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Metal Bulletln lnteruiews & Reviews May 15th, 2007

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Misery Indâ‚ŹX, CreativeWaste, OblomoV,Crown the Lost ReptilianDeath reviews:BelovedEnemy,Blut Aus N o r d ,F e a s tE t e r n al , G o a t h e m y , H a t e r u s hI,f i t p i o u s ,K e k a l ,M a s t e r , Masterplafl, Suspyre *****************

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Lemmy's motto"wearetheroadcrew"is soappropriate for Misery Index.In addition, grindband. thisis onespecial Basically, thingsdon'tget muchbetterthanthis,Mark (guitars/vocals) answers somequestions aboutideology perspective. andmusical Howmuchhaveyoutouredin support of "Discordia"? played We over200showslastyearincluding a fullEurorun, directsupport for FearFactory, as a USiCanadian runwith Disfear andPhobia, a fullUSrunwithCattleDecapitation, Job fora Cowboy, Animosity, andFroma Second StoryWindow, a fullCanadian runwithNeuraxis, a fullUS runwithFuckthe Facts, a fullEurorunwithNecrophagist andOriginthisyear, andwegetting ready to doa western EurorunwithColdworker andDewscented followed by aheadlining eastern Eurorun, including Russia andlceland. Whewl "Unmarked Graves" showshowgovernments usesoldiers your to carryout massacres. you Do listeners tell thatyou madethemthinkaboutthingslikethe U.S.-led imperialist waragainst lraq? Of course! Justlookat ourmessage is a priority for us to be awareof theworldaroundus,andeverything that goeson in it.Thelyricsaremerecommentary, witha hopeful interest in inspiring change, least or at Thereare awareness. waytoo manyfolksouttheresleepwalking life. We through hopeto havesomepartinchanging that.Waris onlyonepart problem: greed of a2larger andcomplacency.

thewar? against in thingslikeprotests Doyouparticipate I can protests I participated war. think against in a few I have we reallyneedto saythesamefortheotherguys.However, aboutthe aboutnewway of communicating startthinking about witha signbitching a building issue. Standing outside in thatsmallarea, a tinybitof awareness somecauseraises likea charade thesedays.In DC,I little.Protests butchanges to a police at theWhiteHousetalking wasat a warprotest and officerwho saida few of the groupscametogether to enhance departmeni withthepolice fakearrests organized hurting one'srecord.Theseactsare as the scenewithout about.LikeI saidbefore, disgusting as whatis beingbitched Collegekids,if you're we needa new way. Attention protesting. youaren't protesting in"speaker's circle"

Youplayfast,butyouchangeup the rhythma lot, youhavepushed thelimitsof speedandit's thisbecause of the necessary to carryout a strategicrestructuring previousmusicalpatternsin orderto find additional outletsfor songs? of our really are extensions Our instruments doesn't seemthatfastto us. Wejustwritewhatwe liketo Wedo trydifferent theprocess, hear,andtrynotto overthink some release, Adamjustrecorded methods. Foranupcoming the andI wroteriffsaround drumson the fly in the studio, in an them fly, recorded and i wrote lyrics on the drums. Then Forthelast7in.Adam donethisbefore. hour.Wehadnever themusicin 6 hours(intruegrind andI wroteandrecorded aswell. form). Phobia doesthattypeofthingwhenrecording

"Outsourcing Jehovah,"to ffiâ‚Ź, is about imperialist needsto Doyouthinkthatcapitalism relations. economic with a differenteconomicsystem?Do you be replaced it without a revolution?! thinkit'spossible to change withouta mass possibly anymasssystem Youcannot change of andareafraid revolution. People backthesetypesofthings, would not only economic system anentire insecurity. Changing quitevulnerable and become takea verylongtime,butpeople to the in theprocess. Thinkaboutthemereswitch defensive whatwould that,or,forinstance, around Euroandthedebates to theworth andwhathappens bethenewmodeof currency, people wants another Who havesavedup. oftheoldcurrency Republic, problem in the Weimar similar to whathappened worthless. Onlythenwasthere money wherepeople's became they a thingunless willnotchange Therefore, humans change. just more makesthings starving, or it are absolutely convenient.

