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Dark Medieval Fortress



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Discipline Misanthropy Get it done yourself and don't wait for validation from some record company shmuck is the moral story of Discipline Misanthropy (Austria), which is why they decided to release their fireblasting black/death metal debut Zerogod.It has both a real black metal as well as death metal feeling, resulting in an impressive, well done full-length cd that sounds serious, professional and skillful. As you can read here, they keep the music going regardless of metal press attention or not as they explain a bit about what life for a black/death metal in Austria. disciplinem Wlmt tltingslnae lrou rlone in support of trour nlbunt "ZeroSod"? possiblebecnuse of our jobs. But we try to get in contactwith quite n lot of nmgazinesand fanzines and ue promote our cd nt nrctnl concerts. You hnae releasedtlrc cd yourselaes. Hnue you not .found nrr nppropintelnbel?Are NuclenrBlsst or Century Media nppropiate not? or you for We'ueworkedon Zero God for a pretty long tinte, becausetlrcreutss n clwrye in ottr lbrc-upnnd ute lutd n coupleof otlrcrproblenrczuitlt After recordingtlrc cd, utejttst tlrcuglft not our fonner bnndnrcnrbers. to n:nstenny mlre tinrc in order to lookfor nrl apprlprinte Inbelmtd so ue decidedto releasetlrc cd by ourselaes.Moreoaerit is difficult for Austrian bands to get a record denl And especinllylarge Inbelslike Nuclear Blnstuse to sign only thosebands,uilich tlrcy think theyft nninstrennt. tlrc of taste irt the

bsrtds- rulticltundernines tlrc charncterof Austrian societyat lenstitt oTtiniotts. our Do ltou tlthtk tlrcreis too strong n religiousinJluenceuhere you liue? It dependson uilrcreyou liae. lf you liae in a city, theRonmn-Cntlrclic Churclt has lost nnst of its porr)ernnd nrostof thepeople(exceptof the older ones)don't really seemto cnreabout religion any nnre. Maybe the dffirent religions of the ntigrants haaealso lrclpedto wenkenthe positionof tlrc Church.But in the rurnl nrensof Austria therenre still Cfuistinns. lot tf quite a Your song "Thresholdto Hysterin"soundspretU blncknrctnl,uilile "Aslrcs to Fire" or "Prepnring for tlrc Fall" lmae sonrcnnre dentlt metnl aocals,but also blnck ntetal guitar work. Hout ensy is it to confuinedeathnrctaland blnckrrrctnl? We don't renlly carecrboutdffirent genres,we just plny sontekind of extrente ntetnl. We utnnt to try to contbine dffirent genres,for exnrnpleute try to nix our sound utith Bay Area thrashnrctnl wlriclt isn't typicalfor blacknnd deathnrctnlnt nll. Moreouerzur ntusic is influencedby quite a wide range of (ntetnl, clnssicaland industrinl) styles. Hotu hnae nrctnl nudiencesin Austris reactedto your nlburrt?? Tlrcrenre not nnny nrctnlnmgnzhrcs in Austrin, ntostof theAustrimt nrctnl lrcndsnre rentling Gerumn nragnzinesor fnnzirtes.Tlrc lntest issuesof tlrc mnjonty of tlrc nmgnzineswe hnuesent ottr cd to reuieto to hnuenot yet beenpublislrcd.But a coupleof online rertiewshaae just been relensed and they rnted our nlbum fnirly good.

ln tlrc neus there sontereports of nntionnlistsand fnscistsSnining strcngtltin Austrin. bnsicnllyprontotingrncism.Do you think thnl Sontepeoplesay bandslmue so nmny specisleffectson the aocalsor there is n lot o.f racisrn in Austria ngainst Muslinrc, Africnns or like making tlrc drunts that nobodvreally knoarcwhat is specialef,fects, genernl? in intntigrnnts cnse? is your Whnt etc. sounds fsster, drunts Of coursethereis racismin Austrin just like in any otlrcrcountry of At tlrc onehand it definitely is n problernif eaerybodyusesconrputers, tlrc zoorld.And it is true ns well thnt thereis a rigltt-utingpnrty in is lhited for hislrcr ntusic,but we don't think thnt this plrcnontenon Austria, tlnt enjoys utide acceptnnceand nlso npproaal. But the to tlrc nrctalscene.Just look at the pop tttusic scene:Hardly arry of tlrc systemin Austrin dffirs contpletely from the onein Anrcrica. singersdoesrrot use any efect to chnngetlrc sound of ltislter uoice. Ttolitical Wlrcrens tlrcre are just truo politicnl pnrties (Denrccrnts md Bttt computershnaepoiitiae fficts on the nrusic sceneas w9II,fo1 Republicans)in Anrcrica, tlrcre are a couple of dffirent pnrties in zoorking ruith tlrcm is inexpensiae.We recorded "Zerogod" zuitlt Austria snd tlrc rigltt-ruingparty is jttst one of tlrcm.PIus: They nre Cubnsi SX and we didn't use any special teclmologyto clmngetlrc not the goueming pnrty - tlrc Austrian goaernntentconsistsof tlrc aoiceexceptof sonteechoeffects.Once Tlnrn did ltis aocsls througl.t socinl denrccratic party people's party. tlrc nnd tlrc distoriionpedaland tlrc rest of tlrc aocnlsnre oaerdubs.we didn't usennythirtgto ntnketlrcdruntssoundfaster,but we useda kickdrunt Your lyrics ttre nrctnl lyrics nboutuiolencennd killing. Would you snlr utlrcnyou nclieue a certnin speed(ouer200 triggei. Thit wns becnuse sepryqteli,fe?Are tlrc lyrics mt nrtistic representntion you hnteyour bptrr)the kickdrumsoundsn Iittle urdffirentinted utitltout n trigger. oTtn - ,life? your t,ictp hotu' ltou ,fron 'ltt lyrics. We nre our opinionextrenrcnrctnlgoesnlongroith extrenLe "Llttmnsktlrc Hypocrite"prouidesnn exnnryIeof uhnt yott cortsider notn nrctnlcore bandutith butterfly tnttoostJnt tlinks beiltgnttrnctiue the tnusic. business? is tlrcnost inrportnntthing in tlrcutorldand tlnt doesn'treallygiuen lylpocritesT in dishonesty. ls- it nt Ttrclyrici of "Llnntnsktlrc Hypocrite"are not aboutrttusicbusiness slit nbout its trtusic.Euery bnnd soundsidentical,euentlrc lyrics nrc nll, but especittllytrent tlrc hypocriticnl belmuiourof the unrious sinilnr nnd the only tling thnt counts tlrcmis nmkingnrcney.We for tlrc religiottsgr,ups.-lt's abortt renlisittgthis lrypocrisynnd reaenling ntninstrenn! tlrc piss in nrcans. nny t\l trutlt Whnt doestlrc.futurehold,for DisciplineM7 ! Will you be plqying irl Wherediti rtou getbonfuerplosionfor tlrc coaerof the nlbwn? Whnt thosesnnnrcrfestiunlstheu luraein Europe?Tlwe seenrto be n lot! scennrio for tlrc center o.f tlrc booklet? nbout thJi6iy n lot of irctal festiaals tttkeplncein Europe- and especiallyirtQuite ftte claer consistsbfn cottpleof dffirent pictures of mtclear tests.Tlte Gemrmty.Butzuenie not plnnning to plny arryfestiunlshutts.But of '|st scennrioin tlrc cenier of our bookletslrcutsn defenceline from the coLtrse neuJs zoill be relensed 0n tttyspnce fttryy,---lASrys9, uith tlrc bnrbeduire utorldutnrin Frnnce.We like the cold ntutros1tlrcre END. THE zuar. ylfjtt'rli""D the border tf in ttul, split tlrc Imd utliclt Concrete Force Concrete Force (Greece) has a very sharp, clear thrash guitar Yort use tlrc uord rnisnntfuopy. Whnt does nrcnn to -yott? -Minnthropy tone, creating the impression of riffs building on each other, ilreans hatred of the hunnn race 1N GENERAL, propcllcd bylorward motion. The classicthrash guitar tone of especinllyoi thosepeople,wlrc don't hnaean mtn opinion and of tl1o2e the Bay Area/California is appreciated by Concrete Force. beliefs. otlrcrpeopleof therepoliticnlor,.religious uirc try"to"conain'ce Mentnl Enforcers is a full album financecl by the band' Jim Btft nrisnntlvopydefinitelyis NOT nbout betngrenlly soreruith mty (guitar/bass/vocals), currently il the Greek army, explains his etlic) (religiorts or certnbr Sroup' drive to keep making music in spite of the difficulties. The music on the cd is classic thrash style all the way, with shreclding and hooks and energetic rhythms form-ing the tlings abottt Austrinn society dp yo\. lnte?. WImt backbone of their souncl. nnd ns stubbom genernl in be chnrncterised ftte Austnni societycmt plis: nrctal Therenre only n fau seriousAttstrinn nnrruu-nirttled.

Whnt things hnae you achieaed since Merftal Enforcers? Few things hnuehappeneddttring tlte last nrcntlrc.Tlrcfact that I 'ttt in the nrnry since Inst May (and utill be until tlis May) has beentt seriousdrmubackin our effortsto distributeour cd, senrchfor labels etc.Houtcuer, tlc'uclnd sitrtcgoodcriticssoftr ntrclit sccttts tltntn lot of peoplelike our nrusic.Tltis is renlly grent md giaesus tlrc uill to continue! I hope fhnf Mental Enforcers will be aanilablefor nll nrctalhendsaery soon! Right noro, we are utorking on nel.{)nmterinl. Houtlong did it tnketo recordtlrcnlbuni Houtexpensiae runsit? And lrcut IS tlrc scene ltI Atlrcns? Tlrc recordings stnrted in 2007 and finislrcd, nfter sonrc brenks befuteen, in enrly 2008 nt rny ltonrcstudio. I guessthnt recordingntl nlbum in Greeceis ns eiltetrsiuens cuennolrcre else.Actunlht thereis quitenbig netnl scenenrid lotsoffolluuirs in Atlrcnsnntl ge"nernlly in Greece.l'rn surernostof nLetnl fnns nrefnnilinr utith nctslike Rottirtg Christ, Niglftfnll nnd SepticFlesh.Also, eaery tlrrnshfnn shouldclrcck bnnds like Suicidnl Angels, Reuenge,RelensedAnger, Conaixion, StennrrollerAssnult, Verdict Denied nnd Skullfnce.And no, ll)e hnaen't plnyed sltuus yet. ntly liae

continue.Tlrcrehns beensonrcinterestfrorn a 'few lsbelsso far. but notling great to ritention. Whnt else utould you like to nrcntion?! I wttnt to thutk eaerylne utho luts supportedus sofar. Visit our site on ntyspnceto listen to our tracksnnd readour Intestnews.Support tlrcnusic you loue.Thrnshtill thedenth!! THE END. Hautakumpu While it is true that somc former black metal bands keep getting weirder and weirder, turning into normal rock bands or space or techno rock, it is certainly encouraging to hear a band like Hautakumpu (Finland), which has recently recorded Lludert Ajnn Antto and it is a straight-up, barbed-wire, classic-stylecl black rnetal assault. The lyrics are all in Finnish, so here they explain the icleasfor their storics. In addition, they were patient and answered some unexpected questions. Sasu "Lord Frosthor" Savolainen (guitars) answers questions here, except the last question, which is answered by Patrik "Thc Hell" Kuitunen (drurns). The bancl's new vocalist is Harri "Panzertcrror" Kankaanpii2iand new guitarist Sami "Fericious" Ikonen. hautakumpu

