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Metaphysics (from Greek: (meta) = “after”, (phúsis) = “nature”) is the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the nature of the world. It is the study of being or reality.

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May 2014 • Page 1

The May 2014

EVERYWHERE, WORLD International Labyrinth Day

How Buddhist?

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Three Poems & Commentaries

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Peter Fortunato, MFA, CHT

I often remind people that the historical Buddha, Sakyamuni, did not refer to himself as a “Buddhist,” and that the Dharma or “Law” he taught can be thought of simply as an exposition on “the way things go.” Well – how do they go? Most of us can attest that as Buddhism’s First Noble Truth teaches, things just don’t seem to stay in place – in fact, they often go in directions we hadn’t intended, at last falling apart and becoming otherwise lost, just as we ourselves will in the end lose our own lives. Despite our best efforts to make do, to make happy, to accent the

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Nowella & Uncle Threadbear

by Oren Pierce, B.A. , B.S, M.S.G.

Recap of Nowella story up to here: Our Nowella's mother was a Black BEAR, and her father was a White MAN; but her mother had always told Nowella that her father was a white BEAR: a POLAR Bear who had left for the pole not long after their wedding. Nowella spent many years wandering the globe, looking for the father who wasn't, before she gave up the search and developed a friendship with a dog whom she followed home. She became a house bear, settling in with a cast of,

May 2014 • Page 3 forgotten, and neglected companion bears, who lived in a steamer trunk among a jumble of castoffs, Halloween costumes, and dress-up clothing. While closed for long periods in complete darkness, there were but two alternatives: unconsciousness or stories. Most of the story telling was done by old Uncle Threadbear, who based his recollections on what he had learned during one accidental trip in a fishing creel where he had happened to be taking a nap, and on the boxes of books, National Geoghraphics, and Sport Fishing magazines he found in the closets and on the bathroom reading shelf. Threadbear's fishing stories were full of technical details and obscure nature facts … but the captive audience of other bears paid close attention whether they understood or not … like Lamb, whose interruption to ask if he or she could "learn to fly a fish" so thoroughly exasperated Threadbear, that they could see tiny jets of saw-dust poofing from the pin-holes of his fabric. Flying a fish? How could he possibly be more completely misunderstood? Of course, asking him demonstrate fly casting when he DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A FLY ROD, was asking a lot.

Chapter 10 The Silence of the Bears Threadbear sat back limp and still as a sock, looking at a point in space where there was no fly rod. Now Nowella was a very crafty bear, but in all her years of foraging for food, fishing had been mostly a tooth and claw affair. Continued on page #32

Metaphysical Times


May 2014 • Page 4 Rambling Along the Metaphysical Path


re e h e r a

PETER FORTUNATO How Buddhist? Three Poems & Commentaries



Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

3 4

I'm not sure, it could be just "Putting a cart before a horse." I think I will go to wikipedia and check out just what the definition of "Self-Fulfilling Prophesy" is. Wikipedia is always right (this is a satirical statement). Is that a “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy"?


DON BRENNAN Just the Facts (Reiki Part VIII


DENNIS COLE Sun Sign Potentials - Taurua


BOB CANINO Air Ships, Angels and Aliens UFOs in the 19th Century



MARY GILLILAND Blackbilled Cukoo.


KRIS FASO Peace is already there waiting.



Well, I suppose I should write a rambling column about “Self-Fulfilling Prophesies,” since we put it in FaceBook that there was an article by me called “Self-Fulfilling Prophesies.” Is that a “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy"?



"Self-Fulfilling Prophesies"

or "Be careful out there, the future really is in our hands"


OREN PIERCE Nowella and Uncle Threadbear Chapters 10, 11 and 12

By Georgia E. Cuningham Publisher, Metaphysical Times

Alright now hum some hold music, something not too annoying and just your personal favorite. Hum - hum - hum - hum. "A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior. Although examples of such prophecies can be found in literature as far back as ancient Greece and ancient India, it is 20th-century sociologist Robert K. Merton who is credited with coining the expression "self-fulfilling prophecy" and formalizing its structure and consequences. In his book Social Theory and Social Structure, Merton defines self-fulfilling prophecy in the following terms: e.g. when Roxanna falsely believes her marriage will fail, her fears of such failure actually cause the marriage to fail." That's what they say in wikipedia. In the metaphysical business however, it can be a little more frightening than that. Fortune Tellers, Voo-Doo practitioners, psychics of all sorts, whether they believe in their prophesy or not can bring a client to believe in a prophesy so fiercely that "it happens." Good news or bad news. It will happen. The client "looks" for the cure, feels better, feels worse, the curse, the romance, the breakdown of their romance. It can be the metaphysical "placebo." They say a placebo works 30% of the time.


Whether the client, customer, patient believes it or not. The placebo works. Be careful what you predict.

Metaphysical Times

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presents its 5th Annual

Psychic Fair

Saturday July 12, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Sunday, July 13, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Onondaga Community College • Whitney Hall 4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215

Public Welcome - Lectures Free w/admission


The Northeast’s best known Readers and Healers will be available for consultations Books • Herbs • Jewelry available for purchase


Saturday July 12, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Sunday, July 13, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Atrium in Whitney AT Center • Onondaga Community College



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Admission $6 ($1 off w/coupon) • 2-day Pass $9 Admission Only $2 when you present proof of Gem Show admission

Metaphysical Times How Buddhist? continued from page #1 positive and reject the negative, and even if our own lives turn out to be fairly satisfactory, when we look around, most of us will concur with the Buddha that suffering is unavoidable. But the Buddha Dharma also teaches that there is a solution to our problematic condition, practical measures we can take to avoid unnecessary suffering. What’s more, it points out a way to become free from the chains of cause and effect that bind us to painful rebirth in cyclic existence, or Samsara. Of paramount importance to the Buddhist perspective is the impermanence, not only of our own human situation, but of all aggregates – that is, of all created things, material and nonmaterial. Modern science also attests to the composite nature of the universe and its inevitable dissolution, and at its leading edge, it searches for a thing, a particle that might be established as the most essential. “Higgs boson” is the current title holder. Sakyamuni proclaimed that such a search is in vain. Based on his deep observation of himself and of all things in the world, or dharmas, he concluded that the universe arises out of its myriad parts through an interdependent process often translated as “dependent origination” or “codependent origination.” Buddhism doesn’t trouble itself too much with the theoretical question of what came before or what comes after the universe we know. This is because theorizing about such a before or after lands one in the realm of duality, which Buddhism regards as a flawed and partial picture of our actual condition; a delusion, in other words, from which reason is incapable of extracting us.

May 2014 • Page 6 Moreover, Buddhism is eminently practical: it’s about living in the day to day world sanely and humanely. The Dharma teaches one to embody the paradox that the relative truths of ordinary existence can co-exist with a truth that transcends dualism and suffering. Mahayana Buddhism in particular posits that life’s highest aim is to actualize this awareness, which is called the Perfection of Wisdom. This unlimited state is “empty” of all describers, and it is referred to as “unborn.” It is a state free of becoming, birth, change and death. Blissfully free even of such concepts as transcendence or Nirvana, this is the source of all the Buddhas’ compassionate activity. As a person practicing in this tradition, I don’t devalue earthly pleasures, or deny my wish for joy and the joy for others; nor do I pretend my pain and the pain of others is unfelt or unreal. I try to regard all phenomena as ephemeral and insubstantial – as the classical similes put it: like reflections in a mirror, like melting dew drops, like flashes of lightning in the sky.


words I speak holding a treasured keepsake, the mirror itself holding her reflected photograph behind me. This looking glass in its blue beveled frame that rested on her dressing table where she combed her hair, examined her profile, and with lipstick, liner and mascara dazzled me, her son who saw her transformation.

*Today is the day of her birth.

My own image standing in my bedroom vanity is doubled back, while in her handheld mirror I reverse familiar sights: turning the glass just so, under thinning hair I see my skull. * Present is past, is a name for looking back at what sees me. It’s no surprise my mother’s words arrive: Are any of the Buddhas women? We were in a gallery, I was lecturing about the statuary. She smiled, so like one of the images I could scarcely begin to answer. They look like women to me, she said. *Prajnaparamita, Mother of the Buddhas, source of all the wakened-up ones -Buddha means that.

Of course they’re women, I wish I’d said. I put down the glass, turn to face her lovely face in the photograph. ***************************************

It’s become relatively common these days for people who are searching for a tradition of spirituality or ethics to wonder aloud if they “might be Buddhist.” Because of its non-dogmatic, non-theistic philosophy, because of its emphasis on continued on page #14

Metaphysical Times


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P t Dog’s








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Metaphysical Times Twenty seventh in a continuing series by Sue-Ryn

Left Behind

one cat's journey back home Our dog Chloe introduced me to Cali, though I was aware of her presence in the neighborhood for a while. She is a smallish cat missing two thirds of her tail. Calico cats are usually female, hence I knew she was a girl. I didn't think she was a feral, because most of the ferals in our neighborhood are stripey or Holstein in marking. I felt she was probably one who came to camp or stay at a cottage with people and got left behind. This is not at all uncommon in the area, in fact my husband had a tortoise shell cat when we met who had been “left behind”. Neighbors said they had seen two kittens with her at last summer's end, but had not seen them since. I'm pretty sure I'd seen her duking it out with our former cat one evening last summer. When I met her it was mid- January and she had taken to hunting our bird feeders. I started leaving dry food for her under a storage trailer where she liked to hide, despite Chloe telling the neighborhood there was a cat in her yard. I tried making a shelter for her on the less windy side of the house and while I did see tracks, she didn't go there more than a couple of times. Finally I called my neighbors to find out if she was still eating at their house. Of course when you call folks at their cell phone number, you never know where they are. This particular call found them down south escaping the cold and staying on for a few more days. . . so I put food out more often. I told them I planned to trap her in a hHavahart if possible and then get her to one of the domestic rescue people in the area.

