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T P Y R C E H T M O R F TALES 1 usf. Tamiya 1:4 Mtl. P . d. f . 51/

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Back in 2009, The Editor built Tamiya’s then-new 1:48 scale lateversion d. f . 51 Ausf. D half-track.



ou might have to do a little more than just shake the box but Tamiya s 1:4 scale Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf. D certainly presents no obstacles or complicated assemblies for the modeller. The flip side of this simple construction se uence is that doors and hatches are fixed in the closed positions while underside detail is very basic. owever if you are the sort of modeller who likes to see fast results you are going to love this kit. The lower hull is assembled in minutes due to the fixed suspension arms and simple slab of a rear door. The road wheels and drive sprockets are similarly straightforward. No poly caps here just cement the wheels straight to the suspensions arms while the sprockets are a tight press fit. This is handy as it allows for minor adjustment when fitting the link and length tracks. Those tracks are supplied in just 13 sections each seven sections of two links and the rest in longer lengths. I found that I needed to bend

the front or back link on Parts 0 to achieve a constant contour with Parts as they started their tight journey around the drive sprockets and rear road wheels but this could hardly be considered a challenging issue. fter the track parts had been removed from the sprues assembly of each run took less than 15 minutes. e now turn our attention inside the vehicle. The bench seats and driver s controls were glued to the floor while the backrests and other details were attached to the sidewalls. It is easiest to paint the interior at this stage as the upper hull will interfere with detail painting. irst the entire interior was painted with my custom erman ark ellow mix. This comprises 40 -5 esert ellow 40 Tamiya - 0 ark ellow and 0 - lat hite. n extra 15 of white was added to the mix for a fading colour which was sprayed in fine streaks spots and mottles at random. The outlines of the bench seats and backrests were painted with a fine brush in a dark mix of Tamiya -1 lat lack and - 4 Red rown

of e ual proportions. The same colour was then loaded into my tek 4 0 airbrush and the spaces between the brush-painted outline was coloured in. The instrument panel and radio face are supplied as decals. These may look a little cartoonish at first glance but the configuration seems to be accurate and the extra visibility will be helpful when they are hidden deep in the recesses of the driver s compartment. I uite like them. The interior parts were now treated first to a brush-coat of Mig Productions Tan ilter for Tritonal inish followed by a selected pin wash of dark thinned oil paint. This oil wash was applied carefully to panel lines and other structural features with the point of a fine brush. hen dry the final weathering touch for the interior was some subtle chipping with a brown artist s pencil. The main assemblies were now brought together. There is some margin for error when fitting the side stowage bins (Parts and 10

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