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Demonic Resurrection

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Theiralbumis called"A Darkness Descends" andit'sa goodexample of how international metalhas evolved through generations the abilities of younger aroundthe world,whohearit withfreshearsandexcitement. Check outthisbandfromIndia.

Interuiews & Reviews April5,2007


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It's really great to hear an album like "A Darkness Descends"!! Howmanyalbumsdo you have?Whatdo metalpeople thinkof thealbum?! Thankyouwearegladthatyouenjoyed thealbum. Thisis the 2noalbumof Demonic Resurrection butthe 1't onewiththe line-up ontheCD.Previously wehada female singer andhad a moregothicsound,we released 1 albumwithverybad production andit wasnota goodCD.Withtheline-up in 2003 we workedon newmaterial witha different styleandin 2005 we recorded andreleased thisCD.Thealbumgota fantastic response herein India.People havesaidwesetthestandard for otherbandsto follownot just musically but alsowith production andthewholepackage oftheCD. Wheredo youplayliveshows?Howmanycome? We are all fromMumbaicity,thoughMephisto(Keys) and (LeadGuitars) Pradeep reside a bitoutside themaincity.Our (Kishan) current drummer resides in Bangalore, sowehaveto flyhiminforgigs.Wemostly playin Mumbai, Pune,Delhiand Bangalore. Whenwe do normalindoorclubshowswe get people about200 on an average, but we havean extreme metalfestival herecalledResurrection whichis indoors where we get about500 people.Alsowe playedthe 3 biggest concerts in the country: Independence Rockin Mumbai(3 yearsina row)whichhasabout5000people, TheGreatIndian RockFestival years in Delhi(again ina row)whichhasabout 3 7000people andin 2006we headlined theLIVEWIRE show whichhadabout10,000 people.

yourmusic? Howcanpeoplesample but website: Wehadanofficial bought whenthe domainexpired someweirdpornwebsite we couldrenewit. Nowwe shallwait before overthedomain we havea myspace In it frees up again. the meanwhile till andwe even page:www.mvspace.comidemonicresurrection ToSolaris. Journey havea newsongonit called Doesa song like "Behindthe Maskof God"addressa particular to you? topicthat'simportant yearsold to thissongwhenI was.16 I actually wrotethelyrics verydirect whichis whythelyricsarein suchsimpleEnglish, and ltsbasically abouthowtheideaof religion andtothepoint. aboutit sacred godhasbeencorrupted andthereis nothing I aman itsjusta business anda wayto wieldpower. anymore in godsothisis myviewon atheist andhencedo notbelieve godis misused. howthepower ofthissocalled Whatareyourplansfor the restof 2007?l a fewshowswiththenewdrummer. Wellsofarwe'veplayed Our new EP will be out in Aprilon a split CD with andit will Dementia(Bangladesh) andSevere Dusk(Pakistan) we will After that Records, be outon mylabelDemonstealer thisnewEP is on a 3'dalbummainlybecause startworking outnew andworking veryexperimental andweshallbesitting songsanda setlist.Afterthatwewilltryandgigas muchas possible. to metal,playinginstruments Whendidyoustartlistening andformingbands?WeretheremetalbandsfromIndiain the 1980s?Are there metalbandssingingin native fromIndia? languages whenI wasin grade6, about11 withlronMaiden I started yearsold.A friendplayed mea tapeandI lovedit. However till in the 9th elsewhere thatwasshortlivedand I ventured gave me some gradewhenlwas 14 or 15 a fewfriends onto fromthereon.I moved Metallica CDsandI washooked I andsomereviews heavier stuffwiththehelpof theinternet I am notsureif there magazine. readin METALHAMMER weremanymetalbandsin theBOsbutI thinktherewas1 for JudasPriest andtheymainlycovered surecalledMillenium on All Indianbandsusedto concentrate and lronMaiden. Around2000is whenoriginal coversand singin English. overcoversongs.Sincethenthe musictookprecedence sceneherehasorownandtonsof bandshaveselfreleased albums. Whattypeof jobsdo youhave? Musicas workwitha musicstorecalledFurtados I currently is a guitar Pradeep Manager. andEvents theirArtistRelations in GreyWorldwide, worksasa MediaPlanner Husain teacher. of isa student Kishan Tribal and with is inadvertising Mephisto a

thoughhe spendsmoretime in Bangalore management playing (heis pafiof6 now). withbands thinkaboutyourmusic?!! Whatdo yourparents arefansof ourstyleof music I don'tthinkanyof ourparents usto devote us andallowed supported buttheyhavealways timeto the band.In lndiait reallyhelpswhenyou have few parents, because a lotof bandshaveproblems supportive of them whodo not approve mighthaveparents members inbands. being 0K,thankyouforyourtime!Takecare! youforthisinterview, andStayDemonic Cheers Thank THEEND. TheDemonstealer.