May 2014 • Page 8

I started noticing her tracks heading out behind the rehab shed, again due to Chloe's attentions. One day in early February I noticed she was basking behind a row of heavy glass aquariums stored on their sides on a shelf back there. Smart little cat had found the warmest spot in the yard. I set up another shelter out of a cat carrier covered with a waterproof sheet and stuffed with cozy fleece and saw her sitting on top of it a few times. I also started to feed her out there. Since I was feeding the two Possums twice daily, Cali started getting meals on the same schedule. She seemed to have a den of some sort under a pile of scrap lumber where she would run and hide every time I came out with food. I observed the lack of shelter use and made a new one out of a larger carrier, and I know by the cat hairs inside that she used it during the days. Having a sheltered spot nearby also allowed Cali to scare off the red squirrel and blue jays who were scavenging her meals when she wasn't around. The feedings got more intense as the weather got wilder. I spent more than a few stormy nights hoping and praying she was safe and out of the weather. The neighbors ended up fostering a dog for a family member and Cali pretty much moved to our yard. Sometime in March Cali started meowing to me when I went out to feed her, so I started talking to her. I started letting her know I was coming with food and she started not running quite all the way under her wood pile. On really cold days I would go out at noon and leave extra dry food for her. Caring for her became part of the rhythm of our days. On spring equinox day when I went out with breakfast, she only ran about four feet away. I held her wet fishy smelling food down near the ground to see if she would come closer. She came right over. I put my free hand down to see what she would do. She sniffed my hand and purred. Since I was wearing a well padded jacket, I decided to try and pick her up. She started head butting and purring and loving me up as

Metaphysical Times soon as I held her and you could have knocked me down with a feather. The feedings took on a new dimension of loving her up and checking her out. Her ears are a little thickened around the edges from frostbite and her nose also has a little thickening from the cold. Her stubby little tail will eventually need some attention, though it seems to have healed up well enough for now. That tail is not well furred, which makes me suspect a trap may have been involved. We're all pretty certain she spent last winter, spring, summer, fall, plus this second winter out on her own. She is incredibly aware of her surroundings at all times, that's how she survived living on her own in such a wild place. In late March I moved her into our attached garage. After contacting my local vet, I contacted Alley Cat Rescue in Alexandria Bay and they covered the costs of having Cali spayed. We housed her in an extra large dog crate that held her kitty pan, food, water with flower essences, and a bed box that had a heating pad under the blankets while she recovered from surgery. We took turns visiting her out there. Meanwhile, we started contemplating introducing Cali to Lovey,the eight and a half year old kitty we'd adopted in January. We wanted an older cat who didn't need to go outside and eat birds. We are blessed to know many cat lovers, and their experience, wisdom and support has been invaluable during this continuing adventure. Not having a lot of doors in our home made it impossible to use the Jackson Galaxy technique of feeding them near a partially cracked open door to get them used to each other. We also have a hard time “just ignoring them” when they decide to get after each other. Many have told us it

May 2014 • Page 9 took their cats a while to adjust to each other and settle down. We also know folks whose cats have never completely adjusted to each other. Cali, who spends nights and partial days in the garage, has shown no interest in going back outside, even when I have left the door open while doing chores. Lovey, who is de-clawed, probably never went outside, and may well have lost her former owner to a nursing home, has decided stepping out onto the deck is a wonderful adventure, as long as the door is propped open so she can race back inside every thirty seconds. She only goes out if some one is with her.

I will always be grateful for Cali's gift of trust and for deepening my understanding of just how attached we become to the animals we care for. I always try to let people know how the story ends when they bring me a wild creature to care for. In wild life rehabilitation, the goal is returning to the wild. Releasing them to it is not always easy, there are many habitat requirements and survival aspects to be considered. Domestic rescue is similar but different. Finding the perfect home for a rescued domestic creature has a different list of requirements plus the dependance on a human heart. Cali will be a wonderful companion no matter who she ends up living with; meanwhile she is free to finish her kitten-hood and avoid adding more feral cats to the population. She's smart, attentive, playful, and really seems to appreciate her creature comforts. My hope is that wherever she ends up the people appreciate how much she has been through on her journey from being left behind to coming home again.

Their temperament and age differences seem to work against a peaceful coexistence. One domestic rescue friend has gotten a reservation for Cali at a private cat adoption program that sounds like our best option. An animal communicator friend has been working with us since February and feels an older kitty might be a better companion for Lovey. We know that baby season or the busy season is baring down on us and we really need to be able to release rehabilitated songbirds in our yard without When I took Cali to the rescuers, she was any feline interference. scooped up, held close, and enthusiastically appreciated for her beauty and her loud purr. I made a hasty exit, hoping not to come unglued. Upon returning home I took down her cage and made sure Lovey knew the interloper was gone from the garage. We enjoyed a cuddle, watching Robins hunt worms as the rain turned to snow.

Watching either cat “window hunt” makes me hope they both remain indoor cats!

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Just The Facts Part VIII

by Don Brennan Mrs. Hawayo Takata, the American woman who brought Reiki to the West, loved to tell stories to illustrate her teachings. She had a wonderful sense of humor and her stories were both entertaining and instructive, as she drew from her life’s experiences. But, not all of her stories were based on fact. The most well known of these was the story of Usui being a Christian minister and president of Doshisha University, a Christian school in Kyoto, when he supposedly set out on a quest to learn how Jesus performed his healing. When we look at history and also cultural and geographical circumstances, we see some of the challenges she faced in teaching Americans an esoteric form of healing with Buddhist sounding terminology from Japan. After all, this was Hawaii, where there was still resentment toward the Japanese for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, decades earlier. So she did what she had to do to make Reiki more user friendly to Westerners and to preserve her own safety. Although she didn’t start teaching Reiki classes

May 2014 • Page 10 until the sixties, she began her professional practice of Reiki as soon as she became a Reiki Master in 1938. Before December 7, 1941, her office sign advertised “Reiki” in English, with Japanese kanji at the bottom. After the attack, the sign displayed only English and she changed Reiki to “Short Wave Treatments,” a more neutral, scientific sounding name.

that Dr. Hayashi told Mrs. Takata, “Never teach a Reiki class for free. For then it has no value. The people will not value it enough to use it.” He also added, “You can return your gratitude to them by treating them when they need a treatment.”

And indeed, she was generous with her Reiki treatments. She sometimes treated people for as long as two hours on a daily Another fabrication was the story of Usui basis, sometimes for months. She charged living a meager existence in a slum in or- people who could afford to pay and gave der to heal beggars so they could find gain- Reiki for free to those who couldn’t. ful employment. It seemed that these people had no appreciation for being healed Clearly, Mrs. Takata had a deep love and and returned to begging because they were respect for Reiki and she wanted others to simply too lazy to work. It seems that they have that same sense of appreciation. She placed no value on their healing because may not have been completely aware of they paid nothing for it. all the human dynamics, but she gained insight into human issues of self-worth, The only part of this story that is true, is gratitude and gracious giving and receivthat Usui worked very hard to bring Reiki ing. healing to the homeless. However, the homeless were not beggars, they were two Who we are today, has to do with all that hundred thousand of the two and a half we’ve been through in this life. This afmillion people who had lost their homes in fects our identity and sense of self-worth. the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Most human beings, at their very core, feel unworthy. It’s true that victim consciousBut the story does bring up important is- ness may allow us to feel that we deserve sues about gratitude and appreciation. It to receive something because we’ve sufmay also reveal some inner conflicts Mrs. fered somehow as victims, but this is not Takata had for charging a lot of money for the same as feeling worthy of receiving. Reiki classes. Because of her ancestry and We can also delude ourselves into believher poverty while growing up, she felt like ing that we are privileged and deserve ena second-class citizen. She saw how mon- titlement, but again this is not feeling worey made such a difference in the way that thy of receiving. people were treated. In some of her stories, she described herself as a “country girl,” who was easily taken advantage of by city slickers in the big city. Naivety, low self-esteem and a naturally generous spirit made her easy prey. As she began her formal Reiki teaching, she described previous experiences of training neighbors for free. Instead of following through with their practice of Reiki, these neighbors would send their family members to her for treatment. Because they paid nothing for the Reiki training, they placed no value on the gift they had received. Fran Brown writes in “Living Reiki,”

So most of us feel that worthiness must be earned in order to receive. Often, we place a greater value and have more appreciation for things that required greater efforts to obtain. After her recovery through 6 months of daily Reiki treatments, Mrs. Takata already had a deep appreciation for Reiki and desperately wanted to learn it. But first she had to convince Dr. Hayashi to accept her as a student. She then traded her labor for tuition, while working every bit as hard as the other Reiki students in staffing Dr. Hayashi’s clinic. And later in Hawaii, she had to live with fear while continuing her practice of Reiki. If we lived in a perfect world, we would all give freely with no thought of receiving anything. We would receive graciously with no thought of debt or obligation. We would simply trust that all would be provided for. In a perfect world we would feel empowered. We would feel worthy. And we would have gratitude for our blessings. But, like Mrs. Takata, we all struggle with our imperfections to find a balance. © 2014 Donald Brenna

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The Infinite Light

May 2014 • Page 11 The Infinite Light Yoga School has offered its 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training since 2009, but it wasn’t until Infinite Light Center opened its 11,000 square foot studio in Jamesville that the program could expand to offer a 500-hour program.

