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Custom aluminium solutions


100% focus on aluminium


Sourcing partner: Benefit from our network


The optimum solution – every time 始终最适合您的方案 As far as Alumeco is con- Alumeco 始终如一坚守的目标 cerned, there is only one goal 是以满足客户的需求为先,这一 for our customised solutions 理念我们称之为“A”解决方案。 concept, which we call “A”- 此方案将根据阁下公司的需求以 solutions. It is all about devel- 及在手的特殊案例来不断完善。 oping solutions tailored to your 无论是阁下正在使用的型材,或 company’s needs and the spe- 是承包方案,Alumeco都可以为 cific task at hand. This applies 您提供设计、生产、装配、包装、 equally whether it is a profile 管理成品库存以及在我们所在 that you will be processing, 区域内可以实现的其他辅助功 or a turnkey solution, where 能服务。

Technical advice: Geared to customer-specific solutions


Alumeco is responsible for processing, finishing, mounting, packaging, maintaining buffer stocks and all the other functions where we are on home territory.


Worldwide collaboration: Ready for growth

世界性的合作:为成长做好准备 A fixed point of contact: Tailor-made organisation


Independence: Worldwide network


Logistics solutions: Stock management and logistics to suit your needs



100% FOCUS 百分之百的专注 Alumeco has a 100% focus on aluminium. This is true of all employees throughout our organisation. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers all skills needed for this particular material. The result is an extensive internal knowledge base and experience with all aspects of aluminium. At the same time, we have a large-scale, international interface with aluminium manufacturers and specialists who contribute solutions and valuable knowledge. Aluminium is demanding in terms of handling, transportation, packaging and storage. As aluminium specialists, we have put in place a setup to match these demands – with the right flow of goods from manufacturer to customer.


百分之百专注于铝产品。这是全公司上下的宗旨。我们目标 是能为所有需要用到铝材的客户提供各种技术服务 。所以我们拥 有专业的背景知识以及对铝材有着深入的接触。 Alumeco

同时,我们拥有大批国际化的能提供各种方案以及知识参考的铝 材供应商和专家。铝材可以被要求用来加工,运输,包装和储存。 作为铝专家,我们有特定的模式来满足这些需求-—产品从生产商 到客户的正确引导分流。

Technical advice


Geared to customer-specific solutions


We have many years’ experience in the sale of custom aluminium solutions. Thus, our organisation is fully geared up for dialogue with you, working on drawings and providing technical advice at a high level. In short, everything you need for a unique solution tailored to the task at hand. For example, we are happy to make our engineers available to advise and prepare drawings to ensure that your product performs the desired function and meets your requirements for strength, appearance and durability. This also helps to ensure that your design is right for efficient production, maximising cost-effectiveness. Based on our know-how when it comes to different methods, we often develop technical solutions in collaboration with the customer – and only involve the manufacturer in the process at a later stage. This allows for closer dialogue and a flexible exchange of ideas and suggestions during the

我们有着多年来销售铝材客制品的经验。因此我们能为客户提 供高品质的图纸设计以及技术指导。简而言之,任何独特方案 我们都会尽其所能一一满足。例如,我们的工程师将提供合 适的产品图纸使贵司的产品发挥其最好的属性,在强度,外形 以及耐用性上满足贵司的要求。这样的设计将会使贵司的产 品更有效地做到利益最大化。我们将最大限度地为客户提供 几种不同的方案,方案在后期才会有供应商的介入。因此在理 念和开发阶段,我司的紧密配合以及灵活变通的建议将有助 贵司稳步前进。

concept and development phase.






Benefit from our network


Alumeco enjoys formalised, everyday collaboration with a large number of aluminium manufacturers in Europe and in the Far East, where we have our own procurement office. We only work with manufacturers who have demonstrated – by means of reliable, accurate deliveries to Alumeco – that they are capable of delivering the quality demanded by Scandinavian customers. We have a purchase volume with each manufacturer and you can benefit from this in the form of attractive pricing and terms of supply. We also handle quality inspection, freight, imports, containers and buffer stock. In other words, all the relevant tasks involved from the moment you place the order until it is delivered to your door. Alumeco has its own production department and a large network of external suppliers whom we use for tasks that are not suitable for outsourcing.