Thankyouforyourtime.Keepupthegoodwork. Mark.THEEND Cheers,

DoesMiseryIndextacklethe questionof policebrutality cops rights?In NewYork,for example, or immigrant routinely killBlackpeople andgetawaywithit. reference issue against ourethos,butwe arenot Wewill any are to song.Lyrics an editorial. I wouldnotputan editorial poetry whichweputto song. aboutobservations of yourworld, or to immigration entirely I don't thinkthereisa songdedicated policebrutality. Noneof the songsare likethat.However, to create ideassuch as those are indeedreferenced a song I wouldnotruleouttheideaof dedicating awareness. butit isanART,sotherearenorules. entirely totheseissues, 2



2e Aprir

"Colonies" Essam is the name of the recording, (guitar)answered aboutlife, somequestions mohammed loveandtheadventures of a grindbandin SaudiArabia. the musicworldwiththeir Mainly, theyhopeto conquer sexiness. www. mosh Howdid youall meetanddecideto forma band?Where live? you do wehad Waste although offorming Creative Well,thethought backto 1998whenwewerea another nameatthetime-dates inVirginia, USA.Weneverhada teenagers trioof uninformed that purpose Wejustdecided forstarting a metalband. specific wewouldstarttheproject basedsolelyontheideathatbeing "cool". in Thankfully, thatallchanged in a bandis considered in SaudiArabiaandfinallybegan 2002,whenwe reunited

playing music witheachother, realizing thatwecouldactually go somewhere with this project, We live on the eastern province of SaudiArabia. lt'sthepartof thecountry wherethe oil industry in Saudi Arabia began to boom. Will you release something new in 2007? Definitely! KeepyoureyesopenforournewsplitwithCroatiabasedcyber-grind outfitCOLDMEATslatedfor release sometime mid-2007. Ourstylehascomea longwayandyou willdefinitely from be surprised improvement by thedramatic "Colonies". "WarMachine" We've written and 5 tracks including "Screamer", thetwopremier tracksfromoursideof thesplit. Be sure to check it out whenever it's out. What do metal peoplein your countrythink about Howoftendo youdo showsin SaudiArabia? "Colonies"? "Colonies" wasdefinitely well-received by metalfansin our grindcore popular country, eventhough here. is notconsidered Everyone around herelistens DeathMetalmostly, to Melodic almostcompletely ignoring metal. theothersidesof extreme We playshowseveryfew monthsdueto the factthatit's considered illegal. Wealways haveto planit rightandmake sureit takesplacein a privatecompound where,literally, goes. almost anything





Doyouhavesongsaboutpolitics, lraq likethewaragainst and Afganistan? As a matterof fact,we do. In the upcoming split,we're planewherewe discuss transitioning issues intoa political regarding war crimesand's simplyour opinion of policy gonehorribly foreign wrong. hasbeen However, nothing written specifically regardinglraq and/or Afghanistan. for youfortheinterest. Thank Thank



time. THEEND


"Mighty Dances" Cosmic is thenameof thealbum bythis "cosmic plays Czechbandthat creative metal," thehottest metalcurrently takingover the pagesof this zine.

Yourlyricsarein English. in Arabic? Haveyou recorded Allourrecordings havebeenandwillalways beintheEnglish language. We'respeaking outto thewhole world, andnotjust portion a it. of (Justan observation. Whyis Engishautomatically a more "universal" language? Everyone in theworlddoesNOf speak English, foftunately! MetalinArabicwouldrock!-mauricio) yourown? Haveyouplayedin countries besides yes.We'veplayedin our neighboring Technically, country, Bahrain, backin 2004whenwe adopted our wasn'ta verygoodexperience were as mostof theattendees pricks. getting bashful, racist Notto mention shitfromcover bandswhostillbelieve Nu Metalis alive.Besides that,we hopeto playin theUAEverysoon.We'rejustwaiting forour goodfriends fromDubaito giveustheopportunity, andwe're there.Anybody elseinterested in booking us,we'rejustan email away. Whatdo youthinkis an important thingaboutyourband people that should know about? youngand We'rereallysexybeasts. Also,we'restillrelatively havea longwayahead of usuntilweachieve ourfullpotential. Whatyou'rehearing nowmayonlybe a smallpercentage of whatwecanactually accomplish. Thatbeing said,youshould always expectsomething newanddifferent froma newCW record. Justdon'texpect usto cutbackonthegrind,because godknows goingto happen. that'snever Butmoreimportantly,