Blackbilled Cuckoo

Freedom wags. The everyday turns up a shimmering trail, brushes a rain net on your coat. The woods are wet, will grow. Call gorge meltwater: overflow. The 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training program is offered in four Call buds from the branch's modules on alternate weekends patient winter stand: sap inkles green. for the duration of the program, has launched its 500-hour Yoga Color of hope, its becoming and can be completed in any Teacher Training Program. The order, making it easy to continue lights on your head. program, which is open to 200your regular schedule while you hour Certified Yoga Teachers of Mary Gilliland You speak in tongues train. is an internationally all lineages, begins in July. and amaze those who missed published poet and recipient of Infinite Light Yoga is an authentic The school will offer an your red eye, who thought your dun back numerous awards. informational session on lineage-based style of yoga based You can find her work Wednesday, June 4th from 6:30 - a bough crystalled in ice on the traditional practices of in AGNI, Poetry, Stand, and 7:30 pm where you can meet the too taut with beauty to change. classical yoga, according to the Moments of teachers and learn about both the Soul: Poems of school’s director, Tony Riposo, Caterpillars break out. Mindfulness and who has been teaching yoga since programs. The session is FREE Meditation You rave. but pre-registration is required. 1987. The school is located in



Jamesville, within the Infinite Light To learn more, go to www. or call Center for Yoga & Wellness. (315) 373-0626.

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May 2014 • Page 12

We Mean Business In New York! Metaphysical businesses that you should get to know across New York State

• Cindy Griffith Psychic Consultant 315-685-8395 or toll free 877-511-3510 • Dennis Cole Astrolger & Metaphysical Consultant 315-457-9141 • Sandra (315) 437-1414 email signofspirits • Two Hawks Gallery (607) 749-2889 • Mother Earth Health Foods 733 South Bay Road North Syracuse, NY 458-2717 • Mystic Side 404 North Main St., North Syracuse, NY (315) 214-0200 (800) 750-4113 • The Mustard Seed 969 Arsenal St, Watertown, NY (315) 788-2463 • Virginia R. Waldron Consulting Hypnotist RoseHeart Center • Dreaming Cougar Woman Guidance by Deborah 315-383-9752

• Suzanne Masters (315) 426-9987 • Reverend Corbie Mitleid 518-275-9575 corbie@firethespirit •. Integrated Energy Healing with Mary Riposo 6499 E. Seneca Turnpike Jamesville, NY 13078 315.416.7270 • Infinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness 6499 E. Seneca Turnpike Jamesville, NY 13078 315-373-0626 • Kris Faso Seer, Psychic, Medium (315) 483-0074 • Orion Book Sales 315-687-7695 • Libra Services 315-720-8752 • Hill Woman Productions Wellesley Island NY 800-600-3831 • Ted Silverhand Native Seer www.tedsilverhand 607-857-6372 • Healthy Vibrations 315-339-1404 •. Cynthia McCaffrey 315-559-7120

• Angelic Inspirations Massage Therapy Darlene Mielcarek, LMT (315) 895-7677 1-877-869-9749 • NYLIGHT • Roger (315) 941-6240 Utica, NY ~ Syracuse, NY • Wil Alaura 315-696-6497 or 315-481-3273 cell or • Krpalu Yoga Center 14029 Route 11, Adams Center, NY 13606 (315) 583-5500 • Barbara Konish & New Moon Psychic Fair 31 Tottenham Road Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 224-8657 • Wanda Winters Integrated Therapy Master Psychic Intuitive, Spiritual Conselor (315) 686-2640 therealmshift. com • Kimberly Ward Reiki Master/Teacher 223 JB Wise Place, Empsall Plaze, Suite 27 Watertown, NY 315-783-6867 • Sandra L. Smith Reiki Master (315) 783-1892 Email:

•. Indigo Massage & Gifts Courtney Noel Flynn, LMT 3522 James St. Suite #207 (315) 383-2265 • Life Center for Well-Being Reiki with Don Brennan 302 Parsons Dr., Syracuse, NY 315-468-5060 • CHEROKEE LADY 633-9415 • Barbara Bennett • Francine Bizzari 315-252-8589 • Starlight Enterprises Diane LeBeau 315-699-5812 • Healer’s Crystal Healing & Gifts 315-559-6119 • Mark Shaughnessy 315-437-7433 ` • Coleen Shaughnessy Spirit Center 3522 James St. Syracuse, NY 13206 315-437-7433 • Joanna Lipton po box 94 East Syracuse, NY 13057 315 450 0423

• The Fey Dragon 52 W. Bridge St., Oswego, NY 315-216-4156

• Ahhh... Reiki Robin T. Waterbury 315-216-4156 315-529-9710 • Shaman Myrddin 315-216-4156 • The Realmshift Center 42 James St., Alex Bay, NY 13607 315-482-2294 • Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center 14029 US RT 11 PO BOX 224, Adams Center NY 13606 KripaluYogaandWellnessCenter.or 15-583-5500 • Liverpool Art Center Sandra Fioramonti (315) 234-9333 • Fields of Gold Sue Beehm Waterville, NY (315) 8615917 email: • Karen Koycinski Reiki Master 315.395.9417 • Sarina Clairvoyant Psychic Medium (315) 706-6824 • Natur-Tyme 3160 Erie Blvd. East DeWitt, NY 1321 315.488.6300

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May 2014 • Page 13

404 North Main St. North Syracuse 315-214-0200 • 800-750-4113 OPEN: WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY

Metaphysical Times How Buddhist?

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karma and personal responsibility, because of what people have heard the Dalai Lama or another master say about kindness, compassion and tolerance, and have witnessed in the examples of these persons’ lives, Buddhism has a widespread appeal. Of course, there are many kinds of Buddhism and many kinds of Buddhists, but for me, the essence of the Dharma is in the knowledge of my own Real Nature. My practice, whatever the outward forms it might take, is to relax in that unchanging, indefinable self-awareness. Out of this unified state, sometimes called Samadhi, wisdom and compassion spring naturally – just as they do for every Buddha, and can do for every being. The facts of impermanence, the universal facts of decay and suffering, these become a constant incentive not only to actualize my Real Nature, but also to respond to others with whatever means I have available.

May 2014 • Page 14 MOSQUITO CONTROL -- but isn’t all that mantra stuff rather artificial? Little girl’s eyes, I thought, holding me a moment at the shore where we were whispering. Along the floor, a river of black stones pooled before a muslin scrim that rippled with an ocean breeze. Or you can sing it, I said. Visualize a chain of mantra spinning -- Chain, she said, I don't like that word.

a breaking wave. Then she was pecking someone’s cheek goodnight. Dengue, I overheard. Laughter and, Don’t get bitten by the bug. I took another sip of golden liquor, essence of the blue agave. I helped myself to purple chips -addictive, I’d been warned. Sitting at a marble countertop, the scent of jasmine at an open window. Or was it her perfume? The friend with whom I’d come was leaving. I stood to thank my watchful, woozy host. I felt an itching on my ankle, swatted, with a tissue quickly mopped the blood and spoke some syllables.

She was standing now, was tall, Why? Why do you do it? her feet in black ballet flats. Birth and death, I said. She gestured to a painting, one of hers, and on a stand, a chunk of ebony she’d carved, ***********************************************

The Dharma teachings assert that very little has changed over the millennia in how homo sapiens are “wired” -- except that today it seems that our “circuitry” is more overloaded with tensions, distractions and illusions than ever before. Consequently, many people today turn toward meditation and yoga practices, and a person can learn quite a lot of Buddha Dharma from the classical literature and the guides written by contemporary masters. Best of all is to work personally with a true teacher; that relationship guides and motivates our efforts to be unstintingly honest with ourselves. Tibetan Buddhism identifies Five Afcontinued on page #15

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flictions that typically beset us: ignorance, grasping, aversion, self-love, and envy. Buddhist Tantra or Vajrayana is concerned with the transformation of these deluded energies into aspects of transcendent wisdom. According to the Vajrayana teachings, mantra – the power of speech, its sacred vibration – can expedite our progress on the Path, but it must be orally transmitted from master to student in order to activate its transformative energy. Therefore, it is considered a great blessing to have the karmic affinity that enables one to receive a mantra and be introduced to the Buddha form or “diety” who embodies it. Since the wisdom by which Buddhas realize themselves is inherent in all beings, insight into one’s own unlimited essence, blissful and “empty” of all qualifiers, is always possible. But staying awake is something more. It takes a sustained effort to be present with skillful means to meet the circumstances of one’s life. The Buddha said that he gave his followers a Path, but that each of us must walk it for ourselves. Yet we don’t walk it alone. We have 2,500 years of a tradition (much longer, from a more mystical perspective) and it includes countless fellow practitioners and enlightened teachers to accompany us. We even have the Perfection of Wisdom scriptures that became embodied as a loving mother -- the goddess Prajnaparamita – from whom we are never apart.


