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Reviews: Malignus (Australia). Nitrous (Estonia)||etin I

Black metallers Mysteria_rch(North Carorina, u.s.) are currently working on their second release. Their debut, Tlle Maiestic FnIl. works the sound of fast and blastin g, raw and grandiose, harsh *weircr, and melodic black metal. This is ruor oaaual, slow and depressive music associated with some black metal in the u.s. Mysteriarch is headbangers'black metal. That's so good to hear, for a change! I hnagbrrn littrning to The Muj"stt, FulI o lot ,ecrntly. L it .front , QQuple of yenrs ago? Is there new ccl ioning out? Hails Mauicio! This is Lord Mysteion (oocals, guitnr) E Mysteriarch. Yes, the recording sessions for The Majestic Fall actually beganInte 2005 and went on througlt 2006.Trrcnlbum took ylyyoltyn entire year to nix and utnsfinnlly relensedin Decenfuerof 2007 tfuough tlrc underground lnbet ophiucus Records.The nlbunt utns contpletelyproduced,engineered,nnd nixed by us. We worked aery long and lmrd on this albunt, and feel it zuasutorth the ffirt we put into it. we are currently putting tlrcfinishing toucrrcson seaernl songs itt preparntionto record our secortd full-length nlbunt, uthiclr zoill be recordednt n studio in Rnleiglt, NC during trrc next fant nrcnths.This nlbum will representthe best written nnteinl by tts to date. we are definately looking fonuard to tlis relesse!

personally,ntusic is ntoreof an escnpe front reality. Therefore,I choose not to draut referencesto things thnt are going on in thispresentday in nge. Yes,sonrcof the lyrics do pertnin to batttesand zu'ar,but ttrcy are ftt more of n tirnelesssense.otlrcr lyrical contentsby us incluie tlrcnrcsof dnrkness,ntysticisnLhidden ntysteries,and thi occult.The word Mysterinrch nrcans " one presiding oaer ntysteries', . do y'all har, going on tlrnt's interesting black ntetol-wisei, U.!nt. Chn lottt? Wlrot nbout otlrr, ,rrtnl? Charlotteis n growing city zpith s decentnrctnl scene airtualhl nll for types of rttetnl. witlin tlrc pnst yenr or fu,o, I lmae been to ionrc annzing nrctal shautsin Chnrlotte, including Betphegor,Enslaaed, Amon Amarth, nnd Llnleashedto nanrc s few. North Carolinn hnsn aery good nrctal scenein general. In nty opinion, the capital city of Raleighis the best city in North Cnrolina for ntetal.Tlrc iocal crotucls tlrcre nre uery enthusiastic,and considering tlte nunrcrous uenues there,it is a grent plnceto booknnd perform srtows.we playeda slnru ruith Rotting Christ tlrcre n couple wieks agl. E

uietu Horu . do zohnt yotr do musicnlllr? lrou I tuould like to think tlmt zueare n contribution to the metal scen"e nt North Carolinn snd nbrond.As I haae alreschtntentioned,we nre doing nrcre shows thnn ute euer lurce snd nre gctting on slrcwswitlt nnre reputnble bnnds. we nre trnaeling to Naslrcille, TN next weekertdto plny s blnck nrctal shuu with Blood stnined Dusk, woe. Tlrc cd shou,smnturi4r nnd professionalisntI uould tlink thnt you nnd otlrcrs.Next rnonth,u)eareptnying a shuu roith septicFlesh(front nre pret4t nctiae. utith liae per,fornnnce experience. Greece) in Spartanburg, SC. Yes,that is correct.we fornrcd in 2002 and played our first show irt 2005. we hnue beenperfornting a lot nrcre shoutsrecently than ute Re.feringto low cd snlesnnd the internet sonrespeakof tlrc denth of hnae in the pnst. oaer the pnst feut ntonths, lle'zJehad ntore shows tlrc nLusicindustry,. Don't you think that ccr slnlesnte loruer nlso tlmn bnnd relrcnrsnls. our liue performanceis intproaing with eaery becnuse cds Jnae gotten too expensiae? shoutute plny. we nre beconittg nrore confortableon stagennd hnae The obuiousreason the declinein cd snlesis yei, for free dcnanloscl'ing. recentlynddedsonrcincreasedaisual effectsto our slrcws to inaokea sonrcof tlrc inryort cds cnn get quite expensiae.I utill ndnit thnt I once aery dnrk ttnd culllike ntnrcsphere. paid,$23for an inryort Lunsr Aurorn cd. Houteaer,n grent uny for n band to sell cds and nrcrchandiseis by playing at ntaiy liae shut;s ns sonrc of tlrc knozonblnck nrctnl nnmes in the intenierus possible.Thnt is rtot to sny you cnn't sell cdsaia otlrcrnrcnns.For us present tlrcnrcelaesns elite. ruho disdnin metnl people tlrcu.glq rr)e sell ntost tf our nrcrchandise at our shouts. for not understnndingtheir "gentus." Hozueuer, your bnnd doesnot shnre thnt uieu at nll: yott tour nnd nre n ft,nctioilng band. How nrepeopk Yorrr bnnd has epic-soundingkeybonrds sort of ntoaie-souncltrack ns in tlrc u.s. renctingto liae blncknrctnllike yourselaes? utell acousticgtitars. what do you imagine tlrc ntnrosphereto be? And isn't it true tlmt rnetnl people u,nnt to lrcnr blnck nrctal liue?! Tlrc truth is, on The Majestic Fall, we were still kind of in the process You nre absolutelycorrectin thnt stntenrcnt.we do not subscribe of deaelopitlgour soundnnd fbding our niche.A lot of trrcthings that thoseideologies.we forge our oron pntlrc nnd follow our olun idenls, uere doneon tlrc nlbum ruerelnore of nn expeinrcnt mtd sonrctiitesnrt tltus trnnsfornilngtlrc perceptionsof a boundedsociety.Mnny people nccident.our goal utss to just be ourselues and to be oiginal. I think nre getting boredof lrcnring the snnrctype of nrusic and nre yenrning u)enmnngedto succeedtn tlmt, becnuseI listen to n lot of blacknrctnl bnndsnnd can't tltink of any otlrcrbnnd in particulartimt we souncl for somethingdifferent.A person udked up to nrc nfter one of our recentsltotusand said to nre, " You gttys nre thefirst renl blackntetul like. Cnn you? I - editorl bnnd I lmue euerseenin nry life, nnd I utaied to thank you for that camrot, lNo, actually. expeience". Stntenrcntslike tlmt giue us inspiration to work eaert Wlrnt kirrds of jobt do yo, lnrder, becnusetlrcre nre peopleout tlrcre roho renlly apprecintetlrc nlL hn , in Clrnrlottr? IIILISIC WC crente and perfornt. I utorkfor a cell phonecontpanydoing techsupport.Melkrnth (drums) utorksin transportntion.Knel (bnss)is n contputerengineernncluteb Your lyrics obuiouslylmuen.feelof bnttlesnntl runrs.For you, is tlrcre designer. snrgotltus (keys)docsconstructiortfrcrnerenrcdering.cyri c arts out eyebnlts (lrc n personnlcorutectionbettueentlrc 4tricsnntl your orunpersonnlaierus (guitnr) collects retirtn). on the U.S. goaernrnentunrs in lrnq nnd Afglnnistmt? Do ltou aieut tJour lyrics as n sepnrnte enti4t not renlly nbout tlrc present? Are you open-nindrd nbout uho listens to ltour nrusic? we encourage eaeryoneto giae our nutsicn listen.Thequestionis not I lmte to sny it becnusenobody likes to lrcttr bsd naus, but a)e are wltetherpeoplenre ruortlty of listening to our nrusic.The questionis definntely in trouble. I ant ryite infornted nbout n lot of tlrc ratlrcr " are rr)e roorthy enough tf being listened to,,? " conspirncy tlrcories", nnd uilnt I knou is aery fucking grint. Houteuer,our lyrics do not renlly pertnin to these issues.To nre Do !,ou knou,qf nt\, nll-u,ontenblacknrctnlbuds? Do lrou knou, qf

ilty y0tLttgr0oiltctt70hoare startingup tlrcir orutrblnckntetolb0ttds?! Tlte only nll-femnleundergroundnrctnl bnnd I hnuc euerlrcnrdof is Mytltic. Dnnn Duffey usedto plny in Mythic nnd nnu fronts tlrcbmrd DenrcricChist. DentonicChrist runsoriginnllyfronr Chnrlotte,nnd I utitnessedquite nfezoof their sltuus backuthen tltey ruerelocatedhere. DenrcnicClvist nt one poittt split-up nnd tlrc rentniuingnrenrbers, rrtirtusDnna Dtrffey,.fomrcd tlrc bmd DnrkMoott tohorrrrelensedntt nlbutt on Music For Nntions.DenronicChrist nnd DnrkMoonnre fupo of thebestmetnlbnndseuerto lniLfrorn Chnrlotte,NC. ! Any otlrcr trctos, eaents or contnrcnts? Well, I ruoulrlfirst like to tlnnk you for contnctirtgrts to cortdtlcttltis intertriero.I'ttrsurcyou ruorkrtcrylnrd pu ttittg togetlrertltis:ine, mtd trsorrt, peoplerenllyapprecinte thnt. For tlrcy can uisit our officittluebsite lt or our MySpncesite nt ruutut.nqtspnce.cotrr/rtrltsterinrclt. Copiesof Thc Majestic Fall fill-Iettgth crl nrc still nunilnblentd cmt Lteorrl.cred directlyfront our uebsiteor tlvouglt our MySpncesite.Wa nlsotoould like to etrclurLlge nny blnckrrrctnlor uttdergrotuulntctnlltmrdsutltonrc US to tortrirrg tlrouglr tlrc Cnrolittnsor tlrrorrglttlrc sor.rtlrcnstern Tlnttks ngnin,Mmtricio. Kccpyour contnctus .for orgmizing shozus. stoord drnunt liglq mul tlty lrcnts rnisad to tlrc csscnccof true urtdergrouttd ruetnl! TFIE END.