bandfromIndiathattakesa prettydirectThisis another arethe andbrutality to theircraft.Speed impact approach I findtheirmusicfun andthe guttural mainingredients. sounds, growling withlotsof different is prettycreative, take question they don't Apparently, them. which I about music suggests thoughtheir too seriously, themselves thequestions. answer Twobandmembers othenvise. Do you havean albumcomingout soon?| haveheard SPlit. Defaced and split: the only whichmay onsomenewmaterial isworking Narsil Shashwat:liketo be be released on an albumthatwe wouldpreferably we release andSplitis onlyep/album outby June.Defaced calledDeath a single wehadreleased havehadyet,although and CDin 2005.Defaced on the Ressurection Comprendez' 2006hadbeenasa splitwith3 in October Splitwas released premier brutal of India's Exhumation(lndia) otherbands. groovy Mumbaia bands,ReptilianDeath(lndia)..,kikkass Death Metal. brootality, Warface(USA)...chunky & hope{ully undenruay arealready :-Yes, songs Kshitish by the secondhalfof this year,we'llget themon CD. What inspires you to play brutal death metal? andSplitaren't trackson the Defaced :- Narsil's Shashwat comesfrom reallythat brutalimo,anywaythe inspiration grindbands grindcore, deathmetal, various deathmetal, brutal Flesh, Digested Aboded, Gutrot, likeNile,Cryptopsy, Obituary, DyingFetus, Hate Eternal,Deedsof Flesh,Meshuggah, Besides lmmolationetc to name a few We groovy fun. and thatthe ideais to makemusicwhichis a formof Themusicis a passion, Period. music. enjoymaking butyesit is a wayof expression, artwelove.ltsnota lifestyle

a medium of entertainment anda letout.Yesit'sextreme, but that'snotthebasicidea.Theideais to enjoy,andweendup makingextrememusicin returnas a bonusI guess. ls the purposeto havesuchgutturalgrowlingso thatno one knowswhatyou are actuallysaying?Do the lyrics really matter?Should people read the lyrics? The compilationdoesn't have the lyrics, so one has to try to make out what you are saying? Kshitish:- Dude,..Did you just say 'makeout'?Whoa! Shashwat:- Any instrument (guitars, Drumsetc)whichis downtuned or made muddy,0r playedreallyfast or complicatedly, theideais notsothatpeople cannotfigureout what is being played. lts just apart of themusicandhowwewannapotray it to be.I dontcarereally if thelistener understands whati amsaying or not,if we start botheringabout others than the basic idea of self entertainment would turn into commercial bullshit(pun intended). Somepeople aresomehow ableto understand the lyricsandI havegotten frompeople emails whoactually made lyricsoutof thevoices andsaidit wasnotallnoises. Yeahthe lyricsmatter, theyarefunandyes,we havelyrics,if I ever havethepaitence to typethemI shalladdthemto thesongs. Thelyricsareprettyseparate fromthebasicimageofthelyrics of brutalDMor DMpersay...none lyricsareabout of Narsil's gore,waysof death,darkness, ghosts,mysticism, epicsor particularly. religion Theyaremorecloserto lifeandhumans (noweare notinspired andhuman behavior I shall by Bjork). putdowntheexplanation ofthesongsonthewebsite oneday! How many shows have you playedthis year so lar? Shashwat :- Wehaveplayed 5 showsin total,twoin thisyear (Fourtimesin Delhi, twicein 2007,OneShowin Bombay at


