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SCHOOL _______________________________ Name: _______________ Surname: ________________ Class: _____ Date: __________________________________ Worksheet # _____

Hello! My name is Margaret Jackson, but my friends call me Maggie. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. I have a shower and then I have breakfast with my mother. For breakfast I always have milk and a toast. I say goodbye to my mother and go school by bus. I attend a secondary school. At 10:30 there is a break. I usually have lunch with my parents in a restaurant. After lunch, my parents drive me to school again and I play with my friends. Classes finish at 4 p.m., except on Wednedays. Three days a week I meet my friend Jackie and we go to the swimming-pool for an hour of training. I love swimming. I have dinner at 8 o’clock in the evening and after dinner I sometimes read a book, play chess with my father or simply watch TV. Around 10:30 p.m. I go to bed.

Read the text and tick () the correct sentences. 1. Margaret has breakfast a) alone; b) with her mother; c) with her parents. 2. She always a) walks to school; b) goes to school by bus; c) goes to school by car. 3. She attends a a) Secondary school b) Junior school c) University

4. Margaret has lunch d) at home; e) in a restaurant; f) at school. 5. Margaret and Jackie go swimming d) every day e) at the weekends; f) three times a week. 6. After dinner she sometimes d) read a book e) plays tennis f) swims

Ask and answer the questions about Margaret.

What time does Margaret get up?



Yes, she does. She sometimes goes to the swimming-pool.

Does she have breakfast alone? _____________________________ __________________________? She goes to school by bus.

6. Does she have dinner at 8:30 p.m.? ______________________________ 7. ___________________________? No, she doesn’t. After dinner she reads.

Where does she have lunch?

8. ___________________________?


She goes to bed at 10:30 p.m.

Complete the text about Jackie’s daily routine. Fill in the blanks.

Jackie ______ (be) Maggie’s friends. She __________ (study) in the same school, but she ______ (not be) in the same class. She __________(not go) to school by bus. She __________ (walk) to school. She usually _________ (have) breakfast at school because ___________ (not have) time to prepare it at home. She ___________ (not like) school very much, but she ___________ (go) to the swimming-pool with Maggie to relax and have fun.

Look at the table and fill in the blanks with a frequency adverb. MON



Maggie _____________ does her homework. Jackie _____________ goes to school by car. I ______________ watch TV after dinner.




Margaret's Daily Routine  
Margaret's Daily Routine  

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