Perish (Sweden) is classic-stylecl thrash metal built on the philosophy of thrash speed rifforama. From the start to the cnrl, it is pit-friendly speecly souncl, practically marle for the livc cnvironment. Chcck out the interview to get an iclca of their gr:nealogy ancl their trarjectory.w w perishswc' r 2008recordirtg? Wlmt'sbeenhsppening sinceyour Septenfue Since tJrcrecordingute Jmaeplnyed ft,uosltouts.We hnuesonrcslrcuts Ttlmurcd for tlrcuirttcr/sping nnd ruc'regonnn try to get ns nwry as possibletlis yenr. We zuill nlso racordn ne70derrroirt cnrly 2009. Our long-tentr gonl ls plttl rtruclt liue nul lmue n lot fttt.

Do ltou ttuy ctls?Do ltou duunlondnwsic ntoretlmn btry cds?Do lroLt listen to nrusicrnostlyon things like 1todsor nLp3plnyers?Or uideo gttnrcs?Do you renrltlrc lltrics nnd clrcckout tlrc nrtutorko.fthe cds? Do ltnue records nnd record pk4ters? ltou We nll hnuenbout sonrehundrerlCDs. We alLbuy CDs nnd support the bnuls. We don't dounload nmch nrusicnt nll, sonrctimes. Yenl4 r,oelistertto's tice uhen you'rc trnuelling.We tlon't plny zueretrrucltrtideoganrcs,bLrtit hnppens.Of courseit's nice to clrcck out arftuork nnrl rend lyrics. We nll hnae records. Hotu did you get the noney to recordnt Old Plnnnncy Studioroitlt Miknel Mngnusson. Wlto e.lsc lns Mngrrussonroorked roith? (tolmt else?)Most of us nre We pnid tlrc demo recordingorrrselzts ruorkingso 70ehnucsonrentoney,it's rrot ertrcnly erpertsiue. It zuns our first tinrc in n studio so it zLtns o ndl cxperiettce, utelettrrLed n lot nnd lmd rcnllyftn! Miknel Mngnussortrlid n grentjob nnd zue're rtenJ sntis.fied. I tltink lrc is pretty nau itt the business,bttt I knoutlrc hns ruorked " w l mt t.uitlr Tomorrou "R' r' i' t-t 6 o' c " Is lrour bnnd nnnrc inspired blt n nrcuicor clnssictlrnslu like Dnrk Angel's sortg " Perislt in Flttnrcs" ? Who did tlrc logo? Iesper:I cmneu7:roitlt tlre nnnte. First I thouglrt " Perishin Jlnnrcs" like the Dnrk Angel song,brrt thnt soundedto nruchlike thebnnd " lrt FInntcs"so roeskippedit. Lnter I cnnrcup ruitltjust " Perislt"nnd rue nll liked it. Atrrir: I did tlrc logo. I rous irtsptiredby old nrctttllogos irr genernl. Wltnt did lrou listut to tud renLly enjoyed ht 2008? Iesper:I renllyenjoyed"CiltnoBontb- CitizenBrnin". I think it's ortc tf tlrc bctter tlrnslt nlbrtnts in yenrs! ntany Dnnicl: "Tlrc Hnuntcd- Versus".lt utnsnlso tricc to seeMetnllicn rcgnitt satte of tlrcir old stylc zuitlt " Dentlt Mngnetir-" Do ntetttl until you bleed? plnlr ltou Cuess it toorks, but it don't seeilt prncticnl... rultut I'ue not plnyeddntntsfor nwlilc I begttrtto Icspcr:Sorrretittres Pretfi lmlm. bleed. cool,

Wlnt is ltour torunor citltlike? Mtybe nroutul Fnlkenbcrg. Its n sntnlltotutron tlrc sroerlishrucstcottst, 20'000people.Wc nll nrctnt pnrtysnnd bnrs,yott kttuo its nll obotrt iokes neuts? Lttst tlrut Itts connttettts if ute'll rrcedn dcohol! lt's n grentplttceto nreettmu bntd nrcnLbers, lnysp0ce. Tltm*s tlrc ottt our nryspnce, zr)71)70. itttentieut! Cltcck just oTtle! nsking pe for mul go, drinking tlero one, rue dento! conr/pterishstoe Btty orrr Tlrrnslr trrctnl nss!! T H E E N D . up your nborLt Horu ditl tle lyrics conrcup.for tlrc sottg "Betrnlted"?Wltnt

" Pnrndes nnd "Enting MltWult Otlt"? of Su.fferitry" ttbout! tt r.olrnt l'nt surc ilot ztilrcgetsbetrnyedln1 Dariel: Betrnyetlrenlly is nbottt u zunr-ttctcrntL of SuJfcringis gencrnllynbout tlrc lnsurrection (Quebec,Canacia)has a cd calleclPrologueand it's a IrisotLtttsoltliersin bnttlc.Pnrndc,s politiciansnnd tlrcirrunyof lyittg to tlrc citizens.Enthtg rtryrunyortt is professional,goocl quality recorcling of a bancl that knows how btsicnllynbotttbeing trqtped. Yotr ctut interpret tltnt itt ttttln T.t')ttys. to play cleath mctal with an car for goocl songwriting. In acldition, the overall souncl is clerrnsolid-heavy,with cool songs. Horuold nreyou nnd hozudid ltou cntchtlrcnrctnlbug? The vocalist, St6phane Jornphe is the one answeriug. 20-23 bcttueen nll nre We www.myspace.corn/ insurrectionmetal Ieslter,drunrc:For nrc it begnnzoitltMetnllicntuttl tlrcy ue still n big bnntlslike Dnrk ArtgcL,Sndrrs, to nrc.Lnteron I discoaercd itLfluerLce lnsurrectiort? tlrc cntnp of Wlnt's slmkirtg in Rnzornnd tlrc list goeson. Brrt tlnt nrc tlrc onestlmt reilly ttttulettte Hey Metnl hLlletin,nrLdhnil to tltosebrnucenoughto rend! Riglttrtoru tlrrnslr to tutttLt Ttlny ruith tlrc bnild, zLte'restill ruorking lnrd nt finding tlrcseutho'z)eiler)er Antir. guitnr: I bagttnuitlt lrcnuy nretnl utd tlrnsl; lron Mnidarr, thenrue'rc henrdof rrc (nnd tlrcre'sryLiten lot of thent)nrd corrchrce blttcknrctnlttnd tltLttis n big hfluene on Slnycretc. TlrcnI discoaered ruortlt tlrcir wlile. We're plnying slmos lrcre nnd tltere,nny tinrc rue me. Metnllica nre tlrc bmd tlnt rrtndenrc rLtttrttto ltlny thrnsh. cmt. MenrtrLtlile,roe're ruorkhtg ott nelu sotlgsfor n nezu record Dnniel,rtocnls:! bcgtutzuith Kissnrd tlrcn it roertton to lrcnuiershtff. distutt tlrc rrot lTerly sonrctitrte irt firtrtrc. Mctnllicn nnd Hnuntetl ttre big ntetnl/tlr,ttslritt-fhrcttces for nrc. Cnn








Sofnr, the rcsportse ltnsbecnpretty good if you nsk rne. For tlroseo.f you fnnilLinrruitlr ltlnltbenttorrtlL tuc'ucbccntold tlmt ottr cnrgosltorts utcrc too trrctnl,but bcyondtlmt, it's nll Ttositiue. Euery sottg ort the nlhunrseenrs to ltnuefourtd n tnkcr,mul tlrc soundqunlity is top rtotclt, tltnnksto lef Fortin.Wc cuengot n goodrcuieutin Itnlinn thnt I'trr still tryutg to figure

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Is it gctting ruorseto .finrljobs md kecltn butd f urctiottittg?Do ltorl tltittk tlnt, sirtccrtrctnlrccordconrltttrtics nrt. o.fcortrsc.cnltitnlistnnd for-profitbusinesstlmtfinrl trurds nnd tlrcnntilk tltosctrends,thnt tlrc rnetnl bnndstlmt rcftsc to -follown ttnrtiuilnr trenduill lnue to corrre to temrsnnd ncceltttlmt tlrcyruill lmueto prrt out tlrcirozwtrecordings tutd hc IItcir orprtltrorttolcrslry plmtittgliuc, rtsittg Ilrc itrlcntct,

Wltnt nrt l-rrolltitrgslrorrruilly, rcnlly ltntcthott! liuitrg itt Cmrmlt? I rcnlly lmte hnttntgto drirtc 5-10 hours to get to n shoru.Bnndsuc nlrendycxpensirte to nut, nnd tlrcn,uith gnscosting1.50$/Ltlmt runs REALLYnpnin in the nss.Vmrsnrepriccy,atd cnlciutttmd snlttutd snorucnttent tlrough n tnnk nnd kill tlrc poor netnl-ridebnstnrdirt tt fezu yenrs. Tlmt nnd nrissirrgottt orr cool tours. But besidestlmt, Cnnndn'sprctty fun! lust like tlrcy snid in the Sinrysons" l'nr frotrt Cmndn Tlrcy tlink l'trr slozrt t:lt?"

Mnrtitt ttrtd Vhtcmt botlr plny guitnrs. Do tlrcy hnueucry di.f.ferent Instcsitt tttttsic?Wltttlis tlrcirrolc itt llrchnttd?Solos,riJfs.trrnrrgitrt, sottguritittg, ctc.? Fttrtrtytling nbout Benuer(Virtcent) is tlmt lrc ttsedto be n lmrdcora IrtsurrcctiortFntt.Wnnttnybnckduring our first sltorus, lrc runsthcre. You go backmtrJ.forth bettocenn gttfurnl dcntlt nrctnl nnd n nrore As.fnrns irflunncesgo, ycnl4diffcrentit is. Ott onelmntl,you'll lun,c hlncknrctnluoice.Docs using botlt s4tlesqf uocnlsrequircdi,fferent stutfflike Meslmggnhnnd Neaemrlre,on tlrc otlrcr,tlrcre'llbe shtfJlikc pnrls Io grupl? Wlrnl kitrtl qf uocnl ctr'rt'iscsrlo ltott rlo? Irt Flnrtrcs.ArLd ute're rtot euut plnying nnytling like tlrcscbnnds! WeIl, tlrc higlr Ttitchedrtocnlsnrcftirly sittt1tlcto do, but l'nr fnirly wre it cnn irritnte tlrc tlvont, so gottn be cnrcftLlruitlt tlnt. Stiil, in n liue Do yorr tltirtk it is shtltid or inmmture to rurite lyrics of "kill, ntninr sctting, it's trrut:lrensierto lrcnr yotLrsclfusirtg tlrcsethmt tlrc lou ntrd dtslroy" or to sitLg nhortt glori.fyitrguiolenccirt gcntrnl? gruul, so yort'rc ntrrcltlcsstoindednnd such. I like niring itLsorttc Metnl bnndscmt utrite rohnttlrry zonnt.I just.findzoritingnboutgorc Cttrcnss-stylc nid-rnngc uocills,nnd o.fcoursetlrc lou grorulsthnt nrc n Iittlc ortcrrlorrc. lf you zonnnndo it, mtrl cat do itroitlt style,go crnzy, tlrc brcndntui httter of tlcnth rtretnl.As for etercises,notling rrtucl4 htt ktruu tlrcrenre likc... tlrcusntdsof otlrcr bnndsdoirtg tlrc snnrc ruc don't plny cotuLtless sltoutsjrtst yat Likc Neurnxis,htt regulnrity tlilng yorr do, so you bettergct your nct togetlrcr.Tlrcn ngnitt,yorr scentsto roorkroell.No boozc,rto Inctosc,no plp mui nll tlrc rcgilnr couldjust forgct nbout tlrc lyrics md bc works.for sontc hmds I gttcss, ttot tny tcn. ctLp of Jnzz.