your girlfriends like Do your music? Shashwat :- hmm...not really...but sorlof.I dontknow...i think theyenjoythe liveshows. Actually ourfanslikeourmusic... girlfriends likeus;).I dontcareif girlfriends arefanstoo.Blah! whatever! Kshitish:- Mostof the timethey'refascinated with how someone canemitsuchsounds andwhichpartof the body doesso...butwe liketo thinkthey'reactually enjoying our music! "Depletionof Vital Forces"is a song about what? Kshitish:- ltsactually aboutforces andthrusts thatcomeout anally whenyoubingea liltoomuch. Theseforces arevitalto drivepeopleawayfromtheroom& to havesomeprivacy. So basically thedepletion ofsuchforces canbefrustrating. Shashwat:DudeKshitish, really,,.what?? Huh?? 0k well,the song"Depletion Vital of Forces" isaboutaddictions, it'sabout, whenonegetshooked onto an intoxicant forthat or anything matter, howthebasicforcesthatdrivesan individual to grow and makesenceout of thingsand loosecontrolof life the powerof sencesreduceand the mind becomes incapableof thing beyond a particular perspective. lts abouthowweakwe are whenwe actually believe we arestrong. lt relates to bothmental andphysical strength andhowcontrol overbody,mindandintellect is a mustforhumanbeing...which becomes whenwearein difficult control ofanother substance orperson weareclose also...then to animal existence whenthereis 'Depletion Vital Forces'. of


Kshitish:- We'veplayed 2 of which gota marriage proposal for Shashwat fromsomegirlin the crowd! | think he freaked out. ls it prettyexpensive to buy a cd in India?Do people bootleg a lot? Shashwat :- Yes,it is prettyexpensive to buya cd in lndia although thepriceis thesameas anywhere elsein theworld but the factorslikebad economy is why theyseemmore expensive. Butthecostfactorisn'tas muchof a problem as the availability factor.Although bootlegging has increased considerably and with the coming of information technology age, but peopleby usingvarious mediums purchasing havealsostarted a lotof originals it still takesplace.Theverymedium, internet, whichis responsible fora lota piracy andbootlegging around is thereason forthe knowledge and information aboutthat music,Onlinemusic saleandpurchase andlabels and distros thatdo onlinesale andtradehaveincreased andare doingfairlywell.I don't a

really pirate careif people Narsil's music...for alli know,noone would bother to. Plus the cd 'Defacedand Split' sellsfora mere200rupees 4.5 USDwhichis pretty approx cheap.

Shashwat doessomehigh,squealing sounds.Doeshe liketo makethoseanimalsounds?Doeshefeela special connection pigs?! to Shashwat :- Please do notlinkmy vocalsto yourNational Geographicfetish.I dont like makingthose sounds justhappen. partcularly.,.they No,I havenospecial connection pigs,..HAHA to cant believe i am actuallyanswering that. Soundscool anyway;), Kshitish: - Nopes.,.l've saidit before & l'llsayit again.The squeals werea result of Anupam's labrador Leocoming upto Shashwat & sniffinghis crotchwhile recording. Pretty homophobic Shashwat is. Doesyourmusichaveanything to sayaboutreligion? ls metal music you? antireligious to Shashwat :- Although a Hindu bybirth,I ampretty I agnostic. presence do believe in of a cosmos...the energythatis the forceof alllife.No,metalmusicin notreligious. Somebands choose to maketheirmusicreligious butthenmostof them

loosefocusanddriftor mayalsobe saidthattheyprogress, growup/overand moveon fromtheirinitialsoundsand subjects. people in ourownways. Kshitish:- We'reall prettyreligious in forthatmatter There's noelement ORreligion of anti-religion Music andreligion doesnotholdmuchlinkforus. ourmusic. is about pollution? pop music? "Carcinogenia" Haha :- LOL...No, aintaboutpollution. Shashwat Carcinogenia aintaboutpopmusicandwe dontfeelpop andit definitely yourear,Welivein Indiawhichis a Democratic musicpollutes infreedom andwillnoteverjudge nation...we of choise believe different listen to orcompare they anyone onthekindof music just genres/ careswhat formsof music...thats dmbman...who musicgoesaround.Plus,i dontthinkpop kindof popular my music has that much importance in or lifethati willwritea songaboutit or talkaboutposeurs Nevermind. of thetitlethough! fakers.Notbadinterpretation thatstendingto meanssomething Anyway,Carcinogenic process andthe of thought lts abouthowthe causecancer. pollutants be madecancerous waywe thinkcanby various lts how in nature. arecarcinogenic andhowtheseelements of a mind could due to these elements development or a societies to anindividual cancer becausing a hypothetical mind. Whatis a goodIndianmoviethatyouhaveseenthisyear? Therewere 2'...itwas kickaSS. :- | saw'Dhoom Shashwat wasok.Then init.I alsosaw'Guru'which stunts somebrilliant i saw 'Vivah', which is crappy as hell. your you time. for Thank now! wouldlike to say something Kshitish:- Shashwat THEEND, :-Something! Shashwat