Peter Fortunato holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina –Greensboro, and is certified as a hypnotherapist by the New England Institute for Neurolinguistic Programming. He has taught at Cornell and Ithaca College for many years and has been a Buddhist practitioner for most of his life. He can be reached in Ithaca at 607 273 6637. His public Facebook page is < peterfortunatopoet> His recent book of poetry,

Buddhist practice -Prajnaparamita Mother -walking wet morning surprise: at my feet a big frog squatting, big green Buddha, dark eyes, golden ringed, unblinking, watery lamps. I sit before her not directly face to face but for propriety’s sake slightly off to her right Peter Fortunato's recent book of in the weeds. Silence. poetry, Late Morning: New and A veery sings unmistakable Selected Poems whistle whispering is available at spirals, Morning-New-Selected-Poems/dp/1600478395/ a cardinal calls clearly, ref=la_B001KIX0X0_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=136 and it must be several sparrows 7263594&sr=1-1 twittering, hopping about the shiny leaves overhead, poem now making its way into the light, frog watching me always. Small bow, rising drawing near, I prod her broad girth just a finger tip to urge her safely off the soon to be busy trail. She puffs up and glares. Sitting there. All right. Just sitting there.

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Our Elevnth


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WORLD LABYRINTH DAY 2014 At the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center World Labyrinth Day is an annual global celebrated each year on the first Saturday in May. The sixth annual World Labyrinth Day will be held on Saturday May 3, 2014 again at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center located at 14029 US Rte.11, Adam Center N.Y There will be an open house from 11 to 4 with light refreshments throughout the day. The Labyrinth lecture with Elizabeth (BJ) Mosher begins at 12:30 ,blessing with Steve Williams followed by the "Walk as One At 1 " event creating a gentle rolling wave of peaceful energy around the world. The annual releasing "pri-

mal scream " with Bj and Nancy Pfeil 's singing crystal bowl will be immediately after the walk. Plein Air Artists from throughout the North Country will be painting on-site throughout the day. At 2:30 a Hoop Dance and a Flow-Art Demonstration by " Isis and FloFox of Fire Magick . The Yoga Center will have a meet and greet the teachers and board members all day long. Sunday the Center will be open for Labyrinth and Trail Walks and meet the energy workers. The Labyrinth Society invites the world to ‘Walk As One at 1’ at 1:00 p.m. in their local time zone. Many large group events are planned, but no event is too small.

Individuals who wish to participate may use a finger labyrinth in the comfort of their home. While the origin of the labyrinth is unknown, labyrinths have been found all over the world dating from earliest antiquity. Once popular in the Middle Ages, labyrinths have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It has become increasingly common to find labyrinths in schools, prisons, parks, hospitals, spas, churches, prisons, and retreat centers. The World Wide Labyrinth Locator, www.LabyrinthLocator. com, an online database, lists over 4,300 labyrinths around the world. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity, and uses include problem solving, conflict resolution, walking meditation, modern day

May 2014 • Page 17 pilgrimage, and stress management. The American Cancer Society states that labyrinths "may be helpful as a complementary method to decrease stress and create a state of relaxation." For More info please con-

tact Elizabeth for Labyrinths 315 3822199 or the Yoga Center about the event and classes 315 5835500 Elizabeth Mosher


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Being fed by the Sun now, the list of groceries will get narrower. The sustenance, they say, is a genuine replacement. I would say it is true. Unsullied energy... the best of the best. I'm out here and the sound of graceful popping's is the resonance of buds passing their swell. And even though the wind is blowing, I can't hear it for the sounds of spring. And with all I hear... peepers, birds, frogs and popping... silence stands out like a vacuum in a tunnel. Yet the space is grand and nothing encroaches. And I am suspended in fullness for the peace of this all. May each and every one of you feel peace. For those who are sad, disappointed or upset. Go outside now, right now and stand where the Sun may touch your face. Take a deep breath and feel the silence of the Sun. Let it know you in the way you feel. Exchange your mood with the Sun. Take a deeper breath now and feel the Suns deeper touch. Let the Sun come into your being. Let the Sun touch you deeper - the Sun delivers. Peace is already there waiting.

Peace on your journey, Kris

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, d itual


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he has a wide rvices. ROCHESTER, NY

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Metaphysics of Love The Journey to Meet Self Addressing Your Concerns - With Dennis Cole Go to to send in your question

How can one deal with the pain of betrayal? Dear Dennis, My question is; how can I forgive my husband’s betrayal. How can I get through my feelings of hurt? It’s been some time now, and it seems so difficult to ever be able to forgive him! Thanks for any advice, Chris Dear Chris, Thanks for sending us this important question. This is an experience which most of us have gone through at one time or another, and in some form or another. It can be especially hurtful when it takes place within a committed relationship such as in your marriage. As we grow we can begin to learn that, from a spiritual perspective, there are never any “victims”. But how many of us have learned that, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” has so much to do with experiences we attract by the positive or negative choice of thoughts we “sow?” The ego and our pride often find it easier to judge and blame, than to accept guilt and responsibility for what the Universal “Law of Attraction” brings to us! Carl Jung said: “We spend the first half of our lives discovering ego, the second half learning to relinquish it.” That said, you don’t need to feel bad that you have helped co-create this life-changing experience. There is always a “silver lining” behind all of our seemingly negative experiences. They are always giving us an opportunity for growth! There’s a saying: “That which I’d feared most has happened.” Well, of course it did; because “like attracts like” makes no exceptions! If we worry about something long enough, we can be sure that it will be drawn into our life experience sooner or later! Sometimes jealousy can lead to relationship problems; often because the root cause is that the jealous person has a low self-image. And this can lead to feelings of unworthiness and not feeling good enough to attract a partner who would care enough about us to be loyal. Now, Chris, we’re not saying that the betrayer doesn’t have things to learn in life. But that’s none of your business. Your “business” – in fact the purpose of Life – is Joy! More specifically, it is to get good at learning how to Joy your way to Joy. Teachers in non-physical (“Abraham”) would suggest that the way you can do that would be for you to follow the trail of free-will intended thoughts that just feel better-and-better. Sounds too simple, right? Well, we can try it - or just keep on repeating patterns of thought that result in more of what we’ve been experiencing and trying to get away from! Chris, we can all come to a point where we wonder if we can live with something that involves the other. At such times it might prove helpful to devote about 3 weeks to focusing on something that we really love about that person and/or the relationship – instead of focusing on what’s “wrong!” Don’t tell anyone; just move your mind to your heart! Then watch what happens! If the relationship has truly timed out, then conditions will line up, making it easy and natural for someone to “exit stage right.” Sometimes our thinking attracts such crises, such as you are experiencing, and this may lead to an ending of a relationship which was no longer satisfying - even before the “betrayal.” Often this may lead to a happier life for both parties; especially if they’ve learned that it is their positive or negative choice of thoughts that have actually attracted their experiences with “others” - and with Life! No one is “right” or “wrong” in Life’s suffering and contrasting experiences - which we had intended to “pick up that cross” and encounter- even before coming into each physical world life experience of growth, and learning to “become like a little child.” Learning how to care about and pay attention to how we feel, so that we could think and feel on purpose. On the other hand, when you’re thinking unconditionally Loving thoughts about someone for a while, “miracles” can happen! The other person may become more supportive and caring. They might even “do a 180” and you can’t believe how “they’ve” changed! Actually, when we choose love over fear, our lives and relationships can begin to heal. The healing is facilitated as we take full responsibility for how our thoughts have actually created, what most people believe, has “happened” to them! When we put the “Inner Marriage” first – which is what we’re actually looking for when we want to be with a “soul-mate” – and come to realize that “heaven is within”, all of Us, then we’ll be able to say to “others”: “I finally understand how we all get what we get in Life! And I want you to know that, from this day forward, there’s nothing you could say or do that will ever again pull me from Alignment from my Center of who WE really are! I want you to know, my “sibling in Spirit”, that I will never again need to hold you responsible for how I feel.” In Oneness, Dennis Like us on Facebook

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Aquarius Services

Sun Sign Potentials A Guide to Understanding Self and Others


“Our ‘JOY’ depends upon where we choose to focus our attention” - Dennis Cole

by Dennis Cole

Discover your natural life focus potentials.

Greetings! We continue in our series on the “seed potentials” of Life experiences for each of the 12 Signs of the zodiac. Taurus is featured in this Issue. We will look at some excerpts from my book, “Sun Sign Potentials – A Guide to Understanding Self and Others.” Our focus will be on Taurus’ relationship to the 3 other Signs which form a cross of 90 and 180 degrees to Taurus. Using these we can somewhat describe the “WHAT, WHERETO, HOW and WHY?” of Taurus’ Life. To learn more about this Solar Astrology approach to interpretation, in which the hour of birth is not necessary, you may refer to the summer 2012 Issue, pg. 25, of the Metaphysical Times, or go to and click on “articles”.

♉ TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) This 1st Solar House Solar House cusp relates to the “WHAT” of your current Life’s intended Focus

Create more loving, harmonious relationships. Transcend limitations and fear-based "realities." Receive guidance about Love, Life, Work, Health, Turning Points and Opportunities, and what your Inner Being most wants you to Know.

