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(Ausust 3o'n.)

(traditional)metalwith a lot of talent,with Avianis progressive good songs, high vocalsand a lush, clean sound. It's quality stuff all around. Most importantly,they have the songs,too, not just many abilities.Furthermore,becausethe songs are good, even though it's prog, even someone,like me, not into self-indulgentmusic, will really understand this, precisely becauseit's not self-indulgent,ego-centeredmusic.In the end, it's all about good songs, not guitar solos or keyboard wankering.I sent them some questions.This is what Yan (guitars)had to sayl I have never even heard of Avian until last week! "From the Depths of Time" is awesome album with great songs. First of all, who are you and Firstof all, thank you very much for those kind words and I'm very happy that you like our cd. Avian featuresLanceKing on vocals,myself,Yan Leviathanon guitars,and JonahWeingartenon keyboards.Our debut cd, FromThe Depthsof Time, was releasedworld-wide in October of 2005 and features a very special guest peformance by David Ellefson;he plays basson most of the cd and he also co-wrotea coupleof songswith us. The guitar soloson the cd were handledwonderfullyby our good friend, RogerMoore. Where have you been all this time? In the shadows; watching, waiting, for the right time to u n l e a sho ur m us icuponth e w o rl d ;-) The singer for this band is Lance King. He produces many bands and sings for a few, too, right? So, is this a project or a real band with touring plans and what not? What is Lance King's status with the band? Well,I can't reallyspeakfor Lance,but you are right in that he is a very busy guy; I don't think he ever sleeps;-).Lanceis a full time permanentmember of the band and he is obviously an integralpieceof the band. What's going on with touring this year? Did you play any of the summer festivals in Europe? U.S.? Due to everyone'svery hectic schedule,we only played live once this year; it was in May with Gamma Ray in Minnesota. We are working bookingon a few more shows over the fall; we'll announcethem as soon as they are confirmed.We were invitedto play ProgpowerUSAlast year, but we had to cancel the show at the last minutedue to unforeseencircumstances.

Lanceand I were there, however,and we managedto do a shortacousticset in the venue'slobby;that was a lot of fun! Yan Leviathan is the main songwriter, right? What work has he done in the past? Who is he, basically? Well, I guessyou could you say that I'm the main songwriter but Lanceand Jonah both have a lot of input as to how the final version of the songs turn out. This is the first major projectthat I've been involvedin; beforethat I was in and out of bandsthat never reallywent anywhere.As for who am I, I'm just a guy that lovesmetaland wants to listenand play it al l day and ni ghtl ong;-). Where in the biggest market for your music? The cd has been out for about a year and althoughit hasn't soldquite as many copiesas we'd hoped,the fan reactionhas beenwonderful.Our Europeanand Japaneselabels didn't quite live up to their promisesof promoting it, so we're all kind of bummed about that. Hopefullywith the next releasewe'll get better exposureand more peoplewill find out what we'reall about. Roger Moore did all the solos and David Small did the session drums, but they are not members of the band. What's the situation? Avian is essentiallya three memberband; myself,Lance,and lonah. We write, arrange,and recordall of the material.When we play live or go in the studio,we hire additionalpersonnelto help us out. The main reasonthat we do it that way is that there simply isn't enough money to keep anyone else as a permanentmember;I'm sure that you've heardof the whole downloadingstory already;-). What are the musical goals of this band? Our goal as a band is to create music for peopleto enjoy. We are all big musicloversand we just lovedoingthis; all the hard work and sacrificeis made wofth while when the fans tell us that they really like what we'redoing.As longas we continueto believein ourselvesand our musicwe will keepdoing it; if the day ever comesthat it's not fun anymore,we'llgive it up ;-). Anything else you'd like to mention? Thanksfor taking the time to read this and hopefullyyou will checkout and enjoy our music.We are currentlyworkingon our next cd. Keep an eye out for our next cd next summer! nband www.myspace. com/yanmonsterstud io

;< ***xx******* i*:I}:fi H:*::'r'ffx x xxxil*'< KatagoryV

(September4tn). This band has been evolvinginto a serious,tight heavymetal bandfor yearsnow. This is still upfront,traditionalmetal,with the same spirit as Jag Panzer.No, they don't sound like the Jags. However, it's that same strong, muscular,traditional heavy metal. It's just a lot more obviousnow that this band has taken somejumps fonrvard,getting betterall the time, as their album "The RisingAnger" shows. Read for yourselfto find out more aboutthem. First of all, congratulations on "The Rising Anger"!! You have done a good j ob!!

