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December 15 , 2015 (no.2 in December)

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Missa Mortvm (Chile) Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis... release: August 22, 2015 Satanath Records This week I have been impressed with this Chilean black metal band: the careful instrumentation and the great effort to give the guitar work identity and color, creativity and personality, are all traits that stand out. The rhythms sound great and all, but above the rhythms there is another element of melody, tremolo melody, that takes the songs further and higher. Moreover, there are other aspects of the guitar playing to notice, not just one type of melody. More will be discovered with additional listens. The drummer puts on a veritable clinic on extreme metal drumming: when to do double bass for more effect; how to time the kicks to a particular melody or rhythm; how to vary the kicks to make them stand out when you are listening; how to do black metal blasting; when to blast, when not to; how to avoid monotony; how and when to utilize various parts of the drum set with imagination, so on and so forth. When the above guitar and drums skills are joined with a feel for songwriting, that’s when things get really interesting. In this case, the effect is immediate and undeniable, if you are into black metal.

The vocals are not the shrieking type, which means that more people will like them, as the shrieking tends to irritate some people. The vocals are gruff, with some screams here and there. It is in this department, if anything, that I would have liked a bit more mishegas or unpredictability or more unleashing. This band is a bit of a mystery because, apparently, this album is almost completely the work of a single person, except for the bass. Bandcamp says that Ots does everything, and AJ plays bass. In the live setting Ots does vocals and plays drums, while AJ plays bass and Marbas plays guitar. Anyway, this is not beginner black metal nor is it shlock black metal. Metal Archives says that this is the first album, so great things are on the horizon in the future if this not a one-off album. www.satanath.bandcamp.com/album/sat12 8-missa-mortvm-et-lux-perpetua-luceat-eis2015 www.facebook.com/MissaMortvm

As Darkness Dies As Darkness Dies release: October 30, 2015 Pure Steel Records This is a traditional-melodic metal band from the U.S. This work is their debut. Metal Archives shows that they have been active since 2011, and it looks like everyone except the drummer is in another band from Connecticut called Graven Image (on YouTube it says that this band is "ex-Graven Image," actually). Stylistically, the music is modern melodic heavy metal. The band has many strengths that they show on this 60-minute, 12-song album. As a traditional band, one question that they answer quickly is that, yes, they do have a good singer. That makes a huge difference. The singing is a full voice that sounds good, friendly, comfortable to the ear, which encourages the listener to check out the complete album. After listening to the full album, it becomes clearer that the band works with a wide range, from songs that are more headbanging metal to ones that show some classic rock sounds and some mellower moments (power ballad) that contrast well with the higher energy sounds.

In terms of melodic metal, this is the album that has gotten the most rotation this week 3

here because, like previously mentioned, there lots of positive aspects that I think the traditional metal supporter would enjoy. Overall the recording is good quality, no problems there at all. I would prefer a more natural drum sound for this band, as the drums sound a bit too soft or flat or clicky, in my opinion. However, remember that if you want melodic metal, this album is definitely a keeper. It certainly is for me, and you should hear this music for yourself, above all. www.facebook.com/OfficialAsDarknessDies/? fref=ts www.puresteelrecords.com/bands/view/369/As_Darkness_Di es

Putrevore Tentacles of Horror release: October 10, 2015 Xtreem Music When veteran growler Dave Rotten from the long-running death metal Spaniard sickos Avulsed teams up with senior zombie multiproject Swede guitarist Rogga “death metal riff machine” Johansson the result is simplistic, dirty, and fan-wait-for-it-tastic! The vocals are as low as they go; you won’t understand a single word, not a one; it’s just super low woofwoof from start to finish, forwards and backwards, front to back, back to back. The vocals basically are another form of a rhythm section, beating, pounding, pumping in a way that goes with the jumbled mass of heaviness, as opposed to having vocals that take over the songs. The vocals flow and fit in, and do not seek to dominate the songs. The vocals function like another instrument, a sort of gruff undead worm woof-woof beat box zombie cave put-put boom boom, if you will.

Keep on making zombie-infested music. www.xtreemmusic.bandcamp.com/album/te ntacles-of-horror www.facebook.com/putrevore

NEWS: Embodied Torment Liturgy of Ritual Execution release: May 31, 2015

When you gots to have it all, when you want the real, traditional, muddy death metal, then this album should be on your list. Not only that, but you can hear the sicko-sicko music at the link below. If you like the first song, and you want more like that, then that’s what you will get. There’s nothing complicated going on here: it’s not a trick nor a fancy gimmick, it’s not a bird and it’s not a plane, it’s Putrevore! You might laugh, you might bang your head or might run away. Either way it’s going to be a good time. The curious thing is that the album is actually catchy, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. Sophistication, innovation, technicality, showmanship and things like that are not found here. Instead, it is that old-time death metal that Avulsed and Rogga’s many projects have been making for years and years and years. Mr. Rotten and Mr. Jay are back with something new: more of the same. Bang your head or step aside, the old warriors do not quit. Putrevore has called you up again, if you refuse all of this jelly, it’s ok, they’ll make their way, like they always do. 4

The ultra brutal death metal aficionado will eat this album up. This band is from California, U.S. and they have an album from this year. It’s possible that this band is totally new to you or maybe you already have heard it. The bottom line is that this is super guttural gravity blast death metal of maximum modern brutality. Listen to this album on Bandcamp and listen as they open a can of ultra extreme metal on you. Do it, it will be good for your mental health or you metal health or … or … shut up, just mosh, zombie, mosh! history of the band: Matt Chaco: gutturals Joaquin Chávez: string pain David Ko: low bumping Cindy Chaco: gravity blasting freak of nature Embodied Torment was founded in 2011, as Matt Chaco (vox) and Cindy Chaco (drums) joined forces with Casey Ryle (guitars), Joaquin Chavez (guitars), and David Ko (bass). After an initial phase of playing a fairly traditional form of death metal, represented by their early demo, the quintet gradually focused on the most brutal and extreme elements of their sound. Ryle departed in mid2012, which saw the band continue on as a four-piece and record their 'Kyphonism' promo, which represented their new sonic

direction. After their first tour in November of 2013, their performances gained them the attention of rising death metal label New Standard Elite, with whom they signed on in June 2014. After an intensive period of writing, the band emerged in May 2015 with their debut fulllength release, "Liturgy of Ritual Execution." Built on a traditionalist framework of extreme, blasting death metal, the album weaves hymns of brutality with a dark atmosphere that is uncommon in the genre. Tracks such as Oubliette, Epoch of Suffering and Thrones of the Slain display a vision of dismal and brutal music reaching beyond the confines of Brutal Death Metal without compromising the extremity that characterizes the core of their sound.

In June of 2015, to practice the liturgy in front of the roaring throng, Embodied Torment took part in the New Standard Elite USA tour featuring Disentomb, Cerebral Effusion, Delusional Parasitosis, and Iniquitous Deeds. The tour was an immense success, and the band are preparing now to take the next step in bringing this form of extreme death metal to parts beyond. Embodied Torment has also performed with such luminaries of the extreme death metal 5

world as Crypt Infection, Euphoric Defilement, Exhumer, Amputated Genitals, Pessimist, Abhorration, SICK, Shawn Whitaker, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Cerebral Bore, Krisiun, Omnihility, Carnal Decay, Arsis, Devour The Unborn, Corpsefucking Art, and Coprophiliac. www.embodiedtorment.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/embodiedtorment

interview: Sacrament ov Impurity Back on October 14th, the black metal band Goat Torment (Belgium) played in Everett, Washington state. California black metal band Old Coven also played. The third band that night was the long-running Washington state black metal outlaws Sacrament ov Impurity, who happened to have a new album called “All the Colors of the Dark.” The album is another triumph for the band. They obviously don’t care to change due to outside pressures. So turn up the volume and listen to the screams and chaos! The album is dependable and consistent because if it’s black metal that you came for, black metal is what the band will give you. The band has been around the block a time or two and they are quite the skilled band at writing songs that you can remember. Don’t be deceived. This band wants you to remember the songs. I sure hope that I get to see the band live again! If you like black metal, be sure to check out the new album. Below is the band’s bio and after that, the band answers some questions. The Butcher (guitars and screams) answers.

History of the band: Sacrament Ov Impurity came to be in the year 2007 by Samhain (drums) and The Butcher (guitar) after their former band, Ozzmotiarr came to an end. They were joined by XephilaX on bass and vocals and began writing and rehearsing their new material.

2008 – 2009 The first year as a band was spent perfecting their sound and playing many shows in Washington state, down to Portland, Oregon and getting their name known. People came to witness their live shows and did not leave disappointed. Their fan base grew... In the winter of 2009 they began work on their debut album, A World Beheld By Damnation. 2010 – 2011 With mixing and mastering of their album done, A World Beheld By Damnation was released in April of 2010 and was very well received by fans and critics alike. With their debut album released, they began writing new songs and playing bigger shows, sharing 6

the stage with bands such as Mayhem, Hate and Impaler to name a few. In November of 2011 they began planning their first tour to take place early 2012, an eight day venture that would take them down the West coast to Los Angeles and back. All was falling into place, or so it seemed... 2012 As the tour dates neared, and everything seemed to be proceeding as planned, XephilaX informed the band that he would be quitting. So with two months to go before the tour was set to kick off, Samhain and The Butcher were left without a bassist or vocalist. They had a choice to make, cancel the tour, or make some major changes. They chose the latter... They scrapped all their old songs and within a few weeks had written a full set of new material to take on the road. They acquired the vocal talents of Naphula to fill in and they were ready to hit the road. The tour went better than they could have hoped, and in August of 2012 they played two shows with Hellgoat and Teratism in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California and were very well received. Things had finally turned around and were heading in the right direction again, or so they thought... In late 2012 Naphula unexpectedly quit the band. At this point, Samhain and The Butcher decided to carry on as a two piece with The Butcher taking on full vocal duties, and in December of 2012 they began work on a new album, Anguishing In Obscurity... 2013 With the new lineup solidified and Anguishing In Obscurity finally finished, they began planning a two week August tour in support of the album... BEYOND... Sacrament Ov Impurity has been reborn from the ashes of their former self. Check back for

updated info, tour dates and future releases. Fuck trends! Support the true underground!

