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2625 N. Weil Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 Phone (414) 962-1200 Fax (414) 962-2305 Twitter: @MetaHouse

Meta House is proud to be a Milwaukee Infant Safe Sleep Community Partner. Meta House gives admission priority to pregnant women. Meta House provides an equal opportunity in employment and service.

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dear friends, Meta House is all about the women, children and families that we serve and how vitally important it is for them to be able to participate for as long as they need. From experience and research, we know that the longer a family stays in treatment, the better they do. For instance, if a woman stays at Meta House for at least three months when she leaves she is: 50 percent more likely to be drug and alcohol free, 77 percent more likely to be employed or in school, and 43 percent less likely to be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Ideally, how long families stay with us will be based on the treatment plan, which of course is based on an assessment of their needs. But in reality, how long a family stays in treatment is directly influenced by our governmental funders. We are all experiencing cuts, but because gender really does matter when it comes to substance abuse and its treatment, these austerity measures have far more impact on women than they do on men. The reality is that it takes longer and costs more to treat women and mothers with children. Why? Because when women walk in the door of a treatment program, compared to men, they have far more medical and mental health problems, are much more likely to be poor, are less likely to have ever worked, are more likely to have grown up in families where one or more parent(s) was a substance abuser or had a mental illness, are much more likely to be caring for children alone, and are much more likely to have been abused, sexually, physically and emotionally as children. At Meta House, we factor in all of these issues but pay particular attention to childhood abuse experience by the women. When that happens to a child, it isn’t just something, it is everything! Fortunately, we know how to address these issues and treatment really does work. It is the length of stay and the quality of the relationships developed in treatment that is the key to success. Women find the relationships helpful because it makes them feel safe, cared about, and respected. It gives them the courage to explore new and healthy ways to walk through their lives. For women, it is a process of developing trust, and that process doesn’t happen overnight. I will be leaving Meta House after 29 years, but your support will remain critical to our community by giving women struggling with addiction the tools they need to overcome so many challenges and live as productive citizens. I am very happy to announce that Meta House’s incoming President Mission: Meta House helps & CEO, Amy Lindner, will take the reins of Meta women struggling with drug and House on August 1st. Thank you all for the support alcohol addiction reclaim their that you have given me and given Meta House in lives and rebuild their families. 2012 and in the coming years. You are truly helping to change lives.

Francine Feinberg, Psy.D., LCSW Executive Director


dear fellow supporters, I am thrilled to express my commitment to Meta House by serving as its next CEO and President. As some of you know, I have served Meta House and its clients in one capacity or another since I returned to Milwaukee. I was a donor, then a donor and a fund development committee member, then a donor and a board member, then a donor and the Board President-Elect, and then a donor and Board President. I am honored now to have the opportunity to lead this inspiring organization. After meeting with Meta House employees, donors, and consultants over the last six months, what I learned is this: Meta House will be made even stronger by changes we make to maximize opportunities during these challenging times. No one thinks that this is going to be easy, but it is going to be amazing. Meta House has the talent and commitment to reposition itself in the years to come as needed to continue to provide the life-changing services our clients and their children need and deserve. Our community has been and is enriched by Meta House. Francine’s leadership has helped thousands of women progress down the road of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. She built a talented professional staff and an organization characterized by compassionate treatment and successful outcomes. I am confident that, working together, we will all continue her legacy of serving the women and children of Milwaukee who are suffering the effects of substance abuse. Thank you for the support you have shown Meta House and the women and children we serve. I look forward to working with you and ask that you please accept our gratitude for your continued partnership as we move into our 50th year. Best regards,

Amy Lindner Incoming President & CEO

Its model program meets the unique needs of women and their children, ending the generational cycle of substance abuse.



outcomes & program results

programs & services

419 Women served,

Treatment Settings


415 Children served

n Residential Treatment houses up to 43 women and 17 children and provides 24-hour care, seven days a week

n AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) treatment services

n Outpatient Treatment allows women

n Case management services

46 of whom were pregnant

Average length of stay in 2011: Residential Treatment: 80 days National average: 59 days Outpatient Treatment: 131 days National average: 92 days Meta Housing:

