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we’ve all got issues. this is our fourth. I. letter from the e ditors...............p age. 3 II. type........................ ..........................p age. 7 III. hear....................... ............................ page. 29 IV. see and do.......... ............................ page. 39 V. beer....................... ...........................p age. 52 VII. events.................... ..........


messy magazine is an online, theme inspired publication focusing on the creative community in and around Cleveland, distributed from Cleveland. We showcase literary work, art, music, film, photography, DIY, you name it. messy magazine is a submission based publication. We welcome submissions, thrive on submissions, and are comprised of submissions. With out you, what do we have? Just some bare pages. And readers, you are as equally important as those who submit, so please let us know how we’re doing. We aim to please.

All joking aside, we’d be happy to see and promote your work. We promise to pass them along and spread the word. And send some jokes. Everyone always needs a new joke. messy magazine is Vanessa Aron, Lauren Kirk, Genna Petrolla and Michael Stidham. Ownership and copyright is that of the artist submitting. All reproduction rights are that of messy magazine. No reproduction in full or partial permitted without written prior consent of messy magazine. All content © Copyright messy magazine, 2009.

letter from the editors Here’s the deal. We’re going to keep this brief.

In this issue, you will find a multitude of works from talented contributors, as well as features on fun local After all, summer is so close we can taste it… and we events celebrating the talent around us, new gallery all know that you’re still hanging on to that last second spaces in town with unique missions and also creative three that Lebron pulled out of his hat the other night ways that people in our region and beyond are raising against the Magic for the win. How do you follow that? awareness, employing new ways of thinking and embracing the exciting times we are living in. Well, we at messy magazine are following it with our fourth issue. Yes, folks, we’ve made it this far. And we Emerge and See is particularly near and dear to the have you to thank. hearts of the messy staff, as each of us has had a few truly life changing experiences in the past year. No The theme for this issue was Emerge and See. It came longer satisfied with just existing, we have all pushed about after countless hours of trying to create a theme ourselves a little harder, worked a little longer, and really that would inspire and motivate our audience to wake showed that we are committed to creating something up, look around and realize that we are indeed living in that can make you proud and engage you creatively. a historic time. We are calling Emerge and See our ‘Summer Issue’ So often in our daily lives, there is no real sense of because there are a few changes happening around urgency. In our friendships, neighborhoods and cities, it here… That’s all we can really say at the moment, but seems that too many people are content with the status be sure to stay tuned to the messy blog for updates and, quo- the ‘it is what it is’ attitude runs rampant along the as always, keep giving us your feedback. Cleveland streets and elsewhere in the world. As we dive head first into summer and witness changes However, messy magazine felt that this complacency unique to our time, remember to focus on what’s needed to be shed with your down winter coat and the important. Think outside the box, do things differently, few extra lbs you packed on to help with high heating embrace the wave of change, and own it. costs. We are on the cusp of a season change, and, if we may say so ourselves, a world change. It’s time for Without further adieu, we present you with Emerge an attitude adjustment. It’s time to Emerge and See. and See. Thank you for your continued support and readership. From your backyard, to the back of your mind, we asked you to dig deep, to let go of something that has been genna p, vanessa, lauren and michael holding you back, and to move forward in a way that will messy magazine not be paralleled or stopped.

photo by :: suzanne cofer

messy mixtape pretty girls make graves this is our emergency king khan & the shrines land of the freak mstrkrft heartbreaker death from above 1979 you're lovely (but you've got problems) guided by voices echos myron the dirtbombs livin' for the city general elektriks raid the radio metric sick muse brian eno & david byrne america is waiting the go! team we just won’t be defeated


Consciousness Movement

marc mannheimer

they spoke of

Kingdom come, call it

the dawning of the age of Aquarius,

1000 years in the future, maybe, call it.

flowers filling parked cars,

maybe call it “Here and Now”

wondering at stars,

if we have eyes to see the good that be.

dreaming of pollution in jars in museums for children to gape at

I tell you, those young punks

and teachers to say --

in the tight skinny jeans

“See, once upon a time, we almost lost it.”

with their uvulas pierced are becoming the best generation

but really, those hippies were fucked.

of parents the world has ever seen.

it wasn’t to be peace and love. it was to be war and descendants of robber barons,

with the light, its shadow.

repressing, “prophesizing” hypocritical slander and hate,

along with the light, we see the shadow and despair.

stealing, torturing and calling it badminton. shards of light pierce, painfully, but, yes, those fucked up hippies were right.

sweetly, through the chakras of the Universe.

they took the acid test,

they emit pretty little flowers,

they saw with their inner eye

that break though the oppressive concrete.

the ascendency of a world --

they make Bushian tyrants weep

Atlantis, call it,

with visions of the holes in their poor little hearts.

Shambala, call it,

bun :: christina eagleeye-wilson

things to pack and wear. by daniella lachina

assignment: Find Arthur “Bobby� Harrison. Find G.B. Smith. both living somewhere in upstate New York. Ask them about 1971. Then ask them about Attica. They will be expecting you. But, first go to Albany. to pack and wear:

bag with:

to carry:

2 skirts


mohair throw

2 house dresses

toothbrush and paste

2 scarves

2 t-shirts

lip salve


2 sleeveless shirts

aspirin, prescriptions, tampax,

2 legal pads and pens

1 pullover sweater

face cream, powder and baby oil

list of telephone numbers

boots soft socks bra nightgown, robe, slippers cigarettes bourbon

house key

This is a list that is taped inside my closet door on There is on this list one significant omission, one article the third floor of my mother’s house for the past two I always needed and never had: a watch. years as I have lived there more or less steadily. The list enables me to pack, without thinking, for any piece I I needed a watch not during the day, when I could turn was likely to do.

on the car radio or ask someone, but at night, in the motel.

Notice the deliberate anonymity of costume: in a skirt, a sleeveless shirt, and boots – articles of clothing Quite often I would ask the desk for the time every half that would allow me to pass on either side of the hour or so, until finally, embarrassed to ask again, I socioeconomic bed.

would call someone, gather up an excuse as to why I called in the first place, then kindly ask them the time.

Notice the mohair throw for truck-line flights (i.e. no blankets) and for the motel room in which the In other words I had skirts, t-shirts, a pullover sweater, air conditioning could not be turned off. Notice the shoes, socks, bra, nightgown, robe, slippers, cigarettes, bourbon for the same hotel room. Notice the laptop bourbon, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, lip salve, for the airport, coming home: the idea was to call my asprin, prescriptions, tampax, face cream, powder, baby mother, check in, find an empty bench, and start typing oil, mohair throw, laptop, legal pads, pens, telephone the day’s notes.

numbers, and a house key, but I didn’t know what time it was.

It should be clear that this was a list made by someone who prized control, yearned after momentum, someone determined to play her role as if she had the script, heard the cues, knew her narrative.

throwing signs :: beth rankin

by: sam malusky bacon

by: michael stidham

I want to get out.

‘And then there was light.’

I have. Darkness. It gets a lot of bad press. Dark alleys. The To get. heart of Darkness. The Dark side of the force. But Out. there’s a lot left unsaid with those simple reductionist I want to rise above it all. I want to fly out. I want to blast into the sky full of life and as my gaze descends


upon that cloud, I’ll point and laugh. I’ll cut a fart on my way out and flick it off from the heavens. I’ll

There is a danger in the light.

balloon myself so full and fast that I’ll rocket into the The Dark is a warm and comfortable place.

It’s stratosphere. I’ll leave a long red jet stream of sorrow

reassuring. It’s familiar.

and scorn. I’ll fly furiously, fiercely, I’ll fight the air, I’ll sucker punch the sun, lasting minutes before the bell

As far as i’m aware, in the moment of conception, the rings and my soul erupts from my body in one loud very instant of our creation; there is no light in the violent “pop”. My desires roar back to the earth and womb.

crash back into the bleak. And there I’ll lay smoldering. Burning in my own ashes.