Visit Dennis at the following:

Clayton Psychic Fair May 3 & 4, 2014, 11am - 7pm (to 6pm on Sunday) Clayton Opera House, 405 Riverside Dr. Clayton, NY 13624 Beardsley Castle Psychic Fair Sunday, May 18, 2014 10am - 7pm 123 Old State Road, Little Falls, NY 13365

Your Sun Sign, Taurus, is a fixed Earth sign. Your planetary ruler is Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Some major Taurus keynotes include: Determination, practicality and security. You tend to be a down-to-earth, security- oriented, individual. Your two earth Sign “cousins” in the Zodiac are Virgo and Capricorn. From Virgo you inherit your discrimination and common sense. From Capricorn comes your perseverance, organizational abilities and desire to be successful. You’re probably interested in the practical aspects of most things. You possess a good deal of perseverance and determination. When interested in something you’re likely to pursue it until you get results. At your worst you can be stubborn, “bull-headed,” possessive and insecure. The better side of you appreciates beauty, harmony, love and nature. You probably desire personal comfort, security, and the finer things of life. This includes good food and personal possessions, as well as a harmonious relationship with someone who, hopefully, has similar values to yours. Much of your energy is expended in trying to create stability, comfort, and security. Money is important to you - not so much for its own sake, as for the personal security, attention and nice things that money can make possible. You’ll probably get into many new paths and jobs in your pursuit of security and stability. You’ll likely have a strong constitution, considerable willpower and a capacity to go out and get what you want - no matter how long it takes! You are discriminating and hardworking – although, being a comfort- oriented individual, you can be very lazy at times. There is a determination to get ahead in the world. You need respect for your values; however you might benefit sometimes by listening to what others have to say. It’s so easy for you to act like you are listening to others’ advice. Yet you tend to go back to doing things according to your old fixed habits. You might benefit by changing some of your out-

continued on page # 25

Holistic & Psychic Fair Sept. 13, 2014: 10am - 7pm Sept 14, 2014: 11am - 5pm Holiday Inn - Utica Business Park, 1777 Burrstone Rd., New Hartford, NY 13413 Canastota Psychic Fair 2014 Nov. 15, 2014, 11am - 8pm Nov. 16, 2014; 11am - 6pm Greystone Castle, 201 N. Main St., Canastota, NY 13032 Cortland Psychic Fair and Holistic Living Expo October 11 & 12, 2014, 10am – 7pm (6pm 0n Sunday) Ramada Inn, 2 River St., Cortland, NY Edge Hotel Health & Wellness Weekend The Edge Hotel, Rte. 12, Lyons Falls, NY November 7 – 9, 2014

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Dennis Cole

is a professional Transpersonal Astrologer, Metaphysical Consultant, Author and Lecturer. Offering in-depth guidance in such areas as Relationships, Life Focus and Life’s Key turning points.

Contact: Dennis Cole P.O. 122 - MT Liverpool NY 13088 Phone # (315)-457-9141

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worn habits or routines and plunging into the unknown from time-to-time. There are times in which you may have to guard against placing too much value on material things. Money, values, and security are strongly associated with your life energies, as are the throat and neck area of your anatomy. With your natural interest in good foods and drink you may tend to overindulge at times. Therefore you will benefit through enjoyable exercise; perhaps dancing or taking walks in nature could appeal. Practical training disciplines and fun activities can be good for your personal growth and health; maybe even become an opportunity for some kind of creative service to others! to you. Plants or a garden might also be of interest. Much of your destiny or intended Life Plan centers around possessions, income, or whatever might help you to feel more secure. Your natural interest in beauty, form, pleasure and comfort, probably extends to clothes and people. You are very likely to achieve a significant degree of emotional and material security in your lifetime. You take pride in your values and your possessions, although ego may sometimes get in the way when it comes to money or other possessions. It is not very likely that others will succeed in making any major changes in your values or your lifestyle. You have artistic or creative abilities. Music may appeal to you as well as art. You may have a good singing voice. You will tend to create beauty around your home. Besides your appreciation of good foods, you may also have a “sweet tooth.” In a positive mode you can be very practical, stable and generous. You are deliberate and not easily rushed. Negatively, you can be stubborn, jealous and reluctant to change. Once you have acquired emotional or material security through something - or somebody - you’ll tend to hang onto it at all costs. ♏ Scorpio 7th House Cusp Influence This 7th Solar House information relates to the “WHERETO” of your current intended Life’s Focus Although you are strongly attracted to the opposite sex, it seems that you attract people to you! However, you may not always recognize it when someone is pursuing you. You tend to attract a partner - marriage or otherwise - who can be very resourceful, secretive, and sexy. This partner would have definite likes and dislikes and could become jealous at times. Your partner may not consider self to be secretive. Instead, they simply

May 2014 • Page 25 consider that most of their private matters are just none of anybody’s business. Your partner would be a good “puzzle-solver.” This partner definitely desires to know where they stand with you and others - in finances, the relationship, sex, shared assets, and other areas of joint concern. Your partner is a person of strong will and intensity of feelings. This person tends to be a manager type and will need to learn to forgive and to communicate their desires more often. This would produce better results in dealings with others. Better than those obtained when they expect others to figure them out or read their hints. You want, and attract, a partner who has feelings, compassion, and one who is loyal and supportive.

In your close dealings with others you may go through some profound changes and discover some of the deeper hidden mysteries of life. Through a close relationship you may learn to plunge ahead into the unknown and to let go of outgrown values, habits, or possessions. Generally, most relationships or marriages which take place before around age 29 or 30, are entered into unconsciously. In other words before the planet Saturn returns to the area in our birth map, where it was at the time of our birth, it’s not likely that we would have learned all of what this planet symbolizes in terms of personal growth and responsibility. Saturn, having much to do with the Jungian archetype of the “shadow”, brings tests for growth into our lives. These delays or hardships hold the potential for our learning how to consciously create more rewarding relationships and Life focus. Some of the key lessons associated with our learning to own our unconscious or buried “stuff”, include: Patience, proper use of power, perseverance, cooperation and respect for others values; and not taking things so personally! On the other hand, Saturn can teach us to love, respect and control ourselves…. discipline! Also, not to get too caught up in guilt, fear, and over-concern about what others may think! As we learn these personal growth lessons, we are then more likely to experience the success in Life which Saturn, and the Capricorn Sign it “rules”, stand for! Money and sex have been considered amongst the top factors in relationship trials and endings. However, a deeper factor behind these trials is Saturn’s tests involving control/ respect issues! A fix for these issues can include learning

to love, respect and control self! And this is easier to accomplish when we realize that “heaven is within” - and that we are One with those “other” unique “Perspectives” of our Source Energy/ All-That-Is, that are around us every day! Here’s a helpful great secret: If you want to give God a big hug, all you need to do is “Love your neighbor, as yourself!” Truly, relationships with these “Others”, including the public at times, are one of your major areas for “rebirth.” Indeed, you can rejuvenate your life through a loving harmonious, marriage or relationship. And this can include your realization of the importance of “Others” in your life, and - in a deeper sense - feeling your “marriage” to All-That-Is! That is what we are really seeking when we search for love! “God is Love”! . ♌ Leo 4th House Cusp Influence

This Solar 4th House Information relates to the “HOW” of your current intended Life’s Focus

As time goes on you are more likely to become interested in, or involved with, creative endeavors. There will probably be more activity centering around: Romance, love, children, entertainment, vacations, play, and fun in life, as the “gambler” and “child” within you comes out to play! In time, you’re also likely to experience more security and harmony. You’ll likely become more creative, philosophical, and interested in travel and fun activities as time goes by. In addition you’re likely to exhibit more initiative, willpower and leadership tendencies. Love, romance and creative self-expression seem to help you to feel more stable or rooted. You can be quite creative around the home. Possessive by nature, you may have a tendency to want to “run the show” and “rule the roost” around your home. Yet you may enjoy entertaining others in your home, and you are capable of making others feel at home. Children may often be around your home. You tend to support children and can help them to grow. Things relating to entertainment and play, for example: enjoyable exercise, games, music, etc., may be found around your home. There are times when you can be very proud of your family or home. Most of the members of your family, especially your mother and children are, like yourself, down-to-earth, determined, strong-willed, security- conscious, people. They tend to enjoy the outdoors and travel to distant places. You, your first child, and your mother, seem to have much in common.

Metaphysical Times

May 2014 • Page 26

Way down inside you are a playful, romantic, creative, dramatic, courageous, and generous individual.