450 days (14.8 months)

100% of the pregnant women who stayed in Meta House’s Residential Treatment at least one week were linked to prenatal care.

to access three different levels of care while maintaining sobriety in their own homes

n Vocational/educational services

n Meta Housing offers transitional and

n Trauma resolution

permanent housing for recovering women (and their children) in need of a safe and affordable place to live, while still benefitting from outpatient services

Children For women who stayed in Residential Treatment for at least 90 days: n 88% of the women were discharged to a drug-free location. n 77% of the women were employed, in school, or had a legal source of income. n 100% of the women involved with Child Welfare improved their parenting skills, had children returned to their care, or had increased visitation with their children. n 98% of the women who participated in parent-child relational therapy showed improvement in their interaction with their children. Six months after admittance to Residential Treatment n 79% of the women were still abstinent from alcohol and drugs n 96% of the women had not been arrested Of women staying 14 days or more in Residential Treatment, 67% completed the program. This is compared to a national average of 46% and a Wisconsin average of 49%. Twelve months after beginning Outpatient Treatment n 75% of the women were still abstinent from alcohol and drugs n 97% of the women had no criminal justice involvement n 75% of the women had stable housing Of women staying 14 days or more in Outpatient Treatment, 81% completed the program. This is compared to a national average of 42% and a Wisconsin average of 54%. 4

n Child and family services

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs has a negative impact on an individual’s ability to parent. Consequently, children need comprehensive services. Pregnant, postpartum and parenting women are prioritized at Meta House – one of the only programs in the state that allows children to live with their mothers while they are in residential treatment. Families at Meta House are provided with: n Parenting education, coaching and child

n Mental health services

Women Women who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs are some of the most stigmatized people in our society. Stereotypes conspire to dehumanize the women. Although each individual woman served by Meta House has a unique experience that has brought her to our doors, many do share common characteristics. Upon admittance to Meta House, a woman typically: n Is living in poverty n Has a history of sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse n Lacks an education and does not have a high school diploma

development classes

n Is a single parent

n Child-centered play therapy

n Is unemployed

n Children’s screening and assessments

n Experiences mid to high severity psychological problems

n Children’s mental health treatment n Family education groups n Father’s parenting classes and coaching n Coordination of pre-natal and post-natal care n Adolescent/teen pregnancy, STD/HIV, and sexual violence prevention group n Individual, family, child, play and art therapy



volunteer spotlight:

board of directors officers 2011

Bobbi Timberlake & Chobe

President Tonit Calaway Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Bobbi Timberlake worked with the Service Learning Program at Marquette University for 15 years and her knowledge of Meta House came as a direct result of her work. She attended A Day for Meta House and was impressed. She became involved in that event as a table captain, and has been a table captain now for three years. Once Bobbi retired and had more time, she wanted to work with her dog, Chobe, in the community. Since Bobbi has a strong interest in women’s issues and women’s health issues, Meta House was a great fit. She started volunteering at Meta House with Chobe in 2010.

President-Elect Amy Lindner The Schroeder Group, S.C., Attorneys at Law

Treasurer Kristin Beres Arthritis Foundation – Upper Midwest Region

Secretary Janice A. Rhodes Attorney at Law

Ex-Officio Jennifer Bartolotta Bartolotta Restaurant Group

I’m proud of… In the beginning a lot of people didn’t want to touch him. Some women were afraid of dogs, but most didn’t want to get his fur on them. I started bringing a lint-roller to the sessions. Now hardly anybody uses it. It’s been fascinating to see the comfort grow on the part of the women, even those who were really reluctant to interact with him. I’ve been proud of that.

At Large Debra Sadow Koenig Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.


“Patsy and I strongly believe in and support the Meta House mission and the important work they do. Their unique support for women and their children makes a difference in our community. We are proud to be associated with Meta House and believe our financial support truly matters.”

