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On-Page SEO for Beginners : On-Page SEO for Beginners : Our effective tips will improve your knowledge in ON-page SEO for beginners.We believe this guide will be more helpful for the people who like to start their carrier as SEO Engineer.

On-Page SEO Factors :

1. Domain Name : Choose your Domain name based on your targeted keyword is most powerful in SEO perspective.

2.Keywords in URL : Make your URL structure with keywords optimized which makes more worthy in On page SEO. The length of the should be short & crisp.

3. Meta Tags :

Title Tag :

Keep your primary keywords as title tag and it should be unique.The length of the title tag should be 6070 characters.

Description Tag :

It is used under the title tag with needed information. Add your contact details in the description for more benifits. The Length should be 300-320 characters. It should be attractive which makes user to understand about the page.

4. Header tags :

Use H1 tag with targeted keywords should not more than one time in a single page. You can use secondary keywords as H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 tags followed by H1 tags and it must be relevant to primary keywords.

5.Keyword density :

The keyword density is the measurement of no.of keywords in a single page.It can be represented as,

Keyword density = keyword/total no. of words * 100

6.Image alt tag :

Use primary keywords in the image alt tag and title.In order to reduce the loading time of the page, the image should be seo optimized.

Links from SEO Perspective :

Links are defined as the collection of hyper links. It is the major factor in Search engine ranking. In-depth knowledge about links will be more easy to learn On-page SEO for begineers.

Top 14 links of SEO from links perspective. 1.Back links

2.Inner links

3.Inbound links

4.Outbound links

5.Do follow links

6.No follow links

7.Social links

8.Social Share links

9.Link Juice

10.2 way links

11.3 ways links

12.Link pyramid

13.Link exchange

14.Broken links

1. BACKLINK: Backlinks are the incoming links from other websites. If the backlink from an authority website like popular website or Govt website) will be more effective

On page seo beginners  
On page seo beginners  

In this article, we have shared 30+ on page seo techniques that must be really useful for beginners.