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#102 Washington state, U.S.

August 22, 2016 (no.3 in August)

Vanhelgd (Sweden)

Anna Pest (Canada)

Savior from Anger

Tetrarch (U.S.)

Neuro Attack(Brazil)

upcoming shows and general concert calendar for Seattle/Washington state in Everett on August 29th, 2016 Power from Hell (Brazil) + Sarcalogos (Oregon) + Sacrament ov Impurity (WA state)

other notable bands/shows coming up this week: Power from Hell (in Burien, WA), Belphegor, Origin, Shining, Abigail Williams, Ashen Pyre Crurifragium, Vomicus, Hereticon, Funeral Age, Progenitor issues of this zine are avalable online at:

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values of songwriting. Basically, this is how a band can expand and grow and be greater and sound better than ever before.


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Vanhelgd (Sweden) Temple of Phobos Dark Descent Records Release: 22 July 2016 Vanhelgd’s fourth album is a very good one and it is the highlight of the band’s discography so far. People who have heard the band’s music before this new album noticed that these Swedes’ traditional extreme metal has taken elements of death metal and black metal and they have been laboring at it, refining it and sharpening it up. The production, vocals and heaviness of death metal filled up with an abundance of black metal guitar work, has been one way of explaining the band by some reviewers who have heard the preceding albums. One thing seemed clear: this was a promising band and it was a good idea to keep an eye on them. Was something great on the horizon? Well, something has happened. The band remains as committed as ever to their metal of death, but that’s not the most important thing. You could say that the band has now reached a better level of confidence, coming into their own, now you can hear them take their music in various directions, yet it is very compatible with the previous, traditional

It is the feeling that the band’s skills in instrumentation and songwriting are really catching up to their own creativity and imagination and we are now hearing the music that they were hearing in their heads. They can play fast or slow, and it doesn’t matter, it sounds very good, regardless if it seems like death, black or doom. For instance, they have a pronounced doom element on this album, but they make sure to add melancholy and melody. When the music is going slow, it has melody and makes doom sound good, not just slow. No one will call Vanhelgd a doom band, but listen to this album, there is plenty of doom here, but it’s memorable and done well. Overall, this band plays fast occult extreme metal and it is their mission. The Nödtveidtstyle riffing, speed and spirit is not something that the band shies away from, nor they do reject the best elements of classic death metal from Sweden. What’s different now is the quality of the songs: the various ways that the components have been configured. Perhaps it is the sense of confidence and the sense of freedom that explains it best. They know what they are doing and are gaining the confidence to do many things within the framework and tradition of Vanhelgd and the

results are revealing. For example, the melodies are very pronounced, but they are not clichéd, expected, easy tricks. The bringing together of melancholy and melody works well for the band, and there are even a few surprises that show that maybe the band has reached the conclusion that they can do many different things, and that if things are done right, it can work for them. This is not to say that everything is perfect. The last song is divided into two parts by two minutes of silence and it’s a questionable decision: the first part is a formidable end to the album and it has the feel of a strong doom and melancholy end, with some melodic, operatic, choir-like guest vocals. The album should have ended there. Instead, there are two minutes of silence and then the band launches into fast black metal. The problem is that it seems like an apology, like they are apologizing for having added melancholy and melody to their sound, as if to show that they can still play black metal, but there is no need to apologize to anyone. The two minutes of silence are unnecessary and this last fast song should have gone as the next-to-last track, opening the way for ending the album in an atmospheric doom manner. The band has balanced out the new elements very well on the album and they do not have to prove anything to anyone. Case in point, even in the old days, bands like Celtic Frost (To Mega Therion), Bathory (Blood Fire Death) and Master’s Hammer (The Jilemnice Occultist) showed that there is a lot of room for creativity in extreme metal. What matters is the way that it is done and the intentions with which it is carried out. The real limits are things like our imagination, skills, and resources, and lack thereof. Still, this matter of the track order does not cancel or take away from the fact that on this 3