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Tlrc lyrics concept.for"Festin d'erLtrnillts"cmucfrom tolnt? Doesit nrcan " Fcnst of etttrnils"? ls it nbotLt tlrc soucnuttent? Like I snirlcnrlicr, Fcstirrd'cntrnillesis indecdn fenst of entrnils.It's tLI nbortttlrc slrcep(yort,ntemd tlrcgoodfolks) beingtlrcntnin cottrsc o.fn fcnst rLtlrcrenll tlrc uplic,r clnssis inztitcd,a aeryfrrry nrcnlruitlr kniucs.flying loru. Tlrc uLlhre reTtresents tlrc nredin;nhonystlrcrcto tnken bitc o.fftlrc aictirtt,tlrc Ttnckof lobbyingrnts nnd gat tlrcidcn.As for tlrcgor)cnutrcttt... ntccmt't blnnrctlrcgouenrrtturt's nll pnrt o.f tlrc wny of life zucclrcse,ns n society:Conrfbrt. Conr.fortis tolmt utc cltooscoucr knoutledge,ouer tntth, ouerintegrity. It's rrrrrclrcnsierto htrn to nnotlrcrclutnncltlnt tellsyou euerytlirtg's Sonrco.fltortr songshsueIyrics in Frenclr,otlrcrsin EnglislL.Do ltou fine tlwt to go nnd find infonrntion nboutruhnt'srenlly lnpTtcttitrg. euertryttoruitc lyricsfor n songin Frcnchmtd tlrcndecidetlnt is ttot We're gettittg ftcked irL tlrc nssnnd zue'drntlrcr learn to like it tlnrt roorkhtg nnd szuitch to English or aice aersn? fnce tlrc truth. Tlrc contpnnies we loaeto hntenre justfeedingtrszultnt I nertcrsuitclt I nctunllyrtsunllyrurite tlrcfirst sortgiden tlmt contcs r.rteutiltt, nttd noru zue're trnTtpcditt ottr oTuttcontfort. Checrs ! to rrtirtd,in ruliclrcuerlnngtngeit cnnreto nrindfirst. lt usunlly stnrts roith n coollinc, sonrctlingcntclryin English,tlnt fits per.fectly ruittt Do yotr tltink tltnt Qrrebecsltould be indepenrlent .from Eltglislttlrc rlrythnLor n concepttlmt .fits the nood of tlrc song,like Mephisto spenkingCmmdn?WotLklyou sny tltnt ntnjorityqf Quebecois thh* it is like afnble,kind of like "tlrc deuilwent to Georgin",bttt ns itrrttgcry ruouldbebetterto beindcpcndent nndulry? . I personnlly for n credit cnrd. Festind'entrnillcsis nnother.fnble-typesottgtltnt Alrlt, tlrc trick questiort.l'll try to be ns clenrns Ttossible denlsruitlt tlrc bnckof tlrc politicnl scenc,utlrcrcrooluesslnre n fcnst tlink tlmt QuebecshouLdnranngeits outn slit. Quebeclns n uery ruith tlrczuorstuemthtnnd eueryorrc stnbsenchotlrcr;.funtinrcsrenlly. different utLhtre, Inngungc,bcliefs,zuny of liuirtg, that the rest oJ Cnnndn.Freelrcnltlrcnre , .freecriltcntiort,ruelfnre,nll thnt stuff. We pny Wlmt does Insurrectiort corftributes to nretnl nrusic? tnxes ort tltc .federnl mrd protirtcinl leue[ yet the .fcds hnue less I think rulnt rLteoffer is n good bnlnnce bettueentechnicnlity nnd respottsibilitics thnn tlrc prottirtcinls,so ntoney'sn-utnsting.There's grloae. Tlrcre'sn fine line betueenutntkery nnd tnlent, nlmh. Bttt sonrcrcdttc.cks in tlrc ntore nrrnl plncesof Quebecwho jttst unnt seriousLy,ute like to keep tltings jtrst conrplicntedenough to keep notling to rlo zuith "tlrc nnglos", but tlmt's just plnin igtormtcc. peopleon tlrcir toesntrd get nntsicinns'interest,nnd just cntclrynnd Cnruuin'snn lucsonte placeruith ntucsonrc people,we just figurc zue grooay enough to be n good cxperiencethc uery first tinte, uritltottt sltouldntn our tlings, just like eueryregionin Cnnndnshould,like lnrrirLgto digest the utltolenlbunr be.fore tltc nrnritintes,Ontnrio, tlrc prniriesnnd the rockies.A bit like stntes. n slror.Lt. lf it's your first tinrc nt nn insurrectiottslrczo,it shoultln't be too lnrd to figtrc ottt tlmt Anytonys. thnt's nre. Jurr

Wlmt is bassistBenoit's tnouieqf nll tine? WJrois Pltillipe's "fnuoritc .fnrtoritedrunmw? Wlmt is the role of your rl4tthm sectionqf Benoit nnd Phillipe? Ben's fLtuouritenoaie... I don't knoru nbout thnt, nhnh, I'll just uenturentortnlkonrbntfor slits nnd giggles!As for plil'S fnuourite, lrc likess0 nmny of thentit mnkesus dizzy... he'snlsonlzunyslooking for nerLtstuff to lenrn and lrc's not nfrnid of ndntittirtg lrc still hns n lot to lennt. The rlrytlrn sectiortof the bnnd is jttst going for n hettuy Srooae



7 else Well nsfor plnns, zle're utorking on nnu stuff, you peopleouer tlrcre utntclt out for pirutes n:ndredlrcnds,tlrcy're snittky bnsttrds! Cheers THE EI\]D.


Inquisitia (Serbia) plays ton-heavy, midpaced death/thrash with emphasized harsh-guttural growling, as well as somc squeal-yelling. They keep it hcavy and groove-oriented, taking their timc to develop their rhythm ancl thc good beat. Bogclan (guitar) reveals a bit about being a metal bancl in Serbia. www. inquisitiar TIrc 26th nnd 27thof Decenfuertlrcreutns a nLetslfestianl uhere ltou plnyed. Hout utns thnt .festiuttL,ruhnt is tlrc nnnre o.f it, ltoru nnnlt people ntterLded, uthnt of ci4t? is tlrc nnne -10 Tlrcfestiual zuaso r.r)ilftu-Ltp-pnrty bmds in 2 for thc Neru Yenr, dnys. Bttt becattsetlrc chrb utns sntnll lmlf of lur supportersr,Ltere orrtside listeningto t.ts,but in tlrcchtbtlrcrczunsnbout150pcople.Tlrc otLr lrcttrctozon of Nozri Snd fcstiunl runs lrcld in Hotu in Nori Snd? ls tlrc nrctnl scene It is aery snnll..."butstill rentnilts".IttfomLarYugosLnrtin, Noui Snd lrcld n stLttusof n rock city, roherennny of tlrc bnndsplnyed nnd got .fnnrcus(inlur country of course), but today nrany btuds ore cotrcidered to be sntnnistsor to be in sonrckind of scctnrul irt tlrc city of 350.000peoTtle, hnndscnt only Ttlnyin ftuo clubs.So if you Ttlny nretnltlrcreis no roontfor uort.But tlmnx to thosekuo cltrbstltc nrctnl die. does scatrc

Whnt bnndsttnd nlbuns did yotLlisten to nnd renllyenjoyerlin 2008? Testnnrertt- Tlrc Fornntion of Danmntion , AC/DC - Black lce, Disdnined We AU Reek.... Were tlrcre ntetal bnnds in tlrc 80s irt Yugoslnuin? The 90s? Metnl in tlLe80s...1cnn think of one band in the nrcnrcnt.The bnnd uns " Osnri Putnik". But as tlrc 90sImppened, so did tlrc ntetnlscene. Bnndslike " Ritmn Nereda", " KrnljeaskiApartnmn" got a stntusof n nrctnl lCOILS Hozu did you henr nrctnl nrusic? Jirst For nrc it utns n slout start. Firstly I listenedto hnrd rock (Deelt Puryle, Led Zeppelin), then tlmtslt (OId Metnllicn, Megadenth),then euerytlirtg else. Your bnnd sounds like n combinntionof Denth nnd Pnntern.Were tltose sorne qf tlrc bands? .ftrst Well, yes. Our bnnd ertenplnyed coaersongsof Pnnternand Denth ilt the begimdng. Wlmt nre sotne interrLntiorml bnnds thnt come to in Serbin? Metnllicn, MegadentlLSlaye1 Obitunry, Sepulturn,Iron Mniden, Exodtts, Biohnznrd...

