dusting » 3 tablespoons granulated sugar » 1/2 teaspoon salt » 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract » 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus more for brushing For the filling: » 1/2 cup blanched almonds » 1/3 cup granulated sugar » 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature » 1 large egg » 2 tablespoons dark rum » 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract » 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon » 1/2 teaspoon finely grated orange zest (optional) » 1/4 teaspoon almond extract » 6 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped For the streudel: » 6 tablespoons confectioners' sugar » 1/3 cup all-purpose flour » 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature » 1 large egg, beaten



V lisco

launches ‘ Palais des S en t imen ts’ collect ion


Enjoy May 2012


Lagos, Nigeria, 23 April 2012. In line with this year’s focus on incorporating elements from various

cultures into its fabrics, Vlisco’s latest collection, Palais des Sentiments, features a rich, opulent mix of textures, jewel-toned prints and fluid silhouettes. The collection was inspired by dreams of romantic palaces and of delicate, dancing fabrics, and by the contrast of light, bright sunshine with dark shades and glittering golden moons.

Fashion & Accessories The Palais des Sentiments fabrics have been used to create an extravagantly elegant fashion collection with long flowing layers, delicate draping, surprising asymmetric shapes and inspiring new interpretations of traditional three-piece dressing. The fabrics have also been used to create a chic handbag collection with exquisite detailing, such as handcrafted stitching, decorative henna-like holes, delicate leather trims, golden rivets and luxurious leather toggles. Enjoy May 2012



Enjoy May 2012

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combination of a stunning drive and incredible putting accuracy has brought Jessica Beals Tei to the limelight as one of the most promising female golfers in the country. Ms Tei, a member of the Achimota golf club is at the forefront of female golf in the country in just her first year of adult competition. From her beginnings as an amateur member of the Youth Girl Child club to her domination of the female category of the annual Cowbell Caddies Tourney, Jessica has shown consistency and a strong desire to reach the pinnacle in ladies golf. Jessica was selected in 2011 to be sponsored by Promasidor Ghana Limited after winning the female category of the

Enjoy May 2012

“Jessica attributes her success over the past year to a burning passion for the game of golf as well as dedication and a high sense of discipline. ” National Caddies Tournament for three consecutive years. The sponsorship has proved to be a worthwhile investment as Jessica has placed in the top three in 8 major tournaments across the country. Notable among these were her impressive displays in the K.N. Tamakloe Memorial Tourney and the Ghana Open competition where she placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Ms Tei has had her sponsorship from Promasidor renewed for another year and she looks forward to further success in 2012. She is aiming to become the number one female golfer in the country. “I want to reach the top and become an example and a source of encouragement for

many other girl golfers in the country”. Jessica attributes her success over the past year to her passion for the game of golf as well as her dedication and a high sense of discipline. “I spend a lot of time on the golf course practicing my game everyday” she states. Promasidor Ghana will be responsible for all her tournament-related expenses throughout the year. The company has stated that it has been very happy with the performance of Jessica thus far and believes that many more young golfers can be discovered through youth competitions like the annual Cowbell National Caddies’ competition. e 43



S U D O K U Solutions for May


This Month

Gemini A ries



Solutions for May



Your energy is on the increase this month, dear Aries. This is the time to get back on track with a diet or fitness plan and with work projects things that may have stalled in the past few months. It's an excellent time for discovering alternative health methods and applying them. Do some work on your finances by looking back, reviewing, and researching. Love is not as straightforward from mid-month. People from the past figure strongly in your life. Transportation issues crop up near the end of May. More activity with siblings or neighbors is likely now.

Taurus 21/4-21/05

Solutions for May



May is a month to shine, dear Taurus, but not necessarily to act on a new idea. Research and incubate ideas so that you'll be ready to go forward with them in July. Romance is moving forward at a quick and stimulating pace. Going after what and who you want comes especially naturally, particularly on the 13-14. A close partner may have an outpouring of emotions around the Full Moon on the 5th. Financial matters take center stage from the 20th. Money matters can be tricky now, as adjustments to spending need to be made.

