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SCHOOL _______________________________ Name: _______________ Surname: ________________ Class: _____ Date: __________________________________ Worksheet # _____

Hi! My name’s Theresa Sanyo. I’m a 13 years old girl. I live in New York with my family, but I’m not American. I’m Australian. My address is 52, Coconut Street and my phone number is 1 718442274. I’m tall and slim, but I’m a strong and also very active girl. I’ve got long, straight and brown hair. My hands and my feet are big. My birthday is on 17th August, so it’s in summer. I am a student at a Secondary school and my favourite subjects are PE and Maths. I always have classes from 9 to 12:00. I love my school, because I love my teachers and my friends, but as you can see, I love playing volleyball, too.

Fill in Theresa’s card. Full name: Theresa Sanyo Occupation: student Country: America / Australia Phone no.: 1 718442274 Address: 52, Coconut Street Height: tall Weight: slim Birthdate: 17th August Favourite subjects: PE and Maths Favourite sport: volleyball

Answer the following questions. What’s her surname? Her surname is Sanyo. How old is she? She is 13 years old. Is she a student? Yes, she is a student. What’s her address? Her address is 52, Coconut Street. Has she got big hands? Yes, she has (got big hands). When’s her birthday? Her birthday is on 17th August. Does she like school? Why? Yes, she loves her school, because she

Complete with do or does.

Complete the sentences with the suitable question-tags.

Does Theresa like tennis?

Theresa is a student, isn’t she?

Do you like sports?

They aren’t teachers, are they?

Does your dag like running?

She has got a schoolbag, hasn’t she?

Do Theresa and her friends go to school by bus?

She hasn’t got a football, has she? You have got a dog, haven’t you?

Does your father cook well?

You like icecream, don’t you?

Do you like studying?

Mum can cook very well, can’t she?

Does your mum drive?

She doesn’t like running, does she?

Rewrite the sentences using the frequency adverbs given.

I go to school by bus. (always) I always go to school by bus. Theresa goes to bed late. (never) Theresa never goes to bed late. Her parents travel abroad. (often) Her parents often travel abroad.

4. We get up early. (usually) We usually get up early. 5. Tim and I go to the cinema. (seldom) Tim and I seldom go to the cinema. 6. They do their homework. (always) They always do their homework.

Now write about your daily routine. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ________

Theresa's Daily Routine  

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