By the utalt, ulmt tyfcs of jobs do nll of lrou hnue? Our bnssistmtd duntber nre in college,ritltm guitnrist is n PVC cnrpenter, ztocnlist is n prhtter nnd I nnt n clrcf. ls it di.ffiarlt to uork in Noui Snd or in Serbinin gcnerLtl? "firtrl ):fc^,,t+ Yes, rt's aery u u J t L L tL1 , . . I-loru il1 econonuc situntion tlrcre? Catttstropltic. Poaerty nnd crinrinal lre rising caery yeor... Your lyrics for songslike "Tirrreo.f Nced," "Bunt in Slnttbolic"mtd "Modern lnqrrisitiott" lmue n renl lrcstile nttifutle toutardsocie4t.. Wlnt inspires your of hostility? .feelings Life itt genernL. Sonretinrcs it cnn be luud, sonrctinrcs 0n easyride. We get our inspirntiorts eaerynulrcre:clubs, jobs, fnnily, frietds, girls...eaerydny stones ti.f,

sclrcol? As ltorr krtuu, tlrc Western nLedinlike to sny thnt Serbinnsnrc in Horu did ttrcet, you mt ndd irt tlrcsech.tbs intolerant,nntionnlist,rncist and aiolent,etc. lt is n stereoUpe.Do No, ute nrcetin n totnlly differentzony.I Stlnced nnd in n fant days tlrc bnd wns fornrcd. Firstly ute contnctedtlrcse you Imaerelntiaesulto liue in otlrcrpnrts of tlrc.fomLerYugoslnainnnd people,zLiltoutereskepticnlin nrctnl nrusic, brtt tlrcy goae us soilrc A I C E rtrrntberto cnll nnd so we cnlledtlrcsen*ntber...mtdtlrc restis histonl. Yenl4nrcdincnn nmkeyou thirtk sonrcslit tlmt isrt't eue true. Tlrcy r,oillnressutlit your nind. Brrt let's get bnckto our question:Yes I Slouerio. uncle tud nrrttt thnt liae in b n n d ? hnue an the Who stnrtcd My friuul Snlennd nrc.Thnt Loasnil iden of ours-fronrtlrcfirst titrrewe jmmrcd togetlrcr. ls it not true thnt Serbsnnd othernntionnlitiesnctunLlyliue ntd hnue soIISs Metnllicn nrct nnd decgdes? Iiued side side W .for Yesit's true, nnd it's like tlnt nuu dnys.You lnue sontesnnll torurrc lttquis irt otlrcr bmttls or Arc ittst itt uou troops. in Serbintlrnt dort't ktrcut n single ruord h Serbinn..sndbut true. ttty to Loyttl stnying No. l'nt Olt yenlq md ht our gig n feu dttysngo (27tlr Decenfuer2008.) tlrcrc u)ere sonrc dudes fronr Frnrtce rulro enjoyed tlrc sltuo. Tlrcy zucre 2010? nnd 2009 in doirry be Wlmt ruill you In 2009,70e nreplnning to recordn nlbunr,nnrl plny (if possible/if zue lrcntlbnngingnnd fu tlrc nLoshpit. And ute lrcre plensedto lrcnr tlrcy werefront Frnnce,rLteer)engauethemn coupleoffree CDs. So ylu see get tlrc reryired nntount of aoiccs) nt MetnlCumpO9festittnl in nnytutrc. altyone nt nlong uthit Serbs can get A feu gigs irt Serbin,mtd ruenre lookingfor chhs in Bovin Slouenin. mul Crontin to Ttlny tlrcre ns zoelL.Tlrcn in tlrc sattrcyenr 70c (tre nerus? or contmants. Lnst tltougltts. ptlnningto do n nurcicaideo.Btrt irr 20'l0...ultoknuon...ttnyben iokes D t t u e M u s t n i n es n i d i t n l l : " M E T A L U P Y O U R A S S ! ! ! " B t t t n l b u r r r! ? second


serioLtsly giaeus your rote nt ruTlro.trrctllcnnry). cont,go to uotingmtd untler Serbin'sbnndsselccttlrcztoteicortrrctt to otLrtrfltrrcnnd clickit. We rteedsortrcaotesso lrclp rts otlt. AIso ndd rts to be your frictds nt rmozu.rttltspnce.cont',qrtisitin Stny netnM BogdonblNQUISITlA THE END.

Horrificr (New Jerscy,U.S.) are shrecl-crazythrasl.rcrstaking it to the streetswith thcir thrash-ur-rtil-you-clrop feel to tl-remusic. Joe Potash (vocals/guitars) answers questio_nsin which it is rcvealecl that they likc a whole lot metal, shreclding ancl thrashing, which all so obvious in their we-are-metal riffing. www.myspacc.corn/ Horri fier Wltttt is goittg ort irt tlrc ruorld of Horrifier notundnys? Hey Mmtricio,utcsccntto bebnckin tlrcsnddlengninnfter undcrgoittg n brief linhrs dtLeto lnck of n dntnrnrcr. I fillerl in for n feto slrczLts bchindtlrc kit but I mtr ntninLyn guitnrist. Tlrc ncxt thingrueTtlm to do is cnter tlrc studio to begirLrecorrlingour dcbutfrtl tengtlr LP consistingof nboutseuerrtrncks.The utorking titles of thc nlhmt nre: " Grint Fnte" or " Tlte Ultitrrnhrnt"

problenrin tlis country qf peopleutlrc, utlmt tlrcy slrcuter,tlrcy rrse shnnrpoobut ttrorennd nrorc nre rfrsirtg to use n conditioncr? Well lrcy nuut, I guess I'rrr one of tltosepeoplebut long lnir is hrrportmtt.Hn hn. After nll, zulmtnrc yotr going to do if yotLTtutort u rccordlike DefcndcrsOf Tlrc Fnitlt...lrcnd bnng uith n bnkl hcnd? [Whvnot! I)o it!-eclitor] H r t s t l u t r h n s sl t l n v s r c r c r s o t f t t t s o ( t u q n t t l t n l l r c c t t s 6 T t u i t t k i t s i t t t l ' c s l t t r c co . [9 s t ' c o t r d sr c i t l t o r t t n t t y s o r l o _ d f ritrk to rotslt fltat dozutt?! No lrc just sort of drinks/ sttrckes things tJf As ue nlL rlo. W h n t s l m t k l n s o l o d o t o n n k e n s o r L g b e t t c r ? ! D o b o t h I o c P o t n s hn t d

Horlcr Ioc urite nnd solos? ulau Tlrcptryose of n gtitnr lcnd ilt this bnndis necessnry enr cnndy.We Irtruelotsof shrff tlmt lms lots of nrclodynnd ltnmtony,notjust sonrc tloilsertscorrt of kay tlrrnsh nrctnl solo. Tlink Hntk SlrcnrtmLnrul Miclrnel Dermcr. I (Potnsl) mrr Slrcrntnn,tlrc shredderyet ntelodic, nnd Hoyer is Dcnnu, tlrc plnnncd ottt ltnrrnoniouslend plnyer. WlLy,lo you tlink nbout nrltling.lrcrennd tlrcrc,to ntqrben coultleo.f a dnutt solo? Achmlly Drcro doeslnae n dntnr solo nt tlrc uul of Hnnmrcred,brrt Drau is rtot renlly h tltc.bmul prcsuttly...lrc just lrclpstts ot.Ltliue rtuu nnd is n lrugc nrctnllrcndlike thc rest of us. lf notling elseruc'll jttst lmtg ottt, drir* some Smtuel Adnnts, md rnge to sonreohl Exodus. s)tr?S,

Sottgslike "Mind Polhrtion" nnri "Altered Stnte" suggestn conccrn ruitlt nn innbilitlr to tltink. Is "Hmtnrererl" nlso concerneri zuith the On tLntionnltcLeuisionNetu Yorkers urcnhunys mnking.firn o.f Nnu sntrc thittg, like dntgs? it.funny to thnt on Snhrrdqr Night Liae theynnke,ftnt lrorr Well, Mind PolhLtionis nrnirLlynbout tlrc brnintonslingeffecttlrc of Nrl.u lcrscy or do tlink it jrtst strryid nnd tired? libcrnl ntedinhLtsott tlrc nrnjority of peoplein tltis country. Not just It's sort offttLrty becnuse ue dtunysgct n bnd rnpfor tlrcnob residing politicnl/ nezuscltnnnels,but senscLess entartninrrentnefutorksns in Nortlt hut I nrcnnute'refront cetttrnlNJ,Trcntonto be ernct Jcrsey, tocll.Altercd stnte is nboutpcoplcrulrc just listen to otlrersmu1rlon't so yettlt it kinrl o.f nnrrcys rttc utlrcn Ne:.uYorkersconsiderttrc NI think for thenrcehtes or do not fomt tlrcir otun opinions nbortt to nll be tlrc silt1lc. Ttoltttlntiott inrportmttissuesin sociefu. Yes,Hnnmteredis nboutstfustnrrce nbttsc but I.S otI nlcoltolistt foorscd Wlrttt roould yott like to tcll ltcople nbout ltour nrusic? Horrifier is nbout pure trnditionnl styled henay nrctnl. lt's rtbotrt Horr,.fnr cmt Hornftcr go? On rnyspnceyou rrtcrttiontlnt zulmtyou strmrlittgrrpfor zulmtyott bcliezte in nnd not giuing n fuck nboutzolmt plny is not n truul. Are you ok u,ith tlrc idcn of not being signcd? otlrcr peoplelutaa to sny nbout yott. I like to considerour sound: Horrifier can go ort ns.fnr ns I nnd tlrc rest of thc bnnri liac. Tlte bttntj poruer/ tlraslr ttrctnl roi tlt clnssic roots. nnd tlrc sotlgsr.oecontpose nre hdeed not n trend. Most of us lmuebeen Iistening,plnying nnd lizting clnssicrock/ lrcnuy nrctnl sinceroe zoere Do yort lmuemrytlrhtgto mettiort tlmt I lnae not nskednbout? ytrnctictLly kids. Ycs,tueruill be sltuorLon MotorbrentltT.V, sorrretinrc fu the next/uu uecks,ulticlL is nired in Brooklynnnd Queens.TlrcTtroducer, Grtce, You nrefrorn Nrl.u lersey. So, hout is your cit_v for nrctal concerts? cmrrcdoruttto n lrcuscslrcnurueImd nnd it. Clrcckortt lrcr pugr: filnrcd Not uery goodnmr4lm ln. Llsmtd n.feruof otherbnndsnre keepingit ott lur topfricnds: rrtyspnce .cotn/HorrificrTlnnks Matricio. TRUE olittc irtcltding SncrificinlBlood (but tltcy,rc uding aery soon)and M E T A L N E y E R R U S T S -. l o eP . SnungeSkull (from NyC), but not uery nrony renl ntetnlbads efist mlyntorenround lrcre,nt lenst ottr nga. Yes, tlrcrenre n lot of trendy nrctnl batds nround this nren...brtt we tcnd to jttst igrrcre thcn. As tlrc economicsituntion getsruorsesornepcoplelike to ,find sinltle sohttionsto cornplexproblents.For exnnrylc.sonrclteoltlelike to bltmrc intnigrnnts.whnt do yott think? I ntenn,tlrc bnnks,wnrL street nntl u.s. gouenmrcntnre not controlleriby inntigrnnts roho zuork irt nrcntpncking plnnts or gnrnrcnt .fnctories, nfter nll! I belieue if yort conrcto n nantcowttry ruitlrprncticnllynothingin your pocketnnd rnnkesonrcthingof yourself,you descruen just mrtount of rcspect.our bnssist,Anndeusz, cantc oaer from polnnd ruith ltis fnrnily utlrcnhe wns stiu in elenrcntnryschoolnnrl tlrcy nlLtuorkednntl studied their nssesoff to get utlrcrethe nre todny. Not to ntentiort lenrning English scrntclr as u clild. fronL Frontn nrctnllterspectiue, zolrntdo you tlink nbout tlrc utrrent nrnior 6