Whatare your plansfor 2007?Will you play showsin support Dances"? of "Mighty Cosmic plansplansfor thisyear,because We haveno special the bandis not together likea rightnow.We havesomething break.l'm nowabroad in GranCanaria for sometimeand (bass) Martin is in England. Wewouldliketo meettogeher at for theendof spring. Thenwewillstartto compose a material planforthisyear,We newalbum. we havea special Actually wantto record inautumn/winter 2007 .'.-) ournewalbum I thinkyouarea goodbandandarecreative. I liketheuse of thesaxophone. ls it hardto usethesaxophone in allthe songs? Whydidyounotuseit in allthesongs? ldon'tthinkthatis a goodideato usethosespecial elements in everysong,Thenit wouldn't But llike the be special,

saxophone too andI hopewe willuseit againon our next hardto use At leastinonesong. lt wasn't album. Wewillsee... thatinstrument, causeour Martincanplaya lot of different instruments including thesaxophone. So wejusttriedto find Wewillsee rightplacefor it andI thinkwe weresuccessful. whatwillwethinkupnexttime.

Or Doyouagree? Yourmusichasa blackmetalinfluence. doyoupreferto stayawayfromcategories? Butyouarerightthatthereare I don'tcareaboutcategories. Of course thereare.I listena lot of blackmetalinfluences. any I canlistenalmost blackmetal, butnotonlyblackmetal. music aswell. kindof metal music anda non-metal

the Whenyou did you startthe band?Canyou describe do musicof theprevious albums? Whatotherinstruments youuse? We haveonlyoneofficial The.Renaissance", EP ,,Wishing Prod. Noise which wasreleased ona smallCZlabelRadiation in 2005. records Ourdebutalbumwasreleased Deepsend on thesetwo So it is hightimereleased new.Before something records we hadrecorded in 2001justonedemocalled,,The - thatis theyearwhenwestarted FinalDestination" theband. pointof viewis thatrecorda littlebit Butfromnowadays irrelevant. Something likea mixture of blackanddeathmetal, just play we were learning but howto andthatis thereason, whyis thatdemonotverygood.We aregettingbetterwith The every new record,as everyonedoes. ,,Wishing Renaissance" demo,butthenwe suppossed to be another founda labelwhichwasinterested thatas an EP. in release So we agreed. Thosethreesongaren'tbadandwe used onthat instruments likedidgeridoo or bongos someinteresting general EP.Butthe sound should havebeenbetter.

Arebandmembers in otherbands, too? Yes, they currelntly are. I have secondband called (, somekindof PANYCHIDA whichplays paganmetal.We callit ,,paganized We areaboutto metal". Nowwe arediscusing release ourdebutalbum,,Paganized". The labels. withsomeEuropean conditions of the release plays his in again ThenPavel record should beouttillsummer. play ( They somekind original bandSACRIST blackmetal. ofatmosoheric

react Howdoesthemetalaudience in theCzechRepublic to yourmusic?Haveyouplayed in othercountries? Wehaveneverplayed lt is a pity,butwhatcanI do?| abroad. don'thaveenough Wethought, thatit willbe contacts abroad. promises fromthe better withourcurrent albumdueto some to sideof ourUSlabelDeepsend record. Butthenwedecided takea breakandgoabroad. Somaybewithnextrecord. onthe Theaudience in CRwasquietgood.Wehaveplayed werevery festivals for thefirsttimeandthe reviews biggest playing possitive thesame aswell,InCRisnotsomanybands I hope s0... music aswedo,sowearestillsomething special. fromthe Withyourlyrics,do you saysomething different "Satan" tiredoldtopicsof "darkness, and"dragons"? - I like Yes,we do.Nothing metaltopics against the,,classic" There feelbadif I sungstillabout thesame. them,butI would is a lot of inspiration literature of the sci-fi comingout (ASIMOV, SILVERBERG) on our album.Thenthereare things, thatl'mthinking thatI learned aboutandsomethings, - lstudied in school Butldon'thaveany social anthropology. is just special messages forthepeople outthere.Everything myopinion, experience I don'tmakea hopes or inspiration. I thatpeople areinterested in lyricsverymuch,so everything writeisimpofiant mainly to me.