Thank you for the kind words, Mauricio!We reallyappreciate it! What have you been doing to promote the album this year? We have been playingonly a few shows in supportof the album this year, but mostly importantly,we have been letting the reviews speak for themselves,as well as word of mouth by our fans. Rightnow we have only one more showto play this year, which will be with Leatherwolfin Las Vegas. After that, we will start pre-productionon our next album in October,which is written and complete.We will spend the remainingpart of 2006 working all the bugs out, and staft recording the next album in January/Februaryof 2007. Outsideof that, we'll be taking thingsas they come at us, one d a y a t a tim e. The information I have says that you have a good fan base in Germany. Can you talk about this? In the early beginningsof KatagoryV, Germany was the hotbedfor metal bandslike ours. We were straight-ahead U.S. metalat the time, which they seemedto reallylove.When our first album came out, the Germanmetal fans went crazy over it! But it seemsthings have mellowedout sincethen. We've grown a bit and maturedas musicianson our recentalbums, as well as modernizingour sound and production,and I think that some of the fans over there didn't really appreciateus making these changes. We still have several dedicated, hardcoreKatagoryV fans over in Germany,but it seemsthe general interest of the surface metal fans has turned a deaf ear to us. Hopefully,they'll catch up to us, as we really love the supportfrom our Germanfans. I have heard that Greece is good for bands like you? Was Germany a surprise? Actually, it is interestingyou asked that, becausewith our latestalbum"The RisingAnger",the biggestresponsewe have beengettingis from Greece,as well as the U.K.,which seemed a little odd to us at first, but now seems to be working out re a l l yw ell. We were not reallythat surprisedto find out Germanywas the placeto be with our musicwhen we first started,we've alwaysknownthat they would acceptour music more openlythan say,Americawould. But, we had no ideawe would have gone over as well as we had backthen, that part was the big surpriseto us. Right now, we're reallyfascinated with the how well our new album is doing with metal fans in Greeceand the U.K., much like we were with Germanywhen our first albumcameout.


about here in the US? Up until recently,we've had a hard time tryingto get American metal fans to take noticeto our music.In the early days, no one in the U.S. would listen to us unless we sounded like whateverwas big in metal back in 1999 or 2000, which was that whole alterna-metalstuff ala Disturbedor Godsmackand what haveyou. It was even harderfor clubsto allowus to play shows. However,becausethere has been a resurgenceof that classicmetal soundwith a lot of the youngerbands,with the dual leadguitar melodies,and singersthat actuallysing; many Americanmetal fans, especiallya much younger audience, have been taking noticeto us finally becauseof this. Before, anyoneunderthe age of thifi wouldn'tgive our bandthe time 2

of day. It is a bit ironic, becauseback when we first formed the band,not a lot of Americanbandswould play metallikewe do, and althoughthere was a good handfulof them out there, it was very unfashionable. We were alwaystold that European metal fans would be the only ones to understandour music. Only biggerbandslike Iced Earthor Nevermorewould get any credit in the U.S.due to their longevityand support.Granted, I'm not saying our sound is in fashion now, becausewe've been doing this nearly a decade, but we are definitely acceptedby the Americanmetalfans more so now, than when we first formed. What do you have to offer to metal people? We view our musicas an inspiration,not just for ourselves,but alsofor those that listento it. We put a lot of our time into what we do, and pour a lot of our feelingsinto the music,so anyone who happensto listento our musicand enjoysit as much as we do creating,are actuallymakinga connectionwith us on a personallevel. Everyonein the band is big fans of many musicaltastes,but mainlytrue heavymetal.For us, the fansof our musicare no differentthan us; they are part of the family. In the early days of the band, we wrote about many fictional or fantasy oriented subjects, but with the last two albums we'vegone in a more personaldirectionlyricallyand musically. Our goal has alwaysbeen to craft songsthat metal fans can relate to in every day life. There are already many, many bands that have the whole fantasy/fictionallyrics, so we wanted to move away from that and write songsthat heavy metal fans, like ourselves,can listento, sing along to them, and go, "yeah, I've been there, I totally know l^;hatthey mean!" What's the song "Hostile Takeover" about? Corporate greed?! The tnvaston of lraq?!!! Half of the album lyricsrelateto how it is today beinga metal fan or what it is like beingin a metalbandtoday.Thesesongs can either be interpretedfrom a metal fans perspective,or from a bandsperspective. The other half of the album lyrically relates to more personalmatters that pretty much everyone goes through from day oay. to The song"HostileTakeover"couldbe aboutcorporategreedin a sense.It is actuallyabout how in the last decade,the major musi c l abel s have had decl i ni ngsal es, w hile m inor and independentlabelsand artistshavestayedon an even scaleor have seen an increasein sales,due to internetradio,satellite radio, and the whole digital age. It has becomemuch easier for peopleto discovernew musicthese days.A lot of this has to do with the fact that many people are becomingmore independentin their decisionson choosingwhat musicor artist they actuallylike becausethey are getting more exposureto many bandsthey would hear never hear on regularradio,or even on MTV. In essence, this song is about all the undergroundmetal bands,like us, as well as metal fans that havestayedtrue to their feelings,and will listenand buy music that they like becauseit is their choice,not becauseit is being force-fedto them. How about "The Elitist'? We get askedthis questiona lot concerningthis song. "The Elitist"is about those few metal fans that happento be fairly narrow-minded. Everyoneout therethat listensto metal music