Meet My Denrcns is thc. albun'r by Eric Vanlandingham (Michigan, U.S.), who plays serious, traditional hea,"y metal with a somewhat sinistcr, twistecl touch. The rnusic is rockingmelody-centerccl,with gritry, micl-range singing ancl a bit of progressivchooks. www. HelloEric, rulmt'sgoing on utitltyott? Hi Mmrricio,utrrently I mn pronrctingnry neutestrelense"Meet My Dentotrc"rulricltcnnrcout on RetrospectRecordsin Decentber2008. Tlrc CD tooknboutfiue yenrs-fromconceptto pressiLtg, s0 promoting it is nry Ttriorityright nuu.

How lmuetlings gonesincethe relense of your nlbum?! lsn't dL.fficult to plnlr euerythinglroursel.flike you hnuedone?Do ltou extrn legsnnd nmrcto do nll tlrcutork?! The nlbum populnrityis excellentsofnr, I anr extrenrclylmppy zuith Itoruwell it is doing.As you nrcntior4I "did" eaerythingnryselfjust ns I didruithrny preuiousrelense. Fiaeyenrsngo (or so)I stnrtedruork on nty honrcstudionnd ulile I built it I nlsoutorkedon the concept for this nlbunLrny goal being to recorrlnty bestnlbum to datennd do it irt tny oun studio,on n1yuun ternts.As fnr ns ntultiplelitnbs...lrchlrch, thnt is whnt is gretttabottttechnologytodny,I cnnltttaen studio itr nry -10 Itometlmt is probnblybctter tlnn nrostpro.fessionnl studioswere ago. Tlmt nrcnns I nnd tnke ns yeLtrs cnn producen top qunlity prodtrct ttuLclttinrcns I needwitlrcut uorryhry nboutlrcuily rnte,uhich fu nty opinion has ruslrcdn lot of nrtists into finisling nlbunrsbeforetlrc crentiaitypnrt ronscorrrplete. No extrn Linrbs,just ttsnw'Ly ttkes on a trnckns I feel necessnry.

bring it out irt tlrc open,clmllengeit to n dunl and thnt seemed to ruork nrc,


Oztennedicntion conrcsrtp itr your songs.Do you .feelthnt doctors ouemrcdicate peopleas a utn! to naoiddenlingutith theproblems? Medicnldoctorsdort't seen to Inue rnuchof a grnspon disorderssuclt ns tltis. Tlrcy ruill test you for diabetes,tltyroid issues,etc etc nnd thert tell yott tlrcy do not knoutrolmt is zurolrg,go seen slrink. Tlrc nrcntnl lrcnlthpro.fessionals certohily seetlis kind of thing all tlrc tinrc and no tlreydon't try to blozoyou off nnd slrcuedrugs doutnyour tlront, it is nroretlrc pntient ruho renlly utantsn niracle drug to work instnntly, ruhiclrcausesmore nnxiety becnusein truth tlrc patient knoutsthereis no suclt thing in existence nnd tlrc cure is n nntter of selfcontrol,nnd otlrcr extrenrcly sluo processes.

Wlrcndid lou beginplnying instrunents?Whnt is thenrctnlthnt "first nnde you ronnt to deaoteyour tinrc to playing nrusic and nnkittg nlbr.ntrs? Doesyour ntusic pret4t nuch tnkeup nll your noney nnd time?Are Who do ltou like uocally nnd gitnrly (it's n nnu utortl: " guitnrly"!\? you honrcless now?! Hclt lrclt, I like your nuo utord! I startedplnying dnunsfirst nround All-consuming,yes I uouki sny so. It definitelytnkesu1tntostof your tinrc to do sonrctlringlike tlis, csytecinlly wlrcn ottenrtist is ruritittg, nge 10, I sltouldreplrnsctlnt...l startednmkingn bunchof noiseott '10, rrrypttrcntsrueretlfilled. Eaentuallyrnouingto bnss perfonning,rui:r:-ng nnd nLnsterhrg etterynspectof it. Moncy is rcnlly drunrsnt nge rtot nn issuebecnttse of tlrc teclutologynunilnbletodny.For exnntple, nnd tlrcn gritnr. My.first inJluencens n kid rltas"Kiss", I jrtst lorted the ntnkeupnnd eail lookingstngeslmus. 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I guess nfter tlrcseexperiences,I jr.tst grnuitnted torunrtl only n feru hnaerenlly beennty inJhrcnceon nre,like Andy LnRocryte doing eaerytltingltt ny orun.It conlesnnturnl to ttrc,utlrcnI ruriten fron Kirtg Dinnrond, Dinebng Dnrrell, GoergeLyncl4 Chris Olirtn, AIex Skolnick, nnd n couple obscure others I suppose. sottg,I nnturallyplnn out nll tlrcpnrts,not just guitnr or bnss.I don't lmucissuesplnyingruith otlrcrntusicinns,I just preferto nmintninfull you solaedtlmt ouer On tlrc nlbum yort rlo not plny dnrnrs, ltozoeaer. ltmtdi.rtg uilcss I fcel contfortnble controlin n studioenuirorutrcnt problentsnnpling sotrnrls ! Cnnyou sny controlof sontetlingto certnittpeople. front n rettldrunt set,correct? n little bit ntorenboutit? YettlL I used softtonre " Aclttstico" nt uttLnu.ncottsticn.cont , tlrc Whnt is tlrcnrctnlscenelike in yortr nrcn? sofftunretlrcycnll "Bentcrnft"is tlrcdruntftreron "Meet My Dentons", Tlrc rtrctnlscctrcirt My nrenzoouldbe Detroit, Flint nntl Snginru.Lt. Sugintnois pretty lozokey, thttt city seemsto lmae nhttttysdorrcbetter It is rtot renllyn drunt tnncline,hut ntoreof nn extensionof the users nnrts tttrd legs, nnd ncaer lnuing t tinring problenris n phrc too! I ruitlr cwer bnndsfor somereosott.Flint hns tt grent scenctltm*s to n don't like to use tlrc terrn "dnLnrflnchhrc",it soundsso lip hop/rnpclub cLtllcd"Tlrc MaclrineSlrcp", originnl rnetnlbttndsnre ttot ottly 'drunntLer"perfonl orr but preferred.Detroit is Detroit, it is lnrgeenouglttlnt tlrcre ish. I nnde sure tltnt eacrytlringyou lrcnr tJrc ruelconrc lilumtm4 tlrcre are no sirrtultnneorts by n tltis CD is nchnlly plnynble We'rte is nlzoaysa scenefor euerystyle of nntsic,nrt, uttertnirmtent. got londsof concertuetnteslike The PttlLtcc,Tlrc nrenn'sdouttt torurt, hnt, cynfunl,torrtrolls lmTtpeninglrcre,heingn dnutuner rnyself,I took Therenre Hnryos nrusic tlrcnter,nnd nuuty otlrcrs.I recentlyutettt to n club n lot of cttrn tintc to nrnkesure tlis is ns lruntnnns possible. 'nry Iit, thnt "lott single I the drunts, eaery progrmnnted no looSts trced eitlrcr, tinrc "TIte long of tt couple lrlc" to see cnlletl fnuoritcs Oliutt"(lOP) utd "Znk SteLtets"(CircLell Cirlce),botlt x-Snuntnge nlsolrclpsnrnkeit luurtmtsinceno lit is n repentof n preaiotrs.I jnn uocttlists ruith neu) bnntls, best concert I lutae seen to dnte. utitlt sonrcguys from nround ilty nreamd I utent mtd snnryledtlrc drunmrars22 pieceTnnmkit, tookthoseutnusottttdsnnd usedthemin Tlrc lyrics presentn picture of despnirnnd insnnitu, ttaong otlrcr Acottsticn'sBentcrnftto rurite mttl perfonrttlrc dnnrrc.Once it utns or itrct nn nrtistic dorrc,yort sinryly eq, ndtl effects,etc just like you toould n real dntrtr tlrirtgs.Dortou seetlrc Iyrics ns personnlexperience kit. representntiort? Beingnn nrtist, of courseI try to push tlte story line to tlrc extretne; d ort Wltnt elseroouki liketo sny?Arryiling coning up in 2009? it utotildrt'tstnndoutfront tlrc croutd.Tlis story is bnse otlrcnoise personnlexperience,I detrltzoith utxiety nntl patic disorderfor ycnrs For 2009 I nnr concentrntirtgon pronrcting tlis CD ns nnrclt ns tuuTntmfted to fumrcrtnlizeit in order to fnce it lrcnd ort. Tlrcse possiblennd getting the rigltt peopletogetherto go otrt and atpport it disorticrsnre nrtrchfltoreclnmtott mtd nruchmoreseriortstlnn people liue nt sonreo.fthe lnrger slrcuts.I ruouldlike to let peopleknuu tlrcy nnd grnb tlrc plrysicnlCD cilt go ortt to tprlnp.retrospectrecords.cont it seentto try liding it ulrc expcriencc nnd nrostTteople like to belieae, nrhuork(doneby Mike Cnseat Clrronmzonc o.fnroesune ns Llu)nyto pretendit doesn'texist.I clrcseto go tlrc otlrcrroutennrj ruith'12Ttnges

plrotogrnTtltllor stop by nrtrnzort.cont, iTtntes, eMusic, Rlmpsody, Nnpster,nnrl nrnny otlrcrs i.f tlrcy runnt to gct tlrc dorunlondnble rtcrsiort. I nlso encor.rragacr)eryoile to .friud nte up nt ntyspace.corr/ericumilmuliltglumr md clrcckout tlrc press relcnscfor " Meet My Dctttotts" nt ilLy officinl site nt tt,tptu.c ri canttIil trli nsltnItt.corIr Tlrnr*s.fortlteintenticzu Mnuricio,erloy tlrc CD! -THE END.