Alex & Patsy Molinaroli

Alex is the President of the Power Solutions Group at Johnson Controls, Inc.


board members Brozine Brown WE Energies

Bridget Carey-Ruffin Manpower, Inc.

Kimberly Kane Dohmen

Raejean Kanter The Falk Group

Patti Levy Civic Leader

Ann Navin MGIC (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.)

Victoria Pryor University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Jane Stromwall Wells Fargo Advisors

Brent R. Tischler Associated Bank

A favorite story from Volunteering: It’s been really heartwarming to see some of the women make close contact with Chobe. Early on, a month or two in, I showed the women how they could get more contact with Chobe (by sitting on the floor and making a ‘V’ with your legs, he’ll crawl into it and rest his body against yours). They know when they need that and they’ll get down on the floor with him and you can just see the relaxation happen. What keeps you coming back? The more I’m there the more I get to know the women. It’s hard for me when they leave or are absent because I worry about them. My admiration for the women has grown because I think about all they have to do to get up in the morning and get there. I admire that they’re so dedicated and committed to turning their lives around. I’m also interested in the stories and the conversations in group. Sometimes I offer thoughts or ideas from my own life and experience. I think it’s important that the handler wants to be there. I feel like I’m contributing. In addition to the weekly sessions she’s been attending since 2010, Chobe and Bobbi will start attending monthly Mommy and Me sessions. They also participated in a pet care class in Living Skills. 7


luzenia’s story

Chandell and her twin sister grew up in the same chaotic household in Oshkosh. Their mother taught them early on that there was a pill for everything: a pill to forget, a pill for pain, and a pill to make you happy. So Chandell grew up accustomed to using drugs.

For most of her life, Luzenia was smoking crack on a regular basis. She had done everything from selling drugs to smoking her own product through her teens and twenties. At age 24, Luzenia gave birth to twin sons and her mom took care of them in her home. During the time her boys were living with their grandma, Luzenia ended up in jail for five months because of drug use.

Put very simply by Chandell, “I used to live and lived to use.” When her apartment building in Oshkosh suddenly went into foreclosure, Chandell and her four-year-old daughter had to leave. They went to a shelter but were asked to leave because of Chandell’s drug use. She sent her daughter to Milwaukee to be with her grandma and remained in Oshkosh at a cousin’s house. But after visiting her twin sister at Meta House and seeing how stable she was, Chandell wanted a change for herself as well. When she first arrived in Milwaukee, Chandell’s mother wouldn’t allow her to see her daughter. Luckily, Chandell was able to enter Meta House just days after her 29th birthday in December of 2009. And her daughter, then four-years-old, joined her.

“Meta House taught me how to take care of myself. I became more open minded and humble.”


“Before I arrived at Meta House I had no regard for myself. I came to Meta House to learn. The first thirty days were mostly cloudy, the first 60 days I was still rebellious and after the first 90 days my eyes were just starting to open and pain was there,” Chandell explained. “At three months I was broken down and not built up. Meta House taught me how to take care of myself. I became more open minded and humble.” Chandell and her daughter spent nine months in residential treatment. Chandell initially assumed that she would go through the program and return to Oshkosh. But three months into her residential treatment, about the time when her eyes were just starting to open, she realized she couldn’t go back to Oshkosh. She needed a new start without any drugs and with people nearby who would be supportive. Now Chandell and her daughter live near Chandell’s twin sister in transitional housing, where they’ve been for 15 months. She has stability, self worth, and morals back in her life and is actively passing that lifestyle along to her daughter. Chandell will start work as a teaching assistant for the 2012-2013 school year at St. Marcus School, where her daughter attends.

“I was saying things like ‘I’m not going to use anymore,’ and ‘I’m going to do right.’ But as soon as you get out, you want to go back to the drug house,” Luzenia explained. For years, this cycle continued. When her mother passed away, the house she owned was left to Luzenia and her two siblings. The drug use continued, leading to a police raid. Everyone went to jail including her sister, her teenage sons and her niece. “It was humiliating and embarrassing – my mom had lived in this house for such a long time and our neighbors were watching the arrest,” said Luzenia. “We were all out there sitting on the curb in handcuffs for a long time before getting taken away.”