Recentlltpeoplelmoedenrcnstrnted o.f ngninstthegoaernnrcntbecnuse tlrc policebrutnli4t tlnt k:illedn young nrsn. Do tlrc dernonstrntiorts reflectn bigger dissntisfnctionruith the genernlstnte of tlrc econon4r Hello. lrczunre tlings goittg roith Uuden Ajan Aatto? Do yott lmue nnd socieU for r.uorkers,,fnnners atd youtlt itt Creece? other bntds tlmt nre uou inaolued in? Of coursetlrcreis a disnffectiortroitlt tlrc gcnernlstnte of tlrc econonry nrd society.Tlittgs nregettittglr)orsedny by dny.And rrctjust in nry tlrcfeedbnckthnt ute'ttegot from trndersnnd distros. Tlrcre Ims country, tlris is n globnl plrcnortrctton. TlLenrurder of n l\-yenr old from beenn clmngein line-up,uocnlistnnd bnssistCount Nntlmslms left resultedin denrcnstrntiotts ud riots. Tlrc opinion thnt tlrcy utere the bnnd due to lack of intrest tuunrds tlrc bnnd. We Imae neu relntedto tlrc genernldisnffectionis uilnt the nrcdinsnidfronL tlrc aery aocnlist,Pnnzerterror. Uuden Ajan Aatto zunstltefirst Hnutnkunrpu dny. This is nlso could be correct to nn extent. Houteaer, tlrcre ftrst recording.BeforeHnutnkunrpu ute lmae plnyed in n coupleof otlrcr politicsthnt liesbehinduthntlnppened.And, urtfortunately,thereutns wtnll projectszuithdifferentnrusicstyles.Pntrik still plnysdrunts in n a nuntberof peopleutho tried to benefitfront the situatiort by stenling, tlmnshnrctnl bnnd Thrnslderl (ttttp:ttzuruu.nry Iooting, buning nnd destroyirtg euerytltirtg. The nrcre tlrc '17 Frostlrcr is 21 and Pntrik ttrrns tlis yenr. dissntisfnctiut grous tlrennre incidentslike this zuill tnkeplncein tlrc ftture. Wltntnreyottr gonlsforIIrcfrtrtre? Plnyittglittc?Gcttingsigtcd to n jobs lnbcl? Whnt lmut? of do Wpcs lrott ln your cd bookletyou nrcntionnlntostonllt tlrnsh nLetnlbnnds.Do Well thenext tltirtgon oltr ninds is tlrcsecortdrecording,zuithnt lenst you not like denthntetnl thnt cnne nfler 7990 ntd blncknrctnl.too? 7 songs.We lnaett't renlly decidednboutplnying liue, I nryselftlon't Hoztt did t discouer nll thnt B)s tlrnslt?!! renlly enjoy thnt ntuch nttention, I prefer to wntclt the sltout tlmrt We nentionedonly tlrcbandstlmt hnuenctunllyinfluencedour ntusic, playing on tlrc stage.Yes,in thrc I think tlrcreis tlrc possibilitytlnt tlnt's uthyyou seenlnrcstortly tlrrnsltbnndsthere!I'rn not renllyirrto rue stnrt lookingfor n lnbel, but for nau) u)e cottcentrnteon just denthnnd blncknrctnl,htt thereare a lot of grent butds tlnt I respect. rehenrsing, nnking denros nnd nmterinl. utriting Horodid I discouernll tlnt 80's thrnsh?I renrcnfuer n long tiue ngo I nnt n youtlr roorkernt n youth center in Vnntna,tlnugh I lnae hmging ottt ruithfriends nnd listeningto " Shoustto nrcrcy", " Bonded educntion of m electricinn. Patrik is a ligh school student. by blood", " Endlesspain" nrd otlrcrokl schoolsfuff. So it utnsnnre like "Hey, tlis is fucktng au)esltlrc, Iet'sfind ntorelike tlis!" Lnter,I Whnt 4tpe qf equipnrcnt did ltou use to record your songs? renlisedtlmt ntastlrc kind of nrusicI wnnted to zuite, nnd the rest is Uuden Ajan Aatto is tt'100% DIY recordingnnd wns recordedin listory! tuto sessiorts tlmt tooknbout 1 dry eoch.First wns in Decenfuer 2008 nt our relrcnrshnlplncc,urlrcrerui nrrmged Nnthnseslyrics for the 5 sortg? Do you plny dnmrs? Do you plny pimrc on one sortgsI lnd nmde nnd recordedguitnrs, bnss md uocnls.Secortd No, I don't perfomrdrunrcon thenlbunr.My dnrm skillsnrenutful,so sessiottutns in lnnunry 2009 utlrcn rue utent to Pntrik's plnce mtd I had to use n drunt nncline. I plny rhythm nnd bnssguitnrs nnd recordeddrunrcfor tlrcse5 sottgsnnd sent tlrc recordingto Cotutt keybonrd ns I plny hmdle nll tlrc uocnls.Tlrcre is nlso n part uthere Nntlmsulrc nixed tlrc uthole tling nt his honrc.We used n Boss utell. digitnl-8-trnckrecordernrd its outrt digitnl nnry sinrulntiottstoitlt guitnr nnd bnss, so u)e didrlt need aty real nnrps. Drunrc utere Do you ntrite tlrc songs nlone or in collnborationruith Nick? recordcdin n bit lnste (sessiort tooknbout ttuolrcurs),and you renlly Nlck ls n grentfriend nnd nn nnmzingguitnrist. We met eight ycnrs cnn lrcnr it front tlte recording.We used 4 nicroplronesto recordtlrc into tlrnslq I sny he is totally ago tlvough a conmrcn tuouldn't friend. drunts. but uilrcn he stnrts shreddingIrc goesfrenzy! Most of tlrc sottgsitt Mental Enforcers roere utritten by nte, uitlrctrt lris collnborntiort, Hotu is your rnusic receiued itt your tuurt, ciU or region? exceptfor tlrc instrunrcntnl ottes nnd especinlly" A Journey into Well roe'aegot quite positiaecritic front the peoplezultodig'renl' lnfinity". nrctnl,but tlrcn tlrcre'stlrc pcopleutlrcjttst ccut'tuttderstnndit. Tlrcre aretl't too nmrtyfttnsfor tlis kind of old school-style blncknrctnlin tlrc long tentr? Wlmt rtre vortr fithtre plmts for our toTLnt, ulrich is s slttuneI tlrink. We lutuebeentrnding detrrcszuitlt This is renlly hnrd to tell riglt nuu. I dort't knuu lrcut tlings utill trnders, distros utd n couple of zines (including yours of course) tinrc. utork ortt itt tlrcftture. It dependsoil our nroodnnd otrr spnre tltouglr. worldtuide Whnt I can say is that tlrcre is still crentiuihl rtnd zle are enger to

Cnn you pLense cxplnin the lyrics. ls thercnn irienthnt connectstlrcm? AII tlrc lyrics roerezurittenby Count Nntlms.Uuclen Aian Aatto trnnslntesto'Eae of n nau ngi' irt teltsnfictionnl tnlein n clvonologicnlorder, stnrting from the time When Tlrc Mountnins Were Still Yourtg(Vuorten uielriollessnnuorin) to tlrc Eae Of A Neut Age nnd tlrcn there'stlrc First Stonn Of The Etemnl Winter (lkitnluen EnsintnrriirtenMyrsky) nnrl nfter tlnt tlrc ending, Tlrc Rtins Of Tlry Tenrples(Tern\tpeleidenne Rnuniot).TIrcfirst trick is jttst n pritlogle tlmt snys " Motlrcr enrth bntlrcsin Christinn bloorl.-The stenclt of slmrghteris eaenythere.Monning md dcnth echoesin the toirtd. Th"e nbsofutenrightnnd pouterof Sntnn." Theiden to sing in Finnishcnnrc nlsofront Nnthns,tltough I wnnted to inclutle Englistt songstoo on tlrc recording.Bttt ute cnnrcto n decisiontlrnf uuden Ajan Aatto zuill be xtng in Finnislt becnuseof tlrc concepttlmnc. Tlrcrc is tlrc 'possibitity tf songs zuritten in English in tlte futr.rri.

suppor.tnny rncist nctionsor idens,tlrcugh I listen n coupleof blnck ntctnlbmttlsuthoselyrics support.fncistidiologies.But I u'nnt io ntnke clenr thnt Hnutnkumprtis rtot n rncisticnor-n politicnlbnnd in runl 70ny. ls tlrcr! is rncism nnd intolernncetorunrdsinmigrnnts in Finlnnd? Yes, tlrcre is. Btrt there is nlso tlrc problentruitll the cinrc rnteso.f inmigrnnts.Tlis is n rytitc ctrrrutt'qucstiort irt Finlmulnnd zoeruiil not corttntent on it otly lur npologies. furtlrcr,

Do yott think sornepeoplein Finlnnd .feel tlrentenedzuhenGeorgin zons inunded Russin recent4t? Pntrik:t ni utltoleAnti-Rttssian nroaenrcnttlrcsepnst decndes-ltmte beenrcnlly r-idiculous front nry Ttoitttof uicu,. It is not tlrc peoplcof tlrc Russiair fcderntiottrtlto nre rcsporLsible for nlL tlnt lnppenedbihueenRrssin whnt ltott ruouldlike to intproue,ns.fnrtlrc sound?on the title truck nnd Georginbut tlrc RrtssinngouernnrcLtt tohicltlns n dnrklistonl. Of one cm lrcnr tlrc bnss Coursens Rttssimts guitnr pretty well! nciglrbourssonrcof Finnslmtetlrcmnnrisoni lozic I nnt quiteplenserl lrczotlrc ouernllsoundcnnreout, ttrtdtlie clnrifu of thmr. Finlnnd hns n aery goodpoliticnLrelntionslrip uitlt Rrrssinso i tlrc bnssis oneof tlrc rensons.l'rrtpLenscdtuitlt tlrc dnmts sourd-nlso feel thnt70cnre in no dmtgerrulttttso caer.TlrcEcononticsihtntiortitr becmtse zoedidn't usc tltnt ntuclttitrtein senrchhtgtlrc sotmd.I tlink Russinis rulmt it is, htt ns stntcdbeforethis butri is not tnking nry tl.tegritnr trnckis nbit tootlin nnd contpressed tolny tnste,btrt I gnue s_l_tots nt politicsor nnytling relnted. THE END. tlrcfrll responsibilityof nixing to Nntlns so utlrcnht I to blmre. ort tl.tcnext recordinguteuton't ncceptso nnny flnzls as on UudenAjnn Dark Medieval Fortress Antto nnd we ruill concentrnte nroreon to tlrcplnying - nnd try to ieep Necromaniac and Evisccrator took some time out of thcir busy gttitnrs mtd bnss irt tenryo roith tlrc drunrc. s_checlule of cligging graves to answer somc qucstions about digging gravcs ancl other advcntures in the. life of Dark nlnny guitnrs nre used in the recording?ls it just oneguitnr? | ,Q,zu "drunr Mcdieval Fortrcss (Greece)in order to cxplain their black mctal wlnt do you tlink nborttblncknrctnlbnndstlnt use nrnihines? art in the island of Crcte. They apologize for their bad English, hnuc Do at opinion? but they ltott shouldn't becauseI don't care about good English,just tlrcre'sonly one guitnr rtscdruitlt ttoo'sligtttly T?-!,,Vr.utderstnndittg different.nrixes on.ttuo trncks. I perionnlly don't lnae nrrylltittg good mc'tal. Good English and thc goocl Englischcrsian go to ngnitrctdrunrc mnclilnes,if I renrcrnbercorrbctltl ute ourselaeszuere towngoat malicious bay now and stay therc for no return kincl. At any rate, this band's stylc clearly goes for a real black mctal cottstrl.crirtg it nt sottrcpoitit but tlrcn Pntrik ngric,l to plny rlrttnrsfor sound, while the songs back up their attitucle of the black mctal tts. Tlrcre nre ttmny grent bnrLrlstlmt lnue uied druni rnhctines (for etnnrple Burzunr nnd Bnttrcry). art. Plus, you'll be cvc.nlnore irnpre'sscdonce you find out whcr the members of Dark Meclieval Fortrcss actually are and what rnotivatesthem. clnQsified ns ltnrt of tlrc Finno-Ugric group o! Firutislris sonrctinrcs L,ng,tngr:nt4 thry.tnlt tlrnt it it ,rlntr,l-to Etto,tiir, 6it i.fliiliil o( lrcnr nrt nnd nreblncknrctnlpeopleliking it? Wlrlt is lrQurblncknretnL Fstolimr,,.for exnmple,cnn you tmrlcrstmd nnytling? Whni Dnrk McdiettnlFortresszunsfonnednt the venr 2008.we stnrtedns n gbout tlrc Sn,,i ln tgungrt in Fiirlnrd? Arc Fi,trriih ii,l Sr,,i (Eztiscerntor cou.ple is n girlbrtt thertzuerenlisedthnt ruehnuen lot of I_nltglnges rclnted ns ns know? fnr !,otr conrnloltin ntusic nnd tlrc snnreinfluencesso ute decidedto nnke n I lmd to mnkesonreresenrcltfor tlii one. Hrmgnry ind Estarinn nre tl:e ttLto ourfeelingsnnd express Ffuno-lJgric lnngu ngesbisirlesFinnislt. Beyonrl bmd ud crentenrusictlnt sntisfies our {urger .trtost_spoken hnaefor nmtly rensons.'Fortunitely tlrc Finlnnd-Rtrssinn borderii Tuer iegion therenre nbout 'r0d 000 tlmt,z.ue fnding n studio zonsnot u peopleutltospenkKnrelinnlnngtnge (Knrjnlnin Finnisl). Tlrcn tlrcre's problentfor us becnuseNecrontnninc lms oirc in trisltouse.we nre in contnctzuitlt blacknrctnLpeoplelrcrein Greece.Most of tlrcm,like orr otlyr aery snnll groups beyondthe ensternborderruhospenkFinnislr zt.crynrrtclt.At lenstthnt's rohnt tltry ttll us. Alsopcopletolto relntc.dInngunges.Lnngmges like Lyydi, vepsrinttd rnkeroinenhnue nrtrs-ic prefer di.fferentkinds of ntetnl lmuc n rery gootlopirtion'nbtorttour togetlrcrnbout 12 000 spenkcrs.Tliic nre 10 different typcs of snni Inngunges zultichnrostspokenis tlrc northernsniii ruitlt"nborft"-lg 000 songs nnd support us aery nruclil Llnfortwtntelywe hnuen,t ttrty -.,35000 spe.nkers. And yes, Smtriis pnrt of Finnislt-Ugricgrortp,so sugge.stiorts for interuie'rusor reaiantsin our country but zoe git nrcrrtiorrcd they nre relnted. Tlrcrc-nrc tttnnv courrnortzoorcisii piritisti nnd in nrctnlzinesin otlrcrcourttries.we hopeih thefuhtri to Estoninn,so I cnrturtdcrstnrtd lrcre. n bii ulmt tlrcynresnyirtgbtrt it sotttttls get nrcntionedin nrctnlnrngazines Iikc n fnst sTtokendrunknrd nccent of ?innislt" iri nry opinion. doesuocnls.Does he pln! or progrnm drunrc? Wlmt Necrorynnigc_ qboutbnss?ls it dishonestto not sny You ,use Thor's lmnnner. Were belie.fszuitlt Tlnr and Odin of tlrc it's-ndrum niclrirte? -tlrc Yes, hdeed Necronmrinc does ptoplrt ,ulrotp,ok,nrrrirrt Firrrritl,(o, ln gungrt ,orrti,l.irrdEiririrlr\ aocnls tlrc drurtt nnd bnss progannttirtg.He doestt't plny druttLsor bass,but lrc knoutsgood os opposed to, nnm Inngnges? , lrcut to use tlrc drunt nmchine.lf zuehndn,t got the irunr To be ernct, tlnt is t!,t t, . ntncltinewe r.uoukJbe nble to hnue n bnnd becnusethi{is sonrctling orglzoiki/Llkonunsnrn). ukko utns tlrc god of tlmnder in tlrc nnciutt tlt.ntye.renlly like so zueutould saaenrcneyto buy rlrunts.Actunlli Firut.isltntythologylike Thor in Norse-ntytliology.TlrcrerLteren'tone single religion/beliefin tlrc nren of Finlnhd. seliefs unried depencling it's dislrcnestntlrcn bmtdsuse n drum mncline bitt do not nrcntioit tlnt in tlrc cd not only for tlrc people tlmt listen to tlrcm, brtt on tlrc region nnd in tinti. Ttoint -for thenrc.elfes too. After nll it's not n'slmtrc if so'nreone usesn clritnr finclnne. Hnaeyolt lrcnrd blnck metnl,from tlrc Ll.s.? Also zuhntdo yorr ilink qbput bnndt tl.rnt ut, ilrri, n,uti, @ Uow nnny Suitars l hnuef t rt Ott tlrc cd nll songs hnue bcen plnyed zoith onc only gitnr. bnndslike von, Abxt, Blnck Funernlnnd ludns Iscnriot.we io not

