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Focus on sustainability AUGA digitises We will be sending you newsletters more frequently. The setup is as such that you will receive a digital newsletter every 6 weeks, and a printed version 4 times a year. In this way we want to intensify the communication with you, and besides this, we will naturally continue to visit our clients, which will take place Our transformation from the pond market

are decisive, but it seems as though virtual

to the wide-ranging water market, linked

communication wants to catch up with the

to our new company name, AUGA, is in

speed of light.

full swing. We have done beautiful things with water technology