Then, tragedy struck while in jail. One of her 19-year-old sons was killed by another prisoner. It shook Luzenia to her core. When she left jail, she wanted to turn her life around. She got high one more time but realized quickly that the pain was still there and that getting high wouldn’t bring her son back. And Luzenia was simply tired of running. She called someone to help her go to Meta House. She arrived with only a plastic bag in February 2009 and has been clean ever since. Luzenia entered “The longer Meta House with you’re at Meta low self esteem, and House, the was struggling with both her son’s and stronger you get ” mom’s deaths. She also discovered she’d developed sarcoidosis, a disease in which inflammation occurs in the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, and skin. She also had asthma and joint pain. In the five months she was in residential treatment at Meta House, she learned to live in recovery, how to cope with the death of her loved ones and her new disability, how to handle her own money and how to live on her own. “The longer you’re at Meta House, the stronger you get,” Luzenia explains. “There’s structure.” Meta House gave her the second chance she needed. Luzenia is sure she would still be using drugs and running from police without that help. Instead, she now confidently lives in her own apartment in Meta House’s transitional housing program and has strengthened her family ties. “I know now that whatever I do in life, I always have a reason to live for me.” 9


financial highlights 2011 revenue

Contributions $360,204

Milwaukee County Funding


Program Fees


United Way Allocation


Foundation Grants


Federal Funding


State Funding


Investment Income Rental Revenue

($27,305) $52,356

Miscellaneous $7,973

In-Kind Specific Assistance


Total $5,661,251

In-Kind Specific Assistance $40,124 Miscellaneous $7,973

Contributions $360,204

Rental Revenue $52,356

United Way Allocation $196,783

2011 expenses $2,786,576

Program Services – Residential


Program Services – Outpatient


Program Services –Meta Housing


Administration & Management


Fundraising & Development


Public Information

$5,683,971 Total

Public Information $161,547

Fundraising & Development $176,498

Program Fees $90,509 Foundation Grants $340,167

Milwaukee County Funding $1,561,071



Administration & Management $793,126 Residential Services $2,786,576

Federal Funding $1,972,677 State Funding $1,066,692

Meta Housing $317,681

Outpatient Services $1,448,543



thank you... Gifts of $10,000 or More


donors We thank all those who have contributed to Meta House’s mission from the time we opened our doors with eight beds in Meta Orth’s home in 1963 until today. The amazing growth we have seen could not have happened without your support.

“We love and support Meta House because they truly understand the disease of addiction. Meta House goes the distance to provide whatever it takes to truly affect treatment, along with follow up support. If our healthcare system adopted their methodologies, we could not only change lives, we could change the world. We are only sorry that we learned of Meta House too late to save our daughter.”

Dave & Lynnette (Zitzke) Barquist, parents of Lia, lost in 2010 to addiction

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

“The incredible work that Meta House does has not only saved lives by breaking the cycle of addiction, its programs have also helped build strong and healthy families. Because the mission of the Dohmen Company Foundation is to connect people in need with lifesaving healthcare products and services, we’re proud to support an organization that has made our community stronger by making families stronger.” Cynthia LaConte CEO, Dohmen Company Foundation


Brewers Community Foundation Elizabeth A. Brinn Foundation Fleck Foundation Forest County Potawatomi Fdn. Charles & Jean Gorham Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc. Patti Hepburn Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation Cynthia & Thomas LaConte M&I Foundation Milwaukee Children’s Village Alex & Patsy Molinaroli Pentair Foundation United Way of Greater Milwaukee Wells Fargo Foundation Anonymous Catherine and Walter Lindsay Foundation Fund Curt & Sue Culver Michael & Laura Donohue Peg Karpfinger* Kathleen & Bob Landaas Lubar Family Foundation, Inc. Monte J. Nuckols PNC Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc. Lucille Rosenberg Stackner Family Foundation Deb Altshul-Stark & Brian Stark