THE INTERVIEW What’s up with Sacrament ov Impurity?! It was excellent to see your band in action in little old metal-deprived Everett! I have been listening to your new album appropriately called All the Colors of the Dark. Who is the lineup playing on the album? Is it Samhain and The Butcher only?

What does Rob know about recording black metal? A: Basement Studios is our friend Robs' private recording studio in Mt. Vernon. I'm pretty sure we are the only black metal band he has worked with but he has done audio and video production for years so he knows what he's doing.

ANSWER: Correct, S does all the drumming and I do all guitars and vocals. The album says that only the two of you, Samhain and The Butcher, played. What are all instruments used on the album? A: The only instruments used on this recording were guitars and drums. Are there no outside guests for vocal parts or anything like that? A: Not on this album but we wouldn't be opposed to the idea of having a friend or fellow musician guest on an album. The album does not recorded? How new actually?

say when it was is the recording,

A: Oddly enough, most of the songs off All The Colors Of The Dark were written before the songs off our previous album, Anguishing In Obscurity but the way everything worked out we ended up releasing the newer songs first. What and where is Basement Studios? Who is Rob Olmsted? Is this your own home recording equipment or is it a studio in Mount Vernon? 7

The Butcher plays guitar and does vocals, but at first he played guitars only. Is that correct or not? Is he vocalist out of necessity because of lineup changes? A: On our first album I only played guitar and some keyboard programming but I would do live backup vocals. So yes, when we lost our vocalist I took over out of necessity. What has The Butcher learned about doing black metal vocals over the years? How did you learn not to destroy your vocal chords doing such an extreme style of screaming? A: It’s hard to say. I'm always trying new things and just try not to do anything that hurts my voice. I'm sure I'm not doing it "technically" right, but oh well.

How often do you try to play live? What are your goals on that front for 2016?

start your discography with a live album. How did the live album come about?

A: We try and play live fairly often, however at the moment we are taking a few months off to focus on rehearsal and recording new material. We do hope to tour for a couple weeks in the fall.

A: At a few of our very early shows the venues would offer to burn you a copy of your live set from the soundboard. And since we didn't yet have the money for a proper studio recording it was the best way to get our music out.

I just read on your Facebook page that you will be recording a new album? You say you have material for two albums?

How would you both say that you have changed in terms of musical perspective for black metal as time goes by?

A: We currently have around 14 unrecorded songs. We are deciding if we want to do a four song ep followed by a long ten track full length or split them into two slightly shorter full lengths.

A: There are people who think black metal needs to sound a certain way and if it deviates from that formula in the slightest it's not "true" or what not. We believe that while it's true that black metal should have a certain sound and aesthetic, it is also important that the message is rooted in black metal ideology be it Satanism, depression, nature, violence, hatred etc. And as long as your intentions are genuine, bands should be free to test the limits of what black metal can be, musically. And it goes both ways, if a band sounds like Bathory but the lyrics are about sunshine and happiness that's not black metal, I don't care what the music sounds like.

By the way, what are other real metal bands in Mount Vernon? A: None worth mentioning. Did both of you go grow up in Mount Vernon? Were you both in bands in high school? What type of music did you play when you both were in bands at the beginning? A: S went to Mt. Vernon and I went to Sedro Woolley alternative HS. I believe S was in a punk band and I just played my guitar alone in my room in high school. Having a band is time consuming and it's money consuming. Why do you do it? How long could you live life without making music? A: I personally wouldn't want to live life without making music and that is exactly why we put forth all the energy, time and money it takes to be an independent band for this long. On Metal Archives it says that your first album is a live album. That's a bit different, isn't it? To 8

At this point, Samhain and The Butcher have sold their souls to black metal. Are you less perfectionist or more perfectionist now? A: We always strive to outdo our previous endeavors, so I'd say the end goal is always perfection. Do the songs get easier or more difficult to write as you get older? A: For myself, writing comes easy when I can actually sit down and do it. Unfortunately it seems like there is always something that needs to be done, preventing me from focusing on writing as much as I would prefer.

How easy is it to go from the song that you hear in your head to the song that you record? A: A time consuming pain in the ass... But in an enjoyable way. I saw your band in Everett when you played with Goat Torment and Old Coven. Why do you suppose that you have not played the Everett/Marysville area that often? A: Actually, our first show ever was in Everett, years ago. It just seems like there isn't that much going on in Everett as far as black metal. That Goat Torment show was not something I would expect to happen in Everett. I have read that you have shows in Bellingham? What places in Bellingham book black metal? There is a bar called the Shakedown that has some really good shows but they are mostly a punk bar, not so much extreme metal. They will book it, it's just not the norm. Ok, that's it for now, guys. The Butcher was a maniac on stage and Samhain is a pleasure to watch him just go to work on those drums, man. What else would you like readers of Metal Bulletin Zine to know about your band? Is there anything else you would like to mention? A: Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview. I would just say to anyone interested you can follow our facebook at facebook.com/sacramentovimpurity and find our music and other merch at www.sacramentovimpurity.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/SacramentOvImpurity/ FUCK PC BLACK METAL!


NEWS: Darkest Era Gods and Origins Cruz Del Sur Music release: November 20, 2015 Below you will find the relevant information about the newest release by Darkest Era. Below you will find band information and also a previous review from Metal Bulletin Zine in order to give you an idea about the band in general. Celtic metal band DARKEST ERA are set to release a new vinyl 7" entitled Gods and Origins November 20 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Recorded between the studio session for Severance and Spring 2015, Gods and Origins is an insightful representation of the group's decade-long existence. The EP features new song "Elohim" and a rerecording of an early gem called "An Dagda Awakens" (renamed "An Dagda" for the 7"). Guitarist Ade Mulgrew had this to say about the re-recording of "An Dagda Awakens:" "Since it's almost 10 years since myself and Sarah started playing guitar together, we decided to revisit one of the first songs we wrote, 'An Dagda Awakens'. Written with the fiery energy (and perhaps naivety) of teenage metalheads making their first steps on their journey, we have breathed smoke and ashes into this old song and brought it screaming into the darkness." BIO DARKEST ERA has developed a fresh Celtic Metal sound by fusing the twin guitar driven old school heavy metal styles of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden with a signature dark and melancholic atmosphere. The band's journey began in 2005 around the nucleus of teenage school friends Ade

Mulgrew, Sarah Wieghell and vocalist Krum. The group recorded a demo under the name 'Nemesis' while still at school in mid 2006. A collection of raw, epic and twin guitar driven songs, it began to bring the young band to the attention of the European metal underground. The group's fledgling sound continued to evolve quickly and in 2007 'Darkest Era' was born. The new name was felt to be more in keeping with the darker and more epic sound that the band's music had began to take on. Two EP's and European festival appearances preceded the release of debut album The Last Caress of Light on Metal Blade records in early 2011 to a strong reaction from fans and press across Europe and North America. It was included in a number that year's best album lists and was seen to stand out for its epic power and emotional honesty. UK and European tours followed with bands during 2012 and 2013 helping to establish the band's unique dark, epic heavy metal sound. In 2014 the band's eagerly awaited second album Severance was released via Cruz Del Sur Records. Showcasing a newfound darkness and aggression, the critical reaction surpassed that of their debut. The album again captured accolades from fans and press across Europe and the US, and claimed the 'Album of the Year' title on a number of online publications. www.facebook.com/darkestera www.twitter.com/darkestera www.cruzdelsurmusic.com Darkest Era (U.K.): Severance (Cruz del Sur) Every person has their individual way of hearing music, certainly, but the case of Darkest Era (Northern Ireland) seems a bit more perplexing than usual because the terms “Celtic metal” and “folk metal” have been utilized in relation to the band. Yet, I have no idea whatsoever as to why anyone 10

would call this music “folk metal.” All I hear is traditional, melodic heavy metal, featuring a strong quality of melodic doom, contrasted with segments of uptempo energy. The category “folk metal,” to me, means old Skyclad, Cruachan, In Extremo, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie and other such entities with violins, bagpipes, accordions and other traditional instruments that underline the music with melodies of a particular tradition, time, culture or region. Perhaps for the Irish listener, or an expert, the lyrics seem very Irish, but to the non-specialist, the lyrics simply are heavy metal storytelling; lyrics alone do not constitute a genre. Again: Darkest Era is a traditional heavy metal band, through and through: at least on this album, there is nothing—nothing at all—having to do with beer-drinking happy polka, Oktoberfest, humppa party tunes, or musicians dressed in furry boots. Specifically, the sound of Darkest Era is characterized by a sense of traditional, melodic doom; sometimes the songs go at a midpace; frequently, the melancholy in the vocals is impossible to disassociate from doom. Still, that is not all there is: in part, it’s solemn music, but it’s also headbanging metal. The melody comes from two primary places: the singing and the guitar work. It is commendable, in my view, that Darkest Era avoids clichéd melodies. The melodies can sound somber, even though, overall, Darkest Era is most definitely not slow music. It could be that the melodies originate, consciously or subconsciously, from a combination of Thin Lizzy and traditional doom (Candlemass? 80s Sabbath?), if you can imagine those classic guitar melodies of Thin Lizzy and melodic doom tinged with melancholy. In addition, Darkest Era’s use of sad, midpaced tremolo works wonders for the vibe of the songs. Of course, if the band has, in fact, borrowed traditional Irish melodies, I am not qualified to identify them; if so, then, my point is that those

melodies do not sound “folky,” happy or sweet, but rather somber and/or melancholic. By the way, the singing is so good that I am curious about Dwayne “Krum” Maguire’s live performance. Can Krum really sing this well live? People who have seen this band live can answer that question. I hope that one day I get to find out for myself. At any rate, the album is highly recommended for supporters of traditional metal, talent and good songwriting.