you to play Whatbandsfrom your countryinfluenced Occultist" metal?| enjoy"TheRitual"and"TheJilemnice you | think band? Master's Are fans of this by Hammer. theywerereallygood! is oneof the Czechworldwide Yes,MASTERS HAMMER meanforme known metalband.I liketheband, butit doesn't is czech. here.Thelyrics asformanypeople anything special intheworld. It'sinteresting, thisbandis soknown thatexactly Wehavea lotof English bands, buttheyarenotvery singing well known.Therewerenot manyCzechbands,which influenced me to play music.I grewup on thingslike WILDandthenI startedto listen HELLOWEEN andRUNNING moreextreme music. Asmanyotherpeople did... Themusicyouplaygoesbeyond the"rules"of metal.Do you feelthat a lot of metalis very narrow-minded, like traditionalheavy metal and power metal that keeps copying whatPriestandMaiden did? Thatis oneof thereasons whyI stopped to listennewpower metalbands, Everything is thesame.I stillliketheoldbands, butyouarerightthata lotof theheavymetalbandsarevery kinds narrow-minded. Butthereis stillenough veryinteresting MADDER of metalI likeexperimenting bands(SOLEFALD, MORTEM, ORDODRACONIS) or bandswithrootsin metal metalnow(likeANATHEMA, scene, whichare not playing AUDREY HORNE, KATATONIA ) thatI ls thereanything elsethatyouwouldliketo mention havenotaskedabout? youforyourinterest. has Thank lt'snicetosee,thatourmusic gotsofar awayfromourcountry.-) END THE



rs,n Lost Aprir

(vocals) ChrisRenaldi answered somequestions about the "thrash band:Crownthe Lostplays"different thrash" or witha twist"or "adultcontemporary Thisis not thrash". rehashing oldTestament'saboutfinding interesting waysto shred, withintelligence, too. Howarethingsgoingwith"Reverence DiesWithin"? Are youplaying showsin supportof it? | thatthinkthealbum is wellmadeandthatit showsthatyouputa lot workinto it, which is why impressive. it's Yes, since the releaseof "Reverence Dies Within"in September of '06,we havebeenplaying several showswith bothlocalandnational actsto helpboostsalesandwhatnot. We'vebeenfortunate enough to getsomeverygoodpressfor it andhopefully we cancapitalize uponthat,Thealbumhas accomplished whatwe wanted it to - it established ourname andallowed us to getintopeople's facesforthetimebeing. youforyourthoughts Thank onthealbum, I tooagree thatEric jobwiththeproduction. Klinger dida magnificent The album beginswith "Devoidof All Praise,"an instrumental withthrashychops,someblasting andsome goodguitarmelodies. ls not havingvocalson it makea statement ? (wasit hardto havewordsto that song?!) Welltheinstrumental wasarranged by wasn'tthatwe couldn't throwsomevocalsin; we had just decidedthat throwing aninstrumental atthebeginning ofthealbum showed that we weren'ttimidaboutpullingpunches and trying something different for our debutrelease. lt was doneon - thealbumhadto haveaninstrumental purpose because we didn'thavea suitable opener. Plus,I thinkit builds sometype ofsuspense about whatwe'redoing vocally. "Prelude to Fall,"thesecondsong,introduces thevocals. Can you tell us a bit what vocal style you wanted? Thevocalstyle,at leastto meis rather easyto get,Onmany riffsthatyouhearon the CD,youwouldprobably expecta screamer 0r someone withrougher vocals. That'swherewe threwthema curveballwithsomecleanoperatic vocals. We trynotto labelourselves genre- weleavethat asanyspecific 5