Is it difficult to irt yortr countryT fLnd jobs We haaen'tgotjobs becnuse utelmaen'tfinislrcdschoolyet. Tlis is our lnst yenr,but yesit is dfficult tof.nd a goodjob lrcrein Greecebecause thereqre n lot of econonrical problentsnnd of coursea goodjob requires ntnny skills. You haae only truo nrcnfuers. ls this problem for liae? We haaen'tplnyedliue yet, of courseit is tt problentthat ue hnueonly two nrcntbers, but it is hnrd enougltfor us tofind nrcntbers in Chnnia. ln tlrcfufure, uthenwe finish scltooland leaaefrom lrcre,zoelrcpeto nrcnbers. lt won't dfficult anynrcre. be so find ls it betterto stnyindependent to nnke tlrcnrusicltou unntT We nrenot rendyto sigtt to n recortlconryanyyet.Asyou sniduteunnt to ntnkethe rmrsictlnt zoezuant,rr)eilre uery excitednboutuilmt we nre doing sofor tnrl rle utnnt to be independent,utithout nrty lirnits. Sornedny uhen uteare rendyruewill lookfor a recordconryanybut we renlly don't cnrenbout tlrc ntoneynnd success. Mttsic is expression! It's n uny of liuing! Music is so necessary as brentling. It's not a zt)ny ,f nnking rtrcney! Horo do lton think your blncknrctnl uocnlscnn inryroae?Do you like tlrc di,fferentsUles of De Mysteriis Dont Sathanas or do lrou prefer the nrcre bnsic. one-s4tle of A Blaze in the Northern Sky? Well Necrontainc'suocnlscmt hnprouein tlrcftture, first of ttll ruitlt Iessbeersnnd nranyhours of prnctice!Eaerypersonutlrc doesaocnls nust lmae pnssion mtd good il{luences. " De Mysteriis Dorrr Sntlmnns"ottd " A Blazein tlrc Notlrcrn Sl<11" nre bothgretttalbuns! Dnrktlrorrcnnd Mmlrcnt are tuto of our fnaouritebnndsin tlrc blnck nrctnlscene!" A Bl"nzein tlrc NoilTerniku" lms tlrc clnssicshie of blncknrctnl,wltich rue renlly adnire nttclreipect. "De Mysteriis"Dotit Sntlnnns" is strnngc,unique nnd eail. We renlly like tlrc different tlis nlbunt. styles tlnt tlrcy use, not only otl Doesreligionplnlr m inryortmttpnrt .for peoplezuhereltou liae? Do you hnae problenLsroith the nutlrcrities?Wlrcredid you tnke tlrc pltotos? Religionis uery hnportarLt for n lot of peol:lein greece.Tlrc clurclt effcctspeoplesontetinrcswlmt they take serious dicissiottsfor tlrcir so utedon't tlink life,butnlsoa big truntbcrof peoplenre nonbelieaers doesn'tbelieaeitt God nnd sny tlnt irt thnt it's so big denlif soilrcone public. For nsu u)eneaerlmd problenrcwith tlrc religiousnutlnrities nltlrcughutedott't belieaein nll that crnp! Most of nll we lmtepriests! tlrcy'retrying tofil our nrhds ruith Codtnlesnnd sltit! We just unnt their heads snmshed.For tlrc plntos of our denrc ute zuent to Necronmninc's lrcuse.We found n renlly gooLlspot ntith treesnnd stuff. We ruantedthe ntntosplrcreof our plntos to be dnrk ard euil. We tltis. sLtccedcd Ircpe u)e Were you born in ClmninT Wlnt's life like tlrcrefor you? Do you trnuelto tlrc nnitilnnd o.fGreece?Tlrcrenre n lot ntountninsin Crete, correctTDo you spendn lot o.ftinrcin tlrcnrctmtnins? Yes, ute lmue borned in Clmrtin. Ltfe here for us sucks! Tlrcre is notling interestirtgto do nnd notling interestittgto see...Noconcerts tnkeplacefu lrcreexceTttRotting Clrist, Anatlrcnrsand PnrndiseLost brtt zuedon't cnrenbout tlrc lnst truo bnnds.Of courserue trnael to Atlrcns aery often. Tltinks tlrcre,are nruclr better tlnn lrcre! First of nll, alnrcsteuerydny n concerttnkesplace,utehnaen grent tinrc tlrcre! Necronnninc'sbrotlrcr,Botis, liae in Atlrcns so eaery thne zue80 u)e stttywith lu'nL.Yes,you are right, tlrcreare n lot of nrcuntnirrcin Crete bti zoedon't spendn lot of tinrc tlrcrealtlrougltwe knozulrcutbenutiftl nrein urinter!We uould preferto spentour tinrcin snowyforeststlnt Crete.. irt not eilst do unforhmntely Whnt nreyou fttuoritenrctnlbnndsfront Greece from tlrc enrly dnys?.lQ it true thit bandslike lced Esrth nrepopulnr?Are tlrcy on tlrc rndio? Wlmt aboutRottingClrist?

We renlly like Rotting Clrist! ute belieaethnt it's a aery good band, plus utehnaea lot of menrciesbecnuse it is oneof thefirst blackntetal bnndsthat zue'aelrcnrd.lced Esrth are aery populnr"inour country, ute knou that becnusein tlrcir concertsin Greecethereis crowdedof peoplennd of courseu)e'uelrcardn lot of tinrcstheir songsin tlrc rndio. TJrc sailrc ns Rotting Christ. conmrcnts?

Well ute utnnt to apologisefor our Englislt..theysuck and ute knout tlmt..rexe... THE END. Cathis Ord C"tt ir Ota 1U.K.)has a very impressive, ambitious sound that is skillful and casy to remember, despite the fact that the songs are sorne 10 minutes long. The sound is catchy, but sombcr. This ls very well done and sounds very mature, showing that the person behind all this, James Russell, has a whole trajectory worked out. It's big-idea metal. Therc is an honesty ancl creativity to this skillful catchy but somber metal with good, growlecl vocals. It's very difficult to believe that something this goocl can be created by someone with not many expensive resources, as here. explains James cathisord Hi! Yottr ccl sormclslike n lot of lnrcl zuorkntul rierlicntion!Wlutt's ruitlt ttott? Hey Mmtricio, firstly tlmnksfor the interuierLt,it's renlly apTtrecinted! Curretftly I'n quietly utorkingorunyon idensfor n fortltconLingEP, zolticltslrouldltopeftlly be out by tlrcend of tlis yenr/enrly20'10.Tlrc dentolms got sotnedecertterposuretlrouglt forums/ r.uebsites etc, s0 I'aeforged nlrcndutith sendirtgottt sonreCD's to anriotrsreaiewsites etc. l'ae nlsobeenupgrndingn lot of nry equipnren|neTunntps,tnics etc. The utrrent dentoutnsnnde using renLlybnsicstuff ft"uithn renlly bnsicertgirteer- nrc,lnln). lt runsfnrstrating nt titrcs recordhtgit, ns I hnd aery little recording/rrrixingexperiencebeforeenfunrkingon it. I Iennrtn lot doing it tltouglt-it tookrne tlree tbrrcsns lottg to record tlrc first sortg conq)nredto tlte second.Hopefiilly next tinrc tlrc lenrningutrue uill beensierto control.I'd like tofocusortjrtst getting tlrc nrusic doutn roitltout lnaing to utorry about teclmicnl isstrcs. ItnTtperirtg

Wl4t is tlis n soloproject?NecessiU?ClrciceTYou srefrom Deaon, Englmul? Are there no otlrcr lteoplethnt ltou'd like to uork ruitlr? Well, I lnue been in bands before, but notling tlnt eaer renlly resenfuledCntlis Ord. Tlrc logistics of co-ordinntinga bmd like CO nmkeit pretty difficult to play liue or inaolueotlrcrpeople.I nrcnn,I'd needn nirirrturrt of 4-5 otlrcrguys to replicnteultnt you henr ort tlrc CD. Deaonisn't exactlyn nrcltittgpot of nlteruntiaenretnl,sofhding is nenr-onhrpossible.l'd loue to trrusicinnson tlrc snne utnaelettgth one dny tnkeit liue, so nmybenry nnsweris'utntclt this spnce'.Tlrc 'jmmtring' zonyI recordis n bit ratdont ns utell, its nll built nround zuith nryselfnnd just seeingwhnt conrcsout. A lot of the solo'sfor inryrouised. exnnrple nre at least pnrtly Wlrcre do you record?ls it n Ircnrcstudio? bedroont?Hou ntmqt instrunents do you ph4/ nnd lrcu mnny nre not plnyed 4t ltorr? if you Yenl4nry studio is nlsonty bedroonillts quite underutltelnthry stufffor tlrc demo.I actunlly only sntoit! Like I snid,it uns bnre-bones used otrc nricroplrone(uocnlsnnd ncousticguitnr). I plny all of tlrc itrctnnrcnts nryself, nltlrcugh the drunrc nre smrtplesfiirogrnmned ruithht tlrc conrputer.l'Te bcenplnyirtgguitnr nrostof rny life, so thnt side of tlings utnscouered for equipnrentnlrendy.I ruorkedutitlt Arjen from tlrc bnd Anfuer Strenrrc on ...As Winter Lnys its Seige,lte sectiotts. strings/orclrcstrnl tlrc progrmtuned ns nntsicnlittspirntiort.Do uott liue closeto You rtLtrrrc rockucottstlines or Imue "uoueaer been to tlrc Grent Rcd Cliff of Forelmd Point? I hnaeto ndnrit I lmuen'tlrcnrdof eitlrcrof tlrcseplnces!I'ue otily been itself Iiuirtg in Deuon for n fant yeors. Englnnd mtd it's lnndscnyte

doesn'trenLlyinTtncttlrc songs,not in n direct uay nnryUay.Most of nty ittspirntion conrcs sccond-lnnd from books, nrtists, otlrcr 'l9tlt cenhtry nrusicinns.I'nt n ltuge.fnn of fnntnsy.fiction,md enrly Gotlicistrr/poetry so tlrc epic lmtdscnpestcmsfrom tlrcre.WIrcn I sny Gotlticisnr,its ntoreto rJoroitlrtlrc unknoutnnnd tlrc rtnfmnilinrrntlrcr tlmn pentngrnnts ntrdtui.tchsetc. lf you rendsonrctlinglike Slrclley's Frnnkenstein for exnnryle,n lot of tlrc senseof rrrysterymtd ntoecoiltes from the enaironment,tlrc lruge scnleof it nll. Tlrcre'sa scenein it uthcretlrc nrnin protngonisthnnginesltuu ensyit toould befor the ntan. destroy to lnndscnpe Cnstlc? to Woodbury Hnae eaer been you I tlink I hnue,nlthougltprobnblyott lrclidny herezohenI wns younger. Ilot;e Cnstles(of course).Cnstlesnre integrnl to mry goodfmttnsy/ ndaenhtre.Strength,porler, immortnlihl, cnstle'senfuodyso tttttch ntorethnn tlrcir sum nmtcrinls.Pnrt of nty uniuersitycoursetooknrc to Tbfingel Cnstle in Cornntnll, atpposedltonrc of Kfug Artltur. Sufficc to sny, tlmt uns nry fnaouite trip of tlrc yenr! Espccinllyns it sits ortt on tlis luge rocky prontontory ouer tlrc sen.Tlrc picture yort can see 0n tlrc Myspnce pnge ll)os tnken tlrcre. Yotrr songsnrc. likc, tcn nrintttcslong. Cmt yort plcnscctplnin tlrc sotts "...As Wirttcr Lnvs its Siesc"?Bv llrc runv,flrc vottr rpirttcrs rninlt? or srtotuy WeIl, tlris is tlrc point nt wlticlt I try to nuoid souttding renlly prctcrttions!l'nt n lrugeProgfnn, I nnnren few bmds on tlrcuebpnge OpetlLAgnllochetc. I likc Imuing tlrc song ebb nnd nrcuc,Iight mtd dnrk, quiet nnd loud. Agnllocltnre annzhtg nt nclieaing this, tlrcir sottg'Our Fortressis Burning' utasa big inJluenceutlrcttzuritingthe n denrc.I recordcdn fuo sortgsin tlrc suntilrcrof 07 tulich estnblished 'conccpt' Iittle bnckstory to thebnnd's bnsicnllyn lost ciailisntiortthnt is finnlly aisitedby n solitnryfgrre. Tlrcnrftoorkkindn tics irtto tltnt, ns do tlrc song titles.'...As Winter Lnys its Seige'is bnsicnllytlte beginningof tlrccltronicles. Wlnt cat I sny,lmlm,I likeruriting stories 0s rocll as rrutsic (l tnnjored in Englislt Lit nt Uniuersity). Whnt nbout"Lost Enryire"?Doesyottr interestin tlrcpttstderiae "fron knouting tlrnt you liac in lnnds ulrcre Celtic peoplesonce litted? Lost Enrpireis jrtst n contittuntionof tlrc story renlly,it's n lnnrcnt.I guessl'd refer to my preuiottsntrcuterregnrdingEnglnnd,in thnt it doesn'tplny n lrugerolein tlrcnursic,but snyingtlnt, tlrc tnlesof Kitrg Artlrur, the old gods,pngnnisnetc is sonrctlittgthnt lns tutdoubtedly filtered doutrt to nrc, r.olrctherdircctly or indirectly. I loae nncient listory, I'm lookingnt studyirtgfor n Mnstersin MedieanlStudies, brrt I tuouldn'tgo nsfnr to sny tlnt it directly inrpnctstlrc nutsicin n runy tlmt it did fo, Quortlrcn/Bntlrcry 0r ereLr Agnlloclr. Wlmt do you do for n liuirtg? Are you studutt?? Well, l'ue nozofinislted nry degreefu English and I'nt utrrently ruorking'ht retnil'.... WIrc knoutsuilnt thefitture ltolds?Oregonnmy plny n pnrt. I'nt certninlygoing to trisit oucr the sumnternnd nnybe nrnkeit perntmrcnt.I'd like to be sortreutlrcre thnt's conduciaeto ftrtlrcring CO nnd settittg up ns s Studio Ertgtrcer.