Calamity (Puerto Rico)

NEWS: January 2, 2016 in Everett: Zafakon, Calamity, Kill Closet Zafakon: "Death/Thrash Metal band based in San Juan,Puerto Rico that incorporates Groove elements, extreme vocals and an explosive stage presence." Calamity: "Thrash Metal band from Caguas, Puerto Rico that brings old school sound incorporation, aggressive drum rhythms and harmonized guitar licks together to catch a performance not easily found, but highly recognizable." Kill Closet: "7 piece metal band from just north of Seattle Wa."; "Metal, Deathcore, Thrash"

Zafakon (Puerto Rico) 11

Kill Closet (Washington state) Zafakon www.facebook.com/zafakon/timeline Calamity www.facebook.com/CalamityPR/?fref=ts Kill Closet www.facebook.com/KillCloset/timeline Flights Pub 7601 Evergreen Way, Everett, Washington 98203 www.facebook.com/Flights-Pub235888056435979/

NEWS: Abhorrent Intransigence release: 20 November 2015 Willowtip Records Nonstop tech-death brutal sounds is the objective of the band. Below you can learn more about the band and its music. Below you will find the link to hear the album. The main thing you need to know is that this is for the total tech-death supporters. Find out for yourself below:

Intransigence is the ear-bludgeoning debut long player from San Antonio death metal squadron, ABHORRENT. The record boasts ten uncompromising tracks of ear-lacerating severity. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Garrison at Sound Crater Recording with guitar and bass reamps by Greg Tomao at The Tomato Farm Studio, Intransigence includes guest appearances by the Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem), Antonio Ascencio (Serocs) and more! Said No Clean Singing of the band's “A Lightness Of Mind” single featuring guest vocals by Matthew “Chalky” Chalk (Mephistopheles, ex-Psycroptic): “The title of the song may seem ironic — because the music is anything but light, and it’s unlikely to induce a feeling of lightness of mind. On the other hand, mental agility would certainly be a plus when you try to follow the headspinning instrumental acrobatics of this band. The music moves at the pace of a cheetah and darts, dives, and ascends like a flight of swallows. It booms, squirms, jabs, rocks, and rends with razor-edged claws. It’s both nimble and neolithic, tangled and tortuous, somersaulting and sinister. Capped by barbarous vocals, the music is technically jawdropping (and produced in a way that you can fully appreciate each performer’s skill) yet as vicious as death metal should be. And perhaps most surprising of all, you may find that after this rocket ride is over, there was an eerie melody lurking within its labyrinthine windings all along that stays in your head.” ABHORRENT — who feature within their ranks current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Absurdist and The Faceless — was formed in 2007 by guitarist Marlon Friday and drummer Lyle Cooper. In 2009, a three-song demo was released before the band went on an indeterminate hiatus while members 12

focused on other projects. In 2014, vocalist Nick Brown and bassist Erlend Caspersen joined and the band entered Sound Crater Recording to record their Intransigence debut. Boasting a wealth of riff-variations and athletic rhythmic assaults, Intransigence is like the unprincipled, violent force of nature, realizing itself through pure will and power. www.willowtip.bandcamp.com/album/intrans igence www.facebook.com/Abhorrentdm

NEWS: Canyon of the Skull Canyon of the Skull release: 30 October 2015 independent Deep in the heart of Texas, there is instrumental doom sludge in which the music does the talking and no human voice is heard to irritate you. It’s just you and the music. It’s a different experience: no yelling, no screaming. Some people say, “Shut up and play!” Well, that’s what this band does! This is what you will get: 1.The Path (of Bear and Wolf) 17:18 2.Canyon of the Skull 18:03 total time 35:21

This band is from Austin, Texas, which is a little village surrounded by desert on all sides, and no trees to be found for miles and miles. The few people that live there (maybe about 250 or 300 people, at most) like to sit on their porches and stare into the desert and they listen to this band (and also to ZZ Top) and just listen for hours and hours. This is exactly (exactly!) how life is in Austin, Texas. Blackie Lawless was right. To find out more about this instrumental doom

sludge band, read this information and don’t forget to drink some water: Austin, Texas' CANYON OF THE SKULL will release its debut album on October 30, 2015. Two epic tracks of Instrumental Blackened Doom guaranteed to permanently damage ears and melt minds. Above, stars permeated the blackest night known only by the towering walls of stone in all directions, creating shadow never touched by the pale moon. Below, stillness echoed in anguished and boundless horror across the desert floor. The towering pines of the Basin are weeks away, the seed of desperation now the only shade and refuge. Recall the advice sought before journey, the coyotes' voice coldly bestowing your one true fate: "Sand" And so in great and endless time it stands, this, The Canyon of the Skull. bio: The brainchild of Erik Ogershok, COTS was initially manifested in the winter of 2006. Several local appearances and line up fluctuations later, life happened, and the project laid dormant. 2014 saw the return of Ogershok as he recruited new musical personnel in the form of drummer Adrian Voorhies & bassist Alex Davis, both of the Austin based Black Metal outfit Humut Tabal and once more brought the doom trio to life to melt the faces of all who sought shade in the Canyon walls. After numerous regional gigs both opening for touring colleagues & spearheading an array of craft beer events & festival slots (including two SXSW appearances), the band closed the year with a blistering performance at the End 13

of the World Fest in Houston along side Austin brethren The Sword and Eagle Claw. 2015 saw the creation of the bands first recording, a two track monolith of doom metal spanning 38 minutes, recorded at Wooden Horse Studios in Dallas & mastered by none other than Proscriptor McGovern of the mighty Texas mythological metal gods Absu. Now, as the band prepares to hit the road in October for their first regional tour of the country, only one message can truly be counted on: Abandon All Hope! ERIK OGERSHOK (GUITAR) ADRIAN VOORHIES (DRUMS) www.canyonoftheskull.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/canyonoftheskull/

NEWS: Conflicted Under Bio-lence release: 4 December 2015 Sick Bangers The Chilean thrash bands continue making headway in 2015. For evidence, look into the new album by Conflicted. Below you will find more information about the band: Conflicted – formed in 2010 – is a Crossover Thrash Metal band from Arica, Chile. At the beginning of its career the band launched their debut demo Dirty Snake Attack 10", and two years later their first full length called Social Disorder released in 2012 Via Sick Bangers Metal Label and Distro. Their home town Arica, borders with Peru and Bolivia, countries where the band has been able to perform promoting their debut album in a mini-tour called "South Disorder"," sharing stage with bands such as Violator, Onslaught, Artillery, Exumer and Annihilator. In 2013, the band released Sick Mosh, a live DVD along

with label mates Nuclear and Lefutray. This audiovisual material helped the band to be part of one of the most important festivals of extreme music in South America: The Metal Fest, carried out in Santiago, Chile on April 2014. The festival also had the presence of important bands like Pentagram (Chile), Dark Angel, At the Gates, Voivod, Hypocrisy and Megadeth. Line Up: Felipe Huerta: Vocals Rolando Vasquez: Guitars Rodrigo Rios: Bass Pedro Pablo Puente: Drums www.facebook.com/conflictedmetal/

NEWS: Contrarian Polemic Willowtip release: November 20, 2015 Below you will find the relevant information about Contrarian, a prog death metal project. As you will read below, Contrarian is a special project for various reasons. Progressive/avant-garde death metal legion, CONTRARIAN – which unites the musical prowess of drummer George Kollias (Nile), guitarists Brian Mason (Sulaco) and Leon Macey (Mithras), vocalist Cody McConnell (Goemagot), and guitarist Jim Tasikas and bassist Ed Paulsen, both from the New Yorkbased progressive metal fusion act Delirium Endeavor – will release their debut full-length this Fall via Willowtip Records. Titled Polemic, the eight-track offering was captured at Watchmen Studios (USA), Dreaming Studios (UK) and Soundtrap Studios (Greece) with all mixing and mastering done 14

by Macey at Dreaming Studios. A departure both musically and ideologically from most bands within the genre today, the record is essentially just that – a polemic. A smorgasbord of original and authentic death metal riffs, layered with blistering solos and mind-blowing percussion, CONTRARIAN never sticks to any one thing for too long. Perpetually changing and evolving, the band’s layered sound and technical wizardry is not to be misconstrued as senseless noodling. Instead, the songs on display delve into avant-garde, latter-day, Schuldinerianstyle riffage, with atmospheric variations proving a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity. Said No Clean Singing of the record's title track: “‘Polemic’ is so much more than a display of technical fireworks. It’s a union of the mystical and the marauding. Somehow, this song that’s instrumentally complex and loaded with rapid tempo changes is also hauntingly atmospheric, with melancholy melodic motifs that have real staying power. It’s also definitely a death metal song. In addition to all the other talents on display, the vocals were provided by Cody McConnell of Goemagot, and his slow, deep growls are massive, while the song also includes an assortment of grim, heavyweight riffs and thundering drums. But what really makes the song so memorable is the band’s success in building a bleak atmosphere at the same time as they’re flashing their technical chops, and in infiltrating the dynamic music with somber, high guitar melodies that prove to be quite memorable. On that score, Leon Macey from the UK’s Mithras turns in some guitar solos that are simply beautiful.” Polemic is: 1.Polemic 2.Need For Apathy 3.Retrieval 4.Foreknowledge 5.Predestined

6.Libertarian Manifesto 7.Diogenes At Delphi 8.Nothing Is Everything (Death cover) www.willowtip.bandcamp.com/album/polem ic www.facebook.com/contrarianmetal

deal and proper worldwide release. The band’s forward-thinking and procedural death metal that will appeal to fans of Death, Gorguts, Atheist, Voivod, Ripping Corpse, Humans Remains, Deathspell Omega and the like.

