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In Memorium Ziggy Eckardt passed away on April 22, 2017. Ziggy was one of those rare human beings in politics, who was kind and decent. Friend or foe, all loved him so! He was an honest man, who presented his ideas with thoughtfulness and consideration. He was a friend to all of us at Metanoia Magazine. He is survived Ziggy Eckardt by his grieving wife, Ariane. We will June 30, 1934 -April 22, 2017 all miss you Ziggy.

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This issue covers a great deal of subject matter. We begin with Zhang Mi (Mimi), a Chinese superstar, residing part time in British Columbia. She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman who has achieved fame and fortune as a rock star, fashion model and savvy business woman. We are pleased to feature her and look forward to following her continuing career as a pop star in future editions. Anabella Corro is publishing her biography on her adventures in the music industry. Her story is intriguing because it reveals her experiences as being the muse of a famous rock and roll star, whom she accompanied to his gigs, meeting others of equal fame in the industry, and her travels around America and Europe. In some ways it is a love story, during a period of youth and innocence. New Mexico offers opportunities for artists to paint the great colourful open spaces of the West. William Haskell is an unusual talent with great sense of what that means. As an artist he takes the observer there, into the essence of the present day West, as well bringing back reminders of the past. Helena Wierzbicki from Buenos Aires, Argentina, paints her subjects with verve and pizzaz. The colours are amazing, in how they bring a lusty sensuality to the women she paints. In her interview with Hank Leis she describes the passion she has for her work. Gordon Hogg, Ph.D. provides more insights into politics from his extensive experience in the British Columbia legislature. Andreas C. Chrysafis describes the political events in Cyprus, the reasons for them, and the potential for the resumption of greater conflict. Britany Snider interviews the artist Jeanette Jarville; again this year we have photos from the Vancouver Web Fest, there is of course the usual Rant and much, much, more.


Since the founding of Metanoia Magazine by three Naturopathic Doctors and the Leis family in 2008, we have produced over ninety issues. We have had over one thousand articles written, including interviews of over 100 actors, 100 artists, dozens of politicians, philosophers, psychologists, and experts in other fields. A majority of the writers have post-graduate degrees or have expertise or knowledge of a special nature.




he Greek origins of the word Metanoia [met-uh-noi-uh] convey the notion of an experience or a moment that is transformative. In fact the change itself would be so remarkable as to shift paradigms and these shifts actually would cause a change in behavior and ultimately the consequences of those behaviors. The articles in this magazine are intended to introduce a different way of thinking so that ideas and notions we take for granted can be reframed in such a way as to renew our life by making it more interesting, challenging and rewarding. Many of us have abandoned our intelligence, our ability to think, our various gifts for being able to create and instead joined the masses whose only goal is to perpetuate the species and dwell in a complacent and apathetic state amounting to nothing more than mere existence. We at Metanoia believe we are all capable of more than that and more importantly are able to generate epiphanous moments for you. We hope that our plethora of deep-thinking writers will be able to transform your life into something meaningful and wondrous. Every one of us, to a varying degree, has experienced these moments and most of us who have been so transformed are driven to rediscovering the process that first allowed us our enlightened clarity of mind. In the last decade, scientific advancements have given insights into human phenomena that were previously thought science fiction, such as the viral theory as a contributing factor in the feeling of “love”. Anthropologists may have noticed nuances in human behavior early in our development, but these scientific discoveries now actually explain the physiology of “metanoic thinking”. Our own behaviors are being re-examined in light of these discoveries about brain function, and in particular that our usual way of thinking leads us to our usual results. Moreover mostly we do not think- but react- not unlike reptiles- and this process does not always serve us well. Humankind is evolving, and more and more the primitive fears that govern our behaviors are being discovered to be limiting rather than opportunistic. What we are discovering about ourselves is what our evolution is all about; the beast within will soon be quelled and what will emerge is anybody’s guess. Individually, the context of one individual within a population of seven billion suggests his/her insignificance – let alone a lifetime in the span of eternity. And yet we still have this narcissistic sense that our existence is of tremendous relevance. And while there may be something to this belief, how do these enormous discrepancies in size and time fit together to explain the relevance of this epic story? Simplified, what is the relevance of a person making a living to pay for food and shelter to the formula E=mc2. Our mission, certainly for Metanoia is to explore all those ideas, and to change ourselves and you in pursuit of this intelligence. To put it another way, we want your brain to be engaged in way it never has been before. Are you ready for the challenge?



After shooting to superstardom in 1989, Mimi went on to enjoy a stellar career as China’s Golden Girl.

Mimi Z HA N G M I

China’s “It” Girl of the last three decades, firing out hit after hit of super-hit songs. Acclaimed singer, actress, supermodel, writer, it seems no bar has been too high for Mimi to demolish. The first in a list of firsts. The first singer to become a model, first to cross over as a successful actor, the first to write a best selling book and the first singer to star in her own award winning TV series based on her own life story. She has smashed the box offices of China, Korea and America and to this day, she remains the subject of the top 5-10% of yearly Chinese news media articles . After three decades at the top, Mimi remains, an age defying enigma. 120,000 people live streamed Zhang Mi’s show last May. By Greg Hill

She stands on stage a superstar, confident, assured and all conquering. But, as with all rags to riches stories, we know it wasn’t always so.

miss out the beginning of this story would do an injustice to the spirit of strength, grit, and sheer determination that fought against all the odds, how this strong determined woman went When she was asked, “What down and came back swinging would the girl she once was, to do it all over again, and then think of the woman she became?” again after that. Zhang Mi (Mimi) is stumped for an answer. Mimi would say It was an inauspicious start for that from where she came from Mimi, born in the tiny village is not the story, as much as how of Yinchun in China’s Northern she got there. The mountains she Heilongjiang Province under had to climb, not once, not even the reign of Mao Zedong. twice but over and over. But, to For those familiar with the

annual Chinese ice festival, it is held in the province’s capital city, Harbin, every year. A province where in winter, it is a simple task to create ice blocks three feet thick and build ice castles and sculptures that attract the world. During the cultural revolution, Heilongjiang was mostly a frozen, icy wasteland, close to the Russian border. In a country where paleness and whiter skin is seen as a social asset, it is hard to imagine how this bronze skinned superstar

rose to such prominence, that is until you hear her story, when it becomes clear, her rise to fame was inevitable.

home where Mimi had been invited. After dinner, she was implored to sing, she chose a standard Chinese anthem, “I Love You China”. I witnessed the tears of the men and women present as they wept openly for a song sung about the love of her country. Her voice and melody touched the other guests deeply. It felt so much more than a song sung well, it seemed more of a clarion call from the forefathers to those present.

As an infant, both parents were imprisoned, innocent victims of a distant time and place and other-worldly politics. It was during a time when anyone could be denounced, spied upon and jailed for supporting the “wrong person.” Chinese politics acted out like Russian roulette. Choose once, but choose wisely, if you support the man on top, next Again, I witnessed the same effect, week, he too may be denounced when Mimi was asked to judge and you all go to prison. a charity beauty competition in Vancouver. Of course, she was When you are lucky enough to asked to sing, one song request engage Mimi in conversation, turned into three. She only had her soft voice strains to be heard. music for two. She sang the last When she speaks, mostly just one acapella. She hadn’t even above a whisper, her voice never hit the refrain when the sobs of betrays for a moment the harsh the audience became audible. realities of her childhood. She and Tears streaming down their her younger brother were raised many faces. How do you describe, in part by “Gur” her elder brother an event where the pure soul of and protector. “Gur” was the a voice turns the audience into protection from the wickedness a quivering wreck? A power of other village children. Mimi is rarely witnessed. fiercely patriotic of her country and people, both of whom she Back in Yinchun as a child, loves deeply. She is open about her elder brother “Gur” its’ past and confident, above all scoured for firewood, which he else, of its’ future. Wisely though, collected in bundles and sold she eschews politics at all costs. to the neighbours. His backbreaking work kept his two Mimi’s deep and genuine affection younger siblings from death for the people is evident in how or worse. she conducts herself everyday. She loves the soil and the It was all too common for the blood of her motherland China. children of the imprisoned She lives and walks among the to be ostracized and bullied. people, and eats in the local cafes Mimi learned to fight, beating of Beijing everyday. off the other children who picked on her younger brother. She was It was something to behold, when not exempt from the bullying I was a guest in a Vancouver and was so desperately lonely,

she would go to the forest behind her house where she would place rocks in a circle and play make believe as if they were dolls. It was in the woods, she could be free and where she began to sing. Poverty is a second prison, a prison that keeps one shackled to their roots unable to move on or move far. Even when her mother was released and finally allowed to return home, there was still no money for the family. Her mother was desperate when a throat infection hospitalized Mimi and almost took her life. This was in addition to a deformity that grew on her head the size of a rock. Mimi’s grandmother assured her it was a good omen, signifying she was special. Grandmother tied a compress to Mimi’s forehead in a bid to shrink the growth. Over time, of course, it did. When her father was released his spirit was broken, his soul crushed. Her father took years to recover from the trauma of a political prison and the depression that followed. Life was somehow tolerable, despite the loneliness and hardships the family endured. Inexplicably, from the depths of this living misery something unique was forming. It was here in the darkness of her formative years the young Mimi found her voice. By all accounts, her voice was as startling as a child as it was when she rose to prominence. But, not everyone found joy in her singing. Mimi’s parents limited her singing times to a strict