knowssomeonelikethis. We know severalpeoplelike this too, which is what inspiredthe song, and why the song changes musicalstylesseveraltimes throughout.It was done in jest for thesetypesof so-calledmetal fans who can't open their minds to other metal styles, or only listen to the same style bands that have no real originalityin sound or songwriting,but will be the first to tell you what bandsare terrible.In many ways, it's about those snot-nosedassholeswho tell you that the bandsyou listento are crap for variousreasons.Or possiblya guy you meet at a metalshow who saysthat the bandon your T-shit sucksbecausetheir singercan't sing as good as some other singer. It is also about musiccritics,who seemto have an opinionon everyoneand evefihing in metal and feel that they'reopinionsare actualfact. Manytimes it's somejerk that looksat an album cover of a band without even hearingthe music and makes a decision based on that. The list of scenariosgoeson and on.....We all know who theseparticular metalfans are; they are Elitists,thus the title of the song. What does the album title mean, "The Rising Anger? We had gone through many trials and hit many roadblocksas a band, and felt bitter and jaded about how we had been perceivedby the media on the previous album *A New Breed...".With the title "The RisingAnger", we wanted to prove to the media and metal fans that we were worth listening to, and that we had far more intellectualand interestingmusic to offer than most bands that were getting exposureat the time. I guessyou could say we were envious of others'success, beingthat somebands,in our opinion,were only averageclone-esquebands at best, while at the same time we were being overlooked,and angry at ourselvesfor not trying harderto create a productworthy of acceptance.But in the end, we were full of fire, pissand vinegarand wanted to make sure that with "The RisingAnger",our musicwas taken seriouslyand heard by the metal masses.We decidedwe werent goingto succumbto the pressures of needingto sound like certain bands just to sell records. We wanted to be acceptedfor who we are and what we do, on our own merits, not becausewe sound like one or two bigger bands.We were very angry with all the pressurefrom other labelsor even the media wanting us to sound like these other bands so badly, that they totally lost focus on what was, and is, really is important...variety and quality songsl Granted, were not reinventingthe wheelor breakingnew groundwith our music, and for most people,that might come as a disappointment, but screwthem, We are only concernedwith writing top notch, refreshing,quality heavy metal songsfor metal fans, nothing more. So, now you can see where the title comes from! (l a u g h s ) You worked with Lance King. Who is he?! He produces lots of bands, right? Well, I know he singsfor a lot of bands!(laughing)But I'm not to familiarwith his role as a producer,other than he has been stepping up to the plate and helping release some really amazingbandson NightmareRecords,and has been diving in head first to compete with many of the other larger metal labels,and trying to get the NightmareRecordsname out there as being one of the top notch labelsthat offers quality bands.His role,outsideof signingus to his labeland releasing the album,was that he also mastered"The RisingAnger" for 1

us. Unlesssomeonereadsthe liner notes,they probablywon't know that, but Lancedid indeedmasterthe album. It really helpedout, and it broughta lot of the soundsto the suface. I think even he was a bit surprisedand excitedabout it after that! (laughs)It impressedthe hell out of us too, the album sounded pretty good before mastering, but came out much better,thickerand heavierthan we had expected. people Where your can sample music? You can sampleour music on severalwebsitethat sell our music, like,or you can hear full songs on our, as well as on our myspacepage Care to mention anything that I have not asked about? Feel free to cover whatever you want. Absolutely!Thank you for this opportunityto talk to your readersabout KatagoryV, it meansa lot to usl And, for those readingthis, be sure to pick up our latestalbum,"The Rising Anger" on NightmareRecords,availablein stores nowl Also, Drop by our website for the latest news and events on KatagoryV and give us a shout!Cheers!

*********** iifl:#irir irrrrxililIXilffiIIII;... ScorchedEarth

(mi d-Jul y) Checkout this death/thrashthat you might not have heardof. Thereis somethingaboutthose old albumsby Venom,Sodom, Destruction and Kreator (you know, raw) that this band captures.Except,that unlike the oldies, this is actuallyon purpose!They just keep doing their thing. Thrashing!Their musicis to the point. So are vocalist/bassist Terry'sanswers. What is "War Metal of Extermination" to you? It means that the music is crushing,and that's all anyone shouldread into it. What's happening with your latest album? Well, we're still trying to find someoneto releaseour third album,"DevilsIn Iron", and we're working here and there on the forth album. We had a coupleof touring possibilities fall through, but we'll be hitting the road extensivelyin 2007, hopefully. You've been doing music since Nazgul in 1994 right? What is fulfilling about playing music? Obviously, with songs titles like "Scorched Eafth Policy" and "Seasons of Terrorism", you're not going to be a huge financial success. Yes, Nazgul started in 7994 and I changed the name to ScorchedEafth in 1995. I have played in bands, however, since1990.PlayingMetalfulfillsme by challengingme to write more cool songs,gettingto play live in variousplaces,meeting other like-mindedfolks, and just jamming with my band mates,who are like family to me. You're right, those titles didn't bring us the Scrooge McDuck-likewealth that we're aimingfor. However,the new album has titles like "Scorched E arth, B l ack W i nd and H el l Fi re" and " W a r I s Hell ( but Combat's a Motherfucker)"that SHOULD give us the commercial successthat has so far eludedus.