"Defaced andSplit"on is partof compilation Exhumation highlights brutal Records. Thecompilation Demonstealer hope I and Read this band metal from lndia. about death got you decideto checkthemout because some they your way. stuff coming strong rds in/demonsteal www, mosh. erreco

I had never heardyour music until the compilation: Defacedand Split.You'reprettyangry and blast like maniacs!! Whatkindof stutfdo youhavegoingon in your livesthat pissesyou off so muchto playblastingdeath metal?! and enjoysilence withmypeace...l I can'tstandpeople fucking dogsand hornsin cars,barking likereverse shitdisturbance people Maybe weallwereangry loudly fucksmybrain. talking years we'vegrownup few ago but aboutsomestupidshita backthendon't and a lot of thingsthatseemedimportant notpissed off,wejustlovemaking us anymore...we're bother music. brutal aggressive, particularly angrythathewantsto attack ls yourdrummer time? the his drums all parents hitting aged butsince Actually, hewantsto attackhis peopleis not legal in this city he beatsthe drums. Whatareyourplansfor the restof 2007?Doyou havean out? coming album We'regoingto playsome Hmmm, I'mgoingto growa beard. 'Consider beoutthisyear. This'will shows andourthirdrecord to getan idea Canpeoplehearyourmusicon theinternet, like? you sound what arefreeto onlineso people Wemakeallourmusicavailable cdsblah download andthereis no hassleof recordlabels, go to yeah can they blah...soif they'renot deaf , music. hear the and youfor playingmetal?Dosome Doesyourfamilycriticize people say that your music is "Western" lndian? really not and parents usto encouraged Our arereallycoolandhavealways they'vebeenvery do whatwe like.Farfrombeingcritical, whogivesa shit?We love As for otherpeople, supportive. noise. out anyexternal whatwe do so muchthatit drowns Whatis "TheHouseI Built"talkingabout?Whatabout"ln Health"? In Sickness and For record istheintroto oursecond InSickness AndInHealth a onePersonal Onlywhichis on's Consumption minute-something trackwithonlyguitarnoiseandgrowling. wholivesin cannibal TheHouseI Builtis abouta vegetarian patiently lost hot chicksto for waits isolated house and an place his bell ;) and ring show up at the Recording? Whatareyourgoalswiththisband?Touring? moreoftenfromnowon..,ldon'tthinkthere's We'llbe playing in a gig happening in India.lf there's anything like'touring' get play play you go you and there, somecityandtheyask to weallhavejobsand Weprefer it thiswaybecause backhome. Wehavea lot hellyeah!! otherthingsto do.Asforrecording,

justwaiting of material to berecorded andsinceit'sgoingto be we'lljustrelease available online songs astheyget one-by-one done. ls thereanymetalmusicontheradioin India People stilllistento shitlikeradio? Radiois foroldhagswho can'tentertain themselves anyotherway.Wejustdownload music and check out bands that way.

you your Thank for you your Thank for - Vocals/Bass) (Exhumation Aditya Mehta THEEND.

time! interestl

Wuthering Heights March1B ThisbandfromDenmark me: I thoughtthey surprised playedhappygo luckyproggymetal.Well,theydo play prog,buttheyareheavier That'snotthe thanI expected. realpoint.The pointis thattheiralbum"TheShadow is a quality metal. lt'smetalall Cabinet" adultcontemporary grownupandstuff,butunfortunately fortheband,someof into thesequestions arequitestupid, sotheywerepainted Luckily, a corner. theanswers arekindof funny,buttheir music isveryserious. www.wuthering-heights,dk

Congratulations on the's a well playedalbum will withcatchysongsandanother onethatyourlisteners love,as it has all the WutheringHeightselementsin place!! 5

