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The Transformation Hub At The Transformation Hub we empower people to suceed. Our MetaMORPHOSIS environment provides our clients access to Transformation Hubs, intense learning & development experiences that facilitate people Inner Evolution. Consisting of Discovery Centers, Training and Coaching opportunities, our Transformation Hubs are designed to empower people to suceed, by leveraging on state-of-the-art technology coming from Adult Education, Transactional Analysis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Coaching and Redecision therapy.

Inner Evolution & Empowerment Inner Evolution is the empowerment journey a person goes through when is developing to achieve a goal. To us, goal achievement equals success. We believe that Inner Evolution starts at and goes beyond the adquisition of knowledge and skills and reaches its pinnacle when there's a change in attitude, evidenced by self-determination, self-confidence, a decision to improve/change and about how one will succeed, a new set of positive beliefs, actions upon such decision, and actions oriented to learn from his experience in order to overcome emerging challenges. Attitude does make the difference and it is indeed connected to how we learned to think & feel. Fortunately, even if it becomes a limitation to our goal achievement, it is subjected to unlearning & relearning. Given this, we can also gear up with it as an enabling and propelling force to rise up to the occassion and reach our goals. Unlike knowledge and skills, attitude may be built up through Inner Evolution in shorter periods through intense change & growth experiences, as the ones enabled by Coaching. We guide, facilitate, stimulate and accompany individuals in their empowerment journey leveraging on our MetaMORPHOSIS environment opportunities. Š Copyright 2009 -- The Transformation Hub




MetaMORPHOSIS environment Within our MetaMORPHOSIS environment we offer the following learning opportunities/solutions/services: Discovery Center, Training, Coaching* Leveraging on them, we also provide the following learning opportunities/solutions/services: ? Transformation Hub ? Learning Center ? Guided Implementation ? Skills Sharpening Please refer to MetMORPHOSIS environment section for further information. Note: Both Discovery Centers and Training are available as a Solution or a Service. *Given Coaching nature, it is available as a Service.

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What is The Transformation Hub

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