Whnt nrc thcfcclings tlnt you runnt to crentezuitltlrour music? For cxnntplc, tulrctt lott crcttc n gtitnr solo. rplrnl do ltott srck? For nrc tlrc solo/lendgitnr is tlrc song.I rlon't.findtlmt chordsnlotre I listento n songtlrc cnn portrny toonruchemotion.I nrenn,utlrcneaer bit I enjoy ntost is tlmt relensetlrc solobrings. I oftenconrcup zuitlt tlrc solo's Sonrctinres nelodtl lines/ solo'snnd chordssitrtultnneously. -oftcnunrrls (Qrtite n fao of my solo'sare tntproaised)but it's conte nlutnystlnse guitar pnrts thnt nre ntost intportnntto nrc. I tlink I'll lenuepeopleto find tlrcir orun emotionsuthenlistening to the sortgs.I guess,in n rntlrcr cliclfd uny, l'rl sny'hope'probnblyplnys n lnrgc role in tlrc songs.I tlink its in n genre/nreno.fnntsictlmt sees'lrcpe' tlrcuglr,so nnybe ignoretlmt mtdittst nrnke ns its ultinrntebuzzrLtord rrrirtd! ou)tt up your ! conmrcnts? or Atttt euutts ncus, Thnnks ngnin, I lrcpe people .find tlrc intentieut at lenst nildly ruith artroorknre interesting!l'lI pfug the CD nnd sny tlmt lmrd-co1ties nuo rendybut I'm just hnaing sornePnypnlissucs,so keepclrccking bnck.Tlrcyutill be Ttriceducry ntodestlyjust to cortercosts.Expectn nnrclt nrcrc cxcitirtg nnd longer EP nroud ncxt Clfistrttns,better productiottunluesnrtd songstltat hopefullybuild uTtontlris riento. THE END. Mmticio! JR. Clreers Outlying Outlying (Quebec,Canacla)has a recording callcd Witlitt tlrcJnil of tlrc Unforfitnnteancl it's goocl, headbanging metal that gocs beyond categories.The vocals sound raspy, maybe black metalish, the riffing often is at shrecl-mocle,while there is a well developed sense of songwriting, some melancholic,melodic or somber momcnts, as well as some vibes tl-ratrecall some prog metal, rnaybc. You get the iclea, it sounds pretty cool, is what I'm saying, ancl the songs stick around well after the cd stops playing. I have been a little bit of surprised how the songs are not easy to forget, actually, since I remembcr them clays latcr. Fred (vocals/guitars) provicles some intcrcsting answers to questions! some music ancl uncomfortable some www. myspacc.. com/ outly in gband Whnt lns hnppenedsince Within the lail of the Unfortunate? Sbrcetlrc CD lns beettrelensedorily orte ntonth ngo nrd ll)e are il totnlly trcrr)nnnrc nrottttd lrcre, notling ntnjor hns lmppened,htt, tlmnks to tlrc lntentet, roord gets sprendnnd neut peoplenre getting intcrestedby uhnt zucdo. We got our EP reuiaoedby n pretty big lrcnrdour nrctnlucbzine nround lrcre,bccnuseone of tlrcir reaieroer shrff on Myspncentd -foundit intercstirtgenoughto utritesonetlirtg nborltit. We did ttot get n perfectscoreor sontetlittg,but I wns pretty stokerlby tlis, sirtcetlrc bnndstlrcy reuieruseemto be nrostlybmds nnd Imaelmd n thnt nre eitlrcr signcrl,or ilre nruch nlre experinrented muclt bigger budget tlmn us. lt still feels zoeirdto see nry ltonrcEP up therewith the biggerbnndshalnln!! prodrtced,indie-relensed So.fnr,rucnre renlly sntis.fied by tlrcfeedbnckroegot, nttd hopefitlly,tlrc gruuitrg. in lercsl ruill kccp ortr ttrttsic _fo,

"Staruhrg.for Renson"is nbout uthnt? nnd "Blind Menrcries"? I.f I tell you tlnt I liue in Mndison,Wisconsin.huu do ltou inngine Most of tlrc lyrics I rurite nre nboutpninful nrcntnlnnd enrctionnl Wisconsin?I intngineDeuonns beingcloudynnd rninlr becmtse tlmt' Sonrctinrcs cortditiotts sucltns nrrger,sndness, nlienntiottor loneliness. l? ! tlrc stereo4tpe o.f Englnnd. Hotu urong nm uisnlise I urite nbout I nryself, or I try to tlings thnt ututt tlrouglt Wcll, Wisconsin....hntnt, unr. You kttout, I lnae no iden. Isn't it situntions I neaer experiencedbeforc, central/northAnwicn? Anwicn bothfnscinntesnnd scaresnte. The ntyself going through certnin 'Stnraing just like in tlrc lyricsfor For Renson'.In sonrccountriesled scnle of the plnce is lnrd to contpreltend.To nle, er)en Londott is slightly dnunting, let nlone n country that hns stntesbigger tlmrt by religious fnnntics, eaen tltough you knuu yoLt nre being yott yott cnnnotstnnd u7tnnrl.fight the systentbecnuse Englnnd. I'tte only aisited Anrcricn once nnd it r.onstlrc typicnl nrnnipulnted, Disneylnnd/lJniuersnlStudios corrmrcrcinljunk ltolidny. If I zrtent utill get pcrsecuted.Tlnt song tnlksnbouttlrcuny a personuould feel in tlis situntion.C)ur bnssistutroternostof the lyrics ngnin I'd like to seetlrc renlAnrcrica.I liae closeto Dnrtnroorso yes, by liaing 'Blind Memories', but I fornw knou tlis song u)ns nbout liuing n for its cloudynnd rainy 75% of tlrc tinre.It's rnining ns I type this! By tlrc tinrcsunmrcrrolesaroundthottgh,Englnndby theseacan contfortnblelifestyleruith n loaedone, nnd unexpectingtlrc inminent drnstic end of tlte relntionship. Wlten you henr a roell-perfomrecl ns nll tlrc rain Ims left eaeryzohere renlly green nnd aerdutt. We nmy enrctiott clnssicnlsong,you cnn henr the nntsicinnplny utith gemrL'ne only get 2 nrontlrc tf sunsline, but its really utorth it. thnt trmtslntesthrouglt tlrc nusic. We utnnt to nclieae sonrctling

Tlrcreare issueszuithsonrcinmigrnnts here,but it mostly hns to do utith Inngungennd religiousaccortrcdentents. We lmaea fair anmrount of locnl celebritiestltot are blnck,Asian or Latin Anrcricnn,and tlrcy are consideredto be 'Quebecois'just as nruch as tlrc other 'wlite/cnucnsint' people lrcre. We are defiritely not a rncist populntiortexceptfor sonrcrednecklrcrennd tlrcre,but that's the csse for aryutltere in tlte utorld. People here are used to liae utitlr Hotu do decide to lmuc lvrics irt Enslish or French? inmrigrmtts, especially in tlrc area. Montreal Our lyrics arenll in English.It's definitelyn lot hnrderfor us to rurite An in thnt languageof coursebecauseit's not our nrotltertongue.But ettents c o n m t e n t s ?! English is nn internntionnllnngungeand it's the utay to go if yon Thn*s for your interest!! It uns n plenntrefor me to nnsweryour r,untt to lnue your tlrcssage understoodby tlrc nrostpeoplens possible. questiorts!lf you nre iltterestedin gettirtgour EP, ylu can ordernnd We areproud of our roots,but zuelike thefact tlnt sonredudefrom tlte pny ain PnyPalon ltopeto lmuen chnnceto plny itt you otlrcr side of tlrc world will nctunlly be nble to-know utlnt we nre area dny! Tnke c n r c! . . . tnlking nbout irt our songs.I am pretty strre thnt nrcst bnndsruitlt -Fred. THE END. English lyrics from non-Ertglish spenking cor.mtrieslike Sweden, -iuman Finlnnd nbotrt tltis, 0r Gennnny sintilsr Cyborg Relations feel This band is metal, thrashy, growled, with a guitar-centered Do you tlink you cmt nnke n liaing by plnyhry nretnl?Do lrottutorryr approach that keeps metal shrecl/melody/guitar upfront. Don't thnt n recordcontpnnyuill begin telling ltou ltuo to dress,to chnnge? fornr an opinion just basecl on the name in this caset Glrostsof You knuu, I studiednrusicin collegennd I can play differentkbrdsof Snrckeis the name of the cd and those that appreciate scnsiblc nusic. lf rnoneyu)asilry gonl,I utouldnot beranstirtgrrty tinrcplnyhtg guitar playing will be interesteclto hear this band becausethcy metnl hnhnhn!!Yes I utant to pttslt rtry bmd nsfnr ns possibleand I havc a certain quality that lets the guitar shine, io -y opinion, utould totally like to nmken liaing out of pln:yingtlis kind of nusic, while not being show-offs. The band was patient enough to put and sonrcpeopledo, butfor nrc,tlnt's ttot thc point of doirLgtlis. I like up with some stupicl qucstions. Don't let the silly answers fool rntlrcr I nnd I utonld I cnn nnd play uthnteuer tlrcfnct tlmt rurite feel you. There is some good guitar playing going on here, as wc'lI nnke no mlney doing tlis thnn hauinga recordlabelnskirtgnte to cut as some banging metal. nty lmir, r.uritesltorter songs,start playing nrctnlcorebrenkdownsor inlmlm!! ruhnteaer EldredanclBnngtlo soundlike n ltret4t tnlentedduo of gritnr plnyers. Cnn lrou explninuhnt tlrcy do to keepup tlrcir skills?And it is true Wlnt is tlrcnrctnlscetrc Quebec?Are tlrcren lot for you hr Becnrtcour, blecd? tlnt tlrcy until their plny .fLngers to contbirrc vottnsbnndsIikc vottrsclfulnvittsrrtctnlnrrtsicIltnl sL'cnts Bnngulo:Lol I zunspretty obsessed ruitlt prncticingwlrcni runsnrourtd -18. tlvnsh nnd blacknnd denthand kind o.froll it irtto your uon thinS? I dott"t prncticenrucltbut xueepingbut i do plny n lot nt lenstottce TIrcreis no suclt thing ns nnrctal scenein Bicnncourhnlutln!!! Well, a dny. if i prncticesontetlirtg,it's becmtse sonrctlingtlnt i lrcnrnnd i tlrcrenre only n coupleof otlrcr nrctal bnndsnrottttdlrcremtd tlrcy plny orrcis don't utrderstnndhoroto get tlmt soundout of tlrcguitnr. Sonre 'soLutd' like Gotlrcttburg's ahunys coning differentstuff. We don't lmae n sinilnr up toith soilrc kindn neat teclnique. denthnrctnlbands,Bny Aren's tlrnsh nrctnlbads or sonrctlinglike Eldred:Ult,ny gitar is nlrendyred stnined,so tlte bloodjust blertds tlnt. I ruite most of tlrc stuff in Outlying, and I cnn't seenryself Ut. trying to stickinto onepnrticulnrafu-genreof metnl.To be lrcnest,I don't tlrink nbout thnt uthen I utrite riJfs and songs.I don't nnke a Your nlbutttlns sontcuery slrcrt sortgsnrLdsonrclonger,tnoreregulnr' consciouseffort to blend dffirent elenrcntstogetlrcr.I get inJluenced titttasortss. Io rttc Are tlrcslrortsottssrtottrcnrliernrntcrinl?ll sccttts nrctnl. thnn stuff otlrcr by n lot of'differentnrctnl bnnds,ttnd nlso by lyrics,ltott ltnucitttttrnhtrc tltnt n sottglikc "Dic" or "Bottt'cntsltcr" Wlrcn I utritenusic, I just put uthnteuerelententsI uant to lrcnr,mul krtotp, tlrc typicnl "l utnnnn die" or "Kill, kill, kill" 4trics. tohilc tlrc lyrics. "Gltosts qf Sntoke" ltns nrcre tltouglft-out ideas rLthnteuer fits tlrc enrctionnl content tf idens. Angel: Do yotr nlwnys nsk inmmture questions?Hnlm. Tlrcre nre do not hnueeqwtli4tirt Irt your opirtion,do lrou thiltk tlrc Quebecois bnndstlmt lnue beennround for yenrs that hnae "irtnttttture"Iyrics, Cnnndinns?Do rrou tlink thnt to English-spenking Cnnndnconrynred Denth nrctnlsntl blacknrctnlnre ibout killing, torturing nnd rnping. slnuld lrnaevour uun country sepnrnte tlrc Qtrcbecoiis fronr Englislr- I'nt not snying ue're death or blnck, but n little fantnsy is fm. spenkingCnnodn?Do lrou personnllyfeel "Cnnndinn" or in reali\t Baryulo: Dependson the type of netnl. Desth metnl usually refersto you tltink qf yourseT ns "Quebecois"nnd "Cnnndint" nre tlrc Detttlt. Ench sorlg ls nrctnl. style E dffirent a Anglophones? Eldredlns n binderfull of lyrics utitlt sonrednting bttckto high sclrcol. Oolilt,'..This cut be n dangeroustopic. Yott know, since I write nry Sonrcof tlrcselyics nre ii tlrc binder. You cmt seeatt eunltrntionof patriotic, Iyrics in Englislt, I cnnnot pretend to be n totnl die--lutr.d, lYrics. tlrc itr tlmt if ruelnd lur ou)tt Eldred:I did co-urite " Bonecruslrcr"bnck itt ligh sclrcolwitlt Froggy; !, but I tlrink it ruouldnnke serrce hnhnlm! Quebecois country, sinceroe nre clenrly distirtctfrom otlrcr,pnrts.of .Cnnndn. " Gltostsof Sntoke"uns utrittelt as a poem ilr Bth grnde,so i dott't Howeier,Cnnntlnis s nice cotufiry to liue in, and I ltnaenbsolutelyno know "well tltottgltt out" it wns. I guess I'm just irtmnture. 'Cnnndinn' as nruch ns 0 ''problem tlinking about rrtyself ns n . Sonrepeopleherein Quebeclmuen aery strong opitriott You gotfioo songswith tlrc smnelyrics: /'Glrcstsof Snoke" nnd /'Till Quebecois' nbout this topic,but it doesnot renlly ntntter to nrc, renlly. I nnr rtot tlrc denl lrcre? Gettius or lnzy?! Dnrkl': rulmt is lnngunge. our cnn.protect ns 7.0e As lortg uery interestedby tlis debnte. Angel: Well wlrcn I runs coning up ut/ a uocnl line for "Ti-ll Dnrk" nni uilture, ttni is uthatnntters to tie. Canndnis n greatcoLnttrynnd ' tlrcieunsn't lyrics so Bnngulojust told nrc to use " Glnsts of SnLoke" I don't ttink I shouldfeel bnd or anytlirtg nbout being pnrt of it' loe'ueneaer Tlrcn,euentuallyhe snidute'lI use tlrcsmnelyrics becatrse heardof tuty otlrcrbnnd tlnt lns donetltnt hnhn.Geniusor lnzhrcss? nt the snnrctinrc nre rncist against Cnn Do ltou tlink tlmt the Quebecois botlt? be it AFicnn Cnribbiiit Asinn nnd l=ntin Anrcricnn_iltrtrigrants irt Bnngttlo:lt ruastlrc iden thnt no one hns done it, thnt i knou of, feel like n persort anyuays. Tuebei? Do you think tlmt the uhite Quebecois cnttrtot be duebecoisnnd be blnck or bruun or Musliru, etc.? Eldred: SCICNCC @esuchnbndreputntiottouttlrcre!?hn|nIm!!

sitrilnr uith our nrusic. We nlzuaystry to lnue lyrics thnt fit tlrc rrtusicnlcontentof tlrcsongs,so thnt both conrylenrent eacltotlrcr.One of tlrcbiggestreasonwlry I listenand play nrctnlttusic, is because it's a genre that nrcaesme in n certnin way tlmt otlrcr kinds of nntsic don't. If the music I utrite cnrtlmae the snnrceffectort peopletlmt nty fauourite bnnds' nrusic hnae on nrc, I aclieaed nry gonl.