regimen. Certain times, only certain days, was she allowed to sing. To emphasize the point, her father nailed the terms to the wall. Mimi sang in any place she could find the space and solace to let her voice free. She particularly enjoyed the forest at the back of her house. It was deep, dense and private. But make no mistake, no story that draws on a life as big as Mimi’s could forgo the stuff of legends. Stories that would be impossible to make up. One day while singing in the forest, the principle of a Mongolian singing school was walking by. In a forest in the middle of nowhere, a child prodigy was belting her heart out while the one person in the world who could change her life came waling by at that very moment. He was visiting his sister who lived nearby. Having heard Mimi sing, he implored her parents to let her travel to Mongolia. He promised to tutor her and offered the chance of a great future. He was the first to recognize her raw talent and ability and poured his belief into her. But, it was not to be, singing schools could never be a priority for struggling parents. The only sensible answer, was no. But the spark had been set, the fire lit and from that moment, Mimi knew she would sing. Moreover, she knew she would become famous doing it. Three years later, at just fourteen years of age, in the middle of the night, Mimi packed a few belongings in a very small bag, holding the equivalent of four Canadian dollars, she stole away from home, leaving her parents nothing but a note on the table. She had made the decision, she was going to Mongolia, there was nothing that was going to stop her, just like that, she was gone.


How she made the journey, she has no idea, but she made it. At the school, they decided the least they could do was audition her. She passed easily and was accepted. Mimi spent two years in boarding school studying classical Opera. She had thought she would be an opera singer when she left. As a sixteen year-old ingenue, she left school and traveled to another province where she found work singing in a nightclub. Of course, she took the club by storm, filling the seats every night becoming something of a local celebrity. It was just a couple of years later, Mimi responded to a nationwide call for talented youth and entered the nationally televised competition. This was China’s “American Idol” fifteen years before American Idol was even a concept. Every one of the sixty thousand applicants had the odds heavily against them. They had all traveled from every corner of China. No one said it would be easy. Mimi successfully auditioned and week by week, survived the cull of contestants. Tragically, at the same time, word came that Mimi’s mother had been taken ill. She was diagnosed with cancer. The only saving grace, the show was being filmed in the same city her mother was being cared for in hospital. By day, Mimi spent time caring for her mother and by night, Mimi would return to the studio to film the show. The days were long, Mimi was exhausted, her mother’s condition deteriorated. After many weeks, Mimi was in the final twelve.

Her mother, in death’s final story of her mothers dying days and how she died before she was throes. able to see her daughter win. Mimi was ridden with guilt The stadium was filled with the at not being there completely sobbing of ten thousand souls. for her mother. She made the decision to quit the show, walking That was the day a superstar out when she was so close to was born. Taken to the hearts of the end. She had found something China, Mimi became nationally bigger than herself and that was known and is still known as Mei Jie (me jer), which in English the care of her mother. means, “Baby sister”. There was an immediate public backlash, executives of the show Mei Jie was a Chinese icon, born reeled from the loss of Mimi in front of the eyes of a nation. and the public reaction to her departure. An executive met with As Mimi’s star began to rise, Mimi by her mother’s bedside she did her duty supporting the government promoting Chinese and lured her back to the show. relations around the world as part From a cast of many thousands, of a cultural and trade delegation. Mimi pushed through to the finals, she’d made it to the last In India, she went scarf shopping with another famous singer, two. Peng Liyuan. Peng Liyuan notably On the last day of filming, Mimi quit singing when she married a went to the hospital to spend time rising politician, Xi Jinping, who with her mother. It was clear her was not well known at that time. mother didn’t have long left. After a day of care, she returned to the Mimi’s album sales were Her record studio to film the finale. She took stratospheric. to the stage, her performance company boasted of building broadcasting across China and their new headquarters based she gave the performance of her largely on profits from the sale of life. She left the stage learning her albums alone. By 1996, her her mother had died moments record sales had marched past the before she sang. Her mother’s 50 million mark and continued. death was an unimaginable In 1996, Mimi left China blow. It was six months before to spend time travelling. Mimi was able to perform She spent extensive time in again. Her next performance Europe and America. She lived was in a stadium in front of ten for a while in Switzerland and thousand people. Speaking to Florida continually growing the crowd, she explained why she disappeared after winning the championship six months earlier. Through heartbreak and tears she told the


an international persona rare for that time in China. It didn’t matter how far she traveled or how many coffees she drank in St. Marks Square, she knew more than anything, China was where her heart belonged. After six years of self-imposed exile, she returned to the stage, starting once again from the very bottom, ready to battle to reclaim her title. The entertainment world is a slug fest and Mimi fought, inch by inch, until she’d clawed her way back to the top, barely pausing to take a breath. Another string of hits followed, she was bigger than ever, back on top. Mimi continued to break glass ceilings, she had already experienced many firsts in China, such as having had her own TV series, which was a weekly drama based on her life. After returning from abroad, Mimi became a supermodel, headlining fashion shows across China. The first time a singer had achieved success in the two competing areas. Next, she wrote a pictorial biography which became a best selling book. This was the first time a female artist had written a best selling book. The many provocative poses within the biography exposed her as a sex symbol and international beauty. Mimi was somewhat embarrassed to hear from a female business executive, she had bought the book at the airport and had become so engrossed in the images, she inadvertently missed her plane!

In 2016, Mimi made a foray into the world of business. Already a very successful and independent woman, it was the culmination of a decades worth of work bringing a concept to reality. In January 2017, Mimi started “Mimi Zhang”, a company built to sell her hair products. Her company began selling a formula of organic hair products that took the market by storm. Within one month of rolling out, the single factory handling her product could no longer cope, five months later, four factories single handedly manage the growing demand.

She won award after award, for her music, her videos, and her style. She fronted a TV show, introducing the rich and famous to a China-wide audience. In 2007, Mimi called it a day and retired. She had achieved all she could have hoped and was happy to settle down and enjoy the second phase of her life in peace and relaxation.

There is no stopping this working dynamo. Coming soon are more products, more music, hopefully more fashion, and in the last few weeks, Mimi has met with one of China’s biggest movie companies In 2010, a chance encounter to discuss the movie based on introduced her to the man who her life. would stand by her side for the So when the woman looks back at next many years, a Canadian in the child she once was, she thanks Beijing on business. Almost seven her for being brave, for having years later, they remain very the fortitude to push through much in love, stronger together any obstacle, and there have been despite having lived their lives on many, to carve her name large either side of the Pacific Ocean. into the Chinese psyche. Mimi Mimi’s career kept her in China, was here, and where ever she has his career kept him in Vancouver. been, wherever she will go, she is They were lucky to keep homes in sure to leave her mark. both cities.

Life’s Eternal Glamour By Anabella de Corro Rock ’n Roll Muse International Model Teenager


ecoming a rock ‘n roll muse at the age of fifteen and losing my virginity with a well-seasoned rock star who was part of the British Invasion. After being a wallflower most of my life in school, I could go and witness my first rock ‘n roll concert. This was a mind-blowing experience since I had come from a traditional Catholic upbringing background in Mexico City. In 1969 I was sent to spend a year in school in the United States with my father who happened to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and was involved in the casino and publishing businesses. I was excited about going to the U.S. and going to co-ed schools and be able to go to the greatest rock ‘n roll concerts of the time. Since Las Vegas was one of the venues where the greatest bands came through, every great band that had records played on national radio always included Vegas in their tours even though Vegas was a small town back in 1969 and into the 70’s. Las Vegas was considered the entertainment capital of the world.


here I stood in the front row witnessing one of the greats. I could not believe that I was experiencing one of the revolutionary icons of rock and rhythm and blues. Eric Burdon and War were taming the crowd with his message of sensual revolution and their powerful new rhythm and blues sound. Little did I know that I had some type of soul connection with this sultry singer since at the age of thirteen, living in Mexico City, I would sit in front of the mirror and mimic his songs, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place,” “It’s My Life and I’ll Do What I Want” and, “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” Now he was introducing this new crossover sound of black musicians, a Danish harmonica player and Eric Burdon, the Brit.