Is anything different about your band? I think that we havea balls-outstylethat peopleeitherloveor can't standand that's what I set out to accomplish.We don't care about beingmusicallyperfectall the time. As far as new and creative,well, let others decide that. We just stick to writing killersongsthat don't all soundthe same and leaveit at that. We try to put on the most ruthless live show out there,so that'swhy people,if they dare, shouldcheckus out. Also so they can buy enoughof our stuff so I can stop going to work everyfuckingmorning,haha.

Thanksfor the interviewMaurizio.I rememberchattingwith you outsidea Hypocrisyshow in Seattlein 2002 and its good that you're still putting out 'zinesand keepingthe print way alive. Here'sour discography for thoseinterested: Thy KingdomCrushed(2000), Gods, Kings and Conquerors (2003), DevilsIn Iron (recorded2005, still awaiting official release)plus we've been on a few compilationsnot wofth menti oni ng. is Our email contact Up the Iron Crosses! ******xxx******xx*****************x***xx*********** x****x*xxxx**x******************xxxx*

Are some songs available at your website? Of How are you different than when this entity was Na zg u l? I guesswe've progressedin a naturalway, without trying to play what's popularand what not. I've learnedas the main songwriterthat you haveto take the other membersideasinto consideration,becauseafter all, we ain't paid for this shit, hahal But seriously,in the past I had the "my way or the highway mentality", and you ain't gonna keep members aroundwith that attitude! My bassistSanfordhas been in the band for B years now, Josh has been in the band for 4, and Ted has been in for 2. This lineupis definitelythe strongest we'veever had and will continueto be so. What is the musical direction of the music you are working on now? Lyrically, what subjects do you find interesting to focus on? Pretty much keepingthe base of total Deaththrash,but these days we have a healthyinjectionof Doom into the Music. On the new one, we have a song called"Gormenghast," which I describemusicallyas Iron Maidenon morphine.The lyricsare based on Mervyn Peake'sepic of the same name. For other songs, yeah, we have the requisitewar lyrics, but there are other subjects, more based on horror and things of that nature. I have read that, live, you have covered old Sodom before? To the people that know that, what is your view of of the first two Sodom releases (and other old stuff that you like) and what relation is there between th a t a n d y our band? Yes, we do "Burst Command'Til War". The first two Sodom albums have their charm and I like them a lot, but I like "Persecution Mania"and "AgentOrange"better myself. I just get into the total fuck-allenergythat lots of bandsthese days are missing. So much emphasisis placedon how technical and blastingyou play that folks forget that its supposedto be HEAVY!RUT HLE S SW! O OU S! A R R G GH H H !!I! You are based in the Seattle area, right? Do you play in the general area? What about Canada? Yep, Seattle is our base of operations. We've played in Canadaa few times, in Vancouver,Calgary,and Edmoncon. We did a West Coast tour in 2004 with Kult Ov Azazel, Teratismand Sumeriathat was prettysuccessful. Do you have anything else you'd like to mention that I have not asked about? 4

Siege of Hate

(September 4th) I like these Brazilians becausethey play grind and do it well. It's grindingstuff, fast and to the point. I have only heard Subversive by Nature, but it's good. Listen to what Bruno Gabiasays. How are things going after "Subversive by Nature'? We've releasedthe split CD "Out of Progress"on Marchthis year, togetherwith the Canadianband Time Kills Everything, by the Brazilianlabel 2+2=5 Records,which we are working on its promotionright now, and we're finishingthe songsfor our 2nd full lengthCD. "Subversive by Nature"was originally releasedin Brazilin the end of 2003, althoughit came out in the U .S .onl y i n the begi nni ngof 2005.The C D was r eleased worldwide (except North America at that time) by Karmageddon Media/NewAeon Media(Netherlands) on august 2004 and it has had a great responsefrom the fans and undergroundmedia.We have promotedit doing many shows all around Brazilduring the last two years. Unfoftunatelywe couldn'tplayoutsideBrazilyet, but we planto do it soon. What kind of reception does your music get in Brazil? What paft of Brazil are you from? We play extrememusic,which is not reallycommercialin any paft of the world. In Brazilit's a little bit worse, becausethere is still much prejudiceabout heavymusic.On the other hand, we have a big, furiousand strong undergroundscene(Metal and Hardcore),spreadin the four cornersof the country in which we have got a better responseeach day. We live in Fortaleza,in the Noftheast, which is a region of contrasts, wherewe have maybethe highestlevelsof povefi (especially in the countryside, becauseof the drought)and great touristic citiesin the seasidewith some of the most beautifulbeaches of Brazil.Becauseit's a poorer regionthan S5o Pauloor Rio, it's also harder to achieve recognitionplaying underground musi c. Describe your music!! Violent,fast and noisyl Actually,we play a mix of Old School Hardcoreand Death Metal,which we prefer callingit simply Grindcore. Do you have a new album coming out soon? Yes.We'refinishingabout22 songsfor our next full lengthCD, which we're goingto recorduntil the end of this year. But we haveno dealor labelyet. Can people hear your music on the internet? Yes. We have a few songs in our MySpace site ( and in the Brazilianmusic