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Jacqueline Blazewick Marsha L. Block Danielle Bly Donna M. Boehne Becky Boesch Angela Bonnett Debbie Bonnett Deborah & Russell Borkin David Borowski Katharine Bottoni Cindy Bowerman Jane Bowers Mary Bowser Delphine A. Bracey Kelli Bradley Lee Bradley Angela Brannan Debra Brehmen Stephanie & Paul Brester Scott Brockway Doris Johnson Browne Juliana Bruno Angela Bublitz David Burke Julie Butturff William Caldwell Glenda Campbell Patrick & Lynn Carey Betty Carter Mary Cayan Vicki Champion Delara Chaoui Mary Kay Chapman Kim Cheatham Child Care Network Barbara Choinski Kareeda Chones Aguom Chris Christie Christine Chung Mark Clark Sue Cleary Koch Bridget Coffey Trish Cohn Margaret & Michel Combe Carrie Cooper Kimberly Cosby Nancy S. Craig Pam Crawford Bess Crowley Crowley Construction Corp. Kathleen Cullen Patricia Curley Patricia Curley Brad & Becky Dallet Arneava & Gerald Davis Alice Davis Anne De Vroome Larry & Eileen Dean Paula & Paul Decker Melanie DeQuardo Sandra J. Derhovsepian Alyssa Derlein Kristine Devitt Christine A. Dicks Amy Dodge Kathleen Dohearty Lisa A. Dresselhuys Mary Dunsmore Samantha Durant Kathie Dye Nina & Richard Edelman Rickey Edwards Paula A. Evans Cecile Even

Lisa Evers Executive Women International Grace Fabisch Marla Fabishak Erin Feldhausen Rachel Fell Jeannie Fenceroy Kay Fenico Jane Fero Carole Ferrara Colleen E. Fielkow Marti Fine Gena Fischer Barbara Fitzgerald Heather Flanagan Eric S. Fought Penny Foust Erin Fox John & Karen Franckowiak Charlene Franz Mandy Fritsche Carol Johnson Fritz Natalie Funk Krista Gallagher Sasha GanjBakhsh Elizabeth Gee Kimberly & Daniel Geigler Jane Gellman Latrisa Giles Norma Gilsen Kristine & Kevin Ginter Kelli Glatczak Beverly Goldberg Merilou Gonzales Good Search Evan Goyke Nicole Graf Ann C. Granitz Elizabeth A. Grant Anthony & Lorrie Greco Shannon Gross Kerry & David Grosse Rosalyn M. Haas Terri Haas Rachel & Dennis Hafemann Marla Hahn Fran Halas Rita K. Hale Sarah A. Hammond Gina Haney Debra Hangsterfer Robert Haworth Chris & Glenn Hayes Eleanor Henderson Jerome G. Herda Matthew Hermans Laura Herzog Genene O. Hibbler Sara L. Hickey Barbara B. Hill Abbey Holcomb Oza M. Holmes Christine Holmes Katie Holtz Larry Hopwood Piper Howell Janessa Huber Sheila & Luther Hughes Regina Hunter Art Ibarra Courtney Ihde Nathalie Jackson Maurita Jasper Jennifer Johns Sydney Johnson Brenda Johnson

