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February 12, 2018 (no.7 in February)

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All album reviews, news, updates below are by MMB, unless stated otherwise. ** VOJD - "The Outer Ocean" Label: High Roller Records Release date: 23.02.2018 Distribution: Soulfood The boys are back in town, but I’m not sure that it was a good idea to change the name of the band from Black Trip to this new one, especially since the old name had begun to establish the band with two albums. Whether the name change took place due to legal reasons or not, this album definitely continues the general trajectory of Black Trip and the music is still a celebration of classic heavy rock. This music continues the desire to have certain things that modern traditional and extreme metal often have proven incapable of doing. For example, the chaotic nature that so much metal goes for, creates an overwhelming quantity of noise, and it’s not always easy to hear the instruments because such music turns into an exercise in the destruction of the listener’s hearing. Here the objective is both to rock out and still have a sound that allows room for the instruments to breathe. The listener can hear just about everything very well, too. The musical spectrum goes from the rocking songs all the way to the electric blues, demonstrating that they are dedicated to doing classic early heavy metal right the whole way through, not just a particular tempo. On the other hand, the band does a good job of keeping the rocking at front and center. You can tell that 2

More importantly, they have the songs and they are memorable. Even though Black Trip as a name seems to be over, the new album, essentially the third album, shows that they are not about to stop. Only the name has changed, the song remains the same. Well, actually, no, this album is better, in my opinion, than the previous two. The audiences that are friendly to the sounds of classic early heavy metal will find a great abundance of things to enjoy. If you are new to the band, then this is a strong introduction to this tradition and this band wants to celebrate with you the heritage of heavy metal as it was first practiced in the early days when it began to coagulate. This band is dedicated to the music they love, wherever it stands, their dedication. Welcome back, boys. ** Rotting Sky The Sedation February 9 2018 (re-release) Sentient Ruin Laboratories Black metal can often be harsh on the ears enough as it is, but this entity decided to raise the level of abrasive several notches higher so that the music reaches near the breaking point between something that sounds like songs and something that is close to noise. It does not sound good or even “good” and that is most likely on purpose, to make it be so bad to be enough to be good. If you listen to music on an old cassette tape (or maybe

when it is a copy of a copy of a copy) that is worn out there are hissing sounds and noises that go along with the music. Then, if you turn it up, you will hear the music better, but the hissing will get louder, too. Rotting Sky is like that. This sounds really terrible, so horrendous that it is a lot of fun. I think that one way that the artist meant for this to be heard is very, very loud at earsplitting volume so that you can hear the music under the noise, a traffic jam of industrial drone noise crashing into a huge 18-wheeler of black metal on fire barreling down the highway. I can’t believe how good this actually sounds. I think there are some reasons that explain why this is good. First of all, the pace of the music is uptempo and driving. The songs do not go crazy trying to have 137.3 tempos in it. It does sound good for headbanging and it sounds like rocking going on, just wrapped in a big barbwire blanket of painful distortion. Second, the intention of having songs is not lost. You would think that this would sound like a potpourri of indiscriminate garbage cans banging into each other, but it doesn’t; ok, well, it does, but there are songs going on here. For instance, the track “White Angels” breaks out a guitar solo right smack in the middle of the ugliness and chaos. I should say: I believe that it is a guitar. Maybe. You never know with these kids and their fancy computer software. There is no doubt that this is as ugly as metal music gets, without descending into totally disorganized screaming and pounding instruments blindly in garage or bedroom studio. You probably know better than I do what genre this is. I don’t, and I don’t care. Anyway, if you want to lose some of your hearing, listen to this. This recording will be the best worst thing that you hear in a long while. ***** interview: Empiresfall Empiresfall is a veteran thrash metal band from Germany that has been around for about a decade. They are probably new to American thrash fans, but the band hits all the buttons at the right time for their style of rough-and-ready real thrash. This year 2018 they have a new album called A Piece to the Blind. The album was released the 2nd of February. Find out more about the band in this interview with founding member Franky (guitar and vocals).

Hello! Is it correct that Empiresfall began in 2008? Please tell us who the members are. Hey ho dude. My name is Franky from the German metal band Empiresfall. Yes, its almost true that the band Empiresfall started in 2008. The first show was in 2009. That stage appearance, to me, was the birth of Empiresfall. The line-up of Empiresfall is: Franky-vocals/guitars Mad - guitars Dennis - bass guitar Nico-drums I am the one who started the band, and I am the only one left :) How is life in the city of Hamburg for the thrash metal of Empiresfall? Did a particular

Hamburg concert inspire the formation of the band? Well, I think Hamburg is a really good place to be if you like music in general. It doesn’t really matter if you’re in rap, pop music or metal. It’s a city with music all around. Many pubs, many clubs and a few really good places where you can play shows. Hamburg is not really far away from Wacken. So I think it’s a nice city for every metalhead. Of course, I’ve seen many shows from many different metal bands before I had the idea to start a metal band. But actually it was not a show I’ve seen live that brought me to the idea. I have seen the Metallica show 89, live in Seattle;) on tape. That blow me away. The riffing of James was so fast at that time. And his voice was brilliant. He was definitely drunk at that show. But to me, seeing this show was like, “Ah ok. I can do this, too. I start a band :D

blind people. That could be a version of an interpretation for A Piece To The Blind. It was definitely one of the idea or the motivation for our new stuff. So, in your opinion, what is the situation in Germany for the working classes and how do you all in the band see it? The situation in Germany has definitely changed. I’m not really sure how the U.S. or the rest of the world is seeing the situation in Germany. But I can tell that the German government is actually more a comedy show or a bad roadmovie. Sometimes. Everyone has to pay more and more taxes and fees. It’s like, obey, pay taxes, like to be controlled and pay more taxes and fees for everything. It sucks. It’s time for a huge change.