Thanks! l'mgladyoulikeit. Howarethe metalpeoplein your homecountryreacting to it? Well,metalisn'tverybigin Denmark, so it'snotlikewegeta withlike lotof reviews andstuffhere.Butthefanswe'vetalked it a lot.I guesssomepeople weresurprised abouthowheavy we whomaybethought thealbumis - at leastthosepeople werethissortof happyfantasy-type band.Butthatwasexactly reallymean whatwewanted withthisalbum- to dosomething andheavy. Hey,guys,whatis a "Shadow ls it a drawerthat Cabinet"? youopen,andthen,wow,thereit is:theshadow!? 'Cause youcouldactually the Hehe...yeah takeit quiteliterally. albumcontains darkforcesthatrule songsaboutthedifferent - so yes,it is a ourlivesanddictates ourhumanbehaviour "collection if youwill.Theterm"shadow cabinet" of shadows", wherethe itselfcomes fromtheBritish system of government, oppositionappoints"shadowministers"to track the - making movements surethingsgo of the"real"government thatheavy on correctly, I guess.I thinkit'sthesamefunction - should metal- oranyartform have.We'resupposed to bethe courtjesterswho speakthe truth- not just entertainers. Although that'sa bigpartof it as well,I justthinkartis more some entertaining if it dealswithreality, andtheaftistinvests init. of himself "Faith"hasa distinctfolk,medieval melody.Exactlyhow naturalis it to bringin thesesounds?ls it a thingyou all hearwhenyouarekids? lt's No,I don'tthinkwedo.Danish folkmusicis allbutextinct. like in the notreally a livingtradition asit is inothercountries pubsof lreland Butl've beenfascinated by folk or Scotland. musicfor as longas l've beenfascinated by metal.So it's always beennatural formeto tryandblendthosestyles.More people aredoingit thesedays,butbackwhenwe staftedit hadn'tbeendoneverymuch,so we kindof hadto makeup metal.But no, it's not a our ownway of playing"folkish" particularly Danish thing.I thinkit comesmuchmorenatural forpeople likeSweden wherethereisa incountries or Finland, muchstronger folkmusic tradition. Your songs often have those trading solos between guitarsandkeyboards. Wheredoesthatcomefrom? I don'tthinkwe do thatverymuchon thisalbum, butyeah, a we'vedoneit before. or maybe I guessit'sanYngwie-thing, prog-rock song,wedoit thing.lf it feelsrightintheparticular I likewe'lldo anything, if it works,But it's not something general, consider In l'm not that big on a trademark of ours. solos.We generally try to havesolosthataresortof integral partsof the song,more like melodicthemesthan just improvised wankery.

Whatdoesthe ravenmeanto you?Do you use ravensa lot.?Aretheygood,evilor justplainwacky? 'cause Yeah,therehavebeena lot of birdsin our songs, they're sucha goodimageof freedom, I guess. ButthistimeI "raven-song". decidedto do the definitive Of courseit's - afterall my because the ravenis my sortof totem-animal "raven". namemeans Thesongdealswiththeroleoftheraven in history, whereit's beenseenas thisunholy creature that supposedly hadconnections to thepowers of evil.Butit was alsoconsidered to be wise- Odinhadhis two ravens that brought himnewsof theworld.Butin thesongI alsousethe ravenas an imageof the kindof person whohasthisdark people edgeto him,thatmakes shunhim or evenfearhim. It's probably my favourite songon the album.Considering we'rea bandthatdoesn'trelytoomuchon riffs- that'sone greatriff! ls yourvocalista hugeRonnie JamesDiofan?!Doesyour singerhavedragon's firein hisheart?ls hea holydiveror an unholydriver? Hehe...well, of course he'sa Diofan- whoisn't?Butit might be just as muchTonyMartin.And generally he has this amazing diversity to hisvoice.He cando so manydifferent quite things, whichis greatfora bandsuchasWH,thatmakes diverse music. Do you thinkyour vocalistneedsto get morein shape beforehe takes his shirt off?! Shouldhe do more crunches andsit ups? HAHAHAI! You'renotexactly thefirstperson to saythat.But comeon,if Ozzycantakeof hisshirt... lt'sjustsomething he does,he feelsmorecomfortable on stagelikethat,I guess. Notsurehowtheaudience feels, though... WhatdidworkingwithTommyHansen bringto thisalbum thatyouwouldn'thavehadwithouthim? partof oursound. Tommy is a reallyimportant Hereallyhelps tyingthewholethingtogether, intermsof sound. Thereareso manyverydifferent thingsgoingon in our songsthatonly someone withTommy's experience in musiccouldmix it properly. Andalsohe'ssucha niceguy,whichhelpsmaking therecordings a pleasant time- andI believe fora thatmakes better sounding album. Yoursongshavethrashy,fastparts,thensomemelodic, partsandsomeproggyparts?ls it hardto keep medieval it alltogether? Oursongsarenotas complicated as theymightseemat first glance. lt justthrows somepeople off,thatwe don'tusethe traditional verse/chorus/solo method thatmuch. Thesongsare verytightlyarranged to enhance the various emotions and contrasts. Nothing is reallytherejustforthesakeof it, it'sall 6

