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The Eugenic War on Fertility & Gender Difference

by Mark Birdsong


Third edition 14 Feb. 2017

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Two years before the WHO announcement in 2015 of what is an unprecedented 1 'pandemic' of miscarriage and birth defects, attributed to a 'Zika' virus, we broke the story of the incipient great fertility shutdown and a New Order policy of effective mandatory birth control for the masses. The original webzine articles specified that the coming 'epidemic' of reproductive failure would be realized via chemically-induced miscarriage, caused by GM food doped with herbicide, but would be blamed instead on an alleged virus. While its implementation has been covert, the idea of such a policy was not always left unspoken but in fact was publicly floated by an unofficial NWO figurehead 2 (see also following article ). Added to that is a stark but all too striking pattern of evidence forming an unmistakable picture of an unfolding 'new Final Solution'-- population (‘quality’) control by dissimulated mass extermination of the smallest. This book presents the politics, the science and the history behind this unfolding epic crime against humanity, laying out in exhaustive detail the pattern revealing an historic conspiracy (a perfectly good word, still in the dictionary) to gradually shut down natural fertility, over a couple of generations, to end free reproduction. In its place, according to the logic, would be an emerging new paradigm introducing a new economic gateway: controlled, artificial reproduction by IVF, available only to paying (approved), now-infertile 'parents' of any gender, for the purpose of instituting eugenic 'quality control' as in any industrial process; the natural ways of humanity overcome by relentless factory logic driving an off-the-rails juggernaut of social engineering. The destination is the industrial murder of Love and its natural-born fruits; freely-founded family sacrificed to the Control imperative. As even a Japanese gardener once said, a garden must be cultivated according to the Laws of Nature--here, respecting the attraction of opposite types (attraction, vibration, procreation) and not by the directed diversion or erosion of those genetic types for destructive purposes--homonaziism). Here's the picture: GM foods were first rolled out in the late 1990s. The women now affected by reproductive failure are the first generation of new mothers since the rollout to have consumed GM foods since birth--i.e. to be fully dosed (having consumed accumulated residues of pesticide, sprayed directly on and absorbed by herbicide-tolerant GM food). As Rachel Carson pointed out in her landmark book "Silent Spring" (1962), pesticide poisoning "affects a genera6

tion once removed from initial contact with it"--in this case, the "Zika babies". Authoritative studies have shown that Monsanto Roundup (RU) can cause such (teratogenic) effects (Carrasco, 2009) and even the WHO has said that it is a probable carcinogen. Yet processed foods containing ubiquitous herbicide-laced GM-soya and maize remain unlabeled, with labeling efforts repeatedly quashed, recently in Vermont. Damning in itself, the fact of ignored red flags is only corroborated by another: the refusal to label is a legal aberration that violates the well-established precedent of informed consent. There's a long list of other anomalies: the legal immunity from prosecution for Monsanto; deafening silence on the vital issue of 'modified food' and its labeling even during a year-long US presidential election period coinciding with an unprecedented birth defect epidemic! (shshshshshh!) Even the issue of labeling itself is now taboo in mainstream media; the grotesque campaign to deny biological gender and redefine family in gender-neutral terms, i.e. around infertility; all taking place under ongoing post-2001 'emergency' rule, of late in France... (The Fascist New Order is the crisis!) Forced vaccination, the new normal in the new USSA, is another aberrant violation of the legal right to informed consent, and with unlabeled GMOs, is another example of coercive 'medication', a form of medical rape (--ref.: CA SB277 06/30/2015). This abhorrent practice puts American school children, required to have the shots, on a health care par with the camp detainees at Guantanamo. The comparison is no exaggeration: not only is the medical establishment well-integrated into the defense complex, but also into a merging Big Chem/Pharma cartel with a dark history... As part of the former IG Farben cartel, Sanofi, the leading vaccine maker, (as Hoechst) with Bayer and BASF, the GMO majors, operated a Nazi-run complex at Auschwitz. What's more, vaccines were used as the delivery system in the launch of the AIDS virus, another bioweapon according to an independent expert (Leonard Horowitz, 'Emerging Viruses' 3 ) and an important precedent to today's criminal, human cull in-progress. In the emerging camp-like totalitarian scientific dystopia of today, state control over the body is of a piece with state control over the mind: vaccinations and pesticide-laced GM food may produce the same outcomes-brain damage, respectively by mercury poisoning (seen in the dramatic autism boom--0.01% to 1%, USA) and by GMO herbicide-linked 'Zika' births (failed miscarriages). More overt is the example of the state-sponsored diversion of a city's water supply, in Flint, from a freshwater lake to the factory town's toxic river, with the inevitable (lead) poisoning of the population.


More history:As if that weren't enough, the rest of the story totally corroborates the thesis... The elite eugenics movement goes back a century where the (cultural) mania for eugenic 'tidying' in the Anglo-Saxon lands (US-UK-Germany) wholly informed Naziism (see Edwin Black's 'War Against the Weak' , 2003); likewise it is American, UK 4 and Swiss/German companies involved in GMOs today, and the latter's criminal history makes for an alarming incongruity: pesticide makers with Nuremberg convictions for crimes against humanity have taken upstream control over the food chain! The demonization of Russia (the real Nazi killers) fills out the picture, with for good measure the international GMO tech hub located in Raleigh, N.C., home of Big Tobacco--another lies, disease and death business. It goes on and on. It may be painfully obvious but it's also a very uncomfortable truth, a black prospect for people to contemplate--too dark in fact to see on the rose-colored glass of TV screens, flashing like a shiny, pendular watch: the prospect of a future based on normalized Naziism, which had shocked a more lucid world of the time with its inhuman horrors. But we are not doomed to repeat history. The hope is that this would be the tragic final act of failed Western hegemony (as it convicts itself), finally giving way to a brighter world future in a budding Eurasian century.

Notes 1 Unprecedented, i.e. since the Thalidomide scandal of the early 1960s (like GMOs today, also associated with former members of the IG Farben cartel); see e-book p. 105 2 Gisele Bundchen: The NWO cover girl at Rio 2016. See also here and here. 3 “The most plausible way the outbreak happened was through the Hepatitis B vaccines that were administered simultaneously in New York City and central Africa between 1970 and 1974, and they were produced by Merck.�--Dr Leonard Horowitz 4 UK-- indirectly through the AstraZeneca shares of its spinoff, the Swiss Syngenta--from Zeneca and Novartis. Zeneca came from Imperial Chemical, part of the notorious IG Farben cartel together with GMO-makers Bayer and BASF (and vaccine-maker Sanofi, formerly Hoechst). See 'The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben', Joseph Borkin, 1978. IG operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke).



“A spiral helix, symbol of all life”--NBC Sports, describing DNA-like kinetic sculpture complementing Olympic Flame at Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, Aug. 5, 2016. (above left: sculpture; above right: DNA molecule model)

Brazen neo-Nazis Flaunt Fertility Shutdown at Brazil Crime Scene ...all hinted at a shocking inference: The destruction of natural fertility (and ‘unworthy life’) in the flames of the so-called ‘Zika epidemic’ will give life to a ‘new humanity,’ under selfdirected evolution by unnatural Selection, and a New World, as in ‘New World Order (NWO).

A Boycott The world’s fastest man had disappeared by the time another great bolt struck the world at the end of the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Aug. 5. Most everyone else was caught looking, unawares, at the long and colorful spectacle, breathtaking for all the wrong reasons. Media were emitting the ever-captivating drone note, talking of other things, like the West’s new smear on its latest enemy, independent Russia--an unsubstantiated “doping scandal”; or making ugly, racially-tinged jibes at Brazil’s “worthiness” as host of the Olympic Summer Games. But the chemical doping scandal was assuredly elsewhere... To their enormous credit, the Black all-time Sporting Greats Pele, slated to light the Olympic Flame, and Usain Bolt avoided this Olympic Ceremony turned NWO propaganda vehicle like the plague--the chemical one sweeping the Americas, for now, from ground zero Brazil. NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


Golden Girl (below)

A Fashionista with Poor Taste Leading up to the flame-lighting climax, as the world tuned in to the first Olympiad from the Global South, Brazil had kicked things off by showcasing a ‘national treasure’--or at least one of the great fortunes among the Brazilian elite, now guarded by one of those Latin American extremeRight coup governments, so familiar from over the years in the USA’s backyard. It was Gisele Bundchen--a clothes horse trotted out to behold basking in the international spotlight, following on from the ceremony’s preceding historical vignettes. The ex-model had come out of retirement for the occasion and a lengthy sashay across the world stage, sporting an allgold gown. Gold is of course the object of the Olympic athletes’ desire in the competitions but isn’t it rich and an ill-suited display by the 340 million-dollar-woman, on a catwalk in the face of empty seats that locals couldn’t afford and in a city bristling with arms of repression and marked off with fenced-in favelas. One can afford poor taste. The elites in this nation of lopsided wealth now have things in hand, after hijacking power from the elected government of Dilma Roussef (and with the popular leader Lula indicted). In fact, the streets around Rio’s Maracana Stadium were reported ‘locked down,’ with some 80,000 armed police and military on duty at the event (doubling London 2012), amid some scenes of stun grenades, streaming tear gas and scattering protesters outside, with one commenting to reporters that it was “like Iraq” out there. As the (dark young) girl from Ipanema, the retired fashionista at 36 is also a questionable choice. And as a Brazilian chosen to represent the country, Bundchen is atypical as well, not just because of her immense wealth but also because of her fully non-Brazilian heritage, showcased as such at the 2014 World Cup (see article) when she handed the trophy to the German winners. So the Girl from Ipanema ‘is German.’ Is pure-bred German pedigree relevant to the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony? Let’s see... NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


Young women of the Brazilian delegation (below)

A Reproductive Crisis--and Cover Up The awkward question of heritage--and history--is germane because raised by some equally uncomfortable political realities casting a shadow over this world event. The rash of de facto dictatorships under the NWO is not the only epidemic: In Brazil the outbreak of thousands of cases of grave birth defects (and unknown miscarriages) starting in 2015 led to official warnings to Brazilian women not to get pregnant. The illegitimate Spring coup came in the wake of the country’s declaration of a state of public health emergency at the end of 2015 in response to the reproductive crisis: an anomaly suggesting a cover up. The health crisis relates to Bundchen’s Rio appearance (to represent Brazil as the ‘Girl from Ipanema’) because in past interviews the model has revealed that her political affinities include neo-Nazi notions like advocating worldwide law to enact mandatory birth control. The so-called ‘Zika epidemic,’ 1 (in all likelihood really the chemical sabotage of fertility--see article) now hideously raging effectively amounts to just that, mandatory birth control, with disabled fertility (by chemically-induced mutation) leading to miscarriage, stillbirths and birth defects; the threat alone of such dire outcomes is enough for women at risk to avoid pregnancy or childbirth altogether, effectively serving the same nefarious purpose of terminating genetic lines. The dovetailing of the NWO’s pink-shaded eugenic agenda (for the ‘mongrel masses’) and Gisele Bundchen’s politics throw another light on the fashion plate, as a throwback ‘legacy’ NWO figurehead; the legacy being that compelling evidence strongly suggests that her grandfather, the late Mayor (of Horizontina) Walter Bundchen, would have been a Nazi fugitive who settled in Brazil post-WWII (see article). 2 Golden DNA

“A New World...” A remarkable Olympic Flame sculpture, revealed at the end of the Opening Ceremony, represented a “spiral helix symbolizing all life,” according to NBC Sports US, which broadcast the event (undoubtedly reading from an official Rio 2016 press release). This gold-colored model, paralleling the first, was NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


in other words a representation of ‘golden DNA,’ unveiled at the Olympic Games ‘genes contest’ (for biological determinists), amid a grave fertility crisis. The kinetic sculpture came to automaton-like life and motion when touched by the flames of the cauldron containing the Olympic flame, a scene lacking only the accompaniment of a Toccata and Fugue to complete the gothic evocation (da-da-daah...). Taken together, the reproductive-crisis background in host-nation Brazil, the event’s eugenic and NWO themes (see below), and the words of the Rio Organizing Committee president Carlos Nuzman at the ceremony, “A new world is born today,” all hinted at a shocking inference: The destruction of natural fertility (and ‘unworthy life’) in the flames of the growing, worldwide ‘Zika epidemic’ will give life to a ‘new humanity’ (pope Francis, 31 July, Krakow), a self-directed evolution by unnatural Selection, and a New World, as in ‘New World Order (NWO). 3 Shades of Berlin 1936! But darker still. The Lysol-Olympic Games Besides the Nazi throwback focus on DNA (for race) in the ceremony another was the eugenics theme. If the Russia-bashing has taken a new turn since Sochi, with doping replacing ‘gay rights’ as the cudgel, so too has the eugenic PR campaign, now with a more nuanced tone. The strident rainbow-colored banners (and athlete’s uniforms) from Sochi were markedly absent in Rio as also at the DNC (US Democratic National Congress) last month; Why hide ‘progressive advancement’ ?

Instead, a eugenic-pink ‘ribbon’ (now dissociated from the ‘gay push’ as such) ran thematically through the Rio Ceremony, woven into the Brazilian green, yellow and blue and symbolically pointing the ‘way forward’ on the costumes of the Parade of Nations ushers (above), foreshadowing the ceremony’s coming DNA climax and recalling the Hillary Clinton campaign logo (at right; note also double American flags on vest fronts--center inset above). As with the Brazilian regime itself, American fingerprints are all over these Games: with hundreds of US intelligence advisors reportedly sent in to Rio to NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


assist the regime with security; on the official Rio 2016 website, which at the time of the Opening was dominated by images of Team USA; and with shameless sponsors like Dow Chemical, a GM seed and pesticide major, implicated in the real chemical doping scandal: the attack on fertility (see article). Sounding the Wrong Alarm--A ‘Climate’ Commercial The Opening Ceremony’s nature as an outsized NWO commercial was most blatant in the long Al Gore-style video alarm plugging “Global Warming/Climate Change.” This manufactured modern myth 4 is a phony environmental pretext to tie together and tax Rio ‘Global Warming’ video with NWO pyramid

sovereign states on a treaty basis, under an unaccountable executive, as happened with the formation of the EU, and as necessary for the stealthy formation of World Government under Financial Diktat, culmination of the NWO. In this advertisement for dictatorship we have yet another reminder of the past. Bach’s Offbeat Spin The German IOC Chairman, Thomas Bach, was on hand to throw sand in the eyes, with his egalitarian posturing and throwaway line ““We are all equal,” delivered at a sporting competition entirely conceived to winnow the great from the good from the not so good. Unless he’s planning to break with tradition and give everyone gold medals: “Everyone’s a winner!” Bach also needlessly pointed out for our edification that refugees “are human beings,” as if magnanimously, and saying more about his wretched milieu than anything else. 5 Causal NWO wars are beside the point. Fruitless Tree

United in Peace (by Enslavement) In fact, the concept of Peace did feature in the Opening Ceremony but in a totally hijacked form, as part of the eco-Green Theme. In one vignette, shoots or tendrils came together to form a green peace sign around a tree trunk. In 2016, this is not retro-hippie Peace and Love. The NWO has always been presented as a NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


peacemaking effort (see note 3), with the loss of sovereignty in confederation meaning loss of state war-making power. The EU dictatorship was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize in this sense, despite its own wars and bloodletting still going on today. The green NWO ‘peace’ represented in Rio really means the subjugation of the independent sovereign nations on parade, each forming a branch making up the Rio peace sign, under growing World Government. To drive the point home, in the parade of nations each country was led by a child carrying a sapling (pictured at right). In the context of the green World Government motif, the preceding depiction of slavery in the proceedings carried more than historical connotations. One broadcaster spoke ominously of Brazil’s existing ‘environmental police.’ Russian flag bearer with usher bearing symbol of subjugation to World Government

Diversity’ & Official Stigmatization of Russians Yelena Isinbayeva

Another vaunted theme from the ceremonial speeches (and NWO rhetoric) has been ‘diversity.’ This does not seem to extend to include Russians, whose entire Athletics team but one was banned without so much as a single (previously unpenalized) positive doping test result; a ban taking in the Russian double Olympic-gold champion and world record holder Yelena Isinbayeva. Under the same circumstances the entire, disabled, Russian Paralympic team was also banned. As has been said elsewhere, this is an example of the politicization of world sport as a propaganda vehicle and the subversion of the Olympics raison d’etre: a diplomatic tool for healthy international relations. [Update: IOC Chairman Bach confirms political messaging in admission that the Rio Games should be a ‘catalyst for social change.’ (19 Aug.)]

While the rhetoric of ‘diversity’ tactically sets the NWO apart lexically at least from the Nazi ‘Aryan’ fetish, in practice it fails to meet the mark, here with the stigmatization of Russians as Russians, another glaring Nazi throwback (see also article on Sochi 2014) that gives the lie to empty talk of equality--words as cheap disinfo bullets.



By contrast, ‘gender diversity’ is another matter, judging by the well-represented transsexual contingent (ushers for the national teams in the Parade of Nations, pictured at right). This has nothing to do with egalitarianism or democratic values as pretended. Quite the opposite, the usher is the reproductive equivalent of tied hands, symbolizing procreative ruination, and leading the ‘unworthy’ into the genetic impasse of infertility. Humiliation is a first step on the way to Slavery. As we watch the winnowing at the NWO Games, we’re left to wonder at the brazenness of the shocking and sorry subtext of the Opening spectacle, so redolent of Third Reich Themes: Is it already too late to stop the clockwork unfolding of the New Wave-Naziism of an NWO Fourth Reich and of this monstrous crime against humanity in-progress, met with general, medianumbed, incomprehension? Or with the breaking up of the NWO-prototype EU, are we instead in the swan song of Western hegemony, increasingly exposed despite the pink veil, in all its ashen-faced, murderous ugliness ? Revised for style 30 Aug. 2016; amended to remove ‘Zika’ abortion option

Empty beach: NBC/Citibank Rio 2016 App -- No Brazilians

Military Presence

Outside Maracana Stadium (1,2); anti-Temer protest (3) NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


White strand: Fireworks above Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (below)

Three Spirals


Postscript DNA & Fertility (below)

Following the ceremony broadcast a disclaimer appeared in the news, citing the DNA sculpture artist, an American Anthony Howe, saying that the work represented the sun, as a source of (clean) energy. As Sun, or DNA (according to the organizers who commissioned it) or both, the golden helix may be taken to represent ‘the source of life,’ here symbolically mechanized (industrialized). From another angle: “A disco ball” (uk Telegraf). Despite the artist’s no-nonsense, ecology disclaimer, the Ceremony had hard-to-miss religious overtones, featuring the golden 'altarpiece' sculpture, the burning torch, and the hushed, spellNWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


bound masses watching the lighting of the Olympic Flame, giving us stadium as temple, with an aura of candlelit rites to mark a new epoch--as one official explicitly suggested--conjuring the beginning of ...Mankind’s creation of a future self? But the rites were marked also by a hellish red glow of destruction, with the man-made Sun raised in Rio leaving their hilltop God in darkness. ‘There are no limits to what a human being can accomplish’--Rio Games centerpiece sculptor, asked in an interview to express his Olympic message, and conveying a wholly Masonic, rebel-angel idea (more at ‘to us, all is permitted’; see also here). Rain of Fire Sun worship is an ancient pagan practice, as in Rome and Egypt, where the ultimate object of adoration is the god of the Underworld, in its (nocturnal) dark aspect--the bringer of Light. The rites of the centuries-old Masonic networks (in elite Finance, Mil/Police, govt., Business, etc. ) are said to mimic this dark practice (see article). Golden-helix with Olympic flame and cauldron

(Below) All-seeing eye/Sun over ‘the Kremlin‘ at Sochi Games 2014 closing ceremony

London 2012 -- Masonic Phoenix rising

(Below) Masonic Horus eye/pyramid/sun (video still from The Handmaid’s Tale)

Next Games: In the Land of the Rising Sun See also article on Sochi 2014 NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


NOTES 1 ‘Zika virus’ The (Still) Missing Link On May 12 the crucial scientific ‘confirmation’ was reported in the US academic journal Cell Stem Cell of the ‘link’ between the ‘Zika virus’ and the microcephaly outbreak in pesticide-sodden and GM food swamped Brazil. Brazil and the USA are major consumers and producers of GM food, with Brazil the number one consumer of agrochemical pesticides worldwide. Symptoms of chronic exposure to herbicide are consistent with those of the outbreak and include miscarriage and teratogenic effects like microcephaly, notably in the case of Monsanto’s glyphosate, which can cause fetal malformation by “impairing retinoic acid signaling,” according to the 2009 Carrasco study.* *Paganelli A, Gnazzo V, Acosta H, López S, Carrasco AE. Glyphosate-based herbicides produce teratogenic effects on vertebrates by impairing retinoic acid signaling. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2010; 23(10): 1586-1595 The scientists would be two Chinese (Read: ‘uncompromised’) members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, both with connections however to either the US or the UK. Dr Xu Zhiheng earned his PhD at Rutgers University’s prestigious Waksman Institute, ‘linked in’ to the American medico-defense establishment, including the nearby Carnegie Institute’s Cold Spring Harbor Lab of Genetics--research-groundzero of the American Eugenics movement for over a century--from where many faculty have been drawn. [Rutgers has a Chair in Genetics in honor of the Nobel-laureate geneticist Barbara McClintock, an institution herself at Cold Spring Harbor Labs for decades.] The other, a Dr Qin Chengfeng, “is supported by” a ‘Newton Advanced Fellowship’ at the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. [The UK is the birthplace of the Eugenics Movement and uk media have been steadily promoting the current antifertility campaign.]

The Dog Ate My Homework They purportedly demonstrated that Zika virus caused smaller brain growth in developing fetal rodents. One problem with the study however was that none of the evidence was available for observation in birthed, living mice because all were destroyed when ‘eaten by the mother’ after being brought to term, according to the reports. Instead, photographs showing different-sized fetal mice brains were presented as evidence of the all-important link: purportedly showing the normal, non-infected size compared to smaller ones from infected fetal mice, removed from the dissected mother before birth. China Daily In the news reports of the crucial finding, one of the Chinese scientists, Dr Xu Zhiheng, is pictured giving a presentation in Beijing in front of a diagram notated in perfect English, bearing little relation to his lab work. More propaganda-style poster than info-graphic or technical slide (see at left), it compares the sizes of a human baby’s head with and without microcephaly. Dr Xu’s study was performed however not on humans but on rodents. N.B.: None of the foregoing necessarily impugns the reputations of either the scientists or the Chinese Academy, as it is common practice for research teams to carry out the grunt work of a study rather than the ‘name’ scientists themselves, who direct it. NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO 18

2 The very dubious click-to-edit source Wikipedia simply repeats Gisele Bundchen’s claim that she is sixth generation Brazilian, citing however another named source, a Carlos Albuquerque, in an interview with ... Gisele Bundchen. 3 The NWO is a century-old ‘Big Banking’ project, to establish a central international authority for world control (theirs)--an Order of financial diktat in place of sovereign, ‘democratic chaos.’ It was a declared aim of the Third Reich. Today it refers to the Globalist World Government project, already germinating in the Paris COP21 treaty signing, and of which the EU is/was the consolidating leading edge.

French NWO Agent Hollande (and friends) at Rio Opening Ceremony, Aug. 5, 2016

NWO History In what would become a long chain of gradual usurpations of national powers, the first sovereign Right to fall under the new ‘Usurocracy’ was that of coinage or the sovereign right to create a national currency for exchange, debt-and-interest free. In the US, the establishment in 1913 of the so-called Federal Reserve central bank --a private bank with international money-family shareholders--put paid to the Constitutional delegation of economic authority to the Congress, in favor of a fraud obliging the nation ever since to draw its own money as loans (creation of reserves by Fed’s ‘buying’ of government bonds/debt issues)--a coup on behalf of global high Finance, and a coup de grace to end the long Jacksonian resistance to financial re-colonization. Internationally, this occurred with the recent creation of the Euro and European Central Bank. It was the lackey Wilson, the Bankers’ President, who preaching banking reform (to end contrived ‘banking panics’) inflicted the new financial dictatorship on the Americans; elected on neutrality, delivered the US into WWI; preaching unity for Peace caused another (profitable) Great War--in just 21 years time-with the infamous Treaty of Versailles, also the instrument of a primordial first stab at world government, with its League of Nations, progenitor of the UN and EU, and a device for ‘the internationalization of finance/central banking’ system (--Eustace Mullins). In the wake of the pointless (except for the profiteers) imperialist carnage of WWI, the internationalist project to overcome national sovereignty seemed to have the veneer of a compelling and pacific rationale--a needed solution to a problem--covering its aims; in the words of the world government enthusiast H.G. Wells, it meant : “the necessity of disavowing the sovereignty of contemporary governments, of setting up authoritative central control to ...supersede them [for]... * cooperation over belligerent competition and nationalism... * a central authority as arbiter of disputes between sovereign nations, in order to abolish war... * an organized order as world system.. NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


* human brotherhood in place of militant patriotism...” -- The Shape of Things to Come, 1933 It’s well to note that for these cited advocates of the coming world state, the NWO would not be Capitalist but Socialist, an evolutionary step forward from the Russian revolution, already beginning to fail under Stalinist nationalism. But the project was in fact a Trojan Horse for a Globalist cabal switching private Financial Diktat for public Socialist Internationalism. The World State concept or a totalitarian federalized superstate (read EU) may have been avant-garde in 1919/1933, but today it is showing its 100-year age, at odds with devolutionary (centrifugal) technological development and with history. Central Authority, like Monarchy, is an Olde political form, a regression to feudal, entrenched privilege favored by the privileged Banking elite (and declared aim of the “National Socialist” Adolf Hitler and of George Bush I). The present model of the emerging world state--spearheaded by the treaty-proffering EU--gives the lie, in practice, to the rhetoric of peace and beneficence--a hollow sales pitch--as it violently destroys sovereignty, with terror and bloodletting, coups and war or proxy war, in the drive towards a global, feudal, financial dictatorship. While idealists of old may have genuinely looked to the concept of an NWO to avoid future ‘Lost Generations’ slaughtered in war, the project is now revealing new horrors--more ‘Lost Generations,’ as natural fertility (and free reproduction) are gradually chemically extinguished in favor of a eugenic, industrial model for quality control, to be based on IVF (see article).

4 “Climate Change”: Despite the record-setting volume of hot air hyping man-made climate change and global gearing up to save the world, it’s another of Disaster Capitalism’s sky is falling scenarios--a myth and a con. Background Historical cycles in climate temperature have been shown not to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels but with variations in the sun’s radiant energy (source), as anyone would expect. The best-known data showing a locked-in upward trend in temperature since the 20th century was shown to have been based on flawed data and methodology (article). Separately, leading climatologist proponents of global warming (at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia) were exposed as frauds in the 2009 Climate Gate scandal (see article) in which their private email correspondence was hacked and released. In one such email, a scientist (Dr Phil Jones) implied that though his data actually showed climate cooling since 1998, it would be impossible to publish since it contradicted the ‘consensus’ on ‘settled science.’ Not aligned with progress but with reaction, our corporate leaders are taking us back to the pre-science era of dogma and medieval forms of censorship as they exploit the unknown to trade in myth, an ancient theocratic practice. As Noam Chomsky (caution: gatekeeper) has pointed out, a good rule of thumb to follow when testing bits of info debris from the propaganda storm for verity is that the louder and more repeated it is (global warming, the ‘international Muslim conspiracy’) the more likely it is to be professional myth making (marketing and cloak and dagger manipulation). In our brave new totalitarian world, truth is not broadcast, it is whispered. Big Lie ‘facts’ are manufactured, precisely by volume and repetition, à la Goebbels. As for wild weather, there must be some other explanation (search : HAARP). NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


So why propagate the man-made warming fraud? Because of a little agenda item in Globalist empire building called World Government. The greenhouse gas climate warming myth is a ruse to introduce a global tax (on carbon emissions) as an international revenue source for world government under the corporate new world order. The tax, which would hit developing nations hardest (high polluters), would also thereby counter development, together with energy rationing, synergistically perpetuating the hegemony of the financial elite, as the new tribute payments roll in, transferring more public funds into private hands. In addition to regulating energy use, the scheme also seeks to assert comprehensive control by regulating land use, transportation at the international level, and human fertility and reproduction. The gradual implementation of the empire's goal of universal control creeps on forward from the foundation of the central banks towards further integration in small, subtle steps--as done with spider patience over a period of 50 years in federalized Europe. Now on a global scale, World bodies like the UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, etc. presume domain (like the ‘World Series’), together with the G20. A new World Climate Treaty (see COP21) and regional trade agreements (NAFTA, etc) would form the filaments to tie together the EU, so-called African Union, an Americas Union with Asia in a burgeoning world state, ultimately subject to (now shelved) plans for further currency mergers. In this federalization by stealth, it is global Energy Controls that would form the seedling of world government (reminiscent in literature of H. G. Wells’s international Transportation Ministry; see also ‘Global Warming’). 5 Update: Similarly, ‘Respect’ is another theme of the Rio Games. During the Athletics competitions, a highly unnecessary and insidious announcement was made in the stadium appealing for the audience to please ‘show respect to all the athletes’ (...whether Muslim, Russian, or Black?). What’s not to respect in a collection of the most fit and able athletes in the world if not their ethnic/racial/religious backgrounds according to the subtly projected racism of the Fascist organizers ? See also UEFA Revised for style 25 Aug. 2016


Rio 2016 standard-issue pink training shoes (tutu added for emphasis) NWO DROPS ‘ZIKA’ BOMBSHELL IN RIO


Rio Summer Olympic Games Star Smeared after Brave Ceremonies Boycott

First published 11 August 2016



Federal Reserve Bank, Washington D.C.

THE BIG PICTURE The US is a one-Party state run for profit by the Fed Before raising the topic here of that lowest form of American theater known as US politics, let’s start by dispelling any remaining illusions of democracy in America, which apparently existed once, according to Tocqueville. The misapprehension of continuing government by consent, which ended with the US civil war, is constantly conjured in the public mind through the pixelated shadow world of onscreen talking heads...A world already envisaged, in an incredibly prescient feat of religious imagination, by the native Iroquois American Indian, in what they named “False Faces”--floating heads without bodies that appeared in forests and did people harm by casting spells over them. An excellent image of today’s corporate media. Maybe William Burroughs was right...the evil has always been there.

Talking head / Iroquois ‘False Face’ mask

In the truth free media zone, what is of interest is whatever serves the agenda or adds new sparkle to established dogma. Reality-based opinion is heresy. Which explains why you haven’t heard there that the US is a de facto one party (Fascist) state. You don’t ‘vote’ for the Party, its monopoly on governance is understood. Neither its name nor even its existence is generally known by the public, which it maintains in strict, distracted ignorance. Membership is a sine qua non of exercising top-level political power in the US. Almost every US president including the current one, his challenger-to-be, the other candidates, and THE BIG PICTURE


going back to Herbert Hoover, has been a member. This is of course the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)--really a ‘globalist’ (Imperial) roundtable group but functioning as the Party central committee in the US, to represent the diktat of the Rockefeller branch of Rothschild-led international finance. The traditional two US business parties may be thought of as overlapping factions, or separate brand names for the Party, marketed like colas (Coke or Pepsi?), which after the initial hype-fizz has gone flat, are bad for your health. Filled with CFR members, both sides may be counted on to adhere to the essentials of the Party’s agenda. ‘Selection’ is a better description for the winnowing process than ‘election’, which decides, in the case of president, who will implement the agenda of a mix of Party interests and be its public spokesman. There is no People’s Party. But you can still go to the polls, if it makes you feel better. Ever the control freaks, the truth is that the Party likes a rigged game. Despite the playacting in a flurry of televised candidates’ debates, the national political debate has already ended. You lost. Taking part in the misty-eyed, flag-waving glorification of “the Homeland” may bring the secure comfort of conformity but in reality, it is only professing your faithful allegiance to your Masters. Your interests are lost in the shuffle.

Finally a note on the sensitive nature of some of the content to follow. It’s no pleasant task to step into the muck of hate speech and race politics, if only to point it out. Here in the West it’s so ubiquitous as to go unnoticed, like ugly wallpaper. The harder Right the politics, the more hate speech, to try to justify war and hide behind scapegoats from class-war blowback. We recount it here only to show the fascist character of the Party. This is obviously not the same as endorsing the views, and to make such a claim would be a clear case of shooting the messenger. ◊ First published Spring 2012 (revised) THE BIG PICTURE


AMERIKA’S EXTREME RIGHT Both Parties of the oligarchy’s Duopoly seek to prevent the enslaved Public from uniting in common cause against their capitalist oppressors but using different tactics of divisiveness: scapegoating foreigners on the one hand (Rep.) and fractious identity politics on the other (Dem.) Democrat

Dr Strangelove moment @ DNC 2016 (inset and text only added to unretouched video still, above left) (Above right) US president Obama’s wife Michelle ‘protests bullying’ next to a subliminal-ad background of crypto-swastikas at televised Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA 26 July, 2016 (red highlight & text added to unretouched video still). Republican

It’s Starting: Still images from film ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ 1 (text added , above right) here illustrating the promised Trump deportation raids The old formula [The Right deflects blowback from the exploited] masses into nationalism--[the belief] that the enemy is FOREIGN [rather than the elite economic class or big business itself]-- focusing instead on a “foreign conspiracy” or immigrants. Before improving condition of masses, [they say,] it’s necessary to improve the position of THE NATION, [with more war (profits) or austerity, etc.] “Nation” is code for the corporate elite class [itself.]--Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin



When it is pretended that the state [Homeland] has a good different from that of its citizens, what is really meant is that the good of the government --the ruling class--is more important than that of the other people. This view has no basis but in arbitrary power. --Science and Society, Bertrand Russell

The Democrats--The ‘Good Cop’ of the Party Duopoly In the oligarchy’s two-fisted Duopoly system in the US, the supposed Left hand--the Democrats -- are traditionally the Party of Light and Consumer Industry, the Lawyer Lobby and Finance while the Right hand, the Republicans, have been the Party of Heavy & War industry, Petrochem and Finance, with overlap between the two sets or mixes of industrial/financial interests. Through (advertising) subsidies to Entertainment and Media, the two hands virtually beat the Public senseless in order to then rake in all the chips, turned out by Labor. Both seek to prevent the enslaved Public from uniting in common cause against their capitalist oppressors but using different tactics. Instead of foreign (or immigrant) scapegoats, the Democratic specialty is domestic identity politics, to distract and divide the workers--Woman vs. Man, Gay vs. Straight, Black vs. White, instead of Corporate vs. Individual/Rich vs. Poor (see also Monochrome Rainbow). At the time of the DNC of July 2016, leaked e-mails from the Democratic Party leadership exposed the fraud at the heart of the nomination of Hillary Clinton and thus at the heart of the US presidential “electoral system” generally (which from its origins in fact always had a built-in fudge in the electoral college). They also revealed incidentally the Party’s utter contempt for the people whom it claims to represent. In the e-mails, one staffer refers to constituents as my “peeps”--an abbreviation (of people) but also a metonymy connoting ‘eyeballs,’ another term of contempt used in American advertising (as an audience size unit). A Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, subsequently shot and killed on a D.C. street, is speculated by many insiders to have been a probable source of the damaging leak. Language of Genocide Immigration has been a central theme of the 2016 US Republican (GOP) presidential campaign, ‘the only thing we should be talking about,’ according to the Party’s nominee, in his grand political vision of inciting jackasses to set about nipping at each other. This time-honored political weapon of the Right is a polite format for discoursing on RACE POLITICS, to focus on differences in order to prevent the toiling masses from uniting, as they get their pockets picked by their betters. Race-based hate speech (or ethno-religious) singles out a scapegoat AMERIKA’S EXTREME RIGHT


group to stand in (as sacrificial lamb) for the banksters themselves, while also ‘softening up’ the ethnic target for (further) attack on their countries in war. What used to be usually coded or veiled hate speech has now emerged in 2016 as openly Fascist language and policy proposals notably in the Republican campaign, with the nominee Donald Trump’s promise to round up and deport millions of Mexican and other illegal aliens--a potential cover for roundups and mass internment of scapegoats and political opponents. The Republican nominee’s stigmatization of and incitation against a religious minority group--Muslims-- has seen Muslims targeted and killed on American streets because of their religion and dress. The admitted-extremist candidate has ominously declared the intention to create a list or national register of American Muslims--the ‘new Jews’--in a tactic straight out of Nazi Germany, which led directly to the Holocaust. Muslims have in fact already suffered a Holocaust of their own, with up to six million murdered in NATO’s wars on Muslim countries since 1991, as we have noted elsewhere.2 Mr Trump, a crass and fraudulent bankruptcy artist, has run a campaign fully in line with both the bankrupt extremist politics of the Duopoly (despite running as an outsider) and with the symbolism of his signature ‘Beautiful Wall’--one of divisiveness and hate, geared to ratcheting up the police state repression with raids targeting selected populations within the US--in the name of immigration status but no doubt ultimately aimed at political ‘loyalty’; to paraphrase an old saying, ‘First they came for the Mexicans, then they came for the Muslims and then...they came for me (and my family).’ As witnessed in WWII, the forced movement of populations in deportations, evacuations, quarantines is a deadly shell game where millions of the moved may turn up missing! In fact, in a nation founded on principles of political and religious freedoms, traitorous Trump has promised a political litmus test to vet visitors (presumably to go along with ethno-religious profiling), hinting at what will be the real criterion for ‘selection’ in his coming roundups. This open racist and hate monger for the bankers (it’s not us, it’s them) is a fascist menace who, when cornered on the subject in a notorious CNN interview, failed even to condemn the infamous US hate group, the KKK. As was especially obvious during the Republican primaries, Trump can’t even govern his own tongue, much less govern anything else.



A return of the Republican Party to power may well also mean a return to its extremist style of governance with a new cycle of raging fear mongering and domestic terror that marked the last Republican reign, in the Bush II years. Fellow neo-Nazi (see below) and Party member Newt Gingrich has chimed in for his part, proposing that the US should now begin deporting some Muslims (July 2016). Social Darwinist Extremism in the Party of Barry Goldwater is not of course new. Gingrich, the Republican former US House speaker, had already made clear his neo-fascism in his own presidential run back in 2012. As we noted at the time, that campaign distinguished itself for starkly showing up the extremist nature of the Republican faction of the US corporate Party Duopoly, not just with Gingrich’s code words but also with the pronouncements of nearly all of the other standing Republican candidates as well... When a presidential candidate in mid-campaign does a prime-time network profile interview, it is not for idle tele-chat but to take the spotlight to frame his campaign theme, mark out his political philosophy. You can be sure they are measuring their words. Public as prey Asked his greatest moment over a long political career, the pro-war, old soldier of the American Right Newt Gingrich seemed to answer with a catch-all metaphor, citing a trip on an African safari ‘watching cheetahs basking in the sun after a kill.’ ... On cue, the interviewer Piers Morgan asked if Newt’s prey was Barack Obama, quickly deflecting the highly suggestive comment by a presidential candidate implying a predatory taste for social Darwinism. Here is an illuminating description of ‘dog eat dog’ social Darwinism from another source: ...a world where ‘each creature feeds off another’ ... ‘and where the death of the weakest permits the existence of the strongest’, as in Nature. ‘The strongest must dominate.’ --Mein Kampf

Human as animal From the same interview, candidate Gingrich on what he might have been if not a politician: “A zookeeper.” AMERIKA’S EXTREME RIGHT


Animal Farm--strange creatures

No candidate had gone further in echoing the Nazi-archetype in the use of the deadly instrument of domination that is race hate than Rick Santorum, who has openly used the language of genocide in referring to the Muslim victims and targets of America’s current ‘endless war’ campaign... US Republican presidential candidate Santorum (2012, 2016) on the ‘Muslim enemy’: “They (Muslims) are interested in destroying the world... ...Look at Europe. Europe is on the way to losing. The most popular male name in Belgium — Mohammed. It’s the fifth most popular name in France among boys. They are losing [the war] because they are not having children......we need to... eradicate [the enemy], and that’s the final thing. ..This is going to be a long war.” --Columbia U. “Islamo-fascism” (sic) Awareness Week, March 2007

Compare this quote from a German statistics scientist in a 1937 article for the American Statistical Society entitled “Development of German Population Statistics through Genetic-Biologic Stock-Taking": [Eugenics] means the targeted selection and promotion of superior life and an eradication [my emphasis--ed.] of those portions of the population which are undesirable." Friedrich Zahn, president of the Bavarian Statistical Office and SS member, data provider to the Nazi Party’s Race Political Office. --From IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black p. 49 Hand puppet

It’s worth noting the context in which Santorum’s ugly speech was given: a Columbia University “Islamo-fascism” Awareness Week. Just who are the fascists here ? American academe was a prominent proponent of the Eugenics movement until the Nazi horrors it inspired forced more discretion. Consider Yale University’s 1945* annual report, apologizing over the racial composition of the student body: “the proportion of Jews has somewhat increased and remains too large for comfort” (cited in The Secret War Against the Jews, John Loftus; *under Yale trusteeship of Prescott Bush). AMERIKA’S EXTREME RIGHT


At the level of policy, the extreme Right positions are clear, with the Republican faction candidates nearly unanimously pro-war, pro-torture, pro-police state, with discussion of racial profiling, etc. At the level of speech they are usually guarded, and settle for dropping hints at the fascist ideology behind the policy, which require a little exegesis to clarify... Great White Hope? Though not a candidate for president, the Republicans’ ‘evil Maria’ Sarah Palin was a sitting governor and candidate for VP on the 2008 GOP ticket versus Barack Obama, then as now emphasizing immigration as a campaign theme. She has since relocated from the great white North to hard-line antiimmigration Arizona, taking her sights off Russia to look instead south to Mexico. In an episode of her briefly televised Alaskan wilderness reality TV show, which in one scene featured a bear protecting its cub, the candidate and mother of four commented significantly: that Mama grizzly’s gotta do what she can to save the species (not save her cub). Immigration. Save the species. Get it? A safe but crypto-fascist subliminal appeal to racism. Republican Mosh Pit Palin’s running mate in 2008, John ‘bomb Iran’ McCain is a case apart, who has no qualms about publicly calling for the torture and murder of a foreign leader (Russia’s Vladimir Putin, before the blood of the fallen Libyan Nasserite leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi, had yet dried). In 2008, McCain ‘defended’ his opponent Obama on the campaign trail when speaking at a local event with one of the screened audience members, who stammered into a proffered microphone He’s...he’s Arab. McCain: No Ma’am. He’s a decent person. Racist inference: Arabs are not decent people. All but two of the original eight 2012 GOP candidates were on the record as pro-war and protorture, if not pro-racist. Though Ron Paul is one of the two exceptions just cited, he has been criticized for past political newsletters in Texas said to suggest a racist viewpoint. For his part, Paul pointed the finger at his competitor Michelle ‘All cultures are not equal’ BachAMERIKA’S EXTREME RIGHT


mann, saying “She doesn’t like Muslims. She wants to go after them.” (--Ron Paul guesting on The Tonight Show, Jan. 2012) (Below left) Dennis Hopper portraying an American fascist in an episode of The Twilight Zone, ‘He’s Alive’ (i.e. Hitler), Jan. 24, 1963 (1st Bush coup later that year);


1 Gideon Polya, 2 Handmaid’s Tale--1990 film based on the eponymous Margaret Atwood novel about an American dystopia ruled by a Masonic fertility cult in which women are relegated to role of baby factories. Setting up a straw man, it presages, as an upside-down mirror image, the (Masonic) cult of infertility that women and men alike are now subject to in the present. Stills from The Handmaid’s Tale; c.f. Masonic NWO regimes today (below)

See also article herein “neo-Nazi nation.”



HILLARY (AND BILL) FOR PRISON-TIME Will All Hillary’s Baggage Fit in the White House?

The following should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any candidate. With the sordid nature of politics, it’s widely understood that a new leader better be as fresh as a daisy, ethically, at least on day one because after a while, as the scandals start to pile up, the national air will get close with the gathering noxious aroma of corruption, until new elections, or impeachment become as acutely awaited as a late chance to finally take out the garbage. Mrs. Clinton is no daisy. Even before her coming convention in July, the favorite for Democratic nominee is already under the shadow of a federal investigation, on the heels of a House inquiry into the Benghazi debacle, and the candidate is loaded up with heaps more heavy, politicalscandal baggage to boot, for which she shares responsibility as past Sec. of State : • the rape & murder of Col. Gaddafi, the destruction of Libya and Syria with 300,000 dead, and the resulting high tide of misery and migration for millions: the refugee crisis, now rocking the EU boat • the creation of the ISIS ‘caliphate’ and death squads under Clinton diplomacy, relating to the Benghazi blowback incident, as weapons/'jihadis' headed from Libya to Syria, Secretary Clinton's new regime-change target • bribery by the Big Banks and others, in absurdly exorbitant 'speaking fees' HILLARY FOR PRISON-TIME


• cheerleading for planned parenthood, with its ethnocentric (racist) abortion focus, even as the old eugenic organization is exposed for illegal abortions and human organ trafficking • felony use of private servers for government business (implying influence peddling) It is hardly the stuff you’d expect, at the changing of the guard, to make for a clean sweep in DC’s proverbial Augean stables. And a Hillary presidency would mean of course the return of ex-president Bill to the White House, as first gent : an ultimately disastrous president (for the people, not the banks), if popular at the time; once turned out and now back knocking at the door of the plantation manor house, meaning even more scandal baggage, accompanying that enabler of the cataclysmic 2008+ Banking Crisis, with its windfall spoils. It was Bubba's Treasury Dept. (under Sec. Robert Rubin, on his way out the revolving door from Goldman and then back in again to cash out at the Rockefeller-Rothschild Citibank, as chairman) that got the Glass-Steagall regulations repealed in 1999--a stand-down that led to the Big Banks' rampant fraud, wild speculation, collapse and then the Great Bailout Robbery. Against that incriminating background, Hillary's speaking fees look like a retainer to keep up the good work--a veritable pittance as political investment compared to the loot of virtually countless bailout trillions for which the American taxpayers, now indentured servants all, were left liable. Bill, like Hillary, may also be called an unprosecuted war criminal, with his 1990s war of aggression on Europe's last Socialist state, Serbia, including the NATO kidnap and probable murder of its leader, Milosevic, in custody for an impossible frame-up trial that conveniently never had to finish (just kill him).1 As if all that weren't damning enough...Bill may be regarded as the political parent of unmarked Frankenfood, if not the instigator, since he presided over Big Poison’s (Big Chem) upstream takeover of the food chain, with another regulatory stand-down and the resulting worldwide roll-out of patented synthetic food from 1996 2 by industry-leading American firms such as Monsanto, Dow and Dupont (making Hillary in a sense the bride of Frankenstein). And here a very important point: the preceding means that Hillary is a candidate effectively already wedded to GMOs. She's not going to 'out' her husband, the monster’s creator, even as the known-to-be generational 3 cumulative effects of unmarked pesticide in food products look HILLARY FOR PRISON-TIME


now to be beginning to manifest (in miscarriages and birth defects). This from our feminist champion of women. And in fact, despite some lawyerly fence-sitting in the campaign on the issue of this historic crime against humanity, candidate Hillary has never declared support for mandatory labeling of GMOs. A campaign debate appearance in Flint, Michigan further clarifies this point, where even in this more blatant case, Mrs. Clinton proved incapable of playing it straight and defending the victims. In Flint----a federal crime scene--Hillary contributed to the cover-up of the Obama regime’s complicity in what can only be described as the deliberate mass poisoning of this autoworker trade union city (UAW) of 100,000 souls. It was Washington’s backing of irregular emergency city managers and its EPA's standdown, that have now left the mothers of all 9,000 of the city’s children facing their youngsters' permanent brain damage, after ‘Flint’s Katrina’,4 where the ‘emergency managers’ created the public emergency (of lead poisoning) ‘to save money’--a claimed motive and justification that’s absurd on its face (‘safe drinking water is too expensive’). In this revealing parallel, Hillary promised to replace all lead (pipes) within five years, sidestepping the issue and shifting focus to a red herring--an infrastructure upgrade, which the city of Flint had already begun at the time of the debate.5 The issue was instead state and local officials' criminal decision to switch a city's drinking water supply line to a corrosively toxic river--whose polluted water would still have been toxic even in 'corrosion-safe' pipes. While skirting the matter of responsibility, Clinton's deceptive answer also fell short on accountability, notably for the Obama regime's federal EPA, whose oversight consisted of deafening silence and the squelching of whistleblowers (search: Del Toral Memo, June 2015). To-date, only minor state and city officials (3) have been charged, belatedly, by the Feds, themselves complicit in this pre-emptive chemical disabling of enemy formations in the homeland battlefield--a nexus of staunchly pro-union workers’ children. All in all, the Clintons will need a C-130 cargo transport plane on day one for all their scandal baggage.



Imagine after four years--or even eight―of additional, accrued Clinton scandal, brimming over into Pennsylvania Avenue like city streets in a long hot summer's garbage strike, and with Hillary’s warmongering calling for more corpses to add to the mounting, ripening accumulations? Will any be left breathing in America by that time? Is that the best-in-show that the oligarchy establishment can offer itself, to put a brave face on four more years of criminal rule under the Bankstas’ US gov. police-state? The rotted hulk of the American Republic can't even manage to take its quadrennial powder you'd expect of a true dictatorship (of Capital)--today's USSA. Unless it will be the Republican alternative in November, the Duce’s open, America First-style Fascism--definitive expression of a defunct republic--under a President Trump. If only Mrs. Clinton’s strangely meek opponent, the pseudo-Socialist Sanders, could find his teeth...locked away somewhere no doubt in a banker’s vault (which would explain his usual frustrated grimace). Bill Clinton’s campaign theme song back in the day was ‘Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow (It’ll Soon be Here).’ Still appropriate today, as we were saying at the top. But here’s a new suggestion for Hillary’s convention party, in relation to the failing Duopoly Party machine: “Daisy Belle” (Bicycle Built for Two), from the film 2001 ... [Played in decelerating time] Daisy, Daisy ♪ ♪Give me your answer do!

NOTES 1 Milosevic (posthumously exonerated 24 March 2016 by the ICTY, itself guilty of covering up an illegal NATO war), believed himself poisoned, as he wrote from his cell to the Russian Embassy in 2006 after a blood test showed traces of Rifampicine, an anti-leprosy drug, reportedly capable of blocking the functioning of his heart meds. 2 shut down natural fertility, the evidence shows, now bearing strange fruit in the first post-GMO generation, in "Zika" zones--newborns with microcephaly. HILLARY FOR PRISON-TIME


3 Rachel Carson: These important studies [by Dr James DeWitt, US Fish and Wildlife Service--ed.] establish the fact that the insecticidal poison affects a generation once removed from initial contact with it. Storage of poison in the egg, in the yolk material that nourishes the developing embryo, is a virtual death warrant and explains why so many of DeWitt's birds died in the egg or a few days after hatching. Silent Spring, 1962, p116 (re: DDT) GM food by design carries absorbed pesticide residue--ed. 4 UAW--United Auto Workers Union. Flint is a General Motors factory town and long-standing trade union stronghold. The lead-poisoning with water supplied from the industrially-polluted Flint river of the entire city of 100,000--located next to one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world--they have called "our Katrina," which is apt. The 2005 New Orleans disaster referred to (in the premiere AfricanAmerican city) was another case of class war flare-up, in this devastating federal attack on defenseless working class Americans and their families, in their own cities, as on 9-11 (see here on the levee sabotage). 5 upgrade not the issue (originally): Flint's internally-lined lead water pipes were fine with clean water running through them. The switch to industrially polluted river water corroded the lining, resulting in the leaching of lead from the damaged pipes. This is why an upgrade became necessary even after the supply was switched back to a clean drinking water source. * American workers once feared lay-offs. Today they are trying to get their heads around grave, ongoing attacks by 'their own' government, Democrat and Republican alike: the guardian state turned predator, preying on the blinded innocents in its trust. First published May 1, 2016; Revised May 12



FEMINIST BOMBING Intolerance as Social Progressiveness “Equality”--The trend in the US, pioneer of look-alike mass-produced cars, seems to be an eroding of ‘gender-based’ (biology-based) identity altogether, another cultural symptom of the intolerance of difference in a factory society that demands uniformity: machines cannot tolerate differences in the objects they process. Besides hate speech, another variant of attempts by Western multi-nationals--through their shills in media and politics in New York/Atlanta and Washington--to retroactively justify ongoing anti-Muslim wars is to absurdly invoke women’s rights, as if transforming millions of Muslim women into war widows, or maiming and killing them directly, were some kind of ‘empowerment.’ (When the West commits crimes, it does so righteously, and demands its victims say ‘thank-you.’) Examples of this ‘innovative’ propaganda variant include the high-profile bans in Western countries on the wearing of the hijab--a custom of gracious courtesy to men and a refined show of respect to husband and family--niceties lost on the lowgeared and brutish Western mass mentality, fostered by the media/entertainment bubble, between bombings. Veiled Muslim woman in Seville, Spain (in hijab) © 2006 Cristina Quicler, AFP/Getty



Some literary figure had a joke about this mentality (maybe from the prose writings of Ezra Pound), who told of a piano competition where the contestants go onstage and tap out their various and intricate pieces on the ivories. Next an American comes on and approaching the piano, promptly tries to lift it up off the stage floor.

The crude Western propaganda ploy is just thinly veiled race politics, legal stigmatization marking the scapegoat du jour (in place of the Bankers--yesterday Jew, today Muslim). It is chauvinist intolerance of cultural difference masquerading as progressiveness, to mask the crime of wars for empire. Or take this op-ed piece headlined “Women must never again be ashamed to be female.” In this gem of sophistry, the author suggests that Muslim women wear veils out of shame of their femininity. This claim demands examination. Women of the Middle East still have their femininity, which they consider a very beautiful thing. So beautiful, in fact, that it should be partly covered, as you also do in the West. The difference is only quantitative (how much to cover). This is called a cultural difference: the varied interpretations and reactions of different peoples to ‘Creation’. Like having a different word, in their language, for ‘ignorant,’ ‘dishonest,’ or ‘malicious.’ To use such differences as the basis for war propaganda is as depraved and hysterical as advocating war over skirt lengths. No difference is too small, apparently, to be exploited for large-scale corporate killing by its facilitators. If anything, ironically it is the “feminist” suppression of femininity in America, in a convenient confusion of equal rights with equivalence, that begs the question whether or not it is sufficiently valued. Cultures that never banished femininity in the first place could not be said to be ashamed of it. “Save femininity,” yes! In the USA ! The trend in the US, pioneer of look-alike mass-produced cars, seems to be an eroding of ‘gender-based’ (biology-based) identity altogether: another cultural symptom of the intolerance of difference in a factory society that demands uniformity: machines cannot tolerate differences in the objects they process. An expected, synergistic result of this adaptation of the human to the machine would be falling reproduction rates, or population control--a longstanding goal of Western power because a requirement for stable dictatorship (see Bertrand Russell’s Science and Society). If demographics is destiny, the masses, in voluntarily limiting their number, better serve their masters by decreasing their collective political power and simultaneously aiding in their own pacification. Also, as loyalty to family is replaced by allegiance to state, human ties are weakened and a rival for loyalty is eliminated. The point here is tolerance of difference, a caveat against manipulation, and against stigmatizing any group. FEMINIST BOMBING


In the gnarled hands of hypocrite North American editorialists, the admonition “never again” against genocide becomes a justification for genocide. To return to the editorial, taken in its context of continual war-mongering against Muslim nations, the sinister inference of this hypocritical smear on Islam is that cultures deemed at odds with US dogma are thereby candidates for annihilation, to do away with ‘outmoded’ ways of life. The ultimate in fashion police. In the gnarled hands of hypocrite North American editorialists, the admonition “never again” against genocide becomes a justification for genocide. Call it ‘feminist bombing,’ a new twist in war propaganda on the already twisted oxymoron called ‘humanitarian bombing’, heard recently concerning Syria and Libya, and made infamous in Vietnam in the nonsensical phrase ‘to destroy in order to save’ (‘creative destruction’). The opinion piece is only one example from what has become a major new propaganda front; part of a regularly changing story line surrounding illegitimate wars that began as 9-11 vengeance, then hunt and capture (of a Nemesis), followed by search and destroy (WMD), and now, amazingly, an unlikely ‘feminist’ crusade that slaughters men, women and children alike. Of course a constantly changing story continually contradicts itself, like the spiel of a con artist...and in so doing, discredits both the story and the con man. Who Demeans Women?

(Above left-to-right) Stripped of their dignity: US women demeaned at airport(1,2) in grope, virtual strip humiliation, including for children and elderly; (3) American woman disfigured by epidemic obesity, subject of a popular TV show; (4) Hollywood actress, as human mop. First published April 2012, Revised More on TSA



Commentary 1936/2014

MONOCHROME RAINBOW Shadow of Western War Games Falls Again on Friendly Olympics (Above, left: German 1936 Olympic-team; German 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics team in rainbow-banner costume by Bogner, same design label as 1936 team, above right)

<Under the flag of 'equality' (read: uniformity), the West forces round pegs in square holes, like a drooling, stink-pants toddler on the playroom floor, blurting out “Same!”> Interesting how the ‘Russia is anti gay’ propaganda of 2014 has been totally dropped now in favor of a new pretext to bash the great Nemesis of the neo-Nazi West: unsubstantiated doping charges, for a ban on all Russian Track & Field athletes (but one US resident), clean or not, as Russians, from competing in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games... The spirit of the games, that the friendly, peaceful competition of sporting diplomacy between nations can lessen risk of war would now seem lost, unfortunately, to politicization, as the Games again become instrumentalized as just another propaganda tool in the hands of the Western-dominated World Bodies like the IAAF/IOC/WADA, etc.. Last time ’round, in Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics, that spirit had been well represented by the country whose diplomatic efforts had won a stay of war escalation, if not yet peace, in Syria. Off Piste--Hooligans in the Press Gallery But the belligerent West--on a blitzkrieg since 2001--was having none of it, then as now. At the time of Sochi, the leaders of the G8 NATO-member countries, with the exception of Italy, had boycotted the Winter Games. (Italy's PM was dismissed in a party 'coup,' as if by way of discipline for falling out of prancing lockstep). UNISEX RAINBOW


As it happens, this is the very 'war camp' stymied (then as now) by Russia's peacemaking efforts in the Middle East. But this was not of course the reason given by the West for the 2014 attendance boycott. Instead, it wrapped itself in the rainbow banner, to hypocritically march into the stadium as champions of human rights, in Orwellian fashion. Off piste of the games, in the media gallery at that time, was another spectacle --the lurid sideshow of Western media hooliganism, raining down scorn on Russia's Olympic pageant, and now on her sportsmen and women. It's a futile exercise to publish yet another editorial taking Western media pronouncements at face value and weighing their merit--like debating air quality on battle lines befogged with clouds of poison gas. One example of the grotesque distortions on offer at the time will suffice to represent the whole monstrous carnival Hall of Mirrors that is the lens of private Western media--where the fate of stray dogs in Sochi was more noteworthy than that of Syrians saved thanks to Russia's efforts. These are our human rights champions. If propaganda were an Olympic sport, the shamelessly hypocritical West would long ago have been disqualified from claiming the moral high ground, due to its scorched earth record on flagrant human rights violations, not to mention their uberfrauds in sport like Lance Armstrong and the Williams sisters. So what to make then of the rainbow banner, the West's prominent Sochi protest pretext? It is a human rights fig leaf for the Western New Order's policy of eugenics. Behind the Rainbow

Googleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Go gayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sochi Doodle

The rainbow banner sometimes seen flying at Sochi dates from 1984 when it was originally linked to the Rainbow Coalition, an African-American civil rights movement taking in diverse, disadvantaged identity groups. The coalition stood against racial discrimination but still advocated race differentiation (in law) for the purpose of affirmative action, seen as a temporary necessity to gain an equal footing for the disadvantaged groups. Ultimately, it was hoped, the antidiscrimination goal would mean complete color-blindness in law making.



Subsequently, the progressive, grassroots coalition was absorbed and transformed by the corporate US Democratic Party, and made the leap from advocacy for 'color blindness' to the feminist promotion of 'gender blindness.' (In this way, in the name of fairness, American feminism ironically would effectively suppress traditional femininity, in its confusion of equal rights with equivalence.) Finally, the banner would be adopted by the 'gay rights movement.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; The US Democratic Party is the Party of identity politics--a wedge to divide and distract the working class. Rainbow Banner--Diversity or Uniformity? The trending blindness to difference in the US in the name of equality is in reality a push towards a new Fordist uniformity, now in gear and moving forward from the factory into the biological realm of the individual and society; [as we have said: the pioneer of look-alike mass-produced cars is eroding â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gender-basedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (biology-based) identity altogether; a cultural symptom of the intolerance of difference in a factory society that demands uniformity: machines cannot tolerate differences in the objects they process]. Paradoxically, what had started as a pro-diversity movement [hence the rainbow of colors] has become a cudgel for conformity and uniformity--in line with the ever expanding corporate imperium of the West. The eroding of gender difference is of a piece with Western militarism, which demands sameness under threat of violence (c.f. 'feminist' war propaganda in Afghanistan, for example. Here, instead of respect for sovereignty and cultural differences, we have chauvinist intolerance of cultural and religious difference, masquerading as progressiveness--a convenient mask or pretext for wars for empire, among others.) Save the Males Note well that the rainbow movement's new name, LGBT, takes the form of a Pentagonspeak acronym, like USAF or NORTHCOM. If this connotes attack, the point should be well taken, because the promotion of gay orientation (as opposed to tolerance) is a tug of war --to promote one side is to attack the other--and with political ramifications for a nation's demographics, for the preservation of the family unit, and for our offspring's right to freely reproduce. Matters of preference or taste must not be tyrannically promoted for all, like someone's loud techno on the bus. Attacks on gender type, hormonal or otherwise, are also attacks on fertility, on the freedom to reproduce. What Chinese philosophy calls yin and yang contraries, like maleUNISEX RAINBOW


female, are the form of the creative principle itself. To oppose this with an imposed factory-like uniformity is to oppose life. This is of course what forces of destruction often do. Such absurdities as the EU's male-male couple 'right to found a family' [in the gender neutral and activist Charter of Human Rights, Article 9--still adhered to by the new ‘Brexit’ Britain] or Obamacare's maternity leave for men make clear the denial even of the biological facts of life-the inanities of factory creep trying to overturn biological nature. Under the flag of 'equality' (read: uniformity), the West forces round pegs in square holes, like a drooling, stink-pants toddler on the playroom floor, blurting out “Same!” Even a gay, feminist American social critic--Camille Paglia--has lamented what she described as a new feminization or neutering trend, and called the blind alley of 'gender neutrality' a path to 'suicide' for Western civilization. Yet there is method to the madness. If the reasons behind a policy of denying biology are not at first obvious, the political synergies associated with what is effectively a new 'zero child policy' speak for themselves. Falling reproduction rates mean depopulation.

Still image from ‘The Ruling Class’, 1972

Control over population numbers, or quantity, may also serve as a lever of control over population 'quality,' or genetics as the wall flowers at the Springtime ball, so to speak, are led away from the gene pool. Hidden Agenda Harkening back to longstanding population control goals of Western power elites, the new social policy suggests a move to impose a new industrial order over biological nature, as the gender-blind New Family model takes the natural, sacrosanct place of the nuclear family as the basic social unit for reproduction. This is in fact the hidden agenda, a necessary step in the march towards eugenic/totalitarian control over human reproduction.



Together with a chemical tsunami, from GMOs to BPA in the environment, the New Order policies act to disable natural fertility, in a likely move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction, for genetic quality control. This is eugenics, an important part of the Nazi-era, Western elites' politics. While citizens of the NATO countries are told to be proud of the brash gay rights push (this is in fact the campaign slogan, ‘Pride’), the posturing is in essence camouflage for the destruction of natural rights, including the fundamental right to freely reproduce. In the case of gay adoption furthermore, it is clear that the new-model, gender-neutral ‘parenting’ violates children's rights, as it takes from Paul what it gives to Peter: The invented 'right' of a same sex couple to found a family is a usurpation of the Natural right of a child to have a mother and father, even if surrogate. As is the norm under 'devil-take-the-hindmost' fascism, it is the merciless-preying on the most vulnerable or disadvantaged that constitutes the advantages of the privileged, here with the consumer society's decadent commodification of children (accessorizing) for the creation of ‘gay families’--really the new model infertile family. All of this would also explain the contradiction between the heels-together, righteous human rights posturing (claimed defense of gay rights) and the West's record of disdain for and scorched-earth violation of human rights: The pose is a hypocritical ruse. But there is a certain poetic justice at least in the image of the Western financial oligarchy draping itself in a rainbow flag--Finance and Sodomy are natural bedfellows: They are both unproductive, against natural increase, as Dante pointed out. As Russia's Sochi Games drew to a close, we saw the smoke rising from the feared Olympic terror attack--not in Russia but on its doorstep in Kiev, yet another regime change hotspot. This is the real danger, as an old specter haunts Europe--and the world--anew. This time, in Ukraine, the West is finally outed, as it supports violent neo-Nazi opposition forces (Svoboda Party) against a democratically elected government. Now flying its true colors, the remade and resurgent Western neo-fascism is again on the march ... arriving at Russia's doorstep, as in 1941, after a prolonged blitz of pyromania that has left a smoking trail of death and destruction since 2001 from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine.



But as it is ever more exposed to the public mind, the West is compelled to lower its rainbow banner from 2014 to take up a different approach to Russia-bashing now in Rio 2016, less reminiscent of 1936. First published 22 February 2014; Revised See also: Rio 2016 article America’s Extreme Right

Over the Rainbows Over the rainbows @DNC 2016 (left): No more rainbows, as ‘Zika’ spreads--something to hide?