Given that Empiresfall is a thrash band, do you have any old and new favorites? Oh man, there are so many bands I like. Old thrash bands, for example: Onslaught, Exumer, Kreator, Sodom, Venom. New thrash bands I like, for example: Comaniac, Havok, Crisix or Chronosphere. There are just to many bands out there. Why is the name of your new recording A Piece to the Blind? Well, A Piece to the Blind is like a piece of advice. There are so many things in the world right now going totally wrong. And it’s really sad that not enough people have the guts to stand up and fight for their right to be free, to be an individual. It seems like more than 80% of humanity are satisfied by being generated and under control. Maybe it’s because it’s way more easier to follow. Maybe. To us those people are the blind. So the record is a kind of a wake up call for those

Being a thrash band, how do you balance using technology and keeping the music real? Did everyone from the band record in the same studio? That’ s a good question man :D. Well, as I started the band, I had the idea of a band with a pure sound. So that means no effects. Many guitar players like cry baby, wah wah, distortion pedals or even kemper shit. The only effect pedal you will find in Empiresfall, is on Mad’s guitar solo. And that’s it. Real drums, real bass, real guitars and amps and real

voice with just a little echo. I think it’s boring that almost every band wants to sound like someone else. I’ve seen live shows where guitar players had more than 25 effect pedals activated on stage. Guys, please play guitar and stop the tapdance on stage :D. We all recorded the whole record at Soundlodge Studio. We have been there about 2 weeks. It’s a very nice place to be for a band. And all instruments where recorded separately. And how many guitars did use you in the studio? Mad did just used one guitar for his rhythm parts. And so did I. All guitars solos have been recorded with the same guitar. That’s the truth :) The artwork is gruesome. Looks like mental and physical torture for the purposes of manipulation. What feelings did you want with the cover? Who did the artwork? Yeah, the cover artwork is really the bomb :D and yes, you got it totally right. There were a few things I had in mind as I thought about the artwork. The first one was the birth of our mascot. His name is Ricky Butler. He was on the first EP and later merged inside our band logo. I always wanted him to rise as a character. I thought about an laboratory where people are kept in stasis tubes to get “overwritten“ manipulated and Ricky as the only one who gets tortured cause he resist against. Well, the artist is pretty young but dude he could look into my mind. He drew exactly what was in my mind. I will 1000% try to get him to do the next one :D. His name is Noviar Rahmat.

Does Empiresfall have opportunities to play live? We always try to take every chance to play live. And we really hope that we will have the chance to tour Europe this year. Do you think that people will be able to hear the complete album? Our new record was already played several times on webradio shows in germany, the U.S. and Great Britain and some other countries. That’s all we know by now. Just a few weeks and everyone will have the opportunity to hear our stuff. So please hold on. :) Do you want to mention something that I have not asked about? Thanks for your time! Thank you very much for your nice questions. To all metal maniacs out there, please check us out and try to check every other band on this planet out. Support the underground. It’s important!!! Cheerz Franky //EMPIRESFALL\\ ** Sorcerer The Crowning of the Fire King Metal Blade Records While it is true that Sorcerer is doom, a broad category that nowadays is popular and very nebulous, the Swedes do doom in a way that is very appealing due to the emphasis on making real songs, on one hand, and the band’s thinking that doom is, above all, heavy metal. What a difference it makes to hear doom that focuses on songs. First, there is real guitar playing here. The guitar tone is about as perfect and as definitive as it gets in epic doom metal in the present day. Second, the guitar (and songs) are, of course, somber, but it is not just one slow riff for a long time. There are hooks and melodies, too. The pace also does often pick up. The band is way more

mature than wasting your time with some ridiculous game of trying to be the slowest or most so-called atmospheric band on the planet.

Third, expect guitar solos that are composed well. They have worked on the solos and it shows. Finally, the singing. With so many moving parts in the making of an album, in order to do a good execution of epic doom metal, to do it at the right mass, you need several elements. One of those is the singing, and Sorcerer has the singing that fits this style very appropriately. Part somber, part melodic. The verses sound good and the choruses dare you to resist. Do you dare to resist? If you are interested in finding doom that is proud to be heavy metal, proud to call classic epic doom metal its mission, that is about songs, melodies and real singing, then you have come to the right place with Sorcerer. ** Necrosexual Grim 1 Self-Released 23 February 2018 What do you think of a heavy metal band trying to be funny like a comedian? Is that funny to you? Would you like to hear a band try to be funny? I think it is important to know

that if you are, then perhaps you might be amused by this album, but then again, if you are kind of a grumpy pants, then this album will make you even angrier. The music is DIY, garage self-styled heavy metal with a thrash edge in the heavy guitars and some of the drumming. The vocals are also street, punk heavy metal, not really singing, and not growling, either. At times the music will kick it up to a higher gear and it will go a bit into headbanging metal mode. There are some pretty good licks in the songs, be it a solo or a hook here and there. You can tell that there is an attempt at humor and also heavy metal. I think the songs are ok, nothing very good, because the talent and the skills in the performance and the songwriting just isn't there. The album falls short because the songs are simply not that good. I do not find that I want to go back to a certain song and hear it again. I'm not sure about the jokes themselves and the humor. I mean, it's some person shouting and screaming about whatever, it's not like you can understand the words that are the jokes. Maybe some people really do fall from their chairs laughing aloud at the jokes that they hear from some heavy metal bands. Maybe you will find it very funny. — metal programs in Washington (Pacific Times) Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday night 10pm-1am Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 10pm3am KISW 99.9fm — This zine is also available at:

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