album the band’s previous works have come to fruition in a serious way. This complete work is available for listening at the link below. It is a worthwhile investment of time to give a listen to the full album and to get to know it. Below is some additional information about the band. * OFFICIAL: The Swedish masters of aversion and forlorn VANHELGD return with an even darker aspect of Death Metal surpassing what is deemed traditional and into the realms of blackened Doom Metal with Temple Of Phobos. While still firmly locked into that unmistakable VANHELGD sound, it is clear that on Temple Of Phobos they have steered into a much more despondent territory; very reminiscent of the early ‘90s Doom. VANHELGD have managed to capture the essence and vibe with such perfection on Temple Of Phobos that perhaps this will go down in VANHELGD's history as one their heaviest, gloomiest and blackest record ever. Recorded and mixed at Studio Underjord with Joona Hassinen (Year Of The Goat, Saturnalia Temple, Ocean Chief, etc), mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Repugnant, Desultory, etc) and once again gracing the ominous artwork by VANHELGD frontman Mattias 'Flesh' Frisk (Ghost, Entrapment, Vampire, etc). 1. Lamentation Of The Mortals 2. Rebellion Of The Iniquitous 3. Den Klentrogenes Klagan 4. Temple Of Phobos 5. Gravens Lovsång 6. Rejoice In Apathy 7. Allt Hopp Är Förbi BIOGRAPHY: In the end of the year 2007 Vanhelgd was formed by Björn Andersson

(drums), Jimmy Johansson(guitars, backup vocals) and Mattias Frisk (guitars/ vocals). The intention was to play dark, blood soaked death metal in the vein of the old masters. Songs were taking form and the need for a bass player became more and more urgent. In the beginning of 2008 the old friend Viktor Gustafsson stepped in to handle the base guitar. A very ruff demo was recorded during a rehearsal and some of the songs where published on the internet. Soon the interest for the band grew and Vanhelgd recorded eight songs in Backbone studios in Mjölby and the first full length album Cult of Lazarus was released by Crematorium Records in November 2008. The band got in contact with the US based Nuclear War Now! Records who decided to release Cult of Lazarus as a 12” LP in 2009. In the summer of 2009 Vanhelgd recorded a couple of new songs as a demo. One of the tracks from that session, “Nec Spe, Nec Metu” was featured on the Invocation of Death compilation, released in June 2010 by Death invocation records. Vanhelgd started to work with the recording for their second fulllength album Church of Death in April 2010. Due to various problems they didn’t finish until September the same year. Two of the songs were taken out to be featured on the EP Praise the Serpent which was released on the Nuclear War Now! Fest Part 2 in Berlin where the band also performed. In 2013 Jonas Albrektson replaced Viktor on bass and signed with Pulverised Records. bum/temple-of-phobos **

NEWS: Savior from Anger Temple of Judgment Release date: April 29th, 2016 Label: Pure Steel Records 4

This is a proud band. They tell you straight out that they play "U.S. metal" like the 1980s. They love the hard-driving, riff-charged, strongvocals and memorable-song style of bands from the U.S. like Metal Church, Riot, Armored Saint and all those groups too numerous to mention. Of course, the band's name comes from the U.S. band Vicious Rumors' fourth album from 1991, the near-perfect heavy metal cult classic called Welcome to the Ball, a work that is critically acclaimed. So, what do you get with the band Savior from Anger? Well, actually, they really have to deliver, don't they? Otherwise, what's the point of mentioning the classic bands? If you tell people that you are going to do something, then you better do it. You better do it! Well, well, the verdict is in: Savior from Anger has come through and passed the test with flying colors. Songs to remember, the classicstyle riffs, the solos and the singing, it all has passed the strict examination and the hammer of critical judgment. They want to bring back the style of “U.S. metal” from the 1980s to 2016. Who are you to stand in their way?! Say the magic words 80s Armored Saint and Vicious Rumors and this band will be there to rock you. If you hate traditional heavy metal, then you will hate this band. Below is a bunch of official information for your reading pleasure. OFFICIAL: Take care people of great Power Metal!!! Now there is "Temple of Judgment", the fourth album from Italians Metal heroes SAVIOR FROM ANGER. It was quite for a longer time around the band, but after different Lineup changes they went to studio again playing finest US-Metal style songs. Mark Ryal, the leader of SFA could get Bob Mitchel, (exWycked Synn, Mind Assassin, ex-Alchemy X,

ex-Attacker, ex-Sleepy Hollow, ex-Sceptor, exVyndykator). In addition Frank Fiordellisi on bass and Michael Kusch on drums. Together they made an outstanding Metal album! Even Craig Wells (Ex-METAL CHURCH) wrote songs for "Temple of Judgement", so you can expect highest class Metal from Italy sounding like true US Metal! Great things are coming from Italy, SAVIOR FROM ANGER with TEMPLE OF JUDGMENT, e basta!