site Trama Virtual( and one song from the split cD at the 2+z=5 Recordswebsite ( We used to have many songs to downloadin our officialweb site (, but we've had problem with the host site, so we've had to take them out for a while. But we're solvingthat and soonthey,llbe b a cki n our s it eagain. What made you form your band? We play fast, short,simple,"straightin your face,'music.And i mean that for the music and the lyrics.That is the idea of Siegeof Hate sincethe beginning(in l9g7). To play the most aggressive music, where we express our anger and nonconformitywith all the bad thingsthat surroundsus every day, either in a globalscale(war, religion,misery),localscale (corruption,urban violence)or even in a personalscare.But alwayswith a positiveattitude in order to make peoprethink and do somethingabout it. Siegeof Hate was firstly formed as a side-projectband by me and a few friendswho played in other bands (I played drums in the Death/Industriar Metal band Insanity).we wantedto bring backthe "old school"spirit of playing Hardcore and Grinicore, which was almost extinguished by melodicHC and Rapcore,in the secondpart of the 90's. So we said, "Let's play it the faster and more noisy we canl", with the intention of shocking the generation".We recordeda demo ("Return to Ashes,,),then, the line up becomemore stableand we decidedtake it as a real band. In the meantime, Wâ&#x201A;Ź participated in many compilations, our band Insanitywas finished(our bassprayer, George Frizzo, played in that too), until we recorded "Subversive by Nature". Your songs are political? What do you say with your songs? Does the political situation in the world and in Brazil make your respond that way? A great part of our songs are of politicalcontent. But we don't take paft of any specificpoliticalideology.It's only becausewe want to expresswhat we feel about all the shit the politicians in the whole world have done for money and power, while they pretendto be in the name of the people.Naturally,our countryis an endlesssourceof inspirationto write about that. We grow up watching a few dozens of "almighty,,bastards gettingricher,stealingfrom the peopleand nevergoingto jail. The impunityhere is absurd!And the rurerskeepthe effortsto maintainthe thicker part of the populationwithout education, so they becomeeasierto manipulate.That definitelyincitesus to spread the word against it and try to make people reflect what we can do to make a betterworld (if that is possible...). W h a t d o y ou t hink a b o u t th e U .S. i n v a s i o n and occupation of Iraq? Imperialism sucks, right?! Yes, definitelyit sucks.I think no countryhas the right to call itself "the world police" and invade and destroy someone,s land with the excuseto hunt the "bad guys". Especially when we know that this war is about oil control and not about protectingthe world from chemicalweapons.And more end more innocentpeopleare dying each becauseof those insane leaders.our song u.s.A. speaksabout it. Georgew. Bush is not differentfrom saddam Hussein.only more powerful,with differentways of controllinghis peopre.Now we have all that shit about the nuclear program from Iran, which is a 5

countdownto a new war U.S.X Iran. I hopethe world survive this one! I keep askingwhy the United Nationsdon't inspect and controlthe nuclearprogramof the U.S.or England?I have nothingat all againstthe NorthAmericanpeople,but you have a very hazardouspresidentl Have you toured? Where? How about the U.S.? I live in Madi son, W i sconsi n, ki nd of near C hi ca go. When ar e you coming near here?! As I said,we havetoured only in Brazilso far. Brazilis a very big country(as the U.S.)and, as we live almostin the extreme North, it's hard (and very expensive)for us to play in other countriesof SouthAmerica,such as Argentina,UruguayChile or Colombia.We have plans to play in Europe(maybe next year),but nothingconcreteyet. For the U.S.,I believeit would be better if we get to releaseour 2ndCD there and it gets a good response,because it's hard for a band from another countryto tour in the U.S. without the necessarysupport(if I'm wrong and you think it's viablefor us to tour there, please, let me knowl We'd love to do it! -laughs). I don't know Wisconsin,but I've lived in NY city for 1 month and a half, a coupleof years ago (I went there to study), and I reallylike the U.S.and have good friendsthere. I hope I can come back and playwith Siegeof Hatefor you soon. Do you respect the Cuban Revolution and the changes taking place in Venezuela and Bolivia? Do you think Brazil needs a revolution, too?!! I respectthe Cubanrevolutionand I think that there are good and bad thingsthat have come with the politicalsystemthere. In the sameway, I think that it's importantthat the peoplein Venezuelaand Boliviaare recoveringthe feelingfor the varue of their own land. That brings peopletogether and in many ways helps the country to grow. On the other hand, it,s dangerousif it gets out of control and it stafts a xenophobic movement.I think that the Bolivianpresidentis taking it a little bit fafther than he should.It is my opinion.yes, I think that Brazil needs a revolution. But not against international exploitationor thingslike that. we need an internalrevolution, a revolutionof conscience. To renewthe "Brazilianway of life" from the roots. We need to clean the house, put the big thievesin jail and, maybe,build a better future. If an armed revolutionwould help?Maybe,as a staft. But I don't think that violenceis a solution. (I don't think there can be a revolutionif capitalismis left untouchedl That's what cuba has proven and what venezuelawi// need to confront. Anyway, that's a different conversation.--Mauricio) Jesse Pintado from Terrorizer and Napalm Death died recently. Are you fans of those bands? Yes!They are definitiveand undeniableinfluencesfor siegeof Hate. In my opinion, that was the greatest loss that the extreme music has undergone since the death of Chuck Schuldiner(from Death,who was one of my main influences). JessePintadowas one of the creativeminds behindthree of the finest violent music icons: NapalmDeath, Terrorizerand LockUp.We mourn for his death and we'll alwaysbe thankful for his inspirationand contributionto noisy music. Rest in peace,Jesse. H5 algo mais que voc6s gostariam de dizer?!