Racist eugenics: Neutered black male as model on Time cover (stenciled text added)



(Below R-L) Eurovision’s ‘Conchita’; bearded lady, ‘Priscilla’ in ‘Carny’ (1980)

THE EUROVISION THING Eugenics All Dressed Up as Social Progress New Wave Naziism Imagine for a moment the eugenics movement--an elite campaign par excellence-- framed as a human rights struggle for the masses. Very up is down 1984, right? To put it in perspective, from the WWII point of view, this would mean 1940s-era Nazis posturing that the extermination of the untermenschen was somehow or other for the untermenschen -- a human rights struggle (‘destroy to save?’). Fortunately they didn’t have such sophisticated PR. Now we do. Fast forward to the present. Now consider the “rainbow movement” : A eugenics campaign to stem the tide of the untermenschen birthings of the masses, in the name of human (gay) rights, by disrupting mating through the promotion of same sex pairing. That is very 1984, totalitarian- style public relations spin, for the purpose of politically palatable reproductive quality control. And that is what is behind the Great Gay Hype. Hatchets out for wayward feminist--uk press

Ideological Trap In a clever ideological trap for critics, oppose the previously unimaginable systematic destruction of the people’s cherished Natural Right to freely reproduce and found families, and you are a bigoted, antediluvian opponent of gay rights; or if you oppose mandatory abortion (through chemically-induced miscarriage UNISEX RAINBOW


and stillbirth) or the inducement of grave and permanent birth defects, then you are a 'pro-life crank,' according to the grotesquely distorted, shattered-glass image conjured in the empire’s media Hall of Mirrors …. The neo-Nazis may happily posture as crusading defenders of human rights instead of the fallin-step, bullying brownshirts that they are; picture them all straight-backed in polished black boots; take their insults, intimidation, smears and threats as a badge of honor and courage. [Note to brutish fanatics: This is not to deny rights for gay couples like civil union or to stigmatize any group. But it is to say that this rainbow social engineering is a manipulation--a new and improved Public Relations facade for today’s take-two eugenics campaign, framed as human rights struggle. montage Update: Eurovision 2016 Notables The Lady doth protest too much! (Below left, right)

EV 2016 ‘winner’ (and EU ‘prize’) Ukraine in shock Nazi whitewash with song ‘1944,’ while presenter offers straitjackets for sale to viewers--an inadvertent exposé not of European culture but of EU culture of contempt for the public.

Joe Woolford & Jake “Shakeshaft" (left) n.b. Here the new campaign intersects with tradition--a convention in the uk of segregation of the sexes for a measure of reproductive control, famously in the navy, from where the phrase ‘Rum, sodomy and the lash!’



♪ if love were a crime ♪

...Here an Orwellian evocation of love masking the unfolding destruction of the natural love model of reproduction, in favor of artificial reproduction. In the name of freedom, gays have been made the willing or unwilling figureheads for an historic industrial assault on freedom to reproduce, and so also on family, on gender, and on love. The crime is the disabling of natural reproduction via a sinister chemical warfare attack on human fertility--this is the outrage.

EU 666 fixation...

Italia--Horned Beast head in sacred delta, highlighted in EV music video

Cyprus Horns salute by black-clad 'High priest' (officiator at sacrifice); Band name: "Minus One"; Song 'Alter ego' co-written by Eurovision regular composer Thomas Gustaffson [aka ‘G:son’], member of Swedish Heavy Metal band 'Masquerade,' with Empire records.

Gustaffson is a self-acknowledged musical plagiarist 1 and composer of 69 EV songs including 'Let your heart be mine'; 'We Own the Universe'; [Devil] 'In Disguise'; Surface of Pain...(below left --see red highlighted surface in added inset, on praying hands; G:son at right);



Minus One singer Francois Micheletto has guested as vocalist with Metal band "Arrayan Path" (aka "Arryan Path") with tracks such as 'Osiris', 'Sacrifice', 'Blood Symphony', 'Kiss of Kali', 'The Damned', 'Prometheus'...on Pitch Black Records.

(Left) Arryan Path's "Terra Incognita" album cover (legend text added) featuring Masonic symbolism: Sun eye, moon eye of Horus, Egyptian Falcon-god hunter and slayer (sacrificer to Osiris, god of Underworld); Ruler of World. See also article "The Masonic Secret."

German entry, ‘Ghost’: “Who’s scared now...”

Notes from Eurovision 2014 (Revised) The ‘Gender Equality’ Distortion : The Meaning of ‘Conchita’

From Love to the Lab--Roll Over Romance, Here Comes Industrialized Reproduction What if Nature’s hot-blooded way of procreation was made obsolete? If unreliable Love became outmoded in a blue-bloodedly efficient regime of reproductive Quality Control? What would become of male and female identity, of passion, of systemic opposite attraction, complementary contraries, black yin and white yang halves of a binary cosmic whole? Can a ‘system’ that only breathes by both Ins-and-Outs be made to stop and still live on?



Consider the Eurovision 2014 song ‘contest winner’ ‘Conchita,’ EU poster figure for a eugenic ‘gender neutrality’ agenda (‘We are unstoppable’). Righteously upheld as an absurd example of ersatz social progress (when all the men have donned evening gowns, then we’ll know we’ve arrived), this gender iconoclast is less cabaret drag queen than provocation, an inflammatory mockery not least to Latin women (bearded ‘Conchita’). A man in drag with grease-paint beard, ‘Conchita’ is instead a hermaphroditic blend of both male and female features, like yin and yang merged into a muddled gray. As such, it is an emblem of ‘non-gender,’ of the destruction of the black and white original types, and so too in practice, of fertility and the capacity for natural procreation. As a sterility symbol, this figure represents nothing less than the despoiling of the eternal creative principle, neutralized because superfluous in the emerging scheme of controlled reproduction through IVF (for some), and chemically disabled fertility (for the many); the natural biological reality of gender difference and attraction for regeneration (by Love) is devalued and denigrated because superseded; in its place the hermaphrodite figure--a vandal’s hand-drawn moustache splashed across the face of a priceless portrait of womanhood; a Baphomet-like mockery of procreative Love, first glint of a would-be dawning age of the industrialization of human nature. Call it 'homo-nazism,' a campaign to homogenize humanity for the purpose of eugenic control and in so doing to destroy natural fertility. Symbolic Hermaphroditism Despoliation of Gender Difference (& Love)

(L-R) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest’s ‘Conchita’; Disney’s tween idol Miley in concert gear; Gender neutral American Satanist 2 Manson--Note 'sun eye' 'moon eye' (inset pic); see also ‘Terra Incognita’ below

If you think this analysis overwrought, perhaps even colored by prejudice, consider the lyrics of the winning Eurovision 2014 song--or this year’s NWO marketing jingle, if you like-- which barely work as a romantic ballad of a jilted lover’s revenge but make more interesting reading



when taken as spiteful threat, as New World Order celebration of the rebirth and ‘triumph’ of eugenic Fascism in the West (neo-Nazism), addressed to old nemeses and the event’s viewers...

Rise Like a Phoenix ♪

Waking in the rubble <war ruins ca. 1945> Walking over glass Neighbors say we’re trouble <Nazi bad rap> Well that time has passed <we won, in the end> ♪

Peering from the mirror No, that isn’t me [A] Stranger getting nearer Who can this person be? ‘Conchita’ You wouldn’t know me at all today <from blonde crew-cut to bearded lady> From the fading light I fly <but same old vampire regime, bringing darkness> ♪

♪ Rise like a phoenix Out of the ashes <of 1945> Seeking rather than vengeance, Retribution <rightful revenge, for war defeat> You were warned Once I’m transformed Once I’m reborn You know I will rise like a phoenix But you’re my flame <pun--my love; my burning fuel> ♪ Go about your business Act as if you’re free <(EU neo-) Nazi rule now> No one could have witnessed What you did to me <1945> Cause you wouldn’t know me today And you have got to see To believe ♪ From the fading light I fly And rise like a phoenix Out of the ashes Seeking rather than vengeance Retribution You were warned UNISEX RAINBOW


Once I’m transformed Once I’m reborn I rise up to the sky You threw me down but I’m gonna fly ... ♪ You know I will rise like a phoenix But you’re my flame <I rise as you burn> ♪

Masonic Phoenix rising -- London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

Three Penny Opera?

More evolutionary references from Eurovision The musical hit parade of the 2014 edition of the Eurovision show was followed up by the EU anthem, which is of course Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, played in a not at all triumphant but strangely subdued style and accompanied by a ghoulish singer, who to tell you the truth looks about as joyous as a grave robber at sundown. Perhaps one meant Elegy to Joy. Last year, the eurovision gong show featured a star-spangled USA motif. More out of ghoulish hand-rubbing than anything else? “The New World Order is gloating over the reversal of fortunes since ‘the war’ (the Nazis ‘have won’) and has hijacked the old American symbols of independence and turned them on their heads,” we wrote. In 2014 there is no sign of the now badly damaged US brand, like ‘Enron’ or ‘Chernobyl.’ In its place we find the surprising inclusion of China in this European song contest, first with a stolen and faked Chinese ladder trick (see below) and then with one of the evening’s emcees inexplicably dressed in Chinese costume, and sporting a framed photo portrait of the Asian UNO General Secretary, figurehead of the NWO. The Eurovision 2014 song contest motto? “Join Us.” UNISEX RAINBOW


Copy cats EU: Chinese ladder trick

with wires

no wires

Imitation may be a form of flattery but as Ukraine discovered much to its dismay, coming from the EU, what seems an invitation may also be a threat. For the Chinese, the ladder trick is a balancing act and demonstration of amazing human skill. For the Eurovision contest, and in line with the preceding political interpretations of the EV show, the ladder climbing can be taken as an allusion to the purported human improvement possible through eugenic breeding, or controlled evolution of the species by the New Spartans. Such is the industrial, really Fordist, eugenicist dream--a nightmare for the masses whose ‘unworthy’ genetic lines would be snuffed out as part of a reproductive ‘quality control’ process (see also article). First published 14 May, 2014; Revised

NOTES 1 'self-acknowledged' musical plagiarist: i.e. out of court settlement for 'Listen to your Heartbeat,' EV 2001, Sweden, from Belgian song 'Love is a Card Game,' EV 1996 2 'Satanist'--Manson is a priest of the Church of Satan. UNISEX RAINBOW


The Yoke’s on you (All images unretouched)

WHAT IS CLASS HATE? Window on their World “Please do not feed the pigeons. They are a nuisance and a health hazard.” -- Public square sign, London

Austerity for Us, Corporate Welfare for Them ...Fair enough. A health notice...but unfortunately also a political program, called austerity (excuse the brutal and offensive comparison, which is only meant as forceful illustration and in no way as endorsement). A similar but less draconian variation of the same concept, which underpins what used to be called corporate welfare and trickle down economics : “Feeding the pigeons by giving the hay to the horses" (Friendly Fascism, Bertram Gross). Things have further degenerated since that 1980 quote, and the public subsidy of private enterprise against risk--with private profit taking--has turned into elimination of risk altogether (bank bailouts not failures), with direct looting of assets (depositors’ funds, etc.) under a ‘terrorist dictatorship of Big Capital’ (op. cit.). Mind the Gap (the Class Divide) (Right) Pigeonholing Unlucky contestant (far right) [Illustrations, not Puritan condemnation of comedy]



False Consciousness Clouds Class Interests Staples of the economic determinist view of history, the terms ‘social class,’ ‘class consciousness,’ ‘class hatred’ and ‘class struggle’ have faded from public discourse, along with public discourse itself for that matter. Opinion is received, not thought. We are to feel but not to think. In our ‘global village,’ the public square as public forum is now wholly circumscribed within television screens, another industrial outlet for toxic effluent.

US-Legoland of Lies

If an imposed false consciousness has replaced class consciousness among the masses since WWII, processed out of us, that is not to say that social class no longer exists, as Western propagandists once liked to boast. With the West’s disappearing middle classes, the classical social analysis becomes ever more relevant. And the networked, virtual printing press (internet) is creating a new frame of reference, breaking down the iron rule that reality is what is televised (‘what we say it is’). Revolutions in technology may also create revolutions in politics. Historically a matter of lineage and land (ownership), in modern Western industrial societies, the social reality mainly proceeds from the material realities, with ... class division firmly rooted in the system of [minority] ownership...[and with]...economic and political life...primarily determined by the relationship...between [the class] which owns and controls, and the working class (i.e. private capital vs social labor) -- Ralph Miliband, The State and Capitalist Society, 1969.

...That is to say, the owners vs. the dispossessed, separated from the means of production (land, etc.), who must be dehumanized into a commodity (or animal), so that talk of their status or well-being is beside the point, as it must be if profit for the one class is to be maximized at the expense of the other. Like the crack of the lash to the horse, social divisions, hate speech and lies, intolerance and racism, violence, repression and war are all part of the package of economic exploitation, injustice and inequality. But ‘it’s worth it,’ as Madeleine Albright 1 would say, to the tiny minority who benefit so richly from the ride.



A classic on class consciousness: The Flower Girl, NPRK 1972 (watch the first 27 minutes)

Nature vs. Nurture

The New Meritocracy Old World hereditary social rank--still now conferring political power in the European monarchies--was updated in the New World by meritocracy, a progressive advance moving the ideological weight closer to the middle of the balance on the question of biology versus environment (as determiners of individual destiny), and ridding us of the menace of dynastic misrule by an inbred, imbecile king (or so we thought). A new republic enfranchised any propertied white males, eventually including all others by 1918. Ideally, social status would become largely a question of occupation and economic class--money over pedigree or tribe. Capitalist Apartheid The association of race/tribe with social status is ancient. In antiquity, two-tiered societies consisted of members of the ‘home’ tribe on the one hand, and on the other, the members of another clan, conquered in war and integrated into the first tribe as slaves . Tribal affinities then formed the basis of social class within the new group (Bertrand Russell). Likewise, conquest from the Age of Exploration gold rush to modern imperialism set up apartheid (minority) rule, where it was called the ‘white man’s burden’ (Kipling) to colonize, ‘civilize,’ or commit genocide, not only with the sword but also with a powerful economic instrument of financial minority rule in an ‘invisible hand.’ Foreign, minority rule, as part of imperialist expansion, carried with it racially tinged social hierarchy. Fetish

Racial hierarchy is the social relations part of the imposition of a minority rule (apartheid) capitalist system of production, masked by the commodity fetish...(Magdoff)



With industrial development, wage slavery gradually replaced race slavery, lastly in the US, with the victory of the industrial north over the agrarian south in the American civil war. But North America and pre-Chavez Latin America retained their European-origin governing elite, albeit open to corrupted, collaborationist outsiders, and lately covered up in the US with token representatives in high places (Obama, Holder, Thomas--not to be confused with his famous namesake, Uncle Thomas). Civil Rights Failure In the US to be sure, African Americans’ struggle for civil rights--just 50 years ago--left its mark on the society as a whole in terms of integration and mutual tolerance. Still, remember that the movement’s leaders were slain (Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X), as were powerful advocates (JFK, RFK), in a decade of reactionary veto by bullet of ‘creeping’ democratic social progress and demands for unprofitable peace. If the social adjustments were real enough (banishment of legal discrimination, etc.), they have proven over time superficial -- not in popular attitudes but in terms of the reactionary politics of an unreconstructed ruling elite of international financial ‘royalty’ at the apex of the pyramid. The malignant growth of a parasitic financial elite at home, with the continual concentration of wealth, had played out in favor of the old guard and its cause of entrenched privilege. The resurgence of biological (or ethno-religious) politics in the West, 2 to serve that end, is symptomatic of this regression. All Americans are now equally without civil rights

Feudal Restoration This then is another of the many contradictions inherent in ‘the system:’ As Western economies develop under private capitalism, politics is driven in reverse. With the southern periphery coming online with the necessary infrastructure, the productive manufacturing industry from the center moved offshore, giving way to more financial parasitism in the home economies. This structural economic change left the capitalist class no longer dependent on a thriving middle class of consumers to draw profit. Instead, we have a ruling class relying on public-bankrolled speculation, the outright sequestration of assets, financial fraud, and the offloading or creation of debt for the public (the groundwork of which goes back a century, to the founding of the central banks). WHAT IS CLASS HATE


In the new economic circumstances, with the home middle class superfluous, the political tide is taking them out, with fresh campaigns of class warfare at home to parallel the literal warfare abroad. And in the place of meritocratic social mobility (which had once lifted many boats), the banking aristocracy, updating the old blood line aristocracy, favors regressive measures to guard privilege, entrench class division, and roll back old gains. Debt free higher education, quality health care are exclusively for the elite (see article); for the masses, austerity. Not only minorities have seen a civil rights rollback (see Voting Rights Act, below). Rights for all have been reset back to feudal times (e.g. rescinding of habeas corpus). All Americans are now equally without civil rights. But African Americans in particular have come under focused attack... Penal Liberia With a shrinking middle class and ever greater numbers of the disenfranchised and ‘non-productive,’ US prison populations have surged. African Americans, twice as poor as a group as whites, 3 are sent up on drug charges at a rate 10 times higher than whites (--ACLU). Drug laws (powder vs crack for example) and the bogus “war on drugs” 4 serve in part to perpetuate a de facto racial segregation through imprisonment (and thereby also effective sterilization) of young minorities of reproductive age, in lieu of politically unacceptable reservations, apparently: once a seriously proposed “solution to the Negro problem” by Margaret Sanger’s old American Birth Control League. This would be an irrelevant anachronism except for the fact that the ABCL was the forerunner of today’s International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which pertinently is still engaged in racist activism against population growth among non-whites : It is a collaborator on anti-fertility campaigns in the developing world and in ‘Black and Hispanic communities’ in the US (see article). In light of the enduring US practice of keeping surviving Amerindians on reservations, and now also shamefully confining exemplary Muslims in dog kennels (at Guantanamo), the resort to the highly disproportionate lockup of African-Americans recalls the founding of Liberia in 1820 by white Americans, for the purpose of deporting Blacks there. In a country with the largest prison population in the world (over 2 million or 743 per 100,000 in 2010, greater than the population of the state of Nebraska), one out of nine young African American males under 35 is incarcerated compared to one in 100 for white males (ACS). This WHAT IS CLASS HATE


effective ‘deportation’ from ‘free society’ also serves a pacification function, taking potential rebels out of circulation (c.f. FBI’s war on the Black Panther Party ca. 1968). Overheard: ‘Me? I went to Penn State. And you? I went to State Pen.’

Political Relapse For those who are not incarcerated, disenfranchisement is still a problem. Today in Obama’s Washington DC, African Americans, who make up the majority of the federal district’s resident population, are not entitled to vote for, and have no political representation in the US Congress. In a recent ruling (Shelby County vs Holder, June 25, 2013) the US Supreme Court (including Justice Thomas) effectively struck down the core civil rights-era Voting Rights Act, allowing former Jim Crow states to re-enact poll taxes and to further limit minority voting through gerrymandering. Not that the fail-safe US ‘electoral system’ is not otherwise rigged (it fails safely every time); this revision was above all a matter of ‘good form’ (cf. attempts to gradually dismantle the legislative branch, starting with the Senates, in Canada, Ireland…). Detroit has come under open financial dictatorship, faring slightly better than another major AfricanAmerican city, ‘ethnically-cleansed’ New Orleans. But the civil rights meltdown, as noted previously, has been general. Other population control measures, which have become more prominent than ever before (see article ) in order to deal with growing ranks of the marginalized, cast a wider net. Measures such as the new gay-push, zero-child policy (a reactionary agenda masked by the real progressiveness of increasing tolerance) effectively replace sterilization laws that many US states, European nations and some Canadian provinces, notably Alberta, had on the books for the greater part of the 20th century. These are now impolitic (after open Naziism, 1933-45) and have been replaced in the West by these new expedients as well as other means (chemical disabling of reproduction: see article). The retrograde new biological politics in the West are indicative of an attempted restoration of the Old Order in new forms; the ancien regime is subverting the gains of the american revolution of meritocracy over discredited biological determinism, in a reversal of political evolution being carried out in the name of evolution. Politically speaking, the New World Order wants to do away with upright posture.



Nostalgia or Realpolitik?

US Passport pp. 18-19: Driving the oxen (to make ‘bread’); red text added to unmodified image Text:“Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart(/land) of America.” --Dwight D. Eisenhauer

The Ruling Class Minority (elite) ownership under cartel capitalism means unrestrained capital accumulation leading to ever increasing concentrations of wealth. The Gini index, a measure of the equality of wealth or income distribution puts the US at ‘86 percent unequal’ 5 in terms of net worth (2009). CEO pay runs at 350 times that of workers on average (2012, AFL-CIO). The West is sick with excessive concentrations of economic/political power, which like blood poisoning, can be fatal. It should be hardly surprising that economic power bestows political power and that economic inequality means political inequality. Call it plutocracy, kleptocracy or the banking aristocracy. The West is sick with excessive concentrations of economic/political power, which like metals poisoning of the blood, can be fatal.

Dictatorship by Capital (or The Profit-Motive Conspiracy) --Ralph Miliband Despite slight differences (some pluralism) in the dominant class there is... “consensus on the need to preserve and strengthen the private ownership and control of the largest possible part of society's resources and to enhance to the max the profits which accrue from that ownership.. of wealth and property have always been fundamentally united in the defence of the social order which afforded them their privileges... [the ‘conspiracy’ of the profit motive -- called defence of ‘national security’ or ‘freedom.’] ...The politics of advanced capitalism have been (only) about different conceptions of how to run the the same economic and social system and not about different social systems...‘the economy’ means the capitalist economy. 6



Industrial capitalism is an intensely coercive form of organization of society that cumulatively constrains men and all of their institutions to work the will of the minority who hold and wield economic power; and that this relentless warping of mens lives and forms of association becomes ...more and more an impersonal web of coercions dictated by the need to keep 'the system' running... ” Victor Deni illustration (1919)

The State an Instrument of Big Capital "The capitalist class rules but does not govern [it rules the governors, and]...the state [is] an agent (instrument) of private economic power.”

It is a patently absurd pretense of the oligarchy that a city mayor (Mayor Wallstreet) with a net worth of $27 billion can represent (and govern in the interests of) citizens with a per capita annual income of $30,000 (2010) and a 20 percent poverty rate (New York City, for example). The same can be said for the (US) national political ‘leadership’, with average personal wealth of members of the US House estimated 7 at $6m (2011); and that of members of the Senate double that figure at $12m (Center for Responsive Politics). This gaping disparity is a measure of the disconnect between political representative and the ostensibly represented, and reflects the political reality of a dictatorship by capital, despite continuing democratic pretensions.

Terror/Security Cycle

The security mania to which we have become inured goes hand-in-hand with extreme economic inequality. Real security (peace) is by way of economic justice--which the US reformer FDR called a ‘New Deal’ (playing card analogy meaning new ‘hands’), recognizing capitalism’s tendency to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few, and aimed at leveling out living standards--and not ‘gated-communities’ or nations, islands of stalag security, armed to the teeth, in seas of misery.

“Our prosperity/peace is bound up with others' and cannot be promoted by disaster for others...differences [between us are] overstated and exploited for political reasons.” --Bertrand Russell, Authority and the Individual

Back to the Fuhrer With economic developments driving political regress, the former inclusiveness of postwar boom years has degenerated into backsliding to old ideological forms, necessary to justify rampant inequality and parasitism. In the West, blue blood theories of “right hierarchy” are convenient for justifying economic disparity and preserving the status quo. Playing on race and differWHAT IS CLASS HATE


ences in general also distracts from the essential opposition between rich owners and poorer laborers. If biological politics may be indispensable to a game of dispossession and differentiation (called competition), “...from the point of view of biology or sociology [itself] there is no basis for class division [and] ...race theory is [irrational] biological mysticism” (--Wilhelm Reich).

Studiously avoided in the ‘us and them’ or nature vs. nurture debate is the question of the nature of the game.

By contrast, within the older and famously tolerant Muslim societies for example, though there are obviously also great economic differences, the social emphasis is always on personal relationships and solidarity, with race not even in the vocabulary (less so perhaps in some unrepresentative, Western-sponsored states). Nature of the Game: Dispossession, Differentiation, Apartheid

Great Seal of the United States Rule by Overseer symbol

Studiously avoided in the ‘us and them’ or nature vs. nurture debate is the question of the nature of the game. The sky-scraping pyramid of unequal wealth under private capitalism (versus state capitalism) is more a reflection of the rules of the game itself than of the merit of the players. Like water taking the shape of its vessel, the form of economic organization--here, elite or minority ownership-- necessarily plays the decisive part in shaping the social outcomes... The proletariat is just another name for the expropriated.




Wonderful World of Disney Ideology

Politics for Dummies or Teaching Them Young

(Above left-to-right) ‘Dopey’: A worker (miner) and a dwarf; ‘Goofy’: man-beast Everyman; ‘Dumbo’: ‘The Public,’ massive but infantile beast, afraid of rat ringleader

(Above left-to-right) Disney’s ‘Cinderella’s Castle’, a stylized version of Ludwig II of Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, the Nazi homeland .

(Above left-to-right) SS Major and Nazi war criminal Wernher von Braun discusses America’s future on the children’s program, The Walt Disney Show, 1959. von Braun in earlier days (in civilian clothes). WHAT IS CLASS HATE


(Above left-to-right) German V2 rocket model ‘moon ship’ at Disneyland Theme Park’s Tomorrowland, 1955, created with the advice of Disney consultant von Braun; Illustration depicting Dora slave labor camp, used to construct V2 test rockets under von Braun’s direct personal supervision [complicit in war crime of working to death 10,000 skeletal laborers there; not charged by the US. KZ=konzentrationschlager--concentration camp; The Dora works, with among the highest death rates of Nazi camps in Europe, were notorious among deportees for their fatal work details. Factoid: Strike breaker Disney, a long-time FBI informer and groundbreaking McCarthyite in Hollywood, along with a certain Ronald Reagan--B-film has-been turned star stool pigeon with a bright future on the political stage

The alliance between scientific progress and social progress has been lost in the Western scientific dictatorship, where a corrupted science, co-opted by reactionary authority, is now used to roll back human progress, murder, torture and enslave. For the Nazis, non-‘Aryans’ and especially Jews, were considered no better than expendable cattle. For the NATO alliance 50 years later, this despicable, fascist world view has been generalized to include the masses as a whole, with Muslims singled out for genocide as ‘the new Jews’ (see article). To their credit, as it were, Disney were correct in their early hint at a normalized future Reich. Whiten Up

(Above left-to-right) American Disney’s Snow White, 1937, (at height of pre-war Naziism); NIVEA Skin ‘whitening’ cream for men on sale in Asia (2011) [Nivea in Latin: ‘snow white’] is a brand of Beiersdorf of Germany; Vaseline “healthy white” skin lotion; Dove “white beauty” bar, from Unilever of the UK (not pictured)



Class Hate on TV

Disney’s Symbolic Human Slaughterhouse ‘Wipeout’--Soft-core snuff on prime time Disney’s ‘WIPEOUT’ (4 million viewers), on abc TV network, is a paean to class war: Sadistic spectacle of abuse as entertainment in a jaded, neo-fascist society. How long until “WIPEOUT, senior edition” ?

Symbolic slaughter as comedy

Red Grease for the Gears

Pig in the mud: Pernicious propaganda

‘Bloodied’ in the meat grinder: Hamburger with that ?

JER-REE’s ‘White Trash’

Staged Smears on American workers GE’s (NBC--now Comcast’s) ‘Jerry Springer’: Pro wrestling-type, staged daytime TV ‘freak’ show, assassinating the character of the American working class on behalf of their corporate America employers. Now in its 22nd season (2012). So why pay good wages?



And on the Big Screen... Planet of the Apes, 1968: Social revolution-era film depicting the overturning of the established order as being as absurd as apes ruling men. (Below right, ‘Trog’, 1970)

And now...The Zombies

Mall Zombies: Dawn of the Dead 1978 -- Originally a metaphorical critique of consumerism. Stripped of element of social criticism in later genre films, with the public represented as shooting-target threat (left).

The Zombie Masses: Dawn of the Dead (2004, left);

‘Zombie’ bus riders: Universal UK’s Shaun of the Dead, (2004, left)



The Mechanical Monstrosity (The War Machine Society)

Man in the Machine

21st c. Man in the Machine (far left, ONeill/White/INF) Native Man in Nature (left, corbis)

Player piano American ragtime jazz music (like Scott Joplin) --an African American artistic take on the US’s mechanical soul (c.f. Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Player Piano’; Gershwin’s pile-driving ‘Piano Concerto in F’ [ca. 25:35+], etc.)

Man in a Mechanical Strait Jacket Technological society creates “...a general trend to get inside some mechanical strait jacket [car, robot gear (c.f. Google glass) which] corresponds to the situation in which [indigenous peoples] once got collectively and psychologically inside the totem animal... The terror inspired by wild beasts which led tribal societies to get ... inside the tribal totem animal is repeated today as those confused or overwhelmed by the machine world are encouraged to become hard, brittle and smoothly metallic ―like the corporate robot, inside the totem machine.” ...It finally leads us to an "..inhuman wilderness even less manageable than that which once confronted prehistoric man...This worship of totemistic mechanism is a trek toward the voluntary annihilation of our individual humanity...” Marshall McLuhan (The Mechanical Bride, 1951) Land of Lockjaw

L-R: American industrialist (ex GM CEO); Hollywood actor; politicians WHAT IS CLASS HATE


Compromised Nature --‘Biophysical Reproduction of Mass Suppression’ According to the Viennese psychologist Wilhelm Reich, an authoritarian, machine civilization of mechanistic control produces actual physiological rigidity in its denizens--from fear of freedom--and at odds with their free human nature. Ossified layers of distorted consciousness, reproduced in the organism over generations under the weight of traditional authority, and necessary for it to perpetuate its privilege, were symbolized in Hugo’s literary metaphor of the monstrous Quasimodo, from Notre Dame de Paris. To extrapolate to modern technological society, take the physical contortion of the rigid lockjaw, or the familiar tic of the riveted American grin, flashed automatically, even in the most inhuman and macabre of circumstances (see Abu Graib image below), seemingly disconnected from natural feeling. Is it a manifestation maybe of the distortion of living in a maladapted social system geared not to human nature but to an automated process of profit generation? The lockjaw/ grin deformity would be then the hunchback of our times. Sexual Negation/Impotence and Blood Lust Mythologies have interpreted dualistic human nature as that of fallen gods, with a dichotomy between the spirit and the flesh, the divine and the animal--an interpretation which expresses our archetypal, shared consciousness of something lost (“everybody’s looking for something” --The Eurythmics). For Reich, Science/technology gave humanity an escape in the machine from our animal nature. But the suppression of the animal side--sexual negation as another example--is also the explanation for sadism, which does not exist in animals. Life as a process taking place in a machine, a factory society (with sex reduced to another mechanical process: ”pneumatic bliss”--Eliot) reduces us to the existence of a “brutal robot” ... ‘...opposed to that which is vitally alive, kind [“natural decency that springs from the joy of life”], social and related to nature...traits man misses in himself (brought out in Disney's animals)... In suppressing his own nature [his natural humanity], mechanistic man ‘shows his higher nature’ and ‘distinguishes himself from lower, animal man in sadistically torturing and murdering him...’ [grinning all the while] WHAT IS CLASS HATE


(L-R) Disney’s Bambi; Grins at Abu Ghraib

“The way of fascism is the way of the automaton, death, rigidity, hopelessness [in lock step with death-human life and death as 'turnover' (or fuel combustion) in the financial drive of a profit/war machine.] The [natural] way of living is fundamentally different. It is more difficult, more dangerous, more honest, more hopeful.” --Wilhelm Reich

Automation Gone Wild

(Above) The Flood: Fantasia, 1940, from 25:05; Later, Mickey

Banal bombs--After unknown artist



(Above) Images from Koyaanisqatsi, Metropolis, Chevron ad: ‘Human Energy’

NOTES 1 Former US ambassador to the UN, who described the deaths of an estimated half-million Iraqi children due to the pre-war US sanctions in these terms. (CBS ’60 Minutes,’ “Punishing Saddam,” May 12, 1996) 2 Biological politics ‘ the West;’ also in Israel. The US is operating concentration camps for Muslims (Guantanamo), amid a virtual Kristallnacht of blatant hate speech and calls for the purge of Muslims from the US military, etc. There have been zero Muslim American members of the post-coup regimes. In NATO’s EU, biological politics have been on the ascendant since 2001, with calls for the deportation of Muslims, high profile deportations of Roma, and a ban on public protests by Muslims (in France)...etc. Very 1938...while millions of Muslims have been murdered by the Western powers in the Near East. Africans and African Americans have come under devastating attack. The AIDS virus has predominantly killed Africans. Haiti, which undoubtedly would have joined hands with Socialist neighbors Cuba and Venezuela if let be, was attacked and occupied. Majority- African American cities have been targeted: New Orleans with armed ‘ethnic cleansing’ in 2005 (see here) and Detroit, with neo-colonial/apartheid governance under direct financial dictatorship. The conspicuous over-representation of African Americans in the enormous US prison population parallels the continuing existence of Indian reservations, biological politics par excellence. The zero child policy is also an example of the newly expanding biological politics, albeit casting a wider net. 3 Both African and Latino Americans are living in poverty at more than twice the rate of whites (25% in 2010, Census Bureau). 4 ...also a pretext for attacks on civil liberties and the targeting and violent repression of political opposition groups, as in Thailand, Mexico...(news ticker: ‘Mexico to privatize state oil company’)



5 2009, Edward N. Wolff; 86 out of 100 on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 meaning maximum or perfect inequality and 0 perfect equality 6 Some argue that it is not free market capitalism under which the West operates and this is true to the extent that private industry and finance have become parasitic on massive public subsidy, riskelimination and debt creation. Still, this is not a planned economy and the essential anarchy of the market system remains, misallocating resources and fabricating need where none existed in order to meet the private profit imperative, rather than meeting public needs. Private capitalism may be a better name. (This is not necessarily to endorse fully planned economies--the allocation engine of the market is useful to a certain degree, but because limitlessly rapacious (to the point of consuming its operators), needs the strong hand of the state (the collective) to master and direct it and set off-limits a large swath of the economy as the public commons: land, agriculture, banking, energy, petrochem/pharma, armaments and heavy (war) industries, health and education, media at 51 percent for example, under Socialism/ State Capitalism). 7 disclosure of personal wealth not required First published in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Resistance,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Fall 2013 â&#x2014;&#x160;



If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em ?

IS FACEBOOK SHILLING FOR ‘THE MONSANTO PROJECT’? An alarming call to normalize miscarriage Mark Zuckerberg has gone public with an announcement concerning his private life. Well that’s only fair for the founder and CEO of anti-privacy Facebook--finder of the motherlode in data mining the private lives of the willing and naive. If you build it, they will come. As the UK Telegraph leader of 2 Aug. puts it, Zuckerberg “reveals deeply personal details” (allegedly about family miscarriages)... “and calls for more open discussion” -- i.e. 'Lets hear about your miscarriages’ on Facebook.

It goes without saying of course that everyone can sympathize with any couple suffering such an anguishing loss. And that reporting medical events--to your doctor--is obviously important and necessary. But a public call for a new foray deeper into private lives ― spun as ‘breaking taboos’--by a known tool of the National Security State (notably with Facebook’s contributions to ‘color FACEBOOK & THE MONSANTO PROJECT


revolutions’ abroad, according to independent research; see also note 1) demands closer examination. Clearly this is not a topic of interest to advertisers, in line with FB’s business model. And it’s understood that social policy is not directed by chance events in someone’s personal life. With the social network master seen then in a new role as New Order spokesman to the linked-in masses, this suspect appeal to ‘end the miscarriage taboo’ at this time raises the question: Why the sudden need to ‘normalize’ miscarriage? Zuckerberg says his announcement and appeal are intended to foster hope: 'When we started talking to our friends we realized how frequently this happened (miscarriage), that many people we knew had similar issues and that nearly all had healthy children after all.' (n.b. quote removed/later restored in Telegraph cache.) This may well be his noble intention. Nonetheless the appeal serves to mitigate warranted alarm (‘happens more than you might think’) and ultimately holds out false hope ('nearly all had healthy children after all'), according to a larger, hidden agenda into whose outline it neatly fits (see below). From the social policy perspective, the ‘Time to talk about miscarriage’ call is likewise consistent with a prepping for rising miscarriage rates. Furthermore, Facebook is well connected to the eugenic establishment,1 whose very longstanding population control agenda casts its shadow over New Order social developments. Read as PR cover, the Facebook appeal would have the effect of recasting a jump in miscarriages as a jump in the reporting of miscarriages ― ‘a taboo overcome’ -- as people 'share their stories' under 'a new openness,' in a shining new example of Western progressiveness and further feminine liberation. 2 But for those of us who’ve been closely following the ominous, unmarked GM-food story, the Facebook plea comes like the thud of the other shoe dropping. It means: ‘Here comes the planned, GM-food-induced infertility.’ Here’s why... With the rollout of pesticide-laden GM foods starting around 1996, which now even another facilitator--the WHO--admits are harmful (with carcinogenic RoundUp TM), we are now seeing the first generation of offspring from women who have been fed on them since birth. Monsanto (US); Bayer/BASF (Germany); Syngenta (Swiss et al) GM foods have repeatedly been shown in scientific studies to cause high rates of miscarriage (>50% of pregnancies, 1st generation) and birth defects in lab animals, among other damage, leading to complete infertility in FACEBOOK & THE MONSANTO PROJECT


the following or the third-generation offspring. 3 The RoundUp TM pesticide that they carry has itself been shown to cause miscarriage in humans. 4 In light of these facts, the WHO cancer admission takes on the air of an effort at limited hangout. In view of these and other independent studies, the doped foods may be expected to likely cause a birth rate drop in human populations. The decline could be explained away as due to changing lifestyles. But the causal, permanent jump in miscarriages would be harder to obfuscate. In the sinister scenario that we may infer from much compelling evidence, 5 if the drop can be put down to increased reporting due to more cultural 'openness' rather than to poisoned food engineered for that purpose--for genetic quality control, like gay boosterism--then the timely call to 'normalize miscarriage' would help give cover to a monstrous disabling of something even more dear to us than our lost privacy--our fertility and the fundamental human right to freely reproduce. It’s time to start a national conversation about...dead babies ? It’s time to sound the alarms! 9 August, 2015 Revised Full FB announcement article See also EU Aims to Sterilize Populations

screen capture ( 2aug2015) NOTES 1 Facebook is ‘in the abortion business’ through its indirect but major contributions to Planned Parenthood and is linked through them to organ harvesting and sales (see below). The intermediary is a Mountain View, CA foundation, SVCF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation, with a Facebook exec on its Board), which awarded to P.P. affiliates up to $480k in 2012 (source: SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012, p.196). SVCF itself received nearly one-billion-dollars worth of stock from Facebook in 2013, and $500m in FB stock the previous year (San Jose Mercury News). Other beneficiaries of FB/SVCF largesse include ‘Good Ventures’, another San Francisco Bay area (new Berlin) foundation, belonging to Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz. Good Ventures, which received $65 million in SVCF awards in 2012 (source: SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012 p.129), is partnered with the Gates Foundation and linked with population control agency Population Services International. PSI for its part exclusively targets the developing world (India, Africa e.g.) with aborFACEBOOK & THE MONSANTO PROJECT


tion meds. (Another noteworthy SVCF beneficiary is the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, which receives monies annually (SVCF tax exemption form 990 public disclosure report 2012, p.90.)

PP’s social media sites PP Black Community; Latinos for PP; PP Teens *

PP: Dark Abortions Like PSI, Planned Parenthood’s focus is ethnocentric. Its website displays its ‘communityoriented’ social media sites--for ‘Black Community,’ ‘Latinos,’ and ‘Teens’ (* of which Blacks and Latinos in the US each rate double the percentage of teen pregnancies compared to Whites). There is no PP ‘community-oriented’ social media focus for ‘Whites.’

Pass the liver Recently videos have surfaced of a US Planned Parenthood top doctor and executive (Dr. Deborah Nucatola) nonchalantly discussing in an interview over lunch their illegal practice of organ harvesting and selling body parts from partially-birthed fetuses/newborns (up-to 6 months): 'always as many intact livers as possible...some people want lower extremities too'...what if we 'present everybody with a menu?’... On Facebook, users may click an organ donor button “Share your Organ Donor Status” to make their preferences known. (n.b.- PP ”Black Community” twitter page, Annual Report reference deleted following this report.) 2 ‘The voice of the Wurlitzer (or Big Brother)―the familiar, big, hefty heartiness, suggesting loud, confident self-congratulation―that we are as we are, and that only a cheap sneak would ask any questions... The style of the old patent medicine man slicked up totalitarian level.’--Marshall McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride, 1951 3 Surov study 2009, Ermakova study 2005--Russian Academy of Sciences. 4 Carrasco study 2009, Bolognesi study 2009, Paz y Mino study 2007 5 (see article)



GALLERY Effrontery from New Berlin

Infantilism Google: ”My Play Activity” (screen capture at right)

Behaviorism (à la Skinner): The Lab (rat) Society--”Like, Get, New Task”(Online job board)


Facebook screen capture - Organ Donor; (right:) Illustration



Update : 9 Oct. 2015 Pushing the Agenda in the Press

Ouch! IVF ‘Fertility Syringes’ heart (above left, UK Independent) (above left); Beat the ‘Infertility taboo’--Telegraph (above center); Normalize: ‘Why is IVF taboo ?’ (above right, UK Spectator)

You see where this is all going don’t you? Disrupted male-female mating (with big gay push); Disabled natural fertility (by cumulative effects of daily micro-doses of pesticide, resulting in the genetic dead-end of failed pregnancy or birth defects) ; Paid reproduction through IVF--a new economic gateway to replication to eliminate the financial underclass--and their progeny--from the gene pool. Directed evolution by Economic Selection.

(Warning) Signs of the Times (Below left) ‘Improved IVF won’t be enough to help young women start a family’--uk Independent (Below right) ‘Time to redefine childlessness: You don’t need to have a baby to be a mother’ (sic)--uk Telegraph, 14 Sept. 2015; “Eugenics need not be a dirty word”

First published 9 Aug. 2015, Revised Oct. 2015



ALERT ! The fascist coup of 9-11 in the US has ushered in the (old) New World Order in the West, together with its now manifest agenda items, like suspension of law, militarized police states, domination by terror, endless wars and belligerence, demonizing and genocide of a scapegoat group (Muslims), and the Nazi eugenics program, now colored in healthy pink but consisting in fact of the covert sabotage of reproductive health. Coincident with the emergence now of the first generation of offspring from parents fed on GMOs since birth (with the large-scale dissemination of GMOs from around 2000) we are seeing alarming developments wholly consistent with expectations of the gradual, deliberately-engineered obsolescence of free and natural reproduction: • an epidemic of miscarriage and birth defects, symptomatic of pesticide poisoning, is now in evidence, as announced by the World Health Organization, notably in the Americas--the biggest producers and consumers of GM food; • the continued thwarting of labeling efforts, even despite the WHO’s belated admission that the residue from GM crops’ paired pesticide, Roundup, is ‘probably’ carcinogenic ! • a propaganda campaign to disrupt mating and change attitudes toward miscarriage as ‘the new normal’--see here; • legislated redefinition of the family on the basis of infertile couples.

If it looks like a duck... Taken together, these momentous social developments are indicative of a program for the transformation of human reproduction from free, natural procreation to a system of artificial reproduction for genetic Quality Control through expensive IVF--the eugenic revolution part of the NWO agenda of total control.



The new system would be founded on the disabling of natural fertility by means of the public’s ongoing consumption of unmarked pesticide in purpose-built, GM food. The following article, ‘The Coming GMO Reproductive Holocaust,’ originally published Fall 2013, presents the evidence...

End of the Genetic Line

The life impulse will have to defend itself against intruders and destroyers. -- Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism [With the power of science and technology, the...] ...increase of productivity of labor has not been used to lighten mens burdens but to...improve methods of killing ... our technology will bring disaster unless we can learn to cooperate. --Bertrand Russell ‘You come out of the block. You see a fire coming out of the chimneys. You smell this terrible smell–that of flesh as it burns. And someone says, “This is not a factory. This is where they are burning your family.” And you say, “You are mad...” --Auschwitz survivor Lily Ebert


Something is rotten in the states of NATO. The transformation of the West into an antifreedom, totalitarian regime of comprehensive control has finally become starkly apparent to all with the emergence of the NSA/corporate spying scandal--a public-private partnership in "total information awareness." The exponential increase in technical capabilities thanks to new technology--the fruit of Labor--has ironically empowered a scientific dictatorship under which workers are forging their own chains.1



So now we know that besides total control of information ‘out’ (media), we also have total control of information ‘in’ (your data). The illegal destruction of the right to privacy is a big news story. But it is an old news story, that was never really taken up before by the controlled media. The sudden and selective rediscovery of the US Fourth Amendment at this time suggests a ‘limited hangout’ operation, to distract public scrutiny from aspects of the new social control system even more shocking and dangerous, as we will see further on in this commentary... But the cataloguing of personal data is itself dangerous. It is the gateway to total control over individuals. Dictatorships use this sort of data collection for list making, to maintain political control not by genuine elections but by profiling friend or foe--for blackmail, purges or mass exterminations (1940s Germany, 1960s Indonesia...). So let’s say a little prayer: May they choke on the bytes and drown under great rolling tides of information! Data Control Information is data and there is no ‘data’ more personal than DNA. For the ‘biotech’ or genetic engineering industry, gene splicing is data manipulation. This is also the view taken by courts,2 which has enabled the patenting of genetically manipulated organisms (GMOs), like new software, since 1981.3 A recent US supreme court ruling implied that human genes may also be patented, if modified (see note 2). Here the control imperative has far-reaching implications, where the immutable logic of industrial processing would give us technological manipulation of the human gene pool for ‘quality control.’ As it turns out, we are now re-embarked on this old eugenic quest, even before the advent of patented blue eyes. The public is consuming unmarked pesticides!

Weapons in the Silos ? The Western petrochemical/pharmaceutical complex, with a toxic legacy of pollution, fraud, convictions for conspiracy, 4 alliance with Naziism and crimes against humanity 5 occupy the new biotech space in GM food ! The Big Poison chemical industry and its Big Pharma sister in ‘tamed poison’ are taking upstream control over the Food chain and substituting their synthetics. Incredibly, under this unnatural food regime, THE PUBLIC IS CONSUMING UNMARKED PESTICIDE engineered into or directly applied to and absorbed by the synthetic ‘food’ crop carriers. Other bioactive, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from petrochem plastics are absorbed from the environment. ALERT!


The verdict of independent studies since the commercial introduction in 1996 of GM crops and their paired pesticides is in: they promote disease (a boon to Pharma) and are linked with dropping fertility rates (see also article ‘What Is Class War’), even as we feel the social engineering pressure on male/female mating--the corporate regime’s new but unannounced zero-child policy. GM food, feed and pesticides, made by notorious poison manufacturers, may damage your offspring’s health. To what end a drive to lower fertility rates? Genetic modification for what else? Genetic control. It is a documented fact that the birth control organizations of today are an outgrowth of the eugenics movement of the 20th+ century. In a regime of total control, fertility must be regulated. Reproduction must be regulated. An unmistakable pattern of historical and scientific evidence suggests that we are witnessing an unprecedented move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction, in terms of genetic Quality Control. We all saw the US fascist coup, even if we didn’t recognize it at the time. Indications are that the other shoe had already dropped...a final solution to the ‘problem’ of freedom in human breeding. The weight of independent scientific research findings indicates that GM food, feed and pesticides, made by the ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘the IG Auschwitz companies’ 6 may DAMAGE YOUR OFFSPRING’S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH in a chemical warfare/mass medication onslaught. They’ve broken down the gate (privacy) and they’re coming in! The history of industrialization under private capitalism is the history of the expropriation from peoples of their natural birthrights: land for food; enjoyment of the full fruits of their labor; 7 now their human rights and political freedom; in war, their lives. This has been called the conquest of Nature...the advancement of a machine civilization--firstly over the bones of its Natureadapted victims--at odds with the natural environment in which it dwells. This is the opposite of “sustainability,” the system’s current newspeak mantra of rationalization, as it drives madly forward, unbalanced, now turning inward towards the new frontiers of inner space and a conquest of human nature (‘We are mapping the human brain’--Obama). According to its relentless logic, the destruction of personal privacy is the first domino towards total control over the individual--ultimately, control over his genetic make-up. They’ve broken down the gate and they’re coming in! (The assault of TSA invasiveness and ritual humiliation was just the beginning.)



The next birthright under threat in this crossing of a blood-red Rubicon is the right to freely reproduce. Its denial, for the purpose of a kind of ‘unnatural selection,’ is based on a mass extinguishing of budding life through the chemical sabotage of reproductive health.8 GMOs are part of the eugenic ‘depopulation’ picture, to eliminate ‘undesired genetic lines.’ Extermination is a form of leverage over the content of the human gene pool, a disposal of the ‘genetic chaff’ for the purpose of breeding. Like Kubrick’s computer pilot run amok, totalitarianism has no limits in its blind, mechanistic drive for power and control over Nature and the individual. Rather than adapt the shape of human society to fit human nature and needs, our inverted New Order will remake human nature to fit requirements of its profit-by-death machine. This would be the next destination on a hijacked human odyssey.

Modern Times, 1936

The runaway train is passing all the stations along the way to genetic control: the erosion of gender difference; promotion of same sex coupling; chemical neutering with dropping fertility rates; chemical sabotage of DNA for miscarriage (or birth defects); controlled evolution of the species through conscious “selection”--the ‘perfecting’ of humankind through ‘quality control’ processing of ‘genetic resources.’ Monsanto’s ‘Agent Orange’ herbicide was a chemical warfare agent used against farms to destroy food crops, cause famine and half-a-million birth defects. The coup makers and their collaborators--NATO’s rulers in the West, knowing or unknowing torchbearers of Naziism--a vampire that won’t stay dead--have begun carrying out their final solution, to control reproduction for ‘self-directed evolution’... the Nazi dream of ‘suppressing the Underclass.’ Only this time, in yet another round of industrial-scale killing, the greater technological means now available allow the concealment of the war (on reproduction), through covert, asymmetric chemical and biological attack. The exterminators have learned to make like abortionists, but unwelcome ones, with unwilling and unknowing ‘patients,’ mass medicated with GM food. We have seen a variation of this new approach to covert mass killing in Iraq with ‘Depleted’ Uranium--radiological corruption of DNA resulting in miscarriages and birth defects. In Vietnam, a highly relevant precedent, Monsanto’s ‘Agent Orange’ herbicide was a chemical warfare agent used against farms to destroy food crops, cause famine and half-a-million birth defects. ALERT!


The cover story for the horror to come this time is already out...a novel, GMO-spawned pathogen (cached here; see also Update 2016)

The throttle is stuck down on the open-mouthed, voracious death machine. It must be derailed. We will not have our children’s reproductive rights--the right to reproduce--denied. We will not have industrial pollution of human DNA. The world is for the human person and not the profittaking of corporate legal persons! We will have a humanized world served by industry, not a corporate world government with profit enshrined and humanity relegated to the role of commodified, manipulable and consumable resource--a human ore (Joseph Borkin). It’s time to be told there is no Santa Claus! Or as Gunther Grass put it, Santa Claus turned out to be the gas man--here, the pesticide man.

On Secret Government Transparency? One fears that greater transparency will only reveal armies of maggots at work beneath the skin of a culture that needs a bit of a lie-down in order to collect itself before taking its next giant step [Syria?] which is to conquer Eurasia, a potentially fatal adventure ...--Gore Vidal

Notes 1 ...workers forging their own chains...: To be clear, this is not a problem with science/technology per se but a question of abuse of power, a political problem. Science and technology are neutral tools which may be used, or abused--under the blind law of doing whatever may be technically possible to do (drop an A-bomb on a city, for example).] 2 Diamond vs Chakabarty, USSC 1981 [fact of something being a living organism (bacteria) has no legal import for the purposes of intellectual property; 2013 court ruling on patenting human genes states that isolation alone is not sufficient for registering IP. Presumably it would take modification, and the fact of being human has no legal import for IP purposes. Who will we be paying for our children’s blue eyes?] 3 an oil-eating bacterium, patent sold to Exxon 1981 4 -US, 1974 “GAF (American IG, US), Bayer, BASF, DuPont and 5 other co.'s indicted for conspiracy to fix the price of dyestuffs in US. All plead guilty.”--J Borkin, Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, 1978 -Three top [pharmaceutical] companies [Pfizer, Cyanamid, Bristol-Myers] were convicted (1967) of conspiracy under the US Sherman Anti-Trust Act for price-fixing of the life-saving antibiotic tetracycline, keeping prices artificially high (up to 1000%) for more than a decade following the medicine’s introduction. Two other companies were named as co-conspirators [Squibb, Upjohn]. (Charged 1961, Kennedy admin.; Overturned 1973, Nixon era) Related US Senate hearings revealed corporate correspondence, between the five companies’ Latin American offices, written in code --Braithwaite, Corporate Crime, 1984. ALERT!


5 Nuremberg, 1948. BASF (Ambros, Krauch), Bayer (Ter Meer), Hoechst [Aventis] (Jaehne) 6 Agent Orange: herbicide chem warfare agent used by US in Vietnam resulting in 500,000 birth defects; IG Auschwitz: BASF, Bayer, formerly of the IG Farben cartel, which operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke). 25,000 dead. IG Farben was also “complicit in crimes committed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, leading to the death of an estimated 1.5 million people, according to the Auschwitz museum in Poland.” --wikipedia 7 The Civil War rise-to-power of burgeoning industrial and finance capital put an end to American slavery, the basis of the Southern economy. But the conditions imposed by the new masters remained of a kind …"which says 'You toil and work and earn bread―and I'll eat it, no matter in what shape it comes.’ " --A. Lincoln 8 ‘reproductive health’ - in its original, dictionary sense: the state of being able to reproduce. In its hijacked, ideological sense it has come to mean ‘having access to anti-fertility methods’ (contraception and abortion). Similarly for ‘reproductive rights,’ taken to mean the right to terminate pregnancy rather than its literal meaning ‘the right to reproduce.’ First the name of the thing is stolen. Then the thing itself is stolen. ♦ see following article: “What Is Class War?” First published in ‘Resistance’ Fall 2013; Revised for style



THE COMING GMO REPRODUCTIVE HOLOCAUST Slaughterhouse End of the (Genetic) Line...

L-R: Common N. American passenger pigeon, hunted to extinction ca. 1900; N. American bison, hunted to near extinction (By 1910 only 10 buffalo out of a stock of 60 million remained : ‘History and Sociology of Genocide,’ Frank R. Chalk, 1990); Bison skull mound (above right) ‘Pest Control’

L-R: AmerIndian - hunted to near extinction (Over 90% population decline late-19th. c. US, Ibid); European Jewry, website: (Reads: The evolution of better pest control; Welcome to BASF Pest Control Solutions; sampled June 01, 2013); Not pictured: Muslims of Middle East, Afghans; Rwandans; AIDS victims; Vietnamese...

Here We Go Again... Old Way

New Way

Nazi Roundup of the “unfit,” 1941 (above left); ROUNDUP: “Kills the Roots so Weeds Don’t Come Back” (double meaning: ‘mutagenic’) WHAT IS CLASS WAR


The War on Fertility: The Class War Goes Nuclear

GMO Outrage--New ‘Final Solution’ to End Free Reproduction? Mounting research findings indicate that genetically manipulated foods and their paired pesticides, made by the ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘IG Auschwitz Companies,’ 1 may damage your children’s fertility. The pattern of historical and scientific evidence suggests a move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction...the Nazi eugenic dream of genetic quality control for built-in suppression of the Underclass.

The Mutation Age

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Replication--A Delicate Balancing Act “The endocrine system, nervous system and immune system provide the body's bulwark against threats to health and life...” The human endocrine system, comprising many organs and glands, is a delicately balanced fluid control system which regulates sexual reproduction by means of a timed-release of finely tuned quantities of the body's hormones--a 'programmed' process that has evolved naturally over millennia. It is responsible for the manufacture of the physically transformative male and female sex hormones androgen (testosterone) and estrogen, that also influence the body's physiological equilibrium, metabolism, and growth and development, including that of the reproductive tract and sexual organs. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2005)

Changing the natural balance of hormone levels with external agents like natural estrogens or synthetic hormones can affect fertility. An example of this is the female contraceptive birth control pill (1960). In women, synthetic female hormone supplements suppress ovulation by simulating hormonal conditions during pregnancy, when re-conception is naturally blocked. Even in ancient times, a naturally occurring chemical (silphium) from plants, that mimicked estrogen, was used as a contraceptive.2 In men, overexposure to estrogen may cause neutering effects. In at least two documented occupational safety hazard cases, the dust from the manufacture of estrogenic hormonal products in pharmaceutical plants caused male workers to suffer such effects. 3 WHAT IS CLASS WAR


Synthetic Hormones in our Foods, Packaging Chemicals that are structurally different from estrogens but that imitate them in the body are called xeno-estrogens (“ZEE-NO” or 'foreign' estrogens) or synthetic estrogens. The herbicides used with GM crops belong to this group. That is, they have a DUAL ACTION--they are bioactive agents both in weeds and in humans. In weeds, the herbicides cause disease and death. In humans, they act as drugs, mimicking the female sex hormone estrogen and consequently unbalancing the body's endocrine system. Because they disrupt regular hormone function, these chemicals are called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs; see Theo Colborn’s Our Stolen Future). Earlier types of pesticide EDCs were chlorinated hydrocarbons. Those used with GM crops, ‘Roundup’® (glyphosate) and ‘Liberty’® (glufosinate), are phosphorus-based EDCs. Pesticides are toxic chemical compounds that include herbicides, which act against plants, and insecticides, which act against insects.

In addition to herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup ®, other prevalent EDCs in the Buna 4 soup of tens of thousands of different petrochemical pollutants in the environment include insecticides; industrial chemical PCBs; plastics and 'plasticizer' softening agents, derived from toxic Benzene, like BPA in baby bottles and phthalates in water bottles. Their harmful effects on health have been observed both in wildlife and in humans--most strikingly, neutering effects (CHEMTrust 2008). Chemical Neutering--Going for the Gonads Some of the unusual effects observed in nature and resulting from EDC chemicals, as reported in various studies (see footnotes), include ...'complete or partial sex reversal'... in fish 5; pesticide-linked sex change in frogs and toads, 'hermaphrodite polar bears,' and 'genital abnormalities' in many other species of mammals worldwide. In men, sperm counts have plunged, according to multiple international studies. A landmark, widely referenced Danish study (Carlsen 1992) 6 concluded that men’s sperm counts have dropped dramatically (60%) over the past 50 years, suggesting increasing infertility. The trend has been corroborated by later studies (Swan 2000; Travison et al, 2007) as well as recent European data indicating that "sperm quality [count] is approaching crisis levels that may impair fertility" (--European Environmental Agency, 2012; my italics). The latter report also noted "a steep increase in ... rates of endocrine ... disorders" in children. Chemical neutering is an established method of pest control ! WHAT IS CLASS WAR


The table below shows common EDC poisons, found in pesticides, household goods, cosmetics, toys and baby care products as well as in water and food, as residue.

TABLE 1 - Common Environmental EDC Chemicals

Note that like synthetic hormones for birth control (estrogen for example), most of these synthetic xeno-estrogens also have a reprotoxic effect, disrupting the natural balance of the endocrine system in the human body. Exposure

GM food is a pesticide carrier Exposure to these hormone-like chemicals occurs through absorption mainly by way of the skin and through diet. What sets GM foods and their paired herbicides apart from all of the other EDCs is the fact that they make food a pesticide carrier and the direct ingestion of pesticides unavoidable. With a herbicide-tolerant GM crop, herbicide like Roundup ÂŽ is applied directly to it. Because the food plants absorb the herbicide spray, the toxic chemicals cannot be rinsed off, making the ingestion of herbicide residue inevitable, in unmarked processed foods WHAT IS CLASS WAR


for example (US). Even in the many countries where GM food must be labeled, consuming products like meat, milk or eggs, which do not require labeling, and that come from GM-fed animals is another dietary route of exposure (Aris et al, 2011). It’s in the Water Water polluted by herbicide runoff is another source of ingestion. Syngenta’s EDC herbicide chemical atrazine (banned in the EU, 2005), which has been linked to human birth defects (Tyrone Hayes, UC Berkeley), “can be detected in most streams and rivers of the US” (National Resources Defense Council report 2009), where the chemical is deposited as runoff. The pollution triggered a $100m settlement by Syngenta (jointly owned by the Swiss Novartis and AstraZeneca of the UK) with six midwestern US farming states seeking compensation for the cost of having to remove it from drinking water. The herbicide chemical glyphosate, a xeno-estrogen (Thongprakaisang et al 2013), has also been found extensively in surface water in the US; in groundwater in Denmark, where it was banned in 2003; and in the urine of almost half of urban residents sampled across Europe in a 2013 study. ‘But the Levels Are Low’ Glyphosate is the ‘active ingredient’ (among others) used in the Monsanto herbicide Roundup®, which has been found to be toxic in trace amounts. For example, at just 1 ppm (parts per million), Roundup ® has been found to cause severe endocrine disruption, significantly (35%) reducing male testosterone levels in lab animals (Clair, 2012). In addition to endocrine disruption, Roundup ® has also been found to have many other toxic effects (see Table 2) at even trace amounts, including DNA damage in human liver cells at just 5 ppm concentration (N Benachour 2009), well below regulatory limits for herbicide residue in GM food (40 ppm in soybean, cottonseed; up to 400 ppm in feed--EPA. Residues on food have been found at up to half the level left on the food crops). Both the disruption of hormone levels and of DNA integrity are mechanisms that could produce an anti-fertility effect. But since the poisons accumulate in the body, it is the cumulative effect of even micro-doses over a generation --rather than the amount of single dose-- that is of concern here. BPA/Phthalates - Wide exposure Additional studies have shown nearly 100% exposure rates in tested groups of people to the ubiquitous BPA at some level of blood concentration 7 and high rates of exposure to WHAT IS CLASS WAR


phthalates.8 Both BPA and phthalates are xeno-estrogen (synthetic hormone) EDCs that have been found to promote infertility. Thermal-paper transaction receipts may contain up to 10 mg of BPA (USEPA), which is very readily leached from materials and absorbed through the skin. Food contaminated with leached chemicals from plastic packaging or container linings is a dietary route of exposure to these EDC chemicals. The EU’s EFSA sets an acceptable daily intake of BPA at just 0.05 ppm. In France, BPA is banned from use in food packaging. Safer alternatives to these materials are said to exist at similar cost. Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” ® (RR) crops are modified with a gene 9 (cp4 or epsps) making them resistant to the herbicide Roundup ® (glyphosate), so that fields of crops and weeds may be sprayed together with the weed killer. The German chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer also makes GM crop seeds engineered for herbicide tolerance (“Liberty” ® -- glufosinate). Particular Vulnerability of Infants/Fetuses The body's natural defenses in an adult provide barriers and filters that help prevent foreign chemicals from doing damage at low levels but the rapidly developing fetus and lactating infant are especially vulnerable to acquiring serious developmental disorders as a result of the effects of EDCs or other poisons, even at low levels. In developing infants and embryos the blood-brain barrier and the detox or blood filter organ, the kidney, are not fully formed. Some chemicals can cross the placental barrier (see Thalidomide, Roundup ® below). Poisoning Mother's Milk The human embryo depends on its endocrine system for development but also on hormones from the mother's placenta, which if the levels have been disrupted by EDCs, could produce developmental effects on the fetus. After birth, the mother's hormone levels continue to influence infant development in mother's milk, through lactation, also “one of the most significant routes of exposure to pesticides for any mammalian juveniles... [my italics]. By contrast, exposure to pesticides in baby formula appears to be almost negligible.” 10 Thus EDCs may have indirect effects on the development of a fetus or infant by changing the mother’s hormone levels. Lactation exposes an infant directly to the (plastics or) pesticide chemicals absorbed by the mother, with potential developmental effects. (See also article) Another route of direct exposure is the transmission of EDC chemicals that can cross the placenta, as mentioned previously. Glyphosate, the EDC ‘active ingredient’ of Roundup ®, has



been shown to cross the placental barrier in mammals (Daruich 2001). Roundup ® itself has been shown to be lethal to human placental and embryonic kidney cells (Benachour 2009). It’s striking that the first noted chemical crossing from mother to fetus was demonstrated in the Thalidomide scandal, a drug-caused outbreak of miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects resembling today’s ‘Zika epidemic,’ and that some of the makers of the herbicides and GM food crops used and consumed in the affected regions are associated with that drug’s manufacturer (see sidebar). Insecticide in the Womb The endocrine disrupting (EDC) feature of GMO herbicides is only part of the GM crop toxicity picture. While some GM plants are engineered for resistance to herbicides (to be carriers), others are genetically modified to make their own pesticide, from every cell of the plant. A modified, insecticidal bacteria toxin (Bt -- Bacillus thuringiensis) is used in Monsanto's Bt corn (MON 863), among other GM varieties. These synthetic ‘foods’ are EPA-registered pesticides. GM toxins and genes have been found to transfer to the human body (see Table 2, Netherwood 2004). The Bt toxin was found to be present in the blood of a high percentage of pregnant women and their fetuses (93% and 80% respectively), showing that the GM insecticide also crosses the placental barrier. 11 Exposure was thought to have occurred through diet on products from animals fed GM feed. It has also been speculated that the subjects' gut bacteria may be manufacturing the toxin after having acquired the gene (see note 9) responsible (Cry1Ab) through ‘horizontal gene transfer’ from the modified corn to gut bacteria (Jeffrey Smith). The GM Bt toxin is recognized as allergenic and immunotoxic in ‘non-target’ species (humans, for example) and has been linked to leukemia and other illnesses (see sidebar “Mezzomo” below).

Mezzomo Bt study “..The number of red blood cells (RBC’s) as well as their size, were significantly reduced, and so were the levels of hemoglobin for oxygen to attach to. Every factor regarding RBC’s indicated some level of damage for all levels of toxin administered and across all Cry proteins. The tests clearly demonstrated that Cry proteins resulting from the Bt toxin were cytotoxic (quality of being toxic to cells) to bone marrow cells. Studies continually show that these proteins kill blood cells by targeting the cell membranes of RBC’s. [This includes human RBC’s in in vitro tests.) ..Caused anemia in mice, even at the lowest tested dose [of 27 ppm] ...” Dr. Belin Mezzomo, Department of Genetics and Morphology and the Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Brasilia WHAT IS CLASS WAR


‘Pesticide with That?’ -- Consumer as Pest Some might call the ubiquitous presence of hazardous chemicals in our environment an unfortunate fact of life under petrochem rule, but this health risk is now exacerbated by the once hardly imaginable development that the public are now ingesting pesticide directly with their foods. This is possible because the real novelty of GM foods, as far as the consumer is concerned, is that they make pesticides in your plate unavoidable -- they are synthetic foods that contain pesticide, ‘disarmed’ infectious agents and antibiotic resistance genes. About 20 percent of the GM ‘foods’ commercialized produce their own insecticide (Bt toxin) 12 throughout the plant. About 70 percent of cultivated GMOs are designed for herbicide (pesticide) tolerance and so can be directly saturated with the weed killer in the fields, carrying absorbed chemical residue--hydro-carbon fuel derivatives--all the way to the dinner plate.