arranged to drivethe storyfonvardand providemaximum enterlainment forthelistener. SothewayI hearthesongs they makeverymuchsense,andtherefore they'renotreallythat difficult. Someof it mightbephysically challenging to play,of course, butthat'sa different story. Wereyou guys ever into MercyfulFateand Artillery? Thoseweresomeof the earlierDanishbandsthat got someinternational attention, right? No,they'veneverbeenmything,although I totallyrecognice theimportance of Mercyful Fate,of course. I wasneverthat muchof a thrashfan either,although is verygood Artillery thrash. I likeMercyful Fateto someextentbecause theyare oneof the genuinely evilmetalbands.Butthe voiceof Mr, Diamond isjusttoomuchforme.So,theyaregoodbands, but ldon'townanyof theiralbums. lwas moreintoWhiteLion, actually...haha! Thankyouforyourtime!!, you,cheers! Thank ERIKRAVN




"Cursed (Osmose Madness" isthealbum Productions) and it'sa dissonant andtwisted Withanalbumnamed creation. thatandwitha bandnamelikethisone,themusic would havetobeontheinsanity sideoftheequation, including horror moments. Melodies arerare, though onceina while theyshowup.However, it isthattwistedness of dark insanity ofdeathmetal thatformsthefoundation of Sulphur (Norway). Whatfollows isa littlebitof infoontheband, "CursedMadness" is a prettytwistedalbum!Whatis the band doing currentlyin 2007to promotethe album? Touring?Recording? Any plans to play the summer festivals? Whenit comes yet,butweare to touring nothing is confirmed working on it. Osmose takescareof almostall promotional workforuswhichis goodforussothatwecanconcentrate on working withnewsongmaterial. Wearealsoplanning to make a videoforthesongSpiltblod& brente knokler, "TheSummoning" is,of course, fastandaggressive, butI thinkthereis dissonance of darkness. Doesyour music showthat,whileyou likespeed,youalsowantto explore othersidesof themusicso thatit'snotjustfast? Yes,I thinkit'simportant fora songto include bothfastand groovy elements so thatit nevergetsboring. I thinkit'svery exhausting andnotveryinteresting whenit goesat fullspeed

alltheway. "Realmsof Darkness" is actuallyprettycatchy!Theguitar soundis, again,twisted,dark.In addition,it hasa hintof dissonant melody. Doyoutry to avoidbeingtoo melodic? ls therea limitto howmelodytherecanbein Sulphur? I don'tlikeit whenit getstoomelodic. I thinkthatthemusic has to include a certain amount of melody to makeit interesting, butnotto much.TheworstthingI canthinkof whenit comes to melodic musicit hasto be powermetal,happymelodies combined with metaldoesn'tappealto me. So thereis absolutely a limitof howmelodic wecanbe. ls "A Relicfor the Damned" thesamesongas yourdemo from2000?Hasit changed? How? Theessence of the songis stillthe sameas it wason the demoversion. We didchange thelyricsforthe song,added somekeyboards andrearranged mostoftheguitars. Yearsof Plague"and"TheDescent"have "TwoThousand a definitiveatmosphere of horror.Do you agree?ls madness andhorroran inspiring topicto basemusicon? Whyis it intriguing to you?Do madness and depression go together? Yes I mustsay I can agreeon thatone.I'm not actually inspired thatmuchbyhorror movies andstufflikethat.WhenI makemusicthingskindof justcomesnaturally for me.I like whenthemusichasa darkandmystic whichmay atmosphere oftenassociated withhorrormovies What does 'Masterof Storms'refer to? Can someone mastermadness? Master of storms refers to thebringer hewhoshall of storms, leadthe armyfor the greatbattle.lf anyonecan master madness it hasto be JohnForbesNashJr who mastered schizophrenia. Does your vocalist write the lyrics? Are the lyrics speaking frompersonal experience? ThomasYesI writeallthelyrics. Thelyricsaremuchbased uponreligion, hateandpersonal experiences. Theresult ofthe lyricdepends on my stateof mindandthethemeis around tingslikewar,revenge, betrayal, summons to norse andtribute godsanddarkgoddesses. What kind of collaboration is there betweenyour two guitar players,Madsenand Huse?ls there a certain divisionof labor? I compose andarrange all theguitars andplayall the leads exceptfromsomeof the guitarsoloswhichHuseplays.So basically I playtheleadandHusetherhythm. Finally, do youhavesamplesongson myspace? l

