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welcome: received with pleasure and hospitality into one’s company or home.

marketplace communications welcomes you into our off ice.

introduction Marketplace Communications Pty Ltd (MPC) is a leading marketing provider to businesses throughout Queensland. We have a FRESH, CREATIVE and PRACTICAL approach to integrated marketing and communications services. MPC is a MARKETING HUB, delivering EFFECTIVE and INNOVATIVE strategies for clients. MPC services include: • Marketing • Advertising • Community Consultation • Government Relations • Issues and Crisis Management • Internal and External Communications • Investor Relations • Media Strategies and Publicity • Media Training • Graphic Design and Printing • Branding and corporate identity management • Market Research • Bid & tender preparation

• Copy writing • Event management Digital Offerings: • Website Design • Website Development • Online Strategy • Online Marketing • Web Analytics Management: • Online Reputation Management • New Media Education and Training • Online Audit and review

Some of our clients


WHY MPC? MPC has over 20 years experience working with government and the private sector in Queensland. The strong networks we have developed through HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUST and HARD WORK, means MPC can provide FIRST CLASS CONNECTIONS to our clients. We ensure EFFECTIVE INTRODUCTIONS to key players to reduce delays, to anticipate formal requirements, to investigate opportunities and to speed up regulatory decisions. MPC clients include National and State Government agencies, law practices, accounting and financial services firms, property development, construction and real estate industries, retail, agriculture, community services organisations and the media.

The team at MPC pride themselves on beyond the call of duty customer service. The firm’s growth through a continuing stream of business referrals from SATISFIED CLIENTS is testament to the team’s commitment to this goal. The way we work: We develop strategies that meet your business objectives and provide higher returns on investment. We bring ENERGY, IDEAS, PASSION, INSIGHT, and INTUITION to get the OUTCOMES you want. Successful marketing involves taking the time to discover what it is you do well and to exploit it in every media that projects your brand. It also involves making sure your selling process matches your customers buying process.

implement: to put into effect according to or by means of a definite plan or procedure. take recommendations guaranteed from strategic planning



MPC goes the extra mile when it comes to marketing. We take the time to LEARN about and UNDERSTAND your company and product or service offering.

Marketplace Communications provides professional and costeffective advertising services, aimed at developing and retaining audience recognition of the product and client. Marketplace Communications advertising services include:

Through competitor and market observations, creative thinking and years of experience, we develop first class marketing strategies. We then develop realistic timelines and rollout plans ensuring all aspects of the plan are delivered on time, every time.

•F  ull media planning and buying covering print, radio, television and onlline •C  omprehensive market research before, during and after the campaign • Innovative and appropriate copy writing • Graphic design and print production • Corporate and product advertising • Accountable, measurable campaigns • Distinctive creative • Media planning, co-ordination and placement

opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something opportunity knocks when you rub shoulders with the right people

Community Consultation


MPC are experts in the field sphere of community of community consultation, consultation planning and implementation for town planners, property developers and government. The key elements of a community consultation project include: project include: • Developing an awareness campaign for key stakeholders • Developing an awareness campaign for key stakeholders • Establishing opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback • Establishing opportunities for stakeholders to provide • Neutralising adverse or negative issues quickly and effectively. feedback

Since its establishment over 20 years ago, MPC has built and maintained close ties with all levels of government from all sides of politics. of politics. The Marketplace Communications team includes a previous advisor to the former Lord Mayor Peter strong The Marketplace Communications teamBeattie. includesOur a previous team crosses political enable our clients the best advisor to the the former Lorddivide MayortoPeter Beattie. Our strong possible advice relating to divide all levels of government. team crosses the political to enable our clients the best possible advice relating MPC been selected as and remains one of three suppliers to all has levels of government. to offer marketing and communications services to both the Department of selected Premier as andand Cabinet andone previously Brisbane MPC has been remains of threethe suppliers City Council. to offer marketing and communications services to both the Department of Premier and Cabinet and previously the Brisbane City Council.

• Neutralising adverse or negative issues quickly and effectively.

unique: limited to a single outcome or result; without alternative possibilities.

Certain types of problems have unique solutions.



Marketplace Communications is highly regarded in issues management.

Finding and retaining investors can be a critical part of your business success. MPC knows how to develop effective two way communications between your company and its investors. Through a strategic and sustained approach, MPC can assist to put the required foundations in place to watch your share price grow.

MPC is contracted by a number of high profile companies on a pure issues and crisis management brief. We are on stand-by to deal with and respond to any issue or crisis. MPC can help you convey your key messages to stakeholders and the media quickly and calmly, before the issue spirals out of control.

INTERNAL & EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Marketplace Communications provides expert counsel and strategy development for clients looking to implement either internal or external communication campaigns. Many of our clients require this expertise to ensure the smooth transition of organisational change, stakeholder engagement in major projects and any other of general organisational activities.

strategies: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.

clever moves, the skill and the know how



Marketplace Communications continues to be one of the leading Queensland firms for media relations. With a focus on strategic marketing, MPC has ensured clients have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in media coverage without the hefty advertising bill.

When being interviewed by journalists, you have a matter of SECONDS to get your message across. A slip of the tongue or careless wording can end in all sorts of pain and anguish for an individual or business. MPC can provide you with effective media training to ensure you stay on message, and deliver a positive and powerful result.