The Regulatory Stand-Down ‘ THE U.S.

As one might expect in a nation that has suspended the rule of law, regulation of industry has been dismantled in the US. The post-legal, Fortune 500-subsidiary has effectively short-circuited public oversight via industry shill appointments at key government posts (FDA, USDA, EPA, USSC, and on up). There is no legal requirement for US companies to seek FDA approval for synthetic foods, which the compromised regulatory authorities deem “substantially equivalent” But the authorities have got our backs

to their organic counterparts. Nor is GMO safety testing required. Nominal regulatory responsibility is fragmented between USDA, FDA, EPA, FTC with industry stand-ins as agency chiefs. Ideally, manufacturers would be held responsible for knowing if their own product is safe or not, at their own expense. Not that selfpolicing is a reliable check on this industry. Monsanto’s own commissioned pesticide lab testing has been found in the past to be fraudulent (Craven Labs, 1990; IBT Labs, 1976), an industry-wide problem (see ‘The Companies,’ below). WHAT IS CLASS WAR


For their part, GMO companies like Monsanto have publicly rejected responsibility for the safety of their own food products destined for public consumption: “It’s not our job.” 13 According to an industry critic, this is a classic warning sign: “The willingness to hand over responsibility to regulatory agencies is the hallmark of the irresponsible company” (--J Braithwaite, ‘Corporate Crime’, 1984). Nor does Monsanto make samples available for independent testing. Government by Industry for Industry A glance at Table 1 above -- the hazardous chemicals -- shows that we are on a dangerous merrygo-round of product release, hazard detection, and post-damage chemical ban instead of a more sensible red card system, which goes to show the heavy political weight of Big Chem and its power to freely influence our environment. Failed regulation occurs because it is these powerful multinationals, particularly from the petrochemical/pharma complex, who write the rules and put the overseers in place. Monsanto has had shills on the US Supreme Court (Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto counsel); at the head of the government regulatory agencies US FDA and EPA, as well as USDA and the Commerce Department. Ex-employees have populated the ‘Justice Department’ and ‘Homeland Security’; Disgraced ex-Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle Pharma (aspartame), until its acquisition by Monsanto in 1985. Before becoming US president, the former CIA director, NWO- and JFK-conspirator 14 George Bush I was a director of the Pharma company Eli Lilly (1977-79). Breaking the power of corporate rule by nationalization of over-powerful multinationals has proven difficult. When Sri Lanka moved to nationalize the local Pfizer ca. 1974, its socialist government lost power in a likely soft coup in the next round of elections (it was the year after Salvador Allende tried to nationalize the local Citibank, resulting in the original Sept. 11 fascist coup). Today, already outsized Western multinationals are combining, consolidating industry’s grip on power over government under the Western private capitalism model (versus state capitalism). It is at best a measure of the boot-on-the-scale profit prejudice of our compromised justice systems that responsibility for something as vital as ‘food’ safety has been abdicated by manufacturers and regulators alike, and that GMOs are still unlabeled (in the US) in violation of the most basic, founding FDA doctrine of prior informed consent. At worst, these failings may be seen as a deliberate stand-down for a definite purpose... Regulations, Continued



The dissemination of GM foods is taking place in Europe, as in the US, within an ‘extra-legal’ process of collusion between the various institutions and instruments of corporate rule--a form of force feeding. Why? Mass Medication As discussed, the novel GM food crops are designed as pesticide carriers. Studies have indicated that the biological effects of the herbicides include acting as endocrine-disrupting artificial hormones. Because these pesticide compounds are bioactive chemicals, the GM food crops should be treated for regulatory purposes as drugs, not ‘substantially equivalent’ foods. Like all new drugs, GM crops must be subject to labeling requirements. Environmental pesticide destined for human consumption without labeling is forced drug consumption without prior informed consent, or MASS MEDICATION/poisoning. Big Tobacco Considering their records for deception, willful pollution, the devastation of PCBs, dioxin, Agent Orange and Napalm, and even war crime convictions for mass murder (Bayer, BASF: see ‘The Companies’ below), let’s say that the effective self-policing in place is a very dubious proposition in this case.

RR: ‘Trust Us’

As for the GM crop industry’s protestations and dismissals of repeated studies pointing out their food products’ toxicity, they must be regarded in the same light as those made for decades by Big Tobacco, a lies, disease and death business, whose capital of Raleigh, NC incidentally is an international Ag-biotech hub and US home of the three foreign giants of the Big 6: BASF Crop Science (headquarters), Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta. Monsanto and Dupont are also present, but not Dow. Monsanto formerly had a Philip Morris director on its board, John S. Reed. Other directors of Monsanto past and present have included a former CIA director, Stansfield Turner (--NNDB) and a member of the Pentagon ‘Health’ Board, respectively. This latter fact brings up the point that Monsanto is an insider company, which in the past has been a go-to firm for tight-lipped, dirty jobs for Uncle Sam such as: ‘special’ weapons projects: uranium/plutonium handling in the Manhattan Project to build the A-bomb; and the WHAT IS CLASS WAR


chemical weapon warfare against farmers in Vietnam. Monsanto also produced wartime synthetic rubber supplies.

Curious Exceptionalism Let’s be frank. The GMO roll out has government project written all over it. Like the Nazis before them, the US has inverted science to follow a political program, and made the dissemination of GM crops immune from legal challenge with its April 2, 2013 passage of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’, 15 a giant red flag, which together with the regulatory and testing free pass, secrecy, numerous illegalities, scientific warnings about toxicity, and the criminal or toxic records of companies involved should raise the loudest and most urgent of alarms. It is certainly counterintuitive to apply toxic pesticide directly to the food crops we eat ! While the plants have been engineered to tolerate the toxicity, people have not been. WEAPONS IN THE SILOS

Commercial Rationale of GMOs As mentioned, as pesticide carriers GM foods lead to the direct ingestion by people of dangerous, fuel derivative chemicals from their food. Residue from Roundup ® weed killer on food products has been found at up to 50 percent (WHO) of the level left on the crops treated with the pesticides and is stable for one year (WHO) in plants; in animal products like meat it is stable for two years (--PAN UK).16 It is certainly counterintuitive to apply toxic pesticide directly to the food crops we eat! While the plants have been engineered to tolerate the toxicity, people have not been. But the GM gimmick, which brings no net benefit to farmers or foods,17 does benefit the petrochempharma complex. Besides the royalties on GM seeds, it means that farmers are locked in to buying the seeds they used to get for free and to buying the paired herbicide to go with it. A variation on the McDonald’s coke with your burger business model. With GM crops, the free use of the natural fertility of earth by farming is subverted and monetized, turning landowner farmers into serfs (Engdahl), put in the feudal position of paying ‘rent’ to petrochem ‘landlords’ to farm WHAT IS CLASS WAR


their own land. And because Roundup ® persists in soil, farmers face the economic non-choice between continuing to use the herbicide-tolerant seeds in replantings or leaving fields fallow for at least seven years (op cit.) until traces of the herbicide have washed away. It should be self-evident that poisons like weed killer and insecticide have no place in the food we eat. Unless of course they are there for a reason.

Strategic Rationale of GMOs While there may be no positive value of GM crops for consumers, which partially explains the adamant lack of labeling, the novel combination of food and pesticide does produce a ‘synergistic,’ negative effect on human health, unsurprisingly -- it is a pathway to human disease. This further explains the refusal to label, as well as the legal immunity granted Monsanto in the US (see note 14). It should be self-evident that poisons like weed killer and insecticide have no place in the food we eat. Unless of course they are there for a reason. There is a pacifist saying about beating swords into ploughshares -- ‘Make Bread not Bombs.’ The world now faces the nightmarish eventuality of bread AS bombs.

The possibility of using food as a weapon was explicitly discussed in the sinister Kissinger Report/NSS Memo 200 back in 1974. But technological developments since then have evolved the potential realizations of this aim beyond the conditional withholding of food aid--the option considered at that time. The advent of gene splicing in the early 1970s and then GM foods in the mid-1990s have made it possible to now convert food itself into an arm or weapon of biological and chemical warfare. There is a pacifist saying about beating swords into ploughshares -‘Make Bread not Bombs.’ The world now faces the nightmarish eventuality of bread AS bombs-time bombs in fact. Genotoxicity & Disease in Humans As far as human health is concerned, the most important novelty of GM crops is that they are carriers of disease-causing agents: the pesticide residue or built-in insecticide or both. “Roundup ®” and “Liberty ®” herbicides, Bt insecticide and the GM crops themselves have all been linked to disease in humans. In particular, the herbicides have been shown to damage reproductive function in offspring, causing birth defects or miscarriage (see Tables 1,2). This reWHAT IS CLASS WAR


sult, together with a pattern of other evidence strongly suggests a purpose of meeting the admitted political goal of depopulation, as well as commercial aims, through these means. At the same time, it’s notable that the toxin-loaded GM crops stand to profit the pharmaceuticals business as well--which is also partly involved in GM agriculture --through disease (see heading ‘The Companies’ below).

Food as a Weapon

The Fertility Prevention Imperative DoD - Department of Death

In the natural environment, the use of chemical pesticides -- herbicide or insecticide -- is the most common method of pest control for plants and animals. Biological pest control is another method, which may operate on mortality, on reproduction, or both. On the minus side, biological “regulation of mortality” may affect survival through factors such as limitation of food supply or promotion of disease (pathogens, toxins, reduction of nutrition, disabling biological defenses, etc. ) On the plus side, as it were, “regulation of reproduction” may operate on fertility, reducing numbers through sterilization: chemical or radiological corruption of DNA, resulting in failed birth (damaged or mutated chromosomes usually doom a pregnancy, with miscarriage or birth defects); chemical (hormonal) attack on gender type (neutering); or by otherwise disrupting mating practices. From the purely mathematical (and criminal) Western military perspective, unfortunately, all of these chemical and biological extermination methods may equally apply to ‘reducing human populations,’ with the addition of psychological warfare (propaganda) techniques targeting mating practices; increasing infant mortality; promoting and coercing abortion and contraception; elimination of medicinal defenses against disease; corrupt immunization; euthanasia; food crop destruction and other attacks on life-supporting ecosystems to collapse population ‘numbers’ (through fracking for example, or the bombing destruction of water treatment plants, as in Iraq, to produce "a shortage of pure drinking water for much of the population" resulting in "increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease"--Pentagon). We are now seeing manifestations of most of these approaches to human depopulation--a mass extermination program --notably through the forced and extra-legal (see note 15) adoption and dissemination of unmarked, pesticide-containing genetically manipulated (GM) foods.



“One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of certain populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means: famine and sickness.” --Robert MacNamara, Chair of the WHO (World Health Organization) Expanded Immunization Program, April, 1996; [& Vietnam-era US Defense Sec.] skip Technical Section

Whats in a name? “Roundup,” the Cry gene, Creve Coeur (Heartbreak), Missouri--Monsanto headquarters A Look Inside GM Foods

The ‘Package’ -- A Can of Worms Wrapped in Bio-Tech Tinsel Genetically modified foods are essentially crops modified to contain pesticides -- through absorption in the field, with engineered tolerance, or with pesticide production built in to the crop plant itself. Herbicide tolerance is normally the main trait imparted to a host plant, via a transferred gene (transgene--see note 9). Additional genes are included in the full package (‘cassette’) of transgenes mainly (ostensibly) for purposes of functionality of the herbicide tolerance feature. These include genes from ‘disarmed’ infectious agents like viruses and bacteria, along with bacteria toxins and antibiotic resistance. These are transferred into food crop plants together with the tolerance trait. These mutant GM genes, designed to jump into new hosts, are ‘unstable, prone to recombine and attached to a strong promoter which locks on their expression (or over-expression) wherever they may end up’ ( The Package, Continued

A Trojan Horse? Now to recap, our wholesome organic foods have been modified to include pesticide, toxins, genes from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, in combination with an antibiotic resistance trait... The fact that the various features of these constructs constitute a quasi-legitimate function for commercial use does not preclude of course that they also compose the elements of a trojan horse, hiding weapons in its belly. For this is exactly what the weaponization of food would look like, disassembled, before random recombination in the wash of the human gut, as a ‘softkill’ ticking time bomb (for 10-15 percent?).




GMOs/Herbicides Harmful to Mammals/Humans Table 2 - Major Toxicity Studies (for Roundup, Glyphosate, Roundup Ready® crops, Bt toxin, GM transformation)





Remarks on Studies

Roundup ® Mutagenic Note that the Roundup ® formulation (see note 22-end) is more toxic than its nominal active ingredient, glyphosate. It is glyphosate however which is the chemical studied in national “risk assessment tests.” This is unscientific methodology, which checks the ‘best-case’ scenario instead of the worst, glossing over risks. It is the proprietary (undisclosed) additives or ‘inert ingredients’ in Roundup ®, such as surface agents, that are the most highly toxic, multiplying a formulation’s toxicity up to 100-fold (Seralini 2005) and which have been found to contain a carcinogenic contaminant, ‘1,4 dioxane,’ at 350 ppm (CANTEST). Roundup ® has been shown to be mutagenic/genotoxic (damages human DNA) at concentrations hundreds of times lower than those of the herbicide residue left on GM food crops (Archives of Toxicology, Feb. 14, 2012). Even without the highly toxic additives, glyphosate tested alone has been shown to be reprotoxic, disrupting fetal hormone production, similarly to dioxin (Romano 2012). It should be added that studies have shown the main breakdown product (AMPA) of glyphosate to be also genotoxic (Manas et al, 2009). A summer 1998 Monsanto ad campaign (“Food, Health, Hope”) in Europe promoted its GM foods as a ‘solution’ to population growth (The Ecologist, Sept/Oct. 1998) among other things. The yields didn’t pan out. That would then be by means of...? ..experts have found potential evidence of latent ‘sabotage of fertility’ through chemical disruption of endocrine and reproductive systems, delivered via environmental chemicals and the food supply, in what would amount to forced, mass medication for sterilization in offspring.

Miscarriages for the Masses “A Pox on your Useless Spawn”

The preceding table only includes major findings but total studies published by experts showing toxicity of ‘Liberty’ ™ (glufosinate), Roundup ®, glyphosate, Roundup Ready ® and Bt crops number over one hundred. The conclusions of the numerous independent studies are now clear : GMO ingredients and herbicides have been found to promote disease in humans. In lab tests, recurring negative effects seen include neonate mortality, infertility, Black Stork



miscarriage (spontaneous abortion), birth defects. Similar outcomes have been noted in livestock.18 In other words, experts have found potential evidence of latent ‘sabotage of fertility’ through chemical disruption of endocrine and reproductive systems, delivered via environmental chemicals in the food supply. This would amount to forced, mass ‘medication’ for sterilization in offspring, through chemical neutering with xeno-estrogens and corruption of DNA via the ingestion of mutagenic pesticides. Latency ‘...insecticidal poison affects a generation once removed from the initial contact with it.’--Rachel Carson, ‘Silent Spring’ As seen in the studies, some of these effects take a generation or more to surface, which in the case of lab hamsters is about five months, compared to about 20 years for people. Genetically modified foods have only been commercialized for 17 years (since 1996), and so generational anti-fertility effects in humans, like miscarriage or birth defects in offspring will not yet have been seen.

(Update 2016) ‘Zika virus’ State of health emergency declared in several states in Brazil where an ‘epidemic’ of thousands of similar, serious birth defects (microcephaly) have begun occurring; WHO announces that it expects the emergency to spread across the Americas. Rightist coup d’etat in Brazil follows. Brazil and the USA are major consumers and producers of GM food, with Brazil the number one consumer of agrochemical pesticides worldwide. Microcephaly case in Brazil (above) Symptoms of chronic exposure to herbicide are consistent with those of the outbreak and include miscarriage and teratogenic effects like microcephaly, notably in the case of Monsanto’s glyphosate, which can cause fetal malformation by “impairing retinoic acid signaling,” according to the 2009 Carrasco* study (see Table 2b above). *Paganelli A, Gnazzo V, Acosta H, López S, Carrasco AE. Glyphosate-based herbicides produce teratogenic effects on vertebrates by impairing retinoic acid signaling. Chem Res Toxicol 2010; 23(10): 15861595.

The Missing Link On May 12 a crucial scientific ‘confirmation’ was reported in the US academic journal Cell Stem Cell of the ‘link’ between the ‘Zika virus’ and the microcephaly outbreak in pesticide-sodden and GM food swamped Brazil.



The scientists would be two Chinese (Read: ‘uncompromised’) members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, both with connections however to either the US or the UK. Dr Xu Zhiheng earned his PhD at Rutgers University’s prestigious Waksman Institute, ‘linked in’ to the American medico-defense establishment, including the nearby Carnegie Institute’s Cold Spring Harbor Lab of Genetics--research-groundzero of the American Eugenics movement for over a century--from where many faculty have been drawn. The other, a Dr Qin Chengfeng, “is supported by” a ‘Newton Advanced Fellowship’ at the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. [The UK is the birthplace of the Eugenics Movement and uk media have been steadily promoting the current anti-fertility campaign (see also end of article).]

The Dog Ate My Homework They purportedly demonstrated that Zika virus caused smaller brain growth in developing fetal rodents. One problem with the study however was that none of the evidence was available for observation in birthed, living mice because all were destroyed when ‘eaten by the mother’ after being brought to term, according to the reports. Instead, photographs of different-sized fetal mice brains were presented as evidence of the all-important link: purportedly showing the normal, non-infected size compared to smaller ones from infected fetal mice, removed from the dissected mother before birth. China Daily In the news reports of the crucial finding, one of the Chinese scientists, Dr Xu Zhiheng, is pictured giving a presentation in Beijing in front of a diagram notated in perfect English, bearing little relation to his lab work. More propaganda-style poster than info-graphic or technical slide (see at left), it compares the sizes of a human baby’s head with and without microcephaly. Dr Xu’s study was performed however not on humans but on rodents. ‘Ghost research?’ None of the foregoing should necessarily impugn the reputations of either the scientists or the Chinese Academy, as it is common practice for research teams to carry out the grunt work of a study rather than the ‘name’ scientists themselves, who direct it. Pattern of evidence But it does fit the pattern suggesting that the ‘Zika outbreak’ scare is a cover for a program of chemical sabotage of fertility by means of GM food and herbicide: the mystifying infomercial-style news reports of ‘Zika cases’ contradicting previous information; crucial research with missing evidence, by teams presented as independent but with suspect associations; unusual political developments at the site of the worst ‘outbreak’ (coup in Brazil); a US state’s breakthrough GM labeling law (in Vermont) struck down by federal statute, to keep consumers eating in the dark... Nonetheless, the Link story now has life and has emerged from the laboratory. According to a recent article (July 2016) from the daily express uk, an elderly man (actually a woman) in Utah “died of the Zika virus” in June 2016, becoming the first known Zika-related fatality. Previously, authorities had said that the virus resulted in only mild or no symptoms in the carrier. Local reports out of Salt Lake City added that the elderly person also had an unspecified underlying condition. The case was also notable because the person had passed the virus on to his caregiver, the reports said--a mystery case of non-sexual, WHAT IS CLASS WAR


person-to-person transmission. The Salt Lake County health board issued a press release about the case but abstained from naming the principals or where the deceased had traveled to contract the virus, for ‘privacy reasons.’ Now the US would have us believe they scrupulously protect the privacy of the dead but not of the living, even under conditions of a public health emergency: Utah is home to the NSA’s Bluffdale national personal data sinkhole. Mystery upon mystery upon contradictions: Mystification. The Express story is illustrated entirely with stock photos (above left) for the elderly man, carer, a mosquito, and a US flag--the paid advertising look. Is it news or pure info-marketing? Note also that the said symptoms of the sometimes asymptomatic Zika virus are all producible via remotely applied microwave radiation : joint pain, fever, headache, stinging eyes, (microwave heat) rash and memory loss; in other words, alleged “Zika virus” infections may be simulated by targeting with RFDEWs (Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons).


Big Poison Corners the... Food Business (Upstream) Coal tar [used as driveway sealant]

Many of the world’s creation myths imagine the origin of humans as a lump of clay earth. As for the chemicals production business, it started with a lump of coal. All of the biggest synthetic food crop companies responsible for GM foods today come from the toxic chemicals business, manufacturing substances derived from coal tar, almost all of which are poisons, like pesticides-antithetical to life. [Carbon itself is the essential element of organic or living matter.] Obviously not something you would want to see in your dinner plate--a lump of coal. Even if the modifications made to food crops do not employ petrochemical-derived substances -- i.e. the transgenes come from living organisms and not from chemicals -- which as we’ve seen still involves risks -- GM synthetic food does carry hydrocarbon-derived poison in the form of pesticide residue, because unlike with organic plants, it is applied directly to the resistant, mutant crops and so, is absorbed and then consumed in food. “Prescription drugs are no more than tamed poisons” Toxic substances can be used as disinfectants when they are toxic to microbes. In this way, the toxicity of some of these compounds led to their use as pharmaceuticals, another business area of some of these companies (Novartis, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Dow). This is how the German Bayer created the first antiseptic, a bacteria-killing sulfa drug in 1933, discovered in a red dye derived WHAT IS CLASS WAR


from coal tar. Bayer had first entered the pharma business (from dyestuffs) with its invention in 1899 of aspirin, another coal derivative, (which with regular use however can cause GI hemorrhage). Amazing what you can make from a lump of coal, which is as rich in different chemical substances as it is toxic. (Note that antibiotics derive from organisms (bacteria, fungi) and not from hydrocarbons but they function as medicines on the same principle of toxicity to microbes. (‘Anti-biotic’, the glory of Big Pharma, ironically means ‘against life.’ ) “Prescription drugs are no more than tamed poisons” (Braithwaite, ‘Corporate Crime’, 1984, p.208, citing a pharma industry medical director), hence their inevitable and often serious side effects. Pharma production, from petroleum feedstock, as with plastics, generates a highly toxic waste stream that must be treated before release. This includes cyanides, arsenics, acids, heavy metals and toxic sludge. "By far the greatest concentration of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world is in the [US] state of New Jersey, manufacturing HQ of Ciba-Geigy (Novartis), WarnerLambert, Roche, Sandoz, Hoechst-Roussel, J&J, Merck, Beecham, Schering Plough, Squibb... New Jersey leads all American states in overall cancer mortality, and in the variety of mortal cancers" (Braithwaite, ‘Corporate Crime’, p135). [note: New Jersey is now ranked second in US cancer incidence, 1979-2000, according to NCI/CDC.] Petrochem There is a natural affinity between the petroleum refining and chemistry businesses--both use fossil fuel as starting point (feedstocks), with oil refining analogous to chemistry-intensive distillation. Both industries can produce synthetic materials like gasoline, rubber, plastics, and dyes etc. from oil. The two giants of the two industries, monopolies in the US and Germany, ‘married’ with the SO-IG Farben partnership agreements and the creation of the joint StandardIG Company in 1929, bringing together the great US and European fortunes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, respectively, in a petrochemical empire. [Besides natural affinities, it was also a marriage of necessity, with Farben’s development of a process (Bergius process, 1909) to make gasoline from coal, potentially threatening SO’s empire.] Germany was the world capital of the chemical industry in the early 20th century, with the biggest companies, Bayer, BASF, Hoechst initially focused on the production of synthetic dyes like indigo, from coal tar, a by-product from the Ruhr steel-making belt. The Germans had a monopoly in this business--dyestuffs--until the entry of the American gunpowder maker DuPont (another GM food major) into the field at government urging (Borkin). Today the US is the world’s biggest chemicals manufacturer and second biggest exporter, after Germany.19 Germany is the second biggest exporter of pharmaceutical products (--World Trade Analyzer). WHAT IS CLASS WAR


Reducing the thousands of chemical compounds derived from coal tar to their building block elements and then reassembling them into new ones later formed the basis for creating new synthetic materials like nylon fabric and plastics. Cheap as dirt coal tar, an industrial toxic waste product (c.f. depleted uranium use in armaments), continued to be used as a hydrocarbon feedstock in the chemicals business until 1980, by when it had been fully replaced by petroleum feedstocks. 20 Pesticide as Mass Extermination Agent Together the big three IG companies produced or provisioned strategic war materials like explosives (from nitrates) and poison gases, like chlorine and mustard gas, used on battlefields during World War I, and later banned by the Geneva Protocol in 1925, by which time the three had merged into the IG Farben cartel. "To the Allies, IG and poison gas were synonymous" [Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, Joseph Borkin, 1978]. Towards the end of WWII, IG developed Sarin nerve gas. All of the poison gases were developed in pesticide R&D (op. cit.). Zyklon B ™, the notorious extermination agent used in the WWII Holocaust was a pesticide (insecticide), made by IG Farben (and “sold at Bayer sales offices by a licensee”, Degesch --Anthony Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler). Zyklon B

Resource poor Germany also required fuel and rubber to run the planes, tanks and other vehicles overrunning Europe. These materials were manufactured synthetically from coal by IG Farben at their massive fuel and “Buna” rubber factories at Auschwitz III. The company tested new drug compounds on their slave labor inmates. The tests were sometimes fatal. Internal company correspondence on the subject survives: “We need approximately 150 [women]... Despite their emaciated condition, they were found satisfactory. We shall keep you posted on developments concerning this experiment... The experiments were made. All subjects died. We shall contact you shortly on the subject of a new group...” (Glover, 1977: 58, cited in ‘Corporate Crime’, John Braithwaite, 1984, p. 5)

Company executives including two directors (Ter Meer, Bayer; Krauch, BASF) were convicted at Nuremberg of crimes against humanity and mass murder, where the 24 IG executives charged were informally known as “the Devil’s Chemists” (Borkin, The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben). WHAT IS CLASS WAR


After the cartel was disbanded by the occupying Allies the three separate companies were refounded in the early 1950s. Unchastened, Bayer and Hoechst elected convicted war criminals to Board directorships. But they did find it advisable to later market a healthy pink-colored product called “St. Joseph’s Children’s Aspirin.”

THALIDOMIDE PRECEDENT Marketed from 1957 as sedative/anti-morning sickness drug for pregnant women, by Gruenenthal gmbh, under the directorship of convicted war criminal, former IG poison gas chemist and head of IG Monowitz (Auschwitz), Otto Ambros [Advisor to Dow Chem, 1952+] Caused miscarriage, stillbirth (number unknown) and birth defects (ca. 10,000 victims). First demonstration that ingested chemical compounds may cross the placental barrier to damage a fetus. Today’s ‘Zika’ epidemic fits the same profile in relation to pesticide absorbed into GM food crops and then consumed. Both the pesticide and the ‘food’ crops are made by some of the same players associated with the Thalidomide Tragedy (IG Farben). Thalidomide victim Thomas Quasthoff

Weapons of Warfare and Synthetic ‘Food’--Branching Out The path of the former Farben cartel companies from war ordnance to mutant food was via their synthetic fertilizer and pesticide products for agriculture. The compounds used in chemical fertilizers and pesticides for farming are the same or similar to those used in high explosives and poison gas, respectively, which IG made for the military. Both synthetic fertilizer and explosives are made from ammonium nitrates; [IG (BASF) invented the process for capturing nitrogen from air (Haber process) still used today.] Sarin nerve gas, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide are all organophosphate compounds (Phosphorus-Carbon). While they are related by composition, they do not share the same mechanisms of action. But glufosinate has been shown to be neurotoxic (PAN UK), like Sarin. Glyphosate may be neurotoxic.21 After the wartime-American government succeeded in breaking the hold on synthetic rubber development in the US by filing criminal charges against IG Farben’s US partner Standard Oil of New Jersey (SONJ, today ExxonMobil), production of an American version of Buna-S from petroleum began in 1942, with the S (styrene) component contributed by the Monsanto chemical company. The American IG company GAF was a Monsanto shareholder. Like the IG companies, Monsanto, today the world’s biggest synthetic seed company, was in the Buna club, is a pestiWHAT IS CLASS WAR


cide maker, and also began by selling a coal tar-derived product, saccharin--the food sweetener--to Coca Cola (until 1972, when cancer concerns put it on an FDA blacklist).... Saccharin was listed by the US EPA as a hazardous waste (#U202) until 2010. Like saccharin, other food products are derived from coal tar or petroleum; these include many food dyes such as yellow no. 5 (possibly genotoxic) and 6; reds (no ban in food, US) no. 3. (carcinogen in animals-rats) and 40 (genotoxic in animals); and blue 2 (carcinogen in rodents)...used in cake icing, for example. Artificial food colorings is another market for the chemical dyes of the ex-IG company, BASF, which began life in the dyestuffs industry (textile dyes). All coal tar-/petroleum-derived substances risk being contaminated with even more poisonous chemicals because of their toxic common source, which is Naphtha. Such was the case with Monsanto’s mixture of 2,4,5-T herbicide in Agent Orange (which is not necessarily to say that the mix was accidental or the company unaware). ROUNDUP is Monsanto’s follow-up product to Agent Orange.

Monsanto’s Toxic Legacy Agent Orange

Both Dow Chemical and Monsanto of the US produced Agent Orange for the American military during the Vietnam war but Monsanto’s mixture (of BASF’s U46 and 2,4,5-T) was more toxic because of the latter’s higher contamination (i.e. unavoidable in-process mixing) with dioxin. For 10 years, in the chemical warfare “Operation Ranch Hand” (c.f. ‘RoundUp’), the toxic herbicide was sprayed on farms to destroy food crops and populations in S. Vietnam, in violation of the Geneva Protocol, causing famine, death, over half-a-million (500,000) gruesome birth defects, as well as multiple-generation disability that persists today. Monsanto’s current Roundup herbicide, first developed in 1976, was its follow-up product to Agent Orange. Vietnamese victim of Agent Orange

In 2000, Monsanto “re-founded” itself by spinning off much of its toxic legacy as well as the associated legal liability to focus on its new business of mutant synthetic food crops and other pesWHAT IS CLASS WAR


ticides. Besides Agent Orange, the company had also manufactured (and illegally dumped in the US) from 1935 the toxic industrial chemical PCBs linked to cancer (banned US 1976). It paid out a US$700 million settlement with the US state of Alabama in 2003 for illegal hazardous waste dumping (PCBs). It was the widespread release by the industry of thousands of toxic chemicals like these into the environment that inspired Rachel Carson’s landmark book, Silent Spring (1962). Aspartame, rGBH More recent toxic Monsanto products include: - rGBH-- bovine growth hormone--a shot in the arm for milk production that sickens dairy cows and has been linked to infertility, birth defects in cows and cancer in humans. Sold to Lilly, 2008. -Aspartame-- replaced Monsanto’s saccharin sweetener in diet soft drinks, tainted by (bladder) cancer concerns. Aspartame is likely a neurotoxin (J. Olney 1971). Its maker, NutraSweet, is a former Monsanto subsidiary.

Monsanto is the record-holder for the worst industrial accident in US history (Texas City disaster); ranked fifth on the US EPA’s 1995 list of worst toxic waste releasers; and once ranked third in the Superfund 7 list of responsibility for the highest number of toxic waste sites in the US, after no. 2, DuPont (Mother Jones, 1985). As an industry, the chemicals business as a whole, including Pharma, ranks third in toxic waste release by industry sector after metals mining and electric utilities [Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program, 2009 TRI National Analysis], presumably excluding the oil business and the Gulf of Mexico. Dow Chemical The American Agro-‘biotech’ major Dow Chemical Co. for its part, made its contribution to the horrors of the Vietnam ‘war’ (massive decade-long carpet bombing of co-op rice farmers) with its product, NAPALM, as well as Agent Orange. [Update: Dow is already a pesticide major and a GM seed maker, with a merger now pending with DuPont.] Incidentally, Dow was suggested (2013) as a model prototype of the new “Social Benefit Corporation” by the Rockefeller Foundation, presumably part of the attempt to recast even some of the most egregiously destructive private profit-making ventures as ‘responsible and caring corporate citizens;’ a wrapping of wolves in wool, reminiscent of the Nazis’ “National Socialism.” ...‘consumers’ are ingesting effectively unregulated, unmarked, non-uniform, pesticidecarrying ‘synthetic food, made by notorious poison manufacturers!



What all of this means is that the public are ingesting effectively unregulated, unmarked, nonuniform, pesticide-containing ‘experimental’ synthetic food, made by notorious poison manufacturers ! In the US, legal challenge to the cultivation of the mutant food crops would appear to have already been blocked, with passage of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ as mentioned. Legal precedence at least recognizes the nature of the problem: “A new invention to poison people … is not a patentable invention” (USSC Lowell v. Lewis, 1817). As it happens, the wellconnected Monsanto has its former counsel sitting on the US Supreme Court bench (Clarence Thomas).


Big Chem and Pharma’s GMO Conflict

Making a Killing as a Mega-Cartel The Big Six synthetic crop/chemical firms Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont (Pioneer), and Dow are all one-time members of or linked with the old IG Farben cartel. 22 Together they now constitute 74 percent of the global pesticide market; Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta account for 47 percent of the global synthetic seed market (--ETC Group). Monsanto ranks third in biotech ‘crop science.’ These Agro-biotech companies are forming a new oligopoly in the image of that of the other carbon club members, the pharmaceutical and oil industries. In Agro-biotech, the industry concentration is formed by partnerships, notably between Monsanto and BASF; cross-licensing agreements and/or technology sharing between Monsanto and DuPont, Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science, Monsanto and Dow, etc... And potentially by interlocking directorships and cross-shareholding. Three of these GMO firms, Monsanto, BASF and DuPont, account for two-thirds of patents on a new generation of stress-tolerant genes (--ETC). Novartis was formed from Ciba-Geigy (DDT), known as the Basel (Swiss) IG, part of the Farben cartel, as were Dow and DuPont. Its agribusiness was spun off as Syngenta, jointly owned with AstraZeneca, itself a former member of the old cartel as Imperial Chemical of the UK. Syngenta is also a supplier of glyphosate for ‘Touchdown’ herbicide, a variant of Roundup. Thus Novartis and AstraZeneca--through their ownership of Syngenta--as well as Bayer are the three cartel WHAT IS CLASS WAR


members doing business directly in both mutant ‘crop science’ and in Pharma, a position with an inherent conflict of interest because they would stand to profit from disease caused by their synthetic foods, when it increased the companies’ pharmaceutical sales. The regulatory stand down on this dangerous issue, as well as on the formation of an oligopoly, is yet another giant red flag warning sign concerning GMOs. [A comparable conflict of interest exists between Big Pharma and Big Chem with the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment or their use in products. Sanofi (formerly Hoechst of the IG Farben cartel) is a top chemotherapy profiteer. ] Monsanto was in a similar position with its former ownership of Searle (which introduced the first oral contraceptive pill in 1960). The pharma subsidiary was spun off to Pfizer as Monsanto repositioned itself as the lead Agro-biotech company, dropping in advance the hot potato of what might otherwise have become a high profile conflict of interest controversy for the leading GMO company, raising further doubts about the industry’s legitimacy. At about the same time, it also disposed of its enormous legal liabilities arising from its toxic legacy (PCBs, dioxin, Agent Orange, etc.) by spinning off its core industrial chemicals business into a new company (Solutia, 1997), which subsequently went Chapter 11 in 2003, before being acquired by Eastman Chemicals for $3b--in a possible shell game shuffle with the Law. In a similar maneuver, Monsanto may have recently purchased the notorious Blackwater (now Academi) as its own private army (to go with its legal divisions), as rumored on the Web. The private security firm was purchased via a private equity fund (USTC Holdings, NY), possibly an intermediary for Monsanto, which had previously been contracting the hire-a-thug services.

The first commercial use of petroleum (oil) in the US was as a patent medicine. Standard Oil (SO, Exxon) founder John D. Rockefeller’s father was an itinerant patent medicine peddler. JR’s nickname among early competitors: Mephistopheles (--Ida Tarbell) Kier’s Petroleum--’Three tablespoons a day!’



BIG PHARMA The (media) voice of Big Brother is that of the old patent medicine show pitchman, turned up to totalitarian level.-- Marshall McLuhan

The toxic legacy and record of criminality and fraud, the selfpolicing (and legal immunity in Monsanto’s case) now in place, and a structural conflict of interest between Pharma and Big Chem’s synthetic foods is clearly a recipe for disaster on a grand scale... “The pharmaceutical industry has a worse record of law-breaking than any other industry..” --J. Braithwaite, ‘Corporate Crime’ To be sure, “it’s a fact that the products of the pharmaceutical industry save many lives. They also take many lives, harm with serious side effects, or do nothing at all.” (op. cit.). Besides cancers, adverse drug reactions are a leading cause of death in the US. The grossly underreported ‘ADRs’ ranked fifth, at over 100,000 deaths per year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (Pomeranz, 1998). Artificially high (cartel-like) drug prices and patent legal battles keep needed medicines, notably generics, out of the hands of dying patients for the benefit of one of the most profitable industries : ’60 - 80 percent of LDCs (least developed countries) don’t have consistent access to the most essential drugs’ (--WHO, 1979). ‘Three top companies were convicted of conspiracy under the US Sherman Anti-Trust Act for price-fixing of the life-saving antibiotic tetracycline, keeping prices artificially high (up to 1000%) for more than a decade following the medicine’s introduction. Two other companies were named as co-conspirators. (Braithwaite) (Charged 1961, Kennedy admin.; Overturned 1973, Nixon era) Since 2001, pharmaceutical firms have paid nearly $50 billion in legal settlements, with and without criminal charges, for fraud in the US alone (wikipedia). Eli Lilly --Zyprexa Just to take one of the many examples, this from a company which allegedly had one of the better reputations in a dodgy industry (yet also manufactured the vaccine-mercury thimerosal, and provided a domestic source of LSD for use by CIA 23 during the illicit drug’s ‘60’s heyday...relevant precedents by the way to government mass ‘medication’ with GMOs:




Notable settlements have included Eli Lilly’s record $1.4 billion in 2009 to settle a criminal charge for fraud in the off-label marketing of the antipsychotic Zyprexa to elderly dementia patients, despite the drug’s known risk (FDA) of causing early death in the elderly. Conflict of Interest?

Tens of thousands of additional victims (or the surviving families) have pursued class action settlements internationally for other harmful side effects of the same ‘blockbuster’ drug (of questionable therapeutic value). 24 Lilly had paid an additional $1.2b by 2007 (wikipedia) to settle with customers who suffered up to 100 pound-plus weight gain (op. cit.) and developed diabetes while taking Zyprexa. Zyprexa grossed Lilly $4.8b profit in 2007, mostly through Medicaid fraud. At the same time, Lilly made $3b in revenues from its diabetes drugs Actos, Humulin, and Humalog. Its diabetes drug Byetta has been linked to pancreatitis and kidney problems (FDA)...potentially forming a profitable daisy chain of drugs and disease. J&J (The Family Company) $2.2b settlement for off-label marketing of the antipsychotic Risperdal to elderly patients causing early death. Product also linked to weight gain, diabetes. Pfizer-Wyeth Advil kidney damage in elderly Bribery As noted in Braithwaite, '..evidence sustains the conclusion that the pharma industry is more prone to bribery than any other in international business' (‘Corporate Crime...’ p16, [1984])...a conclusion supported by recent events in China, with ‘rampant bribery’ (Xinhua, Aug. 15, 2013) under investigation there (GSK, Sanofi, Novartis, AstraZeneca) as a ‘widespread practice’ among the foreign pharmaceutical majors. GSK alone was said to have distributed up to $500 million. Its executives confessed to the charges (Shanghai Daily). The Chinese authorities add in the reports that bribery, as a cost of sales, adds 20 percent to the price of medicines. GSK, ‘the godfather,’ Merck, Sandoz, and Baxter are also being investigated for price-fixing. In the same inquiry, Lilly executives admitted that the US company directly paid doctors a total of $5m in kickbacks for each prescription of its diabetes drugs Humulin and Byetta (FT, Aug. 22, 2013). As long as legal charges constitute a small proportion of profits on drugs that are fraudulently marketed or that cause harm or both, they amount only to an overhead cost of doing business,



or a regulatory ‘fraud permit fee.’ ...All of which goes to show the need for acute concern about the lack of regulation and built-in conflict of interest between Big Pharma and GMOs.


Taken together, the pattern of facts of this (admittedly grim but unflinching) review show probable evidence of a concerted war on natural fertility: in food plants (Terminator gene), in soil (herbicide soil depletion), and in humans (anti-fertility ‘vaccines,’ genotoxic herbicide in GM food, chemical neutering). This suggests an attempt to overturn free reproduction in general for the purpose of reproductive control; to terminate equality of fertility in favor of eugenic reproduction (according to a preferred hierarchy of race and/or economics) -- a program of selective breeding through the disabling of natural reproduction by sabotage of fertility, i.e. miscarriage or birth defects in the second or third generation; mass extermination of the ‘lower genetic lines.’ In this nightmarish and mechanical travesty of Nature, reproduction would become another two-tier system, as in education, where privilege (economic means), as the guarantor of political loyalty and the perpetuation of privilege, would be the necessary passport--a projection of the exclusive social logic of ‘education for the elite’ onto biology--‘reproduction for the elite.’ Separating the wheat from the chaff The new two-tier food regime--organic and synthetic--would give rise to the new industrial reproductive regime. As the poorest will buy the cheapest, processed foods, which contain GM ingredients (and micro-doses of pesticide), instead of healthy organic food, they or their offspring also would not be able to afford artificial reproduction after they are rendered infertile. This is a new, economic gateway to replication, to suppress the economically marginal. In a political synergy, this is also ‘pre-emptive’ repression --no longer a question of shooting down rebels but of preventing their birth. GM foods and pesticides are the biological and chemical bullets in a war on the human body -the machine civilization’s new frontier for invasion and remake Mankind in the image of Industry. This has been done before, to Nature, with the transformation of the natural landscape. Think of the dark mill in place of the meadow. Industrial blight. Urban sprawl. Toxic WHAT IS CLASS WAR


waste sites. Dead zone rivers and seas. As industry circumscribed the Wild in external Nature, now it would circumscribe the human gene pool for controlled evolution. IG Farben logo: homunculus in a test tube --the alchemist’s dream of creating life

Back to Buna Soup A scenario of control is emerging where the West is taking on the aspects of a concentration camp without walls. ‘Wing-clipping’ of subject peoples used to be psychological, ‘mind-forged manacles’ (religion, indoctrinatory education, media). The restraint of slaves was done with shackles. Unexploitable peoples were exterminated. The West is already embarked on a course of regression, a ‘Brave New World’ Order, where the degradation or physical disabling of subjects, with virtual chains, would become the norm: new limits on nutrition (Codex Alimentaris, reduced nutrient GM food), immunosuppression, disease for profit, involuntary sterilization, and ‘behavior modification’ (i.e. institutionalized torture) to ‘degrade’ political dissidents. Capitalism requires turnover, with planned obsolescence of products and now new pressures on human health. 25 Mass extermination will be done at the level of disabled fertility, with suspect DNA corrupted, ending unwanted genetic lines through miscarriages and birth defects-deliberate, industrial-scale genetic pollution. The UN Agenda 21 future blueprint calls for the konzentration of populations into de facto strategic hamlets for control... Pesticide-fed and neutered mutant proles? In the “...New Sparta, selective breeding [will] increase the gap between ruler and ruled, until they become different species. A revolt of plebs becomes as unthinkable as organized insurrection of sheep against the eating of mutton.”--Bertrand Russell, Science and Society

Still from HG Wells’ Island of Dr Moreau




American Industrial Dream Dine on GM food, in your polyester suit, at an oily plastic table, watching fake news in your astroturf garden. Keep a bottle of phthalate-coated allergy pills on hand--which may give you diabetes--and a glass of fracked water. You’ll need your PVC phone to call the Big Pharma doctor. Don’t expect calls from the grandkids.

Paradise Lost, Lost In this polluted garden of ours, water, our source of life, falls from the sky. Our food -- the fruits of the earth -- springs from the land, trees and sea. We reproduce by love. But dark ‘Satanic mills’ encroach, and now the devil’s alchemists have spat their poisons into the fountain of life.

It is a “supreme irony” that the result of a search for a chemical, behavioral, social control mechanism--LSD--was the rebellion of the late 1960s. ( -- John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, 1979) We can only hope that this round of feeding of acid to the people will have a similar effect this time. ◊ NOTES 1 Agent Orange-herbicide produced by Monsanto and Dow and used by US military in Vietnam War to produce famine and 500,000 birth defects ‘IG Auschwitz’ - i.e. BASF, Bayer, Hoechst (now Aventis), formerly of the IG Farben cartel, which operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke). See also article “The Depopulation Agenda” note 7. IG’s Hoechst merged with Rhone-Poulenc to form Aventis, now Sanofi Aventis. Its Sanofi Pasteur division is the world’s biggest producer of human vaccines. 2 Encyclopedia Britannica 2005 3 Workers’ exposure to dust in pharmaceutical plant producing estrogen-based products (DES) caused impotence, breasts in males, Dawes Laboratories, Chicago, 1968-71. Similar phenomenon noted in Puerto Rico pharma plant, 1976. Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry, J. Braithwaite, p.134: 4 “Buna” from Buna or nitrile rubber, the synthetic rubber produced at Monowitz, IG Farben’s concentration camp. 5 Vajda et al, Environmental Science Tech. 42 (9) WHAT IS CLASS WAR


6 Carlsen, E. et al, British Medical Journal (305:609-613) 1992, Evidence for Decreasing Quality of Semen During Past 50 Years. 7 NIH Study in Wolff 2007 Environmental Health Perspectives, 115, 116 8 Brock, JW, SP Caudill, MJ Silva, LL Needham, and ED Hilborn. 2002. 'Phthalate Monoester Levels in the Urine of Young Children,' Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 68:309–314 9 ‘gene’ - we adopt the sense of this term as commonly used in biotech although it is now becoming dated, with the weight of research generally against the idea of one-to-one correspondence between chromosome locus and a specific trait (see Backgrounder). 10 Jensen, Slovach 1991 in Gillian Bentley, Infertility in the Modern World, 2000, p. 102 11 Aris et al, Sherbrooke (Quebec) University Hospital Study, in Reproductive Toxicology, May 2011 12 Bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacteria closely related to anthrax (Bacillus anthracis). The GM version of the natural Bt toxin is itself genetically modified and much more potent--as immunotoxic as the cholera toxin, another endotoxin. 13 "It's not our job to prove our products are safe, it's our job to sell them." --Monsanto PR Executive (Scrubbed from web.) 14 There is evidence linking Bush with the JFK assassination, such as, he was a CIA agent (--JE Hoover) at the time, placed at the scene, who fits the description (independent oil operator from Houston) of a man arrested (and released without record) leaving the crime scene in Dallas that day. see also: Deep State: The successor of JFK’s VP Johnson was Nixon, a protege of Prescott Bush. Nixon’s successor was Ford, who sat on the Warren (whitewash) Commission. Ford’s VP was a Rockefeller. Two of Ford’s young guns, Cheney and Rumsfeld, led the next coup in 2001 in a Bush presidency. 15 US ‘Monsanto Protection Act,’ April 2, 2013 [Plant Protection Act: Farmer Assurance Provision rider in HR 933: Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act 2013] -- an exceptional suspension of the right of recourse to the courts, forcing the adoption and dissemination of GM food crops even if proven harmful to human health. 16 World Health Organization (WHO), 1994. Glyphosate. Environmental Health Criteria 159. The International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS). WHO, Geneva. Wigfield, Y.Y., Deneault, F. and Fillion, J., 1994. Residues.. cited in Health and Environmental Impacts of Glyphosate, PAN UK. 17 Manufacturers touted the benefits to farmers as less herbicide use and fewer applications. In fact, more herbicide must be used, and even more toxic chemicals, because of weeds acquiring the herbicide tolerance trait. The promise of ‘higher yields’ has also proven false. 18 Haryana, India-- “A team of investigating veterinarians report that buffalo consuming GM cottonseed suffer from infertility, as well as frequent abortions, premature deliveries, and prolapsed uteruses. Many adult and young buffalo have also died mysteriously.“ 19 Energy and Environmental Profile of the US Chemical Industry, May 2000 US DOE Office of Industrial Technologies, p. 12 WHAT IS CLASS WAR


20 Op. cit., p. 112 21 Anadón, A., J. d. Pino, et al. 2008. Neuro-toxicological effects of the herbicide glyphosate. Toxicology Letters 180S: S164) 22 Monsanto was a participant in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, from the Manhattan Project to Oak Ridge National Labs. It produced the Vietnam War-era chemical weapon Agent Orange. Monsanto and IG chemists (Gerhard Schrader) reportedly collaborated on the development of chemical warfare agents including organophosphates in the joint, postwar ‘Chemagro’ company in Missouri for the US military; Monsanto also partnered with Ter Meer’s Bayer from 1954 in a joint company, MoBay and sold its plastics business to Bayer in 1996. Monsanto is currently partnered with BASF (since 2007). Two of the remaining founding IG Farben companies, BASF and Bayer, are each twenty times bigger today than the original 47 company cartel. The third, Hoechst, became Aventis, which merged into SanofiAventis. Its Sanofi Pasteur division is the world’s biggest maker of human vaccines; Aventis Crop Science was acquired by Bayer in 2002. Syngenta is a subsidiary of the Swiss Novartis (derived from the ‘Basel IG’ firms) and the UK’s Astra Zeneca (from the UK’s Farben cartel-linked Imperial Chemical), forming direct links between the GM food and pharmaceutical businesses. Like Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta is also a maker of (glyphosate) herbicide for GM crops. Monsanto’s links with Exxon, which supplies the petroleum-derived solvent for Roundup, go back to its wartime synthetic (styrene) rubber manufacture, with technology from Exxon (1943). Exxon and Monsanto later formed a joint company, Advanced Elastomer Systems, to produce synthetic rubber. Monsanto entered the oil refining business in 1955. Exxon units have operated separate chemicals divisions since 1950 (--Compiled from Web). Roundup formulation --of glyphosate + up to 83% Exxon isoparaffin solvent [hydrocarbon constituent of crude oil, which may contain benzene, naptha, sulfur (Solomon et al. 2005, p. 24)] + POEA/ dioxane + [trade] "secret ingredients." 23 ‘Search for the Manchurian Candidate,’ John Marks, 1979 24 Lower performance than placebo: Reuters--Dallas News ‘Eli Lilly ... drug trial inconclusive,’ Sun Mar 29, 2009. In its clinical trials, Zyprexa showed more prevalent serious side effects than the much less expensive drug it would replace, Haldol. Deaths of trial subjects (20) went unreported (op. cit.). 25 ‘new pressures on human health’: through GM foods/herbicides. Two-tiered food may be paralleled by two-tier health, with the elimination of good health based on good food and nutrition. Currently the products of Big Pharma ideally cure illness, an exception to the norm of general good health. A new business model may be emerging where good health would be a subscription-based service for those who can pay to stay healthy in a world made deliberately toxic for the ‘monetization’ of good health (as publicly declared by Mrs. Google of ’23&me’) and with it, built-in suppression of the underclass.



--Regulations, Continued [return] The AIDS Precedent Nixon at Ft. Detrick, 1971

To my knowledge the Nixon-era ‘War on Cancer’ in the US never banned a single toxic chemical. Instead, Nixon launched the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP, 1971), announcing that it would now be conducted at the US Army’s Fort Detrick biological weapons lab, renamed ‘Cancer Research Center.’ No biological weapon was ever produced against cancer. But by 1978 a ‘special virus’ did emerge. This was the AIDS virus--‘discovered’ by an SVCP scientist (Gallo) and made to order for a depopulation/eugenics program consistent with the goals of the NSSM 200 in Africa.1 Covert projects and fraud are readily hidden behind scientific complexity. ‘Guidelines’ from a Conspirator As things stand, instead of sanctionable regulations, national rules generally follow voluntary guidelines set by the WHO, a non-sovereign international body which favors the useless concept of ‘substantial equivalence.’ More importantly, the WHO’s record is anything but impartial: the WHO has itself been coordinating the development of anti-fertility ‘vaccines’ (anti-hCG vaccine in the Philippines, Thailand) used to covertly sterilize women in the developing world, as noted earlier (see article The Depopulation Agenda-- WHO’s anti-fertility vaccine” and its Note 6). The nature of the WHO as an institution of corporate rule was on blatant display in 2009 during its ‘promotional’ scare campaign for the highly profitable ‘Tamiflu pandemic’ (everyone got Tamiflu), a windfall for Big Pharma and some of its ex- high government official investors, including the American war criminal Donald Rumsfeld.. The Testing Pass The WHO anti-fertility vaccine research push reportedly came in the wake of expanded funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Not surprisingly, the WHO’s national guidelines are grossly negligent. The WHO disfavors animal studies for GM foods (--N. Halford, Genetically Modified Crops) -- the only substitute for human testing -- and recommends extremely short, 90-day studies (whereas the lifespan of a lab rodent is around two years). This latter point is a classic ploy to evade unfavorable results in chemical product safety testing, according to Braithwaite: #5 “Premature termination of the test before sufficient time has elapsed for the animals to develop tumors” (Corporate Crime, 1984).



Indeed, the only lifespan lab test carried out on GM food (MON maize NK603) did turn up tumors (Seralini 2012, see Table 2) as well as organ failure. The ‘cancer corn’ was subsequently banned from importation in food products to the Russian Federation, where it had never been authorized for cultivation (as also in EU). Massive tumors on a GM corn-fed lab rat (Seralini study, 2012)

In the EU, non-compulsory 90-day rat-feeding studies may be conducted by the GM companies themselves, with the proprietary results remaining unpublished and unreviewed (the CRIIGEN review of a Monsanto corn study used data made available only after a successful lawsuit forced disclosure). Like the US FDA, the EU’s EFSA has also been subject to conflicts of interest, leading to the resignations of two agency chiefs, in 2008 and 2012. ‘But No One is Falling Over’ The fallacious argument is often heard that GM foods must be safe because Americans have been eating them for years “and no one is falling over.” But they may be sicker, with more immediate possible effects such as auto-immune response disorders, allergies, overburdened kidney/liver, GI problems (like Crohn’s disease or ‘leaky gut’), which may be trending in the population but cannot be traced back to GM foods because these are unlabeled in the US. In Europe, most GM food is imported as animal feed and while negative health effects may be acquired through meat, eggs and dairy products coming from GM-fed livestock, no special labeling is required on such products. As a result, GM-related illness would be again untraceable until such time as comprehensive labeling is enacted. Over the longer-term, the cumulative effect of even micro-doses are also of concern because the poisons are known to accumulate in the body. Pro-labeler Al Capone, philanthropist

As capo in Chicago, Capone pioneered the use of food freshness labeling in America, getting expiry dates stamped onto milk bottles in 1932.

Capone, pictured at Hotel Seville in pre-revolution Havana, Cuba



Limits to traceability--Mutability, non-uniformity Even with the labeling of GM foods, the random factor in genetic modification itself may make tracking GM-related disease more difficult. The ballistic (‘biolistic’) or ‘shotgun’ genetic modification technique used to propagate a GM transgene reportedly scrambles the host plant’s genome, with extra and/or incomplete copies of the transgene, and unpredictable effects, including toxicity, according to a study on GM potatoes (see Pusztai: damage to vital organs and immune system in rats). GM seed genetic lines themselves are non-uniform, partly because of the randomness of the genetic modification process and partly because the transgenes are unstable in the host genome and prone to recombine (CRIIGEN). Both the GM line instability and nonuniformity have been corroborated by later studies. Because of the mutability and nonuniformity of GM product genetics, the correlation between disease and a GM food responsible will be reduced, limiting traceability. The irregularity is also a legal issue because in the EU, genetic stability and uniformity are legal requirements for registered GM ‘events,’ as noted earlier. Nor is this the only legal irregularity concerning GMOs in the EU. Not only is there a lack of transparency for regulatory purposes, notably concerning proprietary data, no peer review of studies, etc. as mentioned, but a French NGO (Générations Futures, formerly MDRGF) has discovered non-uniformity among the different herbicide brand ingredients currently commercialized in France: • ingredients in the commercialized herbicide do not correspond with the formulations legally registered • ingredients (surface agents) between two examples of the same commercialized formulation do not correspond

If the herbicide formulations (as well as the paired genetic ‘event’ lines themselves) cannot be counted on as uniform, this means that safety testing would be meaningless (even if not otherwise compromised) because less potent ingredients will effectively give ‘false positive’ test results for safety. Other Irregularities--National Sovereignty Overruled Countries that are also members of the non-sovereign WTO, an instrument of corporate world government, potentially face stiff penalties under treaty rules if they oppose the dissemination of GM crops. The EU’s 1998-2004 moratorium on GM crops was ruled illegal by the WTO. The EU in 2006 was paying an annual 150m euro penalty for its ban on US beef.



The subversion of national sovereignty is not only through unaccountable international bodies like the WHO and the WTO. France has had its sovereign ban on Monsanto’s MON 810 maize overturned for the second time by its own court (in 2013), which cited EU rules however in its decision. The EU itself, both by its structure (unelected executive issuing ‘directives’, parliament without lawmaking powers) and in practice is anti-democratic. The federation as it stands today has been achieved only by effectively ignoring members’ rejections of its federal treaties or having them revote until they get the answer right (French and Dutch referenda ‘No’ to EU Constitution 2005 (Lisbon Treaty); Ireland ‘No’ to Lisbon Treaty, 2008; Ireland ‘No’ to Treaty of Nice, 2001...). The national ‘voting’ on EU federation is a pretense. The reality is American boots on the ground in Europe. NOTES 1 NB Victimization of male gays with AIDS admittedly does not fit this picture in the parallax of retrospect. They may have been deliberately targeted as a group, as in Nazi Germany, before the possibility to popularize homosexuality through social engineering for (Nazi) eugenic purposes had been appreciated.) See L. Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses for more information.

--The Package, Continued [return] Technical section Binary Vector Transfer Method

Transfer DNA (T-DNA)--Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Ag T), a tumor-causing soil bacterium A commonly used method to transfer a modified DNA ‘transgene’ into a new host is called the binary vector method, for its use of two transfer vectors. The first, which transfers a spliced DNA transgene into an intermediate host, is a tumor-causing plant pathogen, Ag T. (In nature, it works by infecting a plant and disturbing the hormone balance of cells, causing cell proliferation and cancer tumors [crown gall]). In genetic engineering, before a GM transgene is transmitted to the target host plant, additional copies must be made. This is done by means of transforming an intermediate host (E. coli bacteria) with the Ag T transfer DNA carrier. As a transfer vector, only the transfer DNA segments of the Ag T plasmid are said to be used, with the (adjacent) virulence segment replaced with the GM transgenes to be transferred. So it is a ‘disarmed’ pathogen that propagates the transgenes into E. Coli for ‘bulking up.’ Next, in the transformed E. Coli, the transfer DNA segments (T-DNA) of Ag T are said to be replaced with the second transfer vector that will be active in the host plant. This new vector is the missing virulence segment of Ag T, minus its tumor-causing genes. The resulting transgene WHAT IS CLASS WAR


package is then blasted (biolistics) into the target host plant at unknown insertion points (in the host plant genome) and with unknown numbers of copies of the new DNA. [This built-in unpredictability in the process itself means that the results cannot be uniform--a legal problem (Directive 2010/46/EU ) as well as a problem in ‘safety testing’ for toxicity.] The random insertion of the new DNA causes rearrangement of the host genome, or mutation. The modified (mutant) host plant is then treated with either herbicide or antibiotics to kill unmodified cells and select the surviving cells, which must have acquired the transferred DNA together with its herbicide-tolerance or antibiotic resistance marker genes. These remaining germ cells are then cultivated into GM seeds. The Pusztai study (see Table 2) suggested that the GM process itself, apart from the herbicide, traits or toxins added to food crop plants, causes toxic effects in mammals.

Plant toxicity, Reduced Nutritional Value Though modified to survive the direct application of herbicide, most GM food crops are still damaged by herbicide toxicity. Plants sprayed with the weed killer Roundup ® are said to turn stunted and sick, yellowing after the application before recovering their green color as much as two weeks later (gmfreescotland). Although these GM crops have been selectively bred, they are permanently damaged by mutation caused by the genetic modification process itself and by the toxicity of herbicide: they show lower levels of chlorophyl; have smaller leaves; are shorter; are structurally weaker; require more water; have reduced nutrient uptake due to the herbicide binding with needed minerals; have reduced natural resistance to disease. In the soil, Roundup ® harms soil fertility, requiring the use of more fertilizer. --(gmfreescotland). Food crop losses with reduced yields, together with much higher costs of seed, herbicide and fertilizer have caused an epidemic of suicides among Indian farmers, who had switched from traditional, drought-resistant cottonseed. The emergence of Bt-resistant pests has also been noted there, reminiscent of Roundup resistant super weeds elsewhere. The problem of toxic effects of herbicide on the ‘tolerant’ GM food crops has reportedly been reduced in next generation GM crops but not eliminated.

GM transgenes A Hearty Helping of Toxins, Infectious Agents & Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Herbicide tolerance trait Having looked at the transfer method, we’ll now zoom in for a look at the transgene package. In most Monsanto Roundup Ready (RR) seeds, the herbicide tolerance trait is imparted by a gene (cp4 or epsps) also taken from the transfer vector Ag T bacterium. In RR canola, the herbicide WHAT IS CLASS WAR


tolerance feature comes from a gene (gox) taken from the bacterium O. anthropi, which is an emerging pathogen in humans--affecting especially immune-compromised hospital patients-and one of the most resistant to antibiotics (Romano 2009, BMC Microbiology). Tolerance to Bayer’s glufosinate herbicide is derived through a natural detoxification agent via a gene (BAR) from the Streptomyces bacterium. One strain used for this purpose, S. hygroscopicus, is also the source in medicine of a strong immunosuppressant (Sirolimus). In addition to the element for coding the main, herbicide tolerance trait, the other transgenes in a GM crop package (using GM RR soy as our example) include three other sequences spliced in between the two T-DNA transfer-vector end-segments. Two of these additional sequences are genetic ‘regulators,’ necessary to make the unrecognized transgene function in its new host. The first of these genetic regulators is a termination sequence or end marker to regulate termination of protein coding. Promoter sequence The second genetic regulator present in the transgene package is a promoter sequence to ‘turn on’ the main transgene function in the new host. In GM cotton and soy this promoter is taken from a plant virus (cauliflower mosaic virus, CaMV--a retrovirus) related to the hepatitis B virus that causes human liver disease. According to experts, some risks associated with this strong promoter are genetic instability, illegitimate recombination, illegitimate gene expression and over expression, which can lead to toxic effects. Cell proliferation, a cancer risk, possibly from gene over expression linked to the CaMV promoter, has been observed in GM-fed animals. A ‘Hidden’ Virus Though the CaMV promoter comes from a plant virus, it may also be functional in other species (Latham, Wilson 2013), raising concern about potential activation of transgene elements in (gut) bacteria after ‘horizontal transfer’ (gene flow) and recombination. Even more concerning is the fact that in the majority of GM crop constructs, this promoter sequence also contains an illegitimate, overlapping, protein-encoding viral element of the CaMV gene VI, (Podevin and du Jardin 2012) which : ‘enhances infection’ by disabling defenses in its host against pathogens; favors gene over expression (by an unusual genetic ‘carriage-return’ function in protein synthesis); and ‘may be active [as a virus] on its own’ (Latham, ISN 2013). Another promoter, FMV (Figwort Mosaic Virus) used in GM canola, also contains an (illegitimate) overlapping viral gene, as did Monsanto’s withdrawn ‘New Leaf’ GM potato (Latham), once pitched to (and rejected by) McDonald’s. [An ex-McDonald’s USA president now sits on the Board of Monsanto.] WHAT IS CLASS WAR


Antibiotic Resistance Trait To return to our example of the RR GM soy transgene package, the third additional DNA sequence spliced into this GM transgene ‘cassette,’ besides the promoter and termination regulators, is a gene conferring antibiotic resistance. These are said to be used for convenience as selection markers in the lab, despite the obvious risk to human health if they should combine with pathogens and become activated. Resistance genes for multiple antibiotics effective on different spectra of bacteria have been used, some of which are medically important, such as beta-lactam (Ampicillin), kanamycin (TB, pneumonia, meningitis...) and neomycin. Even if the marker genes are usually not expressed in the transgene-host plant (they are expressed in the neomycin nptII gene for cotton, used in edible, processed foods such as cottonseed oil), expression depends on the ‘promoter’ sequence attached to them. A GM construct’s instability means that recombination with a different promoter could reportedly reactivate the trait (see Table 2: Duggan 2000; Heritage 2000). The Smoking Gun More importantly, if antibiotic resistance genes are used as markers in the lab for the sake of convenience only, as claimed, there is no legitimate reason to exacerbate risks to human health by employing resistance to multiple spectra of bacteria 1 --which means that an even wider range of medicines could be rendered ineffective against a wider range of bacteria. Danger by design however is wholly consistent with the engineering of weapons. Bt (bacillus thuringiensis) While the main genetically engineered trait conferred to GM crops is herbicide tolerance, as we’ve seen, other commercially cultivated GM crops are modified not for herbicide tolerance but for insect resistance. The GM Bt toxin is produced by about 20 percent of commercialized varieties of GM food crop plants including cotton and edible corn (MON 863). Some new varieties are “stacked” with other pesticide or with the herbicide-resistance trait, meaning that derivative food would contain both the pesticide toxin and weed killer residue. One variety of Bt toxin (Cry1ac), used in edible corn (“Bt Xtra”) and rice, is as potent an immunogen as the cholera toxin (Vasquez 1999). The Bt toxin Cry1ab has been shown to cause cell death (in embryonic human kidney cells) at 100 ppm concentrations (R Mesnage 2012).



The naturally-occurring Bt bacteria whose modified toxin is used as an insecticide in food crops is a close relative of anthrax, with a ‘capacity for wide transfer of DNA.’ 2 The GM ‘food’ crops containing the toxins are registered pesticides, ‘overseen’ by the Environmental Protection Agency, along with other poisons. NOTES 1 This is the smoking gun. 2 "...probably the nearest relative of Bacillus thuringiensis (the GMO Bt toxin) is B. anthracis (anthrax) with whom it shares genes". Professor Anthony Trewavas, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Edinburgh The Lancet, Volume 355, Number 9207. p. 931-934 11 March 2000 See also article ‘The Gene--a backgrounder’

END Technical Section First published in ‘Resistance,’ Fall 2013 Amended 09/2016 to make explicit the fact that the cumulative effect of consumed pesticide residue is of concern.