Helen Johnson-Lemon Mike Jones Patricia H. Jones Frankie Jones Nancy Joseph Diane Kaltenbrun Patricia Kandziora Laura Kapp Lisa & Steve Kass Kat Katter Jeff Katzban Amanda Kaye Deirdre Keenan Patricia & Howard Kemp, Jr. Collette Kendzierski Caleen Kennedy Lois Wesener & Andrew Kennedy Mary Ann Kenney Patricia & David Kettenhofen Art Keup Audrey Keyes Tanner Kilander Linda A. Kindt Stephanie King Phyllis M. King Molly King Nancy Klatt Kerstin Klein Emily Knoelke Sheryl L. Knox Ed Knutson B. Beverly Koenen Sue Koerner Chris Kometer Sherri R. Krabath Rosemary A. Krause Jennifer & Robert Kreil Kristine Kruepke Katherine A. Kruger Linda M. Krysiak Donna L. Kuechenmeister Jamie Kuenzi Ann M. Kulow Nal Kumar Krista Kumbalek Stephanie A La Marque Anne T. Landre Rose Larson John Laskowski Duke Lehto Gabriella Leija Vanessa Leyvas Mary Lindner Mark E. Litow Kimberly Loper Doreen Lucht Tonya Lueder Erica Lythjohan Amelia Macareno Mary Madigan Barbara Maier Martha Mainland Erin Manian Michelle & Rich Mannisto Rachelle Marquardt & Cathy Priem Sonya Martin Michelle Mason Megan K. Massey Desiree Matel-Anderson Jennifer B. Mattes Julia Mazur Linda McCabe Kate McChrystal Mary McDermott-Kessler Melanie McEwen Ashley McKenna

Fran McLaughlin Peggy Mead Timothy Melchert Linda Mertz Paul Meyer Curretta Miller Thomas Miller Mary Ellen Morgan Ann Marie Moss Joni Moths Mueller Melissa J. Muller Matt Mumper Donna & Larry Munnik Christi Murn Carrie Murphy Kris Muszynski Tara Leigh Nale Micki Nelis Margaret R. Neuleib Jeanna Nichols Jennifer Nkonga Annie Nolan Gail Nordheim Northshore Newcomers Megan M. O’Halloran James A. O’Hara III Katie Oldenburg Rochell Olive-Harmon Marie O’Shea Joseph Pabst Roberta Packard Kim Palmer Shannon Palmer John & Mary Pandl Shannon Panszi Judie Papadakis Carol Parkes Debra Flynn Parrino Renee Pasciak Iwona Pawelc Kristin Peck Kathy Pederson Phyllis Pellechia Brigette Pence Suzanne Ernster Perdzock Barbara Pergande Rachelle Perotto Alexis Peterson Constance & Thomas Pexton Mary Pat Pfeil Bruce Pflaum & Jenna Arntson Heide Piehler Paul J. Pisarzewicz Carin Pittleman Kristine J. Piwek Brian Plemel Amber Poklar & Rob Bundy Rena Porat Melissa Potter Kara Priem Paul Provo Karen Przybylski Sara M. Raasch Jean Radkte Lisa Radtke Samantha Rappa Stephanie Rasch Patricia A. Rauch Nancy S. Reeder Amy & John Reichert

Nicole Reindl Susan Reisener Elizabeth Rekowski Wendy Richards Anna M. Robbins Eva Roberson Shelia Roberts ReDonna Rodgers Elizabeth & Stephen Rolfs Amy Romenesko Cynthia Rooks Blaine Ropson Heidi Rose Michele Rozansky Connie Rubis Kelly W. Sachse Tere Sackerson Lynn Sager Candace Sake Carryn & Rachid Sami Celestina & James Sanders Virginia D. Sandroni Kim Schauer Mary B. Scheibel Karen Schilling Melissa Schmidt Maria-Kristina Schmitt Alice M. Schmitz Theresa Schneider Katherine & Lawrence Schnuck Mary Schuler Duane Schultz & Katherine Arndt Catillia Searcy Susan L. Armour Seidman Erica Seniuk Tammi Shannon Amy Shapiro Lenora Shaw Sally Sheperdson Joycarol Sherard Shorewood Women’s Club Margaret Singh Carol Smatlak Toni Spott Greg St. Arnold St. John Vianney Parish Kathy Steinbauer Judy Steininger Pam Stemper Mary & Bob Stetson David Stillings Ralph & Melba Stockhausen Natalie Strade Rhonda Strauss Christine L. Straw Kris & George Strnad Bev Sturgeon Carol & Mike Sullivan Chad Swalheim Cheryl Sweet Kenneth Swenson Doug Szper Judy Tallmadge Verne & Carol Thieme Eileen Thomasmeyer Ashley Tikkanen Judith & Howard Tolkan Barbara Tucker United Way of Waukesha County Angela Utschig Emily Velvikis Elizabeth Vogel Willie Wade Cynthia A Wagner Rosalinda C. Walbrun

