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Washington state, U.S.

November 21, 2015 (no.3 in November) www.twitter.com/MetalBulletinZn www.facebook.com/The-Metal-Bulletin-paper-zine-238441519609213



Teloch Vovin


also: Ghost Machinery, Sarcófago, Pestilence FREE metal music: Cryptic Excision (WA state), Nefast, League of Frost, Crusted Trust www.fuglymaniacs.com (issues online, videos, ‌)

Metal Bulletin Zine P.O. Box 1339 Lake Stevens WA 98258 USA Metal Bulletin Zine #1-20: #21-26: (2009-2010): Texas Washington state

(2006-2009): Wisconsin #27(2010)--now;

All album reviews, news, updates below are by MMB, unless stated otherwise. -—

metal programs (these are Pacific Times) Mosh Pit (Madison, WI): Monday night 9:30pm12am WORT 89.9 fm www.wortfm.org

songs better? What happens after repeated listens? Well, the band must be plenty confident of its abilities because they have done something unusual: they have put the stronger songs on the second half! There you go, the band breaks another rule. That way, you don’t have to worry about the band ending the album with a whimper or with filler. The album begins with the self-titled song “Flight” to get the juices going. From there on forward, it feels like the album just gets better and better.

Sweet Nightmares (Houston, TX): Thursday night 9pm-12am KPFT 90.1 fm www.kpft.org Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday night 11pm-1am www.kaosradio.org Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 11pm3am KISW 99.9fm www.kisw.com —

Flight Flight Bad Omen Records Release: 16 October 2015 Flight is a good example of the rebellion against the robotization of metal music. This rebellion is often taken up by strong-willed bands that have their own perspective on things. Flight (Norway) is a traditional heavy metal band founded in 2012. More specifically, the spirit of the band is all about the sound of the young heavy metal of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, around 1979 to 1981, more or less. The drum playing sounds human, not like a computer. The album begins in a good way and quickly establishes that the band is not stingy on the riffs at all. As the album progresses something else happens: Are the songs getting better or is it a case of the listener understanding the

The band lets out the soloing and whole new cans full of riffs. Some albums run out of gas by the middle. That’s not the case here. The band has a plan, to go strong to the finish, and they do. Overall, I feel comfortable saying that this band will be a very pleasant surprise for the enthusiasts of the sound of the late 70s and early 80s: Satan, Witchfynde, Tygers of Pan Tang, Blitzkrieg, Holocaust, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Clove Hoof, Diamond Head and also some old bands from Scandinavia and Finland: Heavy Load, Oz, Gotham City, so on and so forth. I mention those bands not because Flight sounds like any one of those in

particular, but rather because the spirit of Flight seems very inspired by the sounds of the era of young heavy metal. Flight is the name. Heavy metal is the game.

genre have not heard of this band. Therefore, to introduce you to them, here are excerpts from the history of the band.

www.flightheavymetal.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/heavyflight/ flightheavymetal@gmail.com

Masacre Brutal Aggre666ion release date: June 10, 2015 Xtreem Music Many years have passed since this death metal band began in Colombia, but the thinking has not changed, only gotten more stubborn: blasting extreme metal, the type that the people into Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun and Hate Eternal will quickly embrace as metal brothers. Just look at the title of the album, and that says it all: pedal to the metal blasting energy. The band has been doing this for a long time, and they have lots of experience. First of all, even though this is clearly blasting death metal, there is an obvious level of quality that you can hear immediately. Second, the band has spent lots of time working hard on the guitar solos and it shows. Within the extreme metal barrage, there is an elegance in the soloing that will surprise. Third, if you like death metal that is reliable, that you can trust, this band thinks exactly like you. They are the personification of death metal. Fourth, this is recommended for death metal freaks into Deicide, Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Drawn and Quartered and other such bands that people recognize as unbending in their death metal will. It’s possible that many U.S. supporters of the 3

“MASACRE begins its musical career with a demo tape in 1989 entitled "Colombia... Imperio del Terror", next year comes a second demo tape named "Cáncer de Nuestros Días". These two demos show what is going to come from this colombian band, which would carry in the bloody hearts of the world of Death Metal. In 1990 the band releases its first Mini LP named "Ola de Violencia", and with this one they fund their extreme sound and their compromise with the fans desiring dark terror. The french label Osmose Productions, released the first CD of the band entitled "Requiem" (1991), gaining MASACRE with this one a world wide recognition and placing the band as one of the best in Death Metal. After this CD the band toured in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. …

the band recorded in 1996 the CD "Sacro" produced by the label Lorito Records from Medellín. With this CD the band gains new blood, putting itself on a high place in the local and international scene. This CD was distributed by important labels in many places around the world. MASACRE toured a lot around the country and visited Venezuela two times in 3 cities there, playing with important bands. After that tour, the band traveled to Ecuador playing and showing its songs in Quito. … In 2001, MASACRE signed with a new label from Colombia named Decade Records, which released the record entitled "Muerte Verdadera Muerte". This CD contains 10 brutal tracks including one version of our gods Kiss (Strutter). It is important to say that in this CD MASACRE shows its maximum development as an extreme, technical and brutal band within the Death Metal in the world. In 2001 MASACRE begun the “Death Truly Tour” to support the CD “Muerte Verdadera Muerte” which became one of the best tours of the band because the fans really received and supported MASACRE and its CD. … In 2003 MASACRE recorded the preproduction for the new CD “Total Death” with 9 tracks and the band is sure these tracks truly represent all the aggressiveness MASACRE wants to reflect. In 2004 "Total Death" is out. This CD was produced, mixed and masterized by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Ex-Morbid Angel) at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa-Florida.” www.xtreemmusic.bandcamp.com/album/br utal-aggre666ion www.facebook.com/MasacreOficial151283931612611/