In the dark, I know where I am. Or I should say, I don’t know where I am, i’m lost and confused – which in truth is the place I spend most of my days. In the real Darkness, the engulfing, overwhelming, compressing Darkness; the kind the city doesn’t provide and your heart knows to fear, there isn’t space or illumination to see your hand in front of your face. The Darkness hides who you are, from even yourself.

Awaken to Spring toni chankas

Plum and fuchsia blooms, affixed in trees

Embrace it now

Cardinal and robin songs

For a few months only

Echo against the shores

Cool breezes sway branches

Sweet smells of lilac and honeysuckle brush Tulips and Irises, a rainbow of hue,

Soon, delicate, diaphanous petals,

Flowerbeds aligned

Fall along driveway trails Due to disintegrate,

A window open, Thread barren curtain, a current billows,

Vanishing quickly

Freshening the stale indoors

Away from examination

Sunrays, reflect color of life

Now, a distant memory

Against the darken walls Springtime lost just for now, First signs of spring Awakens my senses

Transcending hot, humid weather

Brings amusement,

Will soon prevail

Pleasure to my features Summer a replacement My bicycle hoisted

For us to enjoy

From storage To plow along, a silent path

But, my mind awakens, a reminder

Long overdo,

Of spring, inspirations for

A preferred pastime

Recollections to continue.

untitled :: bill

Hello me

lauren kirk

I cried over Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Sobbed. Watch out for the Man. Alone, in my apartment for 45 minutes. I have never Now I'm living in the machine. watched the show before in my life. And after balling my I think the scariest thing is that I feel myself falling haplessly, eyes out because I was so happy for this family I don't even happily, into comfort. And that frightens me because even know, I will never watch the show ever again. What I don't know what I can even do to stop that. I don't know had happened to me? When did this happen? Reality TV? if it can be stopped. I don't even watch TV save for crime shows and Family Am I just fighting the inevitable? Guy. And here I was. A weepy mess, like an 85 year old Has the inevitable already happened and I am merely lady crying over her soaps. I was a waste. If you would clinging to my own fanciful delusions? have asked me two years ago if I would be reaching for That could be quite possible. tissues as Ty Pennington was hugging someone, I probably So who knows. I have no answer and I don't think one is would have told you to fuck off. I told my friend about this going to just pop up in front of my face. event and he laughed and said, "Man, you're fucked," to And sorry, the bills have to be paid. So unless I jump on a which I laughing replied, "I know!"

cargo ship to Egypt, I just have to keep going.

Where did I go? I'm right here in Cleveland, yes I know that, But if you ever see me wearing a scrunchie. Please, feel but inside, I feel I am just going through the motions. Fight the Machine.

free to punch me.

photo by :: peter jennings

These Clouds

Midnight Suspicions

This cloud is the honey that milks God’s cataracts.

Suppose the grapes when squeezed made gravy

This cloud is sanctified and blessed.

This cloud will save your soul for the price of her life

Suppose the weather never started small talk

michael stidham

zackery moll

& pelicans were merchants of the sea, & her majesty ate only mice,

This cloud bleeds the kind of loneliness that can only

Suppose HIV were a vitamin

neglect and neglect that can only breed loneliness.

This cloud can only rain skeet hail and snow.

Suppose gravity didn’t give a shit.

& the sky were lined with veins,

This cloud knows nothing beyond what it can take. Nothing beyond what it can force.

Suppose eggs came from groundhogs

Nothing beyond release.

This cloud is dusted with lonely silent screams- hailstorm

Suppose Mormons dined on embryos


& tulips fell with the storm, & seductive France laid Spain,

Suppose the day made time for you This cloud hates to be held.

& sun rose with your head,

This cloud hates to be looked at.

Suppose nirvana locked the door,

This cloud doesn’t need your help. This cloud is cold and wet and hungry and safe and

Suppose Nietzsche were a priest


& Mari Antoinette were promoting a bakery,

Suppose our biggest export were couch potatoes This cloud can’t afford happiness.

This cloud needs.

Suppose Pavlov’s dog walked upright

This cloud cries.

This cloud is guilt and rage, this cloud is tired and sick.

Suppose my two cents could foot the bill.

These clouds are all that can be seen. These clouds make no silence. These clouds. These clouds of gray.

& passion came with kids meals, & volunteered for consumer surveys,

Ever Expanding Dust Bowl zackery moll

Tom Jode doesn’t eat here anymore,

The Money’s worth keeping,

Used to stop in everyday

& Tom Jode doesn’t eat here anymore,

For a warm cup and conversation, Like clockwork he’d swagger in

He said he was one of the lucky ones,

Still sporting the days dirt

That his twenty-six years had bought him

On a wearing face,

Another month of paychecks,

Tipping damn near what he spent

And that, at least now,

To the girls who knew his name,

His wife would have to learn how to cook, He shared a laugh & left some change

But now supply is high

For the girls who knew his name,

& demand is low, & Tom Jode doesn’t eat here anymore,

But now the markets dry & living isn’t free,

First came the rumors

& the winter isn’t making any promises,

You could never quite believe, Lipsmackings in the break room

& the prescriptions aren’t a choice

Of perspective buyers and job loss,

The unemployments not enough,

But with his smile like a buoy

& I heard they need farm hands

He never seemed concerned,

Out in California……

Leaving a two dollar tip For the girls who knew his name,

& spaghetti’s cheap

But now his seat is cold and

& Tom Jode doesn’t eat here anymore.

lima lake :: Beth Rankin

zackery moll

8 and a half red-ale

market sunday


eastside drizzle


Technically speaking, Spring doesn’t begin anything.

it’s beautiful; even in Akron. The dogwoods blossom. The

Technically speaking, to begin anything is just the same as to

grass turns green again. The wrens in the garage build a new

finish anything. Either one of them is just about as palpable as nest. Folks all over are falling in love. a fart in the shower.

Which delivers me to my point: sometimes, one cannot help

I arrived at this unerring epiphany this morning, believe it or

it, that urge to fall in love in the Springtime. The phenomenon

not, when I farted in the shower. It is important, you see, never is intimately tied with the idea that Spring represents new to discount the essential power of good poignant metaphor, beginnings, rebirth. no matter where it comes from or when it hits you.

A person spends a long, cold, lonely

winter by their self, and then quite naturally, those old thoughts

For example…(here, Atomic Digital Ron dons his trusty tweed of romance begin to stir just about the same time that the sap blazer)…for example, my morning shower.

To the casual starts to run in the trees again. You can’t blame a person for

observer, it might appear that my shower began today when I

it, same as you can’t blame the fart in the shower for being so

dropped my clothes off on the bathroom floor. Or maybe when lost and forlorn and ineffectual. I started the water running. Perhaps not even until I climbed

The problem is, Love does not begin, and neither can it ever

in and pulled the curtain closed behind me. Really, it’s only end. Just like life. (They are, after all, one and the same.) a matter of perspective—it’s just that all those perspectives

Every now and then, you look around, and you get the distinct

are flawed, and sadly inaccurate. It might be more realistic to impression that you’re being moved by some unseen force say that my shower today began when my last shower ended; to do something, anything, to change some aspect of your I’ve been getting awfully dirty all that time in between, after existence. Like that urge to find someone new right after you all. Hell, if we’re going to be recondite about it, you might mail in your tax return. It’s only natural to be moved by your even go so far as to say that the shower I took this morning is

environment, my friend. Slow down, though. Don’t force

older than Creation, that it predates even the big bang. Such a

things. It’s great that you’re feeling this way, pal, but why don’t

statement, while wildly far-fetched, could certainly be defended you take a few minutes and have a peek at the way things in lively debate—you just trust old Ron on that one. I won’t

really are? Get rid of that time-induced sense of desperation,

bore you with the details; it’s time to move on. Just trust me, and go find yourself some titty-induced inspiration. OK? Thanks a bunch.


waste your time on something that’s bound to fade faster than

Now, back on task. Spring does have its particular magic. As a fart in the shower. Stay right with life and life will stay right the seasons go—well, as the seasons go, Spring is Spring.

with you. And in the meantime, why don’t you go and fetch us

We all know what happens out there. It’s uplifting, it’s inspiring,

a couple beers?

