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STALIN’S GREEN DEVIL Pawel Rzymski builds and upgrades Tamiya’s 1:35 scale IS-3, and also provides a step-by-step guide to painting and weathering the model.

CONSTRUCTION Construction was divided into three main subbuilds - the lower hull with running gear, the upper hull and the turret. From those three the first one, the lower hull, was very straightforward and completely out of the box. Once finished the Trumpeter workable tracks were used to replace the Tamiya rubber bands. I must admit that I hesitated a bit between going for the Friuls or Trumpeter tracks. Trying to cut the budget a bit I made the choice on Trumpeter tracks which are quite cheap (around 11 EUR). It appeared to be an excellent choice. The tracks turned out to be Modelkasten style. They were very easy to assemble although time consuming. The track links must

be first taken off the sprue so there is some clean up to do but nothing to be worried about too much. On the other hand there is absolutely no injection "pastilles" on the links, which is a really great thing. It is also better to check all the pin holes with a small 0.4mm bit as some wholes appeared to be not completely open. First I made a small run with the supplied jig and tested it on the kit sprocket. It went on quite well. Later on I used a paper file to send down the sprocket teeth very slightly so the track would sit on even better. After making two runs of 80 links each I installed them on the running gear to test the set up. The tracks formed a lovely looking, natural sag so typical to the KV tanks (the IS tanks were built on KV chassis).

The hull superstructure was a totally different story as this is where the most of the Voyager parts went to. On the rear plate and the upper hull, all the moulded-on loops were replaced with very nice photo-etched parts. Amongst other upgrades were the gun's travel lock (on the rear plate), front and rear fenders, the shackles holder (on the left front fender), periscope covers and wiring for the light and siren. On each side of the hull, three storage lockers have been added. These parts are not supplied in the Tamiya kit as it represents a vehicle form the first batch. This is a feature introduced in late 1945 or early 1946. On the engine deck fuel lines have been reproduced using reference pictures and 0.3mm


December 2016 - Model Military International 23

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