THE DEPOPULATION AGENDA From Imperial Conquest to Eugenics Since the time of Malthus (1798), the argument for ‘population control’ has always been made in terms of “sustainability,” i.e. an alleged need to control population growth in order to limit demand for a finite food supply (Malthus believed 900 million was unsustainable). Today, world population is around seven billion people. Population annual growth rate has halved to only one percent in the past 50 years. Global population is projected to stabilize at 10 billion in 2100 (with growth continuing to fall), according to the UN’s Gerhard Heilig. Yet the ‘globalist elite’ continue to target ‘population control’ goals, an item still high on the political agendas of the self-appointed, world government planners like the Rockefeller Foundation, WHO, World Bank, IMF, UN Population Fund, USAID and others. With the difference that former calls for the stabilization of population growth rates have given way today to an openly hawkish agenda of population reduction (death rates to exceed birth rates). The calls for depopulation are made in the name of humanitarianism (‘destroying to save’) or ‘sustainability’ (--the Malthusian finite cake fallacy. See sidebar, ‘Sustainable development’ below), under cover of perfectly legitimate family planning. But the methods, the targets, and the history of the institutions involved betray the existence of a hidden agenda, even as the empire’s genocidal wars rage on :



Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation (RF): ‘concerned by predictions that the global population will rise above 9bn by 2050,’ FT (April 28, 2013): “Nine billion is unsustainable. I’m not an optimist,” she says, “but it gives people like us a real chance to intervene.” [Since 1972] “the WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation has been supporting basic and clinical research on the development of birth control vaccines...” (sic) --WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation, 1990 Ted Turner (founder CNN): “world population should be around two billion.” Turner’s UN Foundation: “217 million African children have been vaccinated against measles ... since 1999.” “If I were reincarnated, I should like to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” --UK Prince Philip, WWF

The Politics of Depopulation The force of human regeneration is a progressive force, like Spring--a natural creative force for change, new life, growth and renewal. All over the world, the New Year was traditionally celebrated at Springtime, in sync with Nature’s annual revolution and triumph of the new over the old, that keeps things from getting poisonously stagnant. It was the imperial West that moved the date to the frozen-solid first of January we observe today, in typically reactionary fashion. If all empires are built on blood, some are bloodier than others. In this twilight of the age of empire, killing has been more than ever the paramount feature of politics that try to hold back the clock hands--the gruesome and damnable mechanics of empire and its perpetuation--grinding on through ‘military expansion,’ ‘transformation (or destruction) of non-capitalist societies,’ and ‘counter-revolution or bloodletting’ [--H. Magdoff, ‘Imperialism,’ 1978] ...just another industrial process fatally at work. Military Expansion and the Spoils of Genocide Genocide is depopulation in the extreme. The NATO invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have been part of the empire’s swan-song, world-conquest push into Eurasia. At the same time, these so-called ‘wars’ 1 are also a salient, bloody and extreme example of depopulation for access to resources or strategic lands, as local resistance to imperial expansion and theft is eliminated by mass murder, covered up as much as possible by inciting factional civil strife.



The resource rich countries (oil, opium) have been massively depopulated militarily after illegal invasion and long, violent, ongoing 2 occupations, leaving in each country millions dead, millions more emigrated as refugees, and the remaining population facing the prospect of a future blighted by birth defects and disease from effectively permanent DU radiation--a ‘gift’ (in the German sense of the word) that keeps on killing (DNA).

DU victim, Fallujah, Iraq c.f. ‘Zika’ microcephaly

Destroying ‘to Save’ As elsewhere, propaganda portrayed the slaughter as humanitarian. In Iraq, the homicidal campaign was called “bringing democracy;” in Afghanistan, the story line changed from an “antiterrorism” operation to bringing “women’s rights” (despite 26 percent infant mortality rate in 2007, highest in the world: it’s understood that infanticide is contrary to mothers’ rights, though another means of depopulation).

Monsanto herbicide has been used as a chemical warfare depopulation agent in multiple wars of multiple epochs. It follows that its current use with paired GM-food carriers is likely for the same purpose.

Transformation of Non-capitalist Economies--Land Enclosure by Ethnic Cleansing US Gov’s Chem Warfare on Colombian Subsistence Farmers (compiled in part from the Web)

Economically independent populations like subsistence farmers, not integrated into structures for capitalist exploitation, become targets for destruction, if unadaptable. In Colombia, the so-called civil war has been largely a matter of native resistance to this foreignsponsored process of industrial transformation. Massive internal displacement and ‘depopulation’ is the result of longstanding attempts at land ‘enclosure’ for exploitation by commercial agriculture and mineral extraction. Here we will go into some detail because this case has special relevance to the main thesis of these articles--that Monsanto herbicide has been used as a chemical warfare depopulation agent in multiple wars of multiple epochs; it follows that DEPOPULATION AGENDA


its current use with paired, GM-food carriers is likely for the same purpose, as the evidence suggests (see also article ‘What Is Class War?’). US-funded crop dusting under helicopter gunship escort has been fumigating ‘the lungs of the world’ -- the bio-diverse Amazon Basin -- with Monsanto’s Roundup Ultra ® herbicide since 2000. Areas targeted with chemical spraying have included the lands of subsistence farmers, indigenous habitats, and the source of three major rivers, favoring widespread drift of herbicide contamination affecting drinking water and wildlife. Food crops and livestock have been destroyed by the spraying over vast areas (5,000 sq. miles) of fertile lands, and tens of thousands of indigenous farmers and their families have been displaced and poisoned. An Ecuadorean study (Paz y Mino, 2007) observed human genetic damage (which may result in cancer, infertility or birth defects) from the Colombian Roundup ® formulation, drifted into inhabited areas in Ecuador along the border with Colombia. Imperial attacks on Food Independence Food crops reportedly have been heavily targeted in the southern provinces of Boyaca and Narino. In the latter, one in five children suffers from chronic malnutrition, the highest rate nationwide (Xinhua). Under the US$ seven billion- Bush-era Plan Colombia chemical warfare, the crop dusters have been accompanied on the ground by land expropriations from subsistence farmers as well as political massacres committed by US-trained (SOA Watch) and funded rightwing paramilitary death squads, or US mil contractors (corpwatch); a repeat of history from other Latin American countries in the USA’s bloody ‘backyard.’ Transformation--from South Vietnam to Colombia As a result of the upheaval and violence, 27 indigenous groups are said to be at risk of extinction (Colombian Constitutional Court/UN). Afro-Colombians and peasant farmers have also been disproportionately affected (displaced) 3 in a country with the highest number of internal refugees worldwide (IDMC). As South America turns hopefully towards a future of selfdetermination, with Venezuela leading the way -- after a long history of US-sponsored dictatorship and Right-wing terrorism on the continent -- Colombia has become an important US military redoubt. Plan Colombia is a US military operation (by proxy) in the style of the food crop destruction in Vietnam with ‘Agent Orange’ herbicide, supplied by the very same US company, Monsanto, whose Roundup ® herbicide has been sprayed over Colombia for more than a decade. The people of Vietnam (and veterans) are still suffering the effects today of the chem war-



fare mass poisoning over 40 years ago, which at the time caused famine and over half-amillion birth defects, linked to dioxin poisoning. Monsanto’s Roundup ® (glyphosate) -- used in Colombia -- is not the same as ‘Agent Orange,’ which was a mix of acetic acids: BASF U46 (2-4-D), IG Farben’s first herbicide, and a dioxincontaining herbicide (2,4,5-T), both organochlorines (OCs). Glyphosate is an organophosphate (OP) herbicide; it is used in Colombia at illegal (in US) concentrations; its additives are highly toxic and may contain dioxane, a carcinogen. Glyphosate itself may also be a carcinogen (see Table 1). Still Killing Indians, with the New ‘Agent Orange’ As the US moved to fill the power vacuum in Vietnam left by the European imperial powers (France) it had overtaken, it targeted S. Vietnamese peasant farmer co-ops (with carpet bombing) because independent and a ‘base of support’ for the Viet Cong resistance. Similarly in Colombia, peasants and indigenous peoples are targeted because independent and a ‘base of support’ for the FARC resistance, itself acting in self-defense against the industrial bulldozer. At the same time it destroys independent subsistence, the ethnic cleansing in Colombia frees up valuable land and other natural resources for exploitation by capital. The oil-rich, FARC-held southern province of Putumayo has been heavily targeted with aerial fumigation. Besides Vietnam, another historical precedent of Plan Colombia would be the land grab genocide of the Amerindian within the United States: A classic case where expansion, resource seizure, ‘transformation’ and eugenic killing ‘synergistically’ converge. Rationalizations appeal to racism and the so-called ‘law of the jungle’ (a misnomer, insulting to animals, who do not launch remote drone strikes on wedding parties). The appeal to the ‘justice of force’ is a fascist pretense that the highest form of social organization to which people can aspire would be the condition of animals in the jungle, rather than cooperation (--Engels), or at least, legality. “The campaign to exterminate indigenous and non-Caucasian populaces has never ended, but merely changed its methods. The National Indian Health Coalition estimates that since 1970, over one-third of native women living on reserves in the western United States have undergone some form of sterilization, either chemically, in vaccines, or through direct tubal ligation.” (Statement of Judge Royce White Calf, IHRAAM Tribunal, June 14, 1998. --cited in ‘Hidden from History,’ K. Annett, 2010)



Depopulation by Fumigation? The case of Peru raises the ominous question whether Plan Colombia’s chemical warfare will result in effects on fertility (depopulation) as well as expropriation of land through displacement. The Peru of Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), recipient of the greatest American aid largesse in S. America at the time, saw no aerial fumigation of coca or food crops. Instead, manual eradication of coca plants was carried out, with one strategic aim reportedly being to deprive opposition guerillas of income. Another difference in Peru was that under government depopulation programs, created under IMF pressure, nearly two percent of the entire female population, some 300,000 peasant and indigenous (Inca-descendant) women, were coercively sterilized (19952000), with the financial and other support of USAID and the UNFPA (Le Monde). The birth control programs disproportionately affected indigenous women. The differences between the US interventions in Colombia and Peru, with unsprayed Peru requiring a birth control program and sprayed Colombia none, strongly suggest that the ‘eradication’ spraying in Colombia is a chemical warfare attack not only on food crops but also on the health and/or fertility of the farming populations targeted. This expectation would be corroborated by the Paz y Mino and Carrasco studies (see Table 2), which linked the spraying of Roundup ® with ‘high rates of human miscarriage,’ cancer and birth defects in Ecuador (Paz y Mino) and Argentina (Carrasco).

‘Sustainable Development’ or Sustainable Dependency Sustainable development is one of those household-name slogans we are use to hearing in the paid opinion forum of the media (infomercials). The buzzword phrase ostensibly refers to economic development without the depletion of natural resources. It has also been used, as seen in the quotations cited at the start of this article, to argue for population control or reduction in ‘least developed countries.’ But this is specious. Economic sustainability is a question of per capita consumption of resources, not absolute population numbers, as some would pretend. Rich countries are a much greater burden on resources than poor ones, who are low level consumers, by definition. It is the least developed countries (LDC’s) of the global South however who until recently have been the exclusive targets of anti-fertility programs, suggesting a different agenda altogether, which dare not speak its name.

Subsistence agriculture is highly sustainable but it does not sustain economic exploitation. Real development would mean ending the cycle of ‘unequal exchange (trade) and debt’ (Magdoff), or dependency. [As with most newspeak, the real meaning of a term is found in its opposite: peace enforcement is war; ‘war on terror’ is ‘war of terror’; ‘reproductive health’ is the disabling of reproducDEPOPULATION AGENDA


tion, etc.] In short, ‘development’ is code for dependency, in the sense of neo-colonial dependency. ‘Sustainable development’ then may be thought of as the maintenance of forms of economic and political organization consistent with external control. Such is the purpose of the institutions of foreign aid and development, organs of colonization within the system of informal or financial imperialism (in place of foreign military governors, we have corrupted local elites). Economically independent populations, like the South Vietnamese and Colombian farmers, become the object of attacks. Subsistence agriculture is highly sustainable but it does not sustain economic exploitation. According to one of the elite’s own prophets, Paul Ehrlich, it is the way of life of the affluent societies that is unsustainable, not because of population growth, but because of their enormous and disproportionate consumption of resources (set to grow worse with the adoption of biofuels) and the environmental impact of their technologies: notably thru pollution (drinking water used for fracking, etc). Monsanto, the lead company in GMOs, falsely marketed as promoting sustainability through "higher yields," was for many decades one of the world's worst polluters, once near the top of the list of the Superfund Seven (Mother Jones), before offloading its industrial chemicals business due to the legal liabilities.

Depopulation for ‘Stability’--US National Security Study Memo It is a commonplace to say that there is strength is numbers. Likewise it is a fact of political science that demographics drives politics. Increasing numbers in a particular population group is synonymous with increasing economic power and political clout, or at least a demand for same. Demographic instability creates political ‘instability’ also through negative economic pressures arising from population growth. In free societies, freely changing populations would give rise to freely changing politics. But stable dictatorship/hegemony requires stable population (Bertrand Russell, Science and Society). Thus depopulation is a form of pacification. The genocide blueprint US National Security Study Memo (NSSM 200) of 1974, an imperial, 4 strategic analysis of population trends in terms of their effects on ‘national security’ (economic interests), is an example of demographics-based foreign policy for control. NSSM 200, aka the Kissinger Report, delineates the unwanted economic effects and potential political pressures arising from population growth in developing countries. Among the “special US political and strategic interests” cited 5 in relation to a requirement for ‘population control’ are : • access to the target country’s resources, which population pressures may limit through a demand for sovereign nationalization of resources (or through domestic consumption of sovereign resources) • avoidance of the expropriation of foreign interests (investments) in developing countries owing to internal political pressure from population growth • maintenance of favorable terms of trade with developing countries which might demand more equal exchange because of financial pressures from population growth.



UN Targeting of the Developing World Consider the UN Population Fund’s (UNFPA) current target countries in its drive towards its “Millenium Development [read: depopulation) Goals”: The majority of countries (9/15) targeted with depopulation measures are in Africa. Another is Haiti, with its population of African descent (still reeling from a UN-created cholera epidemic in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake [confirmed, 2016]). In Malawi, a “success story”, 20 percent of women using some method of contraception have been sterilized and half of these sterilized women are not yet married (UNFPA). Elsewhere, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia have all seen cases of coerced sterilization under US (UNFPA/USAID/World Bank) programs. Population growth, we may infer, is “unsustainable” in poor, brown and black countries. In Brazil, “..according to some reports, under the (NSSM) program, as many as 90 percent of all Brazilian women of African descent had been sterilized...IPPF and FHI were involved.”(--F. Engdahl, Seeds of Destruction)

Of the 163 million women sterilized worldwide, 161 million are in developing countries.--WHO

Protest; Boutique propaganda? ‘Pregnant is the new Black’

Imperial Invasion of the Human Body (see also ‘USAF Goes Gothic’)

UN Refugee Emergency ‘Evacuations’ The UNFPA (UN Fund for (de-)Population Activities), in collaboration with the UNHCR (High Commission on Refugees), WHO, USAID, the eugenics organizations Planned Parenthood, FHI (Family Health International), Population Council et al... distributes chemical and manual abortion kits as an emergency health priority in developing country refugee camps. According to the manual, the written consent of the vulnerable, displaced pregnant women is not required to carry out the procedure. Two of the abortion kits provided in refugee camps do not include hyDEPOPULATION AGENDA


gienic sterilization equipment even though post-abortion infection may cause infertility. Under the makeshift conditions of a refugee camp, such a policy not only amounts to coercion, but also puts the lives of these vulnerable women at risk. Another kit includes tetanus vaccine, which was developed and has been used by the same sponsor (WHO--see ‘WHO’s anti-fertility vaccine’ below) to dissimulate an anti-fertility ‘vaccine’ (hCG, see also note 6). As it happens, this highly questionable UN abortion service takes place in many of the same countries named in the Kissinger Report as targets for birth control. It also occurs where refugees are created in the first place because of First World-sponsored wars on their home territories (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria...), making these unfortunate would-be mothers double victims of imperial invasions.

UN’s Reverse Date Rape? Current UNFPA programs described on the organization’s website cite the ‘reproductive health’ chemicals administered to pregnant women in poor countries in general--not just refugees. These are: Oxytocin (not OxyContin), a powerful hormone. Its stated use is for induced labor or as an anti-hemorrhage agent. It is colloquially known as ‘the trust drug;’ next is Misoprostol, brand name Cytotec. Stated use is for induced labor or as an anti-hemorrhage agent. This synthetic hormone anti-ulcer drug may also be used to induce abortion. Its manufacturer Searle (a former Monsanto subsidiary) has warned against its off-label use on pregnant women, citing risk of uterine rupture or maternal or fetal death. Finally, magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) is administered for the stated use of preventing pre-term labor/convulsion. The injection of this salt solution in pregnant women triples the risk of infant mortality (D. Grimes, FHI) and is associated with neonatal respiratory depression. Other manufacturer’s warnings: “This product may contain sulfuric acid... contains aluminum that may be toxic. Premature neonates are particularly at risk; Other effective drugs are available for [the] purpose [of anti-eclampsia]; Because studies cannot rule out the possibility of [fetal] harm, magnesium sulfate injection should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed...should be reserved for immediate control of lifethreatening convulsions.”

Hormonal implants developed with funding from a eugenics organization (Rockefeller Population Council) and not distributed in the US (Norplant II) are also used. Norplant I was discontinued in the US (2002) after tens of thousands of lawsuits because of harsh side effects (includDEPOPULATION AGENDA


ing anemia). USAID continued implanting them abroad. Birth defects may result if an implant is used on a woman who is inadvertently pregnant at the time.

Combatting ‘Fertility Disease’ What the UN calls “reproductive health” then should be understood in the developing world as pregnancy-and-birth prevention, with contraception, implants, and in the last resort, a ‘trust’ drug, abortion pill, and shot of saline solution for good measure: “Despite the rhetoric of ‘reproductive health’ and women’s rights, the programs are misogynistic in the extreme, delivering technological control of poor women’s bodies [to] third parties with anti-women aims” (--Angela Franks, “Margaret Sanger...”). You need a newspeak glossary to wade through the garbled and fraudulent UN justifications for Third World depopulation via imperial, bodily invasion. By ‘reproductive health,’ which means state of being able to reproduce, the UN means ‘having an empty or evacuated uterus.’ In this sense, pregnancy is a disease and a fetus a tumor--benign if white but malignant if dark. The advent of GM foods, linked to miscarriage and birth defects, would usher in a widening of the net... It turns out that the UN’s WHO-supported ‘reproductive health’ or anti-fertility activities in the developing world, later to include new WHO ‘vaccines’ against fertility (see below), reflected a policy strain that was to become more virulent, in line with new possibilities offered by the development of newer techniques. The advent of GM foods (see also article ), linked to miscarriage and birth defects, would usher in a widening of the net, under WHO guidelines.

Food as a Weapon II

Abandonment of Voluntary Programs Acknowledged Even in 1974, when depopulation as US foreign policy doctrine was being formulated, the ideal of voluntary methods was already being questioned:



“There is an alternate view which holds that a growing number of experts believe that the population situation is already more serious and less amenable to solution through voluntary measures than is generally accepted. It holds that... even stronger measures are required and some fundamental, very difficult moral issues need to be addressed. These include, for example ... mandatory programs, tight control of our food resources (coercive [conditional] withholding of food aid)...”--Memo 200

[This last point was elaborated on elsewhere in the same report...] “There is also some established precedent for taking account of family planning performance in appraisal of assistance requirements by [US]AID [U.S. Agency for International Development] and consultative groups. Since population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand, allocation of scarce PL 480 [1954 ‘Food for Peace’ USAID policy carrot--food for birth control] resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production. In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion.” “Mandatory programs may be needed and we should be considering these possibilities now,” (the document continues, adding: ) “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? (i.e. a weapon) ... Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can't/won't control their population growth?”

As the international leader in the drive to sterilize, the US government’s choice of apparatchik to head up its campaigns speaks volumes about the actual intentions hidden behind the rhetoric. USAID is the American government’s foreign depopulation arm. Its chief in the 1960s and 70s was an epidemiologist--a specialist in disease control, Reimert Ravenholt. Ravenholt’s website ( refers to population growth as the “humanosis pandemic.” The eugenicist view of human reproduction as a sort of pathogenic disease outbreak had wholly contaminated the “health/welfare” bureaucracy. [Note that the US public health agencies had been incorporated into the DoD (Department of Death) military bureaucracy by the mid-1950s.] It is the same misanthropy seen in the development of vaccines, which we associate with disease, against reproduction (see below). (N.b. US fertility stats come from the Centers for Disease Control.) The former USAID head also declared the 1977 goal to see 25 percent of women in the developing world sterilized (note that total AIDS deaths in the developing world, of which 75 percent in Africa, number some 31 million; a further 33 million are living with the deadly virus--amfar). The 25 percent sterilization goal was not achieved (using voluntary methods) and in changing times, this malevolent dog came to be viewed as not sufficiently rabid. The bureaucracy’s mandate for voluntary ‘participation’ was being abandoned: “...his notion of a population problem ... whose solution was greater availability of voluntary family planning was being dismissed [my italics]. Yet Ravenholt was unswerving in the certainty of his approach. He had to go.” --Duff G. Gillespie, deputy assistant administrator for Population, Health and Nutrition in the Global Bureau of USAID DEPOPULATION AGENDA


Policy recommendations from ‘Crisis of Democracy’ contemporaries corroborate the Ultra zeitgeist, suggesting a new consensus and foreshadowing future developments: In ‘The Population Bomb’ (1968), author Paul Ehrlich -- “One plan often mentioned involves the addition of ... sterilants to water supplies or staple food.” Again, this is no historical anomaly. US president (sic) Obama’s current science czar is from the milieu, having suggested “a program of compulsory sterilization” or adding a sterilization agent to food or water supplies --John Holdren, EcoScience, 1977.

The international body (WHO) that sets guidelines for states on GMOs has itself been actively involved in the R&D of a sterility agent which was administered covertly...

WHO’s Anti-Fertility ‘Vaccines’ In line with the abandonment of voluntary programs and the earlier 1974 NSSM call for “injectable contraceptives,” by 1986 USAID was declaring a "new approach to fertility regulation ... the development of vaccines directed against human substances required for reproduction" (Jeff Spieler). More Goldfinger (RF) funds were going toward developing a fertility ‘vaccine,’ which was implemented coercively as dissimulated tetanus vaccination, resulting in miscarriages. 6 The ‘vaccines’ were administered under WHO/UNPF auspices in Africa and Asia starting in the 1990s (see 1995 documentary entitled “The Human Laboratory.”) Thus the international body that sets guidelines for states on GMOs has been actively involved in the R&D of a sterility agent which was administered covertly in the developing world (Philippines, Thailand). In 1990, the WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation went on record on its participation …’since 1972, researching development of birth control vaccines directed against the gametes (anti-sperm, anti-ovum) or the preimplantation embryo.’ The nature of this research (with pregnancy as disease) foreshadows the development in 2001 of a means of invoking an immune response against sperm (see heading ‘Human Terminator Corn’ below). Today the RF-funding of WHO research takes place as part of the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), a coalition of the Gates Foundation, the WHO, World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation, with admitted population reduction goals. DEPOPULATION AGENDA


Organization Sickness “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care [sterilization], reproductive health services [abortion and contraceptives], we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”--Bill Gates, TED Conference, 2009

Some people just can’t tolerate the boredom of retirement? For Gates, population reduction is like data compression--the more the better? [Or is this an echo of the oft-cited, eugenicist ‘10-15 percent’ to be trimmed from the bottom?] The problem is that voluntary methods have been abandoned (as noted earlier) and that the current means used, such as inducing miscarriages with dissimulated anti-fertility ‘vaccine,’ or coercive abortion against the will of pregnant women is--or should be--criminal. But the targeting of fetuses may offer a legal safe haven: The German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal, responsible for the 1961 Thalidomide disaster -- a regulatory watershed -- used the fetus defense in its 1968 manslaughter trial, arguing that it had a legal right to chemically cause birth defects and stillbirths with its sale of the toxic sedative drug. Trial ended with a settlement (--Braithwaite, p. 72). In its marketing of the toxic product, advertised as ‘completely safe,’ Grunenthal “hired [private detectives] to [track] hostile physicians” (Op. cit. p. 69). Sound familiar? (c.f. Monsanto)

Authoritarian and dictatorial systems become involved in a deadly conflict with the natural (free) process of life. -- Wilhelm Reich

Towards Contraceptive Food Increasing public mistrust in the post-AIDS developing world of white foreigners brandishing syringes at poor, dark women led to new RF-funded research on edible vaccines, which were developed in GM potatoes by the end of the decade (1998). This avenue seems to have been abandoned because of issues with effective targeting and dosing as well as the advent of new possibilities in burgeoning genetically modified food biotech. In 2001-2004, the Bush II regime, which post-9/11 had proposed mass small pox inoculations, spent the hefty sum of $14.5 billion on new civilian biowarfare research including biotech (Engdahl). “Resistance to genetically modified foods may affect the future of edible vaccines.” -- Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology DEPOPULATION AGENDA


Human Terminator Corn In a development that builds on and combines the preceding immune infertility concept of the fertility vaccine with that of edible vaccines, a contraceptive corn, created with a grant from the USDA, was announced in 2001 by Epicyte Pharmaceuticals of San Diego. The spermicidal (sterile seeds) food causes irreversible infertility in both men and women by triggering an immune system response against sperm in the body (human sperm as pathogen). “Farben's conduct at Auschwitz is best described by a remark of Himmler's: ‘What does it matter to us? Look away if it makes you sick.’ " --Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, Joseph Borkin, 1978

The Seed Cartel -- Nefarious Links Like the end users of its product, the Epicyte company reached a dead end, after it was bought in 2004 by a small biotech concern (Biolex), which went bankrupt not long after. Its human terminator biotechnology would not have been lost in the shuffle. Epicyte had a technologysharing agreement (Engdahl) at the time with GM seed makers DuPont and Syngenta (in the same business area then?). DuPont has a partnership agreement with Monsanto. Together, these three companies control nearly half of the global seed market (47% in 2007: ETC Group). Monsanto is partnered with BASF who, with Bayer, also in GM crops, hold the distinction of Nuremberg convictions for crimes against humanity. 7 All of the above companies (excepting the two recent start-ups Epicyte, Biolex) had cartel agreements or other links to the old IG Farben cartel. 8 These are the companies gaining control over the world’s food supply! ‘Terminator food’ holds the potential to end natural human reproduction, if not all human life on the planet if everyone ate it. The fact alone of unaccountable corporations wielding such power over life, like private companies with nukes, is reason enough to ban GMOs now. This is the essence of capitalism, which like a pimp with his drugs, or a loan shark and his cash, has always been about exploiting human need (--Burroughs): capturing (stealing) what people need--land, seeds, water, oil -- and then holding it for ransom.



Nothing Can Be Free Though withdrawn from application for commercialization, a terminator gene had notoriously been developed for GM food plants, causing their seeds to be sterile and potentially threatening world food supplies. If GM seeds of the Terminator variety are eventually rolled out, it would add a new twist to the possibility of using food as a coercive weapon, as suggested in the NSSM 200. Instead of making food an instrument of policy by withholding food aid, it becomes possible to prevent an entire nation or nations from growing food by withholding the only seeds that can grow in fields rendered ‘infertile’ with soakings of herbicide chemical. This is the essence of capitalism, which like a pimp with his drugs, or a loan shark and his cash, has always been about exploiting human need (--WS Burroughs): capturing (stealing) what people need--land, seeds, water, oil -- and then holding it for ransom. In fact, this was the drive behind the original postwar ‘green revolution’ of the 1950s -the petrochem cartel’s big push into food, or agribusiness. Under a feed the world banner (then as now), US agro- and chemical business penetrated international markets and destroyed small farming with a debt trap of hybrid seeds, expensive chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and loans in order to consolidate control and create the cartel of big agribusiness we know today. Big Chem was also synergistically offloading surplus war supplies of poison gas, as pesticide, and ammonium nitrate (explosives) as fertilizer (Engdahl). Today more or less the same players are touting a ‘green revolution’ in poor Africa in order to implant into a new market dependency on paying-GM food crops, herbicide and fertilizer. The original green revolution was followed by the gene revolution, which has further tightened cartel control over the food chain with patented, genetically modified food crops contaminating organics (and gaining market share), replacing free planting with a royalty payment scheme, and paired with locked-in herbicide sales. Much of the world now depends on, and is potentially subject to the control of an unfriendly agro monopoly. Control of the food supply bestows political control just as control of energy does. But there is more to the story of GM foods...(see also article ) Eugenic Depopulation Past population control policy, during the ‘transition’ years of high fertility and population growth rates, was nominally concerned with stabilizing the rate of population growth-- a reDEPOPULATION AGENDA


quirement, as we’ve seen, for stable dictatorship/hegemony. The ‘NSSM 200’ dealt with population control as a foreign policy element for the maintenance of power and resource access (in the ‘southern periphery’). For Kissinger, a longtime Rockefeller hand who was also Nixon’s handler, ‘sustainable development’ ominously meant that LDC populations must be limited both to maintain control (‘stability’) and to limit consumption of their valuable natural resources, ensuring continuing metropole access. Ultimately, the agenda of depopulation for its own sake is a policy of separating the genetic ‘wheat from the chaff’ and discarding the ‘chaff.’ But the current insistence on ‘depopulation,’ even in the face of stabilizing population numbers according to the UN, belies the ‘sustainability’ pretext and suggests a new tack in the hidden agenda. The real agenda behind the new depopulation imperative can be deduced by observing the particular populations targeted for reduction. Despite the dressing up in the language of sustainability or humanitarianism, this targeting is revealed as flowing from a policy of eugenics--which was the historical forerunner of the current birth/population control programs and in fact was sponsored by the same organizations and backers, now with new names. Ultimately, the agenda of depopulation for its own sake is a policy of separating the genetic ‘wheat from the chaff’ and discarding the ‘chaff.’ The population ‘problem’ then, as perceived by the eugenicist elite institutions, is a question not only of Quantity (population) but also of Quality, just as it was in the bad old days of discredited? eugenic policy in the 20th c. West. Edwin Black’s study of the eugenics movement, War Against the Weak, describes it as a ‘war by the wealthy on the poor,’ based on a philosophy grounded in the former American practice of ‘breeding slaves and lynching (free) Blacks.’

Strange fruit



Old Eugenicist quotes "We now know that men are not, and never will be, equal. We know that environment and education can develop only what heredity brings." --American Birth Control League (now IPPF), 1920 "We want fewer and better children ... and we cannot make the social life and the world-peace we are determined to make, with the ill-bred, ill-trained swarms of inferior citizens that you inflict upon us." -- British novelist and eugenicist HG Wells, from the introduction to Margaret Sanger's ‘Pivot of Civilization,’ 1922 “The best of both sexes ought to be brought together as often as possible, and the worst as seldom as possible, and ... the issue of the former unions ought to be reared, and that of the latter abandoned, if the flock is to attain to first-rate excellence; and these proceedings ought to be kept a secret from all but the guardians [of the state] themselves...” --Plato, ‘Republic’ Eugenics Victim Quote ‘You come out of the block. You see a fire coming out of the chimneys. You smell this terrible smell – that of flesh as it burns. And someone says, “This is not a factory. This is where they are burning your family.” And you say, “You are mad...” --Auschwitz survivor Lily Ebert

EUGENICS HISTORY {Description, not endorsement} The Nazis 'had the courage of the old-time Establishment's convictions'; ‘...sought to revive the 'Old Faith' (of imperialism) by concentrating on the fundamentals of imperial expansion, militarism, domestic repression, and (genocidal) racism.’ [But] they wanted ‘in’, which is what brought war with the Establishment; to simplify, the West had created a Bolshevik-killing monster that broke its leash. (--Bertram Gross, Friendly Fascism)

Racist eugenic ideology has ancient roots. It stems from primitive, parochial, tribal chauvinisms and the old beliefs in divinely sanctioned rule by those with noble lineage, the royal families and aristocrats, who must be bred. The New World political formulation, influenced by Old World Protestant reform, reinvented governance such that wealth (property) took the place of blood line (genetics) as an indicator of divine sanction (Protestants took wealth as a sign of predestined membership among the elect or “the saved”-- Max Weber). Money then indicated ‘selection’ in the religious sense as well as in the Darwinian sense (merit). By contrast, social ills (petty crime for example) may be blamed on poor ‘commoners,’ especially the lowest strata among them, who lack genetic (as well as monetary) capital, according to this dishonest but selfserving world view of the elite, ‘gilded criminals.’ Charity therefore was ‘unnatural’ in that it prolonged what Nature herself may have terminated, according to the Spartan neo-Malthusians. [Contrast the generosity of spirit in the Islamic Zakat or alms-giving requirement, one of the DEPOPULATION AGENDA


five pillars of Islam (solidarity, or human brotherhood) in contrast to ruthless Western competition.]

Muslim men celebrating Eid ul-Fitr, Rabat, Morocco

Genetic ‘hygiene’

‘Society must prevent the weaklings at the bottom from mingling their weakness in human currents’ --George Bernard Shaw The American eugenics movement, funded (from 1911) by the great American fortunes of Harriman, Rockefeller and especially Carnegie, was (and is) a project of the elite concerned with 'cutting off the defective germ-plasm of the American population.' It was the inspiration for the Nazi “master race” ideology (--War Against the Weak, Edwin Black). Positive eugenics was founded in the UK by a cousin of Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton, who also established fingerprints as a means of unique identification. War Against the Weak’s analysis of the eugenics movement in the 20th...century frames it as a.. ...turning from the previous century's discovery of 'killing germs' for the health of the body to reducing the lowest social strata for the health of the body politic... “And fresh from victory in the Amerindian genocide ... American elites set their sights on stopping the flood of immigrants (1910s-20s) and sterilizing or incarcerating the ‘unfit’ to cleanse ‘genetic infection’ (op.cit.).

With the financial largesse from the great American ‘philanthropists,’ the US first adopted eugenics as policy in the Wilson years, author Black says, first in the State Dept., then in the Dept. of Agriculture (American Breeders Assoc.), then with wide acceptance across elite academe.



Many Western countries besides the US and Germany had sterilization laws during most of the twentieth century targeting ‘the unfit’ until around 1970. Some of the companies later involved in genocidal ethnic ‘cleansing’ were indeed the same ones in the business of killing germs. The lower classes were likened to ‘weeds’ and ‘dangerous human pests’ to be eradicated Institutions for ‘race hygiene’ like the pre-Nazi Cold Spring Harbor Institute of Eugenics Record Office (Carnegie ERO, 1913, Huntington, Long Island, New York) were created by these American ‘philanthropists’ to focus on the “problem of the lower 10 percent” of the population, and aimed to ‘catalog the unfit,’ surveying schools, charities, public institutions, police departments’ criminal records and hillbilly families for sterilization candidates. [The centralization of private medical records (‘to prevent overdoses’--Bill Clinton) as well as the collection of genetic information in DNA databases (Mrs. Google’s 23&me: “send us your DNA sample”) potentially serve the same purpose today of research, database building and analysis for racist ‘biological improvement’.] They and related recipients of ‘philanthropic’ funding, like Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League (now Planned Parenthood), spoke of ‘the Negro Problem’ in the same vein. The lower classes were likened to ‘weeds’ and ‘dangerous human pests,’ to be eradicated [in the American Birth Control Review, 1924--Op Cit.]. ‘Hearst newspaper headlines warned of eugenicist plans : “14 million to be sterilized” ‘(15%) Impatient with impolitic natural selection, racist American eugenicists nurtured a Fordist dream of regimenting human reproduction along the lines of industrial production for genetic Quality Control. Sifting the lower strata for Mendelian traits flagging families as genetically defective had proven difficult. So the organization-mad eugenicists ‘used a shortcut: Bigotry.’ Race or ethnicity, immigrant status or poverty became indicators for blacklisting. Hearst newspaper headlines (1914) warned of eugenicist plans : “14 million to be sterilized” (15%) [-- Op Cit.].

The ‘Old Faith’ “We must reserve the right to bomb the n*ggers” [i.e. ‘natives’/non-whites] --Former British PM Lloyd George, 1934.

...A heinous and racist dictum but repeated here because still practiced by imperial powers in their wars and genocides against non-white peoples; and an assumed right still obfuscated with the old Victorian exDEPOPULATION AGENDA


cuse of bringing ‘civilization to savages’; c.f. US/NATO ‘bringing democracy’ [read Death] to Iraq; ‘women’s rights’ to Afghanistan; ‘until they’re ready’ to take over, etc.. (Below left) Wooden ‘native’ greeter at entrance to British Armed Forces watering hole, near Akrotiri Base, Cyprus; (Below center) Wall-mounted ‘kills’ inside: tiger, ‘native’; (Below right: BAF charity next door, May 2016. Down the road--”Zulu Bar”)

(L-R ) -- UK’s Prince Harry (Hewitt?) in Afghanistan (1); if the shoe fits..? (2)

(3) UK Prince Philip & ‘attractive’ Nazis (at Gotha family funeral, Berlin ca. 1936) (4) UK’s King Edward VIII & friend

Marriage Restrictions for Gene Pool Quality Control Other methods proposed to “purify the breeding stock” (Laughlin--ERO) were segregation --confinement of the unfit on reservations, like the Indians--and outlawing marriage for the ‘defective’ (compare US minority overrepresentation in prison populations and official promotion of same sex coupling today). Author Black describes how attempts were made (draft legislation, 1921--Op. Cit.) to introduce marriage restrictions, in the name of preventing hereditary blindness (a rare occurrence), but with the intention of adding a multitude of other defective conditions later, also as pretexts, once the controversial rules were established, to cover more of the lower 10 percent (Op. Cit.). Journal of the American Medical Association, 1933-“The fact that among Jews the incidence of blindness is greater than among the remainder of the population of Germany is doubtless due to the increased risk of hereditary transmission resulting from marriage between blood relatives” (Op Cit.). DEPOPULATION AGENDA 146

Here is a clear example of the use of a medical pretext to disguise an agenda of persecution. Black explains how another 1933 (ERO) article, on hereditary blindness in twins, highlighted the need for medical discoveries as pretexts in the quest for the impolitic, restrictive eugenic marriage laws. Ten years later, with funds from the same backer [via the Rockefeller-financed ‘German Research Society’], the handiwork of Otmar Verschuer henchman Josef Mengele at Auschwitz left us with one of the many haunting images of Holocaust horror: “an entire wall covered with pairs of human eyeballs, pinned up like butterflies.”9 One 1937 Nazi propaganda film distributed (by ERO) in the US (to among others, the Society for the Prevention of Blindness) portrayed Jews as having a high percentage of mental illness, implying good candidates for gassing under Nazi eugenics laws (op. cit.). Targeting on whatever pretext quickly becomes racist and political [‘problem of blind/mentally ill Jews’]. The same can be said of other ‘humanitarian’ pretexts today such as population control or reduction as campaigns against hunger, poverty or for sustainability or women’s rights. Nazi biological politics were also sometimes framed in terms of “population control” (by Rockefeller-funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Psychiatry’s Verschuer, for example). Note well that the same institutional backers now as then are promoting GM ‘Golden Rice’ in Asia ‘to prevent blindness.’ Sterilizations In the US, some 60,000 of the socially marginal were sterilized under the eugenic laws until their repeal in ca. 1970. In Germany, the cataloguing of the ‘unfit’ took on full IT rigor thanks to the IBM-managed (DEHOMAG) German census to compile comprehensive population statistics. The Nazi sterilization law of July 14, 1933 (French Revolution anniversary), passed months after the opening of the first concentration camp (Dachau in Munich), “reads like the [American] ERO model sterilization law”(--Op. Cit.). The Germans however had the ‘courage of the Anglo-Saxon elite’s convictions.’ The “Law for the Prevention of Defective Progeny” saw nearly half a million Germans sterilized the next year. The emergency of ‘population control’ is a false problem. Nature is perfectly capable of checking excess without ‘pre-emptive’ intervention. Population concerns and ‘sustainability’ are scientific fronts for political persecution, sterilization, or negative ‘selektion’ (in the Nazi sense; a system eliminating its victims as a criminal would cover evidence of his crimes (--British Labour movement).



Modern Population Control -- Saving the Great Whites

The historical background is not merely academic. The belief in a eugenic ‘problem of the lower 10 percent’ was reiterated as recently as 2003 by then Cold Spring Harbor Institute of Eugenics chief, James Watson of DNA fame. Watson was later ‘suspended’ from the position for telling the London UK Times that Blacks ‘had inferior intelligence.’ The old, eugenic world views persist today, even if they are usually more carefully concealed or coded. Buffett (background modified)

For his part, Watson’s DNA sidekick, Francis Crick has equally professed a pro-eugenics stance: “We have to take away from humans in the long run their reproductive autonomy as the only way to guarantee the advancement of mankind." ♦

NOTES 1 Twelve years softening-up bombing, unopposed because of the complete destruction of air defenses under ‘no-fly zones,’ and deadly sanctions as prelude to invasion; carefully kindled sectarian strife (Sunni/Shi’ite) serves as cover for the mass killing and/or as a pretext for occupation (cf Catholic/ Protestant). Note also that besides resources, Afghanistan is also important both geostrategically and as an energy transit route. 2 Massive US ‘Embassy’ or ‘Fort Baghdad,’ with thousands of US troops still present in Iraq, as well as private mercenary forces, on $2.5b contracts, despite PR claim of official withdrawal. 3 Displaced: 30 per cent (nearly 1.3 million) are Afro-Colombians. Another 15 per cent (600,000) of the IDPs are from indigenous communities (2% of pop.) 4 Following imperial precedent of “Royal Commission on Population, which King George VI (UK) had created in 1944 ‘to consider what measures should be taken in the national interest to influence the future trend of population.’ The commission found that Britain was gravely threatened by population growth in its colonies, since ‘a populous country has decided advantages over a sparsely-populated one for industrial production.’ The combined effects of increasing population and industrialization in its colonies, it warned, ‘might be decisive in its effects on the prestige and influence of the West,’ especially affecting ‘military strength and security.’ “--December 8, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review/ Schiller Institute ALT: DEPOPULATION AGENDA


5 National Security Study Memo 200 (The Kissinger Report, 1974). The NSSM 200 specifies the (developing) countries to be targeted with depopulation measures as of 1974: “Assistance for population moderation should give primary emphasis to the largest and fastest growing developing countries where there is special U.S. political and strategic interest. Those countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.” [Underlined countries still currently targeted by UNFPA.) 6 "...mountains of documentation [prove] that anti-fertility vaccines have been researched and delivered by the WHO with grant money from the Rockefeller Foundation" ( Sterilization is accomplished by creating an immune system disorder whereby the injection of a carrier of tetanus or diphtheria associates it with a body hormone necessary for pregnancy (hCG, human chorionic gonadotrophin). The body reacts by creating antigens (antibodies) against its own natural hormone, destroying it and preventing pregnancy. -- see: “Bypass by an alternate ‘carrier’ of acquired unresponsiveness to hCG upon repeated immunization with tetanus-conjugated vaccine.” --Oxford University Press, 1990 - Dissimulation: “contaminated” tetanus vaccine: Vaccine Weekly, November 4, 1996 7 i.e. BASF, Bayer, Hoechst (now Aventis), formerly of the IG Farben cartel, which operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke). May 1947: 24 IG executives indicted on charges of... • • • • • •

alliance with Nazi Party synchronization of activities w/ Nazi military planning equipping Nazi war machine providing critical war materials participating in plunder participating in slavery, mass murder

Five Convicted on last charge (Count 3) Slavery and Mass Murder (“a crime against humanity and also a war crime”), including: Krauch (‘BASF’), Ambros (‘Bayer’), Ter Meer (‘Bayer’) --J. Borkin, The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, 1978 * IG Farben complicity in crimes committed at Auschwitz-Birkenau led to the death of an estimated 1.5 million people, according to the Auschwitz museum in Poland. (--wikipedia) 8 i.e. BASF, Bayer, Hoechst (now Aventis), formerly of the IG Farben cartel, before these companies were re-founded in mid-1950s. 9 some cases taken from the corpses of three generations of same (murdered Roma) families (War Against the Weak, E. Black) First published in ‘Resistance,’ Fall 2013



Gender: Human XY chromosome pair

THE GENE A Backgrounder

"Gene" is a term that has been in use since 1909, not long after Mendel's pea plant experiments first established biological laws of heredity. The name "gene" denoted the idea of a seed-like, physical substance responsible for the transmission of heredity and its expression in organisms. The concept developed further with the discovery of DNA. Genes came to correspond to locations on a chromosome, which is made up of many lengths of DNA. The revelation of DNA's base pair structure in 1953 (Watson & Crick) showed that it had the stability necessary to preserve heredity and the capacity to self-replicate needed to transmit it. From 1953 to the mapping of the human genome or full set of genetic material 50 years later, the "gene" on which many new developments had been based, has come to be seen as a concept showing its age, some science historians have argued. The inescapable if well-guarded conclusion implied by the thrust of the last 40 years of research in molecular biology is that the "secrets of life" are much more complex and confusing than first thought. Ever mounting evidence in the form of scientific findings, rather than clarifying the picture, have tended to further obscure it, revealing only new levels of a vast complexity ingrained over the course of our three billion years of evolution. Gene therapy The example of gene therapy illustrates some of the difficulties encountered by researchers. Since the advent of gene splicing in the 1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, as genetic engineering technology passed from military to medical research, gene therapy held the promise of new treatments for congenital or hereditary diseases. With certain maladies, like hemophilia, said to be due to a specific gene's function in the organism, it was hoped that recombinant DNA techniques, or gene splicing-synthetically introducing new DNA--would enable the treatment of such diseases through the replacement of the genetic material involved. While some successes have been attained in this THE GENE


field, notably the in vitro creation of spliced genes for producing human insulin and EPO (a hormone), to date, no successful gene therapy has been developed to treat congenital disease in humans. Instead of producing results that tend to confirm the guiding paradigm, genetic research has accumulated much evidence undermining the concept of a physical gene, according to experts. While certain cases like the "insulin gene" are consistent with the single gene-single function concept, research has shown that they are the exception. Rather than a specific gene expressing a particular character, what has usually been found is that no single gene is in fact involved in a given expression (phenotype). Instead, gene function may correspond to DNA located throughout the chromosome. Not only is no single gene usually responsible for a single function, but research also indicates that non-genetic (epigenetic) factors such as cellular dynamics may also play a role in development. Instead of genes as the "book of life" responsible for the faithful transmission of heredity, at best the genome may be more like an active participant, among others, in an organism's development. Gene function and stability then might be better understood as part of a dynamic process within a complex cellular system. In other words, the organism as a whole is both the result of and the preserver of genetic information. Genome Just as genetic engineering has foundered in the vastness of biological complexity, so the discovery of the sequence of nucleotides or biochemicals in the genome, which it was hoped would suffice for understanding an organism, has only helped reveal the limits of genetic control of an organism's development. If the genome may be said to be the raw data of an organism's developmental "program," where the "program" may be found or what constitutes it is still unknown. One theory that attempts to improve on the conceptual paradigm suggests that the genetic contribution to expression may be due not so much to DNA location as to differences in DNA arrangement--how the strands are physically wound together in the chromosomes, rather than "gene" location at one end or another of the chromosome. In as much as research findings in the field have tended to conflict with their guiding conceptual basis, genetic or bioengineering cannot really be called a full-fledged applied science, practiced with a full understanding of the processes involved. Instead, it uses a trial and error approach, usually erring, and carried out in the absence of a conceptual model supported by research. -- 2006 (Abstracted from The Century of the Gene, 2000, Evelyn Fox Keller) THE GENE


DU NUKE WAR ‘Depleted’ Uranium Weapons: The ‘Slow-kill’ Left Behind Explainer

Uranium is the heaviest metal existing in nature. Atoms of uranium are not only the heaviest but also the largest and the most unstable of any element. These characteristics explain the interest in using uranium as a fissile material or fuel in nuclear reactors. In fact, it's an isotope or variant of uranium that's used in nuclear fission. This isotope, U235, is highly unstable and therefore easily broken apart, releasing high levels of energy. U235 is present in mined uranium at the rate of only about 0.7 percent. So to get one kilogram of the fissile U235 it takes literally tons of mined uranium. The rest of the uranium, which is U238, is without interest, at least for applications in nuclear energy. In practice, the natural uranium is enriched to a level of U235 high enough to sustain a nuclear reaction (3%). But because of the great disproportion between the two isotopes, the production of the fissile U235 results in a by-product of huge quantities of non-fissile U238, or depleted uranium--DU for short. Though depleted of U235, U238 still retains all the chemical properties of natural uranium, such as its heaviness. Bars of U238 have a density nearly twice that of lead, which in fact is what uranium would become after radioactive decay, lasting nine billion years. And because of a plentiful supply, it sells at about 8 times less than tungsten, the next least costly heavy metal. Because of its great heaviness and its low price, this material has been used as ballast or counterweight in industrial machines, in aeronautics and in ship building. Its been used in jumbo jets, for example, to get an even weight distribution on the aircraft. It's also used in weapons. It’s used in armor, in so-called tank-busting shells, and in large, "bunker buster" missiles--which carry a couple of tons of DU and can penetrate thick concrete walls. [9kg U235] Actually, before this metal can be used in such weapons, there's a metallurgic DU NUKE WAR


process that's necessary to increase its rigidity. That's because another unusual property of uranium is that although it may be heavy and dense it's not very hard. So in fact alloys like titanium are added to strengthen it. The tips of the shells are probably alloyed with a metal of high rigidity--such as beryllium. Beryllium is not radioactive in its elemental form, but it is highly toxic. Uranium itself IS radioactive, in all its forms. It's both a chemical and a radiological poison. Most radiation emitted from depleted uranium can be blocked inside a casing or cover. When it's used in arms however, the material is combusted or burned. It starts to burn on impact or on detonation. When it hits its target, which may be heavily populated areas--as well as tanks, or bunkers--then it's reduced to fine particles which can be breathed in. Radioactive particles that contaminate whatever they contact: dust, rain, groundwater, food. Once inside the body, the radiation cannot be blocked and is continually absorbed, even after the death of the victim, from cancer. So are we really talking about nuclear weapons here? Now nuclear weapons are classified as those that use nuclear fission or fusion. Nuclear bombs. This is not the case with DU weapons. That's why they can be sold as non-nuclear or conventional arms. But their use has been called "nuclear war by other means." Because you still get radioactive fallout and its long-term, lethal effects if it enters the body. A new kind of fallout, that doesn't rain from the sky, but is delivered by missiles. So no, not nuclear weapons, but radioactive fallout-- without the mushroom cloud. Weapons of mass destruction. The use of beryllium as an alloy in DU weapons would contravene a chemical arms treaty that every country making these arms has signed. They're sold fairly freely without their exact composition being specified. Tests have been done to monitor their use in war zones. Some studies have indicated the presence of U236*, which is worrisome. U236 doesn't exist in natural or depleted uranium. It exists in spent fuel--enriched uranium that's been used in a nuclear reactor. In other words, reprocessed or treated nuclear waste. Dirty uranium. A waste product, which arms makers get for free. Nuclear waste, which contains traces of even more dangerous byproducts such as plutonium, which has also been detected. Now even if the DU were clean, or natural, you'd still have the damaging health effects of depleted uranium alone, as I mentioned...If a single particle of DU dust is breathed in, it causes cancer as well as genetic mutation.



The fallout stays radioactive for a period twice as long as the earth is old. Nine billion years. And there's no known method of de-contamination. Only prohibitively costly clean-up. Yet thousands of tons of DU have been dropped by NATO in countries that have been attacked with it. Something like how the Romans salted the land of their rivals in Carthage. To render it sterile. But here you have uranium dust which poisons the land, the people, and their offspring. Sad to say, but it's meant to ensure foreign access to valuable natural resources or strategic areas into the future. That’s the world we live in, under capitalism. So what you have here in fact is a so-called “slow kill” of affected civilians and soldiers in the war theatre because the result is not immediate. And there's the legal loophole. The victims develop fatal cancers later on, from exposure to contaminated food or water, for example. The effects are seen across generations, with a high incidence of birth defects. A 'pre-emptive strike' you might say, as the Nazis did at Nuremberg trying to justify their wars of aggression. Like radiation, some chemicals also have a mutagenic effect, including many petroleum-derived pesticides with their ‘surfactants.’ Note the parallel between poisoning by radiation from depleted uranium and that by GM food, designed to absorb chemical herbicide, which is then consumed. Rachel Carson : ‘..genetic deterioration through man-made agents is the menace of our time, the last and greatest danger to our civilization ... the parallel between chemicals and radiation is exact and inescapable.’-- Silent Spring, p. 185 To come back to the legal implications, surprisingly, while there's a ban on chemical poisoning of soldiers there is none on radiation poisoning of civilians. The international treaties banning chemical weapons, like toxic gas, and biological weapons, like viruses, don't apply to weapons using radioactive material. As for nuclear weapons, you have a test ban treaty and a non-proliferation treaty, but no international ban on their use. There you would have (if not retaliation) universal condemnation though in the court of world opinion. Because the devastation is immediate. It’s more obvious. That’s why there’s a political restraint on overt nuclear attacks, making the use of radiation as a weapon a covert affair. A new class of directed energy weapons uses non-ionizing radiation, like microwaves. I don’t believe there’s any international arms control agreement yet in place to ban the use of these in-



capacitating ‘non-lethal’ weapons, which are used for covert repression of political dissidence through remote torture. Unfortunately, there may be no specific ban in international law on using radiation as a weapon. But there are legal protections that exist, at least on paper, such as the UN Charter, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Conventions on Human Rights, which outlaw torture, wars of aggression, the targeting of civilians, and genocide. Dirty Paducah DU used in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq: See De la réalité des armes à l’uranium appauvri, Robert James Parsons, Le Monde Diplomatique, March, 2002 * Birth defect by Uranium poisoning

Birth defect by pesticide poisoning?

Fallujah, Iraq (


◆ First published Spring 2012; ‘Zika’ image, Rachel Carson quote added Summer 2016



CANCER OF THE OPPOSITION When the Opposition Gets Cancer Removing highly-placed political opponents from standing in the way of a given agenda--even preemptively--is as old as the proverbial cup of hemlock. Now in the 21st century, the advances in both technical capabilities and totalitarian information control mean that never before has there been such discretion available for covert jobs and never has the psych job on collective consciousness been stronger--where wars of aggression are euphemized into humanitarian interventions and politically inopportune overt assassination becomes terminal illness. The ingestion (or other implantation) of tiny amounts of a radioactive substance is a powerful carcinogen. ‘Depleted’ uranium ‘fallout’ in NATO war zones is an established example of the new use of radiation as a non-nuclear weapon of war whose effect is a not directly traceable slow-kill by cancer. Non-ionizing 1 radiation like microwaves for remote electroshock in Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (RFDEW in Pentagonese) is a core part of the new US Air Force non-lethal weapon covert torture arsenal. Cancer-causing radiation poisoning with fast-decaying, hard-to-trace radioactive isotopes 2 like Polonium-210 has been confirmed to have been used in the recent past to eliminate VIP political opposition. The 2013 examination of the remains of the late PLO Leader Yasser Arafat (d. 2004) by Swiss investigators (CHUV, Lausanne) found very high levels of polonium, effectively confirming suspicions of polonium poisoning raised by the earlier posthumous examination of his personal effects, which had also found very high levels of the poison. The scientists also found high levels of lead, which is a tell tale by-product of radioactive decay. Polonium has a half-life of 138 days. The synthetic radioactive chemical astatine, which like iodine accumulates in the thyroid, has a half-life of only 8.5 hours (‘evaporates’ in 17 hours). CANCER OF THE OPPOSITION


Remember Hugo Chavez? That Latin bull with a sharp Left horn buried in the ribs of the Western establishment? Friend of Castro, in the process of integrating Latin America under the Socialist model (ALBA--Alliance Bolivarian for the people of our America)? Dead at 58, of complications from cancer (pelvic tumor 2011), after surviving assassination and coup attempts. His successor, Nicolas Maduro, has claimed publicly that Chavez was assassinated by cancer inoculation. Chavez himself had speculated that the US had weaponized cancer. In America’s ‘backyard’ fiefdom, stirrings for independence have proven to be very bad for your health, with a virtual epidemic of cancer breaking out among the leading opponents of Yankee rule there. Among Chavez’s ALBA comrades or allies, five (5) more Latin leaders developed cancer in just the five-year period of 2006-11: • Brazil’s Lula (throat tumor--2011); • Lula’s successor, the current president, Dilma Roussef (lymphoma, axillar tumor--2009); • Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner (thyroid cancer--2011); • Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo (lymphoma, pelvic tumor---2010); • Fidel Castro, Cuba (?)

Hugo Chavez’s inspiration, Fidel Castro--whether his current illness, which may be cancerrelated, is due to age alone or not--was famously targeted with hundreds of failed CIA assassination plots, as a longstanding thorn in the side of the USA, establishing the unmissable precedent. The cancer epidemic among the leaders of the Latin New Left is a glaring anomaly, statistically aberrant and strategically too convenient, that argues strongly in favor of the existence of weaponized cancer in NATO’s black arsenal. NOTES 1 ionizing radiation--energy, from radioactive substances, sufficiently powerful as to change the net charge of, or ‘ionize’ atoms on the receiving end.

2 isotope--different form of the same chemical element

First published 26 July 2014 CANCER OF THE OPPOSITION



World Government--from the folks who brought you Auschwitz Spider sculptures, Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY (Louise Bourgeois, above)

The World Government Project aka The New Order or New World Order (NWO) is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is a conspiracy (a perfectly good word, there in the dictionary for a reason). From the horse’s mouth: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”--David Rockefeller, Memoirs, ch. 27, 2003

The Money Lords

Some background The NWO is an old, Big Banks project to establish a central international authority for world control (theirs)--an Order of financial diktat in place of sovereign, ‘democratic chaos,’ built on the foundation of the central banks. In what would become a long chain of gradual usurpations of national powers, the first sovereign Right to fall under the banker’s new globalist system was that of coinage or the sovereign right to create a national currency for exchange, debt-and-interest free.



In the US, the establishment in 1913 of the so-called Federal Reserve central bank --a private bank with international money-family shareholders--put paid to the Constitutional delegation of economic authority to the Congress, in favor of a fraud obliging the nation ever since to draw its own money as loans (creation of reserves by Fed’s ‘buying’ of government bonds/ debt issues)--a coup on behalf of global high Finance, and a coup de grace to end the long Jacksonian 1 resistance to financial re-colonization. It was the lackey Wilson, the Bankers’ President, who preaching banking reform (to end contrived ‘banking panics’) inflicted the new financial dictatorship on the American people; elected on neutrality, delivered the US into WWI; preaching unity for Peace caused another (profitable) Great War--in just 21 years time--with the infamous Treaty of Versailles, also the instrument of a primordial first stab at world government, with its League of Nations, progenitor of the UN and EU, and a device for ‘the internationalization of the finance/central banking’ system (--Eustace Mullins). In the wake of the pointless (except for the profiteers) imperialist carnage of WWI, the internationalist project to overcome national sovereignty seemed to have the veneer of a compelling and pacific rationale--a needed solution to a problem--covering its aims; in the words of the world government enthusiast H.G. Wells: “the necessity of disavowing the sovereignty of contemporary governments, of setting up authoritative central control to supplement or supersede them [for]... • cooperation over belligerent competition and nationalism... • a central authority as arbiter of disputes between sovereign nations, in order to abolish war... • an organized order as world system.. • human brotherhood in place of militant patriotism...” -- ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, 1933

And this from Wells’s contemporary, Bertrand Russell: "The establishment of an international authority sufficiently strong to impose its settlement of disputes upon recalcitrant States is I am convinced the most important reform ..." Education & the Social Order, 1932 p. 145

It’s well to note that for these cited advocates of the coming world state, the NWO would not be Capitalist but Socialist, an evolutionary step forward from the Russian revolution, already beginning to fail under Stalinist nationalism... ‘The Modern [World-] State arose indeed out of the same social imperatives and the same constructive impulses that begot Marxism and Leninism...’ (The Shape of Things to Come pp. 132-133) ‘...a single human community organized for collective service to the common weal’ (ibid, p.37) THE NWO


And Russell: “The active energy of our time throughout the Western world is in Capitalist enterprise and is on the whole a force making for destruction” (Education & the Social Order, p. 91); ‘murder for the sake of robbery’ (ibid p. 88); “Capitalism will no longer bring contentment” (ibid p.146).

The World State concept or a totalitarian federalized superstate (read EU) may have been avantgarde in 1919/1933, but today it is showing its 100-year age, at odds with devolutionary or centrifugal technological development and also with historical development. Central Authority, like Monarchy, is an Olde political form, a regression to feudal, entrenched privilege favored by the privileged Banking elite and declared aim of the “National Socialist” Adolf Hitler and of George Bush I. 2 The World State Project Today The present model of the emerging world state--the treaty-proffering EU--gives the lie, in practice, to the old aims and rhetoric of beneficence, now become a hollow sales pitch, as it violently destroys sovereignty, with terror, coups and war or proxy war, in the drive towards a global, feudal, financial dictatorship. While idealists may have genuinely looked to the concept of an NWO to avoid future ‘Lost Generations’ slaughtered in war, its nature as a Trojan Horse for the bankers is betrayed not only by continuing slaughter but also by new horrors--more ‘Lost Generations,’ as free reproduction is gradually snuffed out by chemically-imposed forced miscarriage (and birth defects) in favor of a eugenic, industrial model to be based on IVF -- a new, reproductive holocaust (see article). To simplify just a bit, the Rothschild-Rockefeller Auschwitz gang that brought the Nazis to power to crush emerging Communism in the 1930s lost the battle in Germany but won the war in Europe, now integrated into the Western corporate dictatorship under the Germandominated EU, thanks to the cartel's American muscle. The gradual implementation of the empire's goal of universal control creeps on forward from the foundation of the central banks towards further integration in small, subtle steps--as done with spider patience over a period of 50 years in federalized Europe. Now on a global scale, World bodies like the UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, etc. presume domain (like the ‘World Series’), together with the G20. A new World Climate Treaty (see COP21) and regional trade agreements (NAFTA, etc) would form the filaments to tie together the EU, so-called African Union, an Americas Union with Asia in a burgeoning world state, ultimately subject to (now shelved) plans for further currency mergers. In this federalization by stealth, it is global Energy THE NWO


Controls that would form the seedling of world government, reminiscent in literature of H. G. Wells’s international Transportation Ministry; see also ‘Global Warming’).

Where resistance is met, this silent web weaving is punctuated by the bursting bomb blasts of asymmetrical fascist terror, silkily cloaked as the work of its victims or of Muslim scapegoats. US-NATO wars or proxy death squad interventions, obscenely justified in the name of peace, of humanity, of feminism, of freedom ... shake up the legal sovereign order on the violent path to the lawless ‘New’ World Order. The Devolution Alternative A natural alternative to the consolidation of global political power in the hands of a criminal, financial diktat is its dialectical opposite, devolution, in line with centrifugal, technical change-always a harbinger of political change (think Internet for Printing Press). Networked nodes of local self-governance, with economic and political autonomy is an idea of high ‘sustainability,’ with social organization organically growing out of technical evolution, itself an organic product of Labor, whereby social production naturally produces also new forms of political organization -- like ‘work democracy,’ for example. 1 Jacksonian: An obvious confirmation of the current state of play in that long lost battle is the Obama regime’s announcement that Jackson’s image will now be removed from the front of the US 20 dollar Federal Reserve Note. 2 Jubilee: Hitler New Order speech, Berlin, Jan. 30, 1941 George Bush Sr. New World Order speech, Jan. 30, 1991 (Germany time). See also here. Three generations of the Bush family are linked with Fascism in America: US Sen. Prescott Bush with money laundering for Nazi Germany; George Bush Sr with NWO call, JFK assassination (unidentified ‘Houston oilman’ questioned by Dallas police, pictured at scene); George W. Bush with 9/11 Fascist coup

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EU FISSURES Farage: EU Aims to Sterilize Populations “They want to harmonize us, they want to homogenize us-God help us, they even want to pasteurize (sterilize) us.” -Malta, June 4, 2014

UK’s Eurosceptics leader vows to slay EU monster First published 5 June 2014, foreshadowing Brexit two years later [This report is not an endorsement of any political Party or politician.]

Fresh from a landmark victory in the European Parliamentary elections May 25, with a historic third Party win in Britain, Eurosceptic Party leader Nigel Farage vowed yesterday June 4 to answer the call to kill the EU 'monster.' In a paid keynote address at a travel and tourism industry conference at the Malta Hilton that was equal parts political speech and entertainment, mixing light-hearted one-liners with the sounding of serious alarms, Farage vowed to go on from the historic poll win to destroy 'the monster called the European Union.' The election results showed that Brussels had failed in its existential mission to curtail nationalisms, with nationalist parties winning across northern Europe, Farage explained. "I think Europe is headed in a very dangerous direction. We're beginning to see...the very kind of extreme nationalisms and neo-fascisms actually growing... the very thing that the project sought to stop in the first place." Originally billed as a solution to the Old Continent's historically incessant warring, the integration of European nation states had advanced by stealth from a Common Market, Farage said, to EU FISSURES


culminate in an unrepresentative and unwanted political union under an unelected Brussels Executive. "I don't think they [Brussels] represent Europe. They've hijacked the very word Europe, the very concept of Europe and I don't think there's any democratic support for this project anywhere in the Union," he told the conference. The ringing protest vote he said meant that the idea of the EU project's 'inevitability' was now dead. Farage has promised to hold a referendum on Britain's pulling out of the EU conditioned on results of UK general elections next year, if his Party wins national power. A strong anti-EU majority for his UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) would spell the end of the Brussels political union, he claimed. "If we have a clear, overwhelming expression of political will against political union, then that'll be the end of it (the EU)," the UKIP leader told us before taking the stage. Euro break up But even before that might happen, the eurozone crisis, which has seen Greece's economy contract by 27 percent, would inevitably mean the coming break up of the eurozone, the former City of London metals broker said. "People are now saying it's only a matter of time before the euro [currency] breaks up," with Greece likely to be the first to bail out. Addressing the audience of travel reps, Farage took the opportunity to profess his innocence following media accusations of racism in the run-up to the EP vote. The anti-immigration campaigner began by indignantly insisting that he's not an isolationist "little Englander." Instead, he said he is actually defending cultural diversity in what he described as the European mosaic, against EU "harmonization," a defense which still however relied on old school, if jocular, national stereotypes: "When I go the 23 miles to Calais (across the English channel to France) I want to meet a little Frenchman, wearing a beret, smoking a Gitane and reeking of garlic, otherwise there's no point in going is there? The whole point of travel and tourism is you go to different places and have new experiences."