Emerge and See karen starr

I’m at a tipping point. Here at the peak, I’m embracing the moment as I balance for a few, before I decide which way to focus my next efforts. I’m enveloped in kind-of-foreseen circumstances; the kind that makes people say, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that”. “No worries”, I reply. And I mean it. You see, I am able to take a deep breath and survey the landscape for a moment. What I see is promising…for me, for my family, for my world. In this moment… I choose to let it go. Whatever “it” is, was or will be…I choose to release it. I choose to surround myself with positive people, in work and in play. I choose to lend my talents and energy to help people discover what is beautiful to them. I choose to be a good mother, a good wife, friend, sister, aunt, neighbor, niece, human. I choose to remember that I almost always have a choice. And I choose to believe that when people make good, loving decisions for their world, the shared world becomes a more peaceful place.


maria van heeckeren

Oh, How Earth weighs upon you, Atlas Cries and clamor of 6 billion‌ Do you ever look to Kronos, Up to your ancestors the stars? As duty bruises strong shoulders, Arms strain tot save such foolishness, Hands crack and bleed to grasp again, Holding soil souls together. Titan, Struggling suffers no sorrow, Closed mirrored eyes commiserate, You must break for this weak planet, But constellations do not care. 6 billion pairs of hands to hold, Laced fingers finding firm support. Strength renewed through sudden hope For Atlas, you are not alone.

Admiration & Contempt... jeff dixx

She fights with time

The spell cast by half-links

Unparallel by true

He fights with the night

Channeling force


Cold and stoned

From weakness

They mummies

The catch phrases lie

Bless them for trying

Encased in

Pondering the sequence

Meanwhile deception


Of death and dying

On the rise

Gold, diamonds, and pretty

Stonewalls and carcass caves

Souls cry

Don’t change the ugly

Cosmic flashing starlight

Spirits combust

And the rejection

Form spider maze

And body’s lust

Of the inner-animal bugs me

Caught by the art

Within the matrix

Just want to be

The center awake

Enslaved by self-hatred

Wild monkey in a tree

Stood still

Intuitions reach solid state

Set against pondering

True demons meditate

The words silenced

Might I swing?

Earth overgrown

Expressions evoked by the face

From this vine

With bitter clones

Some run with the glory

Unaware of logic

And love’s reason

Some confront the story


To appease men

Breathing deeply

Or destiny

Elementary and primitive

Into the tumult of the storm



Catch me spinning

Defined by

To be subdued by sedatives

Only the youth

Erratic alchemy

Docile creatures roam

Engage such merry-go-rounds

We magic

Chaotic structure

Disenchanted by smiling clowns

Cause love is free…

The source of ruin

Mama—They faceless!

And incessant boredom

They outer-space shit

To Continue Reading The New Push Ups

The Grind

lauren kirk

Great revolutionary thinkers, Sit in tattered volumes, On stained shelves, Of beaten dreamers. Trampled by convention, Functions, duties, and expectations. Slaves, Way of the world, Shells of wishful thinking, Neckties holding up backbones. Pure deception, Powerful through strangulation, Instilled through the eleven o’clock news, In partnership with People magazine. Pushing slowly, Neatly, Through twists and changes, It is to be expected.


hear. photo courtesy of norman wong

In this day and age, there isn’t much that carries true shock value. We live in a bizarre and entertaining world. Yet, there is something still intriguing and shocking when, say a band comes on the scene with a name like Holy Fuck. How can you not inquire about a band whose name is Holy Fuck? Unabashed, intense, yet seemingly casual, HF creates music that just might have you saying ‘holy fuck’ but the music is cooler than any witty band name.

from such an organic source, where do you find your inspirations or motivations? MS: We just vibe off of eachother and the audience. Everything is inspirational, esp something one of us does musically. Controlled improvisation, basically.

mm: Because there is little to no rehearsing, have there been times on stage the sound turns more into a mashed up mess? If so, how do you get yourself out of it? MS: Yeah, it happens regularly. Part of the band’s sound, Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, HF creates electronic really. Hopefully when these things happen something new music without the use of typical-electronic-y instruments ie: is born. It helps keep it fresh. computers, drum machines, samplers, etc. They instead rely on scratched cds, toys, film synchronizers and a smattering mm: Have there been any favorite shows? of other instruments to create crazy fun sound. They will Primavera Sound 08 was tops. be putting on quite a show at the Grog Shop on Thursday, May 28th and I think you should check it out! Matt Shultz mm: Random shows? one quarter of Holy Fuck recently talked to messy while on Always tour in Europe. mm: Bad shows where you swear you’d never play mm: How is the European tour going? again? Great. Hmm... those places will remain nameless, but we may have played one last night! mm: Are you playing the festivals? Maybe a UK one, but we did alot last summer, and the new mm: Any favorite city? record will be out in the autumn, so next summer will be Cleveland, of course! HC. This summer we are doing North American festivals, which we neglected the last couple years. mm: Is HF planning on releasing an album of the cover songs? I know you have covered Radiohead as well as mm: What do you like about the European crowds Lily there anymore on the way? versus the North American crowds? I dunno about the Lily Allen track. As for the rest, the internet No difference, really, unless you go pretty far east into is perfect for releasing these things, and yes we have and europe. People go nuts when they don’t get to see much do release them. The last being a remix of Royksopp. music. mm: What next for HF? mm: Do you enjoy larger or smaller venues and why? Finishing our record and more tours. Both are cool. Bigger is good cause there is room on stage, but you are farther away from the crowd, which makes us Holy Fuck with Crocodiles, Company Picnic play the sad. Small is cool cause you can fill the room with gnarly Grog Shop at 8pm on Thursday, May 28th. $10 adv / sound and it’s much more immediate. $12 dos. mm: I have read that you do not rehearse before live acts and your live acts also mimic your albums. Coming



photo courtesy of giant step

Way back in cold, snowy January, (doesn’t that feel like ages ago?) I drove out to the eastside on a late Wednesday evening to see Paper Route and Passion Pit play to a packed audience at CWRU’s The Spot. From first song, I was impressed with Paper Route, they had a unique sound that seemed fitting for a long drive on a deeply cold January night. Long story short, I thought they we great. On their current tour, Paper Route is traveling with infectious electro-pop Young Love and will be playing the Grog Shop on June 4 at 9:00pm. Messy spoke with JT Daly about their upcoming tour, previous tour and more. mm: Where are you all originally from?

Andy and I (JT) are from Ohio, Chad is from Chicago, and Gavin is from Virginia.

mm: How did Nashville become the home base for Paper

Route? Your style is much more reflective of the northeast. Well Chad, Andy, and I all met at college and we’re looking to move. We had some family in Nashville and were drawn to the overall mystique of the south. I think we also connected immediately to the community Nashville had in the arts. I don’t think it was until a couple of years into having this be our home that I realized how much of an impact this city was having on us as far as artists. It was forcing us to really approach electronic music from a songwriting perspective.

mm: What do you find inspiring about Nashville?

The people, and the fact that in a short drive you can escape the city for farmland and woods.

mm: What else inspires you and your music? From what I’ve

read insomnia is a problem...can you explain a bit more about this? There was a point where we all suffered from insomnia. Thankfully melatonin has helped me a bit with this!! I think that literature and film is something that is consistently inspiring out sound. We sort of have a Paper Route Library in our van.

mm: Can you explain the writing process for P.R.? Is there a lead writer? Everyone write together, or separately? We all write in Paper Route...most times one member will bring a song to the rest of us, and we’ll sort of deconstruct it and reconstruct it again. We all tend to have different strengths as writers. Although, one thing we share is a certain sonic perspective.