NEWS: Dystrophy Wretched Host Selfmadegod Records release: 4 December 2015

www.facebook.com/DystrophyNJ www.dystrophyband.com www.selfmadegod.com www.facebook.com/selfmadegod

Tech-death audiences into dissonant, plodding, jarring sounds will need to hear what these Jersey guys have come up with this time around. It’s not speed-based per se, although there is some of that, of course. It is a gigantic mass of ear-rattling slow growling thick heaviness that they are doing and it will probably sound disturbing and sweet to the tech-death ear. It’s not easy listening, for sure, but this band is not easy and that has not changed. If you are new to the band, here’s a bit of information about them: Formed in 2007, DYSTROPHY was spawned from a DIY ethic that has stuck with the band to this day. Progressing from the rapid technical approach of their first album, 2010’s Chains Of Hypocrisy, DYSTROPHY has since refined their style, and on Wretched Host the band weaves an intensely personal tale of mental health into a savage and dissonant style of technical death metal. The album was tracked and mixed at One Stone Recording Studio, and mastered at West West Side Music. Initially self-released in June with a small amount of copies made available directly from the band, a few months later Wretched Host caught attention of Polish label Selfmadegod, which lead to signing official 15

Exmortus Ride Forth Prosthetic Records release: 8 January 2016 The L.A. kings of shredding virtuosity return for another victorious crusade. Once again Exmortus, the great one, brings its gongshow in all its glory. The combination of neoclassical guitar + power/thrash tempos + growled vocals is as sharp as ever. If things turn out right for them, this album should raise their profile higher and more people will know the name. Listen to this music and very quickly you will hear the precision and the quality instrumentation. The music rejoices with neoclassical shredding and the spirit of neoclassical metal in general. The 2014 album was called “Slave to the Sword” and it was a very good album for the audiences looking for excellent musicianship. I have been listening to this new one that will be out in January 2016: the band’s dedication to the craft shines through mightily again. It’s refreshing to hear a metal band so devoted to mastering its art. The guitar playing is something to be heard. At times the band is melodic, at times the speed of the shredding is dazzling, it always sounds awesome. The standard that the band has set for itself gives great results, and the listener wins. The public into serious guitar and headbanging tunes will

find many, many positives here. Highly recommended to metal audiences that want, that demand, that seek skill, hard work and high standards of quality. www.facebook.com/exmortusofficial www.prostheticrecords.com

NEWS: Extreme Cold Winter Paradise Ends Here Vic Records release: 30 November 2015 This one is for all the total death doom fanatics out there. As you can tell from the name of the band, life is not about to get a happy turn when you listen to this band. Then, as if that were not enough, they cheerfully named the album “Paradise Ends Here,” and it definitely does. Don’t go to school anymore. Don’t bother showing up for work any longer, either. Don’t answer people’s phone calls. Just stay at home, sit there and listen to this album and things are going to go slow. The rain won’t stop, the cold is only getting worse, and the sun does not shine out here for you. Take a vacation from your problems. Death doom therapy for you: super slow songs and growling, just like you want. Merry Christmas. This is the official information about the band: EXTREME COLD WINTER IS: AJ van Drenth, all guitars (Beyond Belief, Temple), Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste, the 11th Hour) vocals, Seth van de Loo, drums (Severe Torture, Voodoo Gods, Centurian) Guest bass by Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult, ex Dead Head). 5 tracks with a total playing time of over 25 minutes, puur doom death, in the best Beyond Belief traditions! Recorded at Excess Studios (Eternal Solstice, Sinister, After Forever) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with Hans Pieters. 16

www.facebook.com/Extreme.Cold.Winter www.vicrecords.com/news.html

NEWS: Grey Heaven Fall (Russia) Black Wisdom release: October 30th, 2015 Aesthetics of Devastation This album is for the public into elite black metal, akin to Deathspell Omega. It is both dissonant black metal as well as hypnotic black metal and the album requires patience in order for the fog to clear a bit so that the picture can emerge. Once it does, though, the quality and dedication is beyond question. No casual listeners wanted here. Aesthetics of Devastation manifesto: "Attention! October, 30, 2015. Today the second full-length album called “Black Wisdom” by Grey Heaven Fall is released. We realize that not everyone will be capable of comprehending this record in full, because the words, that God said, aren’t food for those whose hearts are fading away. “Aesthetics” insists on being responsible for careful listening to the album as the Art demands. Savour these sounds as if you sip an old wine. Don’t be in a hurry while detecting inflections. Think over and seek. Seek after something that is covered with great and eternal Being mourning. Before trying to find God in Beauty, look for Him in the deepest abomination." Aesthetics of Devastation is a community, that publishes and distributes all kinds of High Art with extraordinary unique devastating features. Our intentions go far beyond the name of "publishing label" and are sacred for us and people we support. It means that all musicians, artists, directors and other authors,

whose works are represented here, carry the genuine and high Idea… 'Black Wisdom' track list: 1.The Lord is Blissful in Grief 2.Spirit of Oppression 3.To the Doomed Sons of Earth 4.Sanctuary of Cut Tongues 5.Tranquility of the Possessed 6.That Nail in a Heart www.aestheticsofdevastation.bandcamp.co m/album/black-wisdom www.facebook.com/greyheavenfall

NEWS: Heathen Beast Trident release date: July 10th, 2015 Transcending Obscurity India According to Metal Archives, this political/atheistic extreme metal band from India started in 2010. They have three EPs and now all three recordings are collected for this compilation, from "Ayodhya Burns" to "The Drowning of the Elephant God" and to "The Carnage of Godhra." Besides their political stance, the band is becoming more adept at utilizing traditional Indian musical elements, a characteristic that is more pronounced as the compilation moves towards the more recent material. The band says that they will not reveal their identities because it is not yet the appropriate time. Below you will find information about the band and the link.

the tried and tested method, sensitive as they are to criticism. Heathen Beast, ladies and gents, is of a different ilk. This one not only sounds Indian, but heck, these guys are scathing in their anti-religious and anti-fascist stance pertaning to the actual events transpired in the country. So much so, that the identities of the band members are hidden, otherwise their very lives could be at risk given their highly controversial and bold themes.” The band says about itself: “Heathen Beast believes in no god and no religion. We write about the world and it's religion as we see it, we write about how it encompass and controls the masses in our country India. Our music symbolizes self belief and the fact that we choose our own path and make our own destiny. There is no God that writes your life and not everything that is bad in this world is a consequence of that karma. You are responsible. Heathen Beast plays a form of brutal metal to connect with those who think like we do. The Heathen Beast Shall Be Unleashed Upon Thee. Heathen Beast is the formation of three. Carvaka who believes religion was invented and made up by men, having no divine authority. Samkhya who denies the existence of God. Mimamsa who rejects the notion of God and says that human action itself is enough to create the necessary circumstances for the enjoyment of its fruits.”

The label says:

The label says about the recordings:

“People often ask me "Why does metal music from India not sound Indian?" Perhaps the bands here are afraid. They want to stick to

“'Trident' is the ultimate release by Heathen Beast. Each three-song set has a bold and unique subject, unfailingly controversial. From


the riotous incident revolving around the city of Ayodhya in 'Ayodhya Burns' in which thousands were slaughtered, to the controversial defiance against the practice of the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols in 'The Drowning of the Elephant God' and lastly the ghastly communal Hindu vs. Muslim riots in the latest 'Carnage of Godhra' in which literally a train full of people was torched and there was blatant butchery killing thousands again, these are the ugly and shocking issues in India that only one band has dared to speak out against. The hidden identities of the members is a must, since the government in power here is becoming increasingly intolerant of any rebellious acts. Upon the band's insistence, the songs are presented in chronological order so that the listener can understand the band's progression and evolution in sound. More and more Indian instruments are employed especially on the latest EP titled 'The Carnage of Godhra', fused with black metal in a more significant way than ever before in metal history perhaps. This is black metal with real good intent, boldness and passion for music over anything else.”

Kult Mogił were established in October 2014 in Tarnów, Poland. In April 2015 they released Demo 2015, which was recently put out on tape with the title K+M+B via Gravplass Propaganda. Their upcoming full-length, Anxiety Never Descending, features six brand new tracks and sees the mysterious trio create an atmosphere of a reeking graveyard, a soundtrack to your damnation and slow death.

wwww.transcendingobscurityindia.bandcam p.com/album/trident-black-metal www.facebook.com/HeathenBeast

Regarding the band’s name, the members explain that Kult Mogił does not translate to “sepulchral cult”. Instead, “cult of graves” is more fitting and understood as a “burial place with or without tombstones” as opposed to “the cult of dead ancestors”.

