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Ta i a 1:35 I 3 • Kit No. 35 11

A small run was assembled to test the track on the kit sprocket.

The Trumpeter TK-12 KV-IS series workable tracks are similar to Modelkasten, composed of separate links and pins to join them.

The links may be joined on a plastic jig supplied in the set.

The track runs completed.

The Trumpeter tracks formed a very good looking sag typical of all KV and IS tanks.

B copper wire. It was not an easy

task but the final result was worth the additional work. To finish the detailing of the upper hull one barrel type smoke generator and two pairs of fittings (steel bands) were on the rear of the tank. The turret was the final step of the building process. At first I was going to keep the Tamiya turret rails but when I started to clean them up with a paper file few of them broke. I had no choice but to replace them all. The replacements were done using 0.5mm copper wire and the Griffon's handle folding tool (GT001). All in all it was a good thing to do. Some of the new rails could have been slightly bent to show service usage. Beside parts from the Voyager set the Armorscale metal antenna base was used. It's quite a small part but adds a lot to the turret look. The last but not least was DShK machine gun and it's mounting ring. The Voyager manual is not the best I've seen (during all the build I was taking a look on the Aber's manual and reference pictures from available on-line walk-rounds of the IS-3) but finally all parts have found their place on the nicely moulded heavy machine gun. Finally the model was built!

PAINTING After having rested in the box for a few months, the IS-3 finally made it to the painting workshop. My usual procedure before painting is to give the model a soapy bath. The reason is simple. There is always some grease and dust even if you don’t see it at first. If not cleaned it is quite certain it will eventually get visible after the first layer of paint is applied. So strong advice: always clean up your model. Having added a lot of photoetched parts I wanted to give the model a good primer layer so the paint I was going to spray on would adhere well to the surface. For such a purpose I decided to use the Gunze’s Mr Surfacer. In its finest version (1200) it is the ultimate primer capable of covering all materials, brass parts included. After mixing Mr Surfacer with Mr Levelling thinner (Gunze’s thinner with retarder) in about 1:1 ratio I sprayed few thin coats with my airbrush. The next day when the model dried completely I started the real painting. I decided to try a new for me technique of Colour Modulation. For this purpose I acquired the AK Interactive 4BO A

Fuel tanks with updated fittings, handles, weld lines and resin plug-holes.

Photo etched front fenders.

Modified shackle holder with shackles made of PE and plastic rods.

Rear plate with photo-etched loops and upgraded gun travel lock.

The Voyager set adds a great deal of detail to the rather basic Tamiya kit.

24 Model Military International - December 2016

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