Teloch Vovin Further Down The Tunnel independent release: 23 September 2015

The New Yorkers have returned for another installment of their ritualistic occultist extreme metal and this time they are calling it “Further Down the Tunnel,” and right they are. They could have called it “Further Down the Tunnel of Ritualistic Chaos,” too. The recording is firmly in the realm of primal black metal, driven by monstrous, harsh vocals and pounding and blasting drumming. The music may at first sound like cavernous black metal, but if you listen a bit more you will find the rituals and ceremonies contained within. The band is not experimental per se, although they have their moments of atmosphere and moments of contemplation or serenity, including some sounds of various instruments, like electronics and chimes and maybe other elements that only they know what they are. I do not know about who the people in this band are. However, it seems like they want their music to be a lot more serious than just a bunch of “dudes jamming some tunes.” Some may call this band elitist or something like that, but the band definitely wants a certain

audience that understands their music as something more than a little hobby. This is their fourth recording since 2011, at least, so the band has been relatively active, including playing some shows in their area. For the band, black metal is something more serious than just music. What is black metal for you? www.facebook.com/TelochVovin333 www.reverbnation.com/telochvovin

Caelestia. The question would then be: How is this band going to get in front of the audiences that like an Epica or an In Flames? This band, says Metal Archives, began in 2012, so this is very early in the game for them. Considering that matter, the album is a strong statement from them at this point in time.

Caelestia Beneath Abyss Inverse Records release: 16 February 2015 Melodic and operatic vocals, together with extreme metal vocals, work together in oppositional harmony. More than just a dichotomy, the band also works a wide variety of components towards a synthesis of modern melodic/extreme metal. The coexistence of different sides is kept together through the guitar sound of chugging and “melodic death metal,” enhanced with symphonic metal. Basically, modern metal converges into the sound of this Greek band. From the sounds of it, the band wants an album that competes with the best modern metal albums of today. They seem to have a bit of everything for the audiences into Nightwish, Epica, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Amorphis and other commercially successful bands that work with the melodic/extreme modern metal hybrid. The various elements found here are reconfigured in their peculiar way through operatic/extreme vocals on top of the chugging “melodic death metal” foundation, layered with symphonic sounds. If a band like Epica is commercially successful and accepted by the European crowds at Wacken and similar places, then it means that there is definitely room at the table for 5

www.inverse.fi www.caelestiaband.com www.facebook.com/caelestiaband www.twitter.com/Caelestiaband

Ghost Machinery Evil Undertow release date: November 13th, 2015 Pure Legend Records When your heart is on fire for melody and power, for catchy songs and the 80s, these Finns want to take you higher, to the place where the past and the present live side by side and it is called Ghost Machinery. They even do a cover of “No Easy Way Out” from the movie “Rocky IV” (1985). It does not get much more 80s than that.

The sound is heavy metal with prog and melodic rock. Maybe they like Iron Maiden and Saxon, but perhaps they also enjoy their prime 80s Journey, Sammy Hagar, and Night Ranger. Anyway, so, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, I was telling you about the song “No Easy Way Out.” “Rocky IV” exemplifies 80s extravagance. From the Vegas-like spectacle of James Brown doing “Living in America” to Rocky’s son’s robot toys and the Russian evil-empirecyborg-like boxer, everything is meant to be big time. “No Easy Way Out” is the song that Rocky listens to in the car when he’s driving, thinking about his dead friend Apollo Creed, the former heavyweight champion. Ghost Machinery’s take on the song is a melodic heavy metal cover version of the original. The guitars are heavier, basically. The spirit is the same, and just as good. Or better, if you like metal. That brings us to the nitty gritty of Ghost Machinery: this band seeks perfection for the creation of melodic heavy metal, with that 80s keyboards vibe, and a bit of a prog edge. Why prog?! Because they sure love to do real guitar solos, too, and they are not shy about it. One of these cheeky monkeys even wears a shirt that says “Yngwie Who?” and took a picture of it. How do you like them apples?


These giant killers happen to be ridiculously good. Speaking of shredding, the band does do shredding, but it’s within the context of songs because, well, I don’t mean to brag, but they actually do know how to write catchy songs, not just do guitar solos, unlike “certain” people. In conclusion, if you want to visit the 80s, this band has a one-way ticket for you. Be careful, though, you might not want to leave. www.facebook.com/ghostmachinery www.purelegend-records.com

Sarcófago Die...Hard Greyhaze Records release: 11 December 2015 This compilation of old demos and rehearsals is for the total collector that wants to have everything that the band ever recorded. This collection goes a long way towards accomplishing the objective of making you an expert.