NEWS: Kult Mogił Anxiety Never Descending Pagan Records Release: 24 December 2015 Those that enjoy exploring bands that are more difficult will be interested in this one from Poland. The music is a bit of mix of doom and death metal. This albu will be available soon, but you can hear a bit of it at the link below:

“Anxiety”, “death”, “grave” and “damnation” are not just words to describe their music in a cool metal way. These terms are truly reflected in the band’s music. The title track’s chaotic drum work resembles an anxiety attack, the experimentation with feedback and slow drum beats on “The Width of a Forehead” paint morbid pictures while the soothing guitar melody and riffs on “Palliative Messiah” could be the soundtrack to your descent to the grave. Anxiety Never Descending is not for the fainthearted. “This record will not make dying any easier for you”, the band commented.

www.facebook.com/paganrecords www.paganrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ anxiety-never-descending

NEWS: Lurid Memory (U.S.) Dematerializing Funeral Noise Records September 18, 2015 For the readers that appreciate prog death


metal, this week I would like to point out this band to you. The musicianship sounds careful and detailed, with some melodic guitar passages that give the songs a bit of an unexpected twist. There are some mellow segments, too, which demonstrate that the band is not shy to bring skill and a bit of emotion to the music. The information about the band says: Progressive Death Metal outfit LURID MEMORY might seem like a newcomer to many, however that is not the case. This San Diego based quartet features current and past members of brutal Death Metal titans, GORTUARY. Their first studio opus has already been highly anticipated by both fans and media alike. Featuring cover art by Spanish illustrator Raul Gonzalez (Morbus Chron, Skinfather, Deceased), “Dematerializing” was produced by Edward Tolarda (Disgorge) at DHQ in San Diego, CA. This E.P. also included special guest appearance by Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation / Murder Construct) LURID MEMORY are: Oscar Padilla (Guitars/Vocals) Aaron Ashby (Drums) Glenn Davis (Guitars) Chris Boodhoo (Bass) www.funeralnoiserecords.bandcamp.com/al bum/dematerializing www.facebook.com/luridmemory www.facebook.com/FuneralNoiseRecords

NEWS: Marasmus Conjuring Enormity release: 2 October 2015 independent 19

The band found the one thing that they do the best: tech-death barrage and more of it. Chaotic and precise at the same time, the tech-death fanatic will welcome this Kansas City bunch. Listen to the album and find out just how ugly things can get and fast. No pain no gain. See below for more information: Kansas City war machine Marasmus has thrown down the gauntlet with their newest release, Conjuring Enormity. One of 2015's most violent releases, the follow up to 2012's Mountains of Dead is the product of a band who has mastered the art of domination. Devastating brutality delivered with unmatched technical precision, Conjuring Enormity is set to usher in a new era of USDM. Meaning complete and utter starvation or the worst way to die, Marasmus have made a name for themselves as being one of the most punishing underground metal acts in the Midwest. They have carved their own style out of an over saturated genre and have changed people's perception of what they call Death Metal; leaving crowds in disbelief at what they just witnessed. The current lineup is Kansas City's own local’s Gore Growler Devon Ferrara on vocals and audio mastermind Andy Nagorski on Guitar. With Missouri's own Trynt “machine gun” Kelly on Drums and massive sound of Brandon Culligan on the other Guitar. Marasmus has been perfecting their craft for years and making an impression on just about anybody that crosses their path. The future will only tell what is possible but let it be known that if you are lucky enough to catch a live set by these four sick motherfuckers. Your ear drums and irrelevant life will be destroyed into the hereafter! Expect to see Marasmus at metal

fests and maybe at the next ceremony of dark arts near you. www.marasmus.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/MarasmusKCDM www.twitter.com/MarasmusKCDM

NEWS: Mastication of Uncontrolled (Germany) Preemptive Space Warfare release: October 31st, 2015 Rotten Roll Rex


Here we go. This is it: the pig squeal death metal brutality. There's nothing quite like it until you hear it. This is most definitely wild barnyard farm death metal of the animal kingdom. Listen to the album at the link below and study the technique of the pig squeal. Released this Halloween, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled "Preemptive Space Warfare" contains 10 tracks of Brutal German/Swiss Death Metal, that burrow into your memory, ensuring that they vomit over most of the current competition from a great height. With all the polish and studio gimmickry of many of today's extreme metal projects, one forgets what real metal is supposed to sound like: angry, raw, and ripping. "Preemptive Space Warfare" is all of those things and assaults the listener with tracks filled with shrieks of pain, technical Guitar riffage, and blasting double bass, that send chills down ones spine. A flesh ripping Brutal Death Metal Slam Alien Apocalypse attack! www.rottenrollrex.bandcamp.com/album/pre emptive-space-warfare www.facebook.com/mobu.slam www.facebook.com/rottenrollrex.de


NEWS: Mindless Sinner The New Messiah release: 16th October 2015 Pure Steel Records How many 80s bands from Sweden have been forgotten? Who knows, but Mindless Sinner can be added to that list. Now it’s time to revise the list again because the band has returned with a new album. Apparently, they took a short break of 29 years. This album is definitely for those into the old heavy metal ways! Check out this information about them: Beside acts like Heavy Load and Gotham City also MINDLESS SINNER from Linköping belong to the legendary godfathers of the Swedish 80s-Heavy Metal scene. Misunderstood in the mainstream, loved in the underground: With the EP „Master Of Evil“ (1983) and the full length „Turn On The Power“ (1986, „We Go Together“) the quartet have released only two outputs back in the days. Finally, after 29 years of silence the brand new act „The New Messiah“ will be released through Pure Steel – recorded almost in original line up. Driven by catchy, melodic Heavy Metal, with his unique, clear power voice Christer Göransson still hits every note on all ten new tracks. Provided with powerful drumming, the guitar duo Danneblad/Edman conquer the hearts of all „Swedish Steel“ enthusiasts with poignant leads. A song like „Follow Your Path“ is fully studded with hints to the ancient „Turn On...“ –era. Everyone, who love to go to festivals like Live Evil and Muskelrock, need to get this reunion album!

Mindless Sinner - The New Messiah It’s 2015 and there’s a new Mindless Sinner album coming out. Well, who would have thought that way back in 1990 when we laid the band to rest. Anyways here it is 10 new blistering tracks! We have tried to make it sound like it would have done back in the day but of course with a new touch. So if you like our previous work you’re gonna love this! The New Messiah is here!!! Mindless Sinner www.facebook.com/mindlesssinnerofficial www.puresteelrecords.com/bands/view/372/Mindless_Sinner

NEWS: Odium Terraform release: 23 October 2015 independent Here’s a band for the modern metal crowds into Soilwork and similar sounds. It should be pointed out that this is a full-length 48-minute professional work. The band has worked hard to make a quality recording and it shows. Below you can learn more about the band and hear the complete album: ODIUM has been operating out of Hanover, Ontario producing dark, yet melodic metal layered with fast-paced gruff bellows, resonating vocals, and pounding instrumentals for nearly a decade. After releasing an EP and two full-length records, the band has been gearing for their third album ‘Terraform’ due out on October 23, 2015. Their goal is to write heavy and melodic music, while constantly developing their style from album to album. The instrumentals lend 21

their tone and energy to invite more versatility in the vocals in each song. Their passion for performing live and incredible stage energy has allowed them to open for Alexisonfire, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Divinity, Moneen, and Fuck the Facts. The lyrics invite listeners to take a journey through despair, while the bass and drums drive the rhythm, the guitars straddle the line between pure aggression and melodic riffs. For ODIUM there has always been a pattern of evolution over the past few years that allows them to continuously create multi-genre influenced music. The band is comprised of Joe Mullen, Jake Fortney, Andrew Fullerton, Bo Louther, Marc Dobson, who have come from various bands such as Archaea/Willfall. The bands name is defined as ‘disgraceful hate’ however after the past 10 years they have come to see the band name relating directly to perseverance. ODIUM has a foundation of trust which creates a bond likened to that of a brotherhood. The dedication and teamwork within the band is based on respect, and because the internal bond is so strong they are able to create a meaningful connection with fans. www.odium1.bandcamp.com/ www.twitter.com/odiummusic www.facebook.com/odiummusic

NEWS: Rapture Crimes Against Humanity release: October 30th, 2015 Witches Brew The thrash wave from Greece is not going to stop any time soon, is it? Rapture sounds like they have done their homework in thrash. This is album is for the thrash diehards and

definitely for the thrashers that love the sound of the Greek bands. This is the band's history: Rapture was formed in the last days of December 2012. In January 2013, the first lineup was completed, with Apostolos on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Matt on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Theo on Bass and Thodoris on drums. Soon after the first live performance, Thodoris was fired. Meanwhile, the band recorded their part on the Hellenic tribute to Death "Only Death Is Certain", covering the song "Crystal Mountain". The band faced trouble finding a new drummer so the position was temporarily covered by Aggelos, friend of Matt and drummer of the band "Burn The Sun". The recordings of the debut EP started in April and it was released in summer of 2013. Soon after the release, Theo and Matt left the band, and their positions were covered by Stamatis on bass and Manolis (Ex- Acid-Fury) on lead/rhythm guitars. The new drummer was George T. The band released another promoep in 2014, showing its new musical directions (Death/Thrash). A whole new chapter started for Rapture in Fall 2014 when George T. and Manolis G. left the band and their positions were covered by Nikitas M. (Guitars) and George M. (Drums). Currently Rapture are stronger than ever, as the release of their first album "Crimes Against Humanity, will take place on October 30 2015, by Witches Brew. The band has already played gigs with some of the best bands of the greek underground (Death Courier, Overkast, Mentally Defiled, Dark Nightmare and many more) and currently they are busy organizing live shows all over Greece, and maybe even Europe. www.facebook.com/ThrashRapture www.witchesbrewthrashes.eu


