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Writing Stories with Story Cubes

“Our First Story” Written by Furkan Çakmak & Öykü Cemre Uysal



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At a midnight I woke up with the ring of my phone. I was worried and I thought there was bad news. Because nobody called me at midnights. I answered the phone and it was my uncle. He was an adventurer and fond of travelling. So he said that he wanted to go to Egypt and offered us to go with him. He was very excited about this idea. Thus, he called us at midnight. The next morning my uncle came to our house. We prepared our luggage, locked the door of our house and set off. We boarded the plane in the evening. This was my first experience to get on plane. For this reason I was very excited. While the plane was taking off, I was very scared. The hostess served me ice cream and then I felt relaxed and slept during my journey. While I was sleeping, I saw an interesting dream. In my dream I saw a big and shiny fish. She told me her name “Holyfish�. When my mum woke me up, the plane had landed and we got off the plane in Cairo. We found a hotel to stay and checked into the hotel.




The next morning I got up at half past ten. After breakfast my uncle and I went out for seightseeing. We went to the biggest pyramid of Egypt. It was Keops. For me it was huge and amazing. We went inside to see the tomb of the pharaoh. The inside of the pyramid was like a labyrinth. There were a lot of symbols on the walls. We analyzed them for a while and suddenly the electricity went off. We had a torch and turned it on. Then we tried to find the exit. When we reached the door, it was locked. We looked at our watch and realized it was too late. There was nobody around. We heard

a scream ”Help!” coming from inside of the

pyramid. At once we ran towards the direction of the scream. A fire ball appeared in front of us, it went forward and we went after it. More and more we got closer to the scream and entered in a small room. There was nobody in the room but the scream was coming behind the wall. There were a lot of pictures on the wall such as bees, flowers and pharaohs but one picture attracted my attention. It was a picture of a small fish. It was “Holyfish” in my dream and I touched it.




As soon as I touched the picture of “Holyfish”, I and my uncle fell through a hole, we found ourselves in a jungle in front of a pond. The holyfish was jumping over the pond, it was about to die. Because there was not enough water in the pond for the Holyfısh to live, so it wanted us to help it. We asked it “Why is the level of water in the pond low?”. It answered “This jungle is secret and I live here for hundreds of years. A few weeks ago a man came and he took a bottle of water from my pond. The water in my pond has reduced quickly day by day. Unless someone bring a bottle of water from the Lake Eyre –the biggest lake in Austuralia– to this pond, I’ll die. If I die, the earth will be destroyed!” We were surprised. My uncle asked “How can we go to Austuralia? It’s far far away…” The holyfish answered “I have got magic power and I can send you there. Do you want to do this mission for the earth?” My uncle looked at me and answered “We’ll do our best to save our world!” It said that “Look at this huge pine tree, when you get closer to its stem, you’ll see a secret door. As soon as you get through the door, you’ll come across a labyrinth. During all your travel you should move only with your emotions. There will be a guide on your way and when you choose the right guide you’ll find your way easily.




We didn’t have much time. Immediately we got through the secret door of the huge pine tree. And then we were in the labyrinth that Holyfish told about. There were two ways in front of us; there was a turtle on one of the ways and a snake on the other. My uncle and I looked each other and remembered our bad memory about snakes. Once we went to a picnic and a snake bit me and it bit my uncle too while he was trying to save me. We had to stay in the hospital for a week. So we hated snakes and preferred the turtle’s way. As soon as we stepped on the way, the gravity force of wind was so powerful that we arrived by the Lake Eyre. The environment was so quiet that as if all nature was asleep. I took a bottle out of my bag. We filled the bottle with the lake water. Suddenly we found ourselves in the jungle near Holyfish’s pond and we poured the water in the pond. The water level increased quickly and the pond was full of water anymore. Holyfish seemed very happy and said “Thank you very much! The earth is very grateful to you. ”We were very happy too. Holyfish told us “ Now, you can wish whatever you want from me. I’ll realize it for you. ”We said that “We want all people in the world live in peace!” Holyfish said “Don’t worry for it, I’ll do my best for the peace in the world. We‘ll meat again soon!” And then suddenly we found ourselves in front of our hotel. We were very surprised but felt happy to be in our hotel and with our family members.


Written by Furkan ÇAKMAK Öykü Cemre UYSAL Supervisor: Fatma BARLAS


Writing Stories with Story Cubes  

Writing Stories with Story Cubes