upto thelistener. I thinkwe'restilltryingto findthatbalance between aggressive riffsandcleanvocals. lt'shardmatchto make,but a lot of our newmaterial is moresuitedfor my vocals,but not that'snot to say the stuffon "Reverence" wasn't. Whenwedidthealbum, wewerestillgetting a feelfor eachother. ls "YourFaithls NotMine"a songaboutyourfrustrations with how peoplebecomeconvincedthat their way of seeingthingsis the onlywayto live?By thew?y,whois doing growled parts the on here? "YourFaithls NotMine"is about ln a sense, it that.However, "YourFaithls NotMine"is saying dealsmorewithreligion. prettymuchkeepyourreligion to yourself. lt'salwaysbeen you saidthatthetwothings that never bringuparepolitics and religion. Bothsubject areso touchywithpeople thatit'snot evenworththeearache, theargument, orthediscussion itself. Joe,our leadguitarist handled vocalsfor that the growled song.He usedto singfor an earlyincarnation of Crownthe Lost,Sinning ls OurSaviof whichis thebandJoe,Davidand Ryancamefrom. Howdifficultis it tryingto comeup with creativeriffing thatdoesnot recallotherbands?Howdo you changeit up, makeit fresh,injectsomeenergyintoyourplaying? Froma singer's standpoint, I don'treally thinkit'stoodifficult to writesomething original. However, nothing is really100% original because everything is influenced Not by something. justpickup an instrument manypeople andlearneverything on theirown without lettingany outside element influence them.So I guesswe try our bestto let lifeinfluence us the mostand try to writeeverything we can aboutsomething nobody elsehastouched. "Reverence DiesWithin"meanswhat?ls it goodor bad that reverence die?! It'sallhowyoulookat it.Thesongandthetitlerelateto how youhavea certain affinity or levelof respect forsomething and overtime,thatfeeling slowlyerodes. I guessfor mostof the dudesin the band"Reverence DiesWithin" is a goodthing. Thereweren't verymanyotheralbum titlesbeingtossed about - we settled on thistitleratherquickly, I totallythinkit'sthe perfect titlefor thisCD considering whatmanyof oursongs dealwithbothlyrically andmusically. You financedyourselves? Did you get tiredof the b.s. gamesof the musicindustryanddecided to takematters your into own hands? Yes,wefinanced allof "Reverence" ourselves. Notto saywe weretiredoftheb.s.butwefigured it wasreally theonlyoption we had.Thewholeprojectitselfwas rathercostlyand it's goingto takea whileto recoup onit,butit wasworthit - some putting bands failto seetheconnection between outa subpar product and makingheadway in theircareer. I meanwho releases a debut without album usinq theirowncash?Nolabel

their is goingto signa bandandproduce inthemusicindustry hand somestuffbythembefore hearing without debutalbum The albumwas producedby Eric Klinger.Bandstalk about producersand stuff: what exactlyis Klinger for? what does a produceractuallydo? responsible youcouldsay.He'sbeenin theblock, hasbeenaround Klinger newmusicwith bandandstilltoursandreleases a suicessful He about. talking he's what knows he so day, this to Pro-Pain mostly were we got sound the the albumand engineered him,I my vocals'with for. whenI was recording looking for good ear thathe had a very helpbut noticed couldn-'t Those andwasableto tellif I wasoffin a heartbeat. singing are what makeshim an excellent of types intangibles with and produce/engineer anyluck,we'llusehimforournext album. comments? other Any Please andsupport. interview Yei, thanksfor the excellent us check and www, site: our headoverto '07andpreparing in shows of lots out.we'regoingto bedoing so staytunedandkeepin touch!THE for ournextalbum, END



deathmetal These andsnakes? withlizzards obsessed getyou They'll tooblige. fromIndiaarehappy defenders sojumpin' inthemud,butyoulikethedirt,anyway, rolling inthe andDeicide Spears Britney theymention Besides, most the Death Reptilian makes which samesentence, Timberlake Justin bandtowhicha frenzied sertous ptiIiandeath www.myspace'com/re moshes violently com rrecords. demonsteale www. forthoseintotheunderground Yourmusicis definitely brutalstuff!| likeit! Doyouhaveanalbumcomingoutthis year?Anytouring? Weare ourmusic. lnanf you,we aregladthatyouenjoyed albumin Junethisyear ourfull-length goingto startrecording Wedo occasionally it by August. to complete inOwe expect we will look August after playshowshereand therebut Indiawewill in least At touring. to doingsomeserious iorward possible, it'sa bithardto getanyshowsabroad playwherever tofundit ourselves' anditstooexpensive he knowthatdemons Doesn't who is the Demonstealer? in Hellis verytight' Thesecurity arehardto steal?! Resurrection is thefrontmanof Demonic TheDemonstealer he(l enjoy hence drummer guitar, butheis a closet andplays 6