Gemini 22/5-21/06 You benefit from lovely Venus moving through your sign until August, dear Gemini. This position accentuates your finer, more attractive qualities for all to appreciate. Nevertheless, you can be undecided this month, gathering your energies and weighing your options. Your emotions frequently turn your attention to the past and unresolved matters, until the last week of May when you're inspired and motivated to chase your dreams. Deal with any work problems that arise around the 5th with a cool, logical approach. Don't hide yourself away from the 20th forward, when opportunities to make your mark arise quite suddenly. 44

Enjoy May 2012









While May brings a busy schedule and lively agenda, dear Cancer, emotionally you can be quite focused on the past and in need of some quiet time. New friendships are likely to be formed this month, and learning endeavors tend to thrive. Your career requires more movement and communication this month ďż˝ such as spreading the word, lectures or speaking, promotion, and selling your ideas. The 5th can bring romantic revelations or drama in the life of a friend. A friend can open a window of opportunity for you, so pay close attention and stay connected.

Matters of personal finance can be quite strong this month, dear Libra. A loan, bonus, refund, or mortgage may come through, and a partner, if applicable, might enjoy a pay raise. It's easier than usual to work out problems through healthy conversation this month. Feedback from others can be very helpful. However, love matters can become complicated after the 15th. You may be indecisive or especially concerned about weighing your options. Energy levels are not at their peak this month. Listen to your body's signals to get extra rest.

While you have a well-deserved reputation for working hard, dear Capricorn, this month you're more inclined to choose pleasure over work whenever possible. This is a good thing, as it helps to feed your spirit. However, you may need to watch for errors and backtracking in your work. Your social life tends to be quite busy in May. Your romantic life is likely to be animated and pleasurable overall, although you are better off living in the moment rather than making longterm plans if you're starting a new relationship this month.

L eo


A quarius




Watch for distinct opportunities to advance your career interests or improve your social standing this month, dear Leo. Improved organization and a winning attitude towards what you believe you're worth are at the root of these. Recognition for your talents is forthcoming now. Be vigilant when dealing with associates from mid-month, as there can be some hidden resentments or problems brewing. Be a team player. Similar challenges might surface with a current friend. For some of you, a friend from the past can resurface in May or June.

Others can make big demands on your time this month, dear Scorpio, but for the most part, your involvement is pleasant and rewarding. Personal plans tend to take the back seat in favor of the agendas of friends, children, or a partner. Your social life is animated and relationships are mostly happy in May. However, avoid divulging too much information to a co-worker or acquaintance in the first week of the month. Finances are generally strong, but you could experience delays revolving around money owed to you from mid-month forward. Joint money and property matters are in need of review.

Home and family life are in strong focus this month, dear Aquarius. The domestic life is busy, mostly pleasant, and rewarding. It's a good period for strengthening ties with those closest to you, particularly on the 12-14. The 5th can bring a domestic project to fulfillment or completion. While love relationships tend to be pleasurable overall, there can be some backtracking or reticence experienced from mid-month forward as Venus begins retrograde motion. You can also encounter delays with regards to travel or educational plans. Review all of these matters, but enjoy yourself in the process.







May is a strong month for success in promoting, publishing, courses, and schooling, dear Virgo. It can also be good for travel and getaways. Breaking the normal routine can certainly boost your spirits. Career and reputation matters can be tricky from mid-month forward, especially if you mix business and pleasure. You may be rethinking your career direction or business connections and partnerships. While delays can be experienced now, your career is expected to take off in coming months. All month, you're more assertive and independent, and your powers of attraction run very high.

May is potentially the strongest month all year for career prospects and recognition, dear Sagittarius. Hard work pays off and others recognize both your efforts and your natural talents. The only caution here is to avoid taking on more than you can handle, as your enthusiasm and optimism can cloud your judgment. Avoid making promises that will be difficult to fulfill. Close relationships may become complicated from mid-May forward, when unresolved issues from the past reappear. Talking through problems is favored now. A more logical and less emotional approach works best.

May is likely to begin on a busy note, and end on a more peaceful one, dear Pisces. You are communicative and sociable, reaching out to others and enjoying the connections you're making. The last week of May, however, brings a stronger desire to enjoy the peace and security of family life, and less interest in venturing far from home. Your relationship with a significant other is likely to be animated and at times strained. Perhaps you feel that not enough attention is paid to your own needs and plans. However, the 12-14 can bring opportunities to strengthen your bond with others through team work and communication.