We’re trying to capture a certain feeling, a sort of ‘lost in a daydream’ vibe. This is something we’ve all connected with as writers. And it’s also where the band name comes from. Daydreaming in the midwest on a paper route.

mm: The last time you played Cleveland while touring with

Passion Pit. I thought your show was really intriguing. I think people really can connect with your music because it seems genuinely honest. Can you expand on this? I believe that if you aren’t being honest with your audience they can tell. Living in Nashville and being surrounded by a history of classic songwriters who told stories about their lives has definitely influenced our writing. We’re being painfully vulnerable and honest.

mm: How was touring with Passion Pit? We had a great time. Michael introduced me to an artist who is haunting me right now. Her name is Judee Still. So I would like thank Michael in this interview. mm: What I like about your music is the integration of so many sounds that are blended and balanced well with the harmonies. I think it sounds great and it really has a dramatic touch to it as well. Thank you. We all fell in love with electronic music around the same time but had come from other bands. That, mixed with being in the south, has greatly affected the way we’re making our sounds. We’re almost always recording live instruments into these machines and then ripping and pulling them apart. This gives us the opportunity in a live show to play those instruments and recreate those sounds. When your neighbor is the type of guy that believes that if an instrument needs to be plugged in, it’s NOT an instrument. You really start to think through the recording process ! mm: Are you planning on touring out the rest of the year for your new album? We’ll be on the road pretty much forever on this album. We’re looking forward to changing our show up a little for every tour. That way each time people come out it’s a new experience. mm: Looking toward the future, what is the next step for Paper

Route? A lot of touring. Maybe another EP. We’ll see.

Paper Route will be playing with Young Love , The Sleeps and TIGERCITY - at the Grog Shop June 6th at 9pm . Tickets are $10 For more on Paper Route go to




I’m really starting to get tired of talking about bands from have a hard time actually placing the band in, as they channel Brooklyn. I’m not sure what’s in the water system over in

so many different styles. Many times I had to stop myself from

NY, but whatever it is, everyone seems to be drinking it and thinking that they were British. They also write (check out: http:// they’re all creating fantastic music I get swept away in., as well as film.

On their first Midwest tour, after extensive touring in the east,

I was intrigued with this band after listening to their EP ‘Lay

‘Brooklyn based’ Action Painters Band made their debut at

That Cable’. ‘Lay That Cable’ is a seamless collection of songs

the Beachland Tavern on Wednesday April 29th. What I love

recorded in five hours time in New York. It holds a balance

about this band is the DIY mentality they possess. Not only do between rough, gritty vocals and flawless fast paced guitar Action Painters create fun, danceable, indie pop - a category I


album review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz! Interscope Records, 2009 Karen O makes me feel like a madman on the run. I do have to admit that this album took a handful of listens to snatch my attention, somehow, so, please be patient if need be. I didn’t think It’s Blitz! held a torch to Fever To Tell at first, but I stand corrected. As I was looking forward to some rocking gems like “Y Control” and “Date With The Night,” after the first few tracks (which my ears mistook this album as bonus tracks from Rilo Kiley’s discoesque Under The Blacklight), the new YYY LP The bands live show lived up to the high standard set by their EP’s. Although the crowd at the tavern was on the thin side that evening, AP’s solid 45 minute performance did not suffer.

gives you a few more “Maps.” Lyrically matched with “Maps” may be “Soft Shock” with the Oberlin lady soothing us with lines like “Louder/Lips speak louder/Better/Back together.” How can one not want to make out to that?

Lead singer Tom Haslow, who, in my opinion looks like a sober Pete Doherty, lead the band through a fast paced, danceable set, playing songs off the band’s 2007 EP, ‘Chubby Dancer’ including upbeat Sooner or Later, Absolutely Clear, harmonica infused/ 70’s rock inspired How Could it be so Wrong and We Don’t Need to Live Like This whilst Haslow channels a young Rolling Stone raw vocal sound. AP also introduced the crowd their March 2009 EP “Lay That Cable,’ playing one of my favs, 456 and closed out the evening with Money Changes Everything. Action Painter’s are set to release their first full length album at the end of 2009. For more information on the Action Painter’s check out and And to hear some great live tracks check out actionpainters/ and

Mid-album track “Dull Life” can be described as

anything but dull despite starting out with molasses-like speed, it quickly turns into old Yeahs fashion you loved on Show Your Bones, as will “Shame and Fortune.” When you need a solid chill track, “Runaway” tells the detailed story (not really) of the love lost by snobby high schoolers in Manhattan as it was featured in an episode of Gossip Girl, but nonetheless, it gives the solid “Maps” vibe all the Rock Band players out there need to hear as a follow up, not to mention the lyrical sweetness of “Flow sweetly/Hang heavy/You suddenly Complete me” on “Hysteric.” Sandwiched between the two, you have “Dragon Queen” which is a straight up Studio 54 coke dance song.

As you should already know, these guys rarely

disappoint in their releases, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs third full album truly shows the band’s talent and diversity as musicians as they can rock, dance, and love all within three-quarters of an hour. I can speak no truer words than these: I can’t see myself ever doubting them again. Zachary Acerra

PORCH PARTY by: genna p

When I received an email from my friend Katharyne up our community outreach efforts. We presented to a about an event called Porchfest in the Fallcreek lively audience at PechaKucha at the House of Blues neighborhood of Ithaca, New York, I got really excited. and used lines such as “Shaker Square isn’t in Shaker “Wouldn’t this kind of event be perfect in Larchmere?” Heights!” “KISS and Paula Abdul will not be playing this Katharyne asked. We have no lack of musical talent event” and “Brangelina and their 49 children might relocate in the Cleveland area, and the idea of transforming to Cleveland if Porchfest is a success!” porches into stages for a day to showcase that talent seemed like the perfect plan. Add in the obvious If you haven’t heard about Larchmere Porchfest, then you amenities of the Larchmere and Shaker Square MUST check it out! Stay tuned to the messy blog for an neighborhoods on Cleveland’s east side and you have updated map and schedule. And check out Larchmere the perfect summer event!

Porchfest on facebook and MySpace. The event is not only a cool new way to showcase a Cleveland neighborhood

What followed was months of planning, several interviews and local musicians; it’s also an example of a true grassroots for funding (thank you Neighborhood Connections and operation at work. We have no financial motivation, and the Cleveland Colectivo for believing in us!) and a lot of fun we aren’t part of any kind of community development and exciting discussions and idea sharing between our organization. We are just a group of neighbors and friends group of friends and neighbors. We found and booked coming together to create a dynamic experience to market bands, created and fine-tuned our graphics and ramped the quality of life in the Larchmere neighborhood. We hope

that Larchmere Porchfest will be one of the best events of

‘Larchmere PorchFest is a oneday event featuring some of the top regional musicians performing acoustic music on front porches throughout Cleveland’s Larchmere neighborhood.’ The idea is based on a similar event that takes place annually in the Fallcreek neighborhood of Ithaca, New York.

• The event will include 20 bands/musicians that will perform on different front porches from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. • The event will conclude with a full band, pluggedin concert at Shaker Square from 6-9pm, courtesy of The Coral Company. • Overall, the musicians/bands will represent a wide variety of music styles. • Access to this family friendly event will be FREE and open to the public. Larchmere PorchFest is unlike any other event in Cleveland. We are bringing together the amenities of residential living in Larchmere with the rich cultural texture of live, local talent.

Photos from Fallcreek Porchfest, Ithaca, NY

the summer and hope to see you on June 20th!

Shaker Square Concert! The Coral Company is awesome and is letting us handle the program for a night of their famous Shaker Square Concert Series. Here’s what we have in store for our big grand finale concert on the Square!