Nice surprise!Good Poftuguese!(laughs) We would like to thank you, Mauricio,and the Metal BulletinZine for the space and the opportunityto spreadour work. We hope we can go and play in the U.S. soon. For whom wants more information about S . OH. . , please get in in to u c h, or Keepyour faith and work for

This is the band's acousticalbum. It's no surpnsethat the bandhasthe talentto do somethinglikethis and succeedat it. It just goes to show that some talentedmetal musrcians can play other forms of music, if they so choose.LrkeOpeth's Damnation, this is the band's mellow side. No metal, no blasting,no rocking,just mellow forest, landscapeacoustic stuff.

l.P.:[:i.y:ll9*"T9"1.".r.?:.*..lilg*E*!****************** Coldseedz Completion REVIEWS All Shall Perish: The Price of Existence Nuclear Blast Records Bringstogether the sound of death metal of the grind/gore variety with some blastingand deep, guttural vocals; some technicaldeath with some melodicpassages;some chugging, but it's almost always supplementedwith soloing or cool riffing,so it definitelyfunctions.This young band is managing to keep things severelyheavy and brutal, while adding nice spicyelementsto createa cool,excitingalbum. This band'sfirst albumwas much more chugginghardcoreand chuggingdeath metal.It was heavyand all that, but it was not fun. Now, things are very different because the band is apparentlylosing its fear of expandingits grind/deathand adding hooks, including a pleasant, acoustic track called "Interlude".Nice Opeth-ishpiece in the middle of a wall of death and brutality!Or take "The Last Relapse,"for example,a surprisingclosingnumberwith some serioushooks,while still heavyas a bag of bricks.It's great to see a young band go in a more traditionaldeath/grinddirection and become a more metal band . www.aIlshaIIperish. com Ascension Theory: ;{asnzers Niohtmare Records On the one hand, these guys are making socialcommentary on politiciansand philosophy.On the other, they seem to be interestedin extraterrestrials(I could be misreading,I guess). The first song "Passionof My Heart" is a good opener and it has that combinationof prog metal and immediacy.Not pafticularly heavy, but good, nevertheless.After that, the sound moves away from metal and more into heavy rock territory.So, not reallya metal band,and the musichas an old school prog rock feel. At the same time, it's actuallynot very complex music; it's organic-sounding stuff. There is a pop sensibility at work, not unlikethe mentalityof King'sX or post70s Rush.Thereare also slow, balladysongs,which are pretty mellow.There are also unexpectedelements,as on the song "The Way of Death," which has a very modern heavy rock, even"nu metal'Lishthick riff and vocalshandledby an outside guest named BeverlyLuse,which makesthe song sounda bit out of place,which is probablyon purpose,since the band displaysa wide variety of styles,from pop rock, like the vocals ("not very metal" for sure) to heavy rock and some proggy elements. Borknaoar: Orioin CentulT Media Records 6

Makes the Traaedv Nuclear Blast Records Soilwork'sBjdrnSpeedStridseemsto be a musicalchameleon: with this he's makingvery modern-sounding rock with former BlindGuardiandrummerThomenStauch,from SavageCircus. The musichas a hard edge,but it's not metal,ratherhard rock with keyboards,sometimessoundinggoth-ish,at times gritty, even bluesy."Nothing but a Loser"is bluesyand chugging. "Five More to Fix" soundspretty modern rock, like the kind found on "Headbandgers Ball.""Reflection"is a mellow,adult contemporarynumber, not even rock. Then again, "Burning with a Shade" can be annoying with its directionless experimentation/shouting. Strange.As far as the guitar work and drumming,both are ok, but offer nothing interestingto the metal ear, as it's more basicrock stuff. www.nuclearblastusa. com