Excerpt from Life’s Eternal Glamour by Anabella de Corro © 2015 Anabella Corro

is voice seduced my soul. I sat there with my best friend Patty excited and seduced by the sound and all the young people grooving with the music. If you understand anything about past life connection or soul contracts, we make in the past; somewhere in space and time Eric Burdon and I had made this pact. Patty and I would turn and look at each other and say, “Can you believe it? Can you believe it? We’re here!” We were such young innocent

girls of fourteen and a half years old, so curious about love and passion and we both knew men and rock were what stimulated our young passions. Suddenly I got a tap on the shoulder. A charming blonde Englishman, whom I later found out was the great Hilton Valentine, lead guitarist of the legendary Animals, who played the lick on the House of the Rising Sun, in his Jordy accent, said to me, “Hello, I’m with Eric Burdon and he has told me to tell you that he would like to meet you after the show.” I in astonishment turned around and said, “Are you sure? It’s not my girlfriend he wants to meet?” She was a cute ash blonde and looked much more womanly than I. He said no, “He said, the one with the face and the dark hair.”


agreed to go backstage and meet him after the show. Patty was hesitant and said, “Anabella we are virgins and you know what rock stars do.” Patty and I didn’t realize that our innocent concert experience would become a racy situation that we were not prepared for. I assured her that we were only going to get the autograph, nothing more. After Eric and I met, he told me that he had been in India and some mystic had done a drawing of a face and he claimed I was the face. In fact, that became my nickname, Face. The other name that he gave me was Mirage. He claimed that I had the universal look. He would say that I was all races in one. That my look was the look of the future. In fact, he was the first to encourage me and tell me that I could become an international model.


ere I was, being set up to become a juvenile rock ‘n roll muse without wanting to. Somehow, I felt a heavy load come on when Eric said he wanted to pursue me. I was fourteen and a half and innocent. Many people had compared the beginning of our love affair to Elvis and Priscilla. Eric claimed that I was his Lolita. For me, this was a mind blower because I had never even had a boyfriend to hold hands with. Why me? I asked. Why couldn’t I be like a normal girl that went out with her junior high and high school sweetheart? This is when I talk about karma and fate, somewhere in the infinite past I signed on to experience my first sexual love experience with a well-seasoned rock star… As he toured around the world with War, Eric started to call me. I would get calls from Germany, France, and the UK and he would say to me that one day we would be together. That he had been through so much in his life and he was looking forward to my innocence. He felt that I was a breath of fresh air. I was oblivious to the fact that Eric was a sex symbol in the rock world. He previously had love affairs with some of the most powerful and sexual women in film and music. I had no idea how my life would be changing. Within a year, I would be the center of his life and I would be introduced to my womanhood.


ric moved hell and high water to make our relationship happen. I was not sure, in the beginning, if that was what I wanted to take on. I realize now that he was deeply in love and he was not going to give up even though he was being advised against it by his manager and producer. They warned him of everything it entailed to have a young, underage lover whom he wanted to marry. After a year of courting me and inviting me to his home in Laurel Canyon and Belair, CA and introducing me to some of the greats like Jim Morrison, Mickey Dolenz and all that wonderful band of cosmic gypsies that were changing the world through their music. On one occasion, in a party, where he was holding court with some of the greats in Belair, Patty and I arrived, two young flowers, during a true Hollywood rock party. Everyone was very friendly and clearly, we were the youngest people there. We were both sweet fifteen years old and in absolute awe of where we had landed. Someone asked who we were and I said, I was a guest of Eric Burdon and they signaled that he was up at the top of the winding Belair staircase. I went upstairs, leaving Patty to ogle the guests which included the great Jim Morrison. As I entered Eric’s master bedroom, he was seated on the floor with big plush pillows surrounded by women of all sizes and colors. Out of the middle came a lady and this is where “Spill the Wine and Take the Pearl” was inspired. Most people are not aware that this saying translates into a man taking a girl’s virginity. As Eric dismissed his circle of ladies and said to them, “My girlfriend has arrived and I want to be alone with her,” my heart started pounding. I was not ready to be alone or intimate with him yet. We sat in the pillows and he offered me some of the hashish in an exotic water pipe. I took a couple of puffs and I feared what could come next. He said to me that he was elated to see me and he was dreaming of the time that we would get to know each other better. He mentioned that he was waiting for me to grow up a little and to be able to handle the love and passion he desired with me. At one point, he claimed that I had saved his life when he fell in a deep depression after the passing of Jimi Hendrix.


s he intended to become a little more intimate with me and began to kiss me, I responded to the kissing but was in fear that he would want to go further. He did. When he began to fondle me, I immediately reacted and all my good Catholic upbringing had him come to a halt. I stood up and ran out as fast as I could down the winding Belair staircase with eyes peering at me from below. Later I found out that they had applauded the fact that I was not going to give up my virginity that easily.


Questions from Metanoia... I was waiting for New Moon... What was it like being a unique adolescent multicultural young person and being introduced to love and romance in such an intense manner by being singled out by Eric Burdon? I always wanted people to understand that this was not the life that I was expecting to have, especially on a romantic level. To a degree, it was a little bit scary and those of us who believe in karma, astrologically it was in my chart that I would seek out a man of knowledge and much more mature than myself. I was seeking a mentor and he came into my life that way. Do you believe in past life connection and that we are all destined to meet?


Yes, I do. I think therefore I was destined to stand

in front of the mirror at the age of thirteen and particularly mimic his songs, not the songs of the Beatles or anyone else, but Eric Burdon’s music and lyrics during his time with the Animals. This way one and a half years before our actual meeting when I was still in Mexico City. Somehow, I manifested this relationship. Somewhere in the past we were meant to meet and therefore he claimed that when he was traveling through the world someone had done a drawing of a face that looked like mine. I understand now that there are no accidents in this Universe.

to someone of the greatest minds, some of the greatest artists and some of the greatest spiritual minds of the time. Sometimes I would have to pinch myself to see that I was sitting amongst these brilliant souls. Individuals such as the brilliant Jim Morrison and the soulful Joe Cocker or the great Harry Nilsson. What really amazed me was that these beautiful souls were really in their heart. They were sincere and highly sensitive men. They truly were living the love generation. There were virtually no other women around Eric and I now.

How did living with Eric Did taking mind expanding Burdon in Hollywood in the drugs help or hinder you? early 70’s effect your life? For me, at this youthful time It opened an array of knowledge, in my life, LSD was a therapeutic consciousness and wisdom of a experience. I could overcome many counter-culture of people who of the fears that I had accumulated were changing the world through going to a parochial school most of love, music, sex, drugs and my life, being raised as a Roman rock ‘n roll. Eric introduced me Catholic, and having a great fear

he could no longer live without me. My father threatened to put him in jail but my mother, who was the avantgarde artist intellectual painted by Diego Rivera and who had smoked a joint and spent time with Freda Khalo, said “This man must really love her because even though I’m not impressed and I don’t know who he is, he is coming with legal representation and I think she may be ready to become a woman. If it’s not with this man, in this culture, it may be in the backseat of a car.” My mother convinced my father to give legal consent Painting of Anabella based on Clive Arrowsmith’s to draw out papers of photograph for Interview magazine. guardianship because Eric told my of death. The LSD allowed me parents that we would be traveling to look at a very cosmic side of the world. He said that since existence and at the same time, my mother is Danish, we would I was introduced to the Vedanta go to Denmark and meet my philosophy which shared with mother’s family. We did, in fact, me that reincarnation was part go to Denmark to meet my greatof the eternal plan. This seemed grandmother who was in her 90’s to resonate with me immediately. and who had an exquisite home My first LSD trip was in Eric full of antiques, art and silver trays Burdon’s company, I was a virgin. and she was still the matriarch of He respected that fact and held me the family. Eric accompanied me as I cried out and released the fear to meet my family though I was of death. Now, I was still a tender not allowed to mention that I was fourteen and a half year old at the traveling with an English rock star, time, with an old soul. least of all, Eric Burdon who at this point was introducing Eric Burdon How did you handle being and War to the World. the love interest of such a revolutionary and intense What did you learn from him, both the positive and person like Eric? the negative? It was very intimidating when we initially met as I was the I learned that art and music could tender age of fourteen and a half. touch the world. I learned that After courting me for one and a he had a great intellect. He was half years, he came to my parents’ a serious writer. Many people home in Las Vegas, Nevada with are not aware that the great his attorney against the will of Jim Morrison considered him his manager and his producer. a mentor. In many ways, Eric He claimed to my parents that had a very big heart and seeing

him on stage, in Paris, taming the beast with the most difficult audience of the world. I was very impressed when I saw almost a riot break out in the Olympia Theater when Frenchmen, who had come because they didn’t necessarily like the British, wanted to sabotage Eric’s performance. There were also the loyal fans who considered him, since the days of the Animals, the working man’s hero that sang the songs of their lives. As I stood on the sidelines at the Olympia Theater and watched the crowd, the audience almost set the theater on fire, with fights breaking out in the front row, people stomping their feet waiting for Eric to come onstage. War had never experienced such an audience, but Eric fearlessly walked on stage and spoke to the audience through the microphone and said, “Hey Paris, Fuck You.” The audience replied, “Hey Eric, Fuck You.” They went back and forth and then Eric, with one movement, a wave of his hand, signaled for War to explode with their music. The challenging part was that there was a line around the block of the theater of women who were bringing him cakes, presents, and maybe even themselves. There I sat in the dressing room at just about sixteen years old

