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SAUMUR INTERNATIONAL MODELLING EXHIBITION 2016 Pawel Rzymski reports from a very exotic model show venue, the Saumur Tank Museum


he Saumur Tank Museum, located in France, is one of the most interesting of its kind. It has an amazing collection of armoured vehicles including a whole plethora of modern, but particularly WWI and even more

WWII tanks. Just to name few of them: St Chamond, Schneider, B1 Bis, Panzer IV, Panther, Brumbar, Jagdpanther, Tiger I and even a King Tiger in running condition! Everyone can find something to his taste no doubt about it. But

Live presentation on how to create rust at the Warpaints stand.

the museum has also another very important role. At least for we modellers. Each year (always the weekend preceding the Whit Monday) the museum opens its doors to our modelling family and hosts the biggest French modelling

exposition. Modellers come to this two days event from all over France. It is not rare to see visitors from Spain, Belgium even Holland or England. Of course the most numerous exhibitors come from the French modelling clubs and forums.

The Warpaints stand (mind the war rations between two Marders!)

50 Model Military International - December 2016

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