Alumeco 在欧洲以及远东地区拥有庞大而高标准的铝材生产厂家 网络,在相应区域也设立了管理生产厂家的办公室。只有可靠的 并能完全满足 Alumeco 出货需求的生产厂家才能成为我们的合 作伙伴,也只有这样才能迎合阁下的高品质要求。我们与每一个 生产厂家都有固定订购量,所以阁下将从有竞争力的价格以及灵 活的供应条款中得益。我们的服务还涉及质量检验、运费、进口、 货柜和成品库存管理。换言之,从阁下下单到货物送到门与之相 关的所有服务我们均可以一一提供。

Logistics solutions 物流方案 Stock management and logistics to suit your needs

迎合客户需求的库存管理和物流 As one of Scandinavia’s largest aluminium suppliers, we are in a position to offer you logistics solutions tailored to your particular requirements in the form of buffer stocks of raw materials and/or finished goods. This allows us to supply products involving complex production flows on a just-in-time basis.

作为北欧最大的铝材供应商,我们有条件为您的原 材料或成品库存提供物流方案。即使是复杂的产品 也可以做到及时供货。



Worldwide network


Alumeco delivers aluminium workpieces to many different industries that have just as many different requirements when it comes to our product and logistics solutions. No manufacturer – however size – possesses all the required skills. On the other hand, there are countless manufacturers specialising in individual disciplines of aluminium production and handling. Alumeco has partnerships with a wide circle of these types of highly specialised manufacturers. That is why we always work by the principle of “the best man for the job”. The starting point for putting together the optimum supply chain is your product and your situation.

基于不同的产品用途以及客户的物流需求,我们将把产品 中不同的部件分配到不同的供应商生产。另一方面,我们 手上还有很多不同类型的铝材供应商,在全球范围内形 成世界性的供应网络。因此我们的座右铭是“把工作做到 最好”。设身处地为阁下考虑是我们的出发点。



CUSTOM SOLUTIONS 量身定制的方案 A fixed point of contact The entire production process and all the aspects of logistics leading up to the finished aluminium item can be a complex affair. This is why we have tailored our organisation to make the whole project straightforward and easy to follow for our customers . For example, you will be assigned one contact who is responsible for your agreements, new projects and collaboration with you and your company. Your account manager will work closely with the sales co-ordinator who takes care of your requirements on a day-to-day basis – for example with regard to order processing, stock availability, follow-up with the manufacturers and subcontractors.

接触之定位 完整的生产流程以及物流的方方面面使得要完成铝材 产品的销售显得颇为复杂。 因此我们将为您制定良好完善的架构来推进整个方案 以便让客户更容易跟进项目。 例如,您将配备一名专门针对贵司负责草拟协议和新 方案的联系人。您的项目经理以及销售助理将会全方 位为您服务,大到订单的跟进、库存的管理、生产厂家 的协调,小到日常基本事物等等将一一囊括。 9



Ready for growth


No matter whether your aluminium requirements are currently large or small, we are able to offer you a solution tailored to your present needs.

无论现时您的铝材需求量是多或少,我 们都能针对目前的需求为您制定方案。 我们也将会在技术上以及采购成本上作 出灵活调整以适应该方案。如您选择外 购生产,您将获得 Alumeco 集团在全球 各区域办事处专家的有效协助。

We ensure your solutions are tailored to your company’s growth by means of industrial engineering of the actual product and/or outsourcing of the whole production process or parts of it to low-wage countries. If you choose to outsource your production, you will have access to our expertise via the Alumeco Group’s other offices and warehouses in Europe and the Far East.

Alumeco is Scandinavia’s lead- Alumeco 是斯堪的纳维亚地 区铝材行业的领先供应商 ing supplier of aluminium Our primary task is to meet our customers’ needs. Alumeco offers a very wide range of aluminium profiles, special profiles, bars, tubes, plates and coils. We have the most extensive stocks in Scandinavia, with more than 10,000 tonnes of aluminium.

我们的基础目标是满足客户需 求。Alumeco 提供各式产品如铝 型材、特殊型材、铝条、铝管、铝板 以及铝箔。超过一万吨的铝产品 库存量使我们成为斯堪的纳维亚 地区拥有最高库存量的供应商。

In addition, Alumeco has its own service centre, where we offer sawing of plates and profiles as well as foil coating.

此外,Alumeco 拥有自己的服务中 心,在那里我们可以对铝板、铝 型材进行切割以及对铝箔进行涂 层。



“A” 解决方案

Custom aluminium solutions 为阁下量身定制的铝解决方案 100% focus on aluminium 百分之百的专注 Technical advice 技术指导 Sourcing partner 采购合作伙伴 Logistics solutions 物流方案 Independence 独立性 Custom solutions 量身定制的方案 Worldwide collaboration 世界性的合作伙伴

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