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Hudson Plating Works Delivers First-Class Brush Plating Check out this article on one of the leading Nadcap certified brush platers. They are also Nadcap certified metal platers and Nadcap certified gold platers. Brush plating is a difficult process to master. We've spent decades perfecting our brush plating equipment and techniques so you get the exact finish that you specify, and only where you need it. Here are a few facts as to why you should hire Hudson Plating Works for your next brush plating job. Our brush plating undergoes a number of tests. We stay on top of trends and useful ideas. It’s important to us to exercise good judgment and strong work ethics. Our knowledge and over 50 years of experience give us an edge. Our clients consist of highly ranked companies in the aerospace and military areas. As Napcap certified metal platers, we strive for a healthy staff. We watch out for each other and share information. We welcome unique jobs and set realistic targets. Our people are available to answer your questions. The kind of equipment we deal with must go above industry standards. Our gear is capable of the most advanced requirements, and some of it is even proprietary. As Nadcap certified gold platers, we employ highly experienced chemists, engineers, and operators. We have proven expertise for doing quality brush plating that exceeds your requirements. We follow established procedures to the letter. We don’t guess. Whether it’s in our technologically advanced laboratory, masking room, or production line, all bases are covered.

To make sure every step is done correctly, we spend a lot of time planning. This moves us smoothly through the easy as well as the most challenging requests we get from clients. Your satisfaction is what counts with us. We offer competitive rates. We provide accurate pricing for a broad range of jobs. We want to get to know you and we welcome your feedback. We do commercial jobs in high demand. Whether it’s metal finishing or tasks such as aerospace handling. Our technical team is capable and ready to serve you. Our processes are innovative, or equipment state-of-the-art. We can do custom work on short or long-term projects. We can messenger, send, or pick-up in the Los Angeles area. Quick service that requires immediate attention may also available. At Hudson Plating works, Nadcap certified metal platers, your satisfaction is our number one goal. Try us and discover why most of clients have been with us for many years. For the toughest brush plating jobs, it's Hudson Plating Works.


Hudson Plating Works Delivers First-Class Brush Plating