♒ Aquarius 10th House Cusp Influence

This Solar House influence relates to the “WHY” of your current intended Life’s Focus In a career, or other areas of social involvement for fulfillment, you are likely to become significantly interested or involved in one or more of the following Aquarian/Uranusrelated areas of focus: Science, chemistry, electronics, aviation, TV, radio, computers, research, government, social work or some area relating to a consecration to Humanity. Keeping in mind the “Course in Miracles” suggestion, that, what we give to “Others”, we give to ourselves – especially when we move the mind to the heart! Eventually you begin to realize some of your achievement goals by drawing on your inner spiritual powers and resourcefulness, with the motives of wanting to help people as much as you wish to help yourself. You’ll probably experience some sudden or unexpected changes or upheaval in your career or life direction from time-to-time. By flowing with these changes – which will always have a “silver lining” - you will probably find that they really help you to let go of things that had become outgrown. Usually these changes would tend to bring to you the opportunity to get involved in something new, pioneering, or more exciting to you. You need excitement, stimulus, people, friends or social activity in your work. You can make friends with people through your career or other social ambitions. Your friends may tie in with your ambitions or career in some way. You could become friends with a boss, or with people in high positions. These people can help you, in some way, with your goals or social ambitions. Sometimes this may be as role models for your goals. At times you can earn social respect, honors, or perhaps an award, for some sort of social or humanitarian contribution. People see you as being unique, inventive, fair, strong-

willed, and independent. You could get involved in politics, government-related work, or other areas of social concern. By being open to progress and innovation you are likely to advance and find social and Life focus fulfillment. Your father is an independent, intelligent, inventive individual. There is something unusual about your father or your father experience. Some people may feel that he is detached or that he does not care for most people. However he may care for all people - and he does meet people from all walks of life - just as you can through your work! He is likely to be friendly, sociable and somewhat humanitarian in nature, even though he values independence and needs to be alone at times. His life will likely involve a number of sudden or unexpected changes. One of these changes or explosive situations may cause him to see life in a new way. He is often focused on his ideas and future goals, as well as his social life and freedom. Your work may be best, when it allows you to use your inventiveness, and to contribute, in some way, to the progress of humanity. Often your goals are likely to tie in with social or career ambitions. Your ingenuity may often lead you to “thinking outside of the box.” Sometimes your openness to Consciousness (“Source Energy”) brings you “seed Ideas” which can result in epiphanies. These may bring to you knowledge, which you may not be able to prove in accordance with conventional standards, but you just “know” that it is reality for you! At times there can be unusual circumstances associated with your career or social ambitions. You probably want to produce concrete results in your worldly pursuits. You may find it natural to progress through gradual step-by-step accomplishments, covering one goal at a time. You are a perseverant, determined, organized and goal-oriented individual. Your work can have humanitarian aspects to it, and what you do out there in the world of others may be considered as unusual,” different” or quite unique and pioneering. Many can see you as “marching to a different drummer” in what you are aiming for with your lofty goals. The words of Edgar Cayce could be helpful for your goals: “As ye apply, as ye make use of that in hand, more is given thee. Day unto day is sufficient if use is made thereof.” In other words, listen to your intuitive guidance. It would never deceive you if you care about and pay attention to how you feel. This

guidance goes like this: “Good feels good; bad feels bad!” That will prove helpful when you come to “forks in the road”! Your way through Life can become much more enjoyable when you learn that you don’t have to talk yourself into those options that don’t feel good to you! Just be you without “dragging others into the equation” – but without an “attitude”! Then Life and people will come around in more supportive ways. This is especially true when you use that “prayer without ceasing,” which may be called “Appreciation.” Every time that your intuition brings you good results (when you choose good-feeling options, of course!) and you say to the Universe, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!”, you set yourself up to attract more- andmore good-feeling outcomes! Nice to know! Teachers of Teachers in non-physical say that this “Appreciation” is “the secret to Life.”! In summary, your life very much involves a need to create security; to find love, and to fulfill your earthly needs. The higher implications of this Path can also include your coming to realize the importance of gaining possession of your Soul-level security, as well as the financial and material security. And this may include an appreciation of the beauty, Love and Creation in Nature –“on this Earth as it is in the heavens”! Finally, Taurus, may your burdens be lifted as you come more into love and harmony by using your determination to move on and to pursue the deeper Truths of Existence. May the highest peace be yours as you learn to let go of undue attachment to “things” or people, and discover that Nature will always give you what you need as you are willing to learn how to allow this - by choosing good-feeling thoughts when you’re focusing on your ever-next-newthing! Our focusing of Consciousness can only take place from where we are: Right Here and right Now! Our Power is always Present in the holy Moment! Through your positive application of these truths, may you come to realize that you are creating your own tomorrows in accordance with your values and your positive or negative choice of thoughts. In Onenes, Dennis

This article was excerpted from Dennis' forthcoming book: "Sun Sign Potentials"

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A murder at a Renaissance Faire. A potential bomber at a nudist colony. Only one lawman is big enough --or odd enough--to solve these crimes. Sheriff Abe Van Wynk

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Classic Bob Canino

from the Metaphysical Times archive Summer 2008

Airships, Angels and Aliens; UFOs in the 19th Century by Bob Canino

The great “Airship Wave” of 1896-97 surely ranks as a classic event in the history of American Forteana [Charles Hoy Fort (August 6, 1874 – May 3, 1932) was an American writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena. Today, the terms Fortean and Forteana are used to characterize various such phenomena]. Starting in November, 1896 and continuing through August of the following year, thousands of people testified to strange flying objects that the popular press of the day labelled “airships”.The first set of sightings

electrified the city of Sacramento, California when several hundred people (including some as prominent as the former Secretary of State) witnessed a strange bright light moving west to east. Many who witnessed it described it further as being attached to a “cigar shaped body of some length.”On the following night, Hundreds poured into the streets to witness the “strange aeroform” again and by the end of the week both the regional and national newspapers had picked up the story. By the time the strange craft appeared over San Francisco the following week (making the headlines of the San Franciso

Examiner as well as its rival paper, the San Francisco Call) the stage was set for the near-national furor that was to follow. By the beginning of February, 1897 whatever appeared in the skies over Northern California in late November to mid December started making its way eastward. Attracting attention all through the Midwest, large crowds of people in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Texas witnessed the same strange sight in the sky, with one press report from Kansas City describing it as “ a mysterious bright object casting before it a penetrating light.” But now new reports had come to the fore regarding the strange phenomenon. Not only were local papers flooded with the accounts regarding the “odd lights in the sky”, but stranger stories having to do with people encountering the supposed occupants of the craft were surfacing as well. In the April 10, 1897 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a letter appeared from a W. H. Hopkins, who claimed that he had had an encounter with the occupants of one of the strange craft. Hopkins claimed that he was in the hills east of Springfield, Missouri when he came across a “vessel resting upon four legs. It was made of shiny metal and about twenty feet long and eight feet in diameter.” Hopkins goes on to describe two beings that were outside near the vessel. One, a female, was angel-like and he described her as: “the most beautiful being I ever beheld. She was rather under medium size, but of the most exquisite form and features such as would put to shame the forms as sculpted by the ancient Greeks.

She was dressed in natures garb and her golden hair, wavy and glossy hung to her waist, unconfined except by a band of glistening jewels that bound it back from her forehead.” The second being, Hopkins described as a bearded man “of noble proportions and majestic countenance.” Eager to make contact, Hopkins stepped forward and tried to communicate with the pair. “I asked them by signs where they came from,” he wrote, “but it was difficult to make them understand. Finally, they seemed to do so and smiling gazed upwards for a moment as if looking at some particular point and then pointed upwards pronouncing a word which to my imagination sounded like Mars!” While the Springfield encounter was strange enough, another equally odd encounter tale from Saginaw, Michigan from April 14, 1897 has more overt resonances with modern day acounts of contact with supposed UFO occupants. According to the Saginaw Courier- Herald of April 17 a “flying machine’ came down half a mile southwest of town. Around a dozen farmers who had watched it maneuvering earlier rushed to the site. Inside the craft they saw “a giant man-like figure nine and a half feet tall.” When the farmers tried to communicate with the being he responded with “talk,[that] while musical, was not talk at all, but seemed to be a repetition of bellowing.” One farmer tried to approach the being but was “kicked severely enough to cause a broken hip.” The newspaper account ends by saying that “great excitement prevails ... and lots of people are

continued on page #35

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Metaphysical Times continued from page #3 The fine art of Dry-Fly fishing that so totally engaged Uncle Threadbear was way beyond her level of refinement. To be frankly outspoken (which she would never be) the whole Dry Fly-fishing thing seemed silly ... but Threadbear was her adopted UNCLE. He was all the uncle any of them had and he was their main entertainment, so it was essential to keep him in a good temper. Threadbear remained in his limp, sleep-like state into the evening as the Trunk Bears dreamt off their separate ways; except for Nowella, who generally did her best work after dark. So that night Nowella burrowed in the trunk down through the rag-tag cast-offs and pajama bottoms, hobo jeans, Easter hats and retired Fedoras, lap blankets, scout uniforms,, scarves, mufflers, and bow ties, to the very bottom where she knew there to be a flattened war bonnet left from the early Cowboy and Indian conflicts, and now missing a few feathers. Nowella pulled out one more feather. She unraveled some clown-wig yarn and, using highly viscous bear spit and multiple granny knots, tie-glued the yarn line to the tip of the feather. She found a couch pillow which had some feathers at the seam just on their way out, and, with her fine front teeth, she helped one feather ALL the way out, then, with more long struggling, she tied and knotted it to the loose end of the yarn.

Seeing the finished feather-rod before him, Threadbear reached out impulsively….as if he could simply pick it up and begin fishing, as if he could even grasp it …as if he had thumbs. But Nowella had thought of that, and had gathered a few bread-wrapper twist-ties, with which she attached the feather rod to Threadbear's paw.