The Other Girls

JJ Magazine

The Other Girls is a young band with fun retro influences JJ Magazine has just released their sophomore album and a great indie-pop feel. Their debut CD “Perfect Cities,” “Dinner” which the writer of this article gives as many stars

was released on Black Keys drummer Pat Carney’s Audio as possible ;). Their superfun sounds have been described Eagle label. The guys opened the Black Keys’ recent sold- as “modern, British-influenced power pop with a dash of out shows in Detroit and Cleveland. Oh yeah, and there shoegaze.” In short, they are simply lovely. are no girls in the band ; )

Confirmed Porch Bands: You can find links to all of these bands on the Larchmere Porchfest MySpace page! There is a great mix of musical genres that will be spread around the neighborhood at various locations and times. Be sure to check back soon for a map and schedule! Brent Kirby (from the Jack Fords) Chris Castle Church of the Lazy Bastards Dan McCoy (from Rambler 454) Heelsplitter Jen Shipman Jesse Barnez Joyful Noise Miss Melvis Nelken Roger Hoover Ryann Guitar Anderson

Good Morning Valentine

The Woovs Waxwings Clint Holley

Good Morning Valentine’s influences include an eclectic

Russian Duo

mix of music from the last four decades, from Motown

Martin and Marshall

and 60’s rock and pop, to late 70’s songwriters such as

Elec Simon

Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. Modern groups like Wilco

Garden Variety

and Belle & Sebastian also play a part in shaping the band’s sound.

Legation (a gallery) A new space, with a new twist. 78th street studios gets another fabulous tenant in Legation. John and Hilary Aurand’s labor of love is beginning to transform the way we view the impact of art on the community, both here and abroad. By: genna p Legation is a gallery dedicated to helping artists and musicians network themselves within the community. Owned and operated by John and Hilary Aurand, Legation boasts over 2,000 square feet of exhibition space, open to all genres including installation, fine art, music, video production and fashion design. Legation gallery is located inside the 78th Street Studios, Westside Cleveland’s largest art venue in the Gordon Square Art District off of Detroit Avenue. Four times a year the whole 78th Street Studios building opens its doors and the public can tour galleries, artist studios and music/ recording spaces. In December the studios host Bazaar Bizarre, where vendors sell unique handmade art, jewelry, fashion, etc.

Vision The vision for legation happened while Hilary, was traveling in Kenya, East Africa two summers ago. She was working at an orphanage and meeting locals who were struggling through day to day life. Inspired by their constant joy in the most desperate conditions, I came back to Cleveland with a vision to start an art/ music space that would be able to make

Upcoming Events • 5.29/ 9 pm Hip hop/ Jazz show, $5 at the door, bands are “Hungry Dirty, Mu Amin Collective and Vice Verses” • 6.5/9pm Singer songwriter from Chicago, “Gordon Robertson (originally from Cleveland) with Katy Meyers, Wolfgang Schaefer, and Paul Norris from Cleveland, $5 at the door • 6.12/ 6-9pm Closing reception for “Anatomy of the Barnstorm” photo documentary by Akron photographer enough profit to send a percentage back to the amazing Daniel Mainzer, never before seen prints of Joe Walsh/ families I had met in Africa. Hilary and John’s goals are to album art and a black and white series based on Akron’s spread the word about friends in Kenya and to also send Rubber Industry (see attachment), 7 pm artist lecture, financial support from profits made at Legation. Given 10 pm live music, “Uncanny”, and an after party at sales of artwork at their first opening in April, the vision to Reddstone! help give back is actually becoming a reality. • 7.3/ 9pm live music, band line up TBD

Restoration The restoration of the gallery was truly a leap of faith and began this past February. The space was built in 1906 and used at the Baker Electric Car Company and then was occupied by American Greetings in the 1970’s. This meant that there was a hideous amount of random color used on the walls and ceilings as well as an awful black tar adhesive that covered all of the floors. After much

• 7.10 & 7.11 78th St. Studios Summer Opening! At legation gallery: CIA grad Derek Gelvin showing new works in metal and Murray Hill jeweler Gordon Dwight showing new works as well... Friday night 5:30-9pm, after party at Reddstone! Saturday 1-5pm

For more information

blood, sweat and some tears, John and Hilary were able For more info please call John or Hilary Aurand at to completely reconstruct the space into what is now: a the gallery ~216.961.2590~ or email at legation1300@ vibrant, light-filled gallery space. The arduous construction If anyone is interested in showing, get in cannot be described in words but are readily available on touch and they will set up appointments to view your facebook and Myspace under Legation, a gallery.


Steve Brown is a Moving Target. The Steve Brown Gallery is the newest thing to hit, well, a space near you… by genna p

including: promotional assistance for other shows and Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new kid in town.

marketing advisement.

Ok- he’s not super new, but his latest venture is. You may know him from his past life at the ultrahip Waterloo boutique Shoparooni… or you may have heard of his mad yo-yo-ing skills. But this time around, Steve Brown is running the show, with a new business: The Steve Brown Gallery.

“The purpose of a gallery is to further the art and the artist. We are here to introduce people to the finest in contemporary art, and to provide any and all assistance to emerging artists.” –Steve Brown

The Steve Brown Gallery is a floating gallery, curating

mm: what made you decide that you wanted to start shows in multiple spaces in Cleveland, Ohio and the business? beyond. They also handle online sales for original art I parted ways recently with Shoparooni. During the time and related products (paintings and sculpture, prints, I was there, I got really heavily involved in booking all

books and miscellaneous related art-type stuff). Unlike the gallery shows for The Annex, and realized that I had many contemporary art galleries, TSBG is committed to an aptitude for it, and truly loved it. I couldn’t just walk helping its artists manage their careers more effectively away from that! So, considering that my approach was and will offer multiple management services to artists to promote artists and everything they were doing (which

is, apparently, fairly uncommon for a gallery) I talked mm: what spaces are you currently looking at using to some of the artists I’d been working with and they for your exhibitions? echoed the idea that I really should keep at it. So I am! Right now I’m going to be moving forward and handling promotional duties for the Shoparooni Annex space. mm: you are a huge advocate of cleveland and I’d already booked all those shows, the artists are shopping local. can you tell us more about your comfortable working with me, and it helps Shoparooni. background and how you got to feel so strongly I’ll also be curating small shows at Brigade Clothing on about the city and those producing here?

Coventry, and on the 3rd Floor of the old 1300 Gallery

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida which has been space. So I guess we’ll call it 1300 and a Third? I’m in completely overrun by strip malls

talks with Wild Zero Studios, a

and chain stores. The landscape

tattoo shop / gallery in Morgantown,

there is just blighted with them.

West Virginia, and have a few other

I lived in Tallahassee for 6 years

ideas here in town that aren’t solid

before moving to Cleveland, and

enough to run my mouth about yet.

the ratio of locally-owned to chain businesses was MUCH more

mm: can you tell us a little more

favorable. I worked for a local kite

about some of the artists you are

and toy store for several years

currently working with?

and after seeing what could be

I’m currently working with Benjamin

done on a local level by a local

Haehn, who deals mostly in oils,

business, I was absolutely hooked.