thathe'dliketo forma band decided talkingin 3'dperson) brutaldeathmetal thedrumsandof course wherehe played was the genreof choice.WhileI am awarethat stealing of yearsunder ii quieta taskI havea goodnumber demons' exPerience. mybeltintermsof What'sthedeal,yo?! withsnakes? Areyouobsessed lizards, alligators, itsallsortsof Reptiles: Itsnbtjustsnakes, coolabout Therejustsomething andevendinosaurs. snakes etc dieikill to ways innovative about sing rather we'd themand I etc. wound gunshot murder, kill, ratherthanthe standard snakes about talking ones thatwe aretheonly thinkI prefer pretty didthereptile Borgir butthenagainDimmu andreptiles, wedid. muchbefore located? Studios Whereis Demonic the lts basically Road,Mumbai. Tara Juhu 348,SeaPalace, a with studio cozy nice lt's a (i.emy)bedroom. Demonstealer J bedanda comPuter double "Ghoulsof War"? ls that talking about the U'S' theIndiangovernment?! government?! mindof andsicktwisted areallfromthedemented Tnetyrics in written was admission By his own Sugath. our vocalist lbelieve wrote' and he has no cluewhathe lOminutes waringeneral' it'sabout however withthewaragainstlraq? Areyoudisgusted yes,personilly thewar,letsfaceit behind I hatetheideology or osamain woMD',s weknowfora factnowthereis neither lsn't the theoiland money. beenabout hasandalways and thesemonsters create themselves it funnyhowAmerica them?InfactI wouldnotbesurprised finding thenhivetrouble thoseplaneblasts hadperpetrated Government if the Bush andtheworldis up situation fucked it's a Anyway themselves. justgoingtogetworse. ,'Bathed for you recommend in Blood"?ls this something days,to cooloff?Areyoureproducing thosehot,summer violence? portraYing by violence porn,okaynotreallybutitsnot vampire in Bloodis like Bathed yourself to cooloff on a hot so muchto do withgetting skillsthat writing day.Sinceit wasmy ingenious summer's tribethatdevoured cannibal penned thistaleof an ancient theybathed sacrifice ritual parl the of as then and humans notreally are We killed. they those of blood inthe themselves it's unless retarded really is Violence onviolence. commenting prefer We well. as that butthenagainit'sa fineliketo required ourmusic'l'll through tendencies violent ouranger, to defuse getviolent withmydrumkitbutthat'saboutit. moreguitarsolosin thefuture? will youincorporate

I am allfor guitarsolo'sin factI'ma HUGEfanof thenew recordandI lovethesolo'son thatas wellas bands Deicide Asfaras Reptilian thatusesolo's. likeArsisandNecrophagist you hearit,alsoonly will it then for goes,if thereis room Death job we'llputthemin playing solo's good of if wecandoa really there. Whydoyouthinkyouliketo talkaboutdeath? Britneyspearshad we like to talk aboutdeathbecause took andDeicide chicks takensex,Boybandstook already was reptiles to deathrelated satan,hencein termscf subject sortof leftout so we madethatours.I don'tthinkwe fear My andweallmustdiesomeday. weknowitsinevitable death, is whenyouaredeadyouarejustdeadand personal believe spiritand likea floating andthereis nothing youdecompose of ashes bunch a andbecome stuff.Youareeithercremated END. THE 1 withtheearth. andyoubecome oryourburied

REVIEWS (Twiliqht) EnemyMine Enemy: Beloved aboutgothrock.FacI2"Truestory:I put Fact1:I knownothing "Thisguy thiscd on andI heardthe vocalsandI thought, to see looked whenI actually Fact3. Later, likeElvis", sounds whothebandis,it read:"deadL-Vis- vox"' aboutgothrock,then! Want Well,I knowsomething in look, RobZombi-ish eurorock, supermodern to hearcreepy "dead" "Elvis"?? like withvocals com/belovedenemy666 myspace. www, BlutAusNord:MoRT(Candlelight) dark,cloudyandgrey stuff;heavy, industrial Slow,plodding, metal. NOTblack growled. Industrial. are Thevocals sounds. your stuff,if shake you wanna lf youwannarock,if to the you ya, came gave youwanna movewhatyourmomma people sit wrongplace.Overherein BlutAus Nordland, chanting off,slowly turned withthelights intheirrooms around evil really or Teletubbys power of....oooh...the the to channel com g htrecordsusa. leli potato cand salad.www.

