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We use the passive

We can only form a

The passive voice is

voice when we don’t

passive sentence from

less usual than the

The passive is formed

know who did the

an active sentence

active voice. But

with the verb to be

action or the action

when there is an

sometimes a statement

itself in more

object in the active

in passive is more polite than in active

and the past participle of the



Present Simple

am / is / are + past participle

Past Simple

was / were + past participle

Present Perfect

have / has been + past participle The office has already been cleaned.

Future Simple

will be + past participle

The office will be cleaned




main verb.

The office is cleaned every day. The office was cleaned at 5 o’clock.

tonight. Verb






was painted by



Put the sentences in the passive voice. Mary shut the window because it was cold. _____________________________ We have eaten all the bread. _____________________________ My grandma will bake a cheesecake on Sunday. _____________________________ The students play basketball. _____________________________ They produce Rolls Royce in England. _____________________________ A postman has just delivered a letter for me. _____________________________ They will announce the winner next week. _____________________________ Shakespeare wrote ‘Romeo and Juliet’. _____________________________ I make my bed every day. _____________________________ Al and Sue will buy a new car next year. _____________________________

Guernica. Picasso. Agent

Put the sentences in the active voice. ‘Titanic’ was directed by James Cameron. _____________________________ The rooms will be booked tomorrow. _____________________________ Projectors are used at school. _____________________________ The river has just been crossed by the kids. _____________________________ Coke is produced by The Coca Cola Company. _____________________________ Patrick will be operated next month. _____________________________ The bone was eaten by the dog. _____________________________ The poster has been hung on the wall by us. _____________________________ Our house was built by my grandpa. _____________________________ The songs were sung by the girls. _____________________________

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb “to be”. Dinner _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ cooked by my father on Sundays. The eggs _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ painted by the children last Easter. The exam results _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ given to John next week. The plants _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ watered since last weekend. “A Christmas Carol” _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ written by Charles Dickens. The photocopier _ _ _ _ _ already _ _ _ _ _ delivered. Mercedes cars _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ manufactured in Germany. The rubbish _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ taken out tomorrow morning. Light bulb _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ invented by Thomas Edison. A new song _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ recorded by Lady Gaga next year.

Are the sentences active or passive? Vivaldi composed more than forty operas. _____ Letters are delivered every day. _____ Have you been informed about the meeting? _____ My sister types very fast. _____ The sink will be repaired on Thursday. _____ Mary has already shown me her photos from India. _____ I have to finish by biology project tonight. _____ Harry will be given a motorbike for his 18 th birthday. _____ Tina took her dog for a walk last night. _____ My office is cleaned three times a week. _____ The computer hasn’t been used for a long time. _____ I often read a story to my little sister. _____ We haven’t paid the gas bill yet. _____ English is spoken in many countries. _____ My fiancée cooks delicious roast beef. _____

Order the words to make sentences. Alexander Graham Bell / invented / the telephone / by / was / ? ______________________________ ____________________________ punished / behaviour / will / for / they / their / be /. ______________________________ ____________________________ six / questionnaire / out / is / months / a / every / sent / . ______________________________ ____________________________ today / the / been / cat / has / fed / ? ______________________________ ____________________________ are/ France / frog / legs / eaten / in / . ______________________________ ____________________________

Correct the mistakes. The walls has been painted recently. _____________________________ My wallet stole on the bus yesterday. _____________________________ The dishes is washed by the dishwasher. _____________________________ A new cook book will release next month. _____________________________ Who America discovered by? _____________________________ Have the emails been send yet? _____________________________ Our town will visit by the Queen next week. _____________________________ The presents were already opened. _____________________________ My cat are always chased by your dog. _____________________________ Helen is stung by a wasp last summer. _____________________________



The window was shut because it was cold.


All the bread has been eaten.


Cheesecake will be baked by my grandma on Sunday.


Basketball is played by students.


Rolls Royce is produced in England.


A letter was delivered for me by the postman.


The winner will be announce next week.


‘Romeo and Juliet’ was written by Shakespeare.


My bed is made every day.


A new car will be bought by Al and Sue next year.




James Cameron directed ‘Titanic’. They will book the rooms tomorrow. We use projectors at school. The kids have just crossed the river.


The Coca Cola Company produces Coke.

Was the telephone invented by Alexander Graham

They will operate Patrick next month.


The dog ate the bone.

They will be punished for their behaviour.

We have hung the poster on the wall.

A questionnaire is sent out every six months.

My grandpa built our house.

Has the cat been fed today?

The girls sang the songs.

3. is were

Frog legs are eaten in France.

6. The walls have been pained recently.

will be

My wallet was stolen on the bus yesterday.

haven’t been

The dishes are washed by the dishwasher.


A new cook book will be released next month.

has ----- been are will be was will be

Who was America discovered by? Have the emails been sent yet? Our town will be visited by the Queen next week. The presents have already been opened. My cat is always chased by your dog. Helen was stung by a wasp last summer.


past, present, future

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