My business background is kinda

Ben’s a rad guy...he’s one of the

weird, and largely unrelated to

Lake Erie surfers, he’s a recently

what I’m actually doing. I’ve been

retired motocross champion, and

a professional yo-yo demonstrator

"Shark Shark" :: Benjamin Haehn

since 1995, moved to Cleveland in




his work is just terrific. He’s got this squiggly indie-rock kind of aesthetic

2000 to handle marketing, product development, event but with a lot more thought given to composition and a coordination, and a slew of other things for Duncan Yo- body of work than what you normally see from people in Yos (which is based in Middlefield). So I’ve got a huge that style. He’s also super laid-back, and genuinely loves love for indie business, but enough of a corporate what he does, which makes every project really fun. He’s background to know how to use their tools for good! one of the residents of the 1300 and a Third space, and will be coordinating the shows there with me, along with

Trelawney O’Brien who is as sweet as the day is long and mm: what do you do when you’re not promoting a talented photographer in her own right. I’ve got a few cleveland artists? originals from Ben listed on the site, and we’re working to When I’m not promoting Cleveland artists...well, I’m produce some consumer-good items based on his fine art kinda of always promoting Cleveland artists! I’m writing

that will be totally affordable, even in these tough times. up an interview now with Chris Ryniak for a show he’s got coming up in Montreal this July, and I’m working I’m also doing a lot with my good friend Chris Ryniak. with Ben to develop some more consumer-goods Chris saw how interested I was becoming in all of this and style items to help promote his fine art. I’m also being

has been a tremendous friend and an invaluable bullshit a dad and a terrible housekeeper and looking around detector! He keeps me on track, helps me stay motivated, for a new day job to help fill the gaps between all these and has been kind enough to hand off wholesale duties shows. Anybody wanna hire some awesomeness? for his books and mini-print sets to me, as well as a few original works that I’ve got listed in the online store. His mm: how can someone get in touch with you about upcoming show at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal is just showing their work?

absolutely mind-blowing...the quantum leap he’s made in If anyone is interested in showing their work with The his work in the last year and change is just staggering. Steve Brown Gallery, they can head to http://www.

I love his painting, his sculpture, his custom vinyl toys, and click on “Contact” on the and our kids get along pretty well. He’s a great friend, side menu bar. Give me some info about you, what you’re

and it’s a pleasure and an honor to have been invited doing, and links to any and all of your work online. I don’t to participate in my small way in his career. He’s one of want to just see your pieces, I want to know what other

those artists that, in 20 years, we’ll all be kicking ourselves shows you are currently in or scheduled for, I want to for not snapping up everything of his we could afford! know where you want to be with your work, and I want to know about you as a person. TSBG isn’t about just

mm: do you have a schedule of upcoming events?

selling work...the idea is to promote an artist, their career,

Upcoming events! Things are still being finalized, and and their entire body of work. What we are selling is a some stuff is just too far out to announce yet! But keep an snapshot of just one moment in that career. So don’t send eye on the blog section of http://www.stevebrowngallery. me a snapshot....send me the big picture! com for the most current information. There’s a yo-yorelated art show at Shoparooni opening at the end of July (yo-yo related work by actual yo-yo players!), and an installation going into Brigade in mid-July. I’ll be announcing details for both of those really soon. :)

“for more information, please stick your head out of your window and look at the world around you. enjoy it. love it. Cleveland uber alles.” -SB

Psychedelic Overdrive Times Six� :: Benjamin Haehn

This is Cleveland (All the Stuff I See) by genna p

Dave Desimone, owner of Low Life Gallery in the I have to admit, I’m a littlee nervous to see how my stuff Waterloo Arts District, puts a new spin on the city- turned out, considering the fact that taking photos with pride photography exhibit with ‘This is Cleveland (All a green cardboard box is something that I haven’t done the Stuff I See)’. Desimone assembled a motley crew for awhile. However, I know that in true Low Life style, of artists, photographers and local personalities. (How this show is going to be fab. And Dave is working on an do I know who’s involved? Because I’m one of the interesting twist by trying to recruit the Western Reserve people in the show). He armed us all with disposable Historical Society to archive our images, negatives and cameras- no fancy digital stuff here!- and sent us all bios for a possible re-showing sometime in the far away on our merry ways. Our assignment: to capture our future. Pretty cool, huh? Read on to learn more about ‘This own personal perspectives of the city we love… to is Cleveland (All the Stuff I See)’ and mark your calendars avoid the generic skyline shots and search deeper for June 12th, when our selected photos will be on display into our gritty souls.

for your viewing pleasure!

The Concept Give 25-30 people a disposable camera with 27 exposures to document ‘their Cleveland’ over a 14 day period. The guidelines are pretty simple: All photographs have to be taken within Cuyahoga County.

The Finished Product The photographs will be developed and a small exhibit committee will select the best photos from each photographer. These photos will be reproduced in a 5x7 inch format and mounted for exhibit.

Who are these People? Each photographer will provide their name, age, occupation, number of year’s living in Northeast Ohio, one random fact about themselves and one thing they like about Cleveland. All of this fancy information will be available to you, our adoring fans. I will even sign the program if you want. And, in case you were wondering, picking ONE thing I like about Cleveland was really stinking hard!

The Suspense is Killing Us… The first time the photographers will see their work will be at the opening night reception.

OPENING NIGHT! June 12, 2009 7-11pm Low Life Gallery 16001 Waterloo Road Cleveland, OH 44110



February and March were undoubtedly busy months and if they are one of the lucky twenty-five or so chosen, in the messy camp, almost entirely all dedicated to the will have their film flown around the world to 30 countries filmfest. We released a film guide in conjunction with the for 500 screenings. Cleveland was just one of 500 stops 33rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival, put out for the BMFF. Issue 3 not too long after, and finally attended the CIFF. Majority of the films shown during the BMFF are short I personally saw 16 films in 10 days. Not only did I break films mainly clocking in under twenty-five minutes and a personal record for most watched movies in ten days spanning a variety of sports and hobbies including time, I also learned to sit for an extended period of time kayaking, BASE jumping, skiing, mountain climbing without really moving. Something I am terrible at.

and just plain old adventuring. What I enjoy most about

After the CIFF was completed, and after I was comforted watching these films, is the equally active crowd that by my fellow staffers that yes, we can come back next sits through them. Loud and excited, these people year; I vowed to take a few weeks off from staring at cheer when great things happen, grumble in disbelief anything remotely close to screen, or sitting.

when something goes wrong, and yell ‘Banff’ constantly.

Well that only lasted oh-so-long. Shortly after the Perhaps it was all the free coffee in the lobby that Cleveland Film Society turned off their last projector, the had everyone riled up, but apart of me believes these film world in Northeast Ohio exploded. Less than one outdoorsy people are like this on any given day. week after the completion of the CIFF, Akron presented The BMFF crowd filling majority of the Allen Theater their international film festival, then Cinema Wasteland during the Saturday showing seemed eager and excited held a successful exhibition in Independence and finally for the night of free food, free drinks and free falling. Crux on April 17th and 18th the 33rd Annual Banff Mountain kicked off the evening with 12 minutes freestyle cyclist Film Festival made its return to Cleveland’s Allen Theater. throwing themselves onto and off of buildings, walls, Yes, there actually is that much going on in Cleveland, stairs, and most notably, biking on chain linked fences. on one given weekend.

This was by far the coolest twelve minute documentary

If you’re unfamiliar with the BMFF, maybe you don’t like I’ve ever seen. I was left speechless. potentially life-ending or injury-risking sports. BMFF is My other faves from the night included The Cable Car dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure types.

an animation from Switzerland lasting a mere seven

Each year professional and amateur filmmakers from minutes. This cute flick was about an old man traveling around the world submit their work to the Banff Center, in a cable car up the side of a mountain. Through several

photo courtesy of

sneezes, the cable car starts to fall apart, leaving the old Closing out the Saturday night’s events and the 33rd man hanging in limbo. We never really find out where he Annual BMFF in Cleveland was the humorous The goes either…

Unbearable Lightness of Skiing. This documentary

The highlight, and probably the most touted film of the by Greg Hill, had the audience laughing as he explains evening was Journey to the Center. As the longest film he is making this movie to show his family and relatives of the evening, a whopping 55 minutes in length, Journey what he does on the weekend, back country ski. He to the Center followed three of the world’s best BASE explains they don’t understand why anyone would want jumpers to a one mile deep pit in China called Tian Keng to do something that risky. Meanwhile Hill throws himself – the Heavenly Pit. Scenes of the undeveloped back down the back of a mountain. Hope they understand. country of China, and the small communities scattered throughout the dense country were both captivating F o r m o re i n f o r m a t i o n o n t h e B a n ff M o u n t a i n and beautiful. These BASE jumpers traveled a total of F i l m F e s t i v a l , c h e c k o u t t h e i r w e b s i t e a t 10,000 miles make this one jump; which through the w w w. b a n ff m o u t a i n f e s t i v a l s . c a most anxiety laden scene had three humans dangling on a wire one vertical mile off the pit’s floor. This is certainly one film to check out.

