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4th step, upper surfaces sprayed with the 4BO Light Base paint.

Here, the spots have been blended in. The first step of chipping, a light base, was done with the help of 4BO shine. The AK set makes the task easier as all shades you need are right in the bottles.

Even lighter paint, 4BO Highlight, was applied to the on the middle of top surfaces.

The final step, the light shade 4BO shine, was applied with a small brush on some raised details like bolts, handrails on the turret or periscope covers.

The lighter chip base was partially filled with the new dark brown-rusty AK Interactive chipping paint AK 711.

In order add more depth to the model, Mig Productions’ Deep Green wash was generously applied.

A series of pin washes were applied using AK ready to use washes.

After the overall green wash oil paint dots were applied for even more colour variation.

Pigments were applied by putting the model on the side, sprinkling pigments and fixing them by capillary action of the liquid pigment fixer.

December 2016 - Model Military International 27

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13/10/2016 11:02

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