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I. Choose the correct answer 1. Detroit ..... as the first capital city of Michigan, but now Lansing is the capital city of Michigan. a) chosen b) was chosen c) have been chosen 2. A new supermarket ..... next year. a) will be built b) will built c) is building 3. The room ..... later. a) will clean b) will be cleaned c) has been cleaned 4. The university of Michigan is one of the best universities in the United States and it ..... in Ann Arbor. a) located b)location c) is located 5. The Earth's surface ..... mostly ..... with water. a) is ... covered b) was ... covered c) has ... been covered 6. The secretary ..... to her new boss yesterday. a) introduced b) was introduced c) is introduced 7. Football ..... for hundred of years. a) has played b) has been played c) was played

8. A cinema is a place where films ...... a) show b) are shown c) have been shown 9. Mr. Green ..... at the University since 1989. a) is teaching b) has been teaching c) has been taught 10. This house ..... in 1930. a) built b) was built с) had been built

II. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. 1) I wore blue shoes. 2) We lost the key. 3) I haven’t closed the window. 4) Was he recording that song? – III. Write passive questions in Present Perfect. 1) the postcard / send 2) the door / close 3) the mail / write 4) the money / spend 5) the rent / pay / not IV. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. 1) John collects money. 2) Anna opened the window. 3) We have done our homework. 4) I will ask a question. 5) We do not clean our rooms. 6) William will not repair the car. 7) Did Sue draw this circle? -


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