Anabella posing naturally for a photo

watching these women nothing of breaking my parade in front of him heart and revealing for three hours after to me that no matter the show while every how deep the love, type of woman you nothing is forever. I could imagine, from had been his muse, the French sexy pretty he had claimed that I girl to the prostitute, had saved his life, he to the school teacher, had known that I was to the rock ‘n roller, to pure of heart and that the druggy, all wanting betrayal was not what I a piece of him. He kept was expecting. He then saying, “I want you to claimed that he wanted meet milady, Anabella.” to send me home to My main concern at my parents but I did this point was figuring not have “the face” to out when we could go home. Instead he let eat dinner. I wasn’t me loose in Hollywood prepared (really, how to fend for myself could I be?) for what without honoring the transpired after a show, promise he had made every show. It was to my parents to look happened everywhere, after me financially London, Amsterdam and educationally. and all over Europe. He realized I had Another thing was no idea about going being hounded by the and consulting with Daily Mail in London attorneys to make and being questioned him live up to what he if I was thirteen years had committed to do old. I would say no, for me. “I’m fifteen and a Anabella posing for John Swannell; The Royal Photographer The only blessing that half,” as if it made a would say to my friends, “I will go came from this breakup was difference. Or being at a party that the woman he had betrayed to Paris and London and Europe. ” when they were celebrating Eric and War and having these vampy This made me realize that I was me with had a best friend women coming up and looking a citizen of the world and in the named Haji. Haji was my me up and down as if to say, future, as I matured, I would make guardian angel. Haji, when she saw the injustice that Eric and “So you’re the one.” His exes in these places my home. this other woman had caused, she London came to check me out as well. Eric would say, I want After the heartbreak and turned against her best friend and you to meet, “The Face, the love of betrayal of Eric, what was it like took me under her wing. She taught my life.” All of this, at such a young to fall in love with poet and song me about being a vegetarian. She taught me about nature. age, was a tremendous amount writer Jackson Browne? She opened my soul and made of emotional wear and tear on me a tree hugger. Haji was a my soul. You can imagine the depression true goddess and I only have that my heart fell into, having just What was it like traveling turned seventeen, when I found gratitude for her. She protected me the World with Eric Burdon out about Eric’s infidelity. I was against the wolves of Hollywood. She would say, “No Anabella you and War? so naïve that I could never dream can’t go, don’t you know what they that he would take up with another It opened my life woman, or at one point say that want from you.” She became my to understand he wanted both of us. I had been second mother. I called her my cosmic mother. Haji was a legend why, when I too young for him anyway and as in her own right, in Hollywood, was in school, I a man tainted by love, he thought


a star among stars. She knew of my broken heart. She always disapproved of Eric and looked down her nose at him and said he was an egotistical bastard who was there to use and abuse the love of women. During the summer of 1972, Haji woke me up from a deep sleep and said, “Bella wake up, we’re going to the beach today, I have a guy I want you to meet that is perfect for you. You and he will be like a painting together.” And I said, “Who Haji?” And she said, “His name is Jackson Browne. He’s a young poet. You will love him!” I replied, “You know I don’t like black men,” to which she said, “Honey, he’s as white as they come.” I had no idea who he was but Haji became an agent of fate. She had decided she was going to help me heal my heart and for me to experience pure and sincere love.

Anabella de Corro and Eric Burdon

Anabella Corro modeling in her youth

When he met me, sparks flew, yet at that moment he happened to be in a relationship with the great Joni Mitchell, who was my idol. Haji had mentioned to me that she thought Jackson was going out with Joni Mitchell. When I found out he was dating Joni Mitchell, I immediately cancelled any thought of going any further with this beautiful young man with the most intense green eyes and the biggest smile and the poetry. Jackson was such an honorable young man that he mentioned to me that he was dating someone in the music business although he didn’t tell me who it was. They had been on a world tour together, promoting his first album, “Saturate Before Using.” He went back to Joni after he drove me to my apartment in Hollywood and kissed me goodbye. I closed the

Antonio Banderas and Anabella in The Real Life of Pancho Villa

door and I said to myself, I will never see that gorgeous young man again but a few days later he gave me a call and said to me, “Anabella, remember that girlfriend I told you I had, I don’t have her anymore. Would you like to come out to dinner in Malibu?” This is where the song, “Lady of the Well” was born. You can imagine the intensity of this romance. Our first intimate encounter was on the beach in front of the house he was living in. This house had been built by Dolores del Rio, the iconic Mexican movie star. Then he proceeds to sing to me the song, “Lady of the Well”. My heart was healed by this beautiful young man. Up to this day, when we meet, the magic is still there and he always sings “Lady of the Well” at his concerts for me.

Anabella de Corro and Jackson Browne

What was it like to live in Hollywood in the 70s? It was incredible. It was fun, it was exciting, Hollywood was a family. The music and film industry went hand in hand. We used to drive in Haji’s convertible down Sunset Blvd to the beach and waving to Lee Marvin, Ryan O’Neal, Lou Adler and others that we would see them down at the beach or at a party. We really were the generation of love. It was all about sharing. What was the impulse for you to write your story and share “Life’s Eternal Glamour” and what is the essence of your message? I realized I had this incredible memory of times and places of a great experience during a special cultural revolution. The music and the experiences of that time still resonate today. The youth want to know how we changed the world during the 60’s and 70’s. How we did it through love, through music, through poetry- almost like a Renaissance time or like the days of Mozart in the 18th century and how movies and television shows are made about our time. This was a time about working from the talents we had within us and changing the world with the creativity, the soul power and a message that all we need is love. I am proud to be part of the love generation. I share it with my son today, a young man in his 20’s. He and many young people ask me, what was it like to live in such an iconic time of change. We must all return to this consciousness that we are all one and everything we do creates a ripple effect. “We are billionyear-old carbon stuck in the devil’s bargain but we have to get back to the garden,” Joni Mitchell. Anabella and Jackson Browne in NYC

A photo of Anabella de Corro, as featured in Life’s Eternal Glamour

Anabella when she was modeling for Dior

Anabella modelling an Emanuel design in Ritz magazine-designer of Princess Dianna’s wedding dress

Hormones & You A Talk by Dr. Allison Patton

July 11, 2017 7 pm - 8pm

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‘Reclining Lovers’

Jeanette Jarville “Focusing on positivity, that's my message.” By Britany Snider

When did you realize that you because of the amount of art classes were going to make being an I was able to take. I pretty much avoided everything else. Going artist a career? through school I took everything I have always known. My talent I could. I took photography. came really naturally as a I took metal work and ceramics, young child. I was drawing really as well as painting and drawing. well all through my elementary I was immersed in every form of school years. I was always labeled art-making. Building furniture, the class artist. I actually started oil designing, everything. painting, traditional oil painting, when I was at the age of 11. I took one year of private lessons with a renowned artist in Richmond and I learned how to do technical, old masters oil painting. I was doing portraits and florals and stuff like that from an early age. I continued doing that all through my teen years and that's what really got Britany Snider and Jeanette Jarville me through school. I ended In your art now you use different up graduating sorts of material, right? Not just canvas and paint.


Exactly, I like incorporating different things, mixed media. So when I'm painting and I paint on wood panels and canvas I usually add a lot of unique and different things, whether it's found objects or mixing different things in with my paint to create different textures. I've also kind of developed a really unique style of painting reverse on glass. I've been doing that for almost 20 years. That's a really challenging way to paint because I'm on the other side of the glass. The first thing I have to do is sign my name, but I have to sign it backwards, and everything I paint is in mirror image. So if I paint like a figure or a woman facing one way, I'll have to physically paint her facing the opposite for it to work out. I like it. It's challenging.

How did you come up with the reverse process?

I think my favorite thing to do is my figurative work because you can create so many different I went to Emily Carr, it's a moods within the painting just very well-known art school in by the look or the movement of Vancouver, for four years. I the figures. All the backgrounds in graduated with a bachelor's. my work are pure abstract anyway, While I was there painting, again so that's where my abstracts came experimenting, I was painting on from, just eliminating the subject weird objects. I actually painted matter and just working on the on a heritage window. I kept background. the old wood frame intact and I painted on the glass and it was I really want to focus on in my meant to be forward, but when I career is the figurative, the abstract saw what happened on the other and the sculptures because my side, that's what got me going, sculptures are very figurative. doing the reverse, because it just looks so interesting and fluid and I think of it, figurative and abstract are a little more sophisticated as much more vibrant. far as the art world goes. I want What inspires you to create to get a lot more sophisticated and is there something specific and in depth with my work. A lot of my sculptures have more, that really gets your creativity it's hard to describe, they're more flowing? personal. I do a lot of things that I guess I'm happiest when I'm involve sexual abuse and animal creating, and especially from my rights and environmental issues imagination, because I end up and really strong pieces and going in my own mind and just emotional pieces. I like doing that. mixing around colors and shapes You can be more creative? and then letting it flow out onto the canvas. I can be more creative, a lot more emotional. Things will There are multiple styles that get me angry. Things will make you paint, including abstract. me cry. That's the kind of stuff that Can you tell me about each you can't put on the market and sell. Right? style?

It's really hard for an artist to make a living. You have to make a living. Does your mood affect what you paint? Does my mood affect it? I don't know. I think once I get into the studio I end up wandering around. I usually work on a few things at a time. I guess my mood might affect the colors I choose. I think my composition and my form and my lines are very similar. They always end up being really bold and strong images, no matter which colors I end up choosing. I read that you attended art school in Berlin for a year? Yeah. Well, one semester, but I spent a year there. I did a lot of traveling. When I was in Berlin I did mostly what is called site installation work, where I would create sculpture in a specific area of the city and then leave it. Photograph it and then just leave it, and then I'd go create something. Basically public art that was illegal. A little bit rebellious? You got a scholarship to go there from Emily Carr?