I l


utlich influencestlrc runy oltr songs tnke slnTtc. Sonrctintes lteoplesw tlmt the bnssis not thnt necessnntin ntctnl. trends in mrtsic, Beyond otrr nnrsicnl tlrc no rcspect.for hnue people Bnsicnlly, sonre fnuoirites like Meslntggnhnnd Tlrc Dillinger ltnss Suitnr. Angel: YenhI henr tlmt nll tlte tinre.I'il ntnkejokesnbout.be_ing.n EscnpcPlnn, toe're jttst ns likely to get n uibe or entotiottfront n trrottic or book.Jnnrcshns'snidlrc's rcilly illluenced by filnrc; Irc cmt pick up doesit tnketo clmngen light bulb? Wlto bnsiist.Huu ntmty bnssists Weiust tlrcguitnr nnd dnuns. sn enrotion cnres!But the bnssis importnnt.It conrylinrcnts fron n mouieor sharonnd put tlnt into theson-gs. Ict thnt uibe Jlotu nnd I gLtcssit ends up sounding differentfron.r With out bnss,songscmt soundenryty urd plnin' And sincetlrcreis mctnl nortnnl by plnying ftuicens lmrd no respectfor bnssiitsrpelmae to contpensnte ns tlrc gitnrist. lt's not iust londing cquipnrcntnnd getting runter Imltn' Whnt is tlrc histonto.fthe songsnnd huu rtoursonguritingruorks? bottles Beer? The songson Prognosiszuerewittut nbout n yenr nnd a lmlf, huonry Wlrcres Bnngulo: of Elrlierl: I think the bnssis uery necessaryin netnl lt cnn be tlrc yenrs ngo.Contngiortntnterinlutnsrurittenn wltile beforethnt,-sonrc CD, Being our ns n bnnd. stnrted rulrcn rue ihose songs nre sottg, first tf driuittg from force _tlrc ue f gtred ute irny ns roellprtt ort nll of our sutgs,ns n retrospectittc: WImt are sune tlillgs tlnt yott llould like to inryrlae 0n? nnd ilso to incrensetlrc length of the disc. Tlrc songsare eilsyenouglt to plny nozo,bttt theydid tnkesometime to get usedto. Br.tttlrc tilore Angel: I personnllyutnnt to ruork on nry plnying nnd uocnls'No nmtter huo goorl you tlink you nre, ylu cnn nlutnys get better. yott pTnytlrcpnrts, tlrcy beconesccondnnhtre;you jttst stop..tlirtkirtg roitlt In eaerynspec.t Bmtgulo:There'snhunysroomfor intproaenrent' front. nUoutii nnd'fitstfeetit. Our gttitnristshnd n bit of n problem it, contlitiotrcd to up uorked hft tlrcy'ae nt sonre sectioni need don't tltinks tlrcy n bnnd ii's ruhen ltst iiVchtre, niring, recording. iirst, n111.r.t. their nntsclesfor the riffs. Wltile Jnnesstnrts tlrc songutritittg process,. tlrcy utlrcn is intproue to f,rll-skills. ruenll chip iri zuithid'cns,ruhetherit be neroriffs, pnttems,stntchtrnl bo-stnff nnd nunchuck Eldred: Our idens,uilt'ntlnuc yott. When n song'sconryletennd ue'ae jnnmrcdit Do you buy cdsor do you dorunlondthe nnrsiclro\ like?Oneof ltprt out n coupleof tines, I'll solidify the lyricnl idensl'ae had.forit. ltr Bt.rt (Bnitgilo?i likes to roenrnn Ozzy t-slirt. Hou old nre !{orr.gtty|? I fnct, the iyrici nre tlrc only pnrt tlnt isn't n rulrclebnnd thittg. 'then Thc be done. sltould tlrc aocnls horu input into tlrcyill nll hnue Bark at you Don't to ltou. like old rlutld thnt Ozzu ruoulAilink find bnnd gelstogetlrcrnout nnd ngnin nnd lns thenrcdnys ns utell, utlrcre thrc }y'roonuenk? Docs Bangulo like Rnndy Rhodesnlore tltnn tlte trrttsic?Ozzy's rnttsicis sintily not thnt 8oor1,nmn!! Hnue I pissell ute discrtsstlirtgs like concepts.for CD pncknging,crentiuepromotrort, conceptnlbum llrcmcs,nnything thing crentiueoutsideof the iltttsic. o.ff, !t9t?! 'Irou We nit try nnd do our besizultci it conrcsto the htsittesssidens rucll. likc. I tulrnt I buy W roe're conryletelyself-nnnnged,self-relimtt,so We'rc not reTtresentcd, Bnigulo: i do both.Dotwilondnnd buy if i like it. Mostly itt uinyl if i zue nll do utltnt ue cfln uilrcn we cnn to keep eaerytling rumtittg cnnfind it. I nru 25 but yenhOzzy is grent especinllyin snbbntlt.We listin to n lot of shtff. no mntter tlrc crn if its gooduhcn it u,tasnrnde sntoothly. slrculdn't nnt[er. Bhrk nt tlrc ntoonis grent rulry uould it be wenk? oacronegtitnrist or nrusicimr Wlmt nre tlrc tolticso.fltour lyrics nnd nre you into poet4t?I ntemt, crrsit don't got rnndy?I don't obsess "Goldctt Cortjugntion"or "Lost in Prefnce"nre not exnctlynornml just slirt lol. No i mL not pissedn nn Ozzy hnppento hnae Iike tlnt. i sorrgtitlcs(rulttteuernomrnlntenns,nnlnuny)! lnhn. Ozzy like don't pieople lot oi l'nt-uery nntch ittto poetry nnd liternture;they'renty nnin Tsnssiotts Eldred: Are you trying to piss us off? Yenlt, I buy wlnts good. If I IikeCronr besiderirusic.I try to styte tlrc roordsto sotutdrnorepoetictlnn sinrTily renllylike n iertnin bmtd,I try to get tlrcentirediscogrnplry, of tltouglftsI.'rtt Tlrclyrics nreoutgrorutlrs soutttlstofill nnutsicnl-hole. OPetlt nnd" lyics irt tlrcpnst,Itttt lnuing nt-tlrctinrc.I tried to write introspectiae lne reasonbeingI zuritingnboutbiggertlrcnrcs, Whnt zuill lrou do irt 2009? Whnt news do lrou Imae? I'nt oily contfortnble to nrnterinl. tlink il stits'the nntsic.It nnnoysnteuilrcnpeoplegiueno credertce nelo on Angel: Work the lyrics, like tlrcy're lcss pertinent to the bnnd. Bmtgrlo: ruork on the next cd. only tinre zoill tell' l'd like-pcopleto sinryly consirierthe utorld zoeliae in, nll aspectsof it, rock tlrcftck outtn nnyotrcrttln will Eldied:Wite nntsic,plny shoLtts, tlrc seenttnd unseen,nnd renliseue krrcutso little of it. Eucryont' END. THE Iisten. needsto stnrt explorhtg,internnlly nnd externally,or enrthis goirrgto end up n lifelessbarren rock. Jttstclrcish life, exploit it to its fullest, Sciamachv I'm influencedby nnyone is the name of the cd by Sciamachy nnd knout tltnt it's frngile nnd tentpornry. Prognosis/Contngiott thnt's hnd n grenterpurpose thnn tlrcir own cnreer,or anyoneuitlt rt (Australia) who don't like to play by the rules: the music is nmssiuecreniiueJlnir thnt cnn't be contnined.I studiedtlrcirruork,so I downfunecl, growlccl, not far away from cleath metal, while I slmtld let it inJhrcncenry zuritittg.Anyone ruitlt big idens;Kett feel -Wilbur, adding a certain twistecl, dissonant quality that makes them Keitlt Buckley,Bill Hicks,Bill Henson,BiIl Bryson;doeut't stand out. It's not ear-candy or easy-listening,but something "mnttcrulnt field tlrcyuork in. lnspiredthouglrtnnd crentittityirtsTtirc that requircs more attcntion. Obviously, they clo have an 70ntc. to intcllectual streak in thcm that makcs them be nothing like me'at heavy hearry, a rcmaining whilc vcry much and potatocs mctal, Whnt is Life like rulrcre you liaeT Are youth frustrnted r'uith tlrc as hea'"y, I'm saying, proposition. Interestingly enough, in the econonric sihrntiott? live situation, I know this music sounclsmosh-friendly because Life on tlrc North Coastof NSW is n fnr sight bettertlnn otlrcrplnccs here-there zig-zag, The of the heavy riffs and growling. instnnce,is 7 hoursfrorn tlrc closestnmjor l'ae seen.Tnnrutortlt, for rhythms end up sounding both familiar and unfamiliar at oncc-. city, nrcnning7 hours to nny internntionnlbnnd.We'reonly a 2 hour answers. driue (vocals) Alcxancler Mitchcll front Brisbnne.We'ai got a bit of n youth problem;dinking, sciamachytrex fighting, dntgs nnd tlrc rest. For exnntple,girls ns young as ten lntte bien found drunk nnd on tlrc toutrt,nnd 70% of nll tlrc teensin our Your songstructuresnre certninlynot rurrof-the-nill. Wlmt nre the nenresttoun hnae's tlrcsekinds of problenrc,thoughnt thingsyou pursuezoitltyour nrusic? lensttlrcy'rehnaingfrn. Jobsnren't to scnrceif you're prepnredto do We [itci to plny nrusic tltnt A) rue'dlike to henr,nnd B) tlnt utehnaen't sonrctliig soul ciusltingly nreninl, but no one seenrctoo worried's not delibernte,but we end up doirtg tlings differently. becnusethat either studtl nt uni, or don't nind tlrc utork becsuse lf of thnt. We utouldn't be sntisfiedotlrcrutise. to ntostbnndsbecnuse they're snoitg to lenue.Or tlrcy're stupid. Nothing is renlly open to sonrconeelse lns nlrendy utritten it, then ulmt's tlrc point irt nrryonenrtistic itt ortr trutn of Bnllinn, thoughByron Bny is pretty reproducirtgtlmt sound?Our nrnin songrttiter, lnnres,doesn'tfollotu 8

good for the alternatiue life style. Thnt hmteuer, is sluuly being ueededout by yuppiesnnd council picks. Teensand young adults aroundlrcrenre so apntlrctic,it's ridiculous.And quite disheartening. Bryon Bny and Ninfuin are the drug capitals of Austrnlia, nnd botlt toutnsbeing in this area really giaes peoplethe optiort to tip out nll dny and liue off welfnrein dirty contnutnes,beingaegannnd stinking. Only n snmll percentileof peoplearound lrcre giae tuo shits about utorld affairs, it's aery sad. But like Buddha said, "Fuck'ent." Whnt doesScinnmcl4tntenn? Scinruachy(Sigh-AnrA-Key) nrcnrrs"Fighting urith shndsuss", fronr nn nncientGreekutord. Eaery singlepersonwe'ue told our nanrcto does n double-tnkemtd goes "Huh?" Hopefitlly hnuing a retnrded sounding and lookittg naflrc r.oill lrclp people renrcnrber us. Wlmt kind of coaernge hnueyou gotten?Are !/ou rendyto tour? Hnuc Itou contactzuithpeoplein your region,IikeJnpanor Neu)Zenlnnd? We'uegotten sonrcgoodgrassroots coaernge,sontestreetpresseshaue giuenus zuriteups roitlrcutus eaeilnrcntioningn tling to tlrcn4uliclt is renlly nice, considering ute don't really knou nrtyone. We'ae contacteda fau peopleas utell, and they seemkeento giue us sliglrtly nrcreexposuretlmnjust a pocketpnnel on tlrc bnckpnge.We'aegottert on one ntetnlstntion in Brisbane,but it's hnrd to trnck doutn locsl little nrctalstntiotts.We'aegot onenntionalshou, but tlrcygetfar too nuch nmil, so u.te'ue got to senrchfor tlrc undergroundones.TIrcbest coaerageroe'uegot sofnr is fnns tnking it upon themscluesto sprend the word. Friendsof ours ht n bnnd playing in Brisbnnesnid tlry nrct s dude uteaing n self nmde "Scinnaclty" shirt to n slwut Luezoeren't euennt! Tlmt's aruesonrc, nnd nrakesme feel good nbout being in a band. We're looking to get werseasif possible,rue'uejust got to fittd tlrc ight type of nmrtngenrcnt for wlmt rueuntt to do. It's going to be too lmrd to leuerngeit ourselaes,nnd hauing a good nnnager nlso ilrcnnslmaing a ne70phonebookfuII of contacts.Got to stnrt nnking tlrc calls. Fingerscrossedrle can conrcoaer to the Stntesin 09. Neu Zealandwould begood,nnd so utouldJapnn,tlrcughthnt lnsn't renlly trtittds. crossed our For peoplewln hnuenot lrcardyour nrusic.uilmt uould ltou tell thent tlmt lrou hnaeto o.f.fer to clrcckout i.f tlrcy go to lrour n4rspnce? lf you're lookingfor sonrcthingslightly dffirent nnd odd to tolnt you expectnrctalto be,than hauen look.We're not nn art-nrctnlband (yet), we'rejust doing tlings off-centre.And ute'regoing to lnae new songs up sooryuthich ute nll feel nre light yenrs nlrcndof uhat's currently so tlmt's sonrcincentiaeto keepclrcckingup 0,1us. beingpresented, Wouldyou like to nrentionsonrcthingelse? playhtg nnyT.ulrcre Like I snid,we're renlly keento beplnying ouerseas, mtd getting our nanrcout tlrcre,so if you utnnt to nnd eaeryrcuhere, lrcIp us out, getin contactr.oitlttrs one tlrc ntyspaceor our enmil. If your in n bnnd nnd dig our sound, r.uantto hook us uyt tuith sonrc shuus, we'll loae you foreuer. We'll reptty tlrc fnuour ns bestwe can and then sonrc,rle neaerforget thosethat ltelp trs out. We'll tlrcnget drunk ns fuck, ent all your food and steal nll your luonrcn. 2009is lookingto renlly solidify ntetnlglobnlly, soztte'reetcited to ben soon! nll you See tltnt. tfpnrt THE END. Corpus Tlrc Rise by Corpus (Belgium) is a cd that's more than 70 minutes of dtit it',g, uptempo, expertly played metal. It's a professional, serious cd with good production, with some extra ipices to liven up proceedings, like a nice, constant, background keyboards/classicalsound. The vocals are clear, with a midrage tone, nothing too high or annoying. The vocals sound good and fit the music well. There are some bands out there that are not signed and many people may not know about them, but the quality is undenia6le here. Corpus is one of those bands for sure. Plus, I like the fact that the cd is not short and that it is not