MPC will guarantee not only SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES are created in line with your business goals, but also more BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. We provide innovative techniques to capture the attention of your potential clients and media. Marketplace Communications won’t bother writing hundreds of press releases that journalists will DELETE, but we WILL ensure that we execute our experience with the media to turn releases into news. We will get you SEEN and HEARD. MPC have built strong, lasting relationships with all media entities to enable us to know WHAT the media wants and HOW and WHEN they want it. This will enable MAXIMUM COVERAGE of a genuine nature. Anyone can buy and place an advertisement in the media but it takes skill and know-how to get legitimate news and editorial coverage.

drive: to strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work, play, or try wholeheartedly and with determination. take your business further with an ambitious team



Dot Creative is the design arm of Marketplace Communications. With a great working partnership, Marketplace Communications can guarantee a quality job produced quickly to meet your deadlines.

Brand recognition doesn’t develop overnight. The way your brand is perceived is of the utmost importance to achieve brand loyalty. MPC can create logos, a positioning statement and strategies to get your brand seen and heard to assist in the maintenance of long term loyal customers.

Dot Creative have a wealth of experience designing everything from billboards to business cards, annual reports, corporate merchanise, websites to newspaper ads and are especially experienced in newsletter design and production.

perception: insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving. recognition of your competition, budget, environment and target.



An effective communication program cannot be developed without a thorough understanding of the perceptions of the marketplace. Marketplace Communications provides market research through stakeholder surveys, workshops or focus groups, competitor analysis, industry trend analysis and internal audits.

Marketplace Communications has managed events big and small for the public and private sector. From Lord Mayor dinners, launch events, to National Press conferences, we strive to provide professional events, behind and in front of the scenes. Marketplace Communications can arrange all aspects of the event or any combination of the following: • Venue negotiations and selection


• Invitations and event materials (design and production) • RSVP Management

Marketplace Communications offer assistance in the preparation of bids & tenders for our clients. Professionally written and produced documents are put together to ensure content is criteria driven and that all the boxes are ticked.

• Catering and alcohol packages • Hire equipment • Entertainment • Sponsorships • Media management


• VIP chaperones • Theme concepts and arrangements

Our team of highly professional copy writers assist our clients in deliver their messages with creativity and flair. MPC can develop a style that supports your brand and speaks to the people you are wanting to target.

• Event protocols • Seating arrangements • Security

knowledge: familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study.

trust those with experience in online development and strategies



Like the Modernists, we believe that “form follows function”.

How can online communication technologies help your organisation achieve its goals? What do you need to do to effectively utilise all of the tools available to you?

No matter how beautiful a web site might look, it isn’t worth much if your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for. Our web design activities are based around the principles and processes of User-Centred Design (UCD). UCD seeks to answer questions about users and their tasks and goals, and then to use those findings to drive development and design. UCD cuts costs through reduction in development time and rework, and increases user satisfaction and productivity.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT The web development process brings functionality to your website. From the simplest contact form to the most complex business processes, our proven development model ensures that the functionality of your website is delivered on time and on budget, and fully meets your expectations.

Having a specific strategy for your online activities will help. We will draft a systematic plan, which will be consciously monitored and adapted, to bring clarity and cohesion to your online activities, and improve your organisation’s online performance.

analyze: to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc. discover your online marketing power and enhance site activity.



Digital marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the online world, including design, development, advertising, and sales.

Web Analytics is the process of collection, measurement and analysis of user activity on a website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the website. We will interpret your data to guide the redevelopment of a site, or to further improve conversion rates and online sales.

To be effective online, organizations need to think more broadly than just their website. An organization’s online presence incorporates everything they (or others) may do and say online, including how they appear in searches, what people say about them in forums, blogs and social networks, and any email communications they may participate in. A digital marketing strategy will define broad goals for the all online activities that align with the organisation’s strategic marketing goals. It will identify the appropriate solutions required to meet those objectives, and will outline a program of work to implement those solutions. Our services include: • Search Engine Optimisation • Search Engine Marketing • Email Marketing • Viral Marketing • Online Advertising

organisation: something made up of elements with varied functions that contribute to the whole and to collective functions.

enhance your administrative personnel or apparatus of business.



Online Reputation Management involves creating communication strategies, devising policies and procedures and leveraging social media to build and protect an organisation’s brand online. Services include:

An Online Audit and Review will give you an overview of where your current online marketing investment can be improved from both design and useability perspectives, through to how your business can be better positioned online. Our recommendations assist you to improve customer relationships and better market your product.

• CEO and executive positioning • Online Investor relations • Crisis and Issue management • Online Monitoring • Search reputation management

NEW MEDIA EDUCATION AND TRAINING We will run workshops or presentations for you and/or you staff, and can provide training in areas as diverse as social media applications such as blogging, wikis, online social networks, to intranets and content management systems.

team: a group of people working together as a team to achieve a certain goal or objective.

MPC will become part of your team to assist in achieving your desired goals.

72 Harcourt St PO Box 1177 New Farm, Queensland AUSTRALIA 4005 T: +61 7 3358 4777 F: +61 7 3358 1911 E: ABN: 23 011 007 293 ACN: 011 007 293

Marketplace Communications Capability Document  

This document outlines all the services we provide at Marketplace Communications

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