But the EU he warned was by contrast all about one-size-fits-all standardization and the erosion of national and cultural identities in a United States of Europe: "I love Europe...but I absolutely detest this attempt to take 28 different countries and to force them all together into one. They want to harmonize us, they want to homogenize us--God help us they even want to pasteurize (sterilize) us, and turn us into some new kind of European. It'll never happen." "It's better that we're French and British and German and Danes and Dutch and Greek, and let's live together in our own countries. Let's run our lives in our own parliaments. And let's be friends and trade and cooperate together...that is the future." ‘Pasteurization’ While the speaker did not elaborate on his disturbing allusion to mass sterilization, the reference comes as EU-member states are announcing plans to re-classify infant formula as harmful, banning ads for it as for tobacco; launching street-marketing poster ads promoting breast-feeding among their GMO-fed populations--despite the fact that, unlike in the developing world, access to clean water to mix with baby formula is not a problem here (see also here).

EU Health pamphlet 2014: “Breastfeeding-Best for mother and baby” (above left); EU’s CDC with Horus Eye (protector of power) logo enlargement. below; Breastfeeding promotional poster on bus shelter, Malta (right)

Critics’ concern? EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) like glyphosate affecting a mother’s hormone levels can produce developmental effects on the fetus, experts say--before birth via the placenta and after birth through lactation -- “one of the most significant routes of exposure to pesticides for any mammalian juveniles... [my italics]. By contrast, exposure to EU FISSURES


pesticides in baby formula appears to be almost negligible”--Jensen, Slovach 1991 in Gillian Bentley’s ‘Infertility in the Modern World,’ 2000, p. 102; (see also here)

European Commission ‘Filter’ logo

Spoiler in UK In its May 25 election victory, UKIP won 24 MEP seats in the Strasbourg-based EU parliament-and will double its EU-funding--finishing ahead of the opposition Labour Party and the ruling Conservatives, who finished third. But upstart UKIP's success in the national result--the first third party win in a century-- did have the spoiler effect, in favor of the ruling Tories, of denying a majority to the opposition, as is usual in the EP votes. For now, UKIP’s EU win does not translate into more national power for itself or any tangible prospect of a referendum on the EU in the near-term. "This is unfinished business," Farage said.

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NATO Pyromania--EU Eurovision contestants / ’76ers, Washington D.C.

THE US OF E EU’s Eurovision NWO Jingle Contest… What’s with the fiery American revolution motif running through the Eurovision 2013 song contest? Denmark’s winning performance [of ‘Only Teardrops’] featured an anachronistic military fife and drum accompaniment, just a tri-cornered hat away from 1776. The lyrics make seeming reference to the American national anthem (see below), which would at least explain the incongruous period instruments... Denmark/ F. Scott Key : ♪The sky is red tonight/

..and the rockets’ red glare

We’re on the edge tonight/♪gave proof through the night

Germany : “Glorious...” ‘We can set the world on Fire ♪ The World is Ours’

** Forgetting something? Germany’s vocalist in American flag garb



The intro video-clip to Germany’s entry prominently featured the singer wrapped in a conspicuous American flag top. Some of the lyrics to the song, “Glorious,” raise eyebrows: “We can set the world on fire... The World is Ours.” Taken alone, the choice phrases might aid an argument for EU historical sensitivity training. As part of the overall pattern elucidated in this analysis, and in the current political context, they can be taken as a wink at the ravages of both Nazi and NATO domination, offhandedly glorifying the destruction of war and aggression, if only at the level of double entendre. Symbols of Independence Turned on their Heads So what is this ‘American revolution’ in the EU? It’s the world government revolution, not of Independence but of Dependence -- on Brussels/Frankfurt and by extension, the financial/ corporate rule armature of sovereignty-usurping central banks and international organizations... A rebirth of European Fascism, “rehabilitated” under the PR savvy Americans, masters of the EU [and instigators of the original German Naziism (see article ‘The Cold War’) and more or less discretely celebrated here in Nordic song with hints at German EU dominance under the wing of a hoped for, US-led “world governance.” The New World Order is gloating over the reversal of fortunes since ‘the war’ (the Nazis ‘have won’) and so hijacks the old American symbols of independence and turns them on their heads. Are we reading too much into a bunch of love songs? See the lyrics to the winning Danish song (below), which of course works as a romantic ballad, but which taken together with the other symbolism already mentioned, may also be interpreted as a sort of EU anthem, as you’ll see, celebrating the Nobel-recognized accomplishment of supposedly achieving 60 years of peace on an incessantly warring continent (previously). The price paid for this domestic ‘peace’ has been the independence and democratic rights of the European, lost to corporate-rule from Brussels, on the anti-democratic legal model of Nazi Germany's plans for rule over a conquered Europe. But this ‘peace’ has been illusory, with the violent internal suppression of sovereignty by US/NATO in Greece (1946-49), the NATO bombing of Socialist Serbia (1998-99), and through longstanding GLADIO (aka Stay Behind) terrorism, to suppress other anti-fascist elements remaining after WWII, when other methods fail. More recently, Greece has been drubbed again, financially, as the whole of Europe approaches financial dictatorship, with the ‘harmonization’ of laws under federal ‘Directives’ and corporate WTO imperatives already forming a political dictatorship within the federal-corporate complex. Peace through enslavement. THE US OF E


One can only imagine a Nobel committee of one-eyed Jacks (or Eriks), squinting down at the continent, blind to foreign EU-NATO belligerence in Yugoslavia, Syria, Mali, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. when it recognized the bellicose, sovereignty-crushing EU wing of NATO with its 2012 peace prize. ♪ Lyrics Only Teardrops The sky is red tonight We’re on the edge tonight No shooting star to guide us Eye for an eye, why tear each other apart? Please tell me why, why do we make it so? I look at us now, we only got ourselves to blame It’s such a shame How many times can we win and lose? How many times can we break the rules between us? Only teardrops How many times do we have to fight? How many times till we get it right between us? Only teardrops So come and face me now Here on this stage tonight (= addressing EU nations) Let’s leave the past behind us [...Repeat verse 2/ Refrain...] ♪ (Tell me now) What’s come between us? What’s come between us? Only teardrops (Tell me now) What’s come between us? What’s come between us? How many times can we win and lose? How many times can we break the rules between us? Only teardrops How many times do we have to fight? How many times till we get it right between us? Only teardrops, only teardrops Only teardrops Only teardrops ♪

The double entendre: THE US OF E


Don’t cry over lost independence, which brings only war and tears (Learn to Love your Slavery). Welcome to the United States of Europe.

Germany: “Glorious” ♪...We can set the world on fire.. Tonight we can be glorious We are young at heart and we’re free The world is ours, I can feel the music in me... ♪

Yes...Probably Wagner.

Eurovision, -part 2

Understand, the Overlords are far too much the demonic control freaks to ever let a high profile event on the cultural calendar be anything other than a marketing opportunity to plug the agenda. This explains why the show also prominently featured the beat of a different drum: more of the gay lifestyle hype that Westerners have come to expect--a propaganda campaign to popularize non-reproductive pleb pairing. It’s all part of an anti-fertility social engineering drive in the eugenic Brave New World Order (see also The Depopulation Agenda).

EU “Culture” (Marketing) -- Taking your Propaganda Medicine

Finland : “Marry Me”

Romania: Vamping it up

This is not to contest free association between consenting adults. It is to raise awareness of manipulative, eugenic depopulation propaganda. Under the Nazis, gays were a persecuted minority. There we now have another inversion in the West. Same sex coupling is now the officially sanctioned form of romantic union, but with a pat on the head as you go over the genetic cliff. Sorry to rain on the gay parade but we are marching into Auschwitz. ♦ First published May 2013 THE US OF E


NAZI-TIME IN PARIS forget-me-not

Nazi occupation troops parade in Paris (archives)

Sputtering War of Terror Restarts, Turns Guns on Paris in France’s 9-11 Fear... is the herald of all revolutions. One thing he always teaches, that there is rottenness where he appears. He is a carrion crow, and though you see not well what he hovers for, there is death somewhere. ...That obscene bird is not there for nothing. He indicates great wrongs which must be revised. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

J’Accuse, Part 2 (Part 1) French 5th Republic Falls Under NWO

To think it all began with the playing of the German national anthem at the Stade de France (during a German-French ‘friendly’). As the French National Assembly passes the president’s emergency rule three-month extension today, voted under the influence of fresh terror psychosis, it may be a good time to take a second look at what's transpired now that the dust has settled a bit--along with the fear, loathing and disgust--from the Friday the 13th Massacres in Paris. Paris today

Without diving into the sordid purported details of the terror-porn news-movie--with all-tooreal victims--and here, conveniently disintegrating perpetrators (as is the M.O. in the long line of false flag attacks--no trials of attackers 1), it may be more useful to focus on the patterns that



suggest a deeper Process at work, whose imperatives and consequent machinations we see churning at the surface, than on the (changing) official story or now familiar slogans. Hollande’s Absurd Address at Versailles--Living Free, Under the Gun Starting 30 Nov., Paris will host a much-hyped, ‘urgent’ international conference on the weather (‘Climate Change’), to ‘save the children.’ Protest will not be allowed. In a revealing, post-terror address to the National Assembly held at the Palace of Versailles (ex-seat of Emergency Coronation -- Francois Hollande, Palace of Versailles , 16 Nov. 2015

monarchy), French president Hollande, in announcing the new martial reality in the fallen (in all but name) 5th Republic, including curfews, pre-emptive arrest, 24-hour armed-troop patrols, a massive reinforcement of the state apparatus of repression, usurpation of powers by the executive, banned assembly, censorship, emergency rule, and police shoot-to-kill rules in the works... said without irony : "they will never prevent live freely.” [It is Hollande himself who has now done this.] ”We shall go on...and that is why the international Climate Conference event will ... be maintained...a moment of hope and solidarity,” he continued, in utter debasement, in an address full of disingenuous Orwellian doublespeak. 2 Whose revolution? Touting “Environmental’ Revolution in the aftermath of the Friday the 13th Massacre (=legal environment)

World Government Financing Conference at Paris To a nation reeling from shock and awe, and waking up to police-state rule (with no end in sight), Hollande, instead of solemnly apologizing for his grave failure 3 and duly and honorably offering his resignation in response to the historic massacre happening on his watch, glibly plugs the next item on the NWO world-government agenda 4 (after toppling the Republic): flogging bogus 5 ‘Climate Change.’ NAZI-TIME IN PARIS


Rebranded from ‘global-warming,’ a concept that had fallen into some disrepute, this framework is a device of politicized science for universally imposing (and concealing) corporate will (corporate personhood’s Right to Profit trumping human rights, sovereignty, life and liberty-see TTIP), notably with the levying of an international carbon tax, for starters, to fund the nascent world government, of which the ever-expanding EU-NATO 6 bloc, with the UN and its ‘World...’ institutions, is the leading edge. Speaking of ‘carbon goals’ today, consider that in post-war Europe of 1951, in the wake of the failed first try at a Nazi ‘New Order,’ the first pillar of what became the EU superstate was raised. This was the innocuous-sounding European Coal and Steel Community, a seedling supranational corporate integration, established by the Treaty of Paris that year. The coal and steel belt of the German Ruhr [Krupp, Thyssen AG...] was what had put the iron into the Nazi iron cross, so to speak. Such is the foundation of today’s EU. Slaves may obey but free people don’t choose dictatorship. It comes by violence and/or under another name. The one-two combination of terror-dictatorship is a mechanism to establish and further corporate tyranny, to get us to the New Order, now in France, under emergency rule, as before in the USA in 2001, as in 1933 Nazi Germany (see note 9 below). In this way, sham ‘Climate Change,’ pretext for international integration under world government, and the Big Lie of NATO’s ‘war on terror,’ both converging at Paris, are not unrelated. COP21 participants will arrive at a private-use airfield outside Paris (Le Bourget), to a capital on military lockdown, with protest banned, to confer on a project that dare not speak its name. To be sure, weather catastrophe is real and wreaking ‘nuclear-scale’ havoc as seen in Haiti, Japan and in the Aceh tsunami among many other terrible disasters. But under cover of ‘global warming’ hides an altogether different man-made factor: covert technological advancement in the long-sought military goal of weather modification. The use of weather modification-capable systems (according to patents) such as HAARP, SBX-1 and X-37B? (land/sea/space-based) for RF-heating of the ionosphere and manipulation of the auroral electrojet is what in reality must be urgently controlled at the international level just as nuclear weapons are, to prevent the use of these WMD's and more ‘weather war’ disasters, in accordance with the 1976 UN ban on geophysical warfare (see Nick Begich, ‘...HAARP’, p. 177 for patents; WMD's: weapons of mass destruction--We know from precedent [1945] that if the destructive technological capability exists, the US will use it.)



9-11 à la français

Deniability--(Above left) Hollande at Stade de France Germany match receives an explanation 7 of the FIRST explosion, at 9:20 p.m. Nov. 13. The release of a stock ‘deniability’ image of this moment (and with the president on display in public at the stadium), taken BEFORE all the other incidents followed, suggests foreknowledge. (Center) 9-11 photo after second tower is hit. (Right) 9-11 ‘War on Terror’ marketing tie-in: New World Trade Center displays French colors after Paris attacks of Nov. 13, 2015. Deniability, now being exploited, is part of the reason US-NATO and allies use proxies like the ISIS death squads.

Timing On the timing of the Friday the 13th Massacre: It’s noteworthy that the paired day and date have historical significance in Paris: Friday the 13th is said to be an ill-omened day because of the execution of the last Templar Grandmaster there on Friday 13 March, 1314 (at the stake), following the dissolution of the proto-international banking Order. (The grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, figures prominently in Masonic rites today.) On the geopolitical timeline, NATO was teetering on failure and exposure in early October after Russia’s intervention in Syria against ISIS. The same could be said of the zeitgeist in the USA, where the failure in Syria was turning unwanted attention inward and retrospective--normally taboo in the fly-by-night US of Amnesia. Russia had exposed NATO's fake war on ISIS and its (shared 8) sponsorship of or complicity in the use of proxy ‘jihadis’ to carve up the Middle East, while seizing the initiative--and the 'flyzone'--in Syria. The Paris attack story had the elements necessary to get NATO back in the game (found Syrian passport; on-the-scene claim ‘It’s for Syria!’ [--US-affiliated BFMTV], and ‘ISIS statement’ of responsibility for the attacks), while also dovetailing with the Right’s scapegoating of immigrants and Muslims.



The now flagrant exposure saw repercussions in US domestic politics, where even on the extreme-Right, leading US presidential candidate Trump declared George W. Bush responsible for the 9-11 terror attack, albeit in couched terms. But the taboo-breaking mention seemed to reverberate like a prodded raw nerve. Next, (Nov. 5) we had 'Poppy' Bush (who had announced the NWO re-launch back in 1991-taking up the baton dropped by Hitler 9) raising and pointing a shaking, wrinkled finger at Cheney and Rumsfeld--and the unmentionable elephant in the national room--saying (in memoirs) that it was the Bush-2 regime chiefs who had “damaged America”; enough to conjure visions of a 9-11 Truth Commission in the heads of the idealistic.

Was the air getting uncomfortably close? With media next running leads on a ‘Water on Mars!’ story; NATO caught with its pants down (over its ‘jihadi’ proxies); the Pentagon's impotence exposed; Syria lost to resurgent Russia; and the 9-11 cover-up starting to unravel...It was almost shaping up like a finale to the endless terror attacks of disaster capitalism’s 10 14-year long terror run, finally coming bang up against an antagonized, roused Russian bear, which by the way has posed a nyet to the NWO, in favor of international law, respect of national sovereignty and of the UN Charter (“we are all different and we should respect that” --Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin at the UNGA 2015). When a small voice emerges saying 'but the emperor has no clothes,' it's best to duck, as it may soon be overpowered by a Big Bang. Then keep your eyes on the bouncing bomb, leading a more ‘favorable’ media narrative and shaking up the geopolitical order, while fueling the war machine with fresh blood--and credibility--to create new victims in the fiendish cycle of NATO’s duplicitous ‘war on terror’ (as distinguished from the legitimate targeting of its terrorist proxies). Cui Bono? A UN resolution on ISIS on Nov. 20 following the Paris attack would now seem synergistically to offer an (illegal) entry for NATO into Syria--interrupted in September by the lawful Russian



intervention against the West’s terror groups--and an opportunity to regroup there, possibly salvaging a foothold with ‘safe zones’ (for ISIS).

Preemption angle And so the rebel-heart, humanist and liberty-loving French are the next to fall under dictatorial emergency rule--which never ends (even if nominal leaders’ terms may, see USA)--dragged bleeding and duped into the NWO; after the fascist coup in Ukraine, the financial subjugation of member state Greece, and now the military subjugation of France. They are also a real potential threat to this Fascist Order, given the history between France and Germany, leader of the sovereignty- and territory-devouring EU. Witness the furious recent workers' attack on Air France directors, left fleeing, shirtless; the blazing riots of 2005; the widespread 1995 general strike that ground the country to a halt and drove the prime minister (Alain Juppé) from office; the 1968 student protests and strikes that compelled president de Gaulle to seek refuge abroad; historically, the 1871 Paris Commune city-revolution; and of course the famous cutting off of some snake heads in 1789.11 During the original Nazi occupation of France, towards the end of World War II, then-NWO-spokesman Hitler ordered the French capital destroyed. The more the hidden NWO agenda gets exposed the more its elite backers have to fear from would-be subjects, as we learn of the grave threat of permanent loss of liberty. Emergency rule at this time in France also plays out as pre-emptive repression, with COP21's 10,000+ security, 12

and as stories emerge corroborating evidence of a covert, slow-fuse, mass sterilization pro-

gram (see here or here) under the NWO. As it begins to bear fruit, or rather doesn't, as a result of surmised GM food poisoning, the New Order’s defenders may well fear unrest. The claim of responsibility statement from NATO’s Isis for the Nov. 13 gangland-style attacks included a threat, consistent with the GM food-fertility fears: We will poison your food (Abu Salman, 'the Frenchman'--France24). Coming from a US-NATO ‘agency’, it would seem in the circumstances an incriminating manipulation (transfer of responsibility). Another group doing NATO’s face-saving PR work was promoting the false notion of a moderate ‘jihadi’ opposition in Syria among the NATO-terror army, in its tweet: ‘Syrian opposition sends prayers,’ from a key ‘activist group’ to Parisians (--Telegraph uk, Nov. 14).



Curiously just a few days before the attacks and establishment of another dictatorial police state in NATO, one American commentator was asking if we would see French leaders “killed in the streets" 13

in response to the slowly emerging toxic foods (and fertility crisis)

scandal. Instead, it’s the citizenry, unarmed and innocent, who have fallen.

Bayer Crop Science

It’s important to note that the terror targets in Paris were not the likes of the Theatre des Champs-Elysées (featuring the ‘Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’ that evening) or the cafés of the Boulevard St-Germain but were instead the populaire Bataclan Theater and the traditionally working-class (and multi-ethnic) districts of the 10th and 11th, long the setting of regular mass protest marches. The morning after the attacks, one report came of the presence of a blue bus (color of French police coaches) parked in front of the Bataclan, scene of the worst massacre, with the coincidental but still resonant slogan “Beat the Streets” on its side (Telegraph, Nov. 14, Andrew Gilligan): “The wealthy fear revolution, and finance bands of gangsters to teach the workers good manners” (-- Fascism and Big Business, Daniel Guerin, here referring to politicians). Out of the Playbook According to the amazingly thin and worn old playbook’s formula, the elite financial aristocracy in private banking deflects (or preempts) blowback from the oppressed/exploited masses into nationalism ..and the belief that the enemy is FOREIGN (=immigrants, refugees, Muslims) rather than the elite economic class or big business itself. “Nation” is code for the corporate elite [national security, etc.] (ibid).

The new twist in the ‘it’s not us it’s them’ tactic is that instead of yesteryear’s ‘race biology,’ it’s a sponsored-terror Frankenstein that feeds not only the scapegoating but also the division, repression, war and genocide ‘necessary’ to elite conquest and self-preservation (In former times, the sacrifice of scapegoats was sometimes a substitute for the earlier practice of sacrificing kings.) In this way, today’s normalized neo-Nazism in the West is free to wage war under false pretexts and officially stigmatize Muslims as a group, setting them up for further destruction, while at the same time justifying domestic repression.



Association by juxtaposition (Left) Attack scene photo paired with “dark savage” pic (animated gif ad). (Right) Retrojustification: NATO murder victim, the former Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, paired with Paris attack scene pic. (La Voix du Nord, Nov. 14, 2015)

(Below) ...The usual suspects (or faces for haters to hate on--Telegraph uk); ‘Affiches rouges’ (Red Posters) in Nazi occupied Paris: “Red, Jewish Terrorists” (below right)

Muslim Holocaust The US presidential candidate Trump recently announced he’s in favor of a national register of Muslims--a type of religion-based census illegal in Europe precisely because of the Nazi roundup and extermination of ‘Bolshevik Jews’ in WW2. The significance is not only historical. Trump’s call for the deportation of 10-million-plus ‘illegal’ Mexican immigrants would provide a pretext and cover for the activation of mass internment camps across the US, which already maintains a gulag abroad for Muslims, since 2002, at Guantanamo. And the gathering danger is more than hypothetical. US-NATO wars and embargoes on Muslim nations since 1991 have already claimed the lives of an estimated six million or more 14 men, women and children--and counting. Catch-all Nor does the targeting of one group in this way make non-scapegoat-group members safe from Fascism. ‘Wars on terror’ are not new and history shows that they are ultimately ‘dirty wars’ against resistance to fascism in the West. The terrorist-catcher’s net is eventually cast wide NAZI-TIME IN PARIS


enough to purge any opposition, an aim expressly aired on American TV earlier this year by retired US general Wesley Clark, who suggested internment for ‘disloyal’ Americans. This is the meaning of Guantanamo--a door left ajar towards last-resort mass internment (and ‘purging’), for the preservation of Western capitalism. It’s been done before. ‘Deportation’ or ‘evacuation’--the practical focus of the Trump hate campaign--are now as then ominous harbinger watchwords. It’s time to recognize and acknowledge that the world is indeed in grave danger, not from pretended climate change, but from a new strain of camouflaged fascism or neo-Nazism--and its new doomsday weapons--that would make itself universal as the world’s first--and last?--global government : “Dictatorship is not a sustainable form of government--unless it becomes worldwide.” --Bertrand Russell

‘New Jews’ (Far left) Man in 1945 Jewish ghetto wearing stigmatizing yellow star. (Left) Man arrested, paraded as animal, after military/police raid Nov. 18, which featured violent predawn war zone scenes in the ‘Battle of Saint Denis’, against an unseen enemy, in the largely Muslim/Communist city center, north of Paris. All detained were later released. A ‘getaway car’ linked to the terror attacks turned up in Montreuil, another Communist stronghold city in suburban Paris. (photo-LeParisien/Matthieu de Martignac)

Google suggests: ‘The Muslim Problem’ cf. “The Jewish problem” ca. 1941 [n.b. not from my search history!]

Some anti-Muslim snippets from the weekend of Nov. 14 To get the full neo-Nazi flavor of where we stand in the West today, with historical perspective, replace the word “Muslim,” “Islamist,” “Islam,” “mosque” with “Jew/ish,” “Judaism,” “synagogue”... NAZI-TIME IN PARIS


“Muslim Rampage” --US Drudge Report headline on Paris attacks Close some mosques--French Interior Minister Caseneuve Muslims must disavow their religion--(Former French PM) Alain Juppé We need internment camps for (Muslim) refugees--Express uk newspaper Islam’s values ‘from the Dark Ages’ --Telegraph uk (so let’s keep on killing them!) ‘Islamist scumbags’ --BBC talking head Andrew Neil (original quote) National register of Muslims needed--Donald Trump First published 20 Nov., 2015; Revised for style 7 Dec. Update 7 Dec.-- (1) ‘The old system is dead'--FN junior leader (Marion Marechal Le Pen), after French Far Right Party's victory in 1st round of regional elections, 6 Dec. 2015 [Le vieux systeme est mort"--Le Monde] (2) US-led coalition bombs Syrian troops --Syrian government (3) Fall 2016: Bloodied France, still under dictatorship as predicted and still in the gauntlet of degradation, with provocations, menaces, incidents, accidents, blazes, attacks and alleged ‘foiled attacks’-so much asymmetrical ‘soft’ warfare by the predatory agents of occupation on an oblivious and defenseless population. Related links J’Accuse Part 1 Islam’s ISIS? The Masonic Secret

NOTES 1 ‘No trials’--with the only exceptions since 2001, to my knowledge (where suspected attackers survived for trial) were first, the unacknowledged mistrial of the ‘Boston bomber’, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose defense lawyer committed malpractice by condemning her own client, who was pleading not guilty (and Tsarnaev’s uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev has CIA-jihadi connections); and second, Zacarias Moussaoui, a French citizen arrested in 2001 on US immigration violation, who pled guilty in a dubious * four-year long (2002-2006) trial for conspiracy relating to 9-11. He reportedly had been a US al Qaeda asset in Chechnya. (* government evidence tampering, witness coaching, denial of defense witnesses by reason of state secrets...) After the first Paris attacks of 2015 (in which no alleged attackers survived), a judicial inquiry into how one deceased suspect (Coulibaly) had acquired weapons of war was blocked by the current French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (June 18, 2015) by reason of state secrets. 2 Jamais ils ne nous empêcheront de vivre, de vivre comme nous en avons décidé, de vivre pleinement, de vivre librement et nous devons en faire la démonstration avec sang-froid. Et je pense à la jeunesse, je pense à celle qui se sent blessée à travers toutes ces victimes et qui s’interroge sur sa capacité à pouvoir vivre dans un Etat de droit. Nous devons continuer, continuer à travailler, continuer à sortir, continuer à vivre, continuer à influencer le monde et c’est pourquoi le grand événement international de la Conférence sur le Climat sera non seulement maintenu mais sera un moment d’espérance et de solidarité. --Address of President Hollande to the National Assembly at Versailles, 16 Nov. 2015 3 no end in sight--“la menace va nous mobiliser encore longtemps...” [The threat will occupy us for a long time still] --Address by Francois Hollande to National Assembly at Versailles, Nov. 16. 2015



failure--to prevent the second ‘attack’ in less than a year (n.b. The suggested exchange of liberty for security proves no security at all, exposing the true aims and authors of the terrorism. Note also, glaringly, the police’s failure to act at the Bataclan--scene of the worst massacre, in which 89 were reported dead-until 12:20-40 a.m., according to varying reports, three (3) hours after the killing began around 21:40, according to Europe-1 reporter Julien Pearce, present at the concert. A claimed hostage situation delaying police response is inapplicable once killings started--and other attacks around the city had also already taken lives. The official story asks us to believe not that there was a threat and negotiation situation but a negotiation to ‘stop the killing’ delaying police action--a nonsense. [Reports and screenshots of an alleged desperate SOS on social media from another person purportedly inside, Benjamin Cazenoves (cf. Cazeneuve), reported executions in progress; screen grabs of the Tweet appearing in media showed varying post times (‘10:00’, ‘14:00’, ‘1hr’ ), which would have to be 12 a.m. midnight at the latest (with time zone shift). Even if we accept the official story, with hostage standoff and this SOS tweet, it still means that at a minimum the RAID gave the commandos from 20-40 minutes of resumed killing before finally storming the concert hall. ] As always in the lengthening line of false flag attacks, the story doesn’t wash--and it doesn’t really have to because it will never be tested in a court trial. But in the court of public opinion, we may take it as more incriminating evidence against a collaborationist government, no matter how many flowers they may lay, and a testament to what is effectively a (Vichy-iste) hostile military ‘occupation’ of France, within a federalized EU, under NATO, à la 1940. The postmodern twist is that with the nature of latent power and its media instrument today, the duped public never saw the enemy. )

Shades of a Ritual Sacrifice? A disturbing but important detail of the Bataclan concert, consistent with the false flag theory, concerns the moments leading up to the attack. From a phone video of the live concert, the footage in retrospect gives the atrocity the eerie air of a sacrificial rite: the performing American ‘death metal’ band (EODM, from a cultural milieu of Satanism, porn, and SS insignia) asks the crowd before the attack: Dark metaphor -sacrifice-rite/snuff-reference CD cover (‘Heart-On’) “Are you ready to be possessed by the spirits of the night?” Then, “Do I say a prayer for you now or save it for the morning after?” And for what would prove the final song, to a French audience whose custom is to greet with kisses, performs “Kiss the Devil.” 4 NWO--New World Order World Government Project--Old post-WWI Big Banks project, starting with their lackey Wilson’s League of Nations (1919, following their Federal Reserve central banking coup, 1913), to establish a central international authority, as arbiter of disputes between sovereign nations with the aim in fact to overcome national sovereignty entirely, as the EU has been doing, nominally in order to favor cooperation over competition so as to avoid war but in practice to arrange a feudal financial dictatorship globally. Declared aim of Adolf Hitler, George Bush I (see note 9) “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” --David Rockefeller, Memoirs, ch. 27, 2003 * On COP21 “Climate Conference” and its ‘carbon goals’-NAZI-TIME IN PARIS 180

“The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) ... an international organization serving to unify European countries after World War II. It was ...signed by Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The ECSC was the first international organization to be based on the principles of supranationalism, and would ultimately lead the way to the founding of the European Union.”--Wikipedia A bloc of resistance is beginning to emerge in Eurasia, around the Russian-Chinese strategic alliance, under an umbrella of new international organizations like the AIIB, the SCO and the EEU for example-forming a germ of hope for an alternative future of peaceful economic and social development. *From this website... What characterizes our recast Western world in the 21st century is that this model of private power has encroached on the once separate and public sphere of (self-)government, replacing the remains of sovereign nation states, based on the legal rights of citizens, with an imperial superstructure of World Institutions: World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, G8, EU, UN, etc. that no one voted for, organized around central banking and based on..[ a Right to Profit superseding the Rights of Man]. A sort of feudal restoration has been set in motion, with the political hour rewound to oligarchic rule by the unaccountable private power of a financial aristocracy. The [fascist] “new” order consists of imposing this regression by force and terror as one world government in a 'global society of control' (Empire: Negri, Hardt) to replace the ‘disorder’ of democracy. ... In an irony of history, the West has taken on the totalitarian form of its erstwhile Cold War enemy, throwing out political freedom in favor of totalitarianism, with the unchecked growth of private corporate power for over a century. But instead of dictatorship by the majority under Socialism, tracing its mandate to popular revolution, the Western decline into authoritarianism is a dictatorship by Capital, which is just “arbitrary privilege” for an elite minority--the ancien regime (old order) restored, but now transposed onto a financial hierarchy --an aristocracy of bankers with a pretended electoral mandate... cf. ‘Climate change is root cause of Syrian war, terrorism’--Charles Gotha-Saxe-Coburg, UK monarchist --see also article and here * 5 See also Climate change 6 NATO--refers to all signatory countries, including US (US-led NATO) 7 Monsieur le President, Le Quick a sauté (Le Parisien, 14 Nov. 2015) = ‘Mr President, the ‘McDonalds’ blew up’--not ‘we are under attack’ or ‘it was a kamikaze’; the presidential aide is explaining what happened after an explosion was heard in the stadium. This is the first incident of the evening and he does not yet know the real cause. ‘foreknowledge’--not necessarily Hollande’s 8 ‘shared’--with the western Gulf States and Israel, as has been widely reported. 9 NWO Jubilee (see here) >Hitler New Order speech, Berlin, Jan. 30, 1941 >George Bush Sr. New World Order speech, Jan. 30, 1991 (Germany time) Three generations of the Bush family are linked with Fascism in America: US Sen. Prescott Bush with Naziism; George Bush Sr with NWO call, JFK assassination; George W. Bush with 9/11 Fascist coup 10 Create the problem, provide your solution--an evolutionary (or devolutionary) development of Western Capitalism into Disaster Capitalism, from the cold call and the hard sell to forced disaster relief (‘rescue’): the door-to-door window glass salesman with a sack full of rocks. NAZI-TIME IN PARIS


Western capitalism has relapsed to pirate-type from the textbook supply ing of needs to the simple smash and grab, starting with a ‘catalyzing event’ (see Zbigniew Brzezinski’s call for “a New Pearl Harbor,” pre-figuring 9-11, in The Grand Chessboard, 1998.) 11 The French and American revolutions are widely considered by historians to be in fact Masonic revolutions against the old monarchies in the New Age of Enlightenment. The American revolutionaries Washington and Franklin and the French champion of revolutionary Reason, Voltaire, were all Masons. The once progressive path, having achieved global consolidation of power, has ultimately led to a kind of Restoration, but with private Capital (or Profit) now enthroned over Man. 12 2,800 on-site [ "...8 000 policiers et gendarmes seront déployés aux frontières. 2 800 sur le site de la conférence. « Au total ce sont 120 000 policiers, gendarmes et militaires qui seront déployés sur l'ensemble du territoire », placé au niveau le plus haut du plan Vigipirate, assuré le ministre [Cazeneuve]." -- 'Le Parisien', 26-11-15 (late add)] 13 Former Reagan admin. official Paul Craig Roberts, Nov. 9, 2015 14 Gideon Polya,

Le Parisien, 15 Nov. 2015, "Resist"




Le minable--French PM Manuel Valls Address to National Assembly 13 Jan. 2015 video, flv

PARIS IS BURNING Amedi Coulibaly, the suspect in the hostage taking Friday in the east of Paris in which five people were killed, including himself, met former president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009, Le Parisien newspaper reported yesterday. Coulibaly had met the then president of the republic at the Elysee Palace as part of a youth jobs initiative, the French daily said. The Paris-born Coulibaly, who reportedly had an extensive criminal record, was also a former trainee employee at Coca Cola in the Paris region, a follow-up report today added. Tale of ‘Two Sieges’ On Friday he was named as the suspect in one of two simultaneous police sieges that both ended with the deaths of the police targets. Coulibaly had reportedly taken hostages at a kosher supermarket next to the Vincennes Park. Four of the hostages were reported killed and Coulibaly in the ensuing siege. While massive media and police attention was focused on Vincennes, a second siege, 40km north of the city near the CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport, saw the two suspects ID’d after the Charlie Hebdo executions reportedly shot and killed by police while exiting their refuge at a printer’s warehouse. Journalists were turned away from the second ‘siege site,’ French reports said.



Muddying the Waters? Coulibaly, brother of nine sisters, had been released from prison last year after serving less than one year of a five-year term, according to Le Parisien, which fact, along with his being presented to the then-president despite a long criminal record, would be consistent with the profile of a police informant. In the absence of trials -- circumstance which also fits the profile-- we are left to speculate, if a patsy, Coulibaly may have been used to ‘muddy the waters’ in the wake of the military-style execution of five famous Leftist caricaturists and another journalist, in their offices near the Place de la Bastille. The subsequent targeting of the kosher supermarket at Vincennes has seen a shift of emphasis to the more politic narrative we are now hearing (from Hollande and Valls) of anti-Semitism, along with the mourning of ‘fallen police heroes’ (four allegedly wounded at Vincennes), away from a focus on the shocking Charlie Hebdo massacre, with its implications for continuing press freedom. Apropos of informants and false flag operations, two fairly recent precedents come to mind: Likewise there was no trial of the Muslim author of the 2012 terror attack in Toulouse, Mohammed Merah, who was found to have worked as a police informer to the DGSE or DCRI, according to the Italian Il Foglio news. Merah was defenestrated after a similar siege, as was the shooter* who in 2002 shot and killed Communist members of the Nanterre city council during their council meeting, a salient parallel (in terms of the MO) to the killings of the journalists Wednesday (*a Richard Durn, who fell to his death from a window in the Paris Palace of Justice). The destabilizing Nanterre city hall attack, which left 8 dead, came in the run-up to presidential elections, with a former Trotskyist--Lionel Jospin, the prime minister-- favored to win. After calls for greater security in the wake of the traumatizing violence, Jospin was eliminated in the first voting round. The incumbent Jacques Chirac was re-elected over FN (Front National) leader and ‘convicted racist’ Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had benefited, for his part, from a primetime, anti-immigrant media campaign featuring the battered face of a weeping pensioner, assaulted and robbed in his home. Charlie’s Main Target The attack on the Paris newspaper’s offices last Wednesday Jan. 7 saw a dozen killed including the best part of a newspaper staff of highly critical journalists, whose vitriolic covers had cuttingly ridiculed the PM Valls as a baton-wielding fascist martinet and the National Front Party leaders as black-clad Bavarians with social disease, i.e. fascism as a social disease (‘We’ve tried everything but the pox’--see below). The FN is now the leading national Party in polls for the PARIS IS BURNING


upcoming March regional elections in the Departments (28%--L’Express) as well as for the first round of the 2017 presidential election (@30%--CSA). It came as the journalists assembled in their offices for their first, post-Christmas break, editorial meeting of the New Year, suggesting that the attackers had access to inside information in the well-organized, military-style assault, leading later to the surreal scenes of movie-like violence in the decorous streets of Paris, now filled with police SWAT teams, police vans and black tanks. Paris Attacks Echo NATO Gladio Ops Spun as an anti-Semitic affair in light of Friday’s events at the kosher supermarket, the majority of the mayhem’s victims in fact fell on Wednesday in the Charlie Hebdo massacre, framing events rather in the light of NATO’s past Gladio false-flag anti-Communist operations in Western Europe, and exposing both the spin and events as the most corrupt of manipulations. Gladio/’Stay Behind’ mentioned in Stasi Archives (Master Image Programme)

NATO's extreme Right 'Stay-behind' network in West Europe and Gladio operations in Italy sought to eliminate Leftist political influence and to discredit the Italian Communist Party with false flag operations like the Bologna train station bombing and ‘Red Brigade’ attacks, the most infamous of which was the kidnap and murder of the Italian Christian Democrat PM Aldo Moro, who had been reportedly ready to enter into coalition government with the Italian Communist Party. At Charlie Hebdo, the editorial director, Stephane Charbonnier (dit Charb), was a longtime Communist Party member and at the time of his execution a supporter of the Left coalition of Jean Luc Mellenchon. Several of his executed colleagues were also either PC (Parti Communist) members; formerly associated with the Communist newspaper L’Humanité; or supporters of the Left. Paris’s 11th district, where the newsweekly’s offices are located, has long been an established venue for virtually weekly mass protest demonstrations. Going back to the late 19th-century Paris Commune, the district was a bastion of the massacred Communards.



A Failed Surrender Like Coulibaly, the Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects the Kouachi brothers, were also Parisians with criminal records and known to police. (Cherif Kouachi, a former pizza deliverer, claimed to have been set up for his 2008 'terror' conviction.) His brother Said, a former City of Paris garbage collector, was on early release from prison, also like Coulibaly. Both of the Parisian brothers had been under police surveillance up until last summer 2014. According to Le Parisien, citing the manager at the CTD printer’s, Michel Catalano, who spent an hour over coffee with the Kouachi brothers at the second ‘siege site’, the two suspects asked him to call the police, saying ‘Don’t worry. This is going to end now.’ He was not held hostage (nor was the one employee hiding upstairs) but was allowed to leave ‘as they had promised.’ On the arrival of the police, Le Parisien continues, still citing the witness, the brothers (exiting) made a failed attempt to surrender, the reported details of which have been subject to change, before being shot dead on-site by the gendarmes. Patsies Although the Charlie Hebdo attackers were masked at the crime scene, they were identified, police said without irony, after both of their IDs were found in the getaway car. The motives and connections of the two separate groups of men, now deceased, were spelled out in posthumously reported telephone interviews, allegedly done during the sieges, with French channel BFMTV. Corroboration of some of the claims came from a colleague of the victims at Charlie Hebdo -- Corinne Rey, dit ‘Coco’ -- who reportedly also allowed the armed, masked commandos to enter the newspaper offices where she worked in the exceptional absence of the regular security detail--after they “identified themselves as al Qaeda.” Other Motives France along with other US-NATO allies has reportedly thrown its support behind the terrorist groups in Syria in the longstanding regime change operation there against the elected president Assad--toward the creation of a Greater Israel--which has caused the deaths of 200,000 and the exodus of millions of Syrian refugees. But President Hollande’s government had recently sought independent ground in calling for an end to sanctions on Russia and announcing its support of a Palestinian state, presenting possible additional motives, along with the anti-Communist influence operation, for an armed intervention.



Meanwhile the EU has hit a new post-Nazi low for divisive hate politics with the beginnings of official French stigmatization of its eight-percent Muslim population and of a flare-up of antiMuslim threats and violent attacks. French TV-- in the person of the FN-associated pundit Eric Zemmour -- has gone so far as to entertain the future possibility of the deportation of Muslims from the territory of France.

Update: A Reverse ‘Dreyfus Affair’ against Muslims? A posthumously released video of the Paris terror attack suspect number three, Amedi Coulibaly, has emerged, with associated media claims tying up loose ends surrounding the attacks. Notable about the unauthenticated and suspect video, which features subtitle ‘interview’ questions added onscreen, is that although Coulibaly never once mentions by name “Kouachi,” or “Israel” in the “interview,” media claims cite it as proof of his link with the Porte de Vincennes attack, with the Kouachis, and of an anti-Semitic motivation--the focus of the official spin of the terrible events. Some reports have even gone so far -- in a revealing stretch -- as to link the dead suspect to an unrelated past shooting in the French town of Villejuif, which is not demographically exceptional but whose name means ‘Jewish town’ -- pointing to its significance not as a target but in terms of spin, and lamentably, to the kosher supermarket as a red herring in the false flag scenario. *** Update2

Video from France3 TV (censored--cut short--on TV) has emerged of the shooting by police of the suspect Ahmedi Coulibaly, as he emerges running from the siege supermarket exit--possibly with hands tied. The unnecessary killings of witnesses/suspects in a crime would also incriminate that perpetrator in the original crime. PARIS IS BURNING


Dead Men Tell No Tales Clarification of the cases of the ‘two sieges,’ already hindered by the deaths of all three suspects and consequent lack of a trial, was not helped by a fourth but underreported fatality in the aftermath of the attacks--the shooting death (alleged suicide) of the Limoges police commissioner, Helric Fredou, in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo executions, before completion of his report, now gone missing... All in all, not a pretty picture. Paris Is Burning The beneficiary of this fresh airing in France of America’s ill-starred 9-11 banner and bogus and discredited ‘war on terror’ would be US-NATO and allies, with the extermination of what has been aptly called an ‘old guard cultural brain trust’ in the heart of Paris; intentional social fracture along ethno-religious lines (à la Iraq); a political realignment favoring the xenophobic FN nationally; and a redressing of the wavering French stance on the NATO policy line internationally. Little Dictator

It was in parroting the Bush-regime police-state rollout slogan that a conniving French PM announced the terror-induced measures for ratcheting up political repression --significantly, to include overt media censorship -- in his divisive Jan. 13 address to the National Assembly: “the world (the West) has changed.” Or better, ca. 1940, when governance by terror became the new norm. ◊ --First published 15 Jan. 2014; Revised for style Feb. 5

Killer Covers

(Left) Valls as Fascist stormtrooper (Right) FN leader Marine LePen caricatured on C.H. cover: ‘The FN’s hoping for three seats’ (in the National Assembly--depicted as concentration camp guard towers). PARIS IS BURNING


(Left) FN leader Marine LePen as Jeanne d’Arc, a favorite French Far-Right nationalist figurehead [On the rehabilitation and mainstreaming of the FN, formerly a pariah in republican French politics...] “Skinheads? Don’t know any.” (Right) FN leaders, TV booster, as steinhoisting Bavarians in a concentration camp guard tower.

(Left) Marine LePen as boozing bimbo (left) on former FN leader (and father) Jean Marie’s knee--(Voters:) ‘We’ve tried everything... but the pox’



OCCUPY BOSTON ! The ‘New Order’ through Chaos The USA has now come full circle. Americans are living under a hostile occupation in their own land, by ‘their own’ government. Regime authorities openly declare the “homeland” a battlefield. The battle, waged by the federal government--a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate America--the employers--targets the American people, the employees or ‘enemy’ : spied on, catalogued, check-pointed, ID’d, patted down, scanned, soon-to-be-droned, run out of their homes, set in gun sights, riddled in mass shootings, OK’d for arbitrary internment and execution, or blasted to oblivion in the midst of core unifying community events like the Boston Marathon (a sophisticated, state-level-style strategic targeting of solidarity, like bombing a packed mosque on a Baghdad Friday). No place like home, you keep telling yourselves. Eighteenth century Bostonians lived under a hostile occupation. The practice of troops entering and searching homes without warrants was one of the catalysts of the revolution, and resulted in the drafting of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment--now a dead letter in a broken contract, as demonstrated in Watertown on April 19, 2013, where residents were rousted from their homes at gunpoint by MPs. The Boston Massacre was another spark, leading to the outbreak of the first revolutionary battles still commemorated there today on “Patriot’s Day.” This was the day of the 2013 bombing massacre and military shakedown. A probable pre-emptive strike against true blue resistance from freedom-loving Bostonians to the fascist New Order. It was all havoc and mayhem, the hallmark of evil. Boston was the cradle of the revolution, of American liberty, now an incongruous sounding phrase, under the New Occupation ... unless connoting corporate freedom to lawlessly domiOCCUPY BOSTON


nate, control and reap the spoils. Today, lovers of personal liberty are an ‘extremist’ threat. Sometimes called the Athens of America, Boston also has probably the highest concentration of brain power per head in the US -- smart freedom-lovers. Send in the tanks! (News ticker: ‘DOW hits all-time high.’) That said, it needs qualification: modern warfare has its Orwellian up is down psychological aspect--our heads are our Achilles heels. And so the jackbooted martial law lockdown was actually welcomed by glaze-eyed, knee-jerk conformists, attuned to the false flag ‘news movie’ puppet show, a military/police manhunt drama, for an immigrant bomber on the loose. The patsy suspect could have been easily found up to several nights after the bombing unperturbedly sleeping in his own bed, in his dorm room (confirmed--UMass). The glaring lack of open trials in all of these affairs underlines their nature as special operations, immune from the light of public inquiry. A New Sacco & Vanzetti As terrorized Bostonians naturally looked to leadership in the unprecedented crisis, with the chill of a full-on martial law drill, official pronouncements on the meaning of the attack were lacking. They had only a hometown sports hero stepping up to the plate, lending his endorsement to the media-driven, Swiss cheese story line. It was left to the Red Coats star ballplayer to set the tone for the community’s response (incitement) with his (coached?) "This is our f@k!n city" remark: a sandlot reaction along the lines of "It's my ball!", yet perfectly suited to invite regressive, internecine nipping within a traumatized population looking for scapegoats; a useful idiot’s spin of the horrible event into a divisive focus on 'us and them,' native and immigrant camps (like home and away teams), deflecting attention from those ‘charged to protect us,’ now illegally rolling tanks into town, rousting frightened residents from their homes, shutting down the city, occupying the Common and constantly changing the contradictory story. Never mind that the sportsman is himself also an immigrant--the group he is scapegoating, along with the ‘Sacco & Vanzetti’ bombers. Hopefully, astute Bostonians would have noticed the hypocrisy and not fallen for the base appeal to hate, which by virtue of whose interests it serves, tends to reinforce the overall impression of a stage-managed terror event. These fit a by now familiar pattern of ‘drill gone live,’ followed by the broadcast networks carpet-bombing living rooms with a contrived cover story. And then there were the amazing ‘coincidences’...The JFK library fire occurring around the same time as the downtown explosions, but not officially part of the attack. This is the smoking WTC building 7 of the Boston bombing--not hit, but burning anyway. It’s been plausibly surOCCUPY BOSTON


mised that WTC 7 housed the likely command and control center for the 911 attack in New York and as evidence of the conspiracy, had to be destroyed. In Boston, after contradictory official explanations of a bomb, then incendiary device, then fire, the City Fire Department later issued a conclusion that can only be called contemptuous: it would have been a fire, caused by “careless disposal of smoking materials” -- a cigarette? -- in an HVAC unit -- in a building showing evidence of blast damage: ‘shattered windows’ (Boston Globe). At least two library employees reported having heard an explosion (op. cit.). Other damage was done, significantly, to the library’s archives, possibly destroying documentary evidence from one or another of the multiple Kennedy murders, in the 50th anniversary year of the most notorious of these, itself another patsy-fronted and sickening state-within-the-state crime, which seems to have been the initial coup that set the precedent for the assassinations, attacks and bombings, etc. that have since followed, on the course to our new fascist order. Another incredible ‘coincidence’--landing gear debris from the 911 attack suddenly appears, having gone unnoticed for 12 years in New York City’s well-combed ground zero, one week following the Boston attack, “America’s second 911,” presumably as a reminder, to integrate the new outrage into the ‘war on terror’ narrative, giving this domestic repression operation -- a new Boston-massacre -- added-value as propaganda for the unfinished business of continuing foreign wars. In a land of laws, we could expect the immediate public trial of the accused, surviving Boston bomber and a public inquiry into the brutal death, apparently in custody, of the other accused. As it happens, both are conveniently mute. The survivor has been cycled out of the news. Found sheltering in a boat, he may well fear burial at sea. *UPDATE* In an unprecedented (since 911) nod to legality, US federal authorities will apparently be trying the surviving accused bomber, who is reportedly no longer mute and has pled not guilty to charges (looking “medicated,” according to a Boston WBZTV reporter present at the arraignment). A fair trial would seem to be already out of the question. One witness has been brazenly murdered, by the FBI, during interrogation, implicating the agency in the Boston terror bombing. Two more witnesses, the FBI arresting agents of the defendant’s deceased brother (the alleged accomplice) were killed in a purported ‘training accident.’ A trial date has not yet been set. Follow-up: The ‘Boston bomber,’ Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was given an unacknowledged mistrial when his defense lawyer committed malpractice by condemning her own client, who was pleading not guilty. In addition, crucial evidence supporting the defendant’s innocence was suppressed (the wrong color backpack he was photographed wearing at the scene). Furthermore, the Tsarnaevs’ uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev’s links to the CIA (jihadi connections) were not raised.



Adding insult to injury, the Patriot’s Day public holiday honoring the revolutionary spirit against tyranny and on which the domestic terror attack occurred, has now been co-opted and subverted, masked by a new “Patriot Day” holiday, commemorating “Service and Remembrance” (Obey or else) on 9-11, black day of counter-revolution and Fascist triumph in the new neo-Nazi USSA.

Scofflaw Corporate Gangsters The first rule of self-defense is at least knowing the enemy. If an authority has broken its social contract with the people, violated its solemn oath to uphold that contract, trampled the rights of its citizens, would claim for itself the right to confine or assassinate them by executive fiat -even as it tries to disarm them; engages in domestic terrorism and would call defending your life or liberty a crime (terrorism or sedition), then that authority is utterly tyrannical and unequivocally illegitimate and must be removed by whatever means necessary. Towards Restoration of Self-Governance It’s time for New Englanders, true to their patriot heritage, to defend their freedom, their children’s futures and their very lives; to rise to the occasion and lead the way towards breaking the cycle of violent repression within this hijacked Union. A way forward can already be discerned in the grassroots secessionist movement in the state of Vermont. Neighboring Quebec has a well-established secessionist Party (PQ), currently the governing Party in the province. This international stirring towards devolution (also appearing in several EU countries), to counter ever greater concentration of economic and political power (towards unaccountable corporate world government) could form the basis of a New England-wide Secessionist Movement and future political union -- possibly with Quebec -- divorced from tyrannical federal control from Washington or Ottawa, its vassal. The goal would not be Balkanization but effective dissolution of the current, corporate-controlled federal power centers by the legal withdrawal of their subjects from the existing political framework. The secession process could grow to include other states outside of New England, which together would be free to decide in future to create a reformed federal union, under a restored US Constitution, to replace the current, irrevocably corrupt United States of America and escape once again a hostile occupation. First published April, 2013



WHAT IS GLOBALIZATION? Power-Grab Standardization on the Way to World Government The ‘process of globalization’ (aka internationalization, standardization, harmonization, Americanization) is a euphemism for the neo-colonial expansion, power grabbing and tribute-taking of the global corporate empire in its project of worldwide governance by private capital. It represents the relentless extension of corporate rule by all methods available including war and devastating financial imperialism implemented through institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). These front organizations for the US Treasury (itself integrated into the nexus of private central banks of the Great Money Trust) reap tribute revenues for Washington and the Trust’s private stakeholders from targets subjected to their colonial measures. In terms of their effects, the two main aspects of these programs are 1) the transfer of public wealth into private (corporate) hands and 2) the transfer of political power from the public to the private sector. The first item is accomplished through the creation of public debt and the stripping of publicly-held (state) assets and their transfer to private ownership. international trade agreements (and now eco-treaties too), negotiated behind closed doors... are staking out, like the frontier days of old, the terra incognita of international governance The second item, the usurpation of sovereignty, is carried out by the integration of nations under the ever-widening umbrella of EU-NATO and its framework of world bodies, like the World Trade Organization (WTO), through the creation of binding international trade agreements, negotiated behind closed doors, that are staking out, like the frontier days of old, the terra incognita of international governance. In so doing, national laws and national sovereignty are overridden and replaced with arbitrary and unaccountable private power--another step ‘forward’ ON GLOBALIZATION


from the original foot-in-the-door usurpation of financial sovereignty through the central banking system in a long march backwards to slavery. Towards World Government that Denies Human Dignity The gradual build-up of despotic corporate world government consists of creating international rules respecting corporate legal personhood and its ‘right’ to profits that trump national laws respecting actual persons and their human rights--a regulatory de-recognition of humanity as anything other than a commodity in a corporate New World Order. This is the morally bankrupt political philosophy underlying the spate of international attacks on public education for example. Raiding the Public Sector The term public sector designates assets held in common through state ownership for the public welfare and for the collective benefit of society. A Public Health Service, National Medical Insurance, Social Security Pensions and Welfare, Public Education, Public Transport, Water, Sanitation and sometimes Telecommunications, Energy and state Banking comprise what has been called a ‘social commons.’ These public assets are analogous to the natural commons of free air, clean water and land use. In the fashion of conquering a geographic El Dorado, the black flags of world body corporate figureheads like the WTO, IMF, World Bank, European Union (EU) etc. have been steered under globalization towards the rich public sector, a new frontier to raid through trade agreements, defunding and privatizations. Public services in the ‘social commons’ are stripped from the state, handed over for next to nothing to the private sector as enterprises in a new public services market, offering fresh profit taking and leaving the public out of pocket, out of luck or both. In Canada, the education ‘services market’ alone is worth about seven percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or some CA$ 69 billion annually (Statistics Canada, yr. 2000). [Side note: GDP growth needs to be replaced as an indicator of economic health because it’s skewed by just the take at the top. The GINI Index, a measure of income distribution needs to be factored in to measure the spread of economic health.] the (newly) landless were forced in this way into wage slavery in the factories where their labor value could be exploited for individual profit, as sheep are shorn for their wool ON GLOBALIZATION


Privatization as Enclosure The enclosure within the market economy of the ‘social commons’ through outright privatization or foot-in-the-door ‘public-private partnerships’ is the modern equivalent of the 19th century Enclosure Acts in capitalist England, and derived from the same insatiable market logic. Historically, public commons lands used for agriculture and grazing livestock by all for their common benefit were enclosed (fenced off) and ‘privatized,’ ending free public access. Lacking other means of support, the landless were forced in this way into wage slavery in the factories where their labor value could be exploited for individual profit, as sheep are shorn for their wool. Banking Subsidies as Tribute Besides the corporate takeover of public assets, another tactic for massive transfers of wealth from the public to the private sector, specifically the banking sector, is the creation of public debt and the transfer of privately held debt to the public (taxpayers) under destructive IMF economic tutelage and with troubled private debt restructuring. (This is all of a piece with the original swindle of the central banking system, which ‘lends’ you your own (national) money, at interest.) They don’t care if people live or die The erosion of public education is of a piece with the IMF program of asset stripping but it also has the synergy of creating massive student debt (currently $1 trillion in the US) to generate further revenues in interest payments for the private bank lenders, making the sector doubly attractive to corporate predators. And what about education as a human right? They don’t care if people live or die--Joseph Stiglitz, former World Bank chief economist. 1 The public subsidy of corporate enterprise for private profit (is like) a casino player collecting funds from the spectators to bet and add to his piles of winnings on the table. The ruinous transformations wrought under cover of standardization or as IMF ‘rescues’ lock in wealth transfers as the corporate welfare state expands, operating through the public subsidy of corporate enterprise for private profit--a casino player collecting funds from the spectators, to bet and add to his piles of winnings on the table.



Usurping State Sovereignty The loss of the public sector, integrated into industry, represents not only asset stripping but also a loss of sovereignty and self-determination as corporate dictates, not public policy come to define a great swath of public life from education to health and beyond, Many have learned since the ‘Battle of Seattle’ protests of 1999, that World Bank projects and IMF shock therapy programs for ‘competitiveness’; siphon-up ‘growth’; and ‘development,’ impoverish whole nations; and that WTO trade agreements to eliminate state subsidies as ‘distortions of competition’ favor unfair trade between unequal parties and destroy state sovereignty. Past WTO trade round negotiations have already made clear the intention to swallow public education in an ‘education services market.’ The EU uses the same language as its corporate cousin to introduce tuition fees, as an ‘equalizer’ (rounding up) in the European Union, where until 2003 higher education had been free in most countries [ in fact, as tuition rises it will have the opposite effect, ending equality of access ]. Uniformity vs Diversity Diversity in different national legal and cultural landscapes is a natural reflection of democratic society, manifesting diverse local wishes. Standardized uniformity on the other hand is the mark of authoritarian society. To argue as our politicians do that the (gradual) destruction of public education and other policies that derive from ‘ineluctable’ globalization, still the prevalent political trend, are taking place in democratic societies is simply disingenuous. The goal is an announced new world order--"a socio-economic order under the control of private power" (Chomsky) or corporate governance. To name names, Fascism. From University to Training Management Organizations Private HMOs (Health Management Organizations) in the US offer a glimpse of what may be in store for the public education system under corporate rule. Results have been abysmal for patients, as increases in private profit have been predictably driven by lowered costs through declining quality of care or access to it. This is the mold for education with public universities to be transformed under external pressures for standardization in line with corporate funding, and with curricula reoriented towards satisfying corporate interests. The vision of education as an opportunity to fully realize one’s potential, to develop the capacity for critical and analytical thinking of lifelong value, to benefit from exposure to great minds and ON GLOBALIZATION


experience intellectual awakening will be replaced for many by the learning of useful (job) skills--as in trade school--as dearly paid for as it is subject to rapid obsolescence, like software versions. Under this new model of an ‘Education and Training Business,” students become commodities, processed for profit, for ready inclusion into the corporate workforce, adding knowledge value of interest to business. The most one can hope for is to become a wellplaced instrument of capital accumulation within the high-top pyramid scheme. “The belief is that ..You'll never hit the jackpot unless you first become a slug for the machine. But ...those who submit to training only because it will link them more effectively to a great economic and bureaucratic mechanism are using their best years and faculties as a means of enslaving themselves.” --Marshall McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride. (US AFL CIO 2011)

Screenshot from Start-Up 2000 with office worker and twin towers--the lash that keeps the wheel of fortunes turning. But who reaps the profits? (Right) The bankers ‘Vulture Capital’, ‘Gold Sacks,’ ‘Dee Skinner’

NOTES 1 Greg Palast, ‘The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold,’ London Observer, Wednesday, October 10, 2001 First published Summer 2012 ON GLOBALIZATION


Spring of Discontent

image cbc

THE GREAT QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE Defending Public Higher Education ‘Entitlement’ Background: Timeline Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid (They Pass Around for Free) search: Jonestown

The longest student strike in Canadian history saw public university students in the French Canadian province of Quebec march in mass protest for more than 100 consecutive days in Montreal. The demonstrations succeeded in halting plans to raise tuition and fees 65% and led to the fall of the ‘Liberal’ government. The landmark resistance movement was sparked by what the provincial governor portrayed as ‘budget pressures’ but the attack on public higher education is a concerted, international effort... If you’re one to quaff the corporate media Kool-Aid, you might think that the Quebec student strike was caused by an isolated instance of unanticipated budget pressures creating the need for a one-time hike in students’ financial contributions towards their post-secondary education in order to meet shortfalls. Gulp. In fact, the tuition controversy is neither an isolated case nor caused by economic factors. Instead, it stems from deliberate top-down political decisions to gradually implement part of a wider agenda--the privatization 1 of public higher education, as has already occurred in CaliforQUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


nia, in the continued unfolding of a worldwide, anti-democratic process of corporate empire building called globalization (see article). On corporate media propaganda

There was a movie once where a character with some kind of slight mental handicap went around parroting things she heard in ads, as if they were important, or true... “Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend new...” etc. Clearly no one would take such an unfortunate individual seriously, to say the least. Why then is it any more acceptable in discussion of current events to repeat media news and opinion (marketing) in the same way? News is just big corporate business selling ‘eyeballs’ to other big business for ad revenue. It’s natural that viewers of this closed-circle exchange get nothing but the corporate spin on events, reported as if in a historical vacuum, and approved by shill regulators. To the extent that the content fails to reflect this point of view, or to promote the corporate agenda, systemic censorship comes into play as the ad revenue control valve closes off (see Manufacturing Consent). Ultimately, it’s corporate public relations, which is of course as much a form of marketing as advertising is. And like a crook on the witness stand, media suffers from day-to-day memory loss (‘I don’t recall’), or plays dumb, conveniently failing to connect the dots that would reveal the bigger picture.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest: “We will not be ruled by the street.” (We will be ruled by the corporate boardrooms.) If Germany is again to be great, all classes of our people must come to the realization that leaders are necessary who can act without concern for the caprices of the masses.--Carl Duisberg, 1925 speech to the central organization of German industry, the Reichsverband.

Gangrenous Body Politic Protest=Terrorism=Islam

That is why the actual amount of what is surely only the first round of tuition hikes is irrelevant though the subject of fruitless negotiations once the Quebec government finally deigned to briefly meet the democratically elected social actors concerned--student association reps--after months of massive street protest. Seen within the wider trend more evident elsewhere in the empire, it’s apparent that this increase is only the tip of a wedge that will continue to drive tuition much higher in future, ending equal access to education as a right. For years now, this foot-in-the-door approach has been the modus operandi of introducing in increments corporate-rule policy dictates throughout the Western domains from the EU to North America, and even reaching to Asia (through ASEAN) as enactment of the corporate agenda further encroaches on public power. Effects of this global trend already seen to varying QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


degrees in the US, Mexico and the EU are indicators of what Quebec can expect--higher education as a corporate tool for greater political control, higher revenue, leveraging of the public sector for private profit, and the offloading of corporate costs onto the backs of the public. In addition to examples from abroad (see US, Mexico, EU below), the trend patterns are also visible nationally in Canada, with a policy of consistent defunding over the past 20 years (-25%) driving tuition higher (+20% of operating budgets--source). These political decisions to shift from subsidies towards a pay-for-access system will consolidate social control by 1) favoring access to higher education for the privileged class; 2) burdening less privileged students with onerous debt, a safety chain to the office cubicle. This is the ideological aspect of the changes underway--a ‘safer’, economic class-based education system. From this point of view, educating the masses (as opposed to training them for work) is comparable to arming the enemy. From students’ point of view, the hikes constitute the opening salvo in a class war. Political background The origin of the widespread attacks on public education internationally for over a decade now was in elite policy decisions in response to the ‘Troubles’ or social unrest of the late 60s, according to Noam Chomsky (caution: see note 7), notably with robust student activism in the US and Europe. Education’s functioning as pacification and indoctrination was seen by Western corporate leadership to be evidently failing. Public education was managing to function somehow as empowerment -- a dangerous risk to the political order of the status quo. A bricks and mortar example of this concern can be seen in the reaction to the May 1968 student and worker strike in Paris: in the aftermath of the social upheaval that saw President de Gaulle flee the country, the heavy concentration of students in the Paris Latin Quarter was permanently dispersed with the Sorbonne dissolved into a dozen independent universities, scattering what had been a hive of lucid student and faculty activism. Politically-minded changes, such as restrictions on political speech, have already been noted at public universities in Quebec. In Montreal, secret security committees keep tabs on student life and have banned the showing of controversial political documentary films (The Link newspaper, Concordia U.). Even on the architectural level, limited or no public space for free discussion (‘keep moving’) is another restriction. A stress on physical culture (sports) over intellectual life, symbolized by the centerpiece multi-story fishbowl gym as a prominent focal point in the campus landscape, instead of the library, subtly suggests the importance of power (force) over understanding--a decidedly fascist touch.



Subliminal Messages Knowledge or Power?

