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How to Use these Cards This is a printable, remixable set of what we like to call “Provocation Cards.” Designed to be flexible, these cards can be put to use both within and beyond museum spaces. As long as you are open to viewing objects and the spaces that house them in innovative and unusual ways, the cards should serve you well. So, how do they work? Or: how should you make use of them? Each card presents a unique prompt, which is intended to provoke thought and stimulate new approaches toward perceiving museum experiences and developing museum projects. The card introduces a simple task that draws your attention toward rarely considered modes of experiencing museums and collections. A card might prompt you to engage in specific interactions with other visitors, maneuver in a curious manner, or even impersonate an object. But by no means should you feel confined to follow these provocations precisely or exclusively. The purpose of these exercises, rather, is to foster ideation, fresh perspectives, and new approaches to interactions with institutions and objects. For this reason, we have added a sheet of blank cards to the mix — we encourage you to amend provocations, create your own cards, and move in entirely new directions. 1 Print this blank sheet out as many times as you want and see where it takes you.

These provocations were created by participants at Enter through the Gift Shop, the weekend portion of metaLAB (at) Harvard’s Beautiful Data workshop. To see how participants used these provocations in museum visits and for rapid prototyping, see here.


BD I Provocation Cards  
BD I Provocation Cards