One with the rod

May 2014 • Page 32 One with the rod … employing moves inferred from still pictures of Ted Trueblood fishing the Yellowstone River… Threadbear rocked back and lunged forward, rocked and lunged … flexing the feather rod, which launched the looping line, which flew the woolly fly… which went remarkably well considering he had never held a rod or even been fishing, then moving to more unconventional casts he himself had invented when weaving stories. He was doing well … until he spoke and broke his concentration,reminding the bears that fly casting is done with a ROD, not a pole. A pole is something with a worm on one end and a fool on the other. A fly Rod is not just a lever or a stick, it is more like a wand …. but the magic was ruined for the moment, as the feather fly got caught on a dead branch of the potted Fig tree. "Kratchet Bandersnatch", swore Threadbear, dropping his paw, then shaking it, but not ridding himself of the faux rod. "This is nothing but a feather. NOTHING here is real! Nothing is real and everybody knows!"

And there he was: in Owl's attic.

As if he had not been there one moment … and the next moment he WAS there …. except that she had not been looking at Owl's empty attic the moment before, so it could be that he had been there all along and she had only just now NOTICED him.

Having no mouth, and so relying mostly on hand signals to get anything across, Oneil is not exactly a story teller, but simply by doodling with pen or pencil in the time since the adventures narrated in these pages, he has developed a form of handwriting - a personal shorthand that Uncle A hunched Bear to begin with, Threadbear Threadbear translates, although Threadbear slumped even further, so that but for the tip of the needs to make chunks of it up to fill the gaps left feather-rod bent against the rug to support him, he by ambiguous hand writing Most of this writing is notes for Oneil's memoirs, might have fallen on his face. currently titled "Audobography of a Red Hand." Despite having recently changed from writing in his mostly illegible longhand to working on a laptop computer, Oneil has gone very slowly with the writing project and much of it looks to anyone but Threadbear, like what the cat writes when it walks across the laptop keyboard. His rant, with the brutal assertion that nothing is real, was met by shocked silence from the Trunk Bears. This did nothing to counter Threadbear's assertions or ease his despair.

Chapter 11

Need a Hand Here

Nowella realized that she really needed a hand. Odd (thought she that evening after the bears had begun to dream off) Odd, weird, strange, and remarkable that she had neither seen nor thought of her friend the Hand since …. since she could not remember when … even though in the past she had merely to THINK of the hand sometimes, and THERE he would be. For instance, right up there in Owl's attic.

Metaphysical Times And memoir writing requires Oneil to rack the brain he doesn't have, in order to remember his history … including the man-body to which he had belonged, and the bloody event that set him free. We do not expect Oneil to finish his memoir soon and anyway, a story is not done until the end of things … and then it is too late to tell one's own. It is primarily due to Threadbear's work with Oneil that we have come to CALL him Oneil, which, Threadbear informs us, is his historical family name. According to Threadbear, the man to whom the hand once belonged, was the Oneil Clan chief known as Neil the Ruddy, who lived during a long-ago time of rivalries only civilized enough that they were played out in boat races, rather than in actual battles. The round basket-boats called Coracles, were powered by crews whose paddles edges were sharpened for the purpose of hacking at competing boats. Such a race could leave a bloody wake.

May 2014 • Page 33 It was in the hold of the banana boat, that Oneil first encountered Nowella, as has been told elsewhere. To say the least, they became friends. To say a little more … Oneil was like a HAND to her … and as time would pass it would get to be like he was HER Hand.

With the one thumb they had between them, they would accomplish a lot.

The last race of the complete Ruddy Oneil, didn't result in any actual deaths, and wasn't bloody until the last few yards. As the Coracles neared the goal shore, the Oneil craft was behind by only a few yards. The chief Oneil then proceeded to draw his broad-sword and hack at his left wrist until his hand lay on the bottom of the coracle. He picked the left hand up with his right, and threw it to shore. Thusly, the hand arrived ahead of all the other boats … so you might say that, technically, the Oneils won. And you might dispute that claim with paddles and fists. In the fight to settle the controversy then and there, one of the competing boatsmen picked up the hand and flung it into the sea. As far as we know, the dispute may never have been settled, and the hand itself was forgotten in the old country, but as we now know very well,

it did not die. The vital hand of Ruddy Oneil lay on the bottom of the sea that is the womb and cradle of us all, and managed to take oxygen through its skin by osmosis, like a frog in the mud, slowly gaining strength and mobility, occupying and carrying along a series abandoned Conch shells, migrating over time and across oceans, until he crawled up on a beach in the sub-tropical New World; then taking up residence among bunches and hands of bananas. Bananas were right at hand, easy to peel, and easier than his usual crustaceans to mash and digest, but that idyl ended when men with machetes came to harvest the bananas. Oneil was carried away with the bunch he hid in, and loaded onto a boat bound for Boston.

Chapter 12 One More Thing It was in the hold of the banana boat, that Oneil first encountered Nowella, as has been told elsewhere.

Oneil clambered down from Owl’s attic and over to Nowella’s booted foot, which he squeezed heartily: a most uncharacteristic action for Oneil. Right here I must interrupt the story to say that if you are ever introduced to Oneil, DO NOT make any move toward a handshake. NO! For reasons you may well understand, he is very sensitive about anyone assuming that kind of familiarity with him; he gets all up on his fingers like a cat on a stove and glows red. Better you should just say something nice about the hat he is likely to be wearing. He likes his hats. Oneil is not normally one for hands-on demonstrations of affection, and the above mentioned foot hug took less time than this sentence. Nor did Oneil and Nowella waste any time on explanations, words, or hand-signals, but went right to work foraging around, about, and under the house for their materials; then, with an audience of silent bears and Threadbear himself watching from up on the trunk lid, now and then glancing away … sighing some skeptical dust out the pinholes of his hide …. Nowella and the hand removed another feather from the warbonnet at the bottom of the trunk, and Nowella held it while the hand stripped it of fibers, then wrapped on line guides Nowella bit from copper wire, a reel made from a sewing machine bobbin and holding ten feet of yarn, and

Metaphysical Times

May 2014 • Page 34

lastly a fly made of wool wrapped with a pillow feather around a bit of copper wire. Threadbear could not help but be pleased. As soon Nowella and Oneil had gotten him connected to the rod, Threadbear waved and wagged the rod to whip out some line, then up and back, and forth and back, all the time feeling the line … being the fly, completely involved, as if he HIMSELF were the fly. This went on for another very long time measureless to bears, and the bears were mostly content to watch, but growing restive. But then, for no reason the bears could see, Threadbear suddenly let the fly, the line, and the rod tip drop to the rug, and his whole body slumped again sadly.

The bears looked all around themselves (as if that were necessary) and they all saw Walter the dry-land catfish, but none of them saw anything like a river.

“You must realize, little bears “, said Threadbear (using those exact words even though he was one of the smallest) “after a while a Dry Fly Fisher might begin to feel a bit silly fishing where there is no WATER. In regard to WHERE one should go fishing, WATER would be a requirement; specificly , the Dry Fly Fisherman requires a river.” Threadbear looked all around about them. “

" I don't want to appear stupid or anything …

but I don't suppose anyone sees a RIVER here anywhere?"

e c r e i P Oren M.S.G. B.A., B.S. ,

racle tylist • O S • r le a He pathetic dminton Osteoem tions, Ba a ig t s e v tions, In Consulta XX XX- XX rce X 5 1 3 npie Cell .com/ore s e im lt a ic metaphys

So Nowella and Oneil went out that night, looking to bring him a river. Chapter 13 The River They came back in barely an hour with a large roll of brown wrapping paper.

" Is THAT a river?" Lamb wanted to know.

to be continued... soonish Read earlier chapters of "Nowella & Uncle Threadbear at the archive editions at

Metaphysical Times Airships, Angels and Aliens continued from page #30

flocking view the strange being from a distance as no one dares to go near.” While the airship sightings quickly exited the national stage in the late summer of 1897 as abruptly as they had entered, the question remained : What exactly had people seen? Though the technological mind-set of the late 19th century was primed for lighter than air aviation, the Wright Brothers would not fly until some seven years after the wave began. And except for a couple of short lived exceptions, manned dirigible technology would not be perfected until a while after that. Many at the time theorized that a lone inventor had built an airship in secret and had sailed it from West to East unannounced. While the chances of that were small, and there were a few bits of intriguing evidence pointing in that direction, nothing was ever proven. The scientific establishment of the day was as skeptical of the airship sightings as the present day establishment is of modern UFO sightings. Professor O.W. Hugh of the Dearborn University watched an airship- like object through a telescope and declared it “was the star Alpha Orion that people could see with the naked eye usually around 8 PM.” The public and the press found this explanation so preposterous that the Chicago Tribune published a refutation of the professor’s theory the very next day saying it “ is open to the suspicion of professional jealousy on the part of a man who does not want other people to see things in his realm