Yes,threeof thesongsfromthealbumareavailable on 0ur myspace site( THEEND.

REVIEWS Fairvtale Abuse:TheSpiritTower (Hateworks) It'snoteasyto bringtogether thatthisdebut alltheelements young combines. You cantell thattheyare and this is a promise forthefuture. lt is a mission noboundaries statement: in metal:even thoughdeath/black foundations are very obvious, the melodyand melancholy, and bothguitanruise keyboardwise, demonstrate a willingness to add the doom elepents. Thecoherence makesthe songssomething solid good andonceyougiveit a chance, has it'sobvious theband moments moments. andevensomebetter Thecd is a goodlisten. Theywillneedto establish youcantellthattheylikeDimmu theirownidentity because Borgir a lotandit is inthatcategory thattheymostfitin,except giving withnoblasting, feel. thebanda moremelancholic (Candleliqht) Furze:UTD Onetrulystrange thingis thatMartinAinfromCelticFrost reportedly hassaid,"FurzefromNonruay is a goodexample thatit is stillpossible to createuniqueBlackMetal!Justa shame thatmostotherbandsinthescenesound soalikeeach other." The drumssoundlike cardboard boxesand the guitars arebarely, barelyaudible andthevocalsarehardto hearand unremarkable, Thissoundslikea cheap,cheap demorecorded in a teenager's 1987.No,thisis "raw" just not"necro" The or it's or anything, bad,badsound. bandhas long,longsongtitles,but that doesn'timpress because in theend,the musicis bad.lf youarewondering: "Buta lotof blackmetalhasbadsound, that'swhatmakesit blackmetal," to thenyoudo notunderstand whatI amsaying you:compared to this,"Transylvanian Hunger" soundslike arenarockwitha hugeandmodern the soundthatdisplays most advancedrecording technology of the year 2020. www, Mnemic: Passenqer (Nuclear Blast) Thisis whatthisbanddoes:theyhavea chunky, chuggy, generic guitar guitar. Yes,it's soundthatsaysnothing withthe (sortof),buthe can't chunky likeKorn,Thismanis rapping rap,he'sdoingblackmetalscreaming and soundslikean angrysquirrel. Hetriesto sound so hipandcool.Hesings, but withalltheyelping andrapping thatthesinging andscreaming plusit sounds doesn't matter, so overlayered thathe sounds great likea robotsinging. computer Think:Korn,Strapping YoungLad, Chimaira(and their synchronized hopping),

hardcore and you get:Mnemic. Theysurelikethe studio technology, withthehammer sounds andthemachine sounds and the clicky sounds. www,myspace. nemicofficial www.nuclearblastusa. com/m com

"Black pageto hear MetalArmageddon". Goto theirmyspace oneof theirsongs. Therestof thesongsallfollow thatenergy and feel. www. myspace. com/occidenswa rfront