In September 2012, the band signed a new deal for Italian record label MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS. The "AGE OF DECADENCE” album was released on January 31st of 2013. […] SAVIOR FROM ANGER is: Mark Ryal- Guitar, Bob Mitchell- Vocals, Frank Fiordellisi- Bass Guitar, Michael Kusch- Drums SAVIOR FROM ANGER - IN THE SHADOWS **


OFFICIAL: If you loved the U.S. metal of the eighties of band like Riot, Vicious Rumors, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Crimson Glory and more ... you add our page at your profile!!! Keep on rockin. SAVIOR FROM ANGER was founded by guitarist Mark Ryal. The bands influences come from the stylistics of US Heavy Metal. Soon after its initial formation, the band independently released their debut EP "NO WAY OUT" in 2006 through MRM PRODUCTION. […] In 2008, the band signed with Germany's ROCK IT UP RECORDS and released their first full-length album “ LOST IN THE DARKNESS” in early 2009. Soon after the release, SFA were direct tour support for US Metal act VICIOUS RUMORS which culminated at the POUNDING WIMP REAPER Metal fest which also featured Sacred Steel, Skyclad and more. […] 5

Tetrarch is a U.S. metalcore/modern metal band originally from Atlanta, Georgia and at the present time they are based out of Los Angeles, California. The band says that in 2016 they will have their debut album out. So far, they have demos and EPs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013, according to Metal Archives. The origins of the band go back to when they were in high school. At first they started jamming and they were into bands like Metallica and Korn. So far, the sound of the band has been in a state of flux. When the album is released we'll see where they are heading with their music. So far, they have began moving away from the narrow metalcore sound and have pointed towards a more guitar-centered sound, with traditional metal/melodic thrash riffs and soloing and the vocals have moved a bit more towards a more traditional singing style, although the metalcore origins are still audible, with the scream/shouts, some gangshout vocals, and the potty-mouth words thrown in for image-conscious “toughness.” All in all, it's still a bit unclear what will happen, but we can say that while a song like "Leave Me Alone" features the more typical

metalcore guitars, scream/sing vocals and the angry adolescent potty-mouth lyrics, the guitar work and singing on "We Are the Hunters" gives a peak of power metal/thrash riffing and drumming, showing that this band, if they decided so, could move in a more serious direction of the broader, international metal music, not just the Avenge Sevenfold/Tremonti/Disturbed/Creed/Slipknot crowds that some people call "mallcore" or "Hot Topic metal,� music exclusively aimed for the adolescent and mainstream U.S radio rock demographics.

Ryan Lerner on bass and Ruben Limas on drums. Tetrarch-We Are The Hunters Tetrarch - "Relentless" Guitar Playthrough **

Anna Pest Forlorn release date: August 4th, 2016 label: independent

Anna Pest is the name of the extreme metal project by April Hutchins, the guitarist and the main songwriter for the melodic extreme metal band Mellevon(Canada), which has two albums: Chaos Reigns (2013) and Solace (2014). Both albums are available for listening at the band's Bandcamp page, for which the link is provided below.

The members of the band themselves recognize and have commented in various places that they have grown as musicians. The general, the skill level has improved in terms of songwriting. One issue that is a bit of a problem for evaluation is that, apparently, their most recent recording is from 2013. Hopefully, the Korn/Slipknot/Disturbed influences are left behind for good, and the thrash, traditional heavy metal and extreme metal can win the battle for the soul of Tetrarch. Below are a couple of songs. Also, the band’s Facebook page has more than a few songs that you can hear for yourself. The band is Diamond Rowe on lead guitar and backing vocals, Josh Fore on vocals and rhythm guitar, 6

Of course, in addition to Mellevon, April has Anna Pest, which is music most closely aligned with modern, melodic, blasting black metal. April apparently takes care of the instrumentation and vocals, in addition to other things like cover art, recording, producer, mastering, editing, artwork model and editing. In 2016 there are two Anna Pest recordings: the EP called Transmission and the album called Forlorn, for which the track list is given below. April, as already stated, plays guitars and on Anna Pest she does vocals, too. We assume she plays bass, and that she does the drum programming, given that it sounds like drum programming, not like live drums. On the topic of Anna Pest, April has stated: "Drawing influence from the works of artists such as Silencer, Bethlehem, Dark Fortress, and Agalloch, Forlorn is an eclectic release

which explores various branches of black metal, from the atmospheric to the vicious, the melodic to the depressive. Those familiar with the 'pop-metal' style exhibited by my earlier work on Transmission and my repertoire of covers on YouTube will probably be taken aback by this comparably dark release, but an open-minded listener will, I believe, find it to contain some of my best compositions."