MADE IN by: genna p

It is impossible for me to write an article that isn’t biased. Which is why I’m going to come right out and say that I am madly in love with Room Service and its fancy owner, Gordon Square Arts District Diva, Danielle Deboe. I interviewed the divine Ms. Deboe about her fabulous store and her signature event, Made in the 216, which is coming up June 26th and 27th. This Made in


the 216 event is BIGGER and BETTER than ever. Anyone who is anyone will be there. Don’t be a dork. Get your butts down to Detroit Shoreway and celebrate the local awesomeness! mm: tell us a little about room servicewhat was your inspiration for the store? RS: I consider ROOM SERVICE to be a ‘lifestyle’ store. While there is certainly something for everyone here, the common thread throughout the assortment is GOOD DESIGN at an ATTAINABLE PRICE POINT. I think that GOOD DESIGN is very easy to find at a high price point but much less available in the grab-and-go price

IN THE 216, Bit@#eS! point. I wanted to carry a wide variety of products too. designers involved.

The event was tremendously

One can certainly expect more apparel here very soon, successful and fun, so for the second round I added but can count on always finding great gift options as well more vendors and a more dynamic assortment of as some unique pieces of furniture.

goods including locally designed apparel from WRATH ARCANE. With the success of the first two, and an

I also wanted to create a space that would be FUN to influx of Cleveland designers submitting to participate in shop and inspiring to spend time in. I strongly encourage future events, I knew that I had to grow the event. The people to just come in and hang out and visit with me only problem was that it was very important to me to too! Cocktails are totally acceptable in this workplace!

continue the format of the previous two, which was to fold the Cleveland-made designs right into the narrative/

mm: this is your 3rd (right?) made in the 216 event. creative driven merchandising schemes displaying my describe how the event came to be and how this own store’s products so as to underscore how the event is different from previous events.

Cleveland based designs stack up to items designed all

RS: This event was originally conceived as an opportunity over the world....and to create a slightly more interesting to temporarily showcase some of the great products that, shopping experience. How to translate this outside of my since opening my store, I had come to discover were space was my big question....and apparently...I just did being made right here in Cleveland. As a Buyer/Visual it! i decided to activate a currently unused space in the Merchandiser/Stylist for the last decade I have travelled neighborhood...the entire first floor of the NEAR WEST to trade shows all over to source out products for the LOFTS building and emulate my store’s artistic displays stores I worked for in both Cleveland and Los Angeles... and creative merchandising. Sure, it meant TONS of so when I opened this store in the Gordon Square Arts preparation and more expense, but it was the only way District and started receiving all these submissions from to maintain the integrity of the event while growing it. local designers, I thought that it was pretty remarkable And growing it is an understatement! This next event how many products i found attractive were actually being will feature 40 CLEVELAND BASED designers making made/designed in my own backyard!

up the most diverse assortment yet: furniture, apparel,

The event started out small, as it was my very first event housewares, jewelry jewelry jewelry, art, kids, bikes...but as a store owner and had about 12 Cleveland based all products that are within the aesthetic brand of ROOM


photography by Michelle Murphy (featured in messy magazine!), Yellowcake women’s apparel, and so many

mm: can you tell us about a few of the participants? more! Also, this will be my first time carrying ODDBALL who are your favorites?

PRESS, a very clever and funny line of notecards. There

RS: WHOA! tough question, favorites? um...well I have to are 40 vendors, and I curated the list so I LOVE THEM say I am THRILLED to have APOC (a piece of Cleveland) ALL! involved selling some of their furniture and accessories all made out of Cleveland buildings and churches that have mm: there is a musical and edible element to this been torn down...I am a huge fan of these guys! Also, made in the 216- can you tell us more? part of Cleveland’s own Derek Hess’s STRHESS line will RS: The event will be held at ROOM SERVICE’s main involved, Jewelry from the very clever Shannon Vance, location in addition to the NEAR WEST LOFTS space. There will be DJ’s, and 10 local bands playing throughout the weekend as well. We will have some bands set up outside near the stores and then each night from 9 pm on at HAPPY DOG will be a MADE IN THE 216 after party with a full line up of your favorite local bands, RAFFLES, and more merchandise for sale..oh and BEER SPECIALS to boot! Wine and Beer will be available at all venues both days of the event, butI am really excited about the addition of the EAT IN THE 216 bake shop...I have asked many local independent caterers and bakers to set up tables selling some of their delicious products, from candies and cookies, to vegan goods and chutneys. There will be a wide range of edibles from some of the amazingly talented local chefs and bakers headed up by Dish Global Catering’s Heather Campbell (we love you, Heather!)

Overall, we are proud to be supporting (between the vendors, bands and food) NEARLY 80 LOCAL BUSINESSES in this one 2-day event! mm: how can someone who is interested in participating in your next made in the 216 get in touch with you??? RS: I am always accepting submissions for this event which is held every JUNE and NOVEMBER via email at:


Traquair Lairds Legacy

Picture a crowded Coventry Winking Lizard. The second

Brewed by: Traquair House Brewery Lld

dining room was filled with tools, hipsters, and a table full

Style: Scottish Ale

of people who had no business talking about sports. Their

ABV: 6.0

conversations kept floating over and burrowing into my brain. It was the end of a very rough week and money was probably

I was watching the X-Files while originally writing this so in

going to get tight. But I was sure good times were on the

honor of that I will begin with full disclosure. There will be no


blacked out words in my review. Yes! Vague X-Files reference!

A new beer to try!

I, for all intents and purposes, should have written a review of

This World Tour selection was brought to you by the letter T:

a different beer. I was very cranky and borderline salty when I

I randomly put my finger down in the T section and drum roll

tried this beer. Here we go.


The mood was set just right for a good beer and a good review. The night outside was warm and pretty. It followed

Traquair Lairds Legacy

a day of good news and an easy day at work. I was with

Now back to that full disclosure thing (don’t you wish the

two of my favorite ladies and they were both laughing and

Government or at least the Cleveland Browns were as open?)

smiling freely. The lights were low and the music loud. Yes, I

I was pretty cranking at this point when beer finally arrived.

was at the Grog Shop. The band onstage was unknown but

I picked up the bottle and notice that the label claims its

quite entertaining. There was that wonderfully mysterious

‘perfect for winter evenings and plotting rebellions’. Oh my, I

gust of cool AC driven (does anyone really know what that

think I’m in heaven. It pretty much went downhill from there.

occasional gust of air at the Grog is?) air cooling me off.

Let’s get onto the beer shall we?


In my hand was a Baltika, which was described to me as the “Russian PBR.” It was cheap, cold and pretty tasty. I

NOSE: Some fruity sourness on the nose following in to a

took many notes on the beer and the evening and to be

dark fruity body, a little red wine character about it, and a little

honest both were really good. It’s a shame that one won’t

raw for an aged beer. There are nice burst of plum, chocolate,

be reviewed here. What’s the problem you ask? Well I had

and the usual malts. There is also a hint of date and I may

already decided earlier that the beer I’d review would be the

have even detected cherry?

next one I had on my World Tour at the Lizard. The mood was set for that one too. Only this mood was set

APPEARANCE: It had a very nice dark Belgian appearance.

to bad.