Masacre: TotalDeath (Hateworks) Let'slookattheevidence andseewhathappens withMasacre fromColombia. First,of course, is the name.Thealbumis called"TotalDeath". Thepicture of thebandshowstheguys wearing, amongst otherbandlogos,Cannibal Corpseand "Death Morbid Angel. Theyhavea songcalled MetalForever," inaddition to otherdeathsongs, like"Slaves of Death". Withall this evidence in frontof you,you have probably guessed whattypeof musicthis is: blastattack, guttural speedzipping, melody, deathmetal. Keyboards, clean vocals,guitarharmonies andothertomfoolery is not to be found.Why,they're loyalto theirgenre,that'swhythemusic growling, soundslike it does:deep,throaty,unintelligible getting drumming thatwastes notimein totheblasting. Thisway,youwon'tconfuse themwithanything, but guttural totalblasting, deathmetal.Notethatthebandprefers pathof songs: to walkthenarrow thevocalsshowalmostno just gutturalness personified. variation, The riffingis the injustthe chuguponthechugchugging your-face-all-thetime, the livingdaylights out of the guitaruntilthere'sno more chugging to be done,30 minutesof blasting death.The parameters areverynarrow here,Cannibal is actually Corpse veryeclectic compared to Masacre Angelis like andMorbid DavidBowie orQueen Man,theseguys compared to Masacre. ride gutturaldeath metal until the wheelscome off.

(MetalBlade) Psyopus: Encounters... OurPuzzlinq "Our Buckleup andhaveyourvomitbuckethandybecause Puzzling Encounters is puzzling for sure:forget Considered" songor structures andthink:whacky, wild,totally-bananas guitarriffing. guitar lt allsounds likesupercrazy These soloing. "songs" are moreliketicketsto the funnyfarm:screaming vocals,everchanging lf youhave drummering andguitaring. just theurgeto heara bandthat doesn't careabouttraditional positively songstructures, thatsounds lunatic, thenyouwillbe interested. Thisis crazypunkhardcore metaljazzrocking out parade. atthelunatic Throneum: TheUnholyOnes (Deathqasm) ThisEPis 7 songs(17min)of raw,deathrash thatgoesfrom midpaced to blasting andback.Notcontent to makeallsongs at one speed,thereare moments of doomand nightand momentsof furiousspeed,all withina contextof the underground, earlydeathsound.Shades and of Hellhammer Deathstrike are foundhere,as wellas someMorbidAngel slowriffscanbeheard throughout, though thesoundis notlike anybody elsebecause theyhavebeendoingthisforyearsand yearsanddoit well. I wishthattheywouldplayer fasteronthisone,kinda disappointed withtheslowness thistimearound andthesongs sounda bit lessinspired. I hope next Still, one from the Throneum (Poland) returns to faster songs.

Occidens: Glorification of theAntichrist(Deathqasm) (Chile) Thereis onlyonespeedthattheOccidens Thv EndlessWrath: Next to the Throneof Chaos batmobile (Hateworks) functions on:blasting fast!lt'sunpolished andhasnoneof that "nicestudio" "lntheNightside production Thinkserious values. According to the groupitself fansof Empero/s Eclipse" and "Worship they DimmuBorgirgetting to hordes such as BLASPHEMY, together to playfastblackmetaland goodidea.Thesongsaremelodic, SARCOFAGO, KR]SIUN,DEMONCY, ANGELCORPSE, you'llhavea pretty butstill POSSESSED, MORBID raw and oftenare blasting. ANGEL!!!!" thoughI wouldsaythat The vocalsare on the early lmpiety is alsoa goodreference Emperor andforsheerspeed"Panzer sideof things,No deathgrowling or cleansinging, justyounglhsahn pointof contact, Division Marduk" is another Fromthemoment allthewayhere. this thingbeginsto the momentit ends,it's just early I don'tknowthatmuch(makethat:anything) about played blaclddeath/thrash at blastingspeedwith only tiny thisband,buttheysoundexcited andhungry to bedoingthis. variations ThisgoesforthatearlyEmperor and changesand the vocalsare blackmetal vibe,so fansthatmissthat screaming ranting (l think)bandreworks andraving thewholetime. stuffwillfindthatthisColombian that ls thisoriginal? I thinkthebandthemselves willtell youthattheydon'tcare,thatwhattheycareis aboutplaying www. mvspace. comihatewo rksrec raw,blasting metal. Thattheyaccomplish. Theyarecloseto establishing theirsound,butarestillworking on it. lt doesn't soundmonotonous, butit'sallon"attack" mode, the Ofcourse, bymauricio. theoutcastzine@juno.coml [inte/relviews factthattheylookupto Sarcofago, it meansthattheywon'tbe polishing up theirsoundanytime soon.Thisis fugly,fugly musicandit's notfor nothing thattheyhavea songcalled 8

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