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walls and rooms which, like small labyrinths, contain mysteries? In addition to that world of forms and volumes, represented in his imaginary architectures, we must also point out the emergence of an expressed world loaded with mystery and silence, tied to the very interplay of spaces: here we find the doorways, passageway, stairways, bends, angles and walls, as if they were waiting for us, immutable.

Large in size, made of grogged stoneware and engobe, highlighting certain shades of color that lend unity to the whole, his murals are characterized by a dense network of lines which often intersect, as —to use the analogy that my memory provides— the bars of an enclosed area might, shutting off spaces to the eye and suggesting the secret silence that their existence allows.

Isn’t the significant scope of this curious metaphysical universe suggested by his sculptures worthy of our reconsideration, however brief? Solitary spaces that are open, nevertheless, to be inhabited. Intimate spaces, in some cases, and remotely gloomy in others. Nooks for meditation or realms for waiting, but always orderly worlds.

It is not incidental, then, considering his long, successful career, that we must count Enric Mestre among the world’s most prominent sculptors, artists, who have chosen to tackle the richness and versatility of ceramics with total dedication and rigor. In reality, once won over by ceramic as a medium, Mestre has, more than just exploiting its remarkable potential, always preferred to explore and test out its possibilities in an constant forward-looking process. Perhaps this, and none other, is the real path he has laid out for himself and to which he has remained faithful.

Seldom, as on this occasion, does the art object seem equally endowed with rigor and a certain expressiveness, in such an immediate, intense way before our eyes, even to the point of openly becoming an imaginary architecture or a lived-in geometry, as occurs — also and very particularly— in Enric Mestre’s murals, in his no less impressive panels of grogged stoneware and varnish, which we have also wished to include in this exhibition.

With Mestre, it has never been a passing affair or a brief, one-time experience. Quite the contrary, his professionalism has gone completely hand in hand with his progressive achievements. Increasingly strict in his investigations, making fewer and fewer concessions to anything that is not the fruit of hard work, personal It is worthwhile to stop and study them. In their gridded challenge and creative demands, Enric Mestre has layouts, in their interplay of lines, we might say that the been and continues to be one of the chief supporters pulse of the gesture, the mark of the hand beats clearly, of ceramic sculpture, who has tirelessly worked to as if the artist wanted to give a human pulse to the normalize its not always easy status among the many geometry that emerges from his work. different expressions of contemporary art. To be honest, I’ve always been surprised by Enric Mestre’s mural panels, very directly tied to his particular pictorial work, his acrylics on canvas. As important as they are little-known, perhaps these works lighten up the heavy weight of his ceramic sculptures, so well-regarded internationally. Yet we must insist on stressing his ceramic panels. The meticulousness of their rendering, the challenge of their carefully-thought-out use of color, the meticulousness of their design, the plays of light that emerge from their shiny treatments and the challenge of their extensive conception, series-based, give us even more reason to admire and insist, once again, on the value of this striking art form.

In this case, his imaginary constructions and the explicit geometries of his walls are, without doubt, two unbeatable examples, evident in this show at El Carmen, of what we have just been talking about. Not only the mastery and level of the media and technical resources used —something that should always be taken for granted— but also the challenging conception of each of his projects, the wealth of associations made and the critical rigor that constitutes his artistic contributions, so austere and restrained, are, in short, some of the keys that effectively defend and support the prominent place that Enric Mestre undoubtedly holds on the contemporary art scene.

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Enric mestre; vint peçes per a un museu  

Catálogo de la exosición "Enric Mestre; vint peçes per a un museu" que tuvo lugar en las tres capitales de la Comunidad Valenciana; Valencia...

Enric mestre; vint peçes per a un museu  

Catálogo de la exosición "Enric Mestre; vint peçes per a un museu" que tuvo lugar en las tres capitales de la Comunidad Valenciana; Valencia...

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