Enjoy May 2012


71 Olooti Street, Labone Accra


Enjoy May 2012




French - Mediterranean Restaurant Open Mon-Fri 12:00 - 14:30 & 19:00 - 23:00, Sat 19:00 - 23:00 Closed on Sun 215, Liberation Road Accra opposite Shangri-la Hotel Call +233 302 772 408 / +233 244 802 013


The ONLY Vietnamese Restaurant in Accra

opening hours : MONDAY - SATURDAY


Lunch : noon to 3pm,

Dinner : 6pm to 11pm

Dinner : 6pm to 11pm

Location :osu behind koala Tel:+ (233) 030 2 775356 Email:

Place Your Advertisement NOW!!! Call : (233) 0302 787 025

Lodge & French Restaurant Gastronomy East Cantonments • Tel Enjoy May 2012

: 0302 762 959



Afrikiko Asanka Local Buka Ethiopian Rest. Red Chilli Tante Marie Home Touch

(030) 222 9997 (030) 278 6328 (030) 278 2953 (024) 306 8165 (024) 790 2809 (030) 277 8914 (030) 277 7662


Rest. Xango At Citizen Kofi The Grill Le Tandem Frankie’s Livingstone Au Grand Ecuyer Captain Hook La Chaumière Le Bouquet Landing Rest. Le Magellan Mama Mia(delivery) Monsoon Zanzibar

(030) 278 7822/ (030) 278 7811 (024) 966 6333 (030) 276 2959 (030) 277 3567 (030) 276 7740 (030) 276 8643 (030) 276 2228 (030) 277 2408 (030) 277 2417 (030) 276 0775 (030) 277 7629 (024) 426 4151 (030) 278 2307 (030) 278 6099


Bali Hai Chez Lien China House

(030) 277 1700 (030) 277 5356 (030) 276 0284

City Garden Rest.

(030) 222 1710/29

Dragon House Dynasty Noble House Hinlone Kohinoor Pearl Chinese Heritage Zanzibar

(030) 276 2988 (030) 277 5496 (030) 278 5151 (030) 277 2782 (030) 277 1999 (024) 440 6748 (030) 278 5252 (024) 489 0990


Arlecchino (024) 541 0403 Cuppa Cappuccino (024) 820 4441 Bella Roma (024) 747 4007 Sunshine (030) 278 0599 Akroma Plaza (031) 202 5513 KFC, Osu (030) 296 3086 LA GALETTE (024) 675 2429 Foodies (030) 266 1858 Fali’s Hot Pot (030) 225 8473 Stellar Catering (024) 477 3403



IL Cavaliere Pazzo (030) 282 3131 024 676 7777 Taverna Tropicana (030) 222 9101 Melting Moments 0244-661 069 (030) 277 0834 Le Must French Rest. 0244-661 069 Michelangelo 0244 233 533 Chase Lounge (030) 277 8477 0544 104 204 Cafe Dez Amis (0302) 782 9371 Red Chilli 024 790 2809 Firefly Lounge Bar (030) 277 7818 Rhapsody's Rest. 0244 337 825 Osekan Rest. 0245 352 912 / 0302 775 496 3121 Sushi Bar 026 777 3121 Picasso (030) 277 1712/ (Crown Apartmento) (030) 277 1713 Magnolias Rest. Bar (030) 291 7527 0206 400 615 The Grill 024 433 1000 024 966 6333

Chez Marie Lou Rest. (030) 277 4891

Jade Garden Koffee Lounge Eddy's Pizza Le Bistro Rest. Rice 'n' Salads Ristorante Sol Moi

024 460 8281 (030) 292 5067 / (030) 250 0185 054 413 3397 (030) 776 738 027 740 1009 (030) 278 4015 Sweet Rose Chinese (030) 281 6252 Escobar Lounge 024 428 8882 / 024 823 2222 Robi's Dutch Pub 024 220 1087 / 024 526 3582 Toros Tapas Bar 0242 880 163 / 020 094667 Appetite Rest. Lounge (030) 254 3439 Star Bites (030) 293 6156

Enjoy May 2012

hospitality HOTELS - ACCRA


Accra Bar Bywel Bar Bus Stop Ryan’s Irish Pub Jokers Center Chester's Bar The Honey Suckle

(030) 278 7811/ (030) 278 7822 (030) 276 7793 (030) 222 0930 (030) 276 2334 024 437 0752 (030) 276 2771 (030) 278 0774 027 5 55 6006