Christie Walker Cathi Walker Kathleen M. Walter Walzak Marketing Communications, Inc. Marilynn Ward Bruce Ware Bonnie & Allan Wasserman Kyle Wasserman Britt Wegner Ruth Weill Clare Wein Yatta Welland Richard West Clare Kay West Natcole West Katherine Wetherbee Anna Joy Wetherbee Mary Louise White Virginia Wible Heidi A. Wick-Spoerl Jane Williams d’Andre Willis Kathleen Wisnefski Audra Woerner Dionne Wolter Jaime Wooten Laura & Derril Wright Betsy & Michael Wurm c Yan Jenelle Yeh Gina Yeo-Bennett Shawn Johnson Young Janet C. Yuhas Joan E. Zawikowski David N. Zerwick Zheng Zhu Ana Maria Zientek Deborah & Larry Zitzke Becky Zunke Amelia A. Zurcher

Tribute Donors

Susan & Pete A. Balzer, in memory of Lia Zitzke David Barquist, in honor of Lia Zitzke Patrick & Lynn Carey, in loving memory of Lia Zitzke Delara Chaoui, in honor of my mother Laura Zonoozi Barbara Choinski, in memory of Lia Zitzke Mark Clark, in memory of Lia Zitzke Margaret & Michel Combe, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Arneava & Gerald Davis, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Cindy Eilers, in memory of Lia Zitzke Heather Flanagan, in memory of Lia Zitzke Bill Gollmar, in memory of Hazel Luter Nancy & Andrew Hagen, in memory of Lia Zitzke Erin Hareng, in honor of Kathy Brunell New Dawn Technologies, in honor of Diane Rondini-Harness Patricia & Howard Kemp, Jr., in memory of Phyllis I. James Christine & Steven Keto, in memory of Lia Zitzke Phyllis M. King, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Chuck & Judy Klawitter, in honor of, and thanksgiving for, Hazel, Julie and Ellie Ms. Susan E. Krause, tribute to Amy Weisbrot Kathleen Lawler, in honor of the retirement of Tim Hoelter


thank you...

Louise & Steven Leuthner, in memory of Lisa Phillips James M. Licata, in honor of Mary A. Moore Michelle Mason, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Linda Mertz, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Carrie Murphy, in honor of Kelly Fitzsimmons Amanda Northrop, in memory of Lia Zitztke Joseph Pabst, in memory of Allison Asztalos Ned and Linda Pellmann, in memory of Lia Zitzke Randy & Craig Pierce, in memory of Kathryn “Mommom” Greenwald Karen Rheault, in memory of Alice Panek Karen Rheault, in memory of Beverly Kappel Mary B. Scheibel, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s birthday Maria-Kristina Schmitt, in honor of Shirley Hughes and her amazing story Judy Steininger, in honor of Kimberly Kane’s Birthday Carol & Mike Sullivan, in memory of Kathryn Greenwald Verne & Carol Thieme, in memory of Lia Zitzke Julia Toepfer, in honor of Joyce Werner Elizabeth Vogel, in memory of Allison Asztalos Mary Wendt, in memory of Lia Zitzke Deborah & Larry Zitzke, in memory of Lia Zitzke Lynnette Zitzke & Dave Barquist, in honor of Lia Zitzke’s birthday

In-Kind Donors

Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty Caroline Anderson Anick & Associates Anonymous Artisans of Morocco Associated Wealth Management Julie Bartolameolli Bartolotta Catering & Events at Pier Wisconsin Bartolotta Restaurants Audrey Biere Ann Biondi Tanya Bissen Bliffert BMO Harris Bank Bon-Ton Jodi Brekke Michael & Diane Brimeyer Colleen Buckley Chris Burtner Heidi Calaway Diane Campion Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee Judy A. Carlson Carolyn & Steve Chamberlin Mary Belle Chatton Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Theresa Rae Chojnacki Karen & Dick Christenson Tim Cigelske Mary Kate Civiletta-Kalich Sue Cleary Koch Marge Cleghorn Stacey Coleman Earlean Collier Ruth Cordry Dave and Buster’s DG Marketing