‘Spirit of the Woods’

Is there always been kind of the message behind your art? For example, your choice to use abstract and things like that?

‘On Sax’

I received a scholarship every year because of my work, the body of work I'd finish every year. I'd apply and then I received a monetary scholarship. Not necessarily one that put me into Berlin, I had to apply for that. I was the first student in Emily Carr to ever go to that school. Or I think first Canadian artist to ever go to that school in Berlin. That's pretty cool. Did your art evolve when you went to Europe? I find it more inspiring, it's old, it's beautiful. Vancouver's kind of new. Berlin is old and beautiful, but all the artwork was really avantgarde, very contemporary. So I focused a lot on the work that dealt with the homeless. I'd make ceramic hands and attach them to brick buildings like they were begging, and then a dog at their feet because all the beggars have dogs.

Workshops and private, not in a classroom. I'll teach random workshops, I don't teach most I don't want abuse to be days, I don't want a regular job. the message. My work is much No? more about love and positivity and good energy, I think. No, I don't want to have to go to That's why I mainly paint couples school Monday to Friday. and lovers because I want everybody to look into that rather Who does? Well, you kind of than to look into something dark. have to satisfy yourself. You can I think everybody, like musicians make a living, but if it doesn't for example, when they usually create their first album it's really make you happyraw and usually that's the best work It's just a job. It's a job in the end. that they do and as they evolve they become more commercial. So you can paint and draw well. Same with artists, myself included. It's an assembly line job. There's so Usually when we work, you just... many artists that do that, though. If you're working from the heart They'll paint the same thing for and soul you just put everything their whole careers because they're all out there for everybody to see. known for that. But then you have to grow, and learn. So I think my work has I like to evolve. I like to continue to grown from being really dark and learn and evolve and grow. depressing to hopefully bright and What's coming up next for you? loving and colorful and so, I need to focus on that otherwise I'llI'm working larger. I'm trying to focus on series, where I'll paint Go back? ten or twelve or more of a similar subject to push it as far as I can. Go back. It's too easy to go back. I'm painting mostly figurative work and abstract and I also want It is. It takes a lot to change. to get back into doing sculpture. It's continuous effort every day. When I was in art school and for You have to work at it every day. about 10 years beyond that I was doing a lot of mixed-media foundFocusing on positivity, that's my object sculptures, where I'd add message. driftwood or ceramic that I made I've been really lucky. My family and metal work and I'd put it all supported me and everybody I've together and I'd create some really been with have supported me. unique sculptures and I want to I've been able to be an artist all my get back to doing that. life and go to art school for almost six years and go to Germany because of being an artist. Not a lot of people ever have that chance or opportunity. I've never had to go into the real world and work. It's kind of nice.

And at that time I built my own coffin. I did a whole series on sexual abuse of... Do you think you'll ever go Child abuse. into teaching?


I do teach.

‘Conversation Pieces’

On Animal Planet

David Sancious

Wes Mack

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On William Haskell

William Haskell Nestled in a high desert terrain, the regional landscapes and villages of the West inspire artist William Haskell to create exquisite dry brush watercolor and acrylic works which reflect his passion for this unique and diversified landscape. Weathered adobe structures are drenched in a crisp white light beneath Western mountain ranges, mesas and prairie lands in many of Haskell’s colorful paintings. His focus on detail in his work goes beyond mere description of subject and draws the viewer into the painting for a more intimate connection with everyday forms and a sense of place. Haskell began drawing at the early age of four, and was introduced to watercolor by the age of eleven. He says, “Drawing is the basis for my painting and it has been essential for me to continuously develop my drafting skills.” He apprenticed to award-winning Wisconsin wildlife artist Terrill Knack, originally intending to specialize in painting birds of prey. His current work shows Knack’s influence in discipline, as well as in his frequent use of wildlife in his landscape paintings. Working in both watercolor and acrylic, Haskell has become known for the depth and quality of his glazes. He says, “With the use of dry brush techniques – multiple glazes and layers, using both the tip and the side of the brush to move the paint with less water – I am able to take watercolor and acrylic to a different level by working as translucently or opaquely as needed. Whether it is a dry brush watercolor or an acrylic painting, I archivally varnish the finished painting. This removes the need for glass in the case of watercolor paintings. This allows the user to get closer to the work. I use a museum quality archival varnish specifically designed for these mediums.” For more on William Haskell, visit

By Hank Leis

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures...." A lovely statement that encompasses every aspect of a creative person! What in your young life produced this soul that was able to later capture the passion expressed in your art? What is the nature of your nature?

The colours you use are extremely vivid. Can you describe how you are able to translate visually the everyday colours most people see, to your interpretations?

Colours allow me to project a mood, they are a vehicle for describing light and form as means of communicating my emotional state without having to be true to Passion is the key to unleashing the natural world. Colours are my my creative energy. Everyone has a emotional response to nature. passion for something in their life that inspires them in some way. Talk to me about "a balancing For me, painting is something that act between the intuitive and I cannot live without. It is my life the considered." Can you describe and it is in my nature. your "innermost thoughts and You have had some illustrious teachers. Technique, instruction methods, and personal development are all part of a teacher's paradigm in influencing their students. What part did the people who influenced your art play in developing your art and you personally?

emotions" that produce such vivid and passionate interpretations of your subjects?

I try to put feeling into the paintings I do, and the feeling is always my own: happiness, sadness or excitement, so you could say that I am probably representing myself in my work, most of the time. Do you see yourself currently evolving as an artist and what do you think the future holds for you?

I believe I keep moving forward, and that leads me to evolve naturally. Maybe my journey as an artist stops here, I don’t know, I hope not. Amplify on your statement regarding your reliance on "my desires for beauty, poetics and seduction."

In my view, the elements of poetry in painting are creativity and expression. I try to show what is inside a woman’s heart, her femininity and sexuality. Also, I count beauty among the ultimate What most influenced me from Your art on the whole seems to be values and it happens to be my my teachers is that in art as in life, of women. Do these renderings goal according to my subjectivity. “What I do not need bothers me.” represent the many aspects of That is why in my work I try and yourself? leave only what is essential. My interpretations of my subjects are processed on an intuitive level, always trying to connect with human emotion but also aesthetics is central to any exploration of art.

Rule Of Man By Andreas C Chrysafis

Sunday’s questionable referendum results in Turkey, offers Erdogan the opportunity to declare himself the ultimate Sultan of Turkey. When that happens it would be the death of democracy in Turkey and replaced by a dictatorship with many incarcerations of innocent citizens but would also trigger the execution of Erdogan’s perceived enemies. He vowed to bring back the death penalty. Why would he do that if he does not have sinister intentions in mind? Today, Cyprus faces a greater danger than yesterday. Yet, the government appears not to have a strategic plan or a defense policy to deal with this reality but will “consult with the other EU leaders”, so it has claimed. This can only imply there is no strategic policy in place.


A wise move is to STOP the BBF talks (partitioning of the island) before it is too late and in doing so shut the crossings until a stable environment develops. Akinci on the other hand has also shown to play Ankara’s devious games. In fact he has not acted honourably during the negotiations. Under the current situation there is no chance in the world on finding a fair solution with Erdogan as a Sultan - he is flying high and wants it all! The government should make radical decisions and seek ways to deal with this new reality of Erdogan’s theocratic ambitions for the Islamization of Hellenic Cyprus. Only the Archbishop of Cyprus dared to speak openly about those fears but nobody takes him seriously. As for most of the inglorious Cypriot politicians…well, that’s another story! Russia offers the only hope on the table for protecting the island against such dictators. Certainly not the EU nor the UN - not

while most member-states support Turkey! Russia has demonstrated its loyalty to Cyprus many times over and it’s wise to develop a closer political and defense relationship with this superpower for the sake of this torn island occupied by Turkish military troops. It is about time to put the Republic of Cyprus first above all others …if not, under the current mentality Cyprus is doomed!

Andreas C Chrysafis was born at Ayios Ambrosios, Kerynia, Cyprus. He studied and lived in the UK and Vancouver, Canada for most of his life where he practiced his profession as an architectural designer. He is a prolific writer of books, press articles including The Vanishing Cyprus Series and the Revolution of the Mind Series both published worldwide. Today, he lives between London and Cyprus devoting most of his time writing and painting works of art.

TEARS for KERYNEIA 75 x100cm ©

MYRRH TREE with LADYBIRDS 75 x100cm © Below: Myrrh Tree with Ladybirds is a colourful surreal painting inspired by Smyrna’s (Myrrha’s) myth of her infatuation for her father. In collusion with her servant during her mother’s absence, she incites incest and tricks Cinyras to lay with her in darkness for twelve nights. After her father discovers his daughter’s identity, she flees to save her life but her father pursues her with sword in hand. She prayed to the gods to make her invisible and the gods take pity on her. They transform her into a Myrrh tree where its fragrant sap has become her everlasting aromatic tears. While in plant form, ladybirds protect the seedling and nine months later the Myrrh tree cracks and Adonis is born from it.