Chrome Division: Doomsdav Rock n Roll Nuclear Blast Records A friend of mine thinks this band sounds very Motorhead influenced.That's a correct assessment.Throw in some ACDC and some glam rock stylingsto round things out. There is nothingnew here, but sort of just playingpure rock. Shagrath from Dimmu Borgiris, I guess,the head honchohere. Expect no symphonicdark metal.Expectbikerrock. Downlord: Grind Trials-The Demos E.P. Open Grave Records "Grind"is in the title, so you know. Thesetwo demos(2005, 2006) offer blasting stuff for your ear-tearingpleasure.ExBenediction/Bolt Thrower growler Dave Ingram takes care of businesshere.This is some 17 minuteslong and it's a preview of the upcomingdebut this year. The one thing that is the most unique here is the guitar: the gutturalgrowlingand the blastingis what you'd expect,but the guitar is playingnotes that are usuallynot expectedin grind. I'm temptedto call it "progressive grind,"if that makessenseat all. There are solos and solo-ish riffing, which does sound a bit unusual.The recordingssound like demos: raw, dirty, nasty and to the www.openg raverecord The Eversathed: Razors of llnrest Ooen Grave Records This focusesthe death metal on the midpacewith the active double bass, along with blastingin appropriateplaces.The vocalsare pretty gutturaland have a ChuckSchuldiner/John Tardyfeel to them, kind of toftured,in pain,not just growling. The band is not pretendingto be the most innovative,but just playingold death metal.At times,there are long instrumental pafts, creating the impressionof semi-instrumental band. Createsa mosh-friendly atmosphere. .

This album was recordedin 2002. I don't know if there'sa new albumor not. Fansof lesser-known death bands that avoid any melodylike the plague,shouldbe interesting. The band'sintent is to have a crushingsound,which they do. The songsare ok, not bad, but mostlythe band just wants a wall of www.myspace. com/theeverscathed www.opengraverecord JackFrost: Out in the Cold Screaminq Ferret Wreckords Jack Frostis in, like, 567 bands,includingSevenWitches.This solo album has singerslike glam hair rockersTed Poleyand Paul Shoftino,plus others like Alan Tecchio,Neil Turbin, etc. This album is hard rock and metal, nothingtoo complex,just traditionalriffing with the expectedsolosthat Frostspecializes in. More than anything,for the diehard Jack Frost fan. Of course,with the differentvocalists,it soundsa bit mix'n'match, it vibe. but has a consistent, basic rock www. itches Heaven Shall Burn: Deaf to Our Prayers Century Media Records This band is categorizedas "metalcore,"but this is crushing, vibrant, excitingsharp thrashingthat's way up in your face. The guitarssound big, aggressiveand have hooksthat work well. The vocalsare growled,but sound pretty death metal. The only possible"hardcore"element is the occasional,brief midpacedchunkierparts,but those are done in a such a way as to complementthe songand do not soundcontrived.To call this "metalcore"is a disservicebecausethis is real metalthat's excitingand the band is positivelyon fire. For the record, no, there are no clean vocals here. This band has killed "metalcore"and metal is the better for it! If you are boredwith thrash bands and would like to hear a younger band do somethingfun and livelywith it, then this bunch is a strong, prospect. strong

www.heavensha || lnto Eternity: The Scatterina of Ashes Century Media Records This album is ridiculous!It makes evefihing work and the amount of talent and songwritingon displayhere is excellent. Some bandsmake,as the Water Boy might say,"high quality metal." That's what this is. There is nothing that can be criticizedfor being incompetentor mediocre.This bunch is a monumentto the historyof the evolutionof metal.It's all here, basically:from guitar harmoniesand good clean singing to blastingand growling and lots of shreddingand solos and high-pitched screams. With this releasethis band has outdoneitself.If you are a metallerwith littleor no boundaries,but want the music to be real metal,with no messingaroundwith weird elements, just kicking,shreddingmetal,then you will havea very difficult time findinga band with a wider spectrumand one that plays this well. Warning: high screams are present. Meliah Ragez The Deep and Dreamless Sleep Screaminq Ferret Wreckords .7

Their late BOsthrash debut Ki//to Suruivewas on a major label and the al bum got some radi o ai rpl ay. The m usic was definitelyMetallica-inspired, but playedwell and convincingly and had hooks.On thi s al bum here the debut 'slineuphas a different singer, Paul Souzo, who has a tough-guy/street metal/punk/rock style.It's kind of a shout-oriented approach. The music has some thrashing,but the overallfeel is more street metal: guitars, drums and shouting. Gang-shouted vocalsgive the albuma streetrock metalvibe. It's 36 minutes of gritty, unpolishedbrawl metal. Definitelyone for the old school of metal/rock mentality. hrage Mendeed= This War Will Last Forever Nuclear Blast Records If you avoid anythingcalled"metalcore,"you are closingyour earsto what was inevitable:it was not goingto be long before some "metalcore"bands began finding themselvesplaying musicthat is more and more metal and less hardcoresimply because"metalcore"is too limiting.A major case in point is this band! The style of screamingis hardcore/punkish and there is the occasionalchugging breakdown;however, it's metallicness and aerodynamics of the guitarsthat make this a new power thrash band. The soloingis impressiveat times. Have these guys been listening to Dragonforce?!There are black metal and power metal bits that constantly make themselvesfelt, includingsome blasting.Goes beyond the uk www.nuclea