Prominent campus focal point, the Concordia U. Fitness Center, level 1 (above left); scene from film ‘Gattaca’ (above right) OBEY Shopper browses merchandise under “Obey” sign on headless mannequin display in chain store, Montreal, Canada 2012

Student debt CA$14,000 : Average student loan debt in Quebec ( CA$25,000 : Average Canadian student loan debt after graduation US$23,300 : average debt for all (US student) borrowers in 2011 (New York Times) US$1 trillion total student loan debt in US

The US Example (it’s the model!) In the US, where private university costs are the highest in the world, public state-college tuition has risen dramatically. But this transformation began life, as in Quebec, as a modest proposal for one-time increases. At the once civically vaunted state University of California, statesubsidized tuition stood in 2000 at US$3550, a little higher than Quebec’s current CA$2890. A similar initial hike of $1450 was proposed and then introduced over 2000-2003. So far the parQUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


allel is clear. When the initial hikes ended, more increases followed in the subsequent years. Since the end of the first stage of hikes in 2003, tuition at the U of C has again increased 160 percent (more than doubled), now standing at a minimum of US$13,000 for in-state residents not including room and board, with more increases threatened. As in Canada, the impetus for raising tuition fees in California has been state defunding. In its 2011-12 budget,


U of C core costs funded by the State of California have fallen under 50 per-

cent with the remainder having to come from student tuition. This means that what was one of the US’s best public universities is no longer public but gone private. As this stark example shows, the threat is real--affordable public higher education is being extinguished. The funding cuts are not the result of separate local or national crises or policies but a reflection of a global power’s international agenda taking shape throughout the empire. The harsh lesson seems not to have been lost on the protesting Quebec students, despite the regional blinders of local media talking heads. Lesson 1: Fascist Propaganda in Prefab Videos Increased tuition is just the beginning of the transformation of public education. Funding pulled from public higher ed is going to subsidize the alternative, preferred model--for-profit colleges and universities, which have already been introduced in the US. In public schools, to make up for budget shortfalls, middle- and high schools accept loans of A/ V equipment and high-tech infrastructure in exchange for subjecting one-in-four students nationally to compulsory viewing in the classroom of advertising-based content (like infomercials or in-flight magazines) on ‘Channel One News’. The pre-packaged Video News Release ‘lessons’ for school kids include insidious, crypto-fascist propaganda sponsored by the US Army. 3 This spread of commercialization like dry rot to both the form and content of public education has already cropped up in some Quebec schools with classroom airing of the Youth News Network (YNN). Instead of dispensing knowledge, the new content resembles behaviorist training to manipulate students’ values in line with corporate needs (be a good sadomasochistic slave). Mexico -- Students Win Fight on Free Education Further south once more, in Mexico where free education is constitutionally guaranteed, the Zedillo government in 1999 proposed amendments to introduce university tuition. A ninemonth strike led by students at the renowned National University in Mexico City (UNAM) shut down the occupied university and succeeded in achieving a government climb-down. In 2006, court-appointed 4 president Calderon, with a finance minister from the IMF, announced plans QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


to transform universities (this time without introducing tuition fees) in line with World Bank/ IMF dictates calling for “public-private partnerships” (privatization) as well as teaching and research links to private industry. Charest Govt Plans Follow World Bank/IMF Agenda It’s striking that Quebec Premier Charest’s 2011 budget that proposed the controversial tuition hikes also includes plans for $850 million in future corporate funding for public higher ed, with strings attached. The government’s final offer in negotiations with the striking students, which was rejected on May 6, 2012, included a proposal for an external council to study “internationalization” of the universities and “public-private partnerships” with industry (privatization). In other words, a revelation-in-part of the same World Bank/IMF agenda seen in Mexico and Europe (see ‘EU’ below) to ‘standardize’ the higher education system along American lines. Furthermore, the government’s emergency law 78 attacks freedom of association and (students’) collective bargaining rights, a mainstay of IMF ‘structural adjustments’ imposed on targeted countries. The Canadian difference from its southern neighbor has been a point of national pride. But under the pressures of ‘globalization,’ or the world government push, that difference is fast eroding, with ongoing attempts to dismantle public higher education being another example of the process, along with merged border security, NAFTA, Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement (2007) and North American military integration from Canada to Mexico with the creation of NORTHCOM (2002), among other agreements. With its own separate identity, Quebec has always been sensitive to issues of self-determination, evident in the massive protests at the Free Trade Area of the Americas Summit in Quebec City in 2001 as well as the referenda on independence. Far from a bunch of spoiled enfant-rois as they say in Westmount --Quebec (and Canadian) students are right to fear the worst, with the despotic American way threatening not just their schools but their very sovereignty, within Canada, on the path to a North American Union. Free Trade Area of the Americas map logo showing merged North, Central, South America



University Tuition in North America CA$2,890 present average annual tuition and fees in Quebec before proposed hike of $1625 CA$5,366 average annual tuition for Canadian students (Stats Canada) $18,000 average annual US public university tuition and fees. $35,000 average annual US private university tuition and fees. (2008; US News)

EU--Sacking the Temples of Learning The post-1968 shattering of the ancient Sorbonne into a dozen scattered pieces stands as glaring precedent and reminder of the challenge that public education poses to the forces of reaction, a rigid wall absorbing wave upon wave of crashing generational hopes for change. In Europe today most countries still enjoy free university education (even for foreign students in Norway)--a legacy (together with public health service) of the postwar Communist Party participation in coalition governments following the defeat of German fascism. But with gradual integration since then under a federal European Union, this cherished gain is being dismantled, following other public services, with the introduction of tuition fees through implementation of an anti-democratic, EU-driven standardization process since 2003. Ostensibly dictating a one-size fits all ‘European Higher Education Area’, the internationalization push is better seen as belonging to the globalization trend, with elements of its corporate agenda already being adopted in Quebec. 5 Besides ending free tuition and equal access at university, one of Europe’s greatest social gains, the European ‘reforms’ are said to politicize education, narrow curricula, limit student aid, recast the university in line with a business model, cut costs, standardize ‘values’, and kill democratic control. The “high school”-style reforms, which included “reduced course lengths”, a higher exams burden (rote learning), “peculiar” teaching dictates, compromised autonomy and “dumbed-down” degrees were met with student protests in Europe, including campus occupations by German and Austrian students in 2009 (Times Higher Ed ). According to a 2009 University of Alberta Conference on the European reforms, they were “effectively promoting and accelerating globalization in higher education... QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


Trends and developments in the [reforms] that would jeopardize institutional autonomy...are of concern.” 6 Attacks on equal access to public higher education, on its integrity and its quality will ultimately mean a blight on the mass of youth, an attack on human dignity, a planned degradation to go with debt slavery, an attack on liberty. The name given these 'reforms'? ...Attaching university to the corporate meat grinder for preprocessing of cookie-cutter grads, laden with debt; interest payment tribute to the banks; and students pre-trained at their own expense, as ready-made consumable commodities in the know-how market...? “The Bologna Process.” Profit meat

By the Numbers CA$ 114 Billion : Amount of ME TOO 'bailouts' to untroubled (--Canadian Banking Association) Canadian banks from 2008-2010, a period during which they together reported CA$ 27 Billion profits. BMO, CIBC and Scotiabank received ‘bailout’ amounts as high as their market capitalizations, meaning that they could have been purchased and nationalized. Ottawa has refused to release details of the hand-outs. (CCPA) 2 1/2 Number of times-over full annual tuition for all Canadian university students could be paid with annual proceeds (CA$27b) from already ‘purchased’ bailout banks. 90 years : Period over which the Canadian bank ‘bailouts’ would have paid full tuition, with the hike, for all Quebec university students. CA$ 8 Billion : Amount of Quebec annual debt service payments (a subsidy to banks); sufficient to pay every Quebec university student’s tuition and fees six times over, annually. 5 : Number of times-over the Canadian annual debt service payments (CA$50B) would pay full tuition annually for all 1.9 million Canadian university students. 30 : Percent reduction in average annual university tuition in Canada that could be paid for all students nationwide with the CA$2.8 Billion annual federal and provincial subsidies to the oil industry.

Those who would deny their children the same benefits they themselves enjoyed [show] the ultimate greed. --Philippe Rioux, Lettres à mes étudiants in Ecole de la Montagne Rouge street sheet QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


Money for Scams not Schools Has Quebec PM Charest really drunk the globalist Kool-aid? Is he another leader cum implementer--servant of the corporate boardrooms? Consider his government’s announcement of $385m per year (through 2020) spending on development of a carbon market for Quebec, to be linked with the state of California’s. This is 88 percent of the contested tuition hike amount. A carbon market is the trading of permits to release CO2 under a system ostensibly designed to limit alleged greenhouse gas climate warming. Despite the record-setting volume of hot air hyping man-made climate change and global gearing up to save the world, it’s another sky is falling scenario that’s turned out to be a myth and a con. Historical cycles in climate temperature have been shown not to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels but with variations in the sun’s radiant energy (source), as anyone would expect. The best-known data showing a locked-in upward trend in temperature since the 20th century was shown to have been based on flawed data and methodology (article). Separately, leading climatologist proponents of global warming (at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia) were exposed as frauds in the 2009 Climate Gate scandal (see article) in which their private email correspondence was hacked and released. In one such email, a scientist (Dr Phil Jones) implied that though his data actually showed climate cooling since 1998, it would be impossible to publish since it contradicted the ‘consensus’ on ‘settled science.’ Not aligned with progress but with reaction, our corporate leaders are taking us back to the prescience era of dogma and medieval forms of censorship as they exploit the unknown to trade in myth, an ancient theocratic practice. As Noam Chomsky 7 has pointed out, a good rule of thumb to follow when testing bits of info debris from the propaganda storm for verity is that the louder and more repeated it is (global warming, the ‘international Muslim conspiracy’) the more likely it is to be professional myth making (marketing and cloak and dagger manipulation). In our brave new totalitarian world, truth is not broadcast, it is whispered. Big Lie ‘facts’ are manufactured, precisely by volume and repetition, à la Goebbels. As for wild weather, there must be some other explanation (search : HAARP).



So why propagate the man-made warming fraud? Because of a little agenda item of the Globalist empire called World Government. The greenhouse gas climate warming myth is a ruse to introduce a global tax (on carbon emissions) as an international revenue source for world government under the corporate/Banking New World Order. The tax, which would hit developing nations hardest (high polluters), would also thereby counter development, together with energy rationing, synergistically perpetuating the empire’s hegemony, as the new tribute payments roll in, transferring more public funds into private hands. In addition to regulating energy use, the scheme also seeks to regulate land use as well as transportation at the international level. The carbon market scam would also provide a new unregulated casino chip, representing a virtual commodity--and thus a fresh opportunity for more, lucrative financial fraud as a follow-up to derivatives trading. Consider also BC's experience in the fledgling carbon market, revealed in an exposé by the Vancouver Sun. BC's participation in the carbon market saw CA$ 5 million in ‘carbon offsets’ paid annually from “hospitals, universities, and schools” to industry like “gas drilling rigs, pulp mills, sawmills, and hotels.” Under the scam, the public sector must pay for its carbon emissions with the money going (through an intermediary) to polluters ‘to fund emissions reduction projects,’ many of which the expose found to have been already funded by taxpayer dollars. Another public-to-private funds transfer scheme to fleece taxpayers under the corporate welfare state’s longstanding and relentless logic of destroying collectivity for the benefit of individuals. Silencing Independent Academe Which brings us to another synergy to the attempted break-up of public education. With the latest agitations of the global corporate Leviathan, the tranquil island of academe finds itself in danger of becoming completely swamped in the monster’s sea of influence. Even with corporate governance and paid research already in place, the still independent voice of academic integrity poses an intolerable challenge to paid opinion and undermines completion of the information monopoly needed to convincingly impose the wool-over-the-eyes of predatory corporate parareality, the better to fleece you, of course. From Billboards to Papered-over Reality A celebrated reference point in the schoolbook histories of Western society’s progressiveness was the freeing of slaves. Under the new corporate totalitarianism, the old achievement is turned on its head thanks to a modern innovation made possible through the formidable weapon of information control: the slaves think they are free. QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE


C’est un état voyou qui s’en prend à la jeunesse

Cough It Up! Or Else! (above)

Who uses violence and intimidation? C’est qui l’aggresseur?

NOTES 1 Fly-by-night language note: now called ‘public-private partnerships’ (creeping privatization). 2 U of California budget: 3 A sampled video short from the “Glory Road” segments sponsored by the US Army (source) features a martial arts champion (a Ms. Neuenswander-Welsh) and “Fight Night” actress, active in charity work, pictured striking blows at an opponent, and then teaching orphans to fight. “People want to help. They just don’t know how to do it.” Voiceover: “Rebecca found that by using her own strength she was able to help build a strong life for others.” Inference: the unfortunate are where they are because they are weak. They must become strong to improve their lot. Subtext: Violence (fighting, war) is natural. And it is natural for the strong to dominate the weak. This is fascist ideology (Nietzsche for 12 year-olds) being taught in schools to American children by the US Army, sponsor of the ‘Glory Road’ segments. [Charity is used as a cover to make the case for war fighting. One of the recipients of charity mentioned was Nicaragua. Maybe they wouldn’t have had as many orphans if the country hadn’t been illegally attacked over a period of 10 years by US-backed terrorists, condemned by the International Court of Justice (1986), with 30,000 killed. Or perhaps the charity should be arming the orphans, to make them “stronger” for the next round of ‘fighting’ if Nicaragua should again manage to organize politically for the collective good.] 4 As in the US in 2000, a close presidential election saw the intervention of the Supreme Court to deny a recount, effectively awarding the presidency to Calderon despite its acknowledgement of irregularities. QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE 209

5 “This process is divided into three major reforms. First, standardize studies into three cycles. Second, establish a single system for calculating university credits that are transferable between institutions. Third, institute quality assurance, under the management of agencies external to the universities. In Quebec, the first two reforms are already in place, apart from the non-compliance of the CEGEP network, hence the repeated calls for its abolition – most recently from the CAQ of Sirois-Legault...” Pierre Dubuc (L’aut’journal) via The article goes on to say that the Charest government, in its May 5, 2012 offer to negotiating student reps, had also proposed to implement the third reform, dealing a blow to autonomy, with ‘internationalization’ and creation of external (to the universities) control for ‘quality assurance’ with power over curricula, research, university structure, and establishing ‘partnership’ links to business. [In exchange, universities would receive $850 million in corporate funding--this last element was already included in the Charest government’s 3/2011 tuition hike budget.--MB] 6 Canadian Perspectives on the Bologna Process, U of Alberta Conference held March 19–20, 2009 (pdf) 7 Would that he heeded his own advice (on 9/11) ... We cite Chomsky as a sometimes worthy critical source, not as a generally dependable one. Conflicts of interest: longtime employee of major Pentagon contractor (MIT); crypto-Zionist. Links Canadian defunding stat source: Chomsky higher ed video: Times Higher Ed: CCPA:’s-secret-bank-bailoutrevealed Climate temp. correlation: Hockey stick graph flaws: Climate gate: -of-anthropogenic-global-warming/ Climate gate e-mail: -is-closed-7957246.html Vancouver Sun carbon market exposé: 021/story.html

First published Summer 2012



TIMELINE Ides of March 15/03/2011

Government of Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest announces budget plans raising public university tuition in the province by 65% to CA$ 4515 including fees

17 Feb. 2012

Start of daily student protest marches in Montreal, student strike of classes begins (about half of all higher ed students), adoption of carré rouge red square symbol

7 March

Police seriously injure student protest harmonica player (Francis Grenier, 20), hit with exploding grenade, detaching retina in his right eye. Loses vision, has reconstructive surgery

15 March

March against police brutality. Government refuses to negotiate on increase

12 April

Ruling party government functionary publishes opinion piece expressly calling for fascist tactics--Brownshirt-style physical assaults on protesters. (article in French)

4 May

Police seriously injure 12 students at Victoriaville, with six hospitalized and over 100 held by police overnight

14 May

Quebec Education Minister resigns. Media accuse ‘spoiled’ students of violence

18 May

Government passes strike-breaking emergency law (Bill 78) illegally restricting freedom of assembly and association, establishing punitive fines for violations, and canceling the semester.

19 May

General population joins students protesting emergency law with casseroles, a noisy reminder of limited family budgets.

22 May

An estimated 250,000 students, citizens, families defy emergency law and march to mark the 100th day of daily protests. Official hearings into Charest government corruption begin (to investigate allegations of party financing from organized crime).*

23 May

Mass police arrests of over 500 protesters held for hours in restraints on parked city buses

15 June

Scheduled end of semester and summer break

16 July

New Education Minister announces decision not to stand for re-election.

1 Aug 2012

Quebec Government calls for fresh elections to be held on Sept. 4, 2012

(Compiled with CBC timeline

*Alleged Montreal capo Vito Rizzuto passes away before he is due to deliver an extraordinary mob boss testimony before the Charbonneau inquiry into official corruption in Quebec.



POLICE VIOLENCE WATCH Montreal, SPARTA--It’s hard to spend any time at all in the city of Montreal without crossing paths with the boys in blue, repeatedly, in columns of cars, motorcycle squads, on horseback, bicycle, or on foot, in marching phalanxes, batons tapping shields in martial rhythm, in the metro, inside night clubs, in the lobby of your apartment building... Police shootings of unarmed citizens in 2012 (a homeless man in a busy subway station, a reveler screeching his tires on a hot summer night, a hospital employee walking to work at 7 a.m. ...) are on pace to double last year’s total, which at one point had reached a crescendo of three victims in three weeks time. Media requests for surveillance video of the scenes of the shootings have been refused. Rest assured, the police will be investigating (themselves). Is all of this--the ubiquitous presence in numbers, the intimidation, the strong-arm tactics, the armed interventions, the fatal shootings, the impunity--consistent with the norms of a democratic society? Or have Charest’s Quebec (and Harper’s Canada) become part of an out-ofcontrol North American police state (see also article) ? We had a look at the people’s video evidence online... Montage Montreal Attractions #4 Student Life/ La Vie d’Etudiant: Hard Lessons



#3 Street Theater--Juggler/unicycle moving violation? (“Is this part of the show?”)

#2 The Cafe Terrasse--‘One or two gassings?’

#1 The Night Life / La Vie Nocturne



Ouistreham, Normandy France

D-DAY TRAVESTY What are you all waiting for? Uniformed, heel-clicking, Jew-rousting goose steppers? Wake up and smell the kaffee ! The Shattered Myth of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the Good Warâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Old myths die hard. It's a measure of the importance of the place they hold for us, like gods above, or guiding stars in the sky, that we may still try to navigate by them even after their light has gone out. The D-Day commemoration in Normandy today must be seen not by the fading light of a dated and dying myth from the past but colored by the telling events seen since on the world stage that so dramatically contradict it. The sacrifice of the Allied soldiers who died in Normandy and throughout the Atlantic war theater fighting Naziism is rightly sacrosanct and honored. But the famous victory, hindsight shows, was not what it then seemed to be, and what's worse, has been gradually and surreptitiously overturned. The ceremony celebrates the myth even now that the reality has broken the surface in a series of events that taken together, unmistakably deny it: the Hollywood-like 9/11 fascist coup d'etat in the USA, the endless succession of NATO wars of aggression, the police state consolidation, the gay hype eugenics program, and now, perhaps most revealingly, the open installation of antiRussian neo-Nazis in a European country for the first time since WWII in Ukraine.



If the fascists lost the battle in Europe in 1945, events have shown they ultimately won the war, for now. And so for the NATO contingent, now heirs of the Third Reich, it is the Axis which celebrates its victory today, enacting a grotesque and twisted travesty---a sacrilege on the D-Day anniversary of 2014--that can only have inspired a great turning underfoot in the cross-filled lawns of Ouistreham. Better done in jackboots, assembled under a waving swastika banner, saluting in unison with a straight armed shout of 'Sieg Heil;' and a star-spangled banner lowered to the tune of a dirge, before hoisting the EU flag, playing the old national anthem of Deutschland. Consider a few of the parallels between Then and Now: Agenda of world domination. Check. Endless war or proxy wars of aggression. Check. Fascist police states. Check. Totalitarian surveillance. Check. Resurgence of racism and nationalism. Check. Demonization of Russia. Check. Glorification of military and war. Check. Cult of the Hero, the Strong. Check. Eugenics agenda. Check. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;International Jewish/Muslim conspiracyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (al Qaeda/ISIS). Check. Final solution for the mass extermination of the untermenschen. Check.

What are you all waiting for? Uniformed, heel-clicking, Jew-rousting goose steppers? Wake up and smell the kaffee ! The Red Army Won It Academics like Jacque Pauwels (The Myth of the Good War) among others have put some of the learned, orthodox history into better perspective, describing how the Normandy invasion that accelerated the end of the war in Europe came only after the Soviet Union had already borne the brunt of the Nazi Wermacht's force, with tens of millions of Russians dead and the Germans already stopped by the Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. West Preserved Nazi Gains Once Germany's defeat seemed inevitable at that turning point in the Great Patriotic War by the end of 1942, the US finally entered the conflict in the Atlantic theater, landing in North Africa, a full year after Germany's declaration of war on the US (a vain attempt to open up a new front for D-DAY TRAVESTY


the Soviets in the Pacific, with Japan--Pauwels), and a full three years after the start of the war. Even then, in North Africa, the US recognized Vichy there, with whom it had friendly diplomatic relations. It would be almost another year before US troops finally landed on the continent, in the Italian campaign, nearly four years after the war had started (summer of 1943). The Normandy invasion (June 1944) in the end checked Soviet momentum towards western Europe (and ultimately salvaged Nazi gains there). D-Day will go down for the record, as the old myths sink out of view, as a last-minute salvage operation for capitalism in western Europe, rather than the schoolbook-taught, economically incoherent interpretation of western capitalist opposition to rabidly capitalist Naziism. West Fostered Naziism as Bulwark and Bludgeon Against Bolshevism In the emerging view, and in light of the post-2000 tell-tale events, German fascism was in fact fostered by western captains of industry and finance, to crush ('Jewish') Bolshevism and save Germany from Russian Communism. Private capital, with its hold on oil and fuel--without which all the bombers and jets, ships and carriers, tanks and land vehicles of a nation's military are harmless as a child's toys--held sway. The old Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel 1 enabler of Naziism was itself never vanquished but has only metastasized globally over time. (see also article) First published 6 June, 2014 Update: News item: USA, Canada, Ukraine reject UN resolution condemning the glorification of Naziism. EU nations abstain--13 Jan., 2015.

â&#x2014;&#x160; NOTES 1 SO (Exxon)-IG Farben--IG Farben was the German name of the world's biggest chemicals group of companies, or cartel, the industrial core of the Nazi war machine, supplying strategic war materials such as synthetic fuel and rubber, with a giant factory complex and its own concentration camp at Auschwitz. IG Farben companies also made pharmaceuticals, vaccines, explosives and poison gas, including the one used for exterminations in the Holocaust. Part of a global petrochemical cartel, IG's commercial partner was the American Standard Oil Company, which for its part supplied the Reich with oil and vital fuel additives. Many of IG's top executives were condemned for war crimes at Nuremberg. Standard Oil later changed its name to Exxon. After the war, the IG Farben cartel was disbanded into its constituent companies (Hoechst, now Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, BASF) and its monumental headquarters building--spared from Allied bombing--housed the American military government in Germany, CIA Europe and for many years, NATO Command, and became known as Europe's Pentagon.




HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR or The Cold War Revisited

Former IG Farben Headquarters, Frankfurt

The Cold War was the economic, political and military contest for influence in the developing world between the Capitalist West and the Communist East from 1946 until 1990. The postwar standoff can be seen as the continued playing out of the same unresolved conditions that had led to the rise of the Nazis leading up to World War II: namely, the opposition of the two unreconcilable ideologies, with the magnates of Western capital and captains of industry largely supporting Fascist defenders in the face of a perceived crisis in Germany--the threat of Communist revolution, spreading from the Soviet Union. The ideologically opposed US and USSR became unlikely allies after Germany's declaration of war on the US (Dec. 11, 1941) --a bid to open a second front in the Pacific in its war on the Communist enemy (Jacques Pauwels). Once Germany's defeat seemed inevitable a full year later, the US finally entered the war in the Atlantic theater, in the end checking Soviet momentum towards western Europe (and ultimately salvaging Nazi gains there 1). At the end of WWII, the US absorbed Germany's scientists (Operation Paperclip), notably gaining V2 rocket technology for NASA; its spies, including the Gestapo's anti-Soviet network, reactivated in a re-armed West Germany; and some ex-Nazi military top brass, integrated into NATO, with its seat (EUCOM) located in the unscathed IG Farben headquarters in Frankfurt. IG Farben was the German name of the world's biggest chemicals group of companies, or cartel, at the industrial core--with the Ruhr steel barons Thyssen and Krupp--of the Nazi war machine, supplying strategic war materials such as synthetic fuel and rubber, with a giant factory complex HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


and its own concentration camp at Auschwitz. IG Farben companies also made pharmaceuticals, vaccines, explosives and poison gas, including the one used for exterminations in the Holocaust. Part of a global petrochemical cartel, IG's commercial partner was the American Standard Oil Company, which for its part supplied the Reich with oil and vital fuel additives. (IG was connected to the Rothschild banking family through directorships of the American IG companies [Agfa, American IG] held by Paul Warburg, also a founding director of the Fed, the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] and the Brookings Institute [Inst. of Economics]). Many of IG's top executives were condemned for war crimes at Nuremberg. Standard Oil later changed its name to Exxon. After the war, the IG Farben cartel was disbanded into its constituent companies (Hoechst, now Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, BASF) and its monumental headquarters building--spared from bombing--housed the American military government in Germany, CIA Europe and for many years, NATO Command, and became known as Europe's Pentagon. Following their Allied victory, the two powers quickly fell out from their forced alliance amid an uneasy division of worldwide spheres of influence, and a military balance upset by the Americans' atomic bombing of Japan at the close of the war, with Soviet troops on the doorstep. The USSR responded in 1949 with a demonstration of their own nuclear capability--an atomic test explosion, setting off the arms race. The Cold War period was marked by the eventual, massive military buildups of nuclear weaponry by both sides--the US and the USSR, strained diplomatic relations, and regional interventions to maintain or increase zones of influence. The first important post-World War II disagreement between the Western bloc and the East was about the partition of defeated Nazi Germany, and led to a standoff, known as the Berlin crisis. With the western sector of the divided city blockaded, the western allies--the US France and UK--were forced to rely on air drops from 1948-49 to continue their military occupation there. Communication virtually ceased, and an "iron curtain" descended between the two superpowers, later symbolized by the Berlin Wall (1961). The U.S. consolidated its position in western Europe by launching a string of strategic actions, including the anticommunist Marshall Plan, the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO in 1949, and an incremental series of regional pacts. These agreements, negotiated through West Germany, would eventually culminate in the Brussels-based European Union--supra-national European integration, within the NATO area, on the anti-democratic legal model of Nazi Germany's plans for rule over a conquered Europe HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


(search: EU Commissioner Walter Hallstein). In the eastern half of Europe, the Soviet Union maintained control over the countries up to its own borders. In response to the formation of NATO, it instituted the Warsaw Treaty Organization in 1955. The next military confrontation of the Cold War flared up on the divided Korean peninsula, where after Soviet withdrawal from the North, US forces remaining in the South clashed with the armies of North Korea and then newly Communist China in the Korean War, from 1950-53. The war ended in stalemate where it had begun, at the 38th parallel, leaving two million Korean dead. The year 1957 saw the Soviet launch of the first intercontinental ballistic missile and the first artificial geospatial satellite, Sputnik, which kicked off the space race. The Soviets followed the feat with the first man in space in 1961. Exploiting the experience of its German rocket scientists, NASA engineered the Saturn rocket that would launch Americans into orbit. In 1962 tensions between the two superpowers again mounted during the Cuban missile crisis when Cuba hosted Soviet missile installations in response to a failed US invasion of the country after popular revolution there. US President Kennedy negotiated a settlement that saw the missiles removed and the US pledged not to re-invade. He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963, just before the escalation of the war on Vietnam. The US went on to drop more tons of bombs on the rice farmers of Indochina than the total tonnage of all bombs dropped in all the war theaters of World War II. Throughout the 1960s, the US pursued a combination of overt and covert war in the decolonizing Third World. In fact, with its share of victory in Europe, it was replacing the old European imperial powers under a more subtle form of financial imperialism. But in Indonesia, Indochina, and Africa its wars to counter independent development claimed a total of over 5 million lives. A combination of factors including China's opening towards the US in 1972 ushered in a period of eased tensions between the US and USSR, known as dĂŠtente, resulting in a series of arms control agreements. But the loss of Iran as its client state in the Iranian revolution of 1979 brought renewed US action in the Soviet sphere. First, in Afghanistan, seen as a replacement for Iran as an anti-Soviet base, the US engaged the Soviet Army with a well-armed proxy force drawn from its network of mercenary Muslim guerillas in a conflict lasting 10 years. Next, NATO and client Arab countries sponsored Iraq's war on the newly independent Iran. The devastating, eight-year conflict claimed over one million casualties. HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


Throughout this period--the 1980's--the US carried out its first so-called 'war on terror'--covert wars on the Left in Latin America and targets in the Middle East; supported apartheid regimes; and escalated the arms race, with the Strategic Defense Initiative and revived Cold War rhetoric widening the gulf between the two superpowers. The appearance of Mikhail Gorbachev as Soviet leader in 1985 saw a period of political liberalization which, gaining unstoppable momentum, eventually led to the breakup of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact in 1991, dramatically altering the international political landscape. Foregoing a peace dividend, Washington moved aggressively to fill the power vacuum on the strategic Eurasian continent, projecting its military to Russia's borders with the expansion of NATO; into the former USSR with new bases negotiated in the Central Asian states; and to former Soviet satellites, with wars on Serbia and later Afghanistan. At the same time, US troops occupied the most resource-rich Middle Eastern countries, first client Saudi Arabia in the 1991 Gulf War and then Iraq in 2003. The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in a genocide of millions of Muslims, while creating tens of millions of refugees. Under the banner of "Another World," emerging nations meanwhile have sought to re-organize a non-aligned movement to achieve peaceful, independent development and finally defeat fascist terror.

Still from Fritz Lang’s Testament of Dr Mabuse (US version)

STUDENT: That’s not how I heard it. Well, this is an economic interpretation of history that does contradict the conventional political view, of course. You have history as it’s written --not always the same as history as it happened. And later events, when added to the historical narrative, can help put the past into better perspective. The orthodox take on this period including the war is that on one side you had the democracies--France, UK, US for example--and on the other Communist and Fascist dictatorships--who were initially aligned in the war years in fact. The Western democracies were aligned politically against fascist dictatorship and were joined by Russia only when it was attacked by Germany. The capitalist West somehow overcame its innate aversion to its mortal, ideological foe--the Communist East--to join with it. This last point constitutes a serious problem with the conventional view...supposedly allying with dictatorship to defeat dictatorship. HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


To review the chronology leading up to the war...there were various prewar agreements between the different national powers. The Soviets in fact had been anti-Nazi from the beginning in 1933. Among the Western powers, you had a British naval agreement with Nazi Germany in 1935, and then the Munich agreement of Sept 30, 1938 between the two. For Stalin, these pacts manifested a Western anticommunist reaction forming against the new USSR and for that reason he would have been compelled to make the German-Soviet pact as a defensive measure in 1939.

For its part, Germany needed Soviet military neutrality to leave it free to fight on a single western front when it would later attack western Europe. But the Soviets were always going to be a target for the rabidly anticommunist Nazis. That was their program and that was what they were hired to do. So there was no question of an enduring alignment of Fascist and Communist dictatorship, along authoritarian political lines. But if you look at the pre-war economic prism, so to speak, you see the German Republic in danger of falling into the Communist camp, following Russia, through social revolution at home--an immediate threat to the 40 percent of foreign investment that had fled the cartelbusting US for Germany in the booming ’20s. Both German and Western private capital answered the revolutionary threat by financing the fringe Nazi Party to defend their economic interests, an alignment along economic lines. You have to distinguish public or government and private or corporate powers. You can certainly find examples of actions going at cross purposes while coming from the same (national) side. This is a reflection of the two aspects of power, public and private, the latter showing itself to be the predominant influence, even within the (‘instrumentalized’) public sector itself. Titans of American capital largely joined the cause in Germany which was billed as a Christian crusade (against godless Bolshevism). So the same interests that were targeting Communists in Europe (‘Bolshevik Jews’) would have favored the overthrow of Communism in the Soviet Union, for the same ideological, ultimately economic reasons. ‘Crusading’ UK football fans (Daily Mail, 2012)

Now Britain and France were pledged to defend Poland so the Nazi invasion in Sept. 1939 resulted in their declarations of war on Germany, which had taken on ambitions to redraw imperial maps. The US was neutral for the first two years of the war. And even after Germany deHOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


clared war on the US at the end of 1941, the Americans still stayed out of the Atlantic theater for a further year, while the Nazis continued their ‘round-ups’ and attacked the Soviets. Still from “Slaughterhouse Five,” 1972

Once the tide started to turn against the Nazis with the pivotal Battle of Stalingrad, the US finally entered the war in the Atlantic theater, landing in North Africa in Nov. 1942. Even then, the US recognized Vichy there, with whom it had friendly diplomatic relations. It would be almost another year before US troops landed on the continent, in Italy, nearly four years after the war had started. To end with a word on the EU. You can have a federal Europe but it would have to be by popular referendum and its executive would have to be elected. Its parliament would have to have lawmaking powers if you want to call it a democracy. That’s not what they have in the EU at Brussels and Strasbourg. If the EU's economics have been characterized by the contrast between sustained class war on the masses on one hand and subsidized private banking on the other, and its rights record has been typified by a powerful, transformational attack on the nuclear family, for the purpose of eugenics, the ugly picture has been completed with the NATO-EU foreign policy, which has revealed the EU's history problem. The EU has followed up the debacle in Ukraine, that alarmingly harks back to the Europe of 1939, with new association agreements with Moldova and Georgia, also provocatively on Russia's border. Forced Ukrainian EU-association recalls that of Socialist Serbia, which was literally bombed (by NATO) into submission, with its elected president kidnapped and later, dying in NATO prison at the Hague kangaroo court. This scorched-earth imperialist expansion definitively belies the thin democratic veneer, the dust of Europe's past, and should remind us that the EU project is the leading edge in Eurasia of the globalist project for Fascist world government and top-down corporate rule. Now to the time dictatorship had fallen in the East in 1990, the empire had formed one in Western Europe, which then expanded east to Russia’s borders. As if Nazi Germany had been successful in Europe, minus the anti-Semitism, or with Muslims as the new scapegoats, and serial wars of aggression then continuing as part of a remade neo-fascism, operating on an audience of subjects agape at powerful modern media and cringing from the baton-blow shock HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


on the collective psyche of mass shootings, psy-ops and engineered disasters (like 9/11), profitable health scares and threats of more to come. Certainly today the political debate is no longer about democracy versus dictatorship, unfortunately. In an irony of history, the West has taken on the totalitarian form of its erstwhile Cold War enemy, throwing out political freedom in favor of absolute economic tyranny, with the unchecked growth of private corporate power for over a century. But instead of dictatorship by the majority under Socialism, tracing its mandate to popular revolution, the Western decline into authoritarianism is a dictatorship by capital, which is just “arbitrary privilege” for an elite minority--the ancien regime (Old Order), transposed onto a financial hierarchy --an aristocracy of bankers with a pretended electoral mandate. Unlike the 1930s when Fascism developed in response to a definite challenge to Capitalism from rising Socialism in Germany, in 2001 the empire sought to capitalize on American military superiority with a fascist coup before the closing of a ‘window of opportunity,’ with a rising China and a Russian comeback. If this relapse is in a new, bifurcated (‘two-party’), civilian shape, the East too has been remade with new kinds of state capitalism--a third way--offering economic freedom but with a firewall of state political control, exercised in the name of the majority, to correct the Western mistake and hold unaccountable private power in check to protect the public welfare. ◊

“Rockefeller: What a funny little government!” Cartoon from The Verdict, 1900 (already)

“Standard Oil Octopus”seizing the capital; Puck cartoon, 1904

First published Summer 2012 HOW THE NAZIS WON THE WAR


Whither Amerika?



Murder in fashion

Death kult: Sanctification through human sacrifice

(Above) Canadian fashion magazine “Dress to Kill” cover, Christmas, 2011, No. 15 (Left top) Hollywood glamorization of violence/murder: (Disney) actress’s publicity shot; (Left bottom) Canadian magazine cover, Summer 2011; (Below) On Sale Now :imitation severed limbs in Dollarshop

‘Capitalism carries war within it, as the clouds carry rain’ (Jean Jaurès) ...and the culture accommodates itself to the need for war. From Oil Thirst to Blood Thirst

Still image from the film “W”; Reads ‘Third largest oil reserves in the world.’ NAZI CHIC


Culture of Death in Service of War Not a Game--Life Imitates War Banalization of death by war: “Zombie Walk,” Montreal Canada Summer 2011 (--OTAM); Gaza raid

Back to the Fuhrer: 911 Coup and ‘casus belli’ Nazi Conquest of USA Reichstag fire/9-11

9-11 Defining Moment

(Top left) Russian political cartoon; (Above right) Yankee Stadium Rally, Oct. 2001

see also: Amerika’s Extreme Right



..This was the thing that nearly had us mastered; Don’t yet rejoice in his defeat, you men! Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard, The bitch that bore him is in heat again. --Epilogue to Der Aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui [The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui], Bertolt Brecht. Translated by George Tabori

Give me absolute control Over every living soul... I’ve seen the future, brother, it is murder. ... And now the wheels of heaven stop You feel the devil's riding crop Get ready for the future, it is murder. ...And the white man dancing. “The Future”--Leonard Cohen

Footnote: Deja Vu Renewed interest in twin studies--symbol of Eugenicists’ fascination with Nature vs. Nurture (NatGeo, Jan. 2012)

Article excerpt, Brain World, March 2012 However, because of the radical nature of the twin separation study (Mengele stuff) and the backlash received from critics, Dr. Neubauer never completed his study and did not publish any of his findings. Any results that were theoretically discovered were filed at YALE University, to remain sealed until 2066. Hollywood depiction of American eugenicists: ‘Trading Places,’ 1983

First published Spring 2012 NAZI CHIC



A Look at the Burning Question: Is the Banker Elite’s Religion Devil Worship?

THE MASONIC SECRET First published Guy Fawkes Day, 5 Nov. 2014 (Revised) All images unretouched unless noted otherwise (retouched for emphasis) (Above) Gothic cathedral windows featuring on EU euro note (Below) Masonic square and compass emblem: G’ for God/Geometry; 1 All-seeing eye/sun in sacred delta apex

Freem-s-n-y is a quasi-religious and esoteric all-male secret society “defending aristocratic principles” and invested with pre-Christian, pagan symbology, especially that of the Egyptian Isis-Osiris cult...

It is a “system...with profound political influence” 2 -- a recognized historical force behind the American and French revolutions--with cells in the seats of power in government, military, banking and business, medicine, law, judiciary and police internationally (in the West). The UK alone counts some 10,000 individual lodges with up to one million members (ibid).

Above left: William Blake’s Urizen, representing absolutist (scorched-earth) self-interested rationalism; Above right: Capitalist with gold hoard (Victor Deni illustration)



Claimed to have been formed over the operative medieval guilds of itinerant, cathedral-building stonemasons, modern speculative freemasonry (founded England 1717--contemporary with the rationalist Enlightenment) can be viewed as informed by Gnostic 3 and Deist 4 philosophy and English anti-Papist/clerical sentiment, in a departure from dogmatic faith to reasoned self- interest, under the motto Do as thou wilt. While sometimes considered to be Christian; an eccentric bourgeois social club; ‘good for your career’; the definitive ‘Old Boys’ Club’; a mechanism of elite power for the social emanation of its aims; a forum for collusion or a network of well-placed fixers...freemasonry in its ceremony is said to recreate the conjuring religious rites (playlets) of ancient Egypt--arguably the progenitor of Western and Near Eastern religions. It was condemned by Papal bull in 1738 and banned in Austria 1795 and Russia 1799, 1822, 1917 (rehabilitated 1995) variously on suspicion of organized political subversion and conducting “demonic seances,” based on the declared heretical practices of the suppressed (1312) Knights Templar chivalric and banking Order. 5

The Obelisks

Paris, London, NYC, Washington DC, (Rome)... Pagan Monuments 6 -- The Egyptian obelisks standing at the heart of the Western capitals are monumental evidence of the ‘profound influence’ of Freemasonry in the 19th century, as are the euro currency banknotes today (see below). The American capital, Washington D.C., is itself a monument to the Craft in its architecture and urban design, as is well-known.



Before: Humanist Europe -- bank notes on national currencies celebrating art, culture, humanity and full national sovereignty (left, right)

After: EU euro notes celebrating...stonemasonry (Freemasonry)

My what beautiful... Geometry!


A Word on the EU--The Two Europes The Glory of Europe was its humanism, celebrating the mosaic of its unique, long-fermented, diverse ethnic and cultural character, coming to fruition in the Arab-catalyzed Renaissance, then Enlightenment--after the long winter of the dark ages of the Holy Roman Empire--and culminating in the cream of European arts in its classical music, its painting and architecture, its temples of learning, its literature... Its modern nadir was the sacrifice of a generation of youth in the maw of the industrial death machinery of WWI, sparking rebellion; and again just 21 years later in WWII, with the death camps of the Holocaust to exterminate the spreading revolution: according to the standards of the grinding mill of Western industrial/finance capital--still reigning--that human value is labour value alone. Which spirit is more reflected today in the edifice of the Brussels EU? With its participation in genocidal wars on Muslim nations; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let them drownâ&#x20AC;? policy on refugee asylum seekers; Ruthless class-war austerity; Financial sacking of its own member states; Its monetary control



through the single currency begetting 50 percent youth unemployment; Its burgeoning eugenic war on free reproduction and family, featuring creeping sterilization and euthanasia; Its street riots in a growing police state of mass surveillance and control (see Istanbul Convention); Its continuing imperial expansion (as leading edge of the empire’s Eurasian enlargement) with NATO wars or proxy wars of aggression, or forced membership, from Belgrade to Kiev, where its Sieg heil-ing neoNazi surrogates down passenger airliners and bomb their Russianspeaking compatriots, like old times, with NATO forces massing along Russia’s Eastern border...

Heil! (Above) Pro-West Ukraine PM (saluting) with Svoboda Party leader Tyahnybok (unretouched)

Oleh Tyahnybok 7 Ukrainian Nationalists Rally 2016

The stated raison d’etre of the EU-model fledgling world state has always been its claim to subsume dangerous nationalism but in point of fact it funds, supports and exacerbates this as is abundantly evident in Ukraine. Here, the Bloc’s "association agreement" was exposed as an "offer you can't refuse"--with the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych’s nyet sparking an EU-US sponsored putsch that saw his government violently removed and pro-EU neo-fascists installed in Kiev. The new leaders promptly signed on the dotted line, paving the way for NATO troops directly on Russia's border (and they likewise promptly committed a massacre of Russian minorities in Odessa). Fascist terror, aggression, the rise of the extreme Right, not only in Ukraine, and policy both foreign and domestic, all reveal the political character of the all-powerful EU executive, with NATO, harkening back to Europe’s darkest days. It must be remembered that the first EU Commissioner, Walter Hallstein, was himself a Nazi (jurist), charged to implement what had been Nazi plans for rule (from Brussels) over a con-



quered Europe. Their former industrial base and old-money banking support would have only accrued since then. Feudalism and Naziism were rightly dead and buried once already. EU zombie neo-Naziism is no model for the world's future. See also article.

Pagan Virtue

Like Freemasons, the Nazis’ darling Nietzsche favored pre-Christian pagan values--the virtues of strength & power undeterred by the ‘moralism of the weak,’ to justify their belief that ‘to us, all is permitted.’ See Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals; Beyond Good & Evil. [N.b. The Nazis deemed rival Freemasonry incompatible with Party membership.]

“If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject” --Rothschild 8 associate Ayn Rand.

Masonic costume (Licio Gelli, admitted Fascist, ex-capo of ‘ Propaganda Due’ P2 Lodge)

(Above left) Fasces emblems either side of the US flag, US Capitol House of Representatives; (Above right) Mock Romans bearing club-bundled ax ‘fasces,’ emblem of punitive power of the state and of fascism THE MASONIC SECRET


Eye on the EU

Angela’s “G” spot

All-Seeing Eye -- ‘Supreme Council’ of the EU (à la Masonic Lodge organization/terminology) and Masonic ‘All-Seeing Eye’ symbol (above left); Same Masonic emblem seen on letterhead (above right)

Eye of Horus symbol ..Based on the circumpunct (left), an ‘ancient solar symbol and alchemical symbol for gold’ (--Dan Brown, see note 10), the All-Seeing Eye “suggests the heavens’ unblinking sun” and the Egyptian sun god Re, associated with Horus, ruler of earth. The reigning king is a manifestation of Horus or Re, whose name formed part of the Pharaoh’s title-Britannica. Sacrificer & Protector of Power In mythology of ancient Egypt, Horus, a falcon-headed god--son of Osiris and Isis-ruler of earth and protector of power. His “right eye represents the sun or morning star” -- a Lucifer symbol [son of the morning, from Isa. 14:12]; his left eye, the moon (ibid). (Left) Falcon-headed Horus statue with sacrificial offering for underworld god Osiris in Egyptian funerary rite, 800BC --Giraudon/Art Resource, New York THE MASONIC SECRET


Note that the Father of the earthly ‘king’ is god of the underworld (c.f. later Roman cult of Light god Mithras, ‘Patron and Protector of Empire, sacrificer, associated with Creation (ibid). Masons date historical years as Anno Lucis (in the year of Light).

Osiris flanked by stylized sun and moon on tomb of Sennedjem fresco

European Parliament: The Eyes Have It

Above left: Subliminal official EU Parliament 9 logo; Above center: ‘Restored’ EU Parliament logo, as stylized Horus-eye glyph [subliminal association made explicit]; above right: Eye of Horus ‘Protector’ on Mediterranean fishing boats.

Far left: actual ‘parliament,’ Palace of Europe, Strasbourg; Left: Legendary tower of Babel, Babylon --site of Baal (devil) worship

History Repeating Far left: Horus eye (denoting sacrifice for protection of power)--Sinister Holocaust-era advertisement (1938) by IBM Germany (DEHOMAG), which reads: ‘Supersight with Hollerith card readers’ (for finding Jewish populations; reproduced in Edwin Black’s “IBM and the Holocaust”). Note smokestack plume. Left: US Total Information Awareness logo, ca. 2002 with educational motto Scientia est Potentia perverted to blackmailer’s slogan: “Knowledge (of you) is Power (over you).” THE MASONIC SECRET 233

c.f. European Centre for Disease Control logo

USA--Masonic Republic L-R: (1) Great Seal of the United States on Federal Reserve one dollar note--Masonic All-Seeing Eye capstone on unfinished pyramid; (2) Unfinished pyramid 10 top of Masonic House of the Temple, Washington, D.C., Masonic capital of US. (3) Mural (in Capitol building) depicting historical cornerstone laying of US Capitol by G. Washington, in masonic apron (1793).

Prometheus statue, Rockefeller Center, NY, NY (below) Prometheus--Greek god (of masons/craftsmen) who stole fire from the gods, symbolizing power over Nature (e.g. through science & technology)...but also ‘Bringer of Light’ (sun/fire)--literal meaning of ‘Lucifer’-- out of darkness (as rising Venus, the morning star, brings sunrise; c.f. Masonic motto ‘Let there be light.’)

US Statue of Liberty, with sun crown, gift from French Lodge Freemasons to American brethren (far left); Pont d’Alma flame torch, Paris (become Diana death memorial, at left)



All-Seeing Eye of Horus in Entertainment

US Big Three TV broadcast network logo...

Google Chrome rainbow shutter eye c.f. Dystopian ‘Westworld’ logo (with web crawler, right)

Cosmo cover (above left); Diamonds (“So Good to be Bad”--David Guetta, center); Bowie wink at All-Seeing Eye, with Pentagram Bible ( above right)

Angel Late R&B/Gospel singer Whitney Houston on talent versus gimmicks: “There are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don't have to really put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves... A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool but some of them are very dark... Demons

(Above left:) Gaga: Marry the Night/Welcome to the Dark side; (Center) Grammys 2012 ‘Black Mass with Minaj sacrifice’ number--on day after Whitney Houston’s death (pyramid tracing added); (Right) the late Wendy O. Williams, with head horn and pentagram THE MASONIC SECRET


“Devil worship” -- South Africa Council of Churches (on Gaga) (Below left-to-right) lightning bolt flag of British Union of Fascists; Bowie in costume, makeup. Euro(trash) News Arts & Culture Programme ‘Cult’ with Bowie-tribute graphic (below right)

Scions of society and royal figureheads “... [confer] an aura of indisputable approbation on ..freemasonry." 11

Queen of the Night in Masonic handshake with the Grand Patroness of World Masonry, United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE, far left) Lady & the Beast: Gaga in Baphomet headgear (left) -- Lucifer is God (“I swear to Lucifer”)

Freemasonry: What’s the Big Secret ?

The English Mafia A salient feature of freemasonry is, like organized crime, its Omerta or strict Code of Silence, on stated penalty of death in blood-curdling oaths 12 contained within ‘rituals often based around murder’ stories (‘Hiram,’ Jacques de Molay, etc. -- Knight). Masons identify as ‘Brothers of the Widow’s Son,’ meaning the mythological ‘Hiram Abiff’ of their rites--interpreted by some as a camouflaged Horus, son of the ‘widowed’ Isis and sacrificer /protector of power. Brethren judges, lawyers, police, government officials, business leaders and accepted criminals 13

further vow to : ‘vindicate [a brother’s] character when wrongly traduced and to suggest in his



behalf the most candid, favourable and palliating circumstances in extenuation of his conduct even when it is justly reprehended...’ 14 Pyramid Top left: Hex circle? Reported hidden camera footage of robed, highdegree mason initiates in wine/blood ritual 15 within a pentagram ‘magic’ circle, during a secret lodge rite in Turkey (click for video): Middle: Lower echelons on the gravy train exchange business cards Bottom: Public face--Charity PR-front on parade: Shriners

“Enemies of the Brotherhood have been denouncing its rituals as devil worship for more than 250 years.” (Knight, p. 230)

Broken Secrecy Oath?

Amadeus Apprentice mason [proposed Dec. 5, 1784*], dead at 35 (Dec. 5, 1791), the same year as the production of his allegorical opera on Freemasonry, “The Magic Flute,” and before finishing an anonymously commissioned Requiem (his own?): A courtier spitefully? buried in a pauper’s mass grave. *Mozart & Masonry, Paul Nettl, 1957, p.15

“An evil spirit presides over this brotherhood.” -- Tamino character in The Magic Flute (die Zauberflotte)” “fair dawn [ & morning star: bringer of light ]--to your delight our friend Tamino wakes soon to swear allegiance to our sacred band...” N.b.: Freemasonry banned in Austria 1795 until 1918 fall of the empire

Magic Flute opera’s pan-flute piper (far left); Fertility god Pan with pipes (center); Goat god, Baphomet 16 (right)



... “a seed of evil ” -- US Pres. John Quincy Adams --Letters on the Masonic Institution House of the Temple, Washington D.C. 17 Guided tour video images (youtube)

(Above L-R) (1) Serpentine/dragon motif decoration, torch lamps; Crowned double phoenix symbol in pyramid with sun glory; ‘God...and My Right’ inscription (3) Eagle of Lagash OR Trompe l’oeil bearded crowned Baphomet horned head image? on end wall of gallery of seals of the masonic orders. See enlargement (retouched, below right; youtube video T=14:58).

‘Ancient evenings’ 18

Don’t take my word for it. Take Stanley Kubrick’s ...

Eyes Wide Shut--Masonic references

Left: The giving of passwords like ‘Shibboleth,’ ‘Jachin,’ Boaz’ form part of the Masonic rites. ‘Fidelio’ -- Fidelity a sacred obligation in Freemasonry (repeated four times in unison in closure ceremony). Right: crowned double phoenix Masonic emblem on ‘Grand Master’/ ‘High Priest’/ Magus’s throne



(Below left) Incantations: ‘Sacred prostitution’ practiced by the ancients in temples to Tanit (Carthage), Ishtar (Babylonian red-light ‘Queen of Night’)--objects of sacrifice. (Below right) Eight-pointed Star of Ishtar --associated with the planet Venus (morning star)


SACRIFICE A hireling pays the ultimate price for breach of secrecy...





Note: Venetian masks were used historically by easily-recognizable elite to hide identity while partaking in the Bacchanalia of Carnival (L. lit. ‘farewell to flesh’). Final Cut Curious coincidence: Stanley Kubrick‘s death followed the release of his director’s cut of the film by some six days, March 7, 1999 (24 minutes subsequently censored). ‘Times’ leads with balloon race.

Bohemian Grove

Mock human sacrifice to “cremate care” (conscience) for the Power Elite. Moloch as horned owl (left)


The secret name of the Masonic ‘god,’ also referred to as ‘The Great Architect of the Universe,’ is revealed only in the higher rites of exaltation--to Royal Arch Masons of the Third Degree--as a composite, denoting the “full godhead” 19 JAH-BUL-ON, said to refer respectively to the ancient Yah-weh; Baal, the Phoenician (sun) god of thunder and fertility; and lastly ON--variously interpreted as Osiris or the Egyptian site of the Re/Osiris sun cult (Gr.: Heliopolis--City of the Sun; see note 6, Obelisks). ‘Inside the Brotherhood’ author Short renders the made-up name ‘Jah-Bul-On’ as ‘God, Lord of On.’ Other information suggests a Triad of three gods or attributes. 20 Of Baal, to whom ancient peoples offered human sacrifice at Moloch- or temple-altars, it is, according to a noted Grand Commander Mason, an “appellation of the devil” (--Albert Pike). THE MASONIC SECRET


N.B. The controversial name ‘Jah-Bul-On’ is said to have been dropped from Royal Arch ritual in 1989, after more than 150 years, 21 concurrently with the publication of the Martin Short exposé “Inside the Brotherhood,” and replaced with substitute JHVH (Jehovah)--giving new meaning to the phrase ‘unmentionable name of God.’ While banned in most Muslim countries, Masonic temples where they do exist in them are known in Arabic as El Beit es Sheitan or ‘House of the Devil’ (Short, p.170). ◊ “Go Longhorns!”22

Hail Satan ! ’(Far left) Pres. George W. Bush; (Left) Still from Rosemary’s Baby,’ 1967, Roman Polanski (widower of Sharon Tate, d. 1969)

Aerial view of the Pentagon, Washington D.C. at the heart of an upside-down (Satanic) pentagram (tracing added in red); Note dissimulating star-shaped perimeter wall landscape feature (in white)



Update--Echo chamber: Satanic-themed Swiss-EU ceremony, Gotthard, Switzerland, June 1, 2016

NOTES 1 ‘Geometry’--i.e. ‘Sacred geometry’ in Freemasonry--of esoteric significance, as Numerology in the Kabbala. 2 ‘Profound influence’-- “The Brotherhood,” Stephen Knight, p. 32. Knight cites example of the French monarchist and Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution co-architect Giscard, who according to a French Grandmaster, joined the brotherhood in 1974 to win the French presidency that year, overcoming the overwhelming post-’68 favorites, the Socialists. [ Knight died aged 33, 18 months after publication of “The Brotherhood” (an admittedly flawed book but still useful, with discernment). His first book, Jack the Ripper--The Final Solution, laid blame for the infamous, Victorian-era crimes on the Masons. See also film From Hell, 2001] 3 Gnosticism --from ‘Gnosis,’ secret knowledge. A philosophy ‘profess[ing] to reveal to an inner elite of initiates esoteric teachings concealed from the many” (Walton Hannah, ‘Darkness Visible’) "...influence[d by] Platonic philosophy, from which was borrowed the doctrine that a lower demiurge (divine being; Gr: literally ‘craftsman’) was responsible for the creation of this world...-Britannica 2005 4 Deism - 18th-century Enlightenment philosophy characterized by devotion to Reason and Nature: Rationalism and Natural religion. 5 While official freemasonry denies any link to the historical Knights Templar, there is a Masonic Order within british freemasonry by that name, which for its part, claims direct descent (Knight, p. 168); some Masonic rituals are based on Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, site of the Templar Order’s palace headquarters in the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the Crusades; other rites focus on the Templar’s last Grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, burnt at the stake, Paris, 1314, after which time the Order is sometimes speculated to have gone underground; the Inns of the Court (the English Bar) in the City of THE MASONIC SECRET


London are housed in the Temple Church former headquarters of the historical Knights Templar there (ibid). Templars were founded ca. 1120 by crusading French knights. Bible stories name Hiram of Tyre builder of Solomon’s Temple--prime focus of Masonic ritual. Melqart (‘Phoenician Baal’) god of Underworld at Tyre, in modern Lebanon (‘Baal Hammon’ [Amon] in Carthage) = bearded idol of Templars? 6 Obelisk--architectural symbol of Osiris, 'consecrated to the divinity of the sun'--Pliny ( ‘Inside the Brotherhood,’ p. 116) With the exception of the example at St Peter’s Square, the sponsorship, transport and/or installation of the obelisk monuments was a ‘wholly Masonic affair’ (ibid). Paris obelisk, Place de la Concorde, from Luxor; 1836. London Obelisk, known as ‘Cleopatra’s Needle,’ at Victoria Embankment, 1878 (cf. Dublin Needle, 2000). Originally from Heliopolis, like its twin in New York City Central Park, 1880. Two obelisks would have stood as pair at entrance to Re/Osiris temples at Heliopolis (ibid, p.117). Washington DC’s obelisk was not from Egypt but built in situ. ‘The spirit of the sun god was supposed to enter the stones at certain periods (sunrise) and on these occasions...[receive the] human sacrifices ...offered to it’ (ibid, p. 115). Vatican sundial, St. Peter’s Square, Rome (below) Of many obelisks in Rome since antiquity, Caligula’s obelisk was erected in St Peter’s Square (topped with a cross and exorcised) in 1586 (ibid, p. 122). Sun worship was practiced in ancient Rome, as in Egypt, in the cult of “Sol Invictus,” the unconquerable sun, whose festival (the Saturnalias) we now know as Christmas. Christian Sabbath falls on the day of the Sun (or the ‘Lord’)--two examples of the pagan temple on which the Christian cathedral rests.

Sun as Saturnalia symbol in Fellini’s ‘Casanova’ (left), Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’ (right)

The Egyptian obelisks are obviously phallic (Osiris’s missing organ?), and paired with their pedestal or enclosing circle--the feminine principle--become a symbol of fertility, associated with the Sun and Creation: Circle would also represent the “universe ‘fertilized’ by the Sun's generative rays” (ibid, p. 142)... c.f. steeple and dome. An aerial view gives the circumpunct, a solar symbol.



Similarly, the ankh (left) , an ancient Egyptian symbol of life (also adopted by Christianity) denotes the act of copulation, with an almond-shaped vesica piscis (vulva symbol) in union with a sword phallic symbol.

Papism protestors (from NATO NGO (femen) make Death gesture (reverse ‘Life’ sign), desecrate Christian icon, in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, 6 Nov. 2014 (RT video still).

7 EU/NATO’s Tyahnybok, his Svoboda Party (formerly ‘National Socialist’ Party), and their paramilitary wing Right Sector--instrumental in the violent removal of Ukraine’s elected president Yanukovych last year--are widely recognized as neo-Nazi not only for anti-Russian ‘ethnic cleansing’ but also for their outspoken anti-Semitism and their celebration of the ‘Ukrainian nationalist’ Stepan Bandera--a Nazi collaborator in the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies and Communists in WWII. 8 “The Rothschilds have been freemasons for generations” (--Knight).

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild (dec.) 9 The EU Parliament is a parliament in name only and not a legislative body, as the globalist designers of the EU themselves attest, in an early publication... From the globalist horse’s mouth, describing the EU Parliament in the Palace of Europe, Strasbourg: "The group functions mainly as an advisory body to the Executive Commission and the Supreme Council of Ministers, which run [Common Market] affairs...Its legislative powers are negligible." -- 'The Standard Quarterly Review,' in the "World Progress Yearbook," 1979--Standard (Oil) Educational Corp., Chicago, ‘a supplement to the New Standard Encyclopedia.’ [Rockefeller interests (University of Chicago) bought the Scottish Encyclopedia Britannica around 1900.]

Trick or Treat



Chicago is home base of the Rockefeller research/educational institution, the University of Chicago, founded by John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil monopolist, and known for economics and social science, esp. behavioral science. The two disciplines would meet in the effort to control behavior for the purpose of achieving better private economic results. First sociology department in an American university (1892). Similarly, New York City is the base for Rockefeller-funded medical research, associated with AIDS, Mengele (RF funded his boss, Verschuer--War on the Weak, E. Black: Kaiser Wilhelm Institute/ Verschuer funding from Reich Research Fund, beneficiary of annual RF money. Direct RF funding stopped in 1935. (Indirect) grants through German Research Society (GRS) from 1935 to 1937, for research on twins, “broad array of concentration camp experimentation.” GRS funding Sept. 1943, Auschwitz 10 ‘Unfinished pyramid’ --said to be Masonic symbol of transformational ‘perfecting’ process, leading to apotheosis, analogous to medieval alchemy. Interestingly, in hagiographer Dan Brown’s Apologia for Freemasonry “The Lost Symbol,” [Corgi Books, 2009 (not recommended) ] the author has obliquely devised a character known as ‘The Architect,’ described as ‘dark and elegant’. Also interesting, (in the mouth of the antagonist): “In order to create, I must destroy. Such was the nature of polarity” p. 433.-- cf. purported Masonic notion of ‘full godhead.’ And: “Darkness and blood were where the true power lay. The ancients knew this.” ibid p.587 Sun caps pyramid top of House of the Temple, Washington, DC (Illustration); c.f. Seal of the U.S.A.

The following excerpt from a transcription of a Masonic ‘Mystical Lecture’ (Royal Arch) describes the delta/triangle/pyramid form itself as sacred to the ancients and whatever is enclosed in it as divine, e.g. All-seeing eye/Sun--see illustration (above) Sacred Delta

“In times of antiquity, names of God and symbols of divinity were always enclosed in triangular figures. In the days of Pythagoras, the triangle was considered the most sacred of emblems...The Egyptians termed it the sacred number [6(0),6(0), 6(0)?--ed.], or number of perfection, and so highly was it prized by the ancients, that it became amongst them an object of worship [Great pyramids of Giza?]. They gave it the sacred name of God...This sacred delta is usually enclosed within a square and circle, thereby expressing its vivifying influence, extending its ramification through all created nature; for these reasons, it has ever been considered the Great All, the Summum Bonum. The word on the [altarpiece] triangle [Jah(weh)-Bul(Baal)-On] is that sacred and mysterious name you have just solemnly engaged yourself never to pronounce.” (from Masonic rite, excerpted in Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short, p. 93)



Sun motif, US Senate hall

11 “The Brotherhood,” Knight, 1983 12 oaths: “ ...under no less penalty than to have my body cut across, my bowels taken out and burnt to ashes, and those ashes scattered to the four winds of heaven; to have my body dissected into four equal parts, and those parts hung on the four cardinal points of the compass, there to hang and remain as a terror to all those who shall presume to violate the sacred obligation of a Master Mason.” --Masonic Rituals If the penalties are symbolic, rather than literal threats, as argued by masons, then the masonic- Biblesworn oath-taking (‘taken without equivocation or reservation of any kind’) is a profane parody, Hannah says, [Darkness Visible, 1952, p. 24] and in any case, is still connected with effective rigid secrecy ...symbolic perhaps of ‘a fate worth avoiding’ (--Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short). 13 accepted criminals - ‘ibid, pp. 308-310 14 even when justly [charged] -- Royal Arch Rites, excerpted from Hannah, Darkness Visible, p. 157 15 Some compelling aspects of the secret rites performed by higher Masons summed up as ‘pressing knives to bare chests, swearing violent oaths, performing mock murders, lying in ...coffins, and drinking wine from... human skull[s] (symbolic human sacrifice ritual).’ (Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, p.576) 16 Satanic Sigil (magic circle) of Baphomet [©], a hermaphrodite goat; originally a ram--search: Goat of Mendes (Egypt). Pentagram inscribed within ouroboros tail-in- mouth snake circle, also to be found in House of the Temple decor. 17 Scottish (French) Rite masonic temple, around the corner from The Black Cat pub. 18 cf. Norman Mailer’s eponymous novel: “I do not know if I will labor in greed forever among the demonic or serve some noble purpose I cannot name.”--cited by Harold Bloom in New York Review of Books 19 Knight, ‘The Brotherhood’ full godhead--As sun gods and underworld gods (polar contraries) merged historically with Re/Osiris; Baal Hammon/Melqart (Baal of Tyre) ? ...Osiris can be considered the nocturnal version of Sun god Re, some sources agree. Dualistic deity? Or Triad? : From Royal Arch rites: “the three greater [lights of Royal Arch Masonry] are emblematic of the creative, preservative and annihilative [destructive] powers of the Deity.” (Hannah, Darkness Visible, p. 175) cf. Hinduism The Great Architect of the Universe--a French Connection? full godhead -- also possibly a reference to (Manichaean) Dualism or ‘bipolarity’ of material (Natural) and spiritual world, Darkness/Light, Evil/Good, etc.; cf the French (et al) “Cathar heresy” ca. 1140, which rejected Old Testament/ Genesis and held (via Gnosticism) that the devil Lucifer was responsible THE MASONIC SECRET


for Creation, and the material world corrupt, with life springing forth, as sunlight out of darkness, from below (underworld). Lux e tenebris (Light out of Darkness) is a Masonic motto. Templars were founded ca. 1120, by crusading French knights. Cathars/Cathar theology suppressed by force in Albigensian Crusades of 1208-1244, in France. Britain under Norman French rule from late-11th century. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is actually a French Order (--Short). (Pictured left): “Fiat Lux”--Let there be light: Stained glass window inscription of Masonic motto, House of the Temple, Washington DC, alluding to Genesis I, 1-3 Creation story; N.B. sun crowns in ceiling; double phoenix emblem (or dove descending?)

The Demiurge (Lesser god, Craftsman) and Order from Chaos (Ordo ab Chao--a Masonic motto): “Plato used the term (demiurge) in the dialog Timaeus, an exposition of cosmology in which the Demiurge is the agent who takes the preexisting materials of chaos, arranges them according to the models of eternal forms, and produces all the physical things of the world, including human bodies. The Demiurge is sometimes thought of as the Platonic personification of active reason. (cf Blake’s compasswielding Urizen) The term was later adopted by some of the Gnostics, who, in their dualistic worldview, saw the Demiurge as one of the forces of evil, who was responsible for the creation of the despised material world and was wholly alien to the supreme God of goodness." -- Britannica 2005 20 Triad: “Father Lord” (Osiris); “Word Lord” (Yahweh?); “Spirit Lord” (Baal) [cf Catholic Holy Spirit/ Ghost--dove descending] referenced in Royal Arch God-Name secret ceremony (Hannah/Short) 21 over 150 years--Royal Arch Ritual dates from ca. 1836 22 Bush family reportedly have a million dollar donation plaque in the House of the Temple, Washington DC (--tour guide). cf. ‘My Pet Goat.’