Left: Tears for Kerynia is an emotional painting and a tribute to a beautiful ancient Greek city of Cyprus occupied for the past 40 and more years by a Turkish military invasion. It remains under bondage but the beauty of its ancient castle, its waterfront quaint harbour, Christian monasteries and a three thousand year old “The Kyrenia Ship”, remain as evidence of it’s glorious Hellenic past for all to see and admire. It is traditionally accepted that the city-kingdom of Keryneia was founded by Achaean Hellenes from the Peloponnese after the Trojan War and has been populated since ca. 6000-3000 BC.

ACChrysafisAuthor ACChrysafisArtGallery @ac_chrysafis


Rant Rant


By Hank Leis I remember having a conversation with someone, and referring to someone else as a “nice person”. I was cautioned on my assessment and I was reminded of the origins of the word, as well how quickly “nice people” can turn hostile if not given what they want for being that way. I am reminded of that conversation because of the atmosphere of political partisanship today which has “nice” people taking headstrong positions on almost every issue, few comprehending anything deeper than their own narcissistic biases. The overview is seldom analytical because rarely is there one by “nice people”. There was a time when being classy meant that ascribing knowledge of someone else’s intent was considered low class. Kissinger and Brzezinski U.S. Secretaries of State for Republican and Democratic administrations, respectively, would always refuse to comment when asked to ascribe to someone’s intent on an issue. Today doing so is almost commonplace. Accusations run rampant, absent of thought, logic or the implication of acting on such false conclusions. Everyone claims to know another’s intent and rarely is it circumspect or framed positively. In looking at comments posted on the internet about companies, businesses, professionals, entertainers or politicians, note that negativity, maliciousness, judgements, mischief and accusations prevail or stand out. The stresses and strains of life create a need to find an enemy to blame and demonize because looking in the mirror or taking a moment to be introspective does not provide that kind

of satisfaction. “Sorry” or “I didn’t know,” hardly satisfy any complainant. Their contention is that the intent to harm was there and someone must pay. Bad reviews are often used to extort, to malign or exploit for personal gain. The distinction between the abuser and the abused is often difficult to discern. Everyone and every issue is given equal time and even the media creates its own news by asking surprised pedestrians their so called impartial and definitely uninformed opinions on subjects they know little if anything about. In fact, studies have shown that almost anyone asked a question responds as an expert on any subject, when asked for an opinion. Eugene Burdick, political scientist, writer, a professor at University of California and a lifetime Democrat, was also a respected scholar who researched the phenomenon of relative political stability in the U.S. His conclusions about “what made America great” (my words) were that this was a result of the consensus achieved by voters after an election, that the winners had won the right to implement their policies. Former U.S. Presidents, no matter which political party they represented did not have the animosity towards each other, that seems to be so prevalent among today’s politicians. Republicans George Bush Senior and Junior both seem to be great friends with former Democratic President Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton seems barely able to tolerate fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, let alone President Donald Trump who himself seems to have been at odds with everyone, especially other Republicans. It seems that what

has made America great has been voter behavior after an election, and not necessarily the economic benefits they have attained from one party over another. The expectations of future possibilities are the source of energy that moves America forward, no matter who is President or which political party is in power. Americans are now at war with themselves. But so are we all. The turmoil and openly hostile acts at even the micro level suggest that something is amiss. “The times they are a changin’” and not just at a macro level. Any student of evolution would acknowledge that our own predominance on the evolutionary scale is the consequence of major upheavals. Evolution is not kind to those who are left behind, but who gets left behind is difficult to predetermine. All major consequences are unintended and future historians will try to evaluate what impact the meme of intolerance will have, for the nice and as well those who they define as not so nice. We are making history but have no idea how we are doing it and how it will affect us. Our future is not ours to see, except after it happens we will claim how insightful we were and how we warned everyone else of the consequences of their actions, never our own. We will remain mean to the end. Hank Leis is author of The Leadership Phenomenon: A Multidimensional Model

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Tom Weniger By Hank Leis

An Ascaya custom home design

Tell me about where you grew even the local police would simply up and the process that made you handle the discipline or take us such a proactive individual? home to my parents to face the music. I was not a bad kid but also a I grew up in a very rural part of bit adventurous. New Jersey. We lived on a small stone lane with six neighbors who I was an Honour Student and I grew up calling Aunt and Uncle Captain of my sports teams. rather than Mr. or Mrs. We had farms Then, at age seventeen I met my first and ponds and lots of woods in the challenge, I got pregnant! Well not area to build forts, fishing and try me of course but my twenty one year to ride George the Bull! I would go old girlfriend did, and I became a out to play in the mornings and not dad very early. This was a challenge, come home until dinner, and I was but not a mistake because I can not not late because my two brothers imagine my life without my oldest would leave nothing for me. Ha! son Tom. To make a long story We were not wealthy by any means, short, I had to leave school and go but I enjoyed a great childhood that to work because this situation was I felt loved and cared for. I became my responsibility. It hurt to not be involved in sports and had a paper able to play sports with my friends route and would make money doing in High School. So, two children chores for the neighbors. later I am separated from my first wife and one day they are dropped What mistakes did you make off to me (at age twenty two) and I in life and what corrections did became Mr. Mom long before it was you implement that turned them popular. Tom was three and Joe was around? fifty four weeks old. As far as mistakes went, I’m sure I was living with a buddy in a I made a few but nothing that hurt house we remodeled when this others or were criminal in nature. happened and was working for the It was different then, if we did Prudential as an insurance agent. something wrong the neighbors or

So off I go and rent a two bedroom apartment and would call my mom for cooking instructions and such. Not easy, but my responsibility. It became difficult to work evening hours that were required to make insurance sales so I had no choice but ask to move home with my parents. My dad never made me feel bad but my mom at times did. You are very proud of your sons. Can you talk about the challenge of raising such a dynamic group and how well they have done. The problem was being able to work, so I was in a bit of a hurry to get out again on my own. I needed a wife/mom to do that. So I met Cindy and we have three sons together and I become the youngest District Manager in the history of the Prudential and the youngest ever to win a Presidents Trophy leading the New Jersey Region. I had made it all this way without a college degree, actually only with a GED diploma. Cindy and I had built a big house in the suburbs, and all was great until my marriage fell apart in 1987. Working a lot to afford

the BMW and furs, coach the kid’s sports and being ranked number two in the entire country for Prudential took its toll on our marriage. Now the next challenge, I am paying alimony and child support and losing the house (1987 down turn along with the divorce), Tom and Joe are with me and Justin Steele and Kyle will remain in New Jersey with their mom. I was offered a transfer to California as Executive Director of Marketing for the Prudential. A full relocation package included with the deal solved the issue of getting out from under on my home. This was hard for me but I knew it was best for the family, and a great opportunity. So I purchased an 800 number so my sons Justin, Steele, and Kyle could reach me at any time (this was pre-cell phone). I also would take a red eye out of Los Angeles at least once a month to get into Newark, New Jersey at 6:30 am and pick the boys up to take them to their sports on Sat morning or a visit to Grandmas. I also flew them out for all spring breaks and Christmas to take them snowboarding with the older brothers. This was for a couple years until Justin was fourteen and moved to California to be with me, Steele followed in six months, and then Kyle when he reached fourteen. Again, I had become Mr. Mom!

brothers who were attending UNLV. All is great until 2008. I was hit very hard, having to short sell the five homes I owned and losing most of my stock portfolio. The financial risk was a mistake for sure. I then found myself needing to get back to work to secure a future. And that is what I am doing now, working hard. Is there a particular philosophy that you espouse and how has this affected your life and those around you? So this is not a poor me story, its about facing adversity and staying accountable to what matters. There are many side stories to this note; for another time perhaps. So yes I am very proud of my sons not only for the success, but most proud of the good men they are and Tom and Ida Weniger with Mario Basner at Mario’s the good decisions they made and Heritage Collection Debut continue to make. They are all very close, the word step- brother does What plans are you working on not exist in our family. for your future? I feel that I have taught my sons good values and accountability by example. I raised them without prejudice, to help when you can, that it is not funny if it is hurting someone’s feelings, and more. They know that they are loved and how important they are to me and have the opportunity and ability to accomplish their dreams.

I am a proud father of five, and would not change a thing in my life, In between my coming to to not have my boys where they are California and their move to live and I with my wonderful Ida. with me, I faced another very difficult challenge, all along it was my boys and my work as top priority, but I was faced with a challenge to my ethics and integrity at work. I can not talk about this but it was devastating.

For me going forward, a few years at Ascaya, then some charity work, lots of travel and family time with my wife Ida, with some golf and fishing sprinkled in! Ascaya is a collection of 313 luxury estate homesites poised atop a monument of spiraling stone. Rising nearly 1,000 feet above the valley floor to a total elevation of more than 3,000 feet, the homesites have been carefully orchestrated to welcome the most impressive views of the entire Las Vegas Valley. For more information visit 702.978.5800

But the great news was that I was able to focus on my health and best interest and had time to coach my sons’ youth football and high school teams. I competed Nationally in racquetball. I also did television stunts for those fun seven years! I moved with Kyle to Las Vegas in 2004 so he could be closer to his

From left to right: Deanna Basner, Ida Weniger, Tom Weniger and Mario Basner

Canada’s Premier International Web Fest completed their fourth annual event March 17th to 19th, 2017. Vancouver Web Fest (VWF) celebrates the progressive evolution of entertainment and programming created exclusively for the Internet. This uniquely diverse festival was the first of its kind in Canada. VWF brought together International and Canadian web content creators, producers and viewers through an engaged and responsive forum that acknowledges the cultural significance of this revolutionary genre. Vancouver Web Fest showcased global talent and gave recognition for content in the following genre categories: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, Family, Documentary, and Reality.

