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Metanoeo CIC

Social Accounts 2017-18

We are Metanoeo CIC and we believe in changing society one life at a time. We exist to make wellbeing accessible to the many and not the few. We do this through providing: • • • • •

life coach training, wellbeing entrepreneurship, life and wellbeing skills, professional and vocational skills, and a collaborative ongoing support network.

Our desire is to transform society through providing accessible wellbeing services to the marginalised and disadvantaged through empowering and partnering with individuals and communities. We may be small, but we help make big changes in the lives of the people and communities with whom we partner. Dr Dave Wood, Founder and Director Cover photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

How we’ve operated over the past year

A collaborative of socially minded freelancers, volunteers and activists working for the wellbeing of individuals and the community.

Providing innovative, high quality community life coach training and professional, social skills and wellbeing workshops, at an affordable cost.

Our range of products, resources and merchandise sold to support us undertake our work in the community.

2017-18 Budget Breakdown Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

We are proud that most of our spending is in the local economy and that by far our biggest expense is on service delivery. We are also proud that not only has our income grown again this year, but that it is increasingly coming through trading as opposed to grants.

Case study As part of our initial Community Wellbeing Entrepreneurship Cohort ‘S’ decided to combine her own experiences of struggling with domestic abuse and poor mental health to explore the idea of starting a self-help group. She is now beginning the journey of becoming self-employed with her idea and has also experiences an improvement in her own mental health and wellbeing. Investment: £595 Saving to society £17,224*

“The programme has helped me gain confidence and belief in what I would like to do in the future” ‘S’ June 2018 *Based on the Housing Association Communities Trust recognised Mental Health and Life Satisfaction: The Relationship between the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Life Satisfaction’ Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

Planned Developments for 2018-19

Over the coming year we plan to: •

Launch Metanoeo Foundation to enable us to offer funded community wellbeing entrepreneurships. Increase our overall income and percentage gained through trading. Develop a ‘proxy market’ model to seek Commercial sponsorships of community and employer placements to improve wellbeing

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Metanoeo Community Campus, 72-74 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT

Metanoeo CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company no 9589741. Registered office: Metanoeo Community Campus, 72-74 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT

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Metanoeo CIC Social Accounts 2017-18