Nancy Doonan Heather Dresen Connie Eastman Educators Credit Union Deidra Edwards Jennifer Essak Cortney Ewald-Ihde Executive Women International Edward Rubin & Francine Feinberg First Stage Children’s Theater Flower Lady Fortress Forms Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell Frontier Airlines FTD GE Healthcare Lyn & Scott Geboy Godfrey & Kahn Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Green Bay Packers Melissa & Jeff Greipp Mary & Vince Guimont Jean Gurney Hannah & Samuel Hamilton Kellie Haselow Kelly Hepburn Sarah Hepburn Natalie Herman Marlo Hill Tracy Hirsch Carole Hoefs Cathy Hoelter Kristen M. Holsapple Horny Goat Brewing Carolyn Hughes-Hooker Hyatt Regency Milwaukee Indulge Studios IVIZE of Milwaukee J.Jill Store #250 Mary Jo Jancarik Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee Sydney Johnson Diona Johnson Celeste Johnson Johnson Controls Kahler Slater Architechts, Inc. Kapco Metal Stamping Karl’s Event Rental Barbara Katz Carolyn Keith Mary & Ted Kellner Leon Kendall Art Keup Cheryl & Neil Kiekhofer Lisa Kingery Max Kinstler Kathy Klug Mary Janet Krauska Mary Krawczyk Connie Lai Lake FM Ka Bao Lee Life Productions Amy L. Lindner Eleanor Lynch Ron MacDonald & Jerry Gantner Dawn Marceau Marcus Corporation Randy McCarthy

Margaret Dee McGarity Tom McGinty Angie McMonigal Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Milwaukee Art Museum Mis Suenos Mexican/American Restaurant Nicole Mitchell Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporation Auriea Mosley-Sanders Molly Neuleib Maggie Newbold Sarah Nielsen Non-Profit Center of Milwaukee, Inc. Pamela Oberg-Sutton Organic Lifestyle, Inc. d/b/a Olive, Fine Organic Living Roberta Packard Shannon Panszi Heather Paulsen Gracie Pedrosa Randy & Craig Pierce Scott Dwayne Polzin Project Night Night - Marquette University Victoria Pryor Betty Pryor Kim M. Puterbaugh Zelma Ragland Hagler Gail Rebernick Riteway Bus Service, Inc. Roaring Fork LLC Robyn Roberson Sharon Roberts Carryn & Rachid Sami Max Samson & Nancy Pinter Don Schmidt Rachel & Rene Sems Sally Sheperdson Shorewood Women’s Club Dianne & Dale Simpson Sarah Smith Anne & Randal Sprecher Christina Steder Steinhafels Furniture Chantelle & Tom Stocco Laura & Alan Swan Target - District Office D-110 Melissa Tempel Denise M. Thomas Amy Thompson United Performing Arts Fund Doris Tillman Tres Chic Barbara Tucker Victory Missionary Baptist Church Clarey Wamhoff Darlene Washington Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church We Energies Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Rita & Glen Wiesneski Patricia Williams Wisconsin Athletic Club Wisconsin Community Service, Inc. / Project Excel Women’s Caucus ATU Local 998 World Outreach & Bible Training Center Carol & William Wuesthoff Cynthia Wynn Xpedx YogaOne Studio Zaffiro’s Pizzaria Linda Zik Kyle Zubatsky

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all donor information. Should there be any errors or omissions, we apologize and ask that you bring them to our attention.

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Organize a donation drive at your place of worship or office to collect items for Meta House’s Wish List. These drives allow us to provide essential items to women and children in all of our programs. Have a party or host an activity honoring Meta House and collect in-kind donations or raise money. This is a fun way to get together and make a difference.

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Meta House's 2011 Annual Report  
Meta House's 2011 Annual Report  

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