FIRST CHOICE SALON Tel:+(233)-030 268 2997 / 24 437 4894

SALON CITY SPA Tel: +(233)-030 276 8751


Villa Monticello Hotel

Tel: +(233) 030-277 1700

Tel: +(233) 030-277 3477 / 026 630 7398

LABADI BEACH HOTEL (ACCRA) Tel: +(233) 030-277 2501



Tel: +(233) 030-261 1000

Tel:+(233) 030-214 233/232 670



Tel:+(233) 030-276 7870 / 77 1388

Tel:+(233) 030-277 3567



Tel:+(233) 030-252 0786 / 520 791

TEL: +(233) 030-266 7546

La Villa Boutique Hotel


TEL: +(233) 030-273 0333-6

Tel: +(233) 030-277 4542 / 277 4542

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel


Tel: +(233) 030-222 5155 / 226 310

Tel:+(233) 030-271 1111-8

Oak Plaza East Airport Hotel


Tel:+(233) 030-281 6460-3

Tel: +(233)-030 277 6952

HOLY TRINITY SPA Tel: +(233)-0362091334

LAJEN UNISEX SALON Tel: (020) 871 4892/ 0302 777 837

L'eden Afro-European Unisex Salon Tel: (024) 426 5179 CASINOS

Lapalm Casino

(030) 278 5421

Millionaires Accra (030) 277 4339 Millionaires Kumasi (032) 204 9868 CAR HIRE

VRS Cole Consult Atlas Rent-A-Car

(030) 277 9387 (024) 4035856 (024) 427 7871



Tel: (030) 221 3161


Erata Hotel Tel:+(233) 544 336 761 / 544 336 738

TEL: +(233)-030 274 0811

Protea Hotel

HOLIDAY HOTEL Tel:+(233) 030 277 3660/1

Tel: +(233) 030 251 7454

Mirage Royal Hotel Tel :+(233) 030 252 0570-2

NOVA HOTEL Tel: +(233) 030 277 5579


Alliance Française (030) 277 3134 British Council (030) 268 3068 Goethe Institute (030) 277 6764 Nebuke Foundation (028) 910 2163 Express Delivery Services

DHL Fedex Ground Sky Net TNT Express Aramex Express Ltd

Enjoy May 2012

(030) 223 0516 (030) 266 6659 (030) 223 0516 (024) 205 0501 (030) 276 6518 024 433 9001 (030) 340 9090

HOLIDAY INN HOTEL Tel :+(233) 030 274 0930

CHEZ LIEN TEL:+(233) 030 277 5356

BEST WESTERN PREMIER TEL:+(233) 0302 216 570/766 902

AFRICAN REGENT HOTEL TEL:+(233) 0302 765 180-2





CROWN APARTMENTO Tel:+(233) 030-277 1712

REDROW DEVELOPMENTS LTD Tel: + 233 244 20 1884



Tel:+(233) 030-222 8700

Tel: +233 030 251 5055



Tel:+(233) 030-224 8444

Tel:+233 030 222 1742/24 966 6633


GOLDEN TULIP +(233)-032-208 3777

ROYAL BASIN RESORT Tel :+(233)-032 20 60144 / 20 60169

GOLDEN GATE HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 37073 / 20 37074

MIKLIN HOTEL Tel: +(233)-032 20 39121 / 20 39122 / 39 123

Express Property Management Ltd Tel: +233 030 2768 886 Fax: +233 030 2784 210

(020) 824 1549 (030) 271 7235 (030) 271 1111 (033) 234 00102 (020) 638 8029 (207) 373 579 (030) 271 7235-7 (024) 438 5008

Tel: +(233)-032 20 92026 / 20 91986

Melcom Plus Kaneshie (030) 225 1789 email :


Melcom Plus Tema

Tel: +(233)-24 393 3399

email :



Tel: +(233)-032 20 27238 / 248-641 357


RAYBOW INT HOTEL Tel +(233) 031- 202 2072, 202 5438 AKROMA PLAZA Tel: +233 31 202 3745 / 202 3790

(030) 321 6368

Amadeus Ghana (030) 276 5590 Antrak Travel (030) 277 7134 Global Village Travel (030) 276 9273 Melcom Travel (030) 225 2984 email :

NomadAfrica Stellar Travel Travel Bureau

(030) 701 1234 (030) 276 4557-8 024 288 2009 (030) 282 3004/5


STELLAR LODGE Tel: +(233) 031 269 98 NIGHT CLUBS

Club Citizen Aphrodisiac

(030) 278 7811/ (030) 278 7822 (030) 276 6734



X O WINE SHOP Tel: (024)-664 3208 Bacchus Wine Shop Tel:+(233)-244 142 026 / +(233)-243 308 737


To be on the distribution list, Please contact us with your details on Distribution Department tel: +(233) 030-278 7025/ 0302 544 377 You will also find Enjoy Accra in most of the Shops, Restaurants and Bars.


