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SCHOOL _______________________________ Name: _______________ Surname: ________________ Class: _____ Date: __________________________________ Worksheet # _____

Hi! My name’s Theresa Sanyo. I’m a 13 years old girl. I live in New York with my family, but I’m not American. I’m Australian. My address is 52, Coconut Street and my phone number is 1 718442274. I’m tall and slim, but I’m a strong and also very active girl. I’ve got long, straight and brown hair. My hands and my feet are big. My birthday is on 17th August, so it’s in summer. I am a student at a Secondary school and my favourite subjects are PE and Maths. I always have classes from 9 to 12:00. I love my school, because I love my teachers and my friends, but as you can see, I love playing volleyball, too.

Fill in Theresa’s card. Full name: ____________________ Occupation: ___________________ Country: ____________________ Phone no.: ____________________ Address: _____________________ Height:_______________________ Weight: ______________________ Birthdate: ____________________ Favourite subjects: _____________ Favourite sport: _______________

Answer the following questions. What’s her surname? _______________________________ How old is she? _______________________________ Is she a student? _______________________________ What’s her address? _______________________________ Has she got big hands? _______________________________ When’s her birthday? _______________________________ Does she like school? Why? _______________________________ _______________________________

Complete with do or does.

Complete the sentences with the suitable question-tags.

________ Theresa like tennis?

Theresa is a student, __________?

________ you like sports?

They aren’t teachers, __________?

________ your dag like running?

She has got a schoolbag, _________?

________ Theresa and her friends go to school by bus?

She hasn’t got a football, _________? You have got a dog, _____________?

________ your father cook well?

You like icecream, ______________?

________ you like studying?

Mum can cook very well, __________?

________ your mum drive?

She doesn’t like running, _________?

Rewrite the sentences using the frequency adverbs given.

I go to school by bus. (always)

4. We get up early. (usually)



Theresa goes to bed late. (never)

5. Tim and I go to the cinema. (seldom)



Her parents travel abroad. (often)

6. They do their homework. (always)



Now write about your daily routine. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ________

Theresa's Daily Routine  

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