As well, Vancouver Web Fest recognizes excellence for Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design, Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score, Best of BC, Best Foreign, Best Canadian, Best Overall, Best Actor and Best Actress. Additionally, Vancouver Web Fest has the Carter Mason Award for Excellence, a memorial award offered to an exceptional individual in the web series community. For further details on submissions for 2018 please visit The three day festival hosts workshops, launch party, screenings, pitch sessions, facilitate panels featuring industry experts and concludes with an awards ceremony gala.

Tom Skerritt and Suzette Laqua

Troy Mundle (left) of Single & Dating in Vancouver

Winson Wong, Robyn Paris, Joely Collins, Kris McRonney

Suzette Laqua and Rod Perth

Susan Fox, Allan Harmon, Suzette Laqua, and Lissa Lloyd

Shiva Kashi, Suzette Laqua, Paula Homann

Lisa Schwartz and Suzette Laqua YouTuber “lisbug”

Paul Witten, receiving the reward for Best Actor for his role in Dropping The Soap

Suzette Laqua, Geoff Hastings, and Jay Janower on GlobalBC

CBC’s This is That star Pat Kelly Winner of Best of BC & Best Screenplay

Vancouver Webfest YouTube Panel Audience

Bronwyn Lewis - Production Manager, Adobe - Seattle

World Wide Webseries – creators unite at VWF 2017

Winson Won, Robyn Osborne, Kris McRonney, Joely Collins, Suzette Laqua, Eric Y. Lapointe

Vancouver Webfest Selfie

Suzette Laqua and Bernie Su at Seattle Web Fest

Suzette Laqua and Mister Bentley the Dog

The Magical Hands of Vancouver Webfest

Michael Lolato, Ryan Curtis, Brett-Patrick Jenkins

YouTuber Afternoon featuring Matthew Clarke, Jennifer Chiu, Matt Dennison, Jason Lucas, Lisa Schwartz, Bradley Friesen, and Mister Bentley

Chris Harris (CBC), Eric Lapointe (Just For Laughs), Zach Feldberg (CBC), David Milchard (Convos with My 2 year old), Sarah Carney (CBC), Matthew Clarke (Convos with My 2 year old)

The Dan Walker Chronicles By Dan Walker

Dan Walker is an adventurer, a businessman, and raconteur. He has visited every country in the world. His trusty Rolls Royce has taken him across many continents. He includes his grandchildren in some of his travels allowing them to select the destination. Originally, he hails from Victoria, British Columbia, but now resides in Costa Rica. We are pleased to present the Dan Walker Chronicles.

Beijing & Back Saturday June 30, 2012 Today dawned sunny and hot. We took a walk to find a shopping area in the old city that Marilynn spotted when we were with Lifeng, but we got thoroughly lost. When we eventually found the area I settled into a restaurant to drink beer while Marilynn prowled though the shops. Eventually we returned to the hotel to rest the walk had been a few miles. In the evening, to get to the theatre where we were to meet Lifeng and her 14 year old son for a Kung Fu show, we decided to try the subway, as there is a station about two blocks from the hotel. It was cheap (about 30 cents), clean, fast and efficient. Signs were in English and Chinese with arrows to clearly indicated train directions and where to stand. An electric rickshaw got us from the station to


the theatre a few blocks away. Once Lifeng and her son arrived she spotted an excellent restaurant for a couple of beer and a great meal. The Kung Fu show was good, with lots of history, drumming, dancing, and kung fu moves. We said goodbye to Lifeng and her son after the performance, and hope to meet them again next year if they can arrange a layover in Vancouver. He starts school in Ottawa in September. We are very grateful for all Lifeng has done to make this trip special. We each took a bicycle rickshaw back to the station and had fun as they raced each other. The subway was standing room only, as it was coming, but a couple of young people stood up to give us their seats. I guess there are some advantages to getting old!

Sparkling Hill Resort is the premier wellness resort spa destination in North America. Oering 149 luxury rooms and penthouses, 40,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art wellness facilities at KurSpa, and a breathtaking setting on Lake Okanagan, Sparkling Hill Resort oers a range of amenities and services that is unprecedented in North America. Okanagan BC 1-877-275-1556

town. So, I was pleased I would have a very brief opportunity to visit with my family. At that time escorts out of your duty Province, required members to wear their red serge dress uniforms. Why? You might ask. Answer: because it was policy and I do not know any other reason. Consequently, when I arrived home, my parents were somewhat excited to find this scarletcoated “Mountie” standing at the door. Long distance telephone calls then were expensive, so I had not notified them I was coming. After the excitement settled down and we began to catch up on news, my Mother told me of a neighbour’s daughter, Alvida, was becoming quite ill. She had been a good friend; some might say she was my girlfriend during high school. I was unaware of this situation and my Mother suggested I give the family a call, which I did.

What A Ride A book by Len Giles

Continued from previous issue

The Home Front In the fall of 1961, as the junior member on the detachment, I was assigned to two escort trips to pick up prisoners and return them to Princeton to stand trial. One outstanding warrant was for arrest and return only within the Province while the second was returnable from anywhere in Western Canada. My first escort duty required me to fly to Prince George––in uniform––to pick up a prisoner being held there. I arrived at the Prince George Detachment at about 5 in the evening, checked in and made arrangements to pick up the prisoner in the morning for the return flight to Penticton and onward by car to Princeton. After completing the formalities and a chat with the members on duty, I booked into my hotel and changed to civilian clothes to go for dinner. As I walked on the sidewalk along the side of a brick-faced building a pickup truck passed by with three men in the front seat. The vehicle had come

from behind me, so I had not paid any attention to it. It was just another vehicle passing by on the other side of the parked cars to my left. Suddenly, I caught sight of a left arm as it swung out over the roof of the vehicle with a beer bottle in hand which, when released, smashed up against the brick wall, only about five feet from my head. Welcome to Prince George, I thought, as the pickup disappeared from sight. The following morning I related the story to the members on duty at the detachment who thought it was rather funny. They suggested it was just a way of life in Prince George, and not unusual for beer to be consumed in vehicles and bottles tossed out in that fashion. From their comments, Prince George in 1961 was still a frontier town with its fair share of problems. That being said, I was glad to retrieve my prisoner and head out to the airport for my flight south, back to what I thought might be considered a more civilized lifestyle. As for the second escort trip, it turned out to be to Edmonton, my home

To my disappointment, upon speaking with her Father, I was told she appeared to have suffered a breakdown, was quite ill and undergoing psychological tests in a mental institute in North Edmonton. Although it was nearing 8 in the evening he asked if I could go out to the institute with him as he felt that to see me might cheer her up. Of course, I agreed to do so, reminding him I was in full dress uniform and had no civilian clothing with me. “All the better”, he said, as he excitedly suggested he would telephone to make arrangements and call me right back. Within fifteen minutes, I was in his car for the one-half hour drive to North Edmonton. We talked of his daughter, the state she was in and the testing that was being conducted. The stress and emotion he was enduring was telling and was difficult for me to deal with as his daughter had truly been a good friend. Whether we ever really reached the teenage boyfriend, girlfriend relationship I don’t really know; she was the girl next door. In view of the late hour of our arrival at the institute, Alvida was in her pyjamas and housecoat when brought to the waiting room by a staff member. It was disappointing to see her dressed that way and in that situation. She was excited to see me, overwhelmed by the fact that I had come to see her,

particularly in uniform. Her hug was one of those clinging, “don’t let go, don’t leave me here”, kind of hugs. It was devastating to see her in that state and to maintain a positive, upbeat, “you’ll be okay” attitude while realizing that might not be the case. She was not the girl I knew. She had become somewhat childish, with mannerisms not common to her personality or character. At the time, she was in her first year at University studying to become a pharmacist. Although she was a brilliant student, perhaps the academic workload had overwhelmed her. I had always known her to be very studious and I was cognizant of the demands placed upon her by her Father. She had––on several occasions–– confided in me on the understanding I not tell anyone. She was always trying to meet his expectations. I already knew him as a tough task master and as someone who was very concerned about how he and his family should be seen. What a tragedy this turned out to be! It was difficult to leave her under those conditions even knowing she was being well cared for and that if there was to be hope for her recovery, it might be found there. As I learned later, she never recovered from a subsequent relapse and in the end died in middleage, alone, reclusive, and lost in her own demented world. Her outbreaks of verbal hostility drove many away, including some of those who loved her, and had attempted to help and befriend her. Her story, along with my own family experiences, has left me with mixed memories of Edmonton that have, to be candid, instilled a determination to not reside there again. Of course, that has nothing to do with the city itself. As for my family, there is no point in belabouring a history of frustrations, anger and disappointments. It is more prudent to know, to understand and to realize that I learned a lot from those experiences which would serve me well as to how not to behave as an individual, a husband or as a father. I have learned from it all; therefore, it is positive. I will relate one incident. In the late fall of 1961, I was entitled to and took some annual leave. I drove to Edmonton for a visit with my family.