In terms of color it was thick amber brown that rivaled

Guinness in darkness. The beige, foamy head was a very pretty contrast to the dark liquid below. It was a firm at least two fingers thick crater that subsided quickly but coated the glass. TASTE: It had a big bitter bite that was very confusing. At times actual flavor would break free and you’d get a nice bit of chocolate and coffee. MOUTHFEEL: This is where the trouble began. It was way too heavy and very sticky. At no point did it ever go down smoothly. It came off as more syrupy than anything else. Another disappointing aspect was the carbonation, which was very sharp. Despite the aroma there’s almost no sweetness in this beer at all, and the dark aniseed taste is reminiscent of salty licorice. This lack of sweetness is from reading a common theme in Scottish Beer. If you’re not a fan of bitter beers than you’ll probably want to steer clear. It can be very dry and heavy with an empty finish to it. In theory it would be good as a dessert beer but I’d not rush back to this one. In conclusion all we’ve learned is Laird’s Legacy has a cool label and motto but other than that isn’t all that special. Oh, and I probably shouldn’t review when cranky. Appearance: 4/5 Smell: 4/5 Taste: 1/5 Mouthfeel: 0/5 Drinkability: 0/5 Overall: 9/25

This list includes a few events that interest us and that might interest you. Check for updates. This is by no means an exhaustive list… it’s just highly likely you will see one of your friendly messy magazine staffers at one or all of these events. Be sure to say hello (we are kind of nice)! Take a Hike


Experience Cleveland’s rich history on three unique guided

Presented by convergence-continuum: “I am moving. Looking

walking tours complete with historical characters from the

for the love of my life.” May 29-June 27

past. Beginning Sunday, April 26th - Sunday, September 6th.

The Liminis Theater, 438 Scranton Road, Cleveland, Ohio by Melanie Marnich

Take a Hike Tour Schedule:

Our heroine is on a cross-country mission, looking for the

The Historic Gateway Neighborhood tour is every Thursday at

love of her life. Her journey takes her across the American

6 PM. Meet at the Arcade (401 Euclid Avenue).

landscape, through hilarious and eccentric relationships in

The Historic Warehouse District Tour is every Saturday at 10

which time and emotion pass in a warped instant. When her

AM. Meet at Constantino’s Market (1278 West 9th Street).

quest becomes intertwined with that of a quirky female serial

The Canal to Harbor Tour is every Sunday at 10 AM. Meet at

killer (an astrophysicist gone bad), the landscape changes

Settler’s Landing RTA Station (1025 West Superior Avenue).

once again, as they cross state lines and faultlines, exploring

These guided tours will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length. Admission

the geography of the human heart.

is free.

For more information: http://www.convergence-continuum. org/index.php?subject=season&sub=quake

Gaetano Letizia and Friends... A Benefit for Heights Community Congress Cut To Pieces Live Life in Full Color with some Jazz, Blues, Funk & Latin.

Presented by Cleveland Public Theatre: “Sometimes it takes

Support Community and Neighborhood Diversity!

mystery to solve mystery.”

Friday May 29, 2009, 7:00-10:00pm

May 16- May 30


Nighttown, 12387 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights

James Levin Theatre, 6415 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH

Cover Charge - $20 per person. 100% of the cover charge goes to support HCC and its mission

CPT presents the World Premiere of a CPT Original Work, Cut

of social justice, fair housing and community building.

to Pieces by Raymond Bobgan and Chris Seibert, onstage in




UpcomingEvents.php the James Levin Theatre from May 16 - May 30 (Join us for Opening Night: Saturday, May 16 and stay after the show for a

reception with complimentary beer, wine and snacks!).

Parade The Circle Cleveland’s signature cultural event celebrates its 20th year

Cut to Pieces is a new original work written by CPT Executive Saturday, June 13, 2009, 11:00am - 4:00pm Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan and CPT Education Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH Director Chris Seibert. Cut to Pieces is an ambitious theatrical experience that integrates live performance and video

Expressions of art, dance and culture will be plentiful at University

projections in an affecting solo show. Cut to Pieces begins as a

Circle on Saturday, June 13 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. when the

classic “who-done-it” tale and quickly spirals into an epic story 20th annual Parade the Circle takes place. of the dismembering power of violence, love, and the quest for self knowledge. Chris Seibert stars in this tour de force one

With no price for admission and appropriate for all ages, the

woman show.

public can visit and appreciate the vibrant culture that continues to thrive in Cleveland. At Noon, the parade will commence at the

Cut to Pieces was developed with support from the Ohio Arts

Cleveland Museum of Art and proceed in a counter-clockwise

Council Arts Innovations program and a grant from the National

circle along Wade Oval Drive and East Boulevard.

Endowment for the Arts. Visitors are also welcome to participate in many handsWorld Premiere, CPT Original Work

on activities sponsored by University Circle organizations in University Circle Inc.’s Circle Village. This year’s theme is

Written by Raymond Bobgan and Chris Seibert

Chiaroscuro: Beguiling the Penumbra.

Directed by Raymond Bobgan Several memorable pieces from Parades in the past will be making their return. Guest artists from Canada, Trinidad and

“Don’t Mention It” exhibition of works by Maugans, Tobago, plus those from the United States will be present. Depew, and Ross For more information: An exhibition of works that explore text in art


June 4, 2009 at 6:00pm through June 30, 2009 at 9:00pm KSU Downtown Gallery, 141 East Main Street in the heart of Kent, Ohio.

BLACK POETIC Presents A LOVE, A KISS, A DEATH A choreopoem by RA Washington

Gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday 12-5 PM and Saturday Friday, June 19, 2009, 7:00pm - 9:00pm 10-4 PM. Cleveland Museum of Art (RECITAL HALL) Phone (330) 676-1549

11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH

Based on the choreopoem made popular by Ntozake Shange’s MADE IN THE 216 Summer 09 “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Highlighting & celebrating all the awesome people choosing to Rainbow Is Enuf.” A LOVE, A KISS, A DEATH is a series of

do their designing and creating right here in CLEVELAND!!!!

vignettes dealing in our preoccupation with love, lust and death. set to original music composed by washington and

Friday, June 26, 2009 at 4:00pm

choreography by Amy Notley, Fatima Abuzahrieh, and RA Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 2:00am Washington. GORDON SQ. ARTS DISTRICT This performance is the third in BLACK POETIC’s Cleveland

The next MADE IN THE 216 event on JUNE 26 & 27 will be

Museum of Art “FREE 4 ALL” Series, and is a world premiere.

held in multiple locations in the neighborhood. • RS’s main location • RS will be activating 2 currently unoccupied spaces on the

Larchmere Porchfest

block for the weekend

FREE event with live music on front porches!

• Happy Dog will be the locale of the late night portion of the

Saturday, June 20, 2009, 2:00pm - 10:00pm


Larchmere Neighborhood & Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH

• Look for bands under the marquee of the soon-to-open Capitol Theater

Larchmere Porchfest is a FREE event that will be held on June • wine and beer offered at all venues of the event both days. 20, 2009 in the Larchmere neighborhood of Cleveland. For one day, and one day only, porches will transform into stages

For more information:

featuring local musicians. Based on a similar event in Ithaca, New York, Larchmere Porchfest will highlight local talent, showcase exciting living options and create a fun and exciting

2009 Ohio Independent Film Festival

atmosphere for socializing... and dancing!

Presented by Independent Pictures June 3-7, 2009

For more information:

Various locations: Mercury Lounge and CPT’s Gordon Square

Theatre Independent Pictures (IP) is among the leading film training and exhibition organizations in Ohio. Founded and run by working filmmakers, IP encourages the craft by producing and presenting the work of a diverse community of artists. For a schedule and more information:

Kevin Czapiewski

Maria Van Heeckeren

Bill from JF Imaging

Marc Mannheimer

Atomic Digital Ron

Christina Wilson

Toni Chanakas

Sam Malusky Bacon

Zachary Acerra

Peter Jennings

Karen Starr

Suzanne Cofer

Beth Rankin

Daniella Lachina

Zach Moll

Jeff Dixx

thank you to all our contributors!

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