NEWS: Rose'n Wake up release: 30th October 2015 independent The information available, which is not very much, says that this German traditional heavy metal band formed 30 years ago, but this is their debut, apparently. They were supposedly active in the 80s. Anyway, the music is straight up late 70s/early 80s metal, songs that run the gamut from rockers to slower vibes, all pretty much like a New Wave of British Heavy Metal band for today. The album sounds perfect for people into cult and forgotten bands of old. The recording is a serious album, not a demo, so for people longing for bands that have been forgotten or ignored, this should be of interest. Maybe you can contact them and ask them to update their Facebook page so that people can find out more about them. What exactly is this “30 years history,� for instance? I will be listening to this album more for sure. 1 Flying 2 Table's Turned 3 Tonight 4 Take Me To The Top 5 Don't Rush Ones Fences 6 Decide It 7 My Immortal 8 Dreamer 9 Tales 10 Wake Up Total playtime: 42:43 vocals: Boris Proegler lead guitars: Mike Wolf guitars: Mike Vynnez bass: Steven Nicks drums: Ralf Taylor www.facebook.com/ROSEN-494076147337998

NEWS: Savage 7 / Live N Lethal release: October 9 2015 Minus 2 Zebra The enthusiasts of traditional heavy metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal will be pleased to know that Savage has a new studio album. Not only that, they are releasing a live album along with the new studio album to give you a double dose of Savage. As usual, the band mixes it up: uptempo rockers and songs with a midtempo, bluesy feel: heavy metal, classic rock and a bit of the blues, it’s all Savage. The main thing for them is to avoid making all the songs sound alike. Disc number two is the live album: the complete 1983 debut album Loose N Lethal live in their hometown of Mansfield, U.K., in addition to other older songs. As the metal trivia dorks already know, this is the same Savage that Metallica covered during their demo days. In case you are interested, here is a history of the band: Hailing from the heart of the UK, Savage where born out of the need for a bunch of teenagers to put their own stamp on the hard rock scene. At just 18 and 15 years of age respectively, founder members Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson first set alight to the Nottinghamshire music scene by rampaging through covers of their heroes such as Thin Lizzy, UFO, Deep Purple and Van Halen. But the band weren’t dragging their heels when it came to penning original tunes and were soon wowing local audiences with a blend of energetic new metal. As a result they were invited to participate in 1981’s seminal compilation album 'Scene Of The Crime', contributing two barnstorming tracks 'Let It 23

Loose' and 'Dirty Money' which would both go on to become stage favourites as the band’s star rose. It was clear the band were head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. A copy of ‘Scene Of The Crime’ ended up in the hands of Lars Ulrich and before long the newly-formed Metallica were playing Savage tracks themselves, famously recording 'Let It Loose' which set them on the road to creating their brand of thrash metal and securing their first deal. At around the same time, Savage were offered their first deal. The band's double A-Side single ‘Ain’t No Fit Place’ c/w ‘The China Run’ had been released to strong reviews, and in 1983 Savage released their legendary debut album 'LOOSE ‘N’ LETHAL' which not only received rave reviews but was soon acclaimed as the best-selling metal import album in America. By now Savage were gigging across the UK although focussing their efforts especially on London where Kerrang favourably reviewed a number of their gigs. In 1984 the band went to Europe and shared the bill with Metallica and Venom, at the now legendary ‘Aardschok Day’ playing to 10,000 people and again receiving outstanding reviews. Metallica knocked at the dressing room door and asked to share a beer with the Savage boys; the bands would later meet again in London where more beer drinking ensued, this time for a Kerrang! article on real ale! In 1985 Savage released their second album 'HYPERACTIVE'. The album received a full 5K review in Kerrang! followed by a UK tour with a homecoming sold out show at the Mansfield Civic Theatre, outside of which many years earlier Bradley and Dawson had first met giving birth to Savage. But despite the success of the first two albums and live shows, the lack of support from both labels and management caused much frustration and resulted in the

band finally folding in 1986. Bradley and Dawson continued to make music separately for the next few years until due to demand the band reformed with original drummer Dave Lindley to record the comeback album ‘HOLY WARS’ in 1995. The album sold well across the UK, Europe and Japan and the guys played a cracking set at Germany's Heavy Oder Was festival. Maintaining the momentum they recorded their fourth studio album 'BABYLON' which demonstrated Savage's ability to craft powerful, punchy classic rock, with Bradley's almost sneering vocals and thundering bass counterpointing Dawson’s outright riffing and searing solos, showing that British rock bands can have attitude, grit and punch! The new millennium brought 'XTREME MACHINE', an album full of mean, grooving rock which brought new fans to the band and was followed a year later with more live shows, the band hitting America for the first time with new boy Mark Nelson on drums before performing a stunning show at Wacken. Joined again by drummer Mark Nelson and new guitarist Kristian Bradley, Yes! Chris’s son and Andy’s Nephew, the band spent 2011 preparing songs for 'SONS OF MALICE'. Released April 2012 ‘SONS OF MALICE’ once again showed the band were in touch with the contemporary metal scene without losing sight of their traditional British roots, an aspect recognised by the significant number of positive reviews the album received worldwide. Shows throughout Europe proved the band had not lost any of their bite live! In fact new boys Mark Nelson and Kristian Bradley have given the band a new energy wholly apparent from barnstorming sets at Hard Rock Hell VI, CRF 13 and a legendary performance of the entire ‘LOOSE ‘N’ LETHAL’ album in reverse at the Headbangers Open Air Festival 2013. In a neat twist High Roller 24

records issued a collectable vinyl version of ‘SONS OF MALICE’ that includes bonus tracks from the album recording sessions. Although material for their next release is already being written, the band are considering recording a live album to capture the excitement of the band on stage. John Tucker 25.09.2013 www.savageband.com/ www.facebook.com/savageuk

NEWS: Saviours Palace Of Vision Listenable release: 30 October 2015 Still building upon the foundation that Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Motörhead laid decades prior, California volume abusers, SAVIOURS, enters their second decade in a new partnership with Listenable Records and their long anticipated new full-length, Palace Of Vision. Rooted in hardcore punk but preferring to cruise in outer space, SAVIOURS have always brought an infectious swing and swagger to their forward-charging heavy metal. The band melds the prime tenets of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, progressive rock, and proto-doom, and delivers it all with a snarling, West Coast hardcore edge. The result is a rugged beast of a sound that is singularly SAVIOURS. Palace Of Vision is the band’s first proper fulllength in four years and picks up where the molten manifestations of 2011’s Death’s Procession left off, spewing forth nine fiery tracks of towering riffs, monolithic rhythms,

infectious guitar harmonies and an obsession with the end of times, the occult, psychedelics and the arcane. From fast-paced road ragers to lumbering doom pounders, SAVIOURS’ Palace Of Vision is perpetually hell-bent on taking listeners away to an entirely new dimension of volume abuse. Since the 2005 release of their debut EP, Warship, SAVIOURS has worked relentlessly, touring North America, Europe, and Japan with the likes of Mastodon, Corrosion Of Conformity, The Sword, High On Fire, Saint Vitus and Clutch. In just a few short years, SAVIOURS had risen to become stalwarts of the world’s metal scene, ambassadors of an aggressive-yet-stoned West Coast vibe, inspired by the ‘70s but totally real and relevant in 2015. Palace Of Vision was captured at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon with Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Eyehategod, Taurus, Ommadon etc.) and comes sheathed in the fittingly dark, intricately transfixing cover renderings of Derrick Snodgrass (Obliterations, Lecherous Gaze). Palace Of Vision will be released worldwide via Listenable Records on October 30th, 2015. www.listenablerecords.bandcamp.com/album/palace-ofvision www.facebook.com/Saviours

NEWS: Suppressive Fire Bedlam release: 14 January 2016 independent 25

January is right around the corner and that means that extreme metal band Suppressive Fire will soon open the gates. Who is this new band? Read the information below and let’s find out:

North Carolina Death Thrashers SUPPRESSIVE FIRE will release debut album Bedlam on January 14, 2016. The album was mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) and features art by Par Olofsson (Exodus, Abysmal Dawn). SUPPRESSIVE FIRE channels the old school fury of bands like KREATOR, EXODUS, DEATH, and SODOM in creating its own brand of scorched-earth devastation. SUPPRESSIVE FIRE proudly hail from Raleigh, along with greats such as Corrosion of Conformity and Between the Buried and Me. The trio has shared the stage with Toxic Holocaust, Wretched, Genocide Pact, The Hookers, and a slew of other bands and have no plans on slowing down. SUPPRESSIVE FIRE began their all-out attack on the Southeastern metal scene in 2013 and have refused to restrain the assault. Independently releasing Hellwraith (EP) in August 2014 and Covered in Conflict (Split) in 2015, the stage is now set for the unrepentant annihilation that is Bedlam. Members: Joseph Bursey - Guitars // Aaron Schmidt Bass/vox // Brandon Smith - Drums www.suppressivefire.bandcamp.com/ www.facebook.com/suppressivefire