May 2014 • Page 35 that he does not see.” Whatever the explanation, sporadic airship reports did continue on into the early 20th century from all over the world. Reports came in from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe as well. Great Britain had its own “mini-wave” in 1908, with a good many of the sightings resembling those reported in the United States. New York State had its own reports of the airship, but actually had had a history of “strange portents in the sky” that predated the 1897 wave by at least twenty years. In 1876, a huge bell shaped object was seen hovering over New York City. The observer, Henry Harrison, was so taken with the sighting (he had glimpsed it through a telescope) that he sent a special telegram to the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. to report it. Soon after, two other independent witnesses came forward and the sighting was reported both in the New York Tribune and the Scientific American. In 1884, bright, shiny spherical craft with dark markings were reported from many parts of the state and on December 9, 1892 the residents of Lyons, N.Y. “observed a bright light in the night sky that lit up the whole area with a blue glow.” Those who witnessed it described it as a “blue white aurora-like glow that remained over the town and would increase in intensity and then, fade away.” This phenomenon continued into the first four months of 1892 and was even reported in the May, 1892 issue of the Scientific American by a witness, Dr. M.A. Veeder. Since the Scientific American was a prestigious, nationally distributed weekly at the time, it was hoped that some explanation

might surface as to the nature of the “Lyons Light.” But none was forthcoming and their nature and origin remain a mystery to this day. But perhaps one of the most astounding and strange reports of the early 20th century in New York State comes from a region to the northwest of Syracuse. New York State Route 370 is a road that runs between the villages of Liverpool and Baldwinsville in northwestern Onondaga County and crosses the Oswego River in what is known as the Cold Springs area. Long known as a UFO “hotspot” (there was so much activity in the area in the mid 1960s that local residents gave it the name of “UFO Hill”) investigators were pursuing some cases there in the late 1980s, and a man who was over eighty years old at the time came forward, unbidden, with his account. It seemed that in his youth (sometime before World War I) he had grown up on a farm in the region and as he explained it: “It was a few years before the War that each night after dinner I would take my father’s carriage down over the Cold Springs Bridge to visit a girl from another farm who I was enamored with. While I did this for several weeks one summer without anything different happening, one night I was on my way home around dusk and had just crossed the bridge when the horses got spooked and stopped in the road. While I was trying to get them to move, all of a sudden I heard a loud humming sound coming from behind me. I turned and there, hovering over

the bridge, was some kind of huge object shaped like one of my mother’s flapjacks! It was a dull, gun metal gray and was enormous. I became very scared and whipped the horses hard till they took off and I headed straight home. When I got home I was so scared that I went right up to my room , shut the door and locked it. I never told anyone about it til now. I never realized until later that I had seen one of those “flying saucer things” way back maybe fifty or sixty years before they were all written up in the papers.” And then he concluded with the classic line that UFO investigators are used to hearing again and again: “I don't know what it was, but I do know this; it was something that I have never forgotten and never will.”

Popular Mechanics magazine from September 1930 depicting an UFO from the 19th Century

Metaphysical Times

May 2014 • Page 36

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Metaphysical Times The American Lynx Creations Presents a tribute to David Warren's "Book of William." May all who see this read Mr. Warren's enchanting work and live long and prosper.

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Like a man trying to square his debts, I recently There you have it. I awoke from a nap, paralyzed, attempted to account for all the times I sought buzzing, hallucinating, and worst of all, aware of my condition. It probably lasted 30 seconds. I thought supernatural guidance to get me through this life. for sure I was dying and the soul of my recently I like to present myself as a free-thinker: That, is a departed granny had come to get me. I finally forced lot of bosh. There is no such thing. Nothing is free. my pinky toe to twitch and broke the spell. Especially not our own will. Who am I against the billions of bacteria in my guts or the mitochondrial DNA packed with super knowledge about exactly what, when and where, the deal went down for me? I’m not going to get into the Free Willie argument here. It’s a waste of breath. If you believe it, fine. Talk to me next time you have the trots. The Search for Life’s Meaning, led me by the short and curlies most of my born days. As a child, I had a few preternatural experiences. What kid doesn’t? But at age 9, I got spooked by the scariest damned thing ever and that included the night Dad cut all the wires to the appliances and lifted the huge Magnavox TV, then dropped it.

“Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. More formally, it is a transition state between wakefulness and rest characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It can occur at sleep onset or upon awakening, and it is often associated with terrifying visions (e.g. an intruder in the room), to which one is unable to react due to paralysis. It is believed a result of disrupted REM sleep, which is normally characterized by complete muscle atonia that prevents individuals from acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation. When linked to another disorder, sleep paralysis commonly occurs in association with the neuromuscular disorder narcolepsy.”

Long before all this, the fear of God was present in my home all the time. The fear came through the television and those Billy Graham specials Mom watched. Dad some times watched too, if he was sober. But Dad had been in the worst of WWII and he wasn’t so impressed with preachers, nor moved by their hellfire and brimstone. He’d seen hellfire and survived: Hell was a place on Earth. My mother also entertained two German Jehovah Witnesses, once a week for bible study, who talked rubbish yet when they spoke of hell and damnation, I was sure they were talking about me. I loved it when they left and one of our roosters, Boda, would attack them from under a hedge. Mrs. Mueller called him “Satan.” Boda didn’t mind the cognomen.

What happened is called Sleep Paralysis. Wiki has a good entry on it and I’m sorry to not quote Susan Blackmore, the British scientist who studied the phenomena and helped to explain it. Blackmore is best known for her book The Meme Machine. Look it up. She’s an excellent writer. But Professor Wiki sums up sleep paralysis with less palaver:

the end, as I have mentioned, Blackmore put the monster in its box. Mind you, it still happens, and it is still a scary thing. But I no longer believe aliens are taking me away, or that I must fold my table into an upright and locked position for liftoff to the astral plane.

Sleep Paralysis and That Old Time Religion by F.A. Crawford

The experience recurred so often that sleep became an anxiety-ridden process I later managed with booze. Booze killed it. Drunk, the demon of sleep paralysis couldn’t touch me. As my drinking worsened and insomnia set in, the paralysis experience returned, like some horrid Hollywood succubus. Only it was real. This set me on a path into the occult that’s a little embarrassing but I learned a lot of interesting flapdoodle. I studied Eastern religions, meditation, hypnosis, astrology, met with the Dalai Lama (in the 1970s before it was cool!); I took my fear of death via sleep paralysis to psychologists and shrinks. In

Back then my sister was a devout member of the First Baptist Church of Babylon, N.Y. It’s a real place. She was driven by a missionary zeal that she later channeled, smartly, because it kept here out of the Congo, into music. She went most every Sunday with our sourdough Aunt Meda and Uncle Will, a couple who so resembled that American Gothic painting, I thought they posed for it. And they did smell of sourdough bread. They drove a green Rambler with plastic covered car seats. They feared the speeding highway so drove along Main Street, from our home to Babylon, possibly some 30 lighted intersections. My sister bullied me into a few trips to church. But I could never wake up early on a day that didn’t require early-waking. My brother was alive then and no advocate for divine intervention. He would tease me, though, and say things about how “the Devil was going to preserve my soul in formaldehyde like the frogs at school,” if I didn’t go. He never mentioned how his soul stayed fresh. If asked, he’d say. “I’m older and know how to take care of my soul.” That may be true, but he didn’t take care of his life and lost it.

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continued from page #39 Sleep Paralysis and That Old Time Religion

Anyway, one Sunday I bounced up all pink and scrubbed and announced “I’m gonna get saved today.” I’d just seen my sister get dunked in a huge aquarium above the altar at the First Church of Babylon, quite a show piece for its time, and darned if I didn’t want a dunking, too. Maybe they’d let you swim around after. I imagined taking a dip in that big pool; I was clueless about Baptism and what it took to get a good dunking. But you had to start somewhere, right? So passed the endless morning. The dreadful speechifying punctuated by a four-square hymn and then the Pastor called for those who wished to join with Jesus to come forward and be saved.

I did it. I got up and kneeled at the altar, just me and another young boy. I was flush with pride, for surely Aunt Meda and Uncle Will would be happy about this. I turned to them and was stunned to see they’d fallen asleep. Only my sister was awake and with vigorous hand gestures ordered me to about-face the Deacon, who was coming around. Now. You see, here’s the part that worried me. The

Henry Fuseli's "The Nightmare" may have been inspired by the chest-crushing sensation and hallucinations of sleep paralysis.

Pastor made the call for us. So I expected the Pastor to do the rites. This was not so. Me and the other boy were led into a back room, where the same Deacon, a big jocky-looking guy who didn’t strike me as angelic, made us kneel and intone some prayers. Then we were given little red books: The Gospel of St. John. We were to read these, meditate on the words, pray, and come back. But nothing else was promised. Only that we were now in Jesus’s family and I was saved, totally protected; I’d been granted by this slouching black-caped galoot a 100 percent life and death insurance policy against eternal hellfire and damnation. Well. It didn’t take. Sure, Aunt Meda and Uncle Will expressed their happiness about my new life with Jesus, but they made it sound dry and dull as virtue can be. It was that day I noticed the peanut in Uncle Will’s ear. It was a hearing aid. I don’t think he heard a damn thing I ever said. My sister however, was exultant: finally, I had a chance to not become another crumball like so many others in the family and neighborhood.

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I must’ve been about 8. I read the little Red Book. There was nothing in it for me. My brother would smirk when he saw me slip it between the other books on the rack between our beds. “Smart reading isn’t it?” he’d say. “Sure lifts the spirits.”

He was going to Hell. And he did. Hell was in Vietnam and he died there. That’s what he got and it’s too bad. The book sucked. I didn’t go back to that church again. I wanted to be a kid, free of all that horror and rot. But the next year, I developed sleep paralysis. The Devil had come to get me.

And He got me good. Until I kicked his ass out. I got saved seven times in my life. I’m still here so it might’ve worked, but you never know until you’re on the other side. F. A. Crawford, believer in Wampum for more of F.A. Crawford visit

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