Falgar (Pucrto Rico) plays black rnetal in thc raw, fast ancl harsh while also kccping a certain guitar scnsibility for hooks in thc structures.Falgar is fast, basic-recorclingstyle music, for those into black me'talthe traditional, destroy-your-instruments rn" sick style. ftrlgarrpr ll

irLcotttnctwitlt otlrcrntetslnrrLsicinns nnd I do knoruseucrnlpeoTtlc in tlrc nrctnlscetrclrcre.I ttse to bc tlrc dnuunrerof n denthnretnlbnnd cnllcd"Mcttstntntor" nntl tltnt'slrczuI tttct otlrcrnrusicinnsmd renLly got irtto tlrc lrcnrtof tlrc nrctnlscutc of PuertoRico.Bttt rnut, I dorr't rcnlly tnlk to tltun ns nntch. I couhl sny I'nt nlorrc in 0 ruly. Yottr tr,utre is EtictuttCol,lbe rg. Arc yorrrltrcttls frorrrPrtcrfoRicoT Yes,tltnt is ttry trflitrc.My notlrcr'sfutily is nll frortr Pucrto Rico,ull born utd rnisetllrcrensfnr ns tlrcfnmily trce gocsduun. My fnther is Atrrcricnn,hut Izonsrnisedin PuertoRicorrtyruholclife shrccI ronsn bnby,utd I ruasrnisedby nry nrother's fnnilies zolichnreall from here ruitlt nt Amcricnrt.fntlrcr.Brrt I do considernryselfPuerto Ricmt,o.f course.

'14 You stnrtedconrposing blncknrctnl sorrgs zolrcnyou utere ltcnrsold. Wlmt bnrLdsrucre yort listurittgto nt tlrctirtrcT At tlrttt ngc utlrcn I stnrtcdcortt1tosing blncknrctnl,I utnsinto bnnds srtclrns Mnylrun, Morltid, Beltcrit,Bclkctre,Burzwtt, Bntltory,(tlrc Wlmt rlid ltotLrccordIWas Welcorneclb:, Dcath? Hotu lmuc things old slit), Dcicidc nnd Morbirl Angel, ntnny otlrcrshtr nminly stufJ' gone.foryou since?Hotooltl nrt, tlrt'sotrgs? " l Wns Welcontcrlby Dcnth" roas rccorded sometinrcnrorntd likc tltnt. Bttt rtozu,I still listert to nll tlrcsebnnds,Itut l'ue been Septenfuertlrough Nouufuer of 2005. TlLe gritnr trncks uilrcre c4tmulirtg nty trrt.tsictnstcns ruell. l'rte beenlistaningto oldcr sht,ff recordedin one dny in tlrc stnrts of Se1ttenfuer nnd it took n cottple nau, sttclrns Merciful Fnte,Bulldozer,SnntnelmuJtlrcnrighty Venonr of cottrsc,brLtiztebaenlistenitryto othcrblncknrctnLCD's sucltns Crrl nrontltsto get erterytltingdoutrt itt the studio but toith tlree or four of Silencc,Dodsferd,Grirrilnir, Tlrortc of Kntnrsis,etc./ The stntc o.f aisits I fitislrcd tlrc recordings./ Things lmuebecngoing ruellnfter tlrc BIncknrctnltrczuis obuiotrclydiffcrent,nnd its rrrorectTterhnentnl, likt: CD cttnrcout. l'm r)eryprord of nry finnl Ttroductespecinllynt nry dort't likc. But rtoro,Bhck nrctnlis utrrcnt nge of 17 fLnnlly rclensingsonrctlring,but tlthtgshnaebcen tlrc nnu Entperortlmt I TtcrsorLnlly going bettertlmt plmncd I urypose./ Tltc songsott tlrc CD, "l Wns so rttttcltnboutinmgcnnd shit like tlnt. Mnny bnttls lmueforgottctt beltinrlit. I tlink its turning tlrc: Welconrcdby Dentlr", ruerc rLtrittennround anrly 2008 rrTtto tltc ulmt Blncknrctnlis md tlrc ntcssage sLntnncr of tlmt snilrcye(tr,so tlrcy'renot tlrnt okl, tlrcynrc quite recent gcnreirtto n fnslion stntenmrt,rolich isftcking pntlrcticnnd it's rtot u good tling nt nIl itt tltc genre. -for You nre on VM Recordsfrom the Doninicnn Repthlic,correct?ls tlmt n nrctnllnbelin tlmt cotnftry?!Do you knuu tf tlrcreis n nrctnl atri blncknctnl sccttcirt tlrc DominicmtRcflrblic? Ycs,I nm utrrently zuorkinguitlt VM records,nnd yes,it is n Blnck Matnl lnbel irt tlrc Doninicnn Republic./ I don't renlly knuu tt lot rtbouttlrc Doninicat Rcpublic,httt I do knozotlrcreis n good nrctnl scetleaspecinllyof Blnck Metnl bnnds.DorrriticmrReTnfulic lns good BlnckMetal bsnds.fronr ruluttI lmaclrcnrd,mttl I nnt lrcnorcdto tLtork ruitlr tlrcnt under tlrc sntne Inbcl. Whnt is the nretnLscenelikc utlrcreyou liue ilt Puerto Rico?Mctnl sltuos?Metnl rndiosltotosT well, tlrc nrctnlscenelrcreirL Puerto Ricouse to bc bctter,in tlrc ettrly ninetiesdentltnrctaluns strong,nnd tlrcrcnre still goodbnndssncltns Vorncious,Necronenrcsis nnd ln ht4ttiness, bttt hnrdcoremtd mro sltit lmuepretty nuch tnkenouerosfnr ns !'rtr cottcertrcd. / yes, I'ue beento matty slrcutsnnd tlrcrc nrc good spotsto plny, good Bnrsnnd Pubswch ns Soprnnosbnr, lbcnsbnr, nnrl SOS,etc,ruherebmds still Itold slrcuts.Metnl shoutsnre goorlhcre,cuen tlnuglt thrrytlon't get ns .filled up ns lue'd likc. / Radioslrctus?Well, tlrcrenrcn't renlly rnrlio sltuus here nbout metnl ns fnr ns I knotu. I'ue neuer hcnrtl of nny. Do uou hnaeplnns to plny liuc? Ara you irt contnctr.uithothernrctnl nrusicinnsin PuertoRico? At tlrc nrcnrcnt,I hnueno plans to TtLnyliae. For nrc I tuouldlmueto find good nrusicinnszuhonre good in n socinlleuel ns roelt"tts itr tt nrusicnlleaeLnnd tltnt hmtetlrc smtrcirleologies ns I do. I don't thhtk it's n utnsteof tine to pln:yliae, it nlzonystnkestlrc nmsic to nnothcr lertelI suppose,but I rlon't scenrysclfplnying liae mty thne soort.lf I do tnkeFnlgnrliuc, it ruouldbc in tlrcJirhtre, hrt not nuo. / ycs, I nrtt

Cnrt yor.t crytlnin the instrunrcntntiott ott tlrc nlburn? Wltnt instrunrcntsdo you ltlny? Wlrcrcdo yort record? Ott tlrc rccordI jrrstrelcnscd,I plny nll tlrc instnnrcnts,gtitnr, brcs, dnmts Ltruluocnls.I rccord tlmtr scTtnrntcly obuiously./ I rccorditt shtrliotlrqt n fricnd of ntine Miclu.tclNuiiezlms in Gunynnbo,Pttcrto Rico.He lms ttticrophones o nircr, nnd n goodprlgran, so l'nr hLcky to's ugoodltlnceto recordfor nre,it's n contfortnble plncc. Wlmt nre tlrc lyricnl cortcepts tltntyou cortaeyin your songs? Tlrc conccptsI conrttalnrc ntostlynboutdcnth,Ltndon huu thelrunLmt rncelms strnycrlso nnrchfront uthntis rcnl.I tlrink thelummn rnceis n bnstnrdrncc.we lmuestrnyerlso rnttchfrom nnturennd zuenreliding balind nll tlis ntnterinlshit. It's sonrctlilngtlmt getsnrc zuriting I stLpposc. So I utouldsny I lutuen nrisaftlropic nppronch on tlrclyrics./ Irt " Motlrcrof EtcrnnlSlceTt"tlrclyrics nrenltoutdenth,it's nbotttlrctp dctttlris inescnpnble, it's n driuittg forcc tlutt cnuses fenr in nmn, mtd dentlris n driztittgforcc itr nnture thnt nrust be respccted ht nry eyes. TIrcsong"Dttngeonsof Ailnrcnt" is nnti,societynnd nnti lnmtnnrnce. Tlrc Iyrics nrc nboutlrcn.u atperficinl nnd nnrroru-nindedsociehlis nnd tlrc rules sctby society.Misutthropic./ Ott tlrc nryspnce I hnueil sotrg cnlled"Beyondtlrc FnrlingStnrs".Tlmt songis ncfunllynot netu,tlmt sotlgr1ossttpposedto cortteout on lnst yenr witlt otlrcrold sottgsof tttitrc,ht n CD cnlletT"Front tlrcAncient Darkness",bttt I neuergotto it. Tlmt sortgis ttctunllyonc of tlrcfirst I zorote it for Fnlgnr.I relensed on n conTtilntion under VM records,so nt lenstit gotsonrcexpoutre. / I mn currerttly roorkingon rrnt)nrntcrinlfor nry next CD. I hnuc7 nezu songsfor nry rrcxt CD thnt I ltnuen'trecordedyet, hi I ruill in tlrc ttext corrple of nrcnths in the studio. Wlmt is tlrc uLrrenteconontic situntionin PuertoRico?Arc you ,fbr