On Forlorn the sound brings together black metal with some metalcore influences. The pace of the album is fast, often blasting, with a melodic postrock feel to it. The recording, to clarify, is not experimental and it is not metalcore nor postrock, it is meant to be an upfront, loud and proud fast metal recording and it sounds as such. Anna Pest is headbanging metal, pure and simple. track list for Forlorn: 1.Countenance 03:48 2.Asmodeus 04:06 3.Nyctophobic 06:02 4.Golgotha 04:05 5.Only 04:43 6.Samuelle 05:31 7.Euthanize 04:49 8.Forevermore 04:44 total time 37:48 7 **

Neuro Attack (Brazil) Thrash Returns Release date: May 2016 Label: independent

Don’t you appreciate a band telling it like it is? Don’t make promises you can’t keep! If you promise thrash, you best give it good, fast, lean. They promise thrash and that's what they deliver. The riffs just keep going, one on top of the next, as fast they can get them out, piling them, pushing them together, and with the foot on the gas pedal. They do not know the meaning of the word slow and they have no plans to look it up in the dictionary any time soon, either. The drummer plays as if he had a personal vendetta against his kit, like the kit has done something to him and he wants nothing than corporal punishment for his kit. This is the band's first recording, according to Metal Archives, so it is a raw recording and it's dirty, and the vocals are furious, in a style close to black metal. It’s a promising start for the band. Let’s hope that this is just the beginning and that things will only get better and better for them! track list: 1. The Real Government 05:14 2. Chaos 04:03 3. Psychopath 02:36

4. Thrash Returns 04:07 total time 16:00 **

concert calendar

Seattle/Washington concert calendar, updated August 21, 2016. If you have information about shows/updates/cancellations, please get in contact with Metal Bulletin Zine. This week/end of August August 22 Master, Sacrificial Slaughter, The Black Order, VX36, Xoth at Substation, Seattle, WA August 22 Belphegor, Origin, Shining, Abigail Williams, Ashen Pyre, guests at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA August 24 Sammy Hagar at The Tulip Amphitheatre, Tulalip, WA August 27 Power from Hell (Brazil), Crurifragium, Vomicus, Hereticon at Black Zia Cantina, Burien, WA August 27 Funeral Age, Progenitor, others at McCoy's Tavern, Olympia, WA August 28 The Devils Of Loudun, A Sense Of Gravity, A World Without, Children Of Seraph, Thieves of Eden, Vesuvian at El Corazon, Seattle, WA August 29 Power from Hell (Brazil), Sacrament ov Impurity, Sarcalogos at Tony V's Garage, Everett, WA September September 1 Lesbian, Nosretep, Xoth at Chop Suey, Seattle, WA September 1 Cobalt, Mantar, Into the Storm at Highline, Seattle, WA September 2 Dissidence, AthamĂŠ, Toecutter at Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle, WA September 3 Begrime Exemious, Drawn and Quartered, Oxygen Destroyer, Ashen Pyre at Highline, Seattle, WA 8

September 5 Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, Black Wizard at WAMU Theater, Seattle, WA September 6 Phobia, Nomads, Wilt, Colombian Necktie at Obsidian, Olympia, WA September 7 Phobia, Rutah, others at The Big Dipper, Spokane, WA September 8 Wolves in the Throne Room, Dispirit at Obsidian, Olympia, WA September 8 Phobia, Nomads, Wilt, Colombian Necktie at Highline, Seattle, WA September 9 Mortuary Drape, Dispirit at Highline, Seattle, WA September 9 Ghostblood, others at The Kraken, Seattle, WA September 11 Body Void (SF), Rhine, Morrow, tbd at Highline, Seattle, WA September 13 Black Nights Rising at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA September 13 Inanimate Existence at High Dive, Seattle, WA September 14 Savage Master, Substratum at Funhouse, Seattle, WA September 15 Hellgoat, Vimur, Vomicus at Substation, Seattle, WA September 16 Hellgoat, Vimur, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Ashen Pyre at Tony V's Garage, Everett, WA September 16 Marduk, Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Necronomicon, Funeral Age, Inquinok at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA [This is only a partial calendar. To see the full calendar see: see:

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