CAPE TRADING COMPANY LTD Tel: +(233) 30 277 6705 / 276 1715


Accra Mall Greet Kids Concept Village Pet Shop Office Furniture

Check out these outlets and grab your copy, It's Free!!!







Lou Moon Lodge New Coco Beach Dutch Hotel Elmina Beach Busua Beach Busua Inn Ramada Resort Hillburi Aburi

e r e h W , U e r A ? Enjoy

(030) 282 3040/1

(030) 277 2955 024 095 4262 024 406 2796 054433005/6

SAY CHEERS (WINES & SPIRITS) Tel: +(233) 30 281 1407

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24 HR EMERGENCY CENTRE Trust Hospital Nyaho Clinic

(030)-277 6787 (030)-277 5341

BANKS Access Bank Agri. Dev.Bank Bank of Ghana Barclays Bank Cal Bank Ltd CDH Securities Ltd Credit References Databank Group Ecobank NIB SG-SSB

(030)-278 4143 (030)-266 2640 (030)-266 6902 (030)-278 4049 (030)-268 0061 (030)-266 7425 (030)-278 2581 (030)-266 9421 (030)-268 1147 (030)-266 1701 (030)-220 2020

FIRE SERVICE Headquarters Cantonments Central (Makola) Industrial Area Dansoman Madina Aviation Trade Fare

(030)-277 2446 (030)-266 6576 (030)-277 9635 (030)-222 3169 (030)-231 0903 (030)-250 1744 (030)-277 3285 (030)-277 3949

HOSPITALS Akai House Clinic Akai House (Osu) 37 Military Hospital Korle-Bu Lister hospital Nyaho Clinic Princess Marie Louise West African Rescue

(030)-278 4772 (030)-276 3821 (030)-277 6111 (030)-266 5401 (030)-281 2325/6 (030)-277 5341 (030)-266 4137 (030)-278 1258

POLICE Emergency Regional Headquarters Mobile Force Accra Central Achimota Adabraka Airport

191 (030)-266 4611 (030)-276 0273 (030)-266 3625 (030)-240 1999 (030)-222 1368 (030)-277 7592 51


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F R E E M O N T H L Y L I F E S T Y L E • T E MA • K U MA S I • TA KO R A D I •


2nd Edition

Enjoy May 2012



In this second edition of the ENJOY Ur CLUB social guide, join me at more of the best spots that our beautiful country has to offer. CLUB BEER in conjunction with Enjoy magazine give you an impartial look at the country’s best bars and restaurants as we continue to certify the top entertainment hot spots in Ghana. The certification, aims at making your choice of such joints easier by letting you in on what’s new, hip and what they offer, as you enjoy your chilled Club Beer.... Alain P/S Please email me about your hang-outs with photos and lets feature them. Remember to drink responsibly



Enjoy May 2012

ABL spot guide

Enjoy May 2012





Eat while you drink It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese and peanuts, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system.

Cultivate taste Enjoy your drink, don’t rush it. If you gulp a drink you will be losing the pleasure of tasting and smelling the various flavors in the drink.

Accept a drink only when you really want one At a party if someone is trying to force another drink on you, ask for ice or drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

Know your limit Skip a drink now and then Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration.

Appoint a designated driver Have someone available who will not be drinking and will drive all drinkers home. This is critical if the person has consumed more than one drink per hour. If you know that you will have to drive after consuming alcohol, limit your consumption to no more than one drink an hour.


Enjoy May 2012

ABL spot guide

Enjoy May 2012





Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy May 2012



Enjoy May 2012

Enjoy Accra Mag, No 69, May 2012  

Thank you to all of our readers in Ghana and also to those of you who join us from around the world via our website

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