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Hello! I am Hanna! I am an English teacher, and I Love my job. I love teaching English to my students – here in Portugal. I am twenty-four years old and I am from a small Village called Óbidos, near Leiria. I teach teens in a huge high school in Leiria. Most of them love English and attend an English club in my school, where they do all sort of activities. They solve exercises, read English short stories, chat with kids from all over the world through Skype, and they even do some charity work to help some pupils in Africa. I spend a lot of time preparing my classes, but it’s worthwhile! This year I am planning a school trip to England with my students. They can hardly wait to be there! But there is a lot of work to be done as the trip is so expensive….They want to see Madame Tussauds’ museum, the Tower of London, London’s eye, Visit Westminster Abbey, see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and go on a cruise on the river Thames. During my spare time I read, listen to music, go to the cinema and do some aerobics. My boyfriend, José, is a police officer and works very hard. His job is quite dangerous because he deals with all sorts of criminals. But he likes it very much, so I am glad he is happy. Next year we will get married and we are planning on having kids. A – Say whether these sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false ones . 1. Hanna is a French teacher. 2. She is from Portugal. 3. She is from a big city. 4. She loves teaching teens. 5. She hates aerobics. 6. She is married.

B – Answer these questions on the text : 1. Where is Hanna’s school? 2. How big is her school? 3. What do her students do at the English club? 4. Does Hanna spend a lot of time preparing her school lessons? 5. Where is she going to this school year with her students? 6. What are they going to do there? 7. What does she do during her free time? 8. What’s her boyfriend’s job? 9. Is it dangerous? Why? 10.What are Hanna’s future plans? C- Write the opposites of these words : 1. Love _____________ 2. Small ___________ 3. Near ____________ 4. Expensive _____________ 5. Hard _______________ 6. Dangerous _____________

Hanna an english teacher  

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