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Beauty from Within By Dr Allison Patton

NEW TREATMENT AVAILABLE AT MOUNTAINVIEW WELLNESS CENTRE -100% NATURAL Facial Rejuvenation Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment -Described as the NEW BOTOX

As the winter passes and we start to see hints of spring, we begin to think about how to revitalize our skin in preparation for milder weather. At Mountainview Wellness Centre, we approach Facial Rejuvenation from the point of view of Beauty From Within; treating the whole body to return our skin to optimal health. We believe that we are all beautiful when we are healthy. Skin that is optimally healthy is hydrated, supple, smooth and glowing. To fight against the three main culprits of skin aging, UV radiation, free radical exposure and inflammation, we use a four pronged approach: diet, supplements, facial care products and specific in-office

skin rejuvenating treatments. Keep in mind that it takes three to four weeks for the skin to renew itself so when you implement these changes and experience these treatments, the skin will be starting a process of regeneration that can last up to one month. Afterwards, the effects of this skin renewal can last from three months to two years depending upon your specific skin type. I want to tell you all about the Treatment I am so excited to introduce. It is called Facial Rejuvenation Concentrated Growth Factor Treatment. This treatment also includes a personalized concentrated growth factor cream that we make for you ourselves. It is about YOUR body Healing Your BODY. Why I am so excited is that we are using your stem cells to regenerate your skin. This treatment is new to BC and possibly Canada and the treatment is now available at Mountainview Wellness Centre. It is also available in other

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