simple. Makes it more interesting to revisit and discover new things. By the way, their wonderful song "The Fatekeeper" is just one example of the quality of the music: it is a "hit" with me! The people answering are B : Benno (vocals/bass), S : Steve (drums), T = Tobias (guitars) and W : Wouter. corpusbe The Rise is ntore tlun 70 mirrutes! lt nrust haaebeenn lot o.fhnrd utork to mnke it! ls eae4toneis the bnnd without ntoney nuu? T_l We now liae in Leuaen raihuarl stntion and eat rats... B: No, utestiil haaen roof ouerour hesdbut ue wiII just hnaeto sell CDs and play liae a lot to earn tlrc inuestnrcnt bsck. W: It Lt)asa lot of aery hnrd ruork, nnd looking bnck it's almost incredible that ue succeededin actunlly recording,nixing nnd nmstering n full length albunt in 7 days uorth of studio tinrc. S: Alnrost all tlrc sotlgs of tlrc album utere written years ngo,front 2003 tiU 2005. We just nnde the decisionof finally recording these s0n8s and conrylcting the nlburrt. "TIrc RensonWl4t" tnlks nbout s lot jerks ruholie nnd betrn:l.Who do you lmuc in nrind u,ith this songT TIte lyrics nre uery nngnt! S: lndeed, tlis song is tlrc nngriest concerninglyrics... But it's nctually nII pnrt of tlte backgroundstory of "The Rise". Tlis story lmsn't beenput onlineyet, but utlrcntltnt happens(eaentually)you'lI seetlnt eaerysong has a specifc pnrt in this tnle. "Tlrc RensonWlty" is tlrc pnrt of the story utlrcre tlte " 1" person conrcsInnrc nfter qunrrellittg zuith lis ex girlfriend. The quarrel lutunts his nind nnd the runy lrc tlinks generalizeseaerything and eueryone.He's so scrantedup thnt lrc stnrts drinking and becauseof that lis emotionsnre beingstrertgtlrcned.He beconrcs isolntedin his own uorld, seeingnntl henring tltings tlmt don't exist. Wlich is utlty sonrclines in the lyrics nmy seefit n bit weird, but thnt's all part of tlrc concept :) W: WlrcneuerI plny tlris song I think about nll tlrc bad pntclrcstlnt happenedto nrc oaertlrcyears,nnd lrcu sonrcltuunll that contributed to personnlgrowtlt. You needall that is bad to nppreciateall tlmt is You good. need dramn to understnnd hnppirtess. Your lyrics, it seentsto nrc, denl n lot utith personsldisnppointnrcnt. Bermosnls thnt the nlbum is n like dinnt for lim. ln utlnt utqrs does Benno? Cot?us serue ns n cntharsis for B: I definitelyneedsonrctling to aent nry tltoughtsand nnger. Not tlnt I ant angry all tlrc tinre,but it's good to play onceor twice n rueek. After relrcarsnlsI'trtfeeling relnxedmrd it's like I lnae beenftnessirtg good!! Adrennline ruslrcs are troo lrcurs. fo, W: We nll ttse tlrc band as nn outletfor our anger nnd our dny to dny fntstrntions. I tlink ute plny best wlrcn sornetling bothers us. Wlmt do yott corrcidersonrcintportnntelententsthnt your bnnd does bnnds? otlrcr that conmton in that it's not W: Benno'saocnls!Artd thefact tlnt we try to girteenchinstrunrcnt an equnlplncein the spotlight.AIso, I think tJrcreis an antoutftof lnnesty in our nrusic tlnt, I suspect,is seldomfound in ruetnl. B: t tlrink thnt tlrc nmsicwe bring cmt't beput in a certainfrntte. We ard don't plny deathor blncknrctnl;ute tend to be a little progressiae gotlic. I don't knou, I guesslue'ueput euerymetnlgenreon n pile and coRPtts. tt cnlled S: We just utnnt to be ns fresh nnd originnl ns possible.By using seuernl styles of aocnls nnd dffirent aoices,you can nlready crente bands. most diuerse thnn nnre inuclt sonrctling Whnt is the nrctnl scene in the ci4t or region ulrcre you liae? B: Most peopleare into blnck nnd dentlt nretal oaer lrcre.Bttt our receiaed. uell aery is nrusic you dort't ls it hetternot to be signed to n recordcontpnnybecnuse lmue uty conrymtybnstnrdstcllittg ltott to clmngeyour ntttsic? W: Now I utouldtt't caII thosepeoplebnstnrdsyet, rue night haae to denluith thent sonrcdnynfter nll. I tltink ruejust felt thnt tlrc concept

of The Rise zr;asso ripe nnd just perfectthnt ue' d do it nll ourselues. Freedontis n bonus, thefnct tlrnt you renlly need to eaerytling fronr recorrlingto prontotiortyourself is quite n chnllenge . One ute'rc fn,'p uilLing to T: As n bnnd,yott needto be nbleto nrnkenrusicin tlrc a)nyyou like. lf n record clilryany nsksto ndnpt to tlrcir demnndsnnrl thesenre too nruchout of line uith tlrc bnndsaision, tltis recordcolnponydoesnot n record fit nt nll uith tlrc bnnd. But nfter nll, it's understnndnble coilrpvty tells yort to ndnpt the music you plny. lt's their nroney...

Neros? PInts 2009? for W: We'll tour, zoe'llgiue the bestsltorusue can. Nothingfnncy,just the trutlr. B: Well, I ltope we get to plny Madison, Wiscortsirtsoonnnd torrr Europe bit. 5: Nezrrsongsnre heingcrentedns utespenk,ute'renlrendydiscttssingn /rc70cortccpt and ns snid, ute're stnrting our pronrctionnltottr tlrouglmrt Bclghmt irt Febnnry, aery nuclt lookingfonunrd to tlmt! THE END

Do Benno'skids, Alexnnder nnd Anouscltkn,like Corwts' nrusic? B: Yes,they snid tlrcy hauetlrc coolestdnd eucr.Tlrcy like coRPusuery muclt, especinllyAlexnnder.He's 72 nou, but for yenrs he hns becn listening to nrctnl. Nont he's n big Clildren of Bo,donrnnd Dinmnr Borgirfan... Wonderrulrcrethat will end. Anouscltknlikes to seelrcr dnd pcrfomt t00, but she's I nnd nlloued to listut to Britney.

Angelic Deficiency The music of this band (U.S.)in the live environment probably sounclsa lot like aggressivc,heavy growl metal, but it is not just loud noise. Well, it is loud noise, of course, but there a bit of experimentation or style crossovcr, from death metal ancl hardcore, ancl thrash and some tech and dissonantcomponents. As you will read, people arc not sure what to call the bancl as far as a catcgory, and the bancl kind of cnjoy not caring. Howcver, the music is not nearly as strange as thesewords may make thcm seem. Basically, it's growl metal with some twists thrown in to spice up the moshing. Read the interview to find out a bit more and then go hcar it for yourself. angelicdeficiency

Cnt you explnin tlrc conceptnrormd "Henrtless"tulich ltnsfour pnrts? Cnn yort jrtst giuc ntt ctplmnlion qf tltc idco? S: Tlrc "Henrtless"conceptnchnlly stnrted off ns n rulrclepile of lyrics. Bennonnd I hnd beenzuritirtgfor quite sornetinte nnd I jrtst decided to put euerytling togetlrcr. In the beginning, tlrc songs uteren't specificnllynteant to be in n concept,but nfter rue nddedtlrc lyrics, it becnmeclenrthis could be sonrctlingltuge."Atthrtrtn Rnirt" is tlrc conryleteduunfnll of tlrc clmrncter,utlile "Corrirlor of Wolues" is tlrc ntost positiuepieceof lyrics toe hnaeso fnr. "Stop Hnunting Me" mtd "My Gift" nre respectiuely tlrc tinrcfrnntesbeforeour nrnitt chnrncter falls asleep nnd lrc utlrcn zonkes up. Tlrc inspirntionprobnhlycontesfrom the progressiaerocl</ntetnl bnnris I listen to: Drennt Thenter,Pnin of Snluntion,Spock'sBenrd,Cenesis, I nterely zunnted to nmke sometlittg just like those guys :) Whnt aresonrcU.S. teleuisionshorusthnt nrepofltlnr urhereyou liae? Do ltou tlink thnt U.S. tcleaisionis stupid? ls teleaision front your count4tjust ns stttpid?Are tlrcrcnny good teleaisionshotuslrou like? B: Only quiz slwutsnre stupid. I tlthtk tlmt Anrcricmt serieslike Heroes,nll CSI's,Star Trekntd euenMacGyaernregrent slmus.Brtt yes, our TV is ns stupid ns in tlrc US, onhl ute don't lmzte talcucn gnlisls.. . S: I like the cartoonsn lot: tlrc Sinrysons,Fnrily Guy, Sotrth Pnrk, Futurnmn,but nlsoFiends is one of nryfnaourite US progrnnts.We hnue n feu "legendnry" slnzls orer here, ntostly contedy. W: Oh rrry, zulrcredo I stnrt: Bnttlestnr Gnlacticn,the 4400, Nnuy NCIS, HouseMD, Heroes,nnything bnsedon Antericnnsuperlrcro cotrrics!US teleaisioncnn get pretty stuTtidbut nI lensttlrc qunlity of rrtostserieshns gone through tlrc roof ns of lnte. Tlrc storiesnre grtnt! T: lrt genernl,I don't utntclt teleuisionbecauseI tlink tlrcreare not n Iot of interestingslmus on Belginnteleuisiort. As for Ll.S. teleuision sltoros,I don't lmae nny iden ruhiclt otrcsnre currently on Belgimt teleaisiott.

Cm yort tt'plnirrtulrorurilcsltortr songsntrl ruhytltc.funnysottgtitlcs nnd explninn bit nbotttthe lyricnl idenso.fsoruesongs? Sortgsnre nlrunysuritten by Rick(guitnr)ttnd Wes (drunts) nnd nrc usttnlly conryletedbeforetlrc rest of tlrc bmd lrcnrstlrc song,becmtse uteoftennre ruorking on mlre thnn onesllrg ue giue therufunny song titles Exnntple : " Slrctgun Pogo-Stick," just sounded brutnlly trnplensmttbut spnrksyour interest.Song titles next to tlrc lyrics sonrcthrrcs fuel the nrcnring of tlrc song..."lntrnuenousBntteryAcid" is nbout the corruptiort of tlrc nrcdicnlindustry. "consunrcrslikc ttmrors/sprend like totic nnnors" of otlrcr tinrcs tlrc song title is n nrctnplror .for rttlmttlrc songis nbout " ttuopriestunlk into n bnr..." is good utny of snying tlrc conccpt of religion is nlrendy n joke!... You lnue songstitled "Truo PriestsWnlk htto n Bnr.,." nnd "Slrctgur Pogo-Stick." ctc. Do lou aieru your burd ns n joke bnnd? As fnr ns n joke tlrc band is tnkenrntlrcr seriouslyby nll nrcnfuersZnc (aocnls)for cxnnryLereceiuedn 3'l(out of 33) on his "ACT's" nnrl receiaedscholnrslipsto go to nnny sclrcolsbut clrcosethe bnndruns ntoreintportnnt to hinr. nll of us urrrently utork40 hours n rueeknt " slrith1"jobs thnt nllout rrs to take the tinte off we needto strpporttlrc bnnd nsfnr ns shuus nnd recording. AIsou)e are nlrendywiting tlrc follozuup album to " Cnsting.."(2008)entitled " Grenndesnnd Hnnl' for n atnmrer 2009 rclensc(hopcfilly uide relesse)nszuellns currently recordirtg a split nlbum uith nnotlrcr Colorado bnnrl.

Mtrsicinrtsoftenlmtethis question,btLtthnt'sok, so,lrcreit goes:rohnt do Inbel your nusic? lrou Wlmt is your o.f liternture? fsaorite 4rpe We used to get pissednbout rohnt peopleuould lnbelus as...rle'Te B: I like to rend tlrillers. Mv fnaourite nuthors irtchde prestort â&#x201A;Ź; beentellhtgpeopleue'rc experi-METAL!I hnuehenrdrpenre tlrnsb Child nnd Terru Prntclrctt. Dentl, progressiue, Denthcorennd tlrc list goeson....hut lrcnestlyrue As you night hnue guessed by oneof oti sottgs:So1tlile's World by 5: nre nhunystrying to grozons ttrusicinrts. I personnllyfeel thnt-oncc opener. Fnaourite nutlrcrs nre Knfkn, Jostein Gnnrder. A renl eve 'Steinbeck, " you'aegitteninto Inbelingyourselfuitlin n Genreto s sub genreylLr Onuell, T: I don't rend n lot of books,but ulrcn I do, I preferfnntnsy books. nre attting out crentiuity.Also ftnny you sny denthntetnlbecmtse sontelnro u)enre henuy utough for Deatlt nretnlfnns to dig it then we One of nryfnuoritenuthorsis RnyntondE. Feist.His turiting style is for n bnnd like Pouernmn5000 thinking its rtotgoing to go ouer so aiaid and it readslike a billinnt fihn plot. Thevshouldnmkesone opery utell nnd tlrcygo apeshit oaer it....l think uteare lodgedbetuteenscenes tlte style Lord of of the rings of i fau of ttis books. rygaie?.in W: I like US conics, nty fnaes nre The Authoity, nnytiing X-nren, nnd nre nrorelike n Metsl Buffet thereis sontethingfor eaeryonennd yotlr fi rl sure to get yOur Dendpool,The Boys, Trnnquility, Wilclcnts,nnd nnytling- by Alnn Mooreor Gnrth Enrris.l'll nlsorendthearty Euro contics. As for nrore Wlmt is ltour situntion in your nrenfor touring nnd plnying liae in the serious stuff: Untberto Eco, Dnaid Brin, loe Hnldentnnn, Dan region? Hou is the scene? Sinmrcns, or nnytling nbout history. H,nour sceneis n joke, sontednys utepull in 600 utith 80 hendlining tlrcn truoutecksInier ute openfir a uteil knutn touring bnnd and yoit get nnybe 300 peopletlrcre...ute driae nll ouer tlrc plncein order to l0

coaerall of ColoradoT.L)etue done 56 itt " Colorndoalone" in n 2 yenr span.Denueris nboutfiae hours nutaynnd ute nnke tlrc trip nbout eaery futo ntontlrcbut right ttup sltoutsnre slunrning. Not n lot of bookinggoing on, but zue'refighting tlrough it. We'll be on a West Consttour this sunmternnd hopefullyjust stick it out tlrc road nnd tour the rest of tlrc country....As fnr nsfitting into our scenewe play urith Death Metal Bnnds,Tlvash, Hardcorebands,Hard RockBands, nnd eaerytling in beftueen...We hnae eaen openfor conrcdinnKyle Cease(Conrcdy Centrnls " stand up shoutdoun utinner, Slotoclap guy in " Not anotherteenMooie") we alntaysstandout like n sorethutfu, bttt a sery sore tlrunfu that eaeryone relntes to...

Whnt nreyour lyics nbout?Whnt is "Nuclear Winter"? I knoutthnt ltou kttoto that Sodom lns n song uritlt thnt nnnrc! It's nnixtttre of "beerdrinking" songsnnd songsngainstthesenseless zonr,socialproblenrcand thesenseless "senslessnesses". lntoleranceof shtpidpeopleis the most usedcontentin our lyrics next to drunkness of us. NuclearWinter is abouttlrcpowerof nntionnnd how tlrcheadof statesnbusetlrcsepouter.The song want to show tlrc consequences of tlrc ncting tf tlrcse people.