(OpenGravelRebellionBros') Goathemy:Frostland the blackmetalwitha dualvocalapproach: speedy Blasting, (by vocals clean high, the and (by Goath) harsh expected that has music the time Dark). Part of the but with feel,fast,rough,forestish, scandinavian/Finnish it's when Therearemoments moments. Somesemi-melodic whichhas likeonthetitletrack, thatthereis potential, obvious middle the melody; and rawness real mood, going it, a for a lot good "opus some part. Funerale" brief hasa niceacoustic guitar riffs. vocallinesandsomecatchier too, Therestof thesongshavesomegoodpoints, is album At thesametime,the is realized. andsomepotential for to deliver atthatpointwherethebanddoesnotyetmanage cd of kind the it's Therefore, album. whole of the theduration great stuff, not but not bad, it's say: give to thatdoesn't much www,opengraverecords'com (Black Mark) in Fire Baptised Haterush: heavymetal.Let'sbeginwith songno' 6: fteaOnanging again' "Empire," the horseis off and running barnstormer, that speed just that for "soulsearcher" a touch, down slows be to is supposed this lyrics, playsat,oh wait,fromthe Saxon some that things rockeraboutloveand other a midpaced "Jester's Thisis nota ballad. experience. reportedly humans are Thelines,theriffs,thebeats, rocker. Fool"is an uptempo catchy. pretty darn is good: chorus the get you to alldesigned NOtreally "Outof ReflectiOn" Screamer. rOCk rOCk, iSa rOCk, for that along singing crowd fast,but madeto the concert "Frantic likea begins Soul" feeling. heavy-metal-gang-shouting it then and up No,cuzrightquickit speeds lovesong....wait! "Sorrow" iSa midpaced rocker. Screamer a uptempo Sounds "Danger" picksup the speed,as does"Witching number. and leather no nonsense, Theend:fansof orthodox, Hour." pretty is This audience. targeted denimheavymetalarethe good,it'sa goodtime,butyouknow:if youlikethisstyle,you butit ain't can'thaveyourcakeandeatit: it'sgood,catchy, a tradition. lt'sfun,butfollows newness.

(Metal Blade) e Masquerad HotyMurder lmpious: with the form book The albumconceptis told in comic (open Grave) Themusicitself,Swedish of Flesh Prisons wordsin littlebubbles. FeastEternal: characters' withsomecatchy (2000), whilethebandworksto putouttheir butlikethrashy, Thisis a reissue death,notquitemelodic, thereis a is to putbrutality approach Thevocalsareprettydry andguttural; newonelaterthisyear.Theband's moments. speedy, thinghas whole chunky, the and chugging, it's a sound the So, to end pretty aheadof everything. heavybottom not does guitar sound The guttural death. feel. blasting, andharsh sometimes drythroat andchugging. Fromthealbumtitleyoucantellthatthisis another saymuchotherthanjustchugging demonic thatsounds to music Doyouwantto listen about"metal"subjectmatter,whichin this case means thugs stuff.They ofviolent justa horro/thriller movie-type bya bunch likeit'splayed nothing, andevil,thatsounds absolutely youabout movies watch they so say, to youwhiletelling to damage worthwhile anything thatwantto do bodily have don't good Has better. is music www.opengraverecords'com the Jesus? ln comparison, of love andcopythat. pretty stuff play their points. They andsomestrong moments well.At thesametime,thisdoesnotstandout,jumpoutand 7