PuertoRicnn independence front tlrc U.S.? More thnn 500 yenrs o! Spnnisltnnd U.S.coloninlisnt nnclhnperinlisnr!! PuertoRicois not doirtgso utell econonicslly,roenre in n lot o.fdebt nnd hopeftlly tlrc neTr)goaeftror recently electedutill fix tlirrgs upt, becmtsethirtgs aren't going so good. My position is I ttnL pro independence. I utnsrnisedin n PuertoRicm fnntily nry zuholelife nnd I louezolrcreI'nt fronr nnd to seeLtsner)ergnining our freedombotlrcrs rne. We lutuebeencolonizedby Spnh4 Englmd (n slrcrt tinrc),mul tlrcn Spninngnin,nnd nuo USA. I think our cuLtureis uery di.fferent front mnny otlrcr uiltures nnd I stnnd Ln1it. It's not rigltt lmuing Anrericmrctnlk.for us ulrcn tlrct1don't knorun dnnrnshit nboutuhnt goeson lrcre,thc crittre,tltc cttlfure;it's nrLtorklnpnrt.fromtlrc USA. Wlmt do lrou think oLllrc older Nonpeginnbnnds,like Sntyriconruho plnlrAC )C-like rocknnrl roll rpith groul uocttlsmd DnrkTlvoneru|rc plnlt 70spunk rockruithgroutluocnls? I think tlrcsebnnds nre grcnt bLtndsnnd tlury utlwe nhendof tlrcir tinrc. I like Sntyricon's old stuff, like Dnrk Medieunl Tinrcs, nttrl of clltrse, Nenrcsis DiainnTt)nso grent record,aery rnu. Dnrktltone lnd good trtttsicbnckin tlrc olderdnyso.fBM, lika n Blttzein tlrc Nortlrcrn Sky nnd Trnnsylanrtimt Hunger mrrl Urtdern FunernlMoon. Tlrcy're stylenoruis crustput* ruitlrgrowling rtocnlsnrtd it's goodbut its rtot ns goodns tlrcir older nnterinl. My nntsic is definitelyh{hrcncedby olrl stuff like tlmt, I grau up listening to tlnse records mttl tlrcy in.fluenced nty sotlg uriting. Brrt I don't try to sound like anyone, zolrcttI rurite, I tlink of n ri.ff mtd thnt's thnt, btrt tlrottgh tlrc ycnrs, tlrcse styles nnd bnnds lmuc nnlded nry utritittg. Is tlrcresonrctlingelseltortzuouldlike to nrcntion?! Not renlly.Keepyottr cycspenled.for tlrcf tturc record.And keeTttlrc blncknretnlJlmncburring! THE END.

Barttlesoul(Canada)consiclerthemselvesCeltic thrash. To these ears it is death/black/thrash with folk elcments. Eithcr way, it is impressive, memorable ancl well-written. The quality of their self-titled recorcling is solirl, which is a clefinite plus. Mike Gruncl (guitars) gives an ovcliew of the bancl.I wersimprcssecl with the songwriting. www.myspace.con/battlesoulmetal

conceptin nrcdieanltinrcsnboutn colonythnt is beingsuppressed nnd lrcutonerunrior risesnhoaenndfights for theirfreedoru. You hnuen songcnlled"Bnttlesoul."Wns tlmt your.firstsong? It's the.first song rueutrotens a group, but Nich (drunrc)nnd l, had beenr,oritirtgnenrly 4 nrontlrcpior to it. lt hns becorne somauhntoJ our signnturetrack. We usunlly like to finislt shuus zuithit sinceit seetrrc to get n grent resportse lizte.Tltis utnsJon'sfirst crncknt uriting lyrics nnd rr)erlere nll uery intpressedruitlt hout lrc handled it. The conceptbelind it is nboutlmuing tlrcruill toftght for honournnd ulmt you bclinte, ruhilc of coursepttting our o(un Bnttlesoulspitt orr tlings. It's n pret\ genernlnrcssnge I suppose, but I think it's onethnt er)eryltrccnn rclnte to ulrcilter you'refighting a r0or,n fire or your Inrullord. "Tlrc Coi I Dt'fy," "Disci/ittt irt Blrcflrcnry"nttd "Diuirtity Defiltd" hnue nn nntireLigiousnessnge?Doeseucrytontin thc bnndleel tlrc snnrczuny?Is it di,fficttltto tpproncltlltrics like "Diaini! De.fileLl" tuilltottt clichcs? Wlrnt nrc tlrings ntotiuntirrg your lyrits? Our lyrics zuereinspired by nnny tlings roliclt nre prethl typicnl of ntostbmrdslike lristory,politics,religion,etc. I think the underlying nlessnge ue lmacruitlt tlis EP is.ottce you get pnst tlrcbnttleinrngcry, is tlmt yar nre yortr mr)ttpersur. You nre entitled to lmaeylur mon beliefsnnd if you feel strongly nbout sonrcthingnnke n stnnd. Tlrc roorlrl is -full o.f uenk, norrou) ninded people,nnd it's trp to tlrc inrliztirhutl to renlizctheir phce.As for using clichis it's rtot sonrctlring ue rcnlly tlrink nboutit. Wc just do zoltntrttcdo nnd if it cornesocross Liketlutt tlrettthnt'sthc listencr's prerogntiae.To us nllfeelingthesnnre zunynbottttlrc anti-religioustttessage tlrroughouttlrc lyrics, thnt is n diftiuLlt questionto mtsrucrltecnusetherenrefour diffcrentopiniotrs tlrcre.I cnn orLlyspenk.for ttrysel,f atd nt tlrcetd of tlrcdny utenre orily cortcenrcd ruitlt ruritirtggrcnt sotrgs.We tntst thnt ulneaer is ruriting tlrc lyricszohctlter it is Jon or I, roeuill nnke thutt tlrcbestzuepossibLy can.

Wlnt cmtyou snynbouttlrcsceneruhereyou liae? Wlrcreu)e ore locntedin Lotulott,OrLtnriozuelmr,ten populntiotto.f It is locnted2 hours Sortthof Torontonnd 3 nbout 400,0001tco7tle. lrcurs Nortlt of Dctroit, so rttttttrnlly being ltnlf wny betrueert botlr rtrnjorcitieszueget n lot of tours tlrntpnsstltrottglt.We'rtehnd nctslike MatnLlicn,SInyer,Irt Flnnrcs,Hypocrisy, Nigltttuislt,Scorpiortsmul euert Kiss bnck irt tlrc dny, nnrl the list goesotr. We zuereforturntc sotrgs!!5ttrcl!t enouglr to shnrc tlrc stngeuitlt Moonsorrlzulrcre in London ntLd cnsy-to-gtt-ittto Yortr recordittgis uc4t tttcntontblc, ulrc luruelrcnrdit lnue noticed! tteople Eltnteitiemd Kntnklystrtitr Tororttotlrisycnr. As you cnn see,nsfor Firstly I ruouldlike to tnketlis opportunityort bchnlfof Bnttlesoulto locnl shuos we Inac n tretrwtdouslystrong scene.Therenre nbout tt tltmrkyou trenrcndously .for giuittg usour f rst officinLirtteruintt.We dozertlocnlnrctnlbnndsthnt luruelrclpednmkeit groutinto zulnt it is. the recordirlgcnnrcortt ort tlrc EP. Our nrenlluery pleasedzuithhotu Eueryoneis z)eryutpportirte of eueryoneeLsezulich hns lrclpedunify gritnrist (Tlrcnns) hns tt studio nnd hmullcti tlrc entire recordhtg our rtrctnlconnrrrutity.For mtyotteretdirtg tlis I reconrnrend ttisitirtg prlccss. It nndc quite n dffirence utorking uitlt no dendlittesnnd zmtnu :ttyspnce.cotn \ondotrcntnrionLetnlto seewln t l'nr tnlkittgnhotrt. ott tltc recorditrg.As .for gcttitrg [adgct Lud I tltit* it's re.flected noticed, it is uery diffiult, especinlLyin a nmrket tlnt is lrcnuily Yottlntte tlrc sottndso-fCelticinstntnrcntsitt !rcurnrusic.Hototrtrtclt saturatedwitlt such incrediblctnlent,ulrcther in our Setrreor trot. I snnrples? o! tluttis studio/corrrputer but sittcctL,r: conrTtuter soffuunre feel thnt sinceute-first stnrtedn little laer a yeor ttgo,ute hnuentndc On tlrc EP it's entirelysnnrpledr.rsirtg to do ercellentprogressin gettirLgotlr nanlcout tlrcre.Wa'll t:orttitrue hnt,ebegtrnroritirtgfor our nc70illbrtnt zLtclmue dacidedto use ns sltuus nnd sprendtlrc zuordain tlrc internet nnd utord of rttorrtlt, tnotty rcnl instntrttentsns rue cmt roitlin tlrc confinesof our rrtrtsic. knoroing tlnt snccessistt't sonrctling thnt ruill lnTtpettoueniglrt. Niclt eucttplnysn rippittgpennyrolistle ort rt cottpleof tlrctteu trncks auJ roc'll be usittg bngTtipes,strings,rttruulolinnnd nrrytling elscroe cnn gct our lmnds ott to ntnke it sotuul ns nutlterLticns Ttossible. ritunl? dnnce isn't nboutnn nchutl "tintlce Tlrc conccptbelind Dnnceof Vengemtce rLtlten ^UoLt stryE4----p!UllU? olrl 70ere vlu or ritunl" per se.Ratlrcrtlmt utord is uscd ns n nrctnplrcrto describe We nll stnrtedplnyhtg nt differentnges.PersonnllyI startedplnyirrg bnsed the nct o.fkilling, like nn nrt. Lyricnlly tltis nlhnn lms n looseLy 9