NEWS: The Sickening Sickness Unfold release date: July 20th, 2015 Xtreem Music

Let’s keep it simple and direct: these Norwegians want one thing and one thing only: death metal of the brutal variety. Politically incorrect and immature, there’s no message of wisdom for anyone here; just extreme metal with the finesse and subtlety of a horror movie. This fine troupe of gentlemen and scholars includes in their ranks the drummer from Blood Red Throne, another name associated with ultra death metal. Track after track, piling it up, one after another of an anti-eclectic work made for those that are love-it-all 100% fanatics. Skeptics won’t want this band and this band won’t want the skeptics. You have two choices: join the mosh pit, form a mosh pit or stay in the mosh pit. That’s not two choices. That’s three. Make way for the zombies and the chainsaws. Listen at the link below. bio: 2003: - The Sickening was founded by guitarist Markspist (ex-Slagmark) & drummer Beist (exSlagmark, ex- Blood Red Throne).They got some other members to complete the band: Stig Hansen (Violated, ex-Slagmark), Hans Wik (Violated) & Ola Langli (Cleaver, exPanzerskrekk). But due to other commitments, this line-up did not stay alive. - Over the next few years, more dedication was put into this project and it was decided by Beist & Markspist that once again they wanted to make The Sickening into a full-time band. 2007: - The band became a full quartet with the addition of Stjernestøv on vocals and Neeraj Kasbekar (ex-Slagmark) on bass. - They recorded their first demo "Soiled Rotten" at Concrete Studio with Espen “Dr. Rock” Pedersen (Chapter in Hate, ex-Breed). - They started playing gigs to promote the 26

demo. 2008: - The band did many gigs onwards, playing most major cities of Norway, supporting acts like Blood Tsunami, Mindgrinder & The Allseeing I, as well as festivals like Inferno Kickoff, Oslo Deathfest & Piggtrådfestivalen. - By end of the summer they recorded their debut album "Death Devastation Decay", also with Dr. Rock and had the album mastered by Dan Snawö (Katatonia, Bloodbath). - They had their first international gig in St. Petersburg, Russia, co-headlining the Petrogrind Festival. - Neeraj had to take a break from the band due to his studies and Olve Kroknes (Sodomy Club, ex- Slagmark) stepped in to handle the bass. - By end of the year, The Sickening signed a 2record deal with Spanish label Xtreem Music. 2009: - The band continued promoting their material and playing gigs all across Norway, including few mini-tours with Blood Red Throne & Sulphur. As well as a Finland tour with Inferia. - The debut album "Death Devastation Decay" was released through Xtreem Music. 2010: - Completing his studies, Neeraj has returned to the ranks of The Sickening once again for the bass. - During June the band toured Germany & Croatia including the Deathfeast festival (Germany). - Soon after the tour, the band parted ways with Stjernestøv due to personal differences. - The bands original singer Stig has once again rejoined the ranks of The Sickening. 2011: - During the summer, we decided to concentrate on composing songs for the next

album, and thus only took part at 1 show, the Eisenwahn Festival in Germany. - In November we played Sweden & UK as part of "The Sign of Hell Tour" supporting Gorgoroth, Vader & Valkyrja. 2012: - The band took an extensive break for every member to sort out things in their personal lives. - Did only one tour, supporting Vomitory on their Blastfest tour of Norway along with Byfrost and Blodspor. 2013: - Due to some health issues, vocalist Stig had to part with the band. - Thus The Sickening has decided to stay as a 3-man group with Markspist taking over vocal duties. - From late autumn the band entered FX Arena to record their sophomore album "Sickness Unfold". - Taking a break in recording (partly due to holiday season), The Sickening did a one-off show in Trondheim with Irr and Cleaver to finish off the year. 2014: - The band had an almost all year hiatus, as all members had to prioritize their private life, but when time, working with mixing the upcoming album. 2015: - We were going to start of the year performing at the Blastfest in Bergen, Norway, but unfortunally had to cancel due to an injury caused to our frontman Markspist. - We have finished mixing the album (that started almost 2 years ago) this summer and released in through label Xtreem Music on July 20th. - Guitarist Andreas Bruheim (ex- No Dawn) has joined as the latest addition to the band in 27

August. "We are the Plaguebearers, await pestilence & destruction from our rotting corpses!" www.xtreemmusic.bandcamp.com/album/si ckness-unfold www.facebook.com/thesickeningdeathmetal /

NEWS: Tales of the Tomb Volume One: Morpras release: 27 November 2015 independent The band considers itself old school, 90s-style death metal. They are from Canada and they have their debut EP ready now. Find out more about the band below: Edmonton (Canada) Death Metallers TALES OF THE TOMB will release debut EP Volume One: Morpras on November 27, 2015. TALES OF THE TOMB is a three-headed vocal attack layered with grinding blast beats, injected with Cerberus-esque barks and finished with shrill and raspy vocals - a sound straight from Hell. Gore-filled lyrics leave little to the imagination as the band concocts song after malicious song. TALES OF THE TOMB will destroy your eardrums like a corpse is erased in an acid-filled bath. "Out of the gates we have just under a year have played over a half dozen shows and recorded our debut 3-song EP entitled Morpras. The name is old English for "secret killing of a person, unlawful killing." The EP is a compilation of serial killer themed music not celebrating but elaborating on the heinous crimes committed by infamous murderers. It is

old school death metal with its blending of melody and groove, gives Morpras its unique sound. The first track 'Snowtown' will ease you into this murderous journey with a heavy groove and plenty of vocals. 'Pig Farmer,' the 2nd song on the EP is as fast and brutal as the slaying of Robert Pickton; the song is also accompanied with our lyrical video which will be available on Youtube. 'Dr. Death' also makes an appearance as the final track, a chilling slower tempo song that depicts the heinous crimes of Harold Shipman."- John Thomson (Drums) This concept album about murder was recorded by Greg Wright at Hillbilly Wizard Sound Studio, and mixed/mastered by Eurodeath metal master Dan Swano (exBloodbath, Unisound) and is just the first of many more sonic crimes to come from TALES OF THE TOMB. Every town has stories to caution or warn, every police officer has a seen a crime that keeps them awake at night, and every coroner has seen death in ways that the rest of us could never imagine. Murder, conspiracy, supernatural horror, and real-life terror are stains on the cutting room floor where Edmonton-based group Tales of The Tomb paints their canvas. Unified by the desire to have the grotesque power of 90’s era death metal, TALES OF THE TOMB started as a thought that grew into an insatiable need to make extreme music. Core Skerlak and Connor Adams divided duties to guitar and vocals respectively, Bryn Herbert was sewn on to cover bass, John Thomson is the machete-swinging drummer, and finally Tres Thomas to draw out the gruesome tone as the second guitarist. Much of their inspiration is drawn from the pulp-and-grim of throwback horror comics that glorified hideous crimes and creatures, and such was 28

the inspiration for the name; TALES OF THE TOMB. Live line-up: Connor Adams - vocals, Corey Skerlak - guitar and vocals, Tres Thomas - Guitar, Bryn Herbert - Bass and vocals, John Thomson- drums www.talesofthetomb.bandcamp.com/ www.facebook.com/talesofthetomb www.twitter.com/talesofthetomb

NEWS: Vigilance (Slovenia) Hounds of Megiddo release: June 9th, 2015 What would happen if Venom, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Mercyful Fate formed a band, with Cronos on vocals? Maybe what would take place is Vigilance! It’s cult metal for people into Manilla Road and Brocas Helm, bands that play heavy metal that is dark and obscurantist. You would think that (1) this mix of sounds is impossible/improbable to come up with and to hold together and that (2) this band is comprised of old folks who were young in the late 70s and early 80s. Apparently, this is a young band from Slovenia and this is what they came up with. Unfriggingreal. I mentioned the magic words Manilla Road. What else do you want?! Check it out: Born from the depths of Adelsberg, VIGILANCE have been unleashing a blackened heavy metal assault on your ears since Walpurgisnacht 2010. Inspired both by the harmonic arts of NWOBHM bands and the sepulchral elements of the first wave of black metal, VIGILANCE deliver a thunderous, yet

melodic sonic blasphemy. Over the years, the band has released numerous demos, an EP and a full length album, firmly fortifying their place in the European underground. After a few line up changes and many live rituals, VIGILANCE are back with a vengeance - a brand new album, called "HOUNDS OF MEGIDDO". www.facebook.com/VigilanceAdelsberg/ www.witchesbrewthrashes.eu www.twitter.com/steedoftime /

NEWS: Wilderness Dream Wilderness Dream release: 16 October 2015 Creator-Destructor Records Recently the California crossover band had its debut EP out on Creator-Destructor Records. Below you will learn a bit about the band and you can hear the EP for yourself at the link below, too. Learn more here: Born from the thrash epicenter of the San Francisco Bay Area comes WILDERNESS DREAM, a brand new, four-piece, heavy metal unit of destruction combining the speed and fury of 80s thrash and 90s death metal, with the melodic leanings and no-frills DIY aesthetic of modern day punk. Though boasting this unique amalgamation of influences, it comes as no surprise that the band would dawn both the melody-infused underpinnings and unrelenting intensity of the members' current and past projects. With an unhinged vocal sincerity, blistering twin guitar assault, and undeniably crushing and thunderous rhythm section, WILDERNESS DREAM's sound and identity has now been 29

established, as proven on their self-titled debut EP, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Goodrich in July of 2015 at NuTone Studios in Pittsburgh, California. Clocking in at just under fifteen minutes, the six songs that comprise the band's debut release reflect a sonic attack reminiscent of thrash legends Sacrifice and Testament, with a violent and unrestrained vocal approach, more akin to crossover acts such as Cursed, Ringworm, and Integrity. Lyrically, Murray adopts a more stripped-down and bleak approach to the death-obsessed, anxietyridden regurgitation of his experience, moving through an overpopulated, immoral, and devastatingly distracted human landscape, and exploring his interpretation of the futility and uncertainty of life, while never negating our all-encompassing, ever-growing and universal fear of the end. WILDERNESS DREAM consists of guitarists/vocalists Ben Murray and Ryan Hansen, drummer Trey Derbes and bassist Bret Fontaine. Murray is the current frontman of Heartsounds, and former drummer of now defunct Prosthetic Record-signed, Light This City, and Heartsounds drummer Trey Derbes provides the ripping percussive style, offering a natural, live, and completely unedited approach to the drum production. While Murray and Derbes began writing what would become the band’s debut release throughout the past few years, it become an entity of its own until Ryan Hansen entered the fold supplying second guitar and vocals, followed by Bret Fontaine joining in on bass guitar. Hansen and Murray share a musical history as well, as Hansen played lead guitar in Light This City, which contributes to the cohesive musical vision and camaraderie of what has now become WILDERNESS DREAM. The upcoming year will see WILDERNESS DREAM on the road in support of their debut.