The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, addressing the UN in famed 2006 Devil speech

NB Mythological names are used in the mythological sense, i.e. as a symbolic language interpreting and expressing the human condition and experience.



DEATH CULT MARKETING (Above left) Ad from the American Eastpak Corp; (Above right) - Eurovision song ‘Marry Me’ videoclip.

As you may have noticed, mass advertising is not just the textbook provision of info from buyer to seller but functions as well somehow as His Master’s Voice, as in Big Brother’s, getting out the programming message du jour -- here a nihilistic sneer at hetero-marriage. To be fair, we should add that the offensive Eastpak zombie ad campaign pictured is not limited to the one dead-end marriage couple above but features a whole array of (zombified) young people --the typical customers of this US backpack maker from student-crowded Boston--like this flesh-eater (below)... Eastpak Poster Boy

The Boston marathon bombing was not that long ago (April 15, 2013)... in which the ‘bombs’ were hidden in black backpacks, not very unlike the one pictured here [with cabling, captured in photos, resembling that of US Army M-18 Claymore anti- personnel mines]. They left quite a few human limbs strewn around the finish line. Ha Ha. Meanwhile US-sponsored war makes yet more gore everyday and the streets of the American charnel house routinely fill up with more carnage, now spilling over from TV screens in gruesome street-marketing scenes (see inset below). For the pro-murder ad factories (and Wall Street), violence and war are the new normal, something to become acculturated to*--instead of peace--and to laugh off. Coming from the bloody mouth of the world’s worst ever mass killer, the emblematic ad campaign is at best tactless and at worst yet another sobering depiction of why the US-led Western alliance is an enemy of humanity. Its Eastpak zombie poster boy would be an excellent candidate for a long overdue update of the Uncle Sam character -- an American Kali.■ More on US death culture here or here. DEATH CULT MARKETING


Sick Society


Boston Massacre (enhanced?) crime scene (left); Corporate-sponsored ‘zombie walk’ promo downtown (AMC-TV, right) Relive the trauma. Ha Ha.


Beatles baby butchers cover, 1966 (US)

Think I’m overstating the case for official Western depravity ? SUBLIMINAL ASSOCIATION BY JUXTAPOSITION Screen capture image of NBC’s news page; Note images in sidebar right in relation to main story about execution at left...

THATS ENTERTAINMENT... Top: Crowd cheers, applauds as man (on ground) burns to death during ‘Halloween Carnival’ festivities (straw costume set alight), Sunset Boulevard, W. Hollywood, CA USA, Oct. 31, 2013 (youtube video still) Bottom: Still image from “Schindler’s List” More on the NATO-wide zero-child policy eugenics push here

First published 14 July, 2014 DEATH CULT MARKETING


WEST LOWERS FASCIST PROFILE Why was a healthy pope-for-life replaced? One of the criticisms leveled against some of the writing of James Joyce was this: ‘Why bother railing against such a corrupt and discredited institution as the Roman Catholic Church?’ Because it’s there. In Anno Domini 2013, we saw an unprecedented (in the modern era) shuffling of popes, for health reasons, according to the healthy outgoing pope. After a time of quiet reflection, apparently, Benedict xvi later changed his story to say that his decision came after a divine revelation. It’s a mystery then. What is known is that the highly unusual switch of a pope-for-life fell in the term of a German, ex-Nazi pontiff (see below). Not that the latter trait is preclusive or out of character in any way. Instead it may well have been deemed too revealing of the character of not just the Roman Church but also of the other institutions of Western Empire, still in full bombastic, if made over, Fourth-Reich mode in 2013. Benedict then would have been a PR liability... The Dirty Pope Instead of ‘Nazi’ writ large, wafting smoke signaled to the world a fresh replacement, Francis I--a battle-hardened Church foot soldier from Argentina: not to paint with too broad a brush, but a land partly ‘colonized’ by Nazi fugitives post-WWII, in Amerika’s backyard. It was ‘Fascist Argentina’ in the 1970s, crime scene of Washington’s junta’s WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


‘Dirty Wars,’ where the anti-Liberation Theology Bishop Jorge Bergoglio, as he was then known, participated in the campaign of violent Reaction, as head of the Jesuits, having turned out two of his flock (Jesuit priests expelled for ‘Leftism’) to be picked up by the death squads and disappeared (for 5 months) along with six other parish ‘enemies-of-the-state’ (teachers and spouses), permanently ‘disappeared,’ among 30,000 others in total. ‘God bless amerika,’ as Pope Francis said himself on his Sept. 2015 visit to Washington, delivering a reassuring Homily in the Belly of the Beast to the very minions of the ‘inspirational’ Evil Empire in which he relativizes evil (‘simplistic reductionism’). Another Holocaust Pope, like Pius XII before him, Francis recently declared at World Youth Day in Poland, ‘Believe in a new humanity,’ even as the horror of a reproductive holocaust begins to unfold: to end natural fertility and, yes, create a ‘new humanity,’ in line with the ideals of Nazi negative eugenics, and on the basis of a poisonous massacre of Innocents on an industrial scale that Herod could only have dreamt of. Aug., 2016

*** The following commentary was compiled from the Web in March 2013 following the extraordinary resignation of the pope of Rome on 11 March 2013. Nazi Past “It is well-known that the retiring Pope Benoit 16, the German Cardinal Ratzinger, is a former Nazi. “The truth is, according to his own autobiography [Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977] that Ratzinger (along with his brother) was enrolled in the Hitler Youth in the early 1940s, and did not resist the Nazi draft, choosing to join Hitler's army in 1943 rather than claim status as a conscientious objector (as Jehovah's Witnesses did in Ratzinger's home town). Ratzinger never made any attempt to assist the Resistance to Fascism in Germany.” --expired link “The previous Pope, John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) has also been accused of being a Nazi collaborator, even before he entered the church. Ratzinger explicitly referred to the fact, saying at John Paul II's funeral mass, that Wojtyla "worked in a chemical factory during the war," as he recited a brief biography. Running to the Monastery Wojtyla (John Paul II) worked in Nazi-occupied Poland for I.G. Farben's Solvay Drugs. One of the factory's products was cyanide, or Zyklon B gas, which was sold to Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz. Wojtyla, who had also been an actor, is said to have entered the priesthood in November 1946 to escape possible arrest and prosecution as a war criminal. “ WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


Not the Man but The Institution: Church Silent During the Holocausts Hitler’s Pope “World War II-era pope Pius XII, aka ‘Hitler's Pope,’ failed to once condemn the historic crime of industrial genocide of Jews and others under Naziism. The best witness of the Pope's silence is a statement by Nazi Germany's ambassador to the Vatican, Baron von Weizsacker. Weizsacker stated that the pope (Pius XII) had not ‘allowed himself to be carried away into making any demonstrative statements against the deportation of the Jews… [and that] he has done all he could, in this delicate question as in other matters, not to prejudice relationships with the German government. Since further action on the Jewish problem is probably not to be expected here in Rome, it may be assumed that this question, so troublesome to German-Vatican relations, has been disposed of.’ ”--expired link

Catholic-Fascist Regime in Croatia “Following the Nazi invasion and dismemberment of Yugoslavia in April 1941, the Independent State of Croatia was established as a clerical-fascist state under the rule of the Croatian fascist party, the Ustashe. Some 700,000 Serbs, Jews, Romas and other anti-fascists were killed in the Jasenovac deathcamp complex, while many more were killed in smaller camps or in local massacres. While the Ustashe regime set about to racially exterminate all Serbs, Jews and Romas living within its borders, it also carried out a systematic policy of plundering the assets of these three nationalities. These looted assets, the property of millions of people, were never recovered. The bulk of it was smuggled out of Croatia at the end of the war to the Vatican, and from there to still other destinations.”--expired link “The Vatican responded to lawsuits seeking to reclaim looted assets by declaring itself immune to prosecution by virtue of its statehood. See the following article excerpt: ‘Vatican's Claim to Statehood used to Avoid Lawsuit’ : November 28, 2000, Reuters The Vatican's bank asked a U.S. court to throw out a lawsuit charging it with laundering gold and other assets stolen by a [Catholic] Nazi puppet regime, arguing that the Vatican has immunity because it is an independent state.'s%20new/Vatican%20Bank%20Lawsuit.htm **

Roman Church Supports Fascism to Defend its Immense Wealth “In fact, the Church has consistently supported fascist regimes throughout modern history, in Germany, Italy, Spain, in central and South America, in the USA and EU, just as it has always supported the forces of reaction, in order to protect and increase its vast riches. "The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest man in the world. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars." --expired link



“St Peter's Basilica is the Vatican's most famous building, adjoined by the papal palace with more than 1,000 rooms. “The historic edifice with fortress walls dating back to the 16th or 17th centuries gained independent status in 1929 after the conclusion of Lateran Pacts with Italy. On February 11, Pope Pius XI and Benito Mussolini created the Vatican in its current dimensions and secured additional sovereignty rights and properties. “The Vatican's total assets are a well-kept secret but one which is the topic of much speculation…They include [priceless] works of art and palaces and properties which for the most part cannot be sold. Large parts of the Vatican's assets are in securities and gold reserves.” expired link

“Worldly assets... • The Vatican Bank, Istituto per le Opere di Religione …["Institute for Religious Works"! does not reveal financial data and records are kept only for 10 years*.] Profits and dividends are paid directly to the Pope. It enjoys the status of a central bank and has a dealing room adorned with crucifixes and papal portraits where 20 traders work. • The 20,000 parishes in America [alone] had revenues of $7.5bn (£5.18bn) in 2000. • In the 1980s the Vatican Bank was forced to pay $241m for its part in the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano. Roberto Calvi, "the Pope's banker" who dealt with the failed bank, was found hanging from a rope beneath Blackfriars Bridge [London].”19 April 2002 --expired link See also The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan; God’s Bankers, Gerald Posner "The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France... with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, …etc. .. "In a statement published in connection with a bond prospectus, the Boston archdiocese listed its assets at $635 million ($635,891,004), which is 9.9 times its liabilities. This leaves a net worth of 571 million dollars ($571,704,953). It is not difficult to discover the truly astonishing wealth of the church, once we add the riches of the twenty-eight archdioceses and 122 dioceses of the U.S.A., some of which are even wealthier than that of Boston. "Some idea of the real estate and other forms of wealth controlled by the Catholic church may be gathered by the remark of a member of the New York Catholic Conference, namely 'that his church probably ranks second only to the United States Government in total annual purchase.' Another statement, made by a nationally syndicated Catholic priest, perhaps is even more telling. 'The Catholic church,' he said, 'must be the biggest corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T.&T., and U.S. Steel WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


combined. And our roster of dues-paying members must be second only to the tax rolls of the United States Government.' "The Catholic church, once all her assets have been put together, is the most formidable stockbroker in the world. The Vatican, independently of each successive pope, has been increasingly orientated towards the U.S. The Wall Street Journal said that the Vatican's financial deals in the U.S. alone were so big that very often it sold or bought gold in lots of a million or more dollars at one time. "The Vatican's treasure of solid gold has been estimated by the United Nations World Magazine to amount to several billion dollars. A large bulk of this is stored in gold ingots with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, while banks in England and Switzerland hold the rest. But this is just a small portion of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the U.S. alone, is greater than that of the five wealthiest giant corporations of the country. When to that is added all the real estate, property, stocks and shares abroad, then the staggering accumulation of the wealth of the Catholic church becomes so formidable as to defy assessment.” Vatican Bank Top 10 Money Laundering Destination “According to one global source, the Vatican is the main destination for over $55 billion in illegal Italian money laundering and the number eight destination worldwide for laundered money, ranked well ahead of such offshore havens as the Bahamas, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. “In a report by the London Telegraph and the Inside Fraud Bulletin, the Vatican was named as a top "cut out" country along with the offshore banking centers of Nauru, Macao, and Mauritius. A "cut out" country is one whose banking secrecy makes it all but impossible to trace laundered funds back to their source.” “The Vatican Bank is desperately resisting a legal action for an accounting of stolen World War II assets in a San Francisco Federal court (Alperin v. Vatican Bank) filed by Serb and Jewish Holocaust survivors. Contrary to the above reports, a declaration filed under penalty of perjury by the Vatican Bank's attorney, Franzo Grande Stevens, states in part that the Vatican Bank's "fundamental purpose is to promote pious acts" and that its depositors "are essentially limited to Vatican state employees, members of the Holy See, religious orders, and persons who deposit money destined, at least in part, for works of piety." Stevens also declared to the court that the Pope controls the Vatican Bank and that bank records are not retained after ten years.” --expired link ***End Web compilation Commentary

Church as Model for Business Marketing After Christianity was adopted as the state religion* of the Roman Empire (and accordingly remade to suit the purposes of empire), progenitor of modern Western Imperialism, the Church became kingmaker of the thousand-year-long Holy Roman Empire, aka The First Reich, or The Dark Ages--up until the Muslim-inspired, humanist Renaissance: It was Muslim scholars in Spain that had translated and renewed the Greek classics after the Church's purges (notably at WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


the library of Alexandria) or co-optation of pagan precedents, making possible the rediscovery of classical humanism, the Italian Renaissance in 15th c. Italy, and consequently, the Enlightenment, and then, the American and French revolutions. Today the Roman Catholic Church is still a force for feudalism and mystification, in the business of empire and the subjugation that goes along with it, winning the hearts and minds of colonized peoples and holding on to and increasing its Croesus-like wealth. The religious overtones might now be thought of as artifacts of ancient marketing. You can see the imitation among the ruling elite today, where the richest beneficiaries of the war economy refer to themselves as "philanthropists," and US pols speak insouciantly of "human dignity" and a "culture of life," etc.―even as they operate the Death Machine for the empire's greater profit. The famous Coppola Godfather film's blood bath-baptism sequence may be read as a rap not only against the Mafia's hypocrisy... Current corporate marketing similarly follows the Church's example, taking on a positively religious (cultish) air with slogans like "We care" and "Believe!" A few years ago, at the height? of the American Christian Fascism, salesmen (or 'business developers') would tell you that they're in "Evangelism," i.e. fostering mental slavery for economic gain. For its part, and for all its "Big Lie" hypocrisy, the Church's marketing is quite direct about one thing, which is its metaphor for the faithful : a flock of sheep. The church’s very down-to-earth materialism, its overriding concern for its purse above all, would also explain rather well why it is that rather than pay the cost of supporting the families of the (condom-less) men in the priesthood, it prefers to tolerate and conceal the chronic abuse of its vulnerable youth at their hands, at much lower and occasional settlement costs--a devil’s bargain! The Soulful Corporation

Taking a cue from Rome...The New Corporate Caring (via Bilderberg)

(Above) Conspicuous compassion on a corporate services web portal WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


(Below left) Excerpt from Roman Catholic creed; (Below right) Bank slogan : “The power of believing;” (Yes but whose power and whose believing?).

Speaking of flocks, the liturgy of the Catholic mass is conceived as a sacrifice ritual, where the offering of a human 'lamb' to 'redeem mankind' is reenacted, and actual blood and flesh consumed (according to the Church doctrine of ‘transubstantiation’) ....surely a symbol of the murderous outcomes of the fascist politics to which the Imperial Roman Church has always given its blessings. Have no mercy on them. Still, as any corporate PR hack could tell you, to be too obvious is no virtue. And having a bona fide former Nazi at the head of a high profile Western institution--like Kurt Waldheim as Secretary General of the UN, who was also forced out, in 1981--is poor PR, especially at a time when the West is trying to mainstream a more subtle sort of fascist New Order (that it re-announced in 1991 and violently relaunched in 2001), it doesn't do to leave in place a tell tale connection to the Third Reich predecessor of the equally repugnant NATO Fourth Reich (just ask a Serb, Iraqi, Afghani, Haitian, Libyan, Somalian, Syrian, Venezuelan, etc.), which only helps reveal the evil nature of its already unfolding project for a new Dark Age future of dogma and heresy, torture and inquisition, crusades and lawless feudalism. ♦ Saturn Devouring One of his Children--Goya

NOTE * ‘founded’... By the 1st Christian emperor, Constantine (also notable for having murdered his wife and son). --Neil Down First published March, 2013; Revised WEST LOWERS NAZI PROFILE


Still image from “The Last Battle”, 1941

HOLLYWOOD HATE ‘Muslim Zombies’ in a Shooting Gallery A look at ‘Day of the Dead’

Hollywood is an old hand at cheering-on genocide. The classic American Western cowboy and Indian flicks are a well-known example, famously noted and lamented by none other than Tinseltown’s once greatest practitioner himself, Marlon Brando, in his 1972 rejection of its highest honor. What is less well-known is that they’re still at it. 1 But with stricter legal rules, 2 it is no longer permissible to blatantly advocate genocide, which would hopefully seem controversial, at the least, with today’s more savvy? viewers. The newsreel image of yesteryear’s foot-stomping, young Saturday matinee cinema-goers has long since flickered out, but still not the crack and whistle of gunshots in American cinemas [gunfire which today may well be real, as Life imitates Art, following Hollywood’s--or Washington’s--bad example?]. In any case, as movie theaters darken for good, and even TV loses share to interactive entertainment on the internet or in video games, the same age group audience now is more likely to do the killing themselves, in ‘zombie-shooter’ video games for example. Which is exactly the setting of an updated version of Hollywood’s genocide cheerleading -- no longer overt, but presently accomplished at the level of subliminal messaging, as we examine below. In a technique of behaviorist psychology known as persuasion by association, associating something with an image or word of positive value lends that value to the thing. Thus we have marketing that sells a car by placing an attractive female model next to it. This simple technique of value transfer applies equally to negative values and is still effective, supposedly, even when HOLLYWOOD HATE


employed below the level of awareness -- which is why the covert manipulation is banned in some countries. Examples of Persuasion by Association

Frame from US presidential debate (1), Oct. 2012, with the American president fronting (shreds of) text from the US Constitution: “Life, Liberty, rights” (highlighted for emphasis)...

Warmongering tyrant -->Progressive

And here a less obscene example of the technique, taken from commercial advertising, a vintage Newport ad:

Cigarette smoking-->Relief

Hollywood independent studio Millennium Films’ “Day of the Dead” (2008) is a sophisticated (for its use of subliminal marketing technique) and nasty piece of propaganda where the seeming fact of familiar news footage from Muslim war zones is interspersed with the grotesque fantasy of a rampant zombie disease. In the amalgamation, which draws subliminal parallels, Washington’s genocidal wars are banalized down to the level of a first-person-shooter game-the same sort of thing one does everyday--but with the postmodern twist that the audience is not even aware of its manipulation. The parallels, shown in the montage below, associate Islam, Muslims or Resistance in general, with disease -- even as real blood still flows fresh in the streets of Muslim Iraq and Afghanistan [there is a long thread of this sort of genocidal language running through American popular culture, that speaks of opposition or opposition groups as a cancer to be eradicated. 3] The inferHOLLYWOOD HATE


ence would be that Muslims are shooting-target ‘zombies‘. But in fact the film goes further. Whereas race was formerly the qualifying characteristic for genocidal targeting (“The only good Injun is a dead Injun” ), in the new war propaganda pics, the fact of being in opposition by itself (or just being targeted even) is now enough to qualify you as designated road kill.

Wounded Muslim Resister (from ‘war zone news clip‘, above left); First ‘zombie’ case (above right; see also below)

The following frames from the film, taken more or less in chronological order, show that the very fleeting news clips are actually an important subtext to the main narrative, which they foreshadow, localize and contextualize in terms of a hot war on the ‘disease’ of opposition or resistance.

Persuasion by Subliminal Association

Montage--Dueling narratives The News Narrative

(Above left) Film opening: Muslim war zone news clips (in NATO-member Turkey!); (Above right) Muslims at prayer in Mosque

(Above left) First bloodied (wounded) Muslim; (above right, first ‘zombie look’)



(Above left) Unruly crowd; (above right) Muslim man shot in street

(Above left) Embassy? guard attacked by Muslim civilians; American ‘defenders’ (above right)

(Above left) disease slide; (above right) bullet hole (unrest or resistance)


(Above left) Zombie disease alert; (above right) 1st real (diseased) zombie (in hospital)

THE TWO IN PARALLEL Below left: war news; Below right: zombie disease

(above & below) ‘News clips: plowed down Muslims (left); Zombie plow (right) HOLLYWOOD HATE


Equal opportunity: end of film--After a long day’s killing, proud killers draped in flags ‘Human manure’ in wheelbarrow: the opposition’can look like you, too (below).

Unprosecuted hate speech means state-sanctioned hate speech THE KICKER Obama/Napolitano’s depraved Feds: Portraying the American public as shootingtarget zombies in a DHS domestic anti-terror exercise, San Diego, Oct. 31, 2012.



GONE LIVE Boston Massacre, with psy-op spin Martial Law in Watertown, Massachusetts April 19, 2013

METASTASIZING... Disaster victims as zombies

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) publicity

NB: before they were exterminated en masse, European Jewish victims of Naziism were first evacuees/deportees.

POSTSCRIPT Advocating genocide US The Proxmire Act is contained in Chapter 50A of the US law code, Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure), Part I (Crimes). Section 1091 deals specifically with Genocide. The law implements the United Nations' Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (UNCG) in the U.S. It states in part: â&#x20AC;˘(a) Basic Offense. - Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war, in a circumstance described in subsection (d) and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such 1.kills members of that group; 2.causes serious bodily injury to members of that group; 3.causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members of the group through drugs, torture, or similar techniques; 4.subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part; 5.imposes measures intended to prevent births within the group; or 6.transfers by force children of the group to another group; or attempts to do so, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b)... HOLLYWOOD HATE 262

(c) Incitement offense. - Whoever... directly and publicly incites another to violate subsection (a) shall be fined not more than $500,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

N.B. No charges have ever been brought based on this law. ◊

NOTES 1 ‘still at it’-- as is Washington, still killing Indians, in South America. See The Depopulation Agenda). 2 Complicity in or incitation to genocide is a crime against humanity... 3 US 2013: “Progressiveness is a cancer on both political parties”-- Glenn Beck, echoing John Dean, and pining for the days of medieval dungeons, which in fact the US has already restored with its human zoo at Guantanamo. The 20th c. version of eugenics movement in US regularly compared immigration to ‘genetic infection’: Just as we isolate bacterial invasions and starve out the bacteria by limiting the area and amount of their food-supply, so we can compel an inferior race [ cf. “Not all cultures (code: races) are equal.”-Michelle Bachmann, US Rep., 2012] to remain in its native habitat... [which will] as with all organisms, eventually limit ... its influence." --Lothrop Stoddard of the American Eugenics Research Association, in US 1920 best-seller The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy.

First published Fall 2013



Whose Terrorists?

(above) ‘Kill those Muslims!’ (The New Jews)

ISLAM’S ISIS? Petro-Paramilitaries Whether or not an execution actually did take place in the propaganda video, it’s clear that terrorist Muslim paramilitaries commit atrocities, made for TV or otherwise: The devastation of Syria speaks for itself. But the point here is 1) at whose behest? and 2) the hand of the puppet masters is evident in the production of this ISIS video...

‘Isis’ Execution video - Observations

Many problems with this video. Lets start at the beginning of the tape, with Obama. Personally, I am incapable of listening to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning state terrorist for longer than it takes me to find the mute button. Yet we are to believe that a rabid ‘jihadist’ group gives over nearly half the whole length (3 mins) of its big mass communication moment to the sonorous prevarications of the American anti-christ. Only someone who respects the speaker and gives credence to his prepared remarks would devote such a long portion of its self-produced video to the glossy and meaningless phrasings of the “US president” the US/NATO security state itself for example. By the way, in the long Obama speech clip, interestingly there is no US flag on display as is the custom. Instead, Obama speaks next to an all-black, war-hawk raptor-emblazoned flag, which ISLAM’S ISIS?


must be the banner of the post- 2001 coup, neo-fascist police state that he represents. The stars and stripes, like the American constitutional republic, fell on 9-11.

New flag

On to the studio-like execution scene... First, why is it censored at the source? Tellingly, Bowdlerization (sanitization) is an American thing. Next, victim appears to be reading from cue cards, even stumbling on one line (at word “read”). This fact alone would not necessarily undermine the video’s authenticity because hypothetically he could have been made to read a statement under duress. But despite what should be an obviously emotionally charged situation, both the victim and his executioner are incongruously devoid of emotion. The victim manages a frown at one point but other than that, just seems put out or peeved rather than in mortal fear for his life. His underlying confidence suggests that he has been given some kind of assurance, perhaps shown the rubber blade of the too small prop knife. This last would also explain the otherwise impossible bloodless application of the weapon for a good 20 frames or so near the end of the clip. Finally, according to the UK tabloids, the Londoner in the black bespoke kaftan (which remains unsoiled) is known to his Muslim counterparts as ‘the Beatle, John.’ 1 I’m sorry but does that sound to you like the correct cultural context--or time frame--for a group of battle-hardened and fanatical young jihadists? Or more like a reflection of the vantage point of old timer ‘military intelligence’ types who manufacture this war propaganda theater of the macabre for their corporate masters? Whether or not an execution actually did eventually take place, it’s clear that terrorist Muslim paramilitaries commit atrocities, made for TV or otherwise: The devastation of Syria speaks for ISLAM’S ISIS?


itself. But the point here is 1) at whose behest? and 2) the hand of the puppet masters is evident in the production of this ISIS well as in numerous other incongruities (see below). After 13 years of the American ‘War on Terror,’ the worn out ‘al Qaeda’ brand, with its dead bogeymen, inevitably needed an update...

al Qaeda Rebranding More important however than all the ill-fitting details, is the big’s long been established that the “jihadists” are the empire’s cat’s paw--mercenary proxies--giving PR cover for endless wars of aggression in oil-rich or otherwise strategic Muslim lands, in the name of fighting an equally endless list of groups with bamboozling, exotic names--from al Qaeda (‘the database,’ 2 as Robin Cook pointed out before his fatal, highlands hiking accident) to Boko Harum (Procol Harem?) to ISIS (fanatical Allah worshippers naming themselves after a pagan goddess--I don’t think so) to the Qaa Qaa brigade (Libyan militia)--in a cynical and murderous game of whack-a-mole, where turbaned puppet-fighters pop up wherever you want to attack next... This has gone on now since at least 1999, when the mujahedin-led KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) helped to break up Socialist Serbia (strong anti-fascists) for the EU -- leading edge of the empire’s Eurasian expansion 3 -- and ultimately, since CIA-head William Casey’s initial mujahedin ‘jihadists’ in Afghanistan in 1979 (or even back to Lawrence of Arabia). The star and crescent false flag is used to serve imperial interests by simultaneously providing a casus belli and demonizing Muslims, to later neatly lay blame on the war victims themselves, as Muslims. The game may be getting old, so the one who cries “wolf” has changed his tune, rebranding “al Qaeda,” now with a new moniker of menace, in a Pentagonese acronym no less, ‘ISIS.’ After 13 years of the American ‘War on Terror’ the worn out al Qaeda brand, with its dead bogeymen, inevitably needed a refresh. And still after so many years of this, even Russian and Chinese media will go along singing from the NATO hymn book, picking up the Western media’s US government-sourced story lines on “Islamists,” as if Chechnya and Xinjiang had no relation to Western imperial interests in instability/war on its rivals. The proxy ‘cat’s paw’ attacks and/or NATO follow-up have left a trail of smoldering destruction or ‘failed states’ in their wake also in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Sudan and Somalia... ISLAM’S ISIS?


The original 9/11 attack--the called for “New Pearl Harbor” needed to catalyze the wars necessary to ensure a new century of American hegemony (see PNAC; Brzezinski’s ‘Chessboard’) is the prime example of how the star and crescent false flag is used to serve imperial interests by simultaneously providing a casus belli, demonizing Muslims, and neatly laying blame on the war victims themselves, as Muslims. The Foley video caption online: “Muslim butchers.” Cui Bono? In criminology, an established pattern or M.O. (modus operandi) such as this constitutes evidence in itself, pointing to the real perpetrator, along with the answer to the question ‘who benefits?’ In Syria it was the empire (NATO) and its allies supporting these same petro-paramilitaries who, losing the regime-change battle there, sought refuge in neighboring, US-controlled Iraq. There, they should benefit NATO and Israel alike in their drive for still more war, on Syria and Iran, and by facilitating other adjustments in the aftermath of NATO’s Iraqi genocide, notably a more Balkanized Iraq with a more autonomous Kurdish region, if not a full-fledged state. Never mind the glaring contradictions--that today’s barbarous enemy was yesterday’s freedom fighter ally (i.e. in Afghanistan), or that the white knight riding to the rescue in Iraq is in fact himself covered in its people’s blood, having committed genocide there--which give the lie to this otherwise neatly-tied bow of cloak and dagger war propaganda: Taping atrocities for the six o’clock news ‘two minutes hate’ session.



NOTES 1 Talk about beating a dead horse--they can’t seem to kill him enough, here by association, a singer who dared call for peace. 2 database: ...of mujahedin names on the payroll 3 The present detachment of Kurdistan from Iraq must be seen in the light of history (to expose the M.O.) with the previous use of KLA ‘jihadists’ to separate Kosovo, the birthplace of the Serbian nation, from the mother country--a revealing precedent; Chechen separatism another; and the separation of Ukraine, the historical origin of Russian nationhood, from the mother country is another parallel -- the neo-Nazi group of Maidan Right Sector coup paramilitaries included leaders associated with the ‘jihadists’ in Chechnya: Oleksandr Muzychkoeg).

Funeral for a four year-old Gazan (Saher Abu Namous), July 13, 2014

An impartial examination of the conditions of international conduct today allows no other conclusion but that the standards of behavior which were held by nazism and fascism have become general and accepted. --Bertrand Russell

First published Fall 2014




THE NEW JEWS (Above left) The ‘New Jews’ --Europe 2016: German police smash up Mosque, Hildesheim, 27 July (yellow star & crescent, text added for emphasis); (above right) Shame! Nice, France Aug. 2016 Fear... is the herald of all revolutions. One thing he always teaches, that there is rottenness where he appears. He is a carrion crow, and though you see not well what he hovers for, there is death somewhere. ...That obscene bird is not there for nothing. He indicates great wrongs which must be revised. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Demonizing Targets for Genocide That we are living in ugly, thuggish and violent times in the Fascist West has now become obvious--a low-ebb cycle of private capitalism, like economic recession, but even more savage. The political regression is symptomatic of capitalism in crisis, with the heightened repressiveness giving the full measure of the attack on public wellbeing. In the reversion to naked Fascism, with the war drums beating or the heat of the class war scorching, it’s time to push an ethnic scapegoat out before the crowd, dividing them and deflecting backlash--the oligarchy’s rite of self-preservation, compelled under a fundamentally inhumane economic system. The scapegoat is to sacrifice in the place of the rulers themselves, keeping the masses in theirs and the rulers politically safe. Thankfully, hate speech was made illegal in many countries, which banned 1 explicitly inciting violence against groups, as happened in Nazi Germany, where thousands of Storm Troopers marched in the streets chanting “Kill the J**s!”. Or as in 1994 during the Rwandan genocide, when RTLM hate radio broadcasts sent out on air the heinous message “Kill the [Tutsi] cockro**hes!” 2



But the law has offered no remedy, so much road kill overrun by today’s Reactionary bandwagon hurtling downhill (‘He that holds his kingdom holds the law’). Thus in the beleaguered EU-member France in July 2016, dragged bleeding into the NWO: “Kill Islamism!” (in place of ‘Resist Fascism’)--French FN Junior leader Marion Le Pen, as a crusading Joan of Arc.

France Gets the Iraq Treatment

As it fulfills its function as war propaganda, incitement, fostering fear, social cleavage and divisive hate crime, the hate mongering remains unsanctioned* by the state. As unprosecuted hate speech, it may be taken as official, state-sanctioned hate speech, to demonize and dehumanize today’s scapegoat, the oil-land dwellers.

* Le Pen’s grandfather, the FN Party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, has been convicted in France of racist hate speech but in the context of anti-Semitism, as has the comedian Dieudonné, exposing a double standard, seen also in the uk’s Labour Party anti-Semitism row.

Low-water marks not plumbed since the dark days of the Third-Reich are now much in evidence, most notably in the US as in France. In the presidential campaign of the US Republican Party--the oligarchy’s ‘Bad Cop’--an openly neo-Nazi nominee, the candidate Trump, would go so far as to make Muslims official second-class citizens; has promised Nazi-style raids on the homes of families in the US to roundup and ‘deport’ (ostensibly ‘illegal’ Mexicans; other Party members have called for the start of systematic deportation of some Muslims; it is significant that the Republicans’ hateful scapegoating targets more than one group: the particulars of ethnic or religious identity are ultimately less crucial than the fact of establishing the principle and logistics to suppress populations--any selected--the first victims at Dachau were not Jews but dissidents.) Trump has even hinted at exterminations : We will take an ‘extreme’ approach (to vetting Muslims, and) we need a national database (register) of Muslims (see also article).



As in Nazi Germany, insults, threats, humiliation and corporate-state propaganda (now mainly delivered by corporate media and ads instead of a propaganda ministry) mark out intended victim(s), like red paint, for victimization and slaughter, with Muslims now being shot down (see Hate Crime Murders below), chased by police off French beaches and barred from restaurants. The target changes over time, but the modus operandi remains the same...

Capitalist Cultural Sludge

Muslim face paraded on cover as public menace with symbolic message “No Muslims” (above left); Nazi propaganda poster against Jewish “agitators” (above right)

Different times, same reactionary playbook



“International Jewish Conspiracy” (Protocols of the Elders of Zion 3 hoax)

“International Muslim Conspiracy” (al-Qaeda hoax; ISIS proxy-army terror)

Goal: Eliminate Communists, Divide the people

Goal: Grab foreign oil, transit lands; Eliminate culture of solidarity & tolerance Divide the people



The Two Minutes Hate neo-Nazi, State anti-Islam(ism) in NATO nations

Still image from film of Orwell’s 1984 (above left); Wanted! Muslim Mug Shot (--US ‘Drudge Report’ aggregator, above right, which by racist convention refers to male Muslims collectively as ‘Mohammed’)

‘Muslim threat’: Reuters (Rothschild’s) pic in uk press (above left); ‘The War on Christians’: Turbaned Muslim as mushroom cloud (The Spectator, uk 2016, above center); (above right) clockwise from left: Canada, Denmark, France Spring 2012 Ugly America Orwellian: War makers as war victims

Book burning “Burn the Koran!”

CNN: ‘White, ok. Muslim! Black, ok.’

Canada: Caricatured Muslim



Dehumanizing Victims of Genocide

Kill the Natives The Power Elite don’t acknowledge their crimes of genocide. Instead, they dehumanize the victims:

Indians (‘Blackface’-style), Braves (with Stone Age tool), Washington ‘Redskins’, Blackhawks (wall clock); (Right) Amerindian smallpox victim c.f. Bush II regime plan to begin inoculating Americans with smallpox, an eradicated disease, in 2002

Cutthroats Mil. Gov. Jeffrey Amherst: You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race. (7 July 1763)

Numbers [of Natives in US] fell by 92 percent, 1848-1880 -- ‘History and Sociology of Genocide,’ Frank R. Chalk

“Purity, well-protected” (Read: of water/of race) ‘Eska’ mineral water ad tagline, Montreal, Canada, newspaper, TV, street ads (Summer 2011, left). (Right) Tonto (‘stupid’ in Spanish) See also: ‘Hidden from History,’ K. Annett, 2010 on TB biowar in Canada’s Church-run residential schools See also herein Hollywood Hate

Irish in uk press, Independent, Feb. 2016 (right)



State anti-Islam(ism) HARPER’S CANADA

Double Standard--Toronto Star at time of National Elections 2015 (red text added): (Above left) ‘Barbarian’ in burlap wrap model--the Muslim Untermenschen; Who are the second class citizens?

Islam Illegitimate? Obama-- end of ‘terror war’ “...offers an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism...(sic)” How many Muslims in US administrations 2000-2016? Zero. They are an officially stigmatized minority (official scapegoat). Israel-- n.b. We have omitted examples from Israel only because it is already widely understood to be an anti-Islamic racist apartheid state. [See: ‘’] Fever from Whispers in the Ear

Hate crime--a symptom of fascist political temperature in government, media...

(Above) Hate crimes: on mixed race couple, Canada (top left); places of worship, US, Dec. 2011 (top right); Canada, Jan. 2012 (bottom left); German police smash up mosque, Hildesheim 2016 OFFICIAL HATE SPEECH


Hate Crime Murders -- USA

(Above L-R) Public execution: Imam Maulama Aknojee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 64 fatally shot in Queens NYC on 14 Aug. 2016 amid candidate Trump’s Hate Campaign No Refuge: Shaima al Awadi, Iraqi war refugee beaten to death in her home in California, March 2012; State lynchings under Obama : Trayvon Martin 17 y.o. shooting victim of Florida hate crime--now official policy with unprosecuted police murders of unarmed African-Americans in neo-Nazi USA

The ‘Old Faith’ in Merkel’s EU We must reserve the right to bomb n*ggers” --uk PM Lloyd George, 1934; see also here; Racist Nivea ad, 2011 (below center)




(Above L-R) Dalian Atkinson, former pro-footballer tasered (six times) and kicked to death, unarmed, by uk police (Aug. 2016); ‘THE DIZZY BRAINS,’ Radio France Intl ad (center); BLACK KILLER of Essonne poster boy, featured daily on the front page of ‘Le Parisien,’ Paris, France (Spring 2015, right)



N. America

MBA students (HEC Montreal) in blackface at sporting event 14/09/2011

Broadcasting racial epithets on corporate news (CNN April 2012)

Ralph Lauren Master/Slave ads Dressed for success/ Dressed for hard labor

Wag the Dog A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mosque/Market...

Eiffel Tower evacuation/ Stigmatization: Ban on the veil

Magnetic car bomb: “Suicide bomber” set-up exposed

Muslim Genocide US/UK war and sanctions on Iraq and NATO war on Afghanistan have killed an estimated six million Muslims since 1991 [--Polya Body Count ].

US Fascist Party (CFR) Organ: Let Us Get On with the Slaughter

Open Ridicule of Notion of Human Dignity

Fourth Reich: The Masses as Cattle

Foreign Affairs magazine is the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the US (Rockefeller) branch of the Rothschild RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs). In its April 2012 edition, it features a cartoon of a ‘mob’ of OFFICIAL HATE SPEECH


animals with pitchforks protesting at a slaughterhouse. The text, which refers to “nonhuman animals”--as opposed to human animals--sneeringly considers extending the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to include animals, deliberately blurring the distinction between ‘Man and beast.’ Subtext: “humans are animals. Animals protesting their slaughter is patently ridiculous (as in cartoon). Protesting human slaughter is ridiculous. Inference: Notion of human rights is absurd. Next article: “NATO Triumph in Libya” (Foreign oil seized; Popular leader savagely tortured, murdered; racist ethnic cleansing, 75,000 casualties). Unrepentant: What kind of slaughterhouse has smokestacks? (see Foreign Affairs cartoon above, top right corner)

Fascism--Man as animal US Army soldier with Iraqi prisoner at Donald Rumsfeld’s Abu Ghraib (right)

Murdoch’s Times of London: “They are animals” (of starving Haitians, left) Bio-war

‘Eradication’ of Aristide Nationalists in UN-occupied Haiti ?

© Dady Chery (above left, right)

Cité Soleil UN massacre OFFICIAL HATE SPEECH


Cholera introduced by UN MINUSTAH troops flown in unscreened from Nepalese outbreak zone. River contaminated by Nepalese troops’ camp latrine, creating epidemic. (Update: UN admits responsibility in deaths of 10,000 Haitians, Aug. 19, 2016) Precedent: South Africa Apartheid-era ‘Project Coast’, 1980 - bio-war (cholera) attack on Black population; search for ethnic weapon (HIV). Genocide of Africans

Black Death Majority (67%) of AIDS fatalities among over 25 million victims worldwide are in central and western Africa, site of WHO mass vaccinations in early-to-mid 1970s. Other vaccines (Hepatitis B vaccine trials NYC) believed to be at origin of pandemic among gay males, the next largest group of victims. See also here; ‘Emerging Viruses,’ Leonard Horowitz: “The most plausible way the outbreak happened was through the Hepatitis B vaccines that were administered simultaneously in New York City and central Africa between 1970 and 1974, and they were produced by Merck.”--Dr Leonard Horowitz. Search : ‘SVCP’; “Memorandum 200”+ “Kissinger”

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Nov. 2010. © AFP/Getty

New Orleans, Louisiana, Sept. 2005 © Reuters

Zimbabwean AIDS victim © Howard Burditt (Reuters)

Destroying another Socialist constituency? UN/US move in after Haiti Quake, blocking formation of Socialist chain in Caribbean



Hurricane George

Ethnic cleansing in USA: New Orleans African American pop. falls from 67% of total to 28% (UK Guardian) between 2005 and 2006.

Image tinted

Township? New Orleans, La. Sept.1, 2005 photo © Michael Appleton NY Daily News

Perfect Storm: Large concentration of urban poor in legacy Great Society-era, subsidized and crime-ridden public housing, occupying great swaths of valuable prime real estate, longcoveted by property developers + Fascist regime =Operation Mass Eviction? Confirmed=> Post-Katrina: over 200 high-quality public housing apartment buildings bulldozed by Federal housing agency (headed by a developer). Federal land grants, tax credits for developers. Sound of explosions heard by residents near levees at time of breach dismissed at hearings as ‘crashing waves.’ Hurricane: winds not strong enough to topple over lawn sculpture--resident witness. Slower-kill?-- 50,000 families placed in carcinogenic, toxic fume-filled FEMA trailers (formaldehyde) by DHS head Michael Chertoff. See also How the Nazis Won the War

Eugenics was never vanquished. It just got cover stories. OFFICIAL HATE SPEECH


See also War Against the Weak ( E. Black) on American roots of Nazi negative eugenics. Update: Ailes Out at Fox Media Empire; (Below right) Cuckoo’s Nest--American national politics goes ‘Morton Downey Jr. Show’

NOTES 1 Hate Propaganda- Advocating genocide is a legal offence Everyone who advocates or promotes genocide is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for five years. "Genocide" In this section, "genocide" means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group, namely: a) killing members of the group, or b) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction ... In this section "identifiable group" means any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion or ethnic origin. ** Extracted from DOJ, Govt of Canada, Office of Consolidation of the Criminal Code, RSC 1970, C-34. C-35 (Ottawa: Information Canada 1972)....Excerpt from Canadian criminal code (The History and Sociology of Genocide, Chalk, Jonassohn) *** 2 Radio Television Libre des Milles Collines (RTLM) 3 Based on fraudulent document purporting Zionist conspiracy to subvert Christian civilization, set up states under Zionist rule, or commit acts of sabotage against European capitals--‘Britannica’ 2005, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Compare recent claims of : Muslim jihad against Western civilization; aim to install Sharia law internationally; acts of terror (sabotage) against Western capitals...

◊ First published Spring 2012; Revised. OFFICIAL HATE SPEECH


Whither amerika?

NEO-NAZI NATION (above: Bronx cheer--US Pres. George W. Bush salutes crowd chanting ‘U-S-A’ in Yankee Stadium visit in wake of 9-11 attacks. New York City, Oct. 2001) Why is it that it is the most advanced societies--the US in 2001 and Germany in 1933--that seem to fall back on the barbarity of Fascism (capitalism in full nudity) ? It is because it takes extreme violence to beat back the avant-garde of progress towards Socialism, as the people in the advanced societies, using the very platform of their advancement, begin to demand an end to their exploitation. To put it simply, when the cat gets too close to the creamer, all hell breaks loose. The Missing German Revolution Since the French revolution, the path of human progress has repeatedly led to climactic attempts at reforming political organization to work towards satisfying human needs, not creating more human want through ever increasing concentrations of wealth; to recognize human dignity by refusing the degradation of human status to that of animal, with both equally subject to Nature’s ‘law of the jungle’ (survival of the fittest) in the social Darwinist order of Capitalist society; to establish collective forms of economic development in place of the old order, in which an elite minority profits from the oppression of the majority. Such high water marks in the 20th century would include the 1917 Russian revolution, the 1949 Chinese revolution (which may prove to be determinant), and the Cuban revolution of 1959, with its influence felt from Venezuela to Bolivia. Between the first two of these historical milestones (1917, 1949) is a missing Socialist revolution in Germany (1933?), crushed in its infancy under the jackboot of Naziism--a hellish measure of the old order’s force of reaction against strivings for emancipation. These climaxes or crystallizations of ‘impudent’ aspiration (c.f. ‘Audacity of Hope’= how dare you hope) engender violent reaction by the old guard--a yank on the emergency break producNEO-NAZI NATION


ing a violent halt of the sociopolitical train’s progress towards its Socialist destination, and much collateral damage. To put it another way, to prolong the time of the status quo, the guardians of the old order keep turning back the clock, a necessarily violent operation involving the ‘culling’ (in their reactionary view) of the constituency of real political progress. Such was the case in Germany, Europe’s biggest ‘domino’ about to follow neighbor Russia into Communism, until private US finance and corporations helped mount the Nazi reaction to ‘protect property’, US investments, and Capitalism in Europe by targeting the ‘Bolshevist Jew’ ‘agitators.’ ‘deutschland SO ODER SO?’ H. R. Knickerbocker, @ Berlin, Rowohlt, 1932 ‘Originally published in English as “Germany--Fascist or Soviet?” described [Germany] being on the precipice of a collapse into Nazism or Communism. From the Preface (translated): “Five thousand Bolsheviks made the Russian Revolution. In Germany, there are an estimated 6 million voters for the Communist Party. ... America alone is involved with 38 percent of the total direct foreign investment in Germany and consequently has a greater interest in the preservation of private capitalism in the Republic than any other country in the world with the exception of Germany itself.’--From the bookseller’s website

See also John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret. Jacques Pauwels, The Myth of the Good War : “94 percent of Nazi Germany’s imports of motor oil in Sept. 1941 came from a US company.” Charles Higham, Trading with the Enemy. Daniel Guerin, Fascism and Big Business : “The wealthy fear revolution and finance bands of gangsters to teach the workers good manners.” Bertram Gross, Friendly Fascism.

The 1960’s political awakening in the West that was only a stirring by comparison was violently put down in the US with multiple assassinations and chemical weapons (LSD 1) but was reverberating there like an aftershock in the late 1990s as a nascent anti-corporate movement, evident in the Battle of Seattle WTO protests (1999), the birth of the anti-Davos World Social Forum (Jan. 2001), and finally in Genoa’s G8 protest (July 2001). This pro-democracy movement was even more lucid than the 1960s anti-war protests because it was focusing directly on the “corporate tyranny” behind the wars.

The Conspiracy

'Every class which successively has seized power has sought to safeguard its position of mastery by imposing on society conditions calculated to ensure it its own revenue.' 2 NEO-NAZI NATION


9/11 As on a chessboard, no moves in the Great Game have a single purpose or effect (and may be planned in advance), and violent repression would be only the domestic component of a regression from postwar financial imperialism to the genuine article, launched in the style of the Nazi's Reichstag fire―a treacherous attack, as casus belli. Repression at home. Adventure abroad The hammer came down first on the American public itself in a level of violence not used domestically since Civil War days (by Republicans). It was a slow-motion coup d'etat that would put the reactionary New Order program in place, within a year of Seattle. It began with the 2000 election theft, and culminated spectacularly― like a 1970’s Hollywood disaster film 3 ―on 9/11, with a purge at the Pentagon (‘under renovation’), followed by a ‘warning shot’ bioweapons (anthrax) attack on the opposition in Congress and in the media, and effective suspension of the US Constitution and rule of law. The ‘bloody shirt’ would be continually waved as the crusading Republicans’ war banner and the Muslims, unfortunate inhabitants of the targeted strategic lands, would be ‘the new Jews,’ from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria... and beyond? As Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his enlightening and sadly prophetic book of 1998, The Grand Chessboard, it would take “a new Pearl Harbor” to launch abroad the ‘strategically imperative’ series of wars ‘necessary’ to further project American power onto the giant Eurasian continent (and seize oil treasure), before the window of opportunity for a “New American Century” should close there, with Russian recovery and the rise of China. Hoarse from Crying ‘Wolf’ The on-again off-again ‘war on terror’ theme may now have been played out, tarnished after the Americans’ “whack a mole” game went on too long, in too many target countries, where the mercenary ‘terrorists’ would ‘fortuitously’ pop up, straining credulity, until finally coming full circle as a NATO proxy force in Libya, just like old times in Carter-era Afghanistan, where the relationship had started back in 1979. The fraudulent wars point back to the original fraud of 9/ 11 itself--a crime that will have to await an American Truth and Reconciliation Commission à la South Africa for legal justice. But history also exacts justice: In the Middle Ages, when the Roman Church falsely cried “Crusade” for too long, the result was not conquest of the Muslim NEO-NAZI NATION


world, but the Protestant Reformation. No use telling that to a ‘wolf that eats and listens to no one.’ Shared Ideology World as profit factory, consuming productive ‘human resources’ as Labor and ‘counter-productive’ populations through war and covert extermination.

Fill ‘er up

Beyond cynicism - Human commodities In the utterly materialistic and mechanistic fascist ideology of American capitalism, humanity has no more important a place in the order of things than any other commodity--‘human resources.’ Humanity is reduced to Labor. The part of humanity not factoring into the profit imperative as an element of production and consumption (the poor) is eminently dispensable, not having economic value or having ‘negative value’ as an obstacle to access to valuable resources or otherwise strategic lands (Afghans, Iraqis, African AIDS victims, Libyans and other ‘combustibles’). Here, at last, is a point in common for Muslim and Jew, both victims of Western genocide. The capitalist demarcation of groups into productive and ‘counter-productive’ was never so starkly laid bare as in Nazi Germany, where ‘non-elect’ populations were distributed between Labor camps and Extermination camps. Today, ‘attrition’ of populations overtly through war or by covert attacks [see for example article, ‘DU Nuke War’] serves the same purpose of 1) eliminating ‘uneconomic’ communities, i.e. obstacles to corporate profit, or 2) eliminating models of, or constituencies for independent economic development, as in Haiti, under UN auspices; recently in Libya; and formerly in Yugoslavia, Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia, Guatemala, Korea, Greece, Germany, etc., ...that cannot or will not be integrated into the system of exploitation (enslavement). These constituencies for collectivism also include ancient cultures like that of the indigenous peoples, and more recent Islamic civilization, whose humanism and vestiges of tribalism inherently favor the alternative and more humane economic arrangement of ‘taking care of their own,’ particularly in the politics of fundamentalists. For the West, this is a parallel economic reason for targeting them. Here, at last, is a point in common for Muslim and Jew, both victims of Western genocide. NEO-NAZI NATION


The propaganda of the American entertainment sphere has recently taken up the refrain “We take care of our own (wherever this flag is flown)” in a current pop song, which opened the Grammy Music Awards, where it was called ‘an anthem for our time.’ Which begs the question, since when did the US go Socialist? What about the raging class war as background, the open scorn for the public, the lack of a Left tradition or culture since the 1930s, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s declaration “I’m not concerned with the Poor,” as well as a consistent national track record of killing ‘commies’ ? Best understood then as demagogy, in the feint Left, go Right style of ‘National Socialism.’

Reinventing Nazi horror The world has already witnessed, to its horror, the logical conclusion of fascist ideology that debases the human to the level of animal/commodity. It found its hideous ultimate expression in the manufacture of soap out of victims of Nazi murder. The destruction and genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan are epic crimes against humanity. Less apparent is the present targeting of future generations through the use of toxic radiation weapons like ‘depleted’ uranium, particularly in Iraq, attacking the very genetic stock of a people, to pre-empt future resistance to the extraction of their sovereign resources. Short of fuel The problem for the NWO is that the rest of the world does not subscribe to the apotheosis of profit with sacrifice to Moloch,* peopled as it is by many ancient, peace-loving, tolerant and humanistic civilizations, in the true sense of the word (an understanding of the intrinsic value of the human is inherent in the culture). No one informed them that they are mere ‘livestock’ (Vieh) to be culled, or ‘cord wood’ to be combusted for the greater good and comfort of an elite financial aristocracy in private banking and its corporate relations. They cling to the belief in a God-given right to life. They become highly indignant at the murder of family, friend, neighbor and other innocents. And there is the crux of America’s problem: despite their overwhelming military superiority, they cannot kill fast enough. It would seem in March 2012 that civilized peoples who refuse the fascist equating of human and animal have finally managed to put a brake on the run-away, blood-fueled profit machine of Murder, Inc. USA, the only empire to have “gone from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization”--Oscar Wilde. *see also article The Coming Reproductive Holocaust NEO-NAZI NATION


Taking One for the Team 9/11 may well turn out to have been the empire’s own suicide shot, unintentionally hastening a providential end to a system that resolves the contradiction between profit and humanism by enshrining profit and denying human dignity; that finds the place of humanity to be on a balance sheet, a perennial drag on ‘earnings’ (labor cost, etc.) in a deadly, profit-first paradigm. This is the ideological basis of a warped way of life in an upside-down, profoundly dysfunctional society in all but profit-taking, that has left its citizens physically misshapen (with widespread obesity), to say nothing of less apparent mental deformation (a fresh market for Big Pharma, in psychotropics). These are symptoms of an inhumane environment of toxicity and violence, exported through ‘globalization’ and war, proffered as model for permanent world government. A terrifying prospect. As they use to say at Porto Allegre, another world is possible. ◊ 1 see John Marks, Search for the Manchurian Candidate 2 Karl Marx 3 Blockbuster coup blueprint from post-60s turbulence, ultra-Right ‘Ford administration’ ? (1974-’77), which included Bush regime chiefs Cheney, Rumsfeld [recalled to execute their own plan? ] under ‘VP’ Nelson Rockefeller. See following montage from The Towering Inferno, 1974. [Cheney would reprise the Rockefeller role of VP commander, fronted by a stooge, stand-in president.] Search also ‘Operation Northwoods,’ the established precedent in principle.


Don, looking conspiratorial

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illustration: THX1138

AN OUTLAW POLICE STATE The Courts have even pronounced that the judiciary branch lacked jurisdiction to overrule the Executive--the very definition of a Police State.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. It may still be news to some that there has been a fundamental change in the political character of the US, with effective suspension of the Constitution, an end to freedoms once protected in the Bill of Rights, and the abandonment of the rule of law, as power is concentrated in the executive branch of government in a one Party state (see article). The final stage in the transformation to an authoritarian society of control was not a response to a crisis (9/11 pitch of ‘freedom for security’), but a violent transition from republic to empire, enabled by technological change and the crime of the 9/11 catalyst event. In a political version of bait-and-switch, even as the ‘war on terror’ is declared over (Obama, April 24, 2012), the new security superstructure it engendered remains whirring in place, keeping its digital eyes and ears vigilantly trained on the enemy -- Americans. They are not protecting us from terrorists. They are protecting themselves from us. Case of the Two Pariahs It’s instructive to compare the cases of the post-coup US and Nazi Germany. The Reichstag fire decree of Feb. 28, 1933 “to remedy dangers to public safety” ended the very same freedoms that Americans have lost, in a piecemeal fashion, since 2001, such as habeas corpus (Guantanamo, NDAA 2012), political speech (see ‘Information War’ below), privacy of communications (mass surveillance, see below)--or are losing--free assembly (‘illegal’ protests, free speech pens), etc. AN OUTLAW POLICE STATE


All Power to the Executive Germany’s Enabling Act of March 23, 1933 established dictatorship by giving the Cabinet the authority to legislate, merging executive and legislative power, followed by the creation of special tribunals for executive exercise of judiciary power. In the US this authoritarian merging has been imperfect in form (despite Anthrax attacks on the Congress and the creation of shortcircuit ‘Super Committees’) but still effective, with executive orders ‘legislating’ military tribunals (Nov. 13, 2001) and surveillance (Terrorist Surveillance Program, 2002); plain lawlessness like Guantanamo, torture and executive ‘kill lists’ of citizens; and much rubber stamping of other illegal deviancies. For their part, stacked Courts in a hijacked system have reliably gone along for the downhill ride to historic ignominy with eyes shut or open, even pronouncing that the judiciary branch lacks jurisdiction (4th US Circuit Court of Appeals decision, Jan. 23, 2012) on (US citizen Jose) Padilla v. Hanft, because of ‘state secrets,’ making legal redress (for Americans tortured by the state) a political decision, not a legal one. This is the explicit abandonment of rule of law and the definition of a police state. Police state: “little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive” --

Legal note--Abrogation of Rule of Law in the US Legal commentators have noted a strategy of workarounds to legality, an extra-legal, parallel framework for lawlessness that’s been called jurisdiction by permanent exception, justified by a state of ‘permanent crisis.’ As law of the land, the US Constitution trumps aberrant legislation and executive orders, according to US jurisprudence. But this legality becomes purely academic when corrupt courts fall in line, as now. Legal redress for violation of constitutional rights is therefore not possible in American courts today, where government spying, torture, detention and execution without trial have all been 'legalized.' Legal proof as it were of the crime of killing off the US Constitution, until further notice, a dead letter. --MB

Mass surveillance Domestic spying on the citizenry violates the US constitution’s Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable search and seizure. That is why CIA spying has always been banned, in law, domestically and one reason why the FBI’s covert COINTELPRO (CounterIntelligenceProgram) was deemed illegal by the Senate Church Committee in 1975. TSA searches are also illegal by AN OUTLAW POLICE STATE


the same law [...the right of the people to be secure in their persons against ..unreasonable searches.. shall not be violated”]. Nevertheless, since the unchallenged enactment of the constitution-trampling USA Patriot Act of Oct. 26, 2001, the federal police apparatus has grown to include 16 different intelligence agencies forming overlapping dragnets for the digital data trails (including voice and location) of law-abiding citizens. Here are six of them: • CIA (can now collaborate with national agencies) • DHS -”Suspicious Activity Reports”-National Intelligence Program: National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC-kill lists) + TSC • FBI - Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) - Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) = Fusion Centers • NSA - electronic surveillance/signals intercept (SIGINT) National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) - ‘mapping matrix’ for battlefield USA

Culture of Secrecy One explanation for the hodgepodge, overlapping organizational approach is that the paper or e-trail of the illegal espionage is harder to follow if done by many and not one agency, a goal also served by new FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) loopholes from compliance (DOJ order Oct. 17, 2001) and ‘attempts to criminalize disclosure’ (D. Priest, Top Secret America, preface). Centralization As the three constitutional government branches merge into one, the new surveillance superstructure extends federal control over state and local law enforcement through the use of military and other federal actors in FBI-led state Fusion Centers, which even corporate press reports have compared to the local ‘Red squads’ of 20th century America. Or COINTELPRO II with the dirty work offloaded to privateers (contractors), who also staff the spying centers along with DHS and others. The mix of actors makes it possible for ‘Army intelligence’ to be briefed on information collected at the local level. It also allows “both local and federal agencies to sidestep restrictions on their activities by working together" (‘Enemies in Blue,’ Kristian Williams, p. 167) From Free Competition of Ideas to Information War For quite a while in the West, since the end of the Inquisition, you could hold a heterodox opinion without fear of getting flayed. Today, that makes you an enemy combatant in the information war. AN OUTLAW POLICE STATE


The new Fusion Centers constitute a political police force, updating COINTELPRO practices, integrating them into a military framework, and performing a function described as early as 1983 by FEMA: “...prevention of dissident groups... gaining access to U.S. opinion (sic), or a global audience, in times of crisis.”--General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA's Civil Security Division, 1983 Militarization of Internal Security As federal tentacles invade once sacrosanct state realms through new creatures like the Fusion Centers, state and local law enforcement has become more militarized, with paramilitary units, non-lethal weapons and military equipment acquired, and the spread of military drones into the ‘homeland’ battlefield (from May 2006), de facto martial law. For the first time, a counter-insurgency-hardened general heads the CIA. Since 2002, the military’s Northern Command (NORTHCOM) has responsibility for ‘homeland’ defense or internal security, with 20,000 armed troops reportedly (Al Jazeera: D. Parvaz Dec. 16, 2011) deployed on the mapped domestic ‘battlefield’. The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012) effectively declares war on Americans, having extended the conception of the worldwide ‘war on terror’ battlefield to include the ‘homeland’, a bid to attempt to justify potential ‘enemy combatant’ (enemy of the state) status for citizens and military authority for indefinite detention, torture or execution--martial law. With Posse Comitatus limitations on the sensitive use of federal troops internally, National Guard units are reportedly being prepared for deployment across state borders (Kent State shoot thy neighbor updated to the more practicable you shoot my neighbor and I’ll shoot yours). Mission Creep The USA Patriot Act “...laid down the foundation of a domestic intelligence gathering system.. tearing down the legal firewall' (ca. 1975) limiting police surveillance to ongoing criminal investigation.” --Jim McGee, Washington Post, Nov. 4, 2001

The build-up of internal security is the visible manifestation of an unspoken mission creep away from the ostensible aims of the police and military: From criminal investigation and defense to ideological profiling and political policing--military control over political speech and the political life of the nation through permanent, institutionalized counter-insurgency at home.



‘Emergency Law’ (Against Wife-Beating) All of this is by no means limited to the US. The stark new reality that the US-EU axis practices mass surveillance on their citizens, covering electronic communications, is now well known. In a creeping police state that has the technology if not the consent to go further, the next logical step would be warrantless surveillance and/or physical invasion of the home by police. Enter the Istanbul Convention, an EU treaty that took effect August 1, 2014 having been ratified by the required 10 member states. This convention confirms the NATO-wide totalitarian trend that moves law enforcement from the presumption of innocence and prosecution of crime after the fact to presumption of guilt and 'prevention of crime' before the fact. This shift conveniently enables surveillance ‘as a preventative measure’ against any undesirable social behavior, preferably with emotional punch, to serve as pretext in place of consent for virtual or physical police home invasion. In this case the pretext happens to be domestic abuse (obviously not a trifle) but it could just as easily be the abandonment of puppies (see Article 50.2 for example). Official rhetoric from EU member states on this police-state-power grab treaty as the bill for its ratification was being introduced (complete with shocking and timely male-on-female violent crime in the news, in Italy for example) has included nary a murmur of protest in the tell-tale ‘emergency’ ambience but instead has featured ominous speeches attacking privacy as an obstacle to the prevention of domestic abuse (the pretext), toeing the line of Brussels’ diktat for new and unprecedented police powers. When Big Business Swallows Government It's clear that the structure of business organization under capitalism, from Board of Directors down to workers, has always been authoritarian, not democratic. Big business is politically feudalistic, with the vassal workers living off their usefulness to their corporate sponsors (lords). They have no political power within the organization to affect change over executive decision making, the balance of power or the distribution of the wealth they generate. What characterizes our recast Western world in the 21st century is that this model of private power has encroached on the once separate and public sphere of (self-) government, replacing the remains of sovereign nation states based on the legal rights of citizens with an imperial superstructure of World Institutions (World Bank, IMF, WTO, G8, etc.)--that no one voted for-organized around central banking and based on corporate profit for shareholders. Corporatism is Fascism... AN OUTLAW POLICE STATE


A sort of feudal restoration has been set in motion, with the political hour rewound to oligarchic rule by the unaccountable private power of a financial aristocracy. The “new” order consists of imposing this regression by force and terror as one world government in a 'global society of control' (‘Empire’-- Negri, Hardt) to replace the ‘disorder’ of democracy. The place of the people in this brave new corporate world has already been evoked (see here)--it is as another raw material for the factory, to be worked, processed, consumed in the violent generation of profits.

Postscript Dictatorship is not a sustainable form of government--unless it becomes worldwide. --Bertrand Russell, Science and Society Watch Lists On Nazi Germany: “lists were everywhere...vengeful TIPS ... challenges to...[Aryan] background.” to ‘patriotism.’ --IBM and the Holocaust US Terrorist Screening Center (TSC): One million+ names Search: NSA Data Center, Bluffdale, Utah Camps Unappealable ‘evacuation’ to camps legalized: Germany: Oct. 4, 1940 // USA: Jan. 1, 2012 (Obama) (Left) IBM-Germany ad circa 1934 reproduced in Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust - “Super-sight with Hollerith punchcards” (read: “Jews can’t hide”)-featuring smokestack. [n.b. Dachau est. 1933] (Above right) US DoD “Information Awareness Office” logo, ca. 2002; Inscription: Knowledge (of you) is Power (over you), a perversion of the homage to education, rendered as a blackmailer’s motto.

Hate Speech targets groups for ‘neutralization;’ Govt. spying, personal data mining fill in lists of individuals... A tyrant’s ‘purification’ program to maintain authority “...runs directly counter to the process by which the physician purges the body. For the physician removes what is bad and leaves what is good, but the tyrant removes the good and leaves the bad.”--Plato, ‘Republic’

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Welcome to the USA Leave your dignity at the door

A free people? Institutional humiliation of Americans (above left)

Nazis forcing a Jew to kneel

THE GROTESQUE TSA FARCE How is it that up until the 21st century, millions of citizens travelled en masse globally without their governments ever subjecting them to invasive, humiliating and illegal searches, as happens now to passengers young and old, one-by-one, in the USA? As many commentators have already noted, it is the function of intelligence services to detect a safety threat in advance and then to focus on a narrow group of suspects, leaving the lawabiding public at large unmolested, literally. To treat all of the public as suspects as is done now in the US is to function as if the intelligence services had been abolished, leaving authorities to rely on ‘hand-inspection’ of millions of people; as if the ‘eyes’ among the organs of government had been put out, leaving it to blindly grope its hapless citizens-cum-suspects. But the intelligence services haven’t been abolished. To the contrary, they’ve multiplied, with the creation of more than a dozen (unconstitutional) domestic spying agencies, as tax-payers fund a new economic boom in security fascism and pay for the invasion of their own personal privacy. ...Which means that the illegal (See article Outlaw_Police_State) and grotesque farce of violating old ladies’ persons looking for bombs is not of course about security but is merely a pretext for something else. The gauntlet of scandalous virtual strip searches and disgraceful patdowns--like the Confessor before his Inquisitor--are meant to strip Americans of their dignity, to humiliate a nation of people into subservience as they are stripped of one basic right after another in the new, post-911 fascist order. In reality, it’s not the public at all that poses a threat, THE GROTESQUE TSA FARCE


but off-the-rails tyrannical corporate government that poses an ongoing threat to the public. Part of which is the mushrooming growth of security/intel on the stiffening remains of the body politic of the American Republic--a parasitic growth, terminal to its host.