When I became a member of the Force I believe my Father was proud on the one hand, yet disappointed on the other. He wanted me to take over and run his two small grocery stores. My Father was an alcoholic which had caused family problems ever since I was a child. For years, each week, it was my responsibility to clean out the garage and basement of hidden whiskey and beer bottles. With memories of that ongoing task, and incidents such as hot soup being thrown at my sister in the kitchen, the telephone being ripped off the wall and––as a teenager––having to physically throw him out of his own house, I had no intention of supporting his disease by running his business for him. On this visit, it seemed he was going to let me know how he felt. Although I was his son, he appeared to have a lack of respect for the position and authority I now represented as a member of the Force. To him, it was confrontational and needed to be challenged. The fact he had spent a night in jail and lost his driver’s licence––for impaired driving––several months before many have had an influence on his attitude. This just re-opened old wounds which did not contribute positively to my enjoyment on this visit. On this occasion, he had asked me to drive him downtown. I could smell alcohol on his breath but that was not unusual. He did not appear to be under the influence and was not unreasonable in his behaviour, so I agreed. He did not express a specific destination. He just wanted to go to Jasper Avenue, stating he would let me know where. When I stopped at a red light on Jasper Avenue, he suddenly, without explanation, jumped out of the car and disappeared. As I was in traffic, there was nothing I could do. I knew he was heading for a bar and that it would be just a matter of time before I found him. After parking the car a block or so away, I looked in several bars and found him in a dingy basement beer parlour. By then, he was on his second or third glass of beer. When I sat down with him, he offered me a drink. I declined. He accused me of refusing to drink with him and he became loud and verbally abusive. He refused to calm down and I refused to be “baited” only seemed

to irritate him more. I allowed him to play his game to a point where enough was enough. In Princeton, anyone else would have been under arrest. Therefore, I went to the bartender, showed my police identification and requested no further alcohol be served to his table. The bartender immediately complied as the laws in Alberta in those days were very strictly enforced with respect to persons who were on the so called “interdiction list.” The bar did not question my authority and the waiter told my Father that they could no longer serve him. He was cut off and that was it. My Father was enraged and challenged the fact I used my authority as a police officer against him. When all his beer was gone, there was no point in staying longer; he could get no more. Finally, I was able to escort him out of the bar, into the car and home by late afternoon where he was soon into a deep sleep I don’t know whether he ever forgave me for that incident. Over thirty years later, several months before his death––at 84––he said to me with some remorse, “I have not been a very good Father, have I?” A hit between the eyes with a ball peen hammer would have been easier to take. Holding back my emotions with some difficulty, I replied “Dad, you did the best you could.” For a moment I felt I had lied to him. A cascade of memories of his alcohol abuse and everything bad that went along with it welled up inside from my childhood. I realized it was his way of apologizing for all the years he was caught up in and locked into alcoholism. I was mature enough to know it was a degenerative disease. He could not control it and it took away the man I vaguely recalled from my very early years. Finally, we were at peace.

To be continued

Leonard Giles

important in influencing citizen’s sense of subjective wellbeing. Elements 1. Policy leadership teams use innovative practices that are consistent with the expressed direction of their organization. 2. The decision-making team has a social innovation champion to provide context and reduce silos and selfinterest. 3. The culture of the organization and its leadership understand the key behavioral economic themes.

Creating Public Policy in a Complex Society By Dr. Gordon Hogg, MLA, PhD

Dr. Hogg, former Minister of State for ActNow BC, was a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for the Liberal Party. A psychologist, he was a Regional Director in the province’s Corrections Service prior to his election in 1997. ActNow BC is a government initiative that crosses departmental lines to promote healthy living. to everyone in the provision of government services by finding novel To explore examples of policy and solutions to social needs and problems, program development through the dissolving boundaries and brokering a lens of an interdisciplinary socially dialogue between public, private and innovative approach. the new profit sector. We now have an unprecedentedly complex horizontal Context: and in many way more intractable From the year 1700 until today, policy environment than ever before. the Western world has seen a growth Due to the postmodern urbanization, in per capital income of $22,740 acceleration technological change, due primarily to innovation and an aging world and greater global competition. Governments and the city connections, the rate of change is now sector remained largely stuck in the 10 times faster than during the industrial old work practices of repetition and regulation, 300 times its scale and it is efficiency. having 3,000 times the impact. In 1980 the social services sector Successive polls in liberal industrial started to change just as the business countries suggest a growing disconnect sector had done between governments and their previously and citizens (Ninth UK Audit of Public innovative, Engagement). A political voice is an entrepreneurial integral part of fulfilling the quality of approaches life and public policy participation is Goal:


4. The organization has both formal and informal feedback loops and evaluations that include input from the end-users of the policies and that this input is used to test both the objective of and subjective impressions of the successes of the policy. 5. There is consistent and active engagement of and communication with the citizenry regarding the key themes of the policy as well as an awareness of the assumed public personae of both the people and organization as well as the possible legal process challenges of those opposing the policy. 6. There is an organic process used with an open willingness to adapt and to change policy processes and personalities based on program information. Feedback and evaluation. 7. There is a consistent and ongoing evaluation of the policy, processes, engagements and decision making that easily facilitates constant adjustments and risk taking. These seven themes are each elements of an integrated context for change based on Kahneman’ s fundamental assertion, largely from his research, that, “in general, you achieve change by changing the context.” (Kahneman, 2015)

Prolotherapy Highly Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma

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The Injustice Mr. Nolan McKinney: You again insist that “government is duty-bound to protect our companies from subsidized foreign competitors.” And I again insist that such foreign subsidies, in addition to enriching Americans as a whole, visit no unfairness or injustice on American producers. The reason is that American producers aren’t entitled to - they have no property right in - any portion of American-consumers’ incomes. Suppose that Bill earns his living by mowing his neighbors’ lawns in Buffalo. One day a new competitor, Joe, from Toronto arrives in Bill’s neighborhood. Joe offers to mow lawns at prices too low for Bill to match. All of Bill’s customers soon become his former customers. Joe, it turns out, is subsidized by the Canadian government to mow Americans’ lawns. You, Mr. McKinney, believe that this subsidized competition inflicts on Bill an injustice that should be corrected by Uncle Sam. You believe that the U.S. government should - either with its own subsidies or with tariffs - force Bill’s neighbors to continue to pay to Bill at least the same portion of their incomes that they voluntarily paid to Bill before his subsidized foreign rival appeared. But now change the example a bit. Suppose that Bill’s new rival isn’t a subsidized Canadian but, instead, is Tom, an American. Tom’s parents pay fully for all of Tom’s equipment and fuel. Because Bill has to pay personally for all of his equipment and fuel, Bill


can no more compete successfully against Tom than he could against Joe. Do you, Mr. McKinney, believe that Uncle Sam should protect Bill from Tom’s competition? Do you believe that Tom (enjoying, as he does, an unearned cost advantage bestowed on him by his parents) inflicts on Bill an injustice by competing against Bill for customers - an injustice that the government “is duty-bound” to correct by forcing Bill’s neighbors to continue to transfer to Bill at least the same portion of their incomes that they voluntarily transferred to Bill before Tom appeared? I’m confident that you not believe that Bill is entitled to continue to receive a portion of his neighbors’ incomes when his competitor is Tom. Yet if Bill here has no such entitlement to a portion of his neighbors’ incomes, how, pray tell, does such an entitlement arise simply because those who bestow the unearned cost advantages on Bill’s rival are foreigners rather than fellow Americans? I submit that foreign-government subsidies paid to rivals of American producers, while these might well damage some American producers economically, visit upon these producers no injustice. I submit further that an injustice is visited upon American consumers by the U.S. government whenever it “retaliates” against foreign subsidies with subsidies of its own or with higher tariffs. Such “retaliation” unjustly transfers to American producers a portion of American-consumers’ incomes - a portion of incomes that these producers are not by right entitled to receive.

Sincerely, Donald J. Boudreaux Professor of Economics and Martha and Nelson Getchell Chair for the Study of Free Market Capitalism at the Mercatus Center George Mason University Fairfax, VA


Prevention & Treatment Kit

Protect your most important asset

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Concussion should be suspected if one or more of the following visible clues, signs, symptoms, or errors in memory questions are present. Any one or more of the following visual clues can indicate a possible concussion: • • •

Loss of consciousness or responsiveness Lying motionless on the ground/ Slow to get up Unsteady on feet/ Balance problems or falling over

• • • •

Incoordination Grabbing/ Clutching of head Dazed, blank, or vacant look Confused/ Not aware of plays or events

It is recommended that in all cases of a suspected concussion, the player is referred to a medical professional for diagnosis and guidance as well as return to play decisions, even if the symptoms resolve.

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July August 2017 Zhang Mi Issue  

Chinese superstar Zhang Mi and former model and rock n' roll muse, Anabella Corro are the main stories of this issue.

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