heara couple thatyou'll morelikeanalbum attention, demand oftimesandputit awayit.Orsellit atyourlocalstoreorgiveit ALLmetalfromSweden' to thatfriendof Voursthat"loves" piou ici al www.myspace.comiim soff (Open Grave) TheHabitof Fire Kekal: theycando play metal, rocking could they to, wanted lf Kekal drumming. intense the screaming, stuff,the thefast,thrashing etc. guitarsolomoments, Butthey Theyhavetheshredding, would bebored. So, what theY do is: PlaY metal and add is prettymetal to theirsongs.Thedrumming experimentation aresome there foundation of that general, to top on but in arekind vocals The moments. psychedelic, trippyandelectro of stuff' tortured-soul-type kindof poppy, of post-rock-ish, band'ssound is The result:this Indonesian enough,it proggyheavyrockthat,strangely experimental, playtrippy that cafes strange perfect dark, those for sounds "poetry" consuming while poetry or people write stuffwhile butthisis not"onlyrockn Notthatstrange, sugarandcaffeine. www, rolL," either, www. opengravereco (Twiliqht) to Societv Slaves Master: it'saggressive, pony: it'srough, one-trick a is mainly Master Thedrumming vocals. of system delivery whisky-throat rough, guitars and drums, justfast,pounding. Justvocals, ain'tfancy, but bass.The lyricsare abouthow they hateeverything, aboutthe world,Masterrants mainlyjust kindof negative things. Bushandother against chug, goeslikethis:bam,bam,bam,chug, Themusic guitar ugh,ugh, ugh, chug, chug, bam,bam,bam,chug, chug, bam,bam,bam, wee,wee), weedle, solo(wee,wee,weedle, chug,chug,chug,ughll Theriffsareon thefat side,kindof basic, (butnotblasting), kindof fastthroughout mosh-friendly, says getsomepizza?", pizzaandbeer."Wanna likecheese www.masterwww.twilight-vertrieb'de Jerry Seinfeld, (Candlelliqht) MKll Masterplan: MikeDiMeio andnewdrummer: Hereit is!Newsinger Alright! youknow (ex-Rage) andwouldn't (ex-Riot) andMikeTerrana hisdoing what knows Grapow Roland is back: it?,Masterplan that know Riot with familiar those guiding thisship.Ofcourse, fit potential to grittyvoicethathadthe hasa soulful, DiMeio I really, was.I don'tcareto compare, rightinwhereJornLande don'tseethe point.Thetwovoicessharesomesimilarities, the Outcome: higher. voiceis slightly that'strue.Dimeio's new the and is talented great, band the sounds singing because to J. Lande'shardto replace sound members Mr. thingis Grapow sowell,butthesurprising hefitMasterplan thatcando a greatjob vocally foundoneof thefewsingers 8

soundbedisrupted' theband's having andfit in well,without Masterplan!! like sound Thisdoes what type of music Waitl I have not explained beinga go' Masterplan, you plays!OK, here Masterplan metal, heavy/power with playstraditional Helloween-offshoot, stickyhooksandsongsthatstayin your rhythms, contagious in to getyourspirits thisis music headafterthecdends.Plus, does. it and a better mood com rdsusa. candlelightreco www. ightusa com/candlel myspace. www.

(Niqhtmare) A GreatDivide Suspyre: that material triesto create prog that metal is serious band The play all-out to unashamed different, newand something brings long:somelongsongs, prog.Thealbumis some70 minutes otherelements. Some pieces, influences, classical instrumental The idea is to suggestcertainthingsto the listener, etc' to virtuosity, a feel,to aspire a mood, experimentation, "Galactic an instrumental, Movements": Backward withwithsomekeyboard dee-dee-dee, weedly, kindof noodly, Fromthetitle,it'splainto seethat trade-offs. andsaxophone "Manipulation of Time"is a B-minute+ thisis notbeermetal. justanexample of vocals: without songthathaslongmoments ng. songwriti virtuosity-centered is is onthehighside,thelevelof playing Thesinging of type this that shows soloing and guitar riffing quality, the thoughit's a balanced musicis largelyguitarcentered, an intellectual-leaning suggest Thesongstructures delivery. classical-music-interpreted-through-m approach, a perspective. Thisis not reallymusicaboutheadbanging, to be sure,it's moments therearesomeenergy-filled though metalmadeby want who for detail, a ear forthosewith music Think constructed. 70s Rush intelligently real musicians, and to impress Thisbandis meant progmetal in2007. playing with this to findanyfaults theydo. lt's almostimpossible youhaveread because youareinterested Assuming album. patience, thisis not requires thealbum thisfarintothereview, you willbe line, the down Years gratification. aboutinstant years. NOTE: five first the thatyoudidnothear things hearing more a bit power and more I wouldhavepreferred Personally, are a bit too the someof the passages because intensity whysomeprogdevotees thereason proggy, butthisisexactly sideofit. theexperimental unique: mayfindthealbum

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