Of course, the band is legendary in the realm of black metal, death metal, war metal and bestial metal in general. The album, which Cogumelo Records (Brazil) and Greyhaze Records (USA) are releasing, includes 20 songs from the demos “Satanic Lust,” “Christ’s Death,” and other demos that the band recorded before doing the official albums. This title comes with photos from all stages of the band’s career and notes by former vocalist/guitarist Wagner Antichrist.

Vic Records does it again. This compilation of demos gives insight into the development of Pestilence, Holland’s most loved and known contribution to death metal in the late 80s and early 90s. Depending on with whom you talk, people love “Consuming Impulse,” “Testimony of the Ancients,” “Spheres,” or some other album. However, these demos are something else entirely. This is the early phases of the band. The recordings are rough. The band sounds young and very energetic, playing extreme metal like their lives depended on it. You might hear a bit of their influences, you will hear lots of primal and chaotic execution.

Sarcófago is held in high regard for many reasons, especially the legacy of their early years. The corpse paint, the bullet belts and the blasphemy, and the raw intensity of the music, connected with a small number of youth around the world, youth that would eventually pick up their instruments and take up the flag of black metal. These demo recordings are recommended for the total Sarcófago fanatic that would love to hear earlier versions of the official album songs. www.greyhazerecords.com

Pestilence The Dysentry Penance Vic Records Release: 30 November 2015 7

These recordings are from 1987, right before the band’s 1988 debut ‘”Malleus Maleficarum.” Pestilence was always changing, and in these early recordings the band has not yet taken the death metal plunge, instead it’s raw, aggressive thrash, both in the music and vocals. This compilation features notes by Pestilence leader Patrick Mameli. Recommended for the Pestilence collectors. www.vicrecords.com

FREE METAL MUSIC Cryptic Excision Ufologore release date: 2014

Metal Archives says that this is from Seattle, but there is little information about it. On Bandcamp, where you can get the recording for free, it says the following: "Recorded in an underground base somewhere in the Northwest by Phantom Practitioner in 2014. No drum machines. released June 22, 2014. Phantom Practitioner - All Instruments." The recording is: 1.Deflated Pericardium 2.Terminal Necropsy 3.A Night Out (Of This World) 4.Stillborn (Not on Earth) 5.Implant The music is brutal death metal with some space/alien sounds, but not too much. It's still very much raw death metal, with super low growling, and fast tempos. www.crypticexcision.bandcamp.com Contact: Curbsurgeon@gmail.com


Nefast (Holland) Discomfort release date: September 6th, 2015

The band states that they are interested in "the absurd" and some call the music "psychedelic black metal," for those that would like a different take on black metal. The music is still not very far removed from black metal, but they are beginning to show the distancing. If anything, you could say that prog is an important part of the sound and you can hear it in the drumming, which is not so linear, and a bit of the experimental sounds, like a moment here, a segment there of some sideways energies. We’ll have to wait and see where things go from here. 1.Discomfort II 06:38 2.Discomfort I 04:06 3.Saturnine, Consolation 12:41 4.Absolved 13:00 total time 36:25 www.nefast.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/projectnefast

League of Frost (Croatia) Ancient Burial Ground release date: April 11th, 2015

The band explains who they are as: "League of Frost is a Croatian black metal band formed by Pokojnik, Sablast and Drinogor in 2015 after their band Proklet split up." The band is upfront about their intentions: black metal, and that's it. It's black metal for supporters of black metal. This recording is definitely a good start for them. 1.Intro 01:05 2.Temple of Baphomet 04:48 3.Hail Belial, My Lord 02:43 4.Sacrifice the Innocent 05:01 5.Ancient Burial Ground 04:55 total time 18:32 www.leagueoffrost.bandcamp.com/releases www.facebook.com/leagueoffrostofficial/

Crusted Trust (Russia) Holy Guidance release date: November 7th, 2015 They formed this band because the thing that they want is a huge mosh pit where thrashers can gather and make some noise. Mission accomplished. The band is not trying to fool 9

anyone here. They play thrash and they like lots of guitars, and that's what they do.

1.Chemical Weapon 02:19 2.Final Warning 03:59 3.Шаг 03:04 4.The God That F... Dead03:10 5.Holy Guidance 04:13 6Логике смерть 04:16 7.Say Hi to Shah 00:49 8.Chemical Weapon (Fat Vocals 02:19 9.Стул (Hidden Ponus Track) 00:04 total time 24:13



THE END This zine is available at: www.issuu.com/metalbulletinzine

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Flight Masacre Teloch Vovin Caelestia Ghost Machinery Sarcófago Pestilence FREE metal music: Cryptic Excision (WA state), Nefast, League...

Metal Bulletin Zine 64  

Flight Masacre Teloch Vovin Caelestia Ghost Machinery Sarcófago Pestilence FREE metal music: Cryptic Excision (WA state), Nefast, League...