Century Media Records Well, well, ex-Sentenced croonerVille Laihiala'snow playing guitar and crooningin this outfit he formed years ago. The musicis simple,sort of chunkyriffingwith a rockingbeat. But wait!! The songs are so memorable,yâ&#x201A;Źs, still grey, but somehowupbeat. Plus,this is not as suicidalas Sentenced, which makes it better and more mature.All that suicidetalk without any action is childish,right? (What?! Ah, forget it!) Also, it's good to hear Ville rocking again because,after Frozen,more or less, Sentencedsounded a bit boring, no? Here there is a slight goth feel, with the keys, but it's guitars, singingand drums, for sure. Also, there is a nice variety of vocals;not sure that it's on purpose,but at times the singing soundsnice, at others, kind of tormented; stlll, at others, sort of nasal,but good. The keyboardsare not "symphonic,"but grey-mood enhancers. Primitive Graven lmaqez Hellish Fiourines Open Grave Records This is the band'ssummerof 2006 demo and it's a taste of their upcomingdebut to come out this year. Thesefive songs (after an intro) specialize in early-style,raw black metal. Yes, this does sound cavernous!Good stuff! There are blasting moments,midpacedmoments and doom pafts, but it's not about playing fast or slowly, it's about creating a mood of (surprise, surprise!) primitive darkness and cold. It's unexpectedthat there are such hooks in these songs (but no melody).You'lldefinitelynoticethe feel of the first two Venom

albums,Hellhammer,the first two Sodomand the first three Bathory. You know, that feel, that energy. people will categorizethis as old school black metar and probablywill make referenceto Darkthroneand the first Burzum.However, I detect no hardcoreleaningson here, unrike DarKhrone. www.pgimetal.comww\^/ www.opengraverecord Tercorizer: Darker Days Ahead Century Media Records After the quick intro, this work gets to the thrashingand blasting pretty quickly.The speed switchesbetween a faster paced rhythm with fast double kick and blasting. pete sandovaldoes what he does, though here it's more straight fonarardthan on MorbidAngel.Jessepintadoguitar sound is pretty downtuned, more so than on world Downfall. Anthony Rezhawkis the growler and he does sound crusty, punky, not too dissimilarto oscar Garcia.Rezhawkdoes an appropriate job and fits the music.Tony Norman,who has done work with MorbidAngel,playsbass. Overall,definitelya blastinggood time that sounds crusty and raw, lesspolishedthan world Downfall.It soundsa bit like a project,not a full working band. Mr. sandovarcan probablyrecordalbumslike this in a few days,as he does not sound like he is pushinghimselftoo much,iust playinglike a blastingmaniac.This is not excellent,but it's a good blasting time. Thereare ten full songshere and onry one hits the fourminutemark; the rest stay arounda three and a half average; an intro, an outro, a rerecordingof ..Dead Shall Rise.,,

fans will recognizethe similarityin the vocars,as weil as some musicalinspiration. That'snot a bad thing, right? This is prog, but it's twisted,tortured,unlikea band like DreamTheater.There'sa psychological feel to the music, makingit sounda bit perturbed.Likethe band,mentallyis not "all there,"like maybe"they needhelp,"which is the betterfor the audience,since happy peoplewould probablynot make this type of music.It's possiblethat the band,sminds are at peace,but you wouldn'tknow from this album.By the way, it,s not depressingmusic, either. Seriously!Oh, they are from Greece.I don't know that that explainsanything,but thereyou go.www.lasercd.comwww.wastefal

I inter/re/views: mauricio,theoutcastzi]

Warmachinez The Beginnino of the End Niqhtmare Records The vocalsare the drivingforcein this heavymetaralbum.The music depends on straight ahead riffing and drumming, punctuatedwith guitar solos. The guitar work, as a bud of mine pointedout, is simpleriffing.The vocarsmakethis sound pretty melodic.At the same time, after a few plays,you hear all there is to be heard, probably because,except for the vocals,this is just too simplisticand basic.There are some good moments here, for sure, and not bad by any stretch of the imagination,but the drummingand the riffs need to be spicedup to makethis truly Wastefall: Self Exile Sensory Records/ Laserrs Edoe Lots of rhythm changes,time changes,drumming that often sounds like soloing, some dissonant riffs, midrange sung, screamed,psychoticand anguishedvocals, in addition, to some world music moments,acousticmoments.Is your nose bleedingyet? well, this is not as crazy as the description makes it sound. I'm not making it sound crazy on purpose. Thoseare the elementsin the music.Nonetheress, in truth, the compositions are cohesiveand memorable,but within a dark, progressive-traditional metal context. For sure, not for those demanding"dumbed down metal". yes, this does sound like the musicianscould be graduatestudentsor just plain music nerds. "Twisted adult contemporary progressive metal,, I believeis a good description.By the way, pain of salvation 8


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