WILDERNESS DREAM is guitarists/vocalists Ben Murray and Ryan Hansen, drummer Trey Derbes and bassist Bret Fontaine. Murray is the current frontman of Heartsounds, and former drummer of now defunct Prosthetic Recordsigned, Light This City, and Heartsounds drummer Trey Derbes provides the ripping percussive style, offering a natural, live, and completely unedited approach to the drum production. While Murray and Derbes began writing what would become the band’s debut release throughout the past few years, it become an entity of its own until Ryan Hansen entered the fold supplying second guitar and vocals, followed by Bret Fontaine joining in on bass guitar. Hansen and Murray share a musical history as well, as Hansen played lead guitar in Light This City, which contributes to the cohesive musical vision and camaraderie of what has now become WILDERNESS DREAM. www.facebook.com/wildernessdream www.wildernessdream.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/pages/CreatorDestructor-Records/281868423801 www.twitter.com/CD_Records www.creator-destructor.bandcamp.com

NEWS: Wilt (Canada) Moving Monoliths Bindrune Recordings release: 27 November 2015 This is a melodic doom extreme metal band with an album that was made available recently. Listeners into extreme doom are the ideal target audience for this band. For more information see below: the band : 30

Wilt was formed by Brett Goodchild and Jordan Dorge in 2010 with the original intention of creating a black metal studio project. After the reception of the Self Titled debut in Oct 2012 surpassed all expectations, and gained some serious international attention, the duo decided to make Wilt a full time project and assemble a live lineup. Wilt has done a bunch of Canadian tours, played many festivals such as Noctis Metalfest 666 where they shared the stage alongside blasphemy, carcass, bolzer, candlemass, possessed to name a few. In 2014 wilt decided to break the mold of the 2 piece studio/live lineup band and continue as a full band where all 5 members involved will contribute to the sophomore effort. Early 2015 Wilt signed with Bindrune recordings and will be releasing the bands sophomore effort ‘Moving Monoliths’ in Sept/Oct. Taking their unique brand of cold atmospheric black metal into new progressive and even unexpected domains. "Moving Monoliths" was once again self produced by Goodchild himself in Saxon Sound Studios, and the beautiful gatefold cover art was done by renowned artist Nick Keller. www.wiltmanitoba.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/wiltmb

FREE METAL MUSIC Prophecy Of Apocalypse Prophecy (demo) release date: 2014 This is a traditional, high-energy heavy metal band from France. They have a free demo. It's guitar-driven fast metal. Here is a bit of additional information from the band. Since January 2012, Prophecy has a line-up

consisting of five musicians - Antoine and Laurent (guitars), Jeremy (Vocals), Camille (bass) and Michael (Drums) - motivated and passionate, hoping well get a place in the metal world! After recording a demo eponymous first release in 2014, the group saw a blow with the departure of Michael, leaving the orphaned rhythmic base. Fortunately, the same year, Baptiste joined the adventure as a drummer to give new life to the group. With this line-up full of energy and creativity, Prophecy is ready to do battle with the metal scene! In 2015, Prophecy becomes Prophecy Of Apocalypse (or Prophecy OA) mostly for legal reasons. 1.Searching for Light 04:52 2.God Killers 05:41 3.Last Hope 07:30 4.Tyranny 05:38 5.The Age of Gods 10:07 total time 33:48 www.prophecyofapocalypse.bandcamp.co m/releases www.facebook.com/ProphecyMetalOfficial

Man Made Predator (Germany) Of Decay and Collapse release date: November 20th, 2015 This is a free recording of energetic melodic death metal from Germany. I think that supporters of this particular genre would be interested, especially if they are interested in hearing new bands do their take on the style. Below is more information about the band. "It's spring in 2012. A few enthusiastic metalheads meet and have Bock, hard music to make. Each of the five musicians from Dortmund and the surrounding area has 31

already gained experience in other band projects and look for the band, in a common musical goal and the ambition to go with each song to the limit of technical possibilities unite. When the cast is finally complete, make Man Made Predator their Bandgruendung officially. Since then the band forges eagerly riffs, beats brutal Blasts from the drums and singer Thomas shouts and growls, the soul from the body. The songwriting is based on more modern melodic death metal, but remains keen to experiment and use any creative inspiration. With a line-up change on guitar in summer 2014 and the introduction of Tobi on the guitar MMP are finally ready for their first EP recordings. In its relatively short existence still recorded MMP already numerous stages in and around the Ruhr. After intensive songwriting and Recordings Man Made Predator wait stretched on 20 November, when they will release their first EP "Of Decay and Collapse" in the world. Brace yourself!" 1.Dusk 03:18 2.Progress 03:03 3.A Vision 03:54 4.Walking Corpse 03:13 5.Preying on the Meek 03:48 6.The Spectre 02:54 total time 20:10 www.manmadepredator.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/mmpband

Vezeren Vezeren release: November 20th, 2015 This is a raw recording of fairly traditional black metal from Italy. There is not much information, but here is some.

"Vezeren is a one man band by Giuseppe De Paola (Lamezia Terme, Cz), born in the first months of 2015 with the intention of playing a deep and raw music, and making revive the rough sound of old school black metal. The first homonymous record (whose link you can find on the short description) was recorded in August and published in October 2015." www.vezeren1.bandcamp.com/album/vezer en www.facebook.com/Vezeren1486359175024222

Four Forests and a Tree Cold Dark Death release: November 21st, 2015 This is a free recording of "pure black metal" from Oregon (according to Metal Archives). At this point I do not have much information to pass along, except that if you want traditional black metal, then you cannot go wrong with this recording, that's for sure. The personnel, according to Facebook, is: JAMIE "BOGGY" SYKES - Vocals, Percussion JOHN "MOON" MARSHALL - Guitars, Bass, Production 1.Where Winter Lays 03:52 2.In the Shadow of the Mountain 3.Blood Tastes Their Lips 04:50 4.Cold Dark Death03:57 5.So Dark 05:29 total time 20:31


www.fourforests.bandcamp.com/releases www.facebook.com/fourforests

Sabbatic Round (USA) Satanic independent release: August 24th, 2015 I have just about zero information to give you about this black metal free album. Bandcamp and Metal Archives say that the location for this entity is the state of Missouri, U.S. The music is traditional black metal. I think that the vocals sound appealing to supporters of traditional black metal, and the overall vibe fits the genre well. It is antimodern metal of primal energies. As frenetic and necro as the music is, the songs are not just fast, but rather have individuality. This is also not a super raw garage demo recording, so that's a positive, too. It's a relatively clear recording, in the framework of the genre. One last thing, it appears that the last track is a song for the first several minutes, but after that it seems to be a time of silence. 1.Possessed by Darkness 04:51 2.Raging Hellfire 04:33 3.Blasphemy 05:11 4.My Stale, Grey Reflection 04:37 5.Written in Blood 03:53 6.The Gates of the Abyss 04:47 7.Eternal Damnation 03:58 8.Demonwitch 16:32 total time 48:22 www.sabbaticround.bandcamp.com/release s

Psionic Plasma Kaos Typhonian Dimensions release date: November 6th, 2015 independent This is a free recording of fast, minimalist black metal from Spain. The band gives you control:


it is not too loud; you have to turn up the volume. Once you do, you can hear the antimodern recording very well. The songs are easy to get into because the guitar has fast tremolo melodies. They say that they recorded this during the winter of 2015. The band personnel is: Abhorym kv55: vocal, lyrics (Beltain, Heilnoz, PankuroniuM) Apofis kv62: drums (Abÿfs) Kadgar gv269: guitars, bass (Aanomm, Abÿfs, Gravislatro, TrollfasthearT, PankuroniuM)


1.Narkotic Angels of Concupiscence 04:13 2.Phosphorus 05:24 3.Stellar Inquisitors 04:06 4.Parasites of Kosmos 06:25 5.Reptilian Black Metal 05:52 total time 26:00 www.psionicplasma.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/ps10n1cpl4sm4

concert calendar

Enforcer, Exmortus, Cauldron, Oxygen Destroyer February 6 Black Sabbath at Tacoma Dome February 19 Fleshed Apocalypse at Studio Seven - Seattle, WA February 20 Skelator at Funhouse - Seattle, WA February 21 Coffins at Highline in Seattle March 5 Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy, Abysmal Dawn at El Corazón Seattle, WA March 6 Helloween at The Showbox March 7 Delain, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish at Showbox SoDo March 19 Slayer, Testament, Carcass at Paramount Theater - Seattle March 24 Y & T at Studio Seven Seattle April 1 Decibel Magazinel Tour ABBATH, High On Fire, Tribulation, Skeletonwitch at El Corazon - Seattle, WA April 11 Iron Maiden at Tacoma Dome April 23 D.R.I. at El Corazón May 1 Napalm Death at The Showbox Seattle, WA May 08 Primal Fear, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody at El Corazon - Seattle, WA — metal programs (these are Pacific Times) Mosh Pit (Madison, WI): Monday night 9:30pm12am WORT 89.9 fm www.wortfm.org

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Sweet Nightmares (Houston, TX): Thursday night 9pm-12am KPFT 90.1 fm www.kpft.org

December 17 Black Breath at Neumos December 19 at Highline, Seattle: DISPIRIT ‡ SHRINE OF THE SERPENT ‡ VOID WRAITH ‡ January 2 at Flight's Pub in Everett: Death Metal from San Juan Puerto Rico ZAFAKON, CALAMITY, W/ Local Talent, KILL CLOSET January 30 Nile at El Corazon January 31 at Studio Seven: Warbringer,

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