"Silent Denth" is inspired 4t whnt? WInt nbout "Fuel o.f Hnte"? Whnt do !! vou ltnLe? SileniD On the cd you hnd tuo di"fferentpeopleplny drunrc? Cnn you explaLn to utrite a rotv song about chenical u;arfnre (frnncis). the situntion in this Lina-up csse? chnnges? Fuel of Hate is about ciail utar like in Clina. At tlrc beginningit's E.nsyone...Ricknnd Wessit ht n roomuith rick on guitnr and Wesort cnlled Full of Hate cnuse the citizen nre full of hnte. But then ute tlrc dntnrcnnd Imnmrcrout songs...nctually tlmt's lrcutit nluays hns rennnrcd the song , because the prices of oil rised uery high. 'u)e beensincehejoined AD (beforethnt rick zurotenll the nrusic) the only Whnt hnte: differenceis rulrcnWes ioined tlrc bnnd,ue didn't needn drunnnerwe Francis (guitnr\: Etttpty tm*nrds, wlrcn rloftrcn talk to ntuclt (guitar/uocnls\: niededa bassplayer...'Wessctually plnyed bnsson " Casting" it got Ulli Posers editedout of thecreditsin tlrcfinnl proofnnd utedidn't cntcltit....Smt Ringl(hnss):Notltitrg.Wlrcrtyou ltnle sonrcthingyou nrust engngerl neededWesto tenchlint thepnrts to songsin order to plny tlrcn4some utith sonrcthhtg rulmt you don't like, and that is stolen tinrc. songslmae beengreatly slouteddoum or " duntbed up" so Snm zons Felix (drutrs\: to trruch scltool,utlrcn utontentalks to nruch, the lnst rttoutlful nbleto plny tlwrt. Wlrcn Saruleft tlrc bnnd durirtg tlrc recordittgof tlrc beer irt the bottle nlbunt (personnlrensons)it runsactually a blessittgsinceWes could plny thembetternrtyrunys!Steaeactunllyjoinedjust beforetlrc relense What is this nboututornen?Do ltbu belieaein sexismor sometling? nlbmn. no i was too nrucltlrurt front llonrcn nnd so i think so.i don't belieae tf tlrc in sonrcthing. tlrc only thing thnt i belieae is the reality!!! that i'nt sexiest pig or stlt Yortlnd fortrstrestsonoenrott tltis cd. Cnn vou smtn littlc n bil nbout so plense dont tlink bnnds? Friends otlrcr tlrcse people nre? from Horo rlid you clrcoseto lmae trnditionnl tlrnsh aocnls,as opposedto The four guest spots nre Andy, Tnylor, Anron, nnd Dreu,.. We ntore uocttls. routled recordedwith rndio personality tlrc IMPALER skn Tnylor Riley. Taylor plays drurtrcfor Dettth Metal outfit Exussurrt(Artdy,Draut, We clnose tlrcseaocalscauseute unnt tlmt peopleunderstutd our hlrics ard cnn tlink nbout it. And ue tlink thnt enrly Krentornnd Tnylor nnd fornrer nrcntberAnron) Taylor liacs an hour mony nnd becnuseue did tlis uith aery little ilrcney we or lrc zuerenot nlwnys Stnyer aocnls sounds aery nggressiue,so we choosbtlis aocnls. nanilnble.He utnsshouing Exussun uilmt ute hnuedone so fnr nnd Anotlrcrpoirtt is thnt eaeryotherbnndsin our toutnnnke Denthmetnl or Metnlcoreand so we utant to nmkesoruethingdifferent.Trnditionnl they all picked therefaaorite song nnd did eitlrcr n solo or nskedto uocnlson a songin sonrccasesu)ehnd to cut things in orderfor tlrcre PouterMetnl uocalssouttdstoo "gay" for us. solo's to utork since tlrcy did them beforeaocnls were ndded. We [What?! Singing is " gay" and barking like a dog is "hetero"? editorl nctunllydidtt't hnuenruchsny in thnt all the guys are supercoolnnd nnWaYS. it do tlwn hnae let utould Did Rirtgl lrcnr cds witlt especinllygood bnss plnyittg itt 2008? plans? He lrcnrdonlv "uour current nre WInt - tlrc neut Metallicn nlbun4 but tlrc later Denth nlbwtrs pnrts. bnss gootl hnae Irrmrcdinteplnns nre to begin recording our next nlbwtt continue to ruealsofeel plny sltuusnnd sendout presskits to seeuilnt lmppens... like utenre ttoo stepsbelind ourselueswe were uriting better/stronger Here in tlrc lJnited Stntessonrcpeoplewho are conaincedtlrc United StntcsgouemnrentInlps otlrcr countriesin theutorld.This is pnrt ot songszulile recordingcnstingnnd we neuerfeel like peopleget to lrcar we lmo U.S. nntiotmlisn tlnt justi.fiesintperinlismnnd wnr. Do ltou neaersent out presskits becnuse uhlt is reallygoing 0n....ute'ue lrclps tlrink tlnt sonrcGennnnsnre conuincedtlrcGerrnnngoaernnrcnt neuer felt like tlrcy utere going to lrcar utlnt T.tte'relike nou! people? otlrcr THE END. Of courseute tlink tlmt tlrc geftnan glaemnrcnt helps other people snd otlrcrcountries.But in ilnny dffirent u)ayse.g.rnedicnlntpport, Torment Tool food or troops. Not euerybodyhns to like tlrcsedifferentkinds of lrclp. Torment Tool (Germany) is a thrash quartet whose 3-song cd But slsoroe tlink lnryerialisntnnd especiallyWAR ain't bejustified Fuel of Hate is about shredding and some cool solos. Tl'resongs by anytltirtg. silence the lines about chorus just with catchy fun, thrashing are [ihe U.S.and German governmentsare both inrperialists!They help of cieath, everybody has to die, nuclear winters and other such themselves by exploitation, don-rination and thieving. -editor] typical themes concentrating on true predictions (like that ev^ervbodv has to die; true that). The vocals are traditional Hnueyou tried to plmJntusicr.uithonly bnssguitnrsmd drunts? -"ut Trtrlet vocals. The band's strength on here is that their drurtr bnss tlrc play I wouldn't Felix:songs are fun, but not melodic. They rely on shredding and a bnss one paY only cml We Rhryl: PInYer gooi rhythm section, not sugary melodies. This is what-they Frnicis: Wmt kind of music slrculd thnt be7 A ancuum clemrcr? [u'uu to say for themsclves when I argued with them! UIli: lt zuould be too progressiue nnd sounds aery shitty tormenttoolband Wlnt do you tlink o bnnds uho hnaefnscist idens like Absurd? Hout nre you? Whnt hnue been doing since Fue\ of Hate? We aren't politicnl, We'aen lot offriertdsfrom otlrcr countriesand zue think thnt peoplecan hnaetlrcir oun opinion as long as tlrcy don't use @tdrunkyet.Wekicknlanyns-sesintounslike aiolenceto sprendtheir opinion. We are snd of the intolerance,of Muitich, BietiglrcimBissingenand nnny nrcre. we got n little bit .many_ s0t18s' peoplein ou'r regiott.Absurd sucks!Becnusetlrcy killed sonrcbodynnd better utrite to tied nid tighter ll





rifftng nnd Tthts feel, ruitlL nggressiae(tlrnslry)/rnelodic(punky) solontg. Are thereltoung or neut Gerntnn tlrnslt bnndsutith ntnjori4t zuonrcn Clnrificntion:if you like bnndsuith huge-shtdioproductiotts 700t1ten ntentbers? nndfmcy conrprftcrizcdsoundsonly, tlrcn tlis is notfor you. We don't knou ntnny thingsnboutruonrcnin the nretnlscene.Herein TIrc Brnirrutnslt heresoundlike a bunchof tlrnsling punks, our city nre only one girl in n metnl bnnd, nnd tltnt's u'tottgh.ln the the bnnduscsn tltnslt scene genernlly nren't ilnny wonten. tlrc aocnlsnre sort of yelledout. As tlrc cd progresses bit nrorenelody mtd lets ottt sonteof tlmt street/punkattitude.Tlrcrc nre sonrcpretty good songs here, but I tlink tlrcir strengtlt is tolrcn Whnt is it ruith yott? You belieaetlmt crnp nbout hoto "nretnl is onllt tlrcy nre tltrnshing nrcre nggressiuelynnd plnying fnster, Iike ulwt ! Whnt thelrcll?! .fornrcn" Whnt'syour problemuitlt ruonrcn? nh ok. renlly, zuedont engngedus zuith tlrc topic, cmtsetlrc only bnnd slnre E tlrc uilder soloirtg nnd dnnnrning tnke plnce. zuehenrutlrcrea zr)ontnn plny is nrclt enenty.tlrc bnnd is good,nnd ue think thnnllailen shouldbeestnblislted in tlrcsâ&#x201A;Źene,but its uenl hnrd, cnusein the nrninstrenmsccne girls exist to look good,nnd llmts n Cretaceous pitty. especinllyin tlrc thrnslt scenenrent iltnny rlonten, in bnndsns This bnnd (U.5.) zurtscrentedfor the purposeof deliueringulmt tlrc ueLI ns thefuts. so lt)e like it ulrcn utornenplny in bnnds,but tlrcy uterenttnkeseiously. so i lnpe the nppereonce of nntagonixn ngninst nrctnl ntnsseshaue beettclnnroringfor: ftious tfuash denlingruitlr u)onrcnis antislrcd. espccinllyi (frnncis) lmue a bmd roith ft rlontnn. dittosnurs!The aocnlscnn sourtd like blnck nrctnl higbpitched rnspty slrc plnys tlrc gdtnr ns rucll ns i'ttt doing..... aoice,brtt tlrcre'slots of lout, gtttturnLgrozolirtg,jtrst the ttncient rlinosnursliked in their nretnl nrusic.Tlis bnnd likes to thrnshnnd Wlrcnyou die, tlrc utomtsuill ent your bodlt.Do ltott ltopc thnt your shredond the gtitnrs often lmtte n hook or sonrckind of ditty goirtg, is delicious to tlrc utornrs? zohilekeeping tlte tlrnshing nt rntes thnt ruould nmke tlrc dinosnurs flesh Frnncis: I tlink tlml ruill be aeru dnutkut nfter tlrc nrcnl 'scnrl stnndu7tnnd groutl. The recordingis pretty rouglr,rusty nnd dirty, ns t ltopc rtry " nslrcs tuill to Ricttnrd Cltristy fttit; tlrc bnnd thenrselaesnrlnit. lt's n pretty good iden zolrcretlrcy nrc UII|: I don't care, l'tu dcnd goi ng, thottglt. crctaceousmetal Ringl: I uill bury in n cnsketntndeof steel,so theruoftnscnn't ent nry rotten clrpse. So I don't giae n slit. Damage: Tinrc to Attnck WIrctt Felixrunslcnrniilq lo plnv dnttus, did lrc plnv nl ltortrennd dirl On tlrc coaerof tlrcir cd tlis bnnd (Austrin) is nttnckLngento kirls zoening Calibnnslirts, short hnir nnd Hot Topic-Iikerock belts,tolilc I didn't hme tlrc opportunihl to plny nt honrc,nry bnnd nlzonys forced tlrc bnnd tltemselaes ruenrSodont,Sntnnnnd Testmtentsleeueless old ttrc to trnuel to tlrc "prncticeroont" to plny. Since one ycnr I plny shirts,uery long hnir, kniuesand renlbulletbelts. uolunteer. Dmnngelms sottgscnlled "Forcesof Metnl" nnd "Metnl Attnck." Tlte aocnlsnre borderlinegruul/screamdentl/thrnshnnd tlrc Wouldyort hc nng4r i.fyott childrctttall yotr Ilrcyhntc nrctnl?Doyotr rrtusisis nLItlrnsh in tlrc lnean,fnst nnd's fnst, tlmtglr Itnae country nutsic in Gemmrty? ! Our cltildrencouldlisten to rohnttlrcyutnnt.If ue hnaethent.But ute not blnstittg,it's not nrelotlic,but it doeshnaehooks,so it's ttot jttst neuer tltouglft nbout ndopting cltildren ns n bnnd. speedltere. They nre good nt uhnt they do nnd it's certninlyfirn to We tlrirtk tlrcreis n smnll pit of country rrtrrsicitt gcnttmry,rue only henr.More,plense ! www.myspacc.corn/clamagewebsite guess. Dimansion: RoonlOrue (Ernotion Art Enterntainment) Tlrc opcrntic uocnls contbinedwith nrelodic,midpncedhard rock, ns uell ns sonrc ntetnl inJlucnces,ruith tlrcir enryhnsisort keybonrd, nrclodicplsslges, plus somegtitnr-bnsed hooksgiues tlis bnndfronr Greecen certnhtsyntpltonic,gotltic rocknix. The syrttlt nnd soprnno aocnls are n lmge pnrt of tlrc REVIEWS equntiott, ns are tlte guitnr solos.Tlrc title trnck is prethl rocking. Batbas: Mitnlns lV Liae Tlrcrenre sonrcgoorl solosnnd rffi on it, nnd tlrc nmin guitnr riff is Tltis cd is n liae recordingfronr Litltiumin from tlrc Mitnlns lV "ALiue"hns sonregood soloing.Tlrc one tlring thnt tlrc bmd concert. Tlrc first tluo songs,at lenst on here, sound like energetic driuittg. ruill be seekingto clnnge is tlrc prodtrction,sinceit is not ns strong thrnsh witlt blnck/deathuocnls,thouglt tlrc nrusic is strniglft tlrnsh. ns it is expected fo, this type tf Tlte next ttoo sortgskeepthnt energeticaibe, uith a nrcre nidpnced nnrJ big r o ck.w w w .myspace. com/ cl imansion gr grooae. Thingsget n bit ntorenrlaenturoustoith trnck 6, "Chnosas," toltich is not clenrzohatthe denl is zoith tlrc ymlq, clcnr aocnls.Nozr; r rr t sD r c n n r s tlrc bnnd sourtdsnnybe nrcre Tturtktoith groruleduocnlsmtd sonrc D v i n e D a v l i s h t : L t u t t i o Tltis cd is uery cntclrynrcIodicrock urith good songs.Tlris bandfronr punky sltouting. Tlrc last song "Drop by Drop" continuestlrcpunky Finlmd lms nrelodic sirtgirtg. Another key ingredient is the gruul ntetnl tlrnslt grooae.Tlrc songssourtdnlrigltt for nou. I tlink conLbhntiottof guitar nnd keybonrdmelodies,crentingsontethinglike tlrcy lmue sonteroont to deaeloptlrcir sound, Iike utlrcreto tnke their tlvnslry rtffng h n nnre concrete direction. atrrertt sriult contentporaryrock, not too rlffirent from tlrc rndio rock of n bnnd like Joumeyor nusic like tlnt. Thc bnnduill probablybe baubas666 prontoted0s poruernrctnlor goth metnlor sontethinglike thnt. I dort't cnre to argue nbout thnt, but tlrc fnct is thnt tlis is not nrctnl. The Br ainw ash: Psychopl tony This bnnd (ltnly) plnys their tlrrash/punk in tlrc ue-nre-old-sclnol- clyingdl Anytlilng elsc?! Wlrcn you utnnt tlmt rue conreto plny, ruc zuill be lmppy nbout it nnd sure tlmt nnytinrcin tlrefuture it ruill be possible.And tlnnk you for tlrcinteruieut.We hnaea lot offm. THE END.