T.ultcLt I 70asaround 77-18tuith n bmttl cnlledHeaaenAblnzcnnd they contiturcto stiil go strottg.As for Tlrcntnsnd Niclt tlrcy rucrcn bit yotulgcr nrotutd 14-'15.I rccnll lrcnrir'tgstorics of tltc ttuo of tlrcnr 1:lnyingscltooltnlcnt slrcutsmtd suclt itt tlrcir enrlier dnys. Tltontrc lntcr plnyedht sonretltutg like 8 di,fferentbmds Qnninlypwtk nnd mr nrctnl)nnd Nichpln:yed in n techructnlltnnricnlledDistrot.As for lon, I'd gtesslrc nigltt lmacbeut nrounrl"16-17. I hcnr tlnt lrc stnrtedoff in n ternblepouer nrctnlbnnd tltttt gcts rcfercncedto in a Lotof bndjokes. We nll lmd differentirlluencestlmt ins1:iredus. Genernllyspenkingnll of us (cxceptJott) cut our tceth on SrocdishDenth Metnl. lon zuns initinlly inJluenced by n lot of blncknetnl I find. I tltink nll of us lmrte n guilty plcnsure rnctnl. for ortrMut'O Wnr ud clnssic The recortlconrpnics,ss grcadycnpitnlistbusinessslrnrks,pronrctcnll sortso.ftrendy sttt.ff. WlrcredoesBnttlesoulstnnd?! WelI peoTtle lutaesnid tlmt tlrc stylc of nutsic rue ore plnying, uliclt fnlls into tlrcfolk nrctnl cntcgorysonrnulmt,is just n trend. I dort't tlrir* I cnn belieuetlmt zulrcntlrc gcnrc hns Ttrogressiuely becnorr tlrc upsrohtgthe lttstnenrly20 yenrs nnd sirtccit rcccntlyexplodedruitlirt tlrc lnstferu yenrs.Peopleslnultlrt't gct too crught up in rulnt's in or ottt. It's nll n businessnnd tlrc cortrpmiesnrajust trying to nmken buck. We nll knotu tltis. Good trrttsiczoill sustnin its self md tlrc Jlnuourof tlrc ntontltsht-ffruill bcforgotten nbout.I don't gct cnugltt rtp in thnt lrype,if I like it I listen,if I don't I ignorcit. I guessif you areplnying ntetnlyott'uencccpted tlrc.fnctyort nren'tgoittg to get riclr We nrejust four dudcstryhtg to utrite tlrcbcst sltrgsroecnn.We don't npproncltit like n bushrcssnltlrcuglLute do tnkegrent pride in hnuittg grent rrrerchnndise tlmt our fnrrczoill be proud to utenr.We caerLhtnlly runnt the tours mtd tlrc recordcorrtrnct.Wlmt bmd doesn't?Wc'lL cotttintLeto rurite for our fortlrconting nLbuntentitled 'Gmt| mul conthrueplnying slrcuts.Wc ltnucn nrini-tour in April thnt uill bc tnking us tlrouglt Otttnrio nnd into Qtrcbccroliclt zoill be n first for us. We nrenll stoked nnd to tnkctltisto n nezulcztel for tlrc.fitture Cmt yott Icll rts u,lnt yott. rc n Cntrqdintt,tlritrk o.f llrc Ll.S. goaernnrent nnd its nctionsnrorutdtlrcruorld? I rcpresentonly nrysclfutitlt tlis opitriortttttd cnn't spenkon balmlfof tlrc rest of nry fellou Cnndimrc but no, I don't belieuetlrc LI.S. dcfenrlsthosethingsnt nll. I belieuetlrc IJ.S.Goaermtrcnttolmuetlrcir otortrtgutdn.I'rrrrtot goittg to gct irLtospecificsbecnuse tlis interuiup isn't about tlmt. I jrtst hopc tltnt uitlt tlrc clection of yotLr neru prcsidenttltirtgszoill beginto clmngefor tlrc better.

trrLiLTrtc itt our nrrrsicitt tlmt it lms its ozunidcntity nnd you renLizc tlmt rulrcnyort lrcnr it. We loue Ttlnyingnrul Ttcrfomting first nnd foruttostnnd I .feelpttting on n solidsltotuis orteo,four strengtlrc.Wc nll rumrt tlrc snnrctlfutg, to tnke tlis bnul to itsftll potentittlulilc corttinting to zuritc cntclty, epic tunes tlmt peoplecnn drhtk tutd ruirtdttrill to. Whttt t:lsczuouLd you like to sttJt? ! A big tlrttnksonce ngnin to yott MmLricionntl Mctnl Bulletin .for gitting us tlis opTtorturity.\'oLtnskedn lot of zuelltlrcughtquestiotts nnd quitefrnnkly tlrings I hndtt't renlly tlnuglrt nboutnrucltutttil I lmd to onsTt)er tlrcnr.As zoclln ltig tlmnksto eaeryoneru\rctook this '09! oTtStorturtify to rendtlis! Watch out for BnttlesouL We zoill bc fu relcnsingour first ftll length nd littirtg tlrc ronrihnrd. Visit rLsnt rutoro.nrltspncc.cottt LtnttlcsouhtrctnL nLd "ccltouscstudios zoruru.rrtlrspnce.conr . -Mike Grutttl THE ElnD

REVIEWS Malignus: (demo) TItc tlrreesongsby Mnligrnrs (Austrnlin)nre the type of ntusic tlmt rulrcntlrcbnttnl rlenthnrctnlzenlotslrcnrit liue, tlrcyinstnntlystnrting ntoslring,ptrsltirtgench otlrcr nround nnd genernllystnrt ntnnittg nror.trtd ttrttil tlrcy get krtockcddorurtmd gct rlp nnd proceedto rrtoslt nnd ntn nrorrndsotttetttore. After tlte song is or)er,they yell to tlrc btrrtrl,in n ntortstcr/groruL uoice "Arrgglillth!!" nnd tlrc bnnd nrny grorul sonrctling hncklike, "l rlotuta scc you ntoue!!,"rultichis nll dentltrnctnlImtgrngefor snying,"l lorteyou, dude!!" So, tlrcn, tltis is urperunhttelligibly guttural urgghdentlt r)ocals,toitlt tltoserequiredpig squenlstlroutrt in eueryso o.ften.Tlrc rrtttsicis tt bttrrngeo.fblnstbents, .fnstbcnts,chnoticbents.Tlrcgtritus soundlikc nll sortsof nrnclirrcsholttoolsmnkingnll sortsof hc:irtg, jtrst rrtnclirringu7ttlrczoholesituntion. sntuirtgnoises, Mnligruts nin't n0 .fitncy propositiort,nrore like n .f,,gly proTtosition pronrising to hohl notliltLgbut aiolent, gttthLrnl dcntlr nrctnl itt storefor tlrc listurcr. lt's not nrclodicnnd I do rrct rcrrrcnrtter tlrc songsnftcr tlrcystoTtlthyittg nt nll. I only rcnrcnrbcr n nrorrrrtnitt o.f cncoplrcny nssocinte d zoith tlrc bmd MnligLtts. w w w . n r y s p a c c . c o nm r / a Ii g n u s

Nitrous: Outlaw Racer (Nailboard Records) Nitrous (Estonin)cnll tlrcntseLucs tlrag rncetlrnsh ntetnlbecnusetlrcir songsnrc nbout.fnst cnrs,nnd one of tlrc nrcntbersis n professionnl drng rnce drizter.Achnlly, tlrc bnnd often sounds like lrenuy, tlriL:k Wlmt nbout tlrc Cmndinn gouernntufiTWlmt do you think nbout its tlmrslLwitlt nrnybcsune agrl-tlrnslt elcnrents,but they nlsosomtd nctionsnround tlrc zuorld,Iike in tlrc Middle E.nst?Do ltorLtlthtk it like lrcnay,nggressirtelrcnuy nrctnL,nnd sonrctitttcstlrcy sound likc defends" denrccrncy"nnd "pence"in tlrc roorld? rientlrnrctnl,too. Conrcto think of it, the hcnuiness style of tlrc bmrd I think witlt tlrc CnnndinnGwernntettt, zoe stnndfor tlrings like trtigltt bc referencedto Pnnternand mnybeMncline Hend,but nrora rlerrtocrncy utd pence.Huueuerrolrcnit conrcsto our nctiottsruenre.fnr unrintiortirt tlrc uocnls,from gritty singing to sonrcgrorolor grozullcss pozucrfil md zuitlmrt tlte resourccsthnt otlrcr ntnjor cottntries Iike rtocnls. poscss,tlris behtgutlty utenrc ntuch lessuisiblcon n globnlscnlcutlmr Nitrotrc rclies on nggressiortnnd energy to get them through, ns it corrres to nmkingltendlines.I cnn't sny I ngrcezuithcucrythingottr optTtosed to nrclodyor cntchyclrcnLslines. Tlrc soilgsare desigre,lto CnnnriinnCouenmrcnttloes,zuehnttcn Lotof internnlTtroblenrs, as do n Ttlrysicnlrenctionfronr tlrc listener,I guess,this nnkessense gct fronr nrost Coaernnrents.Ort n ruhole I giue our currettt Cnnnrlintt tlrc point of uieu of the drng rncedriuer nmftnlity of speedof gettirrg Couenmrcntsixnnd n lmlf Thor Hnnrnrersout of ten. Iots of tlrnsling done. At the snnrctime, I don't seett to renrcntbcr II thhk both the U.S. and Canadian govemrncrlt are imperialist warmongering ruell tlrc songs uthcn the cd stops plnyhtg becauseit's energy-forexploiters!-editor] tttonrcrtt nrusic.Listetrcrsrohoinsist on nggressiort mtd energynnd not tnelody nnd cntcliness niglt ronnt to lrcnr tfuashers getting tlrcir Wlmt doesyour bnndhnaeto offcrT I feel ue nre n aery diaersebnnd. We coucr nll ends of the sTtectnnn bntteries clmrge d in tlrc Estoninn drng race rony. uocnlly,front gutturnl to clenn sirtgirtg.We hnuen lot of nrclodynnd nitrous nre technicnluthentoe needto be. I zuouldn'tsny rle nre reinuenting www.myspacc.conr /n itrousmetaI Fcbruarr' 15, 2009[r:ontact:thcoutcas tlrc rulrcelby nny nrconsbut roe offer, ruhnt I consider,sontething


Metal Bulletin Zine 17  
Metal Bulletin Zine 17  

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