Still from The End of St. Petersburgh, 1927, Vsevolod Pudovkin

Secular state supplants Church in ritual humiliation function


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SEEING RED: ‘SKYPE RECORDING’ Microsoft’s Skype is recording video-calls without consent Above is part of a screen shot from my iPad, which I used to use to make international calls on Skype. The image shows the desktop with some icons on it, as usual, snapped while I was talking in a Skype video call. But notice the red bar across the top of the screen. In the upper right corner, to the left of the battery full (100%) symbol, you’ll see a surprising message: “Skype recording.” Microsoft’s Skype has started (openly) recording calls--at least for the lucky few like me--a journalist. Although I have long known that Microsoft and NSA (National Security Agency) were joined at the hip, I was still seeing red after spotting this and so I contacted Skype/Microsoft about it in their online chat. I was handed off once or twice before being told I would be connected with an “agent” trained to deal with “cases” like mine. The specially trained agent, to be brief, had evidently learned well how to play dumb and did not even acknowledge the problem (the crime), much less offer any resolution or apology about it. As it happens, I had been talking with someone in North America. When I told them about the blatant new outrage and that they should be aware, if they weren’t already, that their calls--at least with me--were being recorded, they refused to believe it--despite many months now of headline news coverage of the gargantuan, transAtlantic state spying apparatus snarfing up private communications. The king can do no wrong in the glazed eyes of his brainwashed subjects. SEEING RED: SKYPE RECORDING


On the 40th anniversary of Watergate and the Nixon wiretaps,* the Skype “Recording” message shows how far amerika has since sunk--now a lawless police state. It also shows Watergate’s legacy and the lesson learnt: a cover-up discovered is tantamount to an admission of guilt. When you break the law, you do it openly and righteously (warrantless wiretaps--in violation of the US Fourth Amendment-- are now called ‘lawful intercepts’). *While he resigned in disgrace for law-breaking (wiretaps and burglary) on August 9, 1974, Richard ‘AIDS’ Nixon--a former protégé of Nazi supporter Prescott Bush--was a wayward boy scout in comparison to today’s evil doers, who not only abuse power and violate the law but have torn it up entirely, and instituted intrusion on an industrial scale as an everyday matter of course--along with official mass molestation/assault, for good measure, at airports, under the new Total Control paradigm. And that’s just accounting for a single, dead-letter law (the 4th amendment). Note: Not only Skype but also other VOIP providers, such as ‘Whistle,’ ‘Viber’ are systematically recording private phone conversations... Update: Since this post, ‘App store’ and the like are offering a ‘Skype Recorder’ app--listed number one in popularity, as if the surveillance trend in the United Stasi States is riding a wave of popular demand to record friends and families’ private conversations: with friends like these... In the case described here, the recording takes place even when the party on the other end is on a landline. Which would leave only Microsoft-NSA and not my interlocutor as the culprits, in the Skype example.

First published 5 August 2014



Warning: This content may conflict with your programming

THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE USAF ‘Human Effectiveness Directorate’ logo: A (jet) force vector permeating and degrading [shaded area] a human body (above) The US Air Force’s New Mind Control Wing

It would seem that full spectrum dominance of corporate media wasn’t enough. There’s a new sort of covert, targeted ‘broadcasting’ going on with Directed Energy Weapons: The USA now presumes to govern human effectiveness through the use of remote push-button torture by the Air Force to physiologically degrade and disable selected targeted individuals. Weapons R&D that’s Good for You To take at face value the PR material put out by the Pentagon (never a good idea), you might think that the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP, est. 1997) RF Division conducts a lot of bio-effects research aimed at optimizing pilot performance and the like. Though you THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE


wouldn’t normally associate weapons research with such things, you would be forgiven for believing it after seeing on the various websites, fact sheets and other official literature, as well as in the research documentation itself, the numerous references to “centers of excellence,” “human effectiveness” and “human-centered” work, etc. For example: ...advances in biotechnology, bio-behavior, and neuroscience are used to enhance and extend the human performance of our Airmen. 1

In this context, it’s easy to forget that the Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate is all about fielding and employing weapons to immediately “incapacitate targeted personnel or materiel,” according to the same AFRL literature. So why the contradictory approach? Or has the unwitting reader stepped into a minefield of disinformation? The predominant focus on performance enhancement in the literature (in relation to ‘Human Effectiveness’) is grounded in traditional aviation medicine concern with the bio-effects of things like the influence of g-force and air pressure on jet pilots; claims of research for purposes of meeting safety guidelines are bolstered by the weapons’ sub-lethal nature--by design they are supposed to limit the risk of (immediate) fatality. But positive uses of bio-effects research that are very often hinted at are ethical and legal worlds away from the kinds of darkly exotic military research that’s been conducted for much more than a decade now under the cover story of “human effectiveness” or safety, which has necessarily filtered into research descriptions themselves. Other reviewers have also noted a ‘semantic strategy’ in the “tendency of the military to refer to ‘non-lethal’ weapons not as weapons but as ‘capabilities’ or ‘technologies’, which extends to individual types of weapons. This ... is largely for policy and public relations effect in gaining acceptance of new weapons or even prohibited weapons.” 2 The spin is consistent with the secrecy found to be practiced, for example in the classification of what are normally public documents surrounding a 2002 evaluation report by the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council on Non-Lethal Weapons R&D. But available research and contract documentation as well as earlier, FOIA-obtained (Freedom of Information Act) declassified material concerning radio frequency directed energy weapons (RFDEW) in particular belie the pervasive pretense, revealing an altogether different story:



Disruption of neural control, ...convulsions, ...seizure induction, ...working memory loss, ...radiation induced fatigue, sleep induction, ...disorientation, ...power required to heat a human, ...difficulty breathing, ...risk of cataracts, ...foreshortening of time perception, ...blocking of executive functioning, ...incapacitation. 3

Other human bio-effects sought for the new RF weapons have included remote behavioral influence, EEG entrainment (induced brain wave frequency), or how human brain response to certain RF stimuli may be made to mimic schizophrenia. 4 Mainstreaming Mengele Despite the PR charade, it’s clear from mad science like this, revealed in available RFDE weapons research and development documentation, that it’s all about ways to remotely manipulate human physiology in order to degrade the human effectiveness or performance of targeted individuals. Indeed, this is what the HED (Human Effectiveness Directorate) logo suggests (see top of article). Given the nature of the research, the Air Force’s “human effectiveness” should be understood in this negative sense, or as “effectiveness on humans” (of the weapons), and not as ‘performance enhancement.’ To be clear, the US now presumes to govern ‘human effectiveness’ inasmuch as it is capable of degrading the physical and mental performance of opponents targeted for remote torture by microwave-beam weapons. A 2005 AFRL document no longer available on the web gave a straight-up description of the negative nature of the human effects-based research: This research effort is very broad, seeking to investigate incapacitating effects that can be induced through interfering with the human senses of hearing, vision, touch and smell. It will also address the effects of electrical current on various physiological systems including the central nervous system, neuromuscular interface, and endocrine system. Perhaps most profoundly some research will seek to investigate suppressive effects on the central nervous system through, for example, influencing neurotransmitter function. --Director of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) 5

Think lab frog tap dancing to electrical shocks. Dancing around Humanitarian Law Besides ‘performance enhancement’, the Mengele-like studies are also cloaked in euphemistic terms suggesting defensive purposes (studied bio-effect “may be of non-lethal weapon concern.”). But if the aim of research like this were truly to protect from exposure, and not to inflict such nefarious effects, surely a more effective route would be to work towards an explicit ban of these weapons and of the electromagnetic manipulation of human physiology, as already called THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE


for in a resolution of the European Parliament [Jan. 28, 1999, A4-0005/99], rather than establishing a new military wing to develop (and operate) them, as has been done in the US. Instead, US-led NATO for its part, has called for ‘vigilance’ among its member countries against legal restrictions on the use of NLWs. 6 Furthermore, the JNLWD itself has already been accused (by campaigners) of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention in its chemical nonlethal weapons research and development. [see]

Institutionalized Torture in Military Operations But this is not only about R&D. The green light for application of the technology was given years ago. As reported in an academic independent research paper: “[a] ...Defense Science Board (DSB) report on Future Strategic Strike Forces advocated further development of ‘non-lethal’ weapons affecting the physiological or psychological functions of individuals or populations as part of an expansion of weapons with disabling effects advising that "Applications of biological, chemical, or electromagnetic radiation effects on humans should be pursued.” 7 {my emphasis)

The same report adds that the targeting of the new weapons would include the domestic (US) civilian population: In June 2005 the DOD's Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support stated that "non-lethal" weapons would be further investigated for use in ‘homeland defense'. It noted further that basic research into the physiological effects of "non-lethal" weapons would be expanded and that opportunities to share military technology with law enforcement agencies would be identified. 8

This view is reaffirmed by US Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne, who said of non-lethal weapons in 2006 that "we need to start using that here in the US on Americans.” 9 Today, the technology and weaponry to inflict the studied RF bio-effects has been patented [see US patents 7784390, 20070139247 for example], fielded and is operational, according to targeted individuals; radar and microwaves are being trained on tracked (and surveilled) citizens. The identity of the actual agency doing the zapping is not verifiable because these operations, which constitute torture, are covert. Torture is illegal under the Conventional Weapons Convention, the Convention Against Torture, Geneva Convention and the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, hence the secrecy and the need for cover stories to avoid legal problems. (This may also explain why some of the AFRL’s research does not originate with the Pentagon but with the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice (an instrument for militarizaTHE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE


tion of state-level law enforcement), which may avoid contravening international treaties in some cases.) The Guantanamo Precedent The Guantanamo detention camp is a standing symbol of the fact that the US has abrogated the rule of law in favor of rule by force. It has more or less openly embraced torture as an element of its “non-lethal” arsenal, with the camp’s physical and psychological torture of kidnapped inmates including simulated drownings, forced injections and medication, sensory deprivation or saturation--to name a few--and multiple alleged suicides of the victims. Six out of the eight 2012 US Republican presidential candidates, as well as the Democratic president, endorse the use of torture. Interned Muslims pray at Camp Bucca, Iraq

As of this writing, the US Senate had passed a bill (2012 National Defense Authorization Act) legalizing the arbitrary military detention and torture of US citizens explicitly (effectively domesticating the 2006 Military Commissions Act). Already the executive has assumed and exercised the extra-legal right to assassinate American citizens, including juveniles. As the smoke from 9/ 11 dissipates to reveal the outlines of a new police state, it should be getting clearer now for the American people who the camps are really for. Surely it shouldn’t surprise that the US is an egregious human rights violator, despite its loud, righteous and repetitive hypocritical posturing (as a liberator)--coming as it does from the lipsticked media mouth of this grizzled old slaver, chronic perpetrator of serial genocides, still on the march, towards its fourth (overt) illegal war of aggression in the space of a decade--a prolonged blitz the likes of which the world has not seen since the days of the Nazis, a close relation [see Edwin Black, War on the Weak; John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret; Jacques Pauwels, The Myth of the Good War; Charles Higham, Trading with the Enemy, etc.]. Rather than an anomaly, systematic torture has gone hand-in-hand with systematic economic exploitation. But in changing times that challenge future US hegemony--American capitalism’s endgame--the mask has slipped as the gloves came off. THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE


Still, the ‘technical problems’ of international humanitarian law remain. RF Directed Energy Weapons--Invisible ‘Taser’ for Dissidents The use of RF Directed Energy Weapons is roughly similar to other ‘electroshock’ weapons. Just as the cattle prod-like ‘taser’ weapon has been widely adopted in law enforcement to temporarily disable (or permanently kill) those targeted, pulsed microwave directed energy weapons have been covertly adopted by the US for remote incapacitation of human targets. Although loosely analogous to the police taser, an important exception is that the lower voltage microwave directed energy may be applied to the targeted person, such as a political dissident, invisibly and continually over the long-term. More properly classified as weapons of electronic warfare--a type of information war--RFDEW are used for the ‘jamming’ of ‘enemy information systems,’ which also happen to be human brains. Coming Shift to a Health Care Pretext ? Former history professor Newt Gingrich, an old Rockefeller hand since his days canvassing in the South for the presidential campaign of Nelson Rockefeller, was an early proponent (1986) of non-lethal weapons (see During a 2012 presidential debate appearance, Gingrich made a pitch for federally-funded neuroscience research, signaling a possible shift to recast R&D in the name [only] of Autism and Alzheimer’s. That a long-time non-lethal weapons booster, Department of Defense Policy Board member and self-confessed social Darwinist should be pitch-man for a new government drive on the mental health of the elderly corroborates this view. Dark Precedents While RFDE weapons may be something new, the goals of mind control and behavior modification are long-standing ones. The secrecy and awkward pretexts of the current program recall several notorious precedents: the documented, long-running (begun 1953) US government MKULTRA program, thought to be behind the ‘trickle-down’ introduction of LSD to the American ‘baby boomer’ generation, as a mind-altering chemical warfare agent (Marks); Nazi mind control tests on inmates at Dachau, where other murderous experiments were performed under cover of ‘aviation medicine’; 10 the Nixon-Ford era ‘Special Virus Cancer Program’ (overseen by another Rockefeller hand, Henry Kissinger), in which the AIDS virus was ‘discovered’ following THE THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE


R&D by scientists working in association with the US Army bioweapons lab to ‘search for the cancer virus’ in the ‘war on cancer.’ Endnote: There is a progress in the course of human history, which tells its pupils that forms of political organization that are anathema to universal human nature and its aspirations, upon which international law is based, are destined only for ignominy and the dustbin of history. From the Reichstag fire to 9/11, the shadow of German history falls today on the USA.

From where the impetus? ...Nonlethal weapons have not received the priority they merit at the Pentagon. This report makes a persuasive case for changing that, said [Rockefeller] Council [on Foreign Relations (CFR)] President Richard N. Haass., Feb 2004.


Cover stories ...millions of Holocaust victims were forcibly ‘evacuated’ to the gas chambers under the pretext of disinfection and of public health measures. --Emerging Viruses, Leonard Horowitz Warsaw ghetto entrance sign: Attention: Epidemics--Entry Prohibited. --IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black

Among the various Rockefeller-funded scientific institutes involved in the Nazi medical experiments in WWII was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Psychiatry.

Fascist-aesthetic statue of Atlas Holding Up the World, at Rockefeller Center, New York City (see Susan Sontag)

NLW antecedent...

(Hollywood) depiction of lobotomy victim (n.b. RFDEW incapacitation is temporary and reversible, but does carry risk of long-term damage)



Acronyms: AFB-Air Force Base AFRL-Air Force Research Lab DOD-Department of Defense JNLWD-Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate JNLWP-Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program NLW-Non-lethal Weapons PR-Public Relations R&D-Research and Development RF-radio frequency RFDEW-Radiofrequency Directed Energy Weapons WPAFB-Wright Patterson Air Force Base

◊ See also: AFRL RFDEW Research Excerpts Bioeffects_of_Selected_Non-Lethal_Weapons.pdf NLW Rationale for Asymmetrical Warfare (1986) - Newt Gingrich

The USAF Goes Gothic

‘USAF Human Effectiveness Directorate’ (illustration)



NOTES 1 Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Fact sheet, AFD-090324-032, Biosciences and Performance Div. See PDF p. 5-6 2 Davison, N. and Lewer, N. (2005) Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project (BNLWRP) Research Report No. 7. Bradford: University of Bradford, Department of Peace Studies, p. 37 3 --from Bioeffects of Selected Non-lethal Weapons, USAINSCOM, Fort Meade, 1998 4 ‘Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia’ John J. McMurtrey, Copyright 2002, 8/25/03 5 Air Force Research Laboratory (2005) Research in support of the Directed Energy Bioeffects Division of the Human Effectiveness Directorate. Broad Agency Announcement Number: BAA 05-05 HE. Brooks AFB, TX: Air Force Research Laboratory; cited in Davison, N. and Lewer, N. (2005) Bradford NonLethal Weapons Research Project (BNLWRP), University of Bradford, Department of Peace Studies, p. 28. 6 NATO Research and Technology Organization (2004) Non-Lethal Weapons and Future Peace Enforcement Operations, RTO-TR-SAS-040. Brussels: NATO, RTO, Studies, Analysis and Simulation Panel (SAS), Chapter 5, p. 4. 7 Defense Science Board (2004) Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces. Washington, DC: Department of Defense, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, pp. 7-18, cited in University of Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project (BNLWRP), Neil Davison 8 Department of Defense (2005) Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support. Washington, DC: Department of Defense, June 2005, pp. 42-44; op. cit. 9 ‘Targeting the Pain Business’, The Guardian, Oct 5, 2006 10 ‘The Search for the Manchurian Candidate’, John Marks, p. 5 11 ts-urge-department-defense-increase-spending-seven-fold/p6794

--Nov. 2011



From Outer to Inner Space--The Human Body as War Theater

USAF GOES GOTHIC ‘Behavior Modification’ by Torture Microwave Radiation Exposure Bio-Effects Research:Behaviorist Sadism Cloaked in Science

Research reports by private contractors to the USAF clearly show that the Pentagon conducts torture research, for the purpose of torture by non-lethal weapons--focused microwave radiation to remotely apply electrical current to the human body--euphemistically called ‘behavior modification’ or ‘influence operations.’ This gross violation of international law is cloaked by the cover of ‘human-centered’ ‘Health and Safety Effects Research’ (see also here). Notable excerpts from “USAFRL- Biological Effects of Directed Energy” report by Veridian Corp., US

DISRUPTING THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER Veridian [Corp.] executed exploratory research into the mechanism of RFR (radio-frequency radiation) interaction with tissue and potential for affecting physiological functions. Three such studies, in which Veridian scientists are involved, are underway presently -- the blood-brain barrier (BBB) study, the RFR biomarker study and the ultra-wide band RFR study. ...Recent work published in the literature suggest low level RF exposure disrupts the bloodbrain barrier. Veridian employees, working with AFRL/HED, completed the first stage in an ambiUSAF GOES GOTHIC


tious project aimed at replicating these important findings. (p. 25) Microwave-induced changes in cerebral blood flow and oxygenation as measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)--20th Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, St. Petersburgh, FL, 1998. Mason, P.A., Ziriax, al. (p. 30) (Pictured above) USAF Research Lab--illustration

INDUCED PSYCHOPATHOLOGY RESEARCH Microwave Bio-effect Congruence with Schizophrenia John J. McMurtrey, Copyright 2002, 8/25/2003

Electromagnetic field EEG entrainment (induced brain-wave frequency!) occurs especially within physiologic brain frequencies (1-40 Hz.), either with a so modulated carrier wave or at these extra low frequencies. Microwave EEG entrainment (or change to exposure frequency) is demonstrated in cats, and rats. Lower frequency radiation or magnetic EEG entrainment is observed in rabbits, monkeys, and humans. In addition to the capacity of entrainment to produce delta waves, the effect forms a basis for schizophrenic thought interference complaints, and is of non-lethal weapon concern [=pretext of defense, my italics]. see also ‘New Yorker’ article ‘Insanity Lab’

Push-button torture

‘BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION’ THROUGH MICROWAVE TORTURE Microwave technologies are being advanced for use against both enemy electronics and personnel...[Some of these weapons have] been the target of Amnesty International (co-opted NGO) as well as ...a UN special rapporteur as being potential [sic] weapons of torture. (source)

key words: electronic harassment biomarker: micronuclei (cell nucleus shards) in red blood cells (erythrocytes)--Howell Jolly bodies genotoxic effects: chromosome breaks--RFR genotoxic studies



First published Spring 2012



Illustration -- Unseen torturer (after “Brazil”, 1985)


Listening to the media para-reality narrative in its recent programming on American-NATO torture, we felt compelled to post testimony from a claimed victim in rebuttal to the posturing that US torture is an aberration, occurring only under the Cheney-Bush regime, in practices like the simulated drownings of Guantanamo inmates, and has been since 'reined in' by the ‘liberal’ Obama. In fact, according to the following affidavit--completely consistent with our research on US non-lethal weapons policy (or here), research and development--US torture is not new, over with or exceptional nor is it limited to inmates of America’s Muslim-internment camps. Rather, Obama (and likely some allies) would be an egregious and avid torturer, making 'liberal' use of 'non-lethal' weapons of torture like microwave Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (RFDEW), whose development under defense budgets in the tens of millions of dollars during the ’90s and ’00s was well documented at the time but which have since (tellingly) dropped off the media radar. Far from being a novelty, US torture has in fact always gone together with domination and exploitation, as victims of the Nixon-era government torturer Dan Mitrione or ‘School of the Americas’ graduates would attest, as did the USAID labels on their hand-crank electricity generators used in Latin American torture chambers (--John Stockwell, The Secret Wars of the CIA, June 1986). What is new is that while US torture is still covert it is also now systemic; institutionalized as another weapon (NLW--non-lethal weapons) integrated into the military arsenal (see: Air AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


Force Human Effectiveness Directorate) for day-to-day use against selected political targets, our sources say, with torture as a calibrated lesser ‘degree of lethality’ encompassing gross violation of not only privacy and security but also physical and mental integrity. Facing compromised US courts, public defenders are not having any of it (see ‘ACLU’ in original testimony), leaving victims to seek asylum abroad--without evidence--and where the remote torture doesn’t stop. The following is a firsthand account by a journalist and claimed ‘targeted individual’. The allegations made in this account describe what would be a dark corner of a 21st-century virtual Bastille--a glimpse into an emerging nightmare Totalitarian future made in the USA.

The use of RFDEW-type non-lethal weapons is categorized militarily as electronic warfare--a type of information war for the ‘jamming’ of ‘enemy information systems,’ only here the ‘enemy’ is individuals exercising their free speech rights and the ‘systems’ are human brains.

Revised for style 28 Feb. 2015 Call me Dave. I am a US-born author, blogger and artist with published creative work reviewed in The New York Times, London Times, France3 TV, etc. As a journalist, I have written, edited or translated for three international news agencies. With the critical character of my work I may be fairly described as a US political dissident, in exile. This statement is to put on record my experience as a target of state surveillance, harassment and torture; to demonstrate the fact of political prisoners in NATO countries today; and to contribute to the evidence of the crimes committed to repress political dissent in the US-EU police states. Important to note as background is that the same futuristic technological advancement that has helped give rise to mass surveillance has also made possible the development and deployment of exotic new ‘non-lethal’ weapons (NLWs) like ‘radio frequency directed energy weapons’ (RFDEW). These focused-microwave ‘beam weapons’ of the AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


Western scientific dictatorship are instruments of remote push-button torture of individuals, used for silently suppressing critical voices with an expressed aim of controlling public opinion. Return to US and Start of Targeting Some years ago now, I self-published online my second multimedia work. The first one, still in retail distribution today, happened to be a sendup of capitalism. When revenues from the latest effort didn’t pan out as expected, I returned to the US at the end of the Bush II years, against my better judgment, to take up a full-time job after living abroad for many years. Within a few months I began to be targeted. Symptoms/Effects of Microwave Targeting Tinnitus The first manifestation of the targeting was the sudden onset of tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in the ears―-a condition I’ve had ever since. This doesn’t mean it was naturally acquired. It’s obvious to me that it wasn’t but that it’s artificial or induced. This is because the tone or strength of the hum, almost always constant, may sometimes suddenly change noticeably, something like a stepped audio tone in a hearing test. The doctor I consulted at the specialized hospital found normal hearing ability and no physical problem and seemed surprised to learn that my symptoms began suddenly on my return to the US. It turns out as you may see in official, declassified US Army documents, that tinnitus is identified there as one of the many symptomatic effects caused by targeting with focused microwaves. A Beating Brain Here is a brief description (mine) of the phenomenon: Pulsed microwave energy incident on the brain causes an infinitesimal heating and cooling response of the tissue. The rapid on-off heating results in a likewise very small degree of thermal expansion and retraction of the organ, in lagged response to the pulses. As the brain physically expands and contracts, rapid up and down changes in intra-cranial pressure result and are picked up internally by the ears, as sound. This well-known phenomenon is known as MAE (microwave auditory effect) or the 'Frey Effect.' ]



As the chronic targeting was gradually intensified over time such that other symptoms began to appear, I had to quit the office (after about six months) to try and work parttime from home. On my own I could work sporadically, when able, and also avoid any scenes or questions about something I could not discuss. The Fever Besides tinnitus, the directed-microwave targeting also induces what is called in the official documents an 'artificial fever.' This is a mind-numbing and brutalizing ‘tase’ of low-level electrical current at the head. 1 The debilitating 'fever' may be accompanied by extreme fatigue and weakness, induced by the (RF-) radiation exposure, usually to the point of lost consciousness (or ‘forced sleep’)--the 'Delgado Effect'2 -- caused by the induction of electrical current back and forth across the two frontal lobes of the cerebrum. Excerpt from the declassified US Army document “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons” 1998:

The nature of the incapacitation is a rhythmic activity synchronization of brain neurons that disrupts normal cortical control of the corticospinal and corticobulbar pathways: this disrupts normal functioning of the spinal motor neurons which control muscle contraction and body movements. Persons suffering from this condition (sic--read: targeted individuals) may lose voluntary control of their body. This synchronization may be accompanied by a sudden loss of consciousness and intense muscle spasms.

Update 2016: After eight years, there seems to have been a refinement by which the artificial ‘fever’ symptom is approaching more the overheated feeling of a natural fever. Before, it had been at peak times more of a raw rush of what is clearly electrical current continually streaming across the head, producing in the target the look and usefulness of a stroke victim. Because one aim of this torture by stealth is to mimic medical conditions (in order to go undetected as torture), the ‘refinement’ would be presumably for the purpose of better concealment rather than to lessen the brutality. The ‘treatment’ still incapacitates but a target might now (mistakenly) seek help from a doctor rather than a lawyer.



Bio-interference or Electro-flogging Microwave 'electroshock' may be used to cause many other debilitating effects in addition to the above, all of which have presented in the daily torture regimen. Basically you suffer symptoms of radiation sickness--that’s electromagnetic radiation--non-ionizing-combined with those of ‘mild’ electro -shock, with the novelty of some pinpoint physiological disruption effects, insidiously mimicking medical problems: we’re talking about very precisely focused energy, wherever you may choose to ‘light up’ the body, varying magnitude, frequency, waveform. Many of the symptoms can be found in the literature...

... dry or stinging eyes (from microwave heating); cataracts (long-term); burning flashes on the skin; pin-pricks, pinching sensation; disorientation; disequilibrium (poor balance); inability to concentrate; headache; nausea--rare (to the point of heaving, when the current is then cut off);short-term (working-) memory loss; tunnel vision: foreshortening of time perception (to the immediate present only); blocking of 'executive functioning' (shuffling victim reduced at times to eat-sleep creature existence); extreme fatigue and weakness; loss of consciousness (forced sleep); Parkinson’s-like but temporary head tremor; jumping limbs: spasms/mini-seizures; sleep deprivation; flashing or ringing pain in teeth, joints, back; near-incontinence; terrible heaviness in the chest or below coccyx (simulated ‘nightstick rape’--NYPD special)--electrical current on the heart obviously can kill

[Note that a group of these induced symptoms, namely joint pain, fever, headache, stinging eyes, (microwave heat) rash and memory loss have been named as the indicators of the ‘usually asymptomatic’ alleged “Zika virus” infections; in other words, a viral infection may be simulated by targeting with RFDEWs.] Classification and Scale The use of RF Directed-Energy (beam) weapons is roughly similar to other ‘electroshock’ arms. Just as the cattle prod-like ‘taser’ weapon has been widely adopted in law enforcement to temporarily disable (or permanently kill) those targeted, pulsed microwave directed-energy weapons have been adopted (after public, official endorsements) by the US (and presumably some NATO allies) for remote incapacitation of human targets. Although loosely analogous to the police taser, an important distinction is that the lower voltage microwave directed-energy is applied remotely, continually and invisibly--like AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


from a radar gun--but focused on the targeted person, such as a political dissident, over the long-term. The use of RFDE-type non-lethal weapons is categorized militarily as electronic warfare-a type of information war--for the ‘jamming’ of ‘enemy information systems’; only here the ‘enemy’ is individuals exercising their free speech rights and the ‘systems’ are human brains. The ‘signals interference’ consists in remotely zapping the victim with low-scale current induced through the use of a remote, focused-beam weapon to cause debilitating ‘physiological disruption’ effects (see note 1) for the openly declared aim of ‘degrading’ or disabling personnel. The bio-interference form of ‘micro’ torture is somewhat analogous to the forced administration of chemical drugs, one of the torture techniques reported at Guantanamo. To an observer, some outward effects of microwave torture might be confused with a medical problem. To the victim, the unique tingling sensation of electrical current is unmistakable. When the juice is turned way up (rarely), strong current courses down the lower right arm. The target's only protection from the microwave-delivered electroshock (and from the sadistic practitioners) is by electromagnetic shielding, which is difficult to adequately provide for an active human body (until the day when futuristic, shielded ‘space suits’ for everyday use become a reality and an unfortunate emblem, like gas masks, of barbaric inhumanity). There are bad days, very bad days and better days. The usual effect is of the headpenetrating electric burn of the ‘fever,’ groggy disorientation, spasms, extreme fatigue and weakness, forced ‘sleep.’ I’ve managed to work sporadically from home despite the targeting, which has continued daily even across several different countries. Between ‘sessions,’ I manage to slowly go about the business of living, usually without anyone the wiser. There are some days though when you never make it out the door.



Lack of Proof Professional torturers do not normally leave identifiable marks on their victims. In the case of microwave weapons, they may leave red marks on the skin--light, microwave burns--which may appear on the neck, head, groin. But the medical presentation of temporary skin discoloration, which can be put down to various causes, is not prima facie evidence of torture. The same is true of chronic symptomatic effects like worsening eyesight and handwriting. My handwriting has degenerated and sometimes comes out as a scrawl, to the point that even I often have trouble making it out myself. In fact, a bank clerk once disputed my signature because of its lack of resemblance to the one on my passport ID. In the same category, I've also developed very premature osteo-arthritis (of the neck)―-a 'drying out' associated with age but which here is more likely an effect of the chronic, lowlevel microwave heating. Also prematurely, I sometimes need to walk with a cane for balance. Detecting the targeting microwave radiation does not seem to be an option either for collecting evidence. An RF (radio frequency) power meter with an upper detection limit of 3.5 GHz is unable to detect anything higher than low-level background microwave energy (unfocused, like wi-fi). It may be that a higher military frequency band is used to administer the microwaves or alternatively, multiple, low-level beams may be aimed to converge or create standing waves for combined or maximal effect to occur only at the target point itself―-the victim's head--making it undetectable externally. Update 2016: USAFRL research information now available online would indicate that high-power but low duty cycle (average power over time) nanosecond-pulse spikes are used, too fast to be detected by an off-the-shelf power meter. Because of constant surveillance, videotaping some visible weapons effects, such as spasms, as evidence has also not worked out, although I do have some still photos of the distorted facial expression, like a stroke victim, brought on during peak torture. My only other documentary evidence is my copies of the numerous anonymous and taunting e-mails, making delighted double entendre reference to the ongoing electroshock torture, surveillance, harassment and general life hacking―-and encouraging suicide (which for the record is against my religion).



Update 2016: New video evidence

Surveillance Guinea Pig in a Vivarium Along with the torture regime came indicators of surveillance. Anonymous, frequent and bizarre e-mail messages make subtle but knowledgable reference to events from my day-to-day private life, which could only have been known to an observer. This included observation from within all rooms of my home. In other words, the perpetrators themselves notified me of their continual violation of my privacy, 'necessary' to evaluate the weapons effects, and ‘advertised’ probably for the purpose of psychological pressure. Going out of doors does not defeat the (military?) surveillance; nor does changing homes--or countries; bugs (for both audio and video) are quickly installed anew. Harassment Various kinds of harassment seem to be an integral part of the targeting and take many forms (see also ‘Interview’-ed.): •Threatening anonymous messages...“How will you die?”--in a spoof web ad with a cartoon corpse face-down on a pavement (see video above); a nearby cry in the night "I will fucking kill you" -- in a non-English-speaking country; veiled threats against family members, made in e-mails; and many others. •Telephone harassment •Insecurity flags: B&E--signs of regular home break-ins―-too subtle to go to police--such as objects moved within the apartment: window curtains open in the morning that had been closed at night; slippers paired neatly and set by the door--I live alone and don't have a maid... And once, more overtly, a paper poppy 'calling card' left on the coffee table with the tag “Disabled American Veterans.” The break-ins have been on-going. •Blocked bank account (temporary--see ‘Entrapment’); permanent: blocked online banking access: "Nothing can be done". •Enforced isolation: sabotage of relationships; (induced) weakness and fatigue when ventured out-of-doors • Induced illness--Deliberate infection (1x) and triggering of allergic reaction (3x) AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


•Property damage: Slashed tires (many times), etc. •Hacking and Censorship, both on computer disk and of material published on the web : outright alteration/deletion of text; spiked not-yet-published articles (missing on disk); target text changed to tiny font size; text moved out of place; introduction of mistakes, misspellings, typos into text; broken formatting, text jumbled together, substituted similar single words. Scrambled images on a webpage, scrambled or broken links; heavyhanded interference with browsing; closing windows or substitution of image/page; general computer hacking, shutdowns; Data CDs wiped clean (notably containing legal documents). Blocked functionality (video, cd burning). Both the work and the author may be electronically ‘spiked.’ •Blocked internet access : This happened in one (EU) country only In general, the guiding principle of the targeting seems to be at least in part Dr. Martin Seligman’s “learned helplessness” theory (shock-the-dog ‘til it loses the will to leave the cage), the basis of torture-conditioning techniques said to have been employed for abuse at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, which in this case translates as daily electrobeat downs and a baton in the spokes at every turn in day-to-day living.

Street Theater' or 'Gas-Lighting' 3

In this line are the bizarre 'street theater' incidents, too numerous to list but I will mention a few of the stand-outs (which have been telescoped here--not chronological, some came later) : • 'Tails’, Stalkers, Persistent starers • Picture/video takers (and mises en scene/scene set-ups) • A plague of Lolitas AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


• Speeding oncoming cars (where you have to jump)(3x) • A 'North by Northwest'-style swooping helicopter (1x) • Believe it or not (and you couldn't make it up), a statistically impossible, veritable parade of... dwarves and Down's Syndrome sufferers (and one Down’s couple)--people with manifest genetic disorders (in multiple countries)

‘Police dwarf,’ Montreal, 2012

The aim of the mad street theater scenes or incidents may be aimed at character assassination, to discredit the target or his opinion if and when he should report the unbelievable manipulations to anyone. The gas-lighting victim's critical voice is then rendered suspect and neutralized. Some of these may also be mere provocations, aimed at triggering paranoiac or unhinged reactions; may relate to other set-up attempts; or may simply be to frighten the target into silence. In the last example mentioned above, the odd 'casting' may also have something to do with my outspoken criticism of eugenics; or might just be mockery: The targeting victim, by means of torture, also becomes 'disabled' himself. I Become a Political Refugee Around the beginning of the following year I left the US permanently after the targeting, a frame-up attempt and a permanent injury described at the end of this testimony. In a second country, where the torture and targeting continued, I sought legal help (not forthcoming), worked online and continued blogging on national political news.4 There



was another frame-up attempt (see ‘forgery,’ below). In the end an unwelcome asylum seeker, I was deported. After some international travel (and an MRI, looking for evidence, which came back normal) I then settled in an EU country as I am also an EU national thanks to dual citizenship. There, in an out of the ordinary incident, I was immediately effectively blacklisted from working in a chosen field in which I also had qualifications. But I was able to take up journalism again, freelancing for a non-NATO foreign news agency, part-time because of continued targeting. 'Disability' through Torture In the course of this new work I happened to interview several government ministers. During one of the exclusive, sit-down interviews I found the minister’s manner somewhat curious--he was surprisingly complimentary, almost patronizing. I was aware at the time that the same morning of our interview, he had had a visit from the American ambassador. Did the ambassador prepare the ground for the interview by planting a cover story for the torture? I could not confirm this but it stands to reason that she may have told him―-in a smear―-that I had a disability. This would account for his behavior and also would not have been a gratuitous insult: If the local government had me under surveillance in the home (or otherwise had access to the existing video feed), they would have witnessed the daily torture sessions and their effects, which may mimic epilepsy. The ambassador may have been putting out the needed cover story and would have the diplomatic immunity to do so with impunity. In any case, I was unable to find legal help in this third country, where I have also been harassed, now into leaving (power cuts-―only my house; a changed lock on my post office box; blocked internet access; a veiled threat; entrapment attempts, etc.).

Attempts at Legal Entrapment Above and beyond the usual targeting, the expedient of legal entrapment has also been part of the package from the beginning. Here are some (telescoped) examples:



Forgery You make a large deposit by bank cheque into your new bank account and then later find that access to the account is blocked. The bank informs you that the reason is because there’s a problem with the cheque: the numbered amount differs from the written amount. They show you the altered cheque. On your copy of the original draft, the two amounts are the same. The honey trap You meet a woman (who had been following you in her car) who later invites you home where she introduces her underage “daughter” before sending her to bed. Her photographer friend and ‘lodger’ waits upstairs. You flee. An attractive stranger from a boisterous table at a beach bar comes over and introduces herself (‘Nora’), flirts, says she’s drunk, chats for a bit and with a smiling ‘come hither’ nod-of-the-head invite, excuses herself to go to the ladies, visited just after you arrived by the new barman, you'd noticed (installing a 'rape cam'?). You stay put. (Not that you wouldn’t.) A slight female acquaintance in a chance meeting on the street says she's locked out of her flat for the night. Can she stay over? Slips into bed from the couch and then rejects advances (rape charge set-up?). Next morning, she asks you to please go to the bank and try to cash her endorsed (forged?) paycheck (on cctv). She doesn't have her ID and her friend did this for her once before. You tell her to bugger off. Veiled Threats A lawyer might not see this next example as a menace (legally) but taken in context, as part of a pattern, it clearly takes on the aspect of a veiled threat... You go to a terrace cafe to watch a football match. It’s crowded and all the tables are full. The waitress knew you were coming and leads you to a table where a bald, heavily tattooed man sits (executioner). You join him. He speaks broken English. After a short time he says, ‘Look here.’ And beside you under the table he flicks open a large and ugly hunting knife. He says: “I have a collection. Pistols too. 9mm. OK. He mentions that he’s an ex-con. ‘What were you in for?’ ‘Everything.’ You ask what he does now. “I work with bodies. I open them. For the autopsy.’ AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


Later, he adds: ‘There are lots of murders here.’ You think the mysterious stranger may have been put up to this--trying to put a scare into a journalist, in a coached, legally circumspect way. You also believe the man may have been wired, asking some leading questions. You won’t be threatened and you make an appointment with a criminal lawyer. Next you receive an e-mail from another government minister--six weeks after you requested an interview--scheduling one at the same time as your legal appointment. You hand off this assignment to your boss and go to see the lawyer. He knows the element, the guy from the cafe, and his name--a known criminal. But he’s not interested in pursuing the matter when you suggest the man was put up to it. You leave the offices and on the way out the city gate you see ahead a small crowd looking down from the walkway railing to the pavement 30 feet below. There is a corpse... Not long after this, you return home one late afternoon and enter the lift. On the ride up to your floor you look down at the floor where you see fresh red drops of blood. You snap pictures with your phone for the record. They will later disappear, blocked. Seeing the worrying pattern of developing events, you notify your lawyer, by e-mail, for maximum exposure. ‘Noted,’ he says. ‘Not to worry.’ He thinks it’s scare tactics? But he doesn’t know the whole story. You know anything can happen. At this point you are cut loose by your employer. The phone pictures reappear. In the days before your definitive departure, you seem to have acquired some large body guards. Permanent Injury I mentioned that professional torturers don’t normally leave marks. Actually, besides microwave burns, I've suffered two shattered teeth, both perfectly healthy before, which in the absence of accidents, can only be put down to the ringing electrical current of my AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


'treatments.' One of the teeth was reconstructed and the other pulled because fractured. I’ve been unable to interest any lawyer in this. One top local lawyer fought desperately... to stifle his yawning, as I talked of torture and death threats. He then uselessly advised me to go to the police. Another (elsewhere) suggested I go to Iraq ('go to hell').

Sterilization Cancer is another established effect of radiation exposure―-both of the ionizing and nonionizing (RF) types―in the longer-term but without any evidential link. Other permanent damage may have been already done, the evidence of which, childless, I’m frankly afraid to produce―-genetic damage―-another of the effects of high-level (or cumulatively high) radiation exposure. Something happened that leads me to believe that I may have been targeted for this specifically. In the summer shortly after the targeting began, the woman next door--'Claudia' from Germany―invited me to go sailing from the harbor with some other chartered-yacht club members. The four other sailors turned out to be what I would call 'heavies' in the professional boffin sense but who introduced themselves unconvincingly with incongruous, generic cover occupations like 'internet marketer.' One of these (who happened to resemble the late Washington Post columnist Bob Novak) strangely could not bring himself to make eye contact at any time. Another admitted when questioned later (at the after-dinner) that he had worked for the Pentagon contractor Draper Labs, which he had tried to make out as an NGO (non-governmental organization). At dinner he also aired his strong anticommunist political views, without prompting, a strange non sequitur as it happened. Shortly after this outing―-maybe in fact some sort of evaluation, in retrospect--I noticed for the first time in the parking lot of my apartment block a civilian car with a “Go Army” logo on the door. By itself, this needn’t raise suspicion. But I was in for quite a shock soon after. One fine clear-sky summer afternoon as I was sitting comfortably in my living room, out of nowhere a bolt from the blue zapped me; I was gripped in an electric jolt of what felt like low-power lightning. It lasted just a very short time. Without budging, wide-eyed and AMERICAN TORTURE STORY


'thunderstruck,' I looked around and out the window but with no sign of anything amiss. Then, as I was still seated, an aftershock came--my breathing stopped. I am not asthmatic but I was in respiratory arrest-- my breathing reflex was paralyzed. Before too late, the very narrowest of airways barely opened up to keep me going, just. This is acute respiratory distress―-a symptom in actual lightning strike victims. I stayed calm, hoped and waited. After a minute or two I was breathing again. I was surprised to see everything as before, blue sky―-no storm clouds―and nothing out of the ordinary. No one running from the scene, outside. I supposed that the low-power targeting had just been cranked way up. And I feared that I had just been sterilized. A fear that's still with me--a test for genetic damage is not easily had (I am working on it).

Eugenic (Political) Sterilizations In North America and Europe in the 20th century (1930s to mid-70s) hundreds of thousands of individuals were forcibly sterilized under eugenics laws. In Europe, the Nazis sterilized nearly half a million people in one year alone, 1934.5 Dachau concentration camp (which I’ve visited) was established (1933) for political prisoners,6 initially “German Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists, and other political opponents” of the Nazis (--Holocaust Memorial Museum), later to include “the Bolshevik Jews.” Here is a paraphrased description from a concentration camp victim of a Nazi doctor who performed X-ray and surgical sterilizations on the prisoners: I heard a buzzing sound for (several) minutes and felt a general feeling of malaise... When another man (surgical sterilization victim) asked why he was being operated on when he was perfectly healthy, Dr. Dering replied, “Stop barking like a dog.You will die anyway (in the camp).”


◆ [Original testimony here] Notes ‘low-level’: Less than 200 micro-amperes is sufficient for a ‘measure of control of cerebral activity’--Nick Begich. ‘at the head’: they can light you up anywhere, but the head is the usual focus 1



2 ‘Delgado

Effect’ (1950s) -- It is rightly not the practice to name discoveries of scientific phenomena after abusers of science. We use the name of the MKULTRA researcher on electromagnetic brain influence, Jose Delgado, only as a kind of shorthand. [Delgado’s most famous experiment was to stop a charging bull in its tracks by remotely applying heavy electrical current through electrodes attached to the animal’s head.] 3 “Gas-lighting”--Setting

someone up as having an unreliable opinion; From the Hitch-

cock film 'Gaslight' 4 ‘Continued

writing’--Targeting continues consistently, whether I publish or not. It ‘must’ in order to keep up the appearance/cover of a medical problem. Also, it is in part ‘weapons testing.’ Continuing to function and write is a way to fight back by disclosure and by proving the ineffectiveness of the weapons/torture so as to hopefully spare others in future. 5 Edwin Black, War Against the Weak, 2003 6 E. Black, IBM and the Holocaust, 2001 7 Robert Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors, 1986, p283

First published Fall 2014



Internet Controversy

NAZI GHOSTS? Was Gisele Bundchen’s grandfather a Nazi?

Has Tom Brady’s wife got an authoritarian streak? Just asking because it seems Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian model, has been going around suggesting 'worldwide law' to dictate mandatory birth control for the masses, required breast feeding and compulsory condom use (now there's a good pretext for police cameras in your bedrooms). In another bizarre tack, the supermodel allegedly told an interviewer that she feels that her husband's child from a previous relationship is her own ( it's mine, mine, all MEIN ! ). Not that the pronouncements of fashion models need be taken seriously. After all, they're in the business of beauty not brains. But when the last of the supermodel breed makes a spectacle with repeated public comments that beg controversy, then you have to take note (and wonder what exactly the high-profile glamour puss is promoting--is she a budding spokesperson on the world government team?) Speaking of controversy, in 2009 when America's golden couple were (re-)married in Costa Rica, gate crashing paparazzi were not just bounced from the private event but had the rear window of their SUV shot out as they tried to flee with their film―and their lives. The two men, whose agency INF said 'narrowly escaped death' have sued the couple, apparently for lack of criminal prosecution in Costa Rica. Now what better way to share the joy and celebrate the big day than by opening fire on the uninvited guests? What are these people, Nazis? The model, who happens to be of German-descent, has claimed for the record that her family has been in Brazil for six generations. She would have brought up the question of ancestry because of the historical background: The best known emigration of Germans to South America NAZI GHOSTS


was that of Nazi war criminals after WWII, along the so-called Vatican rat lines (search: Bishop Alois Hudal, Rome). Nazis later 'provided security' for some of the (then) fascist South American plantation states, a haven because the personal fiefdom of US Undersecretary of State for Latin American Affairs (1944-45), Nelson Rockefeller. Nearby Argentina was a major post-war destination for (up to 5,000) Nazi war criminals as well as Third Reich treasure. The Nazis got falsified travel documents, so their civil details like date and place of birth would be unreliable. Previous European immigration to the region did occur in the late 19th century. Given the murky history, Bundchen's statement would have been meant to preempt any facile connections being made based just on ethnicity or on the apparent coincidence that Bundchen's hometown of Horizontina (est. 1954) was “colonized by Germans,” as she has also said. It has already been claimed on the internet that Bundchen's grandfather, Walter Bundchen, was a Nazi fugitive. This was impossible to verify on the web, especially with the unusual page redirections. But we did find information that, if true, might bolster the Nazi claim: an obituary of Walter Bundchen (d. Oct. 3, 2010) on the website of the Zero Hora (Zero Hour) newspaper from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where the family's hometown is located. It must be the shortest obit ever of a former mayor of a town with its airport named after him. More importantly, the single paragraph obit said that Walter Bundchen moved to Horizontina "in the late 1940s". It also mentioned that he was born in "Tilings." There is no country name given and there is no Tilings in Brazil. Unfortunately, the obit disappeared from the newspaper's website very shortly after we'd found it, here : The page now lists "No results" for that name (Summer 2012). The newspaper archives there in Porto Alegre are not invulnerable either. Update Summer 2016: Zero Hora’s obit of Walter Bundchen has reappeared, completely rewritten and contradicting the earlier, removed one cited above. It is also predated to 5 Oct. 2010. It now says Bundchen was born (not in Tilings but) in Lajeado, Brazil. Bundchen died at age 84, according to the new obit, making his year of birth 1926. So we have the same local newspaper publishing very contradictory obits of the same man, with the first de-listed and then the later one’s posted date falsified, among other data presumably.

Everywhere else on the net the man is listed as born in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, Feb. 23, 1916. But there is a problem with that information. If this place of birth clashes with the local obit, the date of birth contradicts widespread media reports of the celebrity couple's visit as newlyweds to Horizontina to celebrate the grandfather's 83rd birthday in March 2009. The celebrity news stories citing the grandfather's age in 2009 would indicate that Walter was born in 1926 instead of 1916, the prevalent date. Clearly then, some confusion about the date and place of birth. Curious. NAZI GHOSTS


As for the golden couple, they've put down roots in California, the Patriot husband's home turf. As chance would have it, it's also the one state in the union that had a governor (Schwarzenegger) who professed to "admire Hitler" and whose father was a Nazi officer, member of the SA. Maybe not the ideal PR move for Giselle, under the circumstances. America’s Golden Couple To be sure, no one is responsible for the sins of the father (much less grandfather). And it’s possible that the whole web controversy over whether there’s an ugly Nazi skeleton in the beauty's closet could have something to do with jealousy of the model madchen and her sculpted Tom Terrific. Either way, they would seem to fit the bill as the perfect poster-couple specimen of ubermenschen for the flag-filled stadium Jumbotrons, under ‘Patriot’ fly-overs, in their totalitarian neo-fascist homeland. Whatever the case, Ms. Bundchen would probably be better off going back to promoting beauty products rather than floating public comments that have the air of revealing trial-balloons for a frightening New World Order. Now about that Lauren-Bush marriage... Ralph Lauren Sends in the Troops Olympic Stadium Martial Look: Team USA entrance at London 2012 Parade of Nations



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FIFA’S WORLD CUP DIVE Germany My Foot--A Tainted Victory in World Cup 2014 Oh what a fine tournament it was? For these times maybe. Like a con man’s mark doing a double take, it’s worth asking yourself ‘What just happened here?’

Two extraordinary in-game incidents--a hallmark of match-fixing--involving none other than the captain of the most-favored team--Brazil--and the sport’s top-scorer last season--Luis Suarez--marked the 2014 World Cup and sent the two top players in Germany’s way out of the competition, paving the way for the German win. Germany had to go up against either Brazil or Suarez’s Uruguay--whichever came through the July 04 quarter-finals face-off. Uruguay, with 31-goal scoring Suarez on board, might well have eliminated them, just as host Brazil--favorite at 3-to-1 going in @Las Vegas--may well have done, armed with its captain Neymar. But as it happened in the dodgy world of FIFA football, Suarez bit the dust against Italy June 24, in the Natal Bite incident. Deprived of the two-time player of the year, Uruguay was eliminated in its very next match, in the June 28 Round of 16, by Colombia.

Suarez enjoys a bite of Italian Italy-Uruguay, June 24, 2014 FIFA’S WORLD CUP DIVE


Colombia in its following match on July 4, put the vicious, back-breaking hit on the Brazilian captain that knocked him--and ultimately Brazil--out of the competition. Up to then, Neymar already had four goals and Brazil had probably the tournament's finest goal--Luiz's free kick wonder-goal, in this same match.


Before it became clear that Neymar had been knocked out for good, sports writers had been predicting a Brazil win over Germany. Without the Zuniga hit on Brazil and the Suarez ban, Germany might well have been eliminated in the semis on July 8, facing a full-strength Brazil or Uruguay. The Pay-off? On July 11, a few days before the final, the announcement came that Suarez had been released from his Liverpool contract, with four years remaining, to nearly double his pay package in a transfer to Barcelona. The Liverpool owner--the American John Henry--had stated publicly 08/ 08/2013 that Suarez would not be let out of his earlier contract, with three years left, before Suarez made a U-turn to sign up for a four-year extension Dec. 2013 for £40m. Now after events of the World Cup, Suarez gets to break his contract and transfer out of Liverpool to Barca, as well as a £75m package over five years--a 50 percent raise of £5m yearly. The transfer was "not allowed to be publicly unveiled" by FIFA [ostensibly as part of the ban], conveniently keeping what may have been the result of shady dealings out of the limelight. Similarly, in the post-tournament recap program “All the Goals”--a comprehensive video review of highlights from match one to the final in all groups--the Suarez bow-out bite incident was entirely air brushed out of history--not included in the edit and not even referred to--although the Neymar hit was included. More irregularity--distorted discipline For his part, FIFA's Colombian hit man Juan Zuniga goes scot free--there was no ban, penalty or fine whatsoever imposed against him for what was “not a normal challenge”(--Neymar) but a FIFA’S WORLD CUP DIVE


deliberate criminal act that broke a man’s back (vertebrae) and reportedly nearly caused permanent paralysis to the Brazilian captain. By contrast, the over-hyped Suarez overbite--which caused no injury to the chomped Italian-resulted in a four-month ban that would sideline the sport’s top-scorer for the rest of the World Cup tournament. FIFA’s disproportionate discipline on the one hand--where a yellow or red card would have done--and blind eye to a blind-siding on the other--where a serious injury occurred--reeks of corruption, along with the rest of the tale. As to the wherefores and whys of FIFAs maneuverings, lets face it. Germany (and EU head Merkel) can use the PR. And yet more irregularity--FIFA’s suspect replay refusal Although FIFA relented in a limited way to longstanding demands for 21st century technical oversight of the rampantly questionable officials by allowing "goal line technology," it still refused to back down on not allowing replays that would eliminate the ridiculous diving that plagues the sport and for many, ruins the flow of the matches. This refusal is suspect because the only bona fide reason to take that position is to preserve the great leeway and influence that referees have on the outcome--a situation that further facilitates match fixing. Sign of the Times Impossible to close an article on a German World Cup victory taking place in Brazil without mentioning Gisele Bundchen, the model who presented the World Cup trophy at the July 13 final in Rio. As her surname would suggest, the Brazilian is of German ancestry, hence her presence. Though she has claimed that her family has been in Brazil for six generations, counterclaims on the internet have said that there is compelling evidence that suggests her grandfather, Walter Bundchen, was one of the Nazi fugitive ol’ Boys from Brazil. In which case, she would have been the perfect presenter of FIFA’s 2014 World Cup in Brazil as a sort of additional, homecoming trophy to “the German heroes” (--BBC). First published July 15, 2014 FIFA’S WORLD CUP DIVE


UEFA CAMPAIGN SOWS RACISM Italy Win, Anglo Media Smear

Media Hooligans: ‘Italians are Violent, Cheats’ Euro 2012, Italy vs. England coverage

Talk about sore losers! Despite UEFA's very visible anti-racism campaign in the Euro 2012 tournament, it seems that the pitting of nation vs nation, even just at competitive sport, may still degenerate into ethnic stereotyping. Not that hooligans have run amok making embarrassing racist displays in the stands. They have not. The problem has come rather from the besuited yobs of Anglophone corporate media, not missing the opportunity the tournament gives to sow more division among the masses--in a brief respite from beating their war drums (speaking of violence)--while launching crypto-racist attacks on their vanquishers at football.

Case 1: Canadian TV’s Global News (Shaw Communications) Subtext: Italians are violent, passionate

Canada’s Global News: Italy=mafia

Following Italy’s victory over England June 24 in the Euro 2012 tournament, Shaw Communication’s Canadian TV news ran a video piece from Toronto, a city sometimes called a ‘clean, safe MORE MEDIA HATE


New York,’ on the city’s Italian community. Entitled “Soccer fans return to Little Italy,” the report is set at a “Sicilian” cafe where an alleged mob hit (of one John Raposo) recently took place. The reporter links the incident to a second recent shooting in Toronto three weeks prior, where the “victims were again targeted”-- the innuendo falsely suggesting a wave of mafia violence. The disingenuous report fails to mention that the earlier incident, a mall shooting, was determined to be street gang-related (not mob), with suspect and victims alike bearing distinctly non-Latin names. Furthermore, why should fans hesitate to return to the crime scene cafe if it was a targeted hit, not random violence that took place there? If the basis or ‘hook’ of the story is false (on two counts), then what’s really its point? Let’s not let facts or logic get in the way of a good smear. The stage is set. Cut to interview of Italian fan, questioned in the video about rash of Toronto shootings, with the name ‘ITALIA’ writ large, as subtitle, emblazoned on his T-shirt. Urban shootings. Italia. Where is the theme from The Godfather?

No, it’s safe.

After showing other Azzurri fans cheering their team at the cafe, the hit piece ends with a shot of a large Italian flag borne by supporters on the street, and the voiceover “Today wasn’t about violence [for once] but about passion.” Another negative stereotype, for good measure, from the Anglo losers (in the match). Final frame, for opera fans, sends in the clowns...

Rat-a-tat-tat. Above images copyright Shaw Communications Global News MORE MEDIA HATE


Case 2 : If You Can’t Beat ’em, Smear ’em... UK Daily Mail (Richard Littlejohn)

Subtext--We Lost to Italian Cheats That’s an unusual name, by the way. Richard Littlejohn. Swapped the Dick for John was it? Excerpt from June 24 account of England-Italy match:

“A promising England attack was halted by the referee when an Italian defender conformed to national stereotype [my italics] and went to ground clutching his face after Scott Parker had accidentally brushed his shoulder. We groaned. Get up you cheat....” Italian player... “conform[s] to national stereotype” [confirming national stereotype], allegedly cheating by taking a dive, af-ter a gentle English sportsman accidentally brushed his shoulder. If we’re going to sink to ethnic name calling, what name then for the English players, who during the same match put cleats to body and thrust fist toward face (Hart) of opponents...? Groin stompers ? It brings to mind the iconic moment in a 2006 World Cup match in Gelsenkirchen, when England favorite Wayne Rooney ground boot to groin of the fallen Ricardo Carvalho of Portugal...(see Telegraph uk April 26, 2011)... England go for the balls

Never mind the stands UEFA. Look instead to the Anglophone media, but not for ‘respect.’ ◊

First published Summer 2012



Young Nagasaki survivors

c. Shogo Yamamata

REMEMBER THE A-BOMB Testaments to Barbarity of War from Hiroshima and Nagasaki Re-post Hiroshima Witnesses' Accounts Transcripts translated from the French (AFP) TESTIMONY OF YOSHITAKA KAWAMOTO

Mr. Yoshitaka Kawamoto was 13 years old at the time of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. He was in a classroom at Zakoba-cho, 0.8 kilometers away from the hypocenter. He is now the director of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, telling visitors from all over the world what the atomic bomb did to the people of Hiroshima. KAWAMOTO: One of my classmates, I think his name was Fujimoto, he pointed outside the window saying, "A B-29 is coming." He kept pointing outside with his finger. So I began to get up from my chair and asked him, "Where is it?" Looking in the direction he was pointing towards, I was still getting out of my seat when it happened. All I can remember was a bright lightning flash for two or three seconds. Then I collapsed. I don't know how much time passed before I came to. It was awful, awful. The smoke was coming in from somewhere above the debris [of the ruined school building.] Sandy dust was flying around. I was trapped under the debris and I was in terrible pain and that's probably why I came to. I couldn't move an inch. Then I heard about 10 of my surviving classmates singing our school song. I remember that. I could hear sobs. Someone was calling his mother. But those who were still alive were singing the school song for as long as they could. I think I joined the chorus. REMEMBER THE A-BOMB


We thought that someone would come and help us out. That's why we were singing a school song so loud. But nobody came to help, and we stopped singing one by one. In the end, I was singing alone. Then I started to feel fear creeping in. I started to feel my way out pushing the debris away little by little, using all my strength. Finally I cleared the things around my head. And with my head sticking out of the debris, I realized the scale of the damage. The sky over Hiroshima was dark. Something like a tornado or a big fire ball was storming throughout the city. I was only injured around my mouth and around my arms. But I lost a good deal of blood from my mouth, otherwise I was OK. I thought I could make my way out. But I was afraid at the thought of escaping alone. We had been going through drills everyday, and they had told us that running away by oneself is an act of cowardice, so I thought I must take somebody along with me. I crawled over the debris, trying to find someone still alive. Then I found one of my classmates lying alive. I held him up in my arms. It is hard to tell [what I saw]. His skull was cracked open, his flesh was hanging down from his head. He had only one eye left, and it was looking right at me. First, he was mumbling something but I couldn't understand him. He started to bite his finger nail. I took his finger out from his mouth. And then I held his hand, then he started to reach for his notebook in his chest pocket, so I asked him, I said, ``You want me to take this along to hand it over to your mother?'' He nodded. He was going to faint. But still I could hear him crying out, saying â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mother, Mother.â&#x20AC;? I thought I could take him along. I guess that his body below the waist was crushed. The lower part of his body was trapped, buried inside of the debris. He couldn't go, he told me to go away. And by that time, another wing of the school building, or what used to be the school building, had caught on fire. I tried to get to the playground. Smoke filled the air, but I could see the white sandy earth beneath. I thought this must be the playground, then I started to run in that direction. I turned back and I saw my classmate Wada looking at me. I still remember the situation and it still appears in my dreams. I felt sorry for him, but it was the last time I ever saw him. As I was running, hands were trying to grab my ankles, they were asking me to take them along. I was only a child then. And I was horrified at so many hands trying to grab me. I was in pain, too. So all I could do was to get free of them, it's terrible to say, but I kicked their hands away. I still feel bad about that. I went to Miyuki Bridge to get some water. At the river bank, I saw so many people collapsed there. And the small steps to the river were jammed, filled with people pushing their way to the water. I was small, so I could push through to the river along the small steps. The river was filled with dead people. I had to push the bodies aside to drink the muddy water. We didn't know anything about radioactivity at that time. I stood in the water and so many bodies were floating REMEMBER THE A-BOMB


away along the current. I can't find the words to describe it. It was horrible. I was horrified. Instead of going into the water, I climbed up the river bank. I couldn't move. I couldn't see my shadow. I looked up and I saw the cloud--the mushroom cloud growing in the sky. It was very bright. It had so much heat showed the colors of the rainbow...Looking at the cloud, I thought I would never be able to see my mother again, I wouldn't be able to see my younger brother again. And then, I lost consciousness. When I came to, it was about seven in the evening. I was in the transportation bureau at Ujina. I found myself lying on the floor of a warehouse. And an old soldier was looking in my face. He gave me a light slap on the cheek and he said, "You are a lucky boy." He told me that he had gone with one of the few trucks left to collect the victims' corpses at Miyuki Bridge. They were loading bodies like sacks. They picked me up from the river bank and threw me on top of the pile. My body slid off and when they grabbed me by the arm to put me back onto the truck, they felt that my pulse was still beating, so they put me onto the truck carrying survivors. I was very lucky. But I couldn't stand for about a year. I was so weak. My hair came off, even the hair in my nose fell out. My hair started to fall out about two weeks later. I became completely bald. I lost my eyesight...I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see for about three months. But I was only thirteen, I was still young, and I was still growing when I was hit by the A-bomb. So about one year later, I regained my health. I recovered good health. Today I am still working as you can see. As the director of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, I am handing down my message to the children who visit. I want them to learn about Hiroshima. And when they grow up, I want them to hand down the message accurately to the next generation. I'd like to see them conveying good judgment so that mankind will not be led to annihilation. That is our responsibility.


Yoshito Matsushige was a 32-year old photographer for the Hiroshima Chugoku Newspaper until August 6, 1945. On that day he was at home, 2.7 kilometers from ground zero when the A-bomb was dropped at 8:15 a.m. In the ruins of the city after the bombing, he was able to take five photographs which have become important historical documents. MATSUSHIGE: I had finished breakfast and was getting ready to go to the newspaper when it happened. There was a flash from the indoor wires as if lightning had struck. I didn't hear any sound--how shall I say--the world around me turned bright white. And I was momentarily REMEMBER THE A-BOMB


blinded, as if a magnesium light had lit up in front of my eyes. Immediately after that, the blast came. I was bare from the waist up, and the blast was so intense, it felt like hundreds of needles were stabbing me all at once. The blast blew out the walls of the first and second floor. I could barely see the room because of all the dust. I pulled my camera and clothes...out from under the mound of debris, and I got dressed. I thought I would go to either the newspaper or to the office. That was about 40 minutes after the blast. Near the Miyuki Bridge, there was a police box. Most of the victims who had gathered there were junior high school girls. They had been mobilized to evacuate buildings and they were outside when the bomb fell. Having been directly exposed to the heat of the blast, they were covered with blisters, the size of balls, on their backs, their faces, their shoulders and their arms. The blisters were starting to burst open and their skin hung down like melted wax. Some of the children even had burns on the soles of their feet. They'd lost their shoes and run barefoot through the burning fire. When I saw this, I thought I would take a picture and I picked up my camera. But I couldn't push the shutter release because the sight was so pathetic. Even though I too was a victim of the same bomb, I only had minor injuries from glass fragments, whereas these people were dying. It was such a cruel sight that I couldn't bring myself to press the shutter. I hesitated there for perhaps about 20 minutes. But I finally summoned up the courage to take one picture. Then, I moved four or five meters forward to take a second picture. Even today, I clearly remember how the view finder was obscured with my tears. I felt that everyone was looking at me and thinking angrily, "He's taking our picture and will bring us no help at all." Still, I had to press the shutter, so I hardened my heart and finally I took the second shot. Those people must have duly thought me cold-hearted. Then I saw a burned-out streetcar which had just turned the corner at Kamiya-cho. There were passengers still in the car. I put my foot onto the steps of the car and I looked inside. There were perhaps 15 or 16 people in the front of the streetcar. They lay dead one on top of another. Kamiya-cho was very close to ground zero, about 200 meters away. The passengers had all had their clothes burned off of them. They say that when you are terrified, you tremble and your hair stands on end. And I felt just this tremble when I saw that scene. I stepped in to take a picture and I put my hand on my camera. But I felt so sorry for those dead and naked people, whose photo would be left to posterity, that I couldn't take the shot. Also, in those days we weren't allowed to publish photographs of corpses in the newspapers.



After that, I walked. I walked through the section of town which had been hit hardest. I walked for close to three hours. But I couldn't take even one picture of that central area. There were other photographers in the [Mitsubishi] shipping group and at the newspaper as well. But the fact that not a single one of them was able to take pictures seems to indicate just how brutal the bombing actually was. I don't pride myself on it, but it's a small consolation that I was able to take at least five pictures. During the war, air-raids took place practically every night. And after the war began, there were many food shortages. Those of us who experienced all these hardships hope that such suffering will never be experienced again by our children and grandchildren. Not only our children and grandchildren, but all future generations should not have to go through such horror. That is why I want young people to listen to our testimonies and to choose the right path, the path which leads to peace. Originally posted 06.Aug.2005 12:56 link




The Eugenic War on Fertility  
The Eugenic War on Fertility  

Alert! Natural fertility is being sabotaged with pesticide-carrying GM food, as seen in Brazil. The gay push campaign is meant to re-define...