nnd-Iike-to-play-it-dirty/gnrage style. The souttd qunlity is tlnt of n dento,ttotling fn ry, giaing the bnnd n renl rough-nrottnd-the-edges


(.Crrz delSu) Ensoph: RexMundi X-ile Tlis bnnd from ltnly (it seents)is fiae robot-futuristic Mnrilyn Manson-lookinglike, gns-rnask,IeatLrcrand spandex-uearingburtcltof freaks. Tlrc nrusic is that sort of 7rerycontputer-y,techy stuff, tuitlt robotuoicesnttdfunny noises. Do tech-robot-rock? you like uteird Eur on:t mots:


D enth M etnl

intelligence.Tlrcir lyrics also haae that ute-rendJmrd-books feel or sontethinglike thst. I don't knout. Tlrcy are probnbly uery good musicians.Bnnds on Sensory tend to hnuea lot tnlent. I tlink tlrcir style could benefitfrom better trtutsitionsbeftueenslngs. Maybe I don't get their genius.The band utould probably say that I am not qualified to judge them. Maybe. I just tlink tlrcy seentto be trying too hard. Plus, I utish they would rock out and get tlrc rnetnlgoing quickerand nrcrethan tlrcy currently do. leprousband

TJrcsetuto sortgsby tlis band (Malnysia) hnaeseueraltlings thnt nre good.TIrcguitnr solosand the guitar work in generalis distittctiae. The soloshaaen JTowirtg,aibrant quality to tlrcnt, wlile tlrc riffs nre discernnble, not disguisedby excessiae doutntunin!. Tlrc aocnlsare growled and go well ruitlt tlrc atnrcsphereof denth nrctal done right. The oaernll rhythm is pretty ensy to enjoy becauseis driaing, tfunsling deathnrctal. Tlrcfeel is denthnrctnl,bttt since thal like tlrc classicsourtdsis lmrd not to hnue n bit of tltrnsh plcnse!! tlrcre, too. lt's nll good. Mlr4 feeling in euronymousband

M ale Misandr ia: Voli zi one This band,utho seenrto tlink tlmt theyft tlrc cntegoryof "other," plny sontetlirtglike tlrc territory betweenblacknrctaland gind. Being tlrc shnrp obseroeryou are, you then nsk, "Whnt's befuteen blnckmetnland gind?" Attxuer: A rncket. Tlrcy nLakea ridiculous amount of oaer-the-topnoisein ten minutes of blnck/tlvnsl/punk rtJfn I ruith b Instirtg/fast/noisydrunmin g and lots of rnspyyelling. Theylnue short songsand sontelonger songs.It's aII pretty rtoisy nnd pretty fast, but tlrcy do it in n goodutay and get tlrc job donequicklymtd lenue. Everwhere: Life and Death Leauingyou to ask,"Whnt just happened lrcre?!" Gottaplny Tlis band from Sweden plays uhat is bnsically radio nLidpnced Metallicn-sh1lenusic. Heaaier thnn traditionnl lrcnuy/powermetnl, it ngnbr nnd tlris thrc you gottn pay attention becauseit's n wlirhoittd. and not fnst. Tlrcaocnlslnae the ntidrnnge,not but not toonggressiue Look punch! out! Sucker renlly singing, kind of tnlking/sltouting.I tlink the bnnd doesknout tlrcir malemisandria 1n zuhnt tlrcy nre doing, Metnllli ca/Megndetlt/Testnnrcnt/Antlr nx-inJluencedstyle. Personnlly, Mistielegy: Dyed White I ruould like nroreenerry nnd speed.Tlrcy gotta get nngry, gottn get It's easyto tell thnt tlis band (Jnpnrt)hns tlrc potential to appenlto tlrc nrcnn! www.myspace.corn/ everwhere public into opernticuocalsand syrnpltonic/goth ntetal. Of the four soltgs, three nre on thefaster/speedyside of things and one is ntore Foul: Goredont bnllnd-y. This is renllyfnst, drunmmchined,unintelligible goreblnststuff. lf you pacednnd The dnmmrcr likes to keepit fast nnd double-bass think that wlrcn you gnrgle utnter you are nnking zuonderfulntusic, snd hooks guitnrist riffs, also nrelodic and solos, tlrc plnys rolile tltis cncopltony nmn belind the fnst tlrcn tlis will begenius to you. Jesper, uill hinrcelf tell you thnt tlis is notlring but inrrnnttrre,ttrorortic Iicks. Tltis is supposedto be sonrctling like fnst puuer nrctal utitlt elegance, Iike poutermetnlfor lndiesand gentlenrcn. srtotgoreblnst frorn Sweden,ruith jepprox Rigltt now tlrc thing that doesnot allout tlrc band to exhibit their nntsic in tlrc utay tlmt l'rn sure tlrcy utnnt is the production Hellsign: Front Mndnessto Suicide like. Hellsign (Barcelona,Spnin) is guttural, brutal, blasting denth nrctnl. wlich is not tlrc luge, syntphonicone that they would probnbly gruoling? Clrcck.Blnstlng? Horleuer,tlis cd doesprouideplenty of euidencethat the bnnd ntny be Let's do a clrcck list: inconryrehensible nrctala genre? Check.Loru tuned buzzirtgguitnr sound? Clrcck.Fast guitar solos? ott to sonrctlfutgthat couldget uide nppenl.Is elegnnt u)ny. tlrc uill show Mnybe tlis bnnd Clrcck. mistielegy Wlmt I tlink tlrc bnnd could benefitfrom utould be to conrc up uith nrcre nrcnwable guitar work, wlrcre tlrc rffi cnn stwtd ottt (part'l\ ntore.Thegruoling couldbe nrcreuaried,so it's rtot tlmt nrcttotortous AlexM:urgia: In tlrc Slnde of Myself ntusic. Soundsmostly like nnd experinrcntnl Tlis is instnmrcntal just gruulittg all the wny through, tltough it's nout fine nnd good, nrusic nusic. ls tltis guitnr spacey acoustic for relaxingor meditntion? hellsign g nie ty. lnckin u it's not nrctnl. Well, nrtyrcoay, Lanb of God: Wrntlt It's ok music nt n nidpnced rnte, uith nnsh parts nnd senigroutled aocnls. Notling lrcrrible. lf you ruant to lrcnr bnnds tlnt use the of nrusic,you utill like. Nert! PanterntenryInte

(.Sensory) Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndronrc Peopleutho nre intellectunlsor uiln tlink thnt tlrcy are snrortertlnrt you utill probabtysny this band is pure genius becnusetlrc nrusicgoes jrom nngry-depressed-screann college rock nlienntion to spncerock then on to groruling rock and back again to confusedboy rock or nnybe angry uegetnrinnrock. Tlrcy cnn sound pretty lrcnay md tlrcy do sound often pretty uteird on purpose, as if to shotu tlrcir


NierV: Donriniott A clusterfestof ridiculouslyfnst dnmmnclined speednnd eaenrrrore yelling nrtd screanring, from tlrc United Kingdont lt's likefast, an7ry robotsrockingout zuitltsontechninsnws. Hout nre the songsTI hnae no clue becnuseit's nll aery confusirtg. lnmgine conrputerized blurry, nebulous and nnd inhuntnn soundsand screnning. black/dentUindustrial/rrrcteors Go Ircre: nierty (Arclight Records) Pack of Wolves: Betrayer Tlis Tetns, U.S. group hns tlrc sound of experienceand knotuledge, tlrcy htout uthnt tlrcy are doing with the lruge,driuing nffs nnd n big

rhytlmt to tlrcir sound of not-nrclodic-but-pretty-ensy-to-rementberStalin gr acl:Stnli ng rnd groruled,big-riff nrctnl. lt sottnds pretty utell tltottglft ottt, utith n Tlis cd (Cnnnda)lns seuernlpositiae elentents.They plny gtttturnl, certnin expertisetlmt cnn be lrcnrd tlroughotrt tlrcir nrusic. Tlrc bnnd henztynnd doutnhmed nretnl, they hnae tlrc tendencyto chnngetlrc lms n pnrtirulnr type of ,ifft tlmt on puryosenooid sounding Likeenr speerl,usc lpproprintc solosnnd riifferentrltytluns. Tlrc lyrics nre o-fn cnndy,naoirlingtlrc soundsof tlmt tlring cnllednrcloriicgrowl nrctnl. socinl nnhrre, tncklhtg utnr, rocisnt nnd prejudi.ce, from youth beirtg AII their songshnaea certninnnti-enrcnndyhooksthnt nmkeenchsong rtsedns cnmtonforlderto ignornncenttitudesin genernl. stnnrlon its outtt.I don't theget thefeeling thnt nll thc songsfolloutn This is ttot blnsting ntetnl, but stiil uery nruclt uptenrpo, strict fonnuln, tlnuglt tlrc bnnd doeslmae their sound. Hcre nnd tlrcrc uitlr sonrcnrosl/groouepnrts, roitlt tlrnsh nnd denth iffittg. Tlrcy tlrc bnnd does Imue n nrclodic nrcnrcnt, but it's not orterdone.Tlrc sound etttlmsednnd tlrc guitnr solossltorudedicntionto the nrt of riffsftooksseentto collidengninstcnchother,giaing the impressionof soloing. Tlrcy keep it brutnl, but nlso socinlly releumtt. dissonnnt,rffi-ngainst-tlrcntsclues stalingradmetal fcel. After n fezo listens nll of this stnrts to ntnkesensennd gets ntlre ntenrcrnble, Iike "Wnlking Dend,' utith its lrcoks.ln ndditiott, tlrc bnnd does hnue tlrcir tripped out UnitetT}1ind Club: Tlrc Lnst Perfornmnce ntonterttslike "To CImo Out Eyes" toliclt is trtmrcLodynnd Wouldn't you knoruit, these3 songsby this bnnd(Rtrssin)soundlike discordnnce nt exhibitiort. the next of kin to the lmrd rock tlmt U.S. mngnzineslike Reaoluer packofwolvesband couer.Tlrcgtitnr ruorkrclieson genernl,Ttlny-otthnrd rock/nrcslt/jturrTt eilergy, rultile tlrc uocnlsnre sorrreutlrcre behLteen talkednnd shouted, PersonaNon Crata: S/radcir f/rcLiglrf (Scnsory) sonrctintes sotrnding Iike teleplrcne-uoices,rnegnphone-r,oiccs, Tlis bmd (Greece)is trnditiottnl prog nrctnl tlmt is uery professionnl nridrnngeuocnlsnnd the drunnning is tlmt one-tuto,one-ttlo, tnt-tnt nnd utitlt n goodproduction. lrcnay-hent,rhytlun-driuen style. United Mind Club nrcets ulj I tlink tlrc bnnd is more in tlrc cntegoryof "for prog nrctnl sonterulrcre utlrcrenminstrenrn,radio lnrd rock nnd ntosh rock cross pnths,crentingsonrctlirtg thnt is grooae-oriented rock.ln nddition,tlrc frenks" becnusetheir songs do tend to stny in the proggy feld. Horueuer, I tltitrk tlnt if tlrc listeneris roilling to giae it n renl clnnce bnnd obt;iottslydoeslike n wlrcIe bunch of different stylesof rock,mtd nnd not u)lrry nbout too rtruchnbout cntegories, the bnnd certninly nnybe sontemetnl, tol, becmtsetherenre brief montentswlrcn tlrc lend hnuen seriousrcss nnd n rynlih1 nbout them thnt cnwr.otbc disntissed guitnr goesfor tlrc soloingnnd tnpping,etc. Tlrc bnndlikesto dressup Iiglttly. in fnttcy srtits nnd ties to round out tlrcir inrnge. The uocnlsnre trnditionnl nnd good singing, zulile the tnlent uzou).nty spnce.cotn/rtti tednind club of tlte musicinnsis obuiotlsfrom tlrcfirst ntoment.The songutriting hns nruclt to offer to tlrc listener in temrs of singing, uith n ueryfull Woe of Tlurants: Kingriorrrqf Mglrf (Metal Blade) aoice tlmt projects rucll, zoitlt requircd ltiglryelling monrcnts,nnd Tlrcy hnzten fnncy studio sotlnd prorluctiott nnd haae studied tlrcir crisTtygtitnr solo ruork, slmrp notes nnd good riffng. Tlrc solosnre nrcIodicgroul corestu.ff.Tlrcy clnim to proruoten "positiue" nrcssngc, often uery expressiue,ruhen they nre slozoer.Tlrcy nlsontnkeuse o.f but irt rcnlity it is tlrc religiotts ideas of Christinnill thnt tlrcy keybonrds n lot, but it's bnckgroundstu.ff,not synryhonicshtff. nggressiaelyprontote. Would you like Clristimihl to go nlong zuitlt Wlile tlrc bnnd sticks to tlte strnigltt, old-scltool,trnditiortnl your trendymnll grorul? prog nretnlficld, tlrcy hnuesolid,quality songs.Personnlly,I ruish tlrcy ruould rock out n bit ntore,bust ottt tuith sonrclrendbnngingtunes. Yours For Mine: Denr Cllildrerz (Blood and Ink Records) Right nout tlrcy nre keeping it pret$ intcllectunl nnd mental, like Tltis Clrristinn rock bnnd plny tlrc sort of rndio rock thnt is popilnr nrctnl nrusic fo, roine nnd nrt mouie enthusinsts. with ntnll kids, it seenrcto nre. The instrurtrcntntionnnd sirtgirtg soundspopptntky md tlrcbnndsoundspret$ goodnt wltnt tlrcydo. SeeirLgtlnt this is blncly'dentlr/thrash zine, I don't knotLt Phrygian Gatcs:BlackLines nrrrcltnborrttlis fomt of music. Would you like Christinnity to go This bnnd (Nonony/Spnin)plays ntntureprog rock tlmt cnn rockout nt nlongr.oitltyour rocknrusic? tinrcs,ns uell ns nrellozu/spoce rnonrcnts,guitnr solo utiznrdry nnd jants. 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Metal Bulletin Zine 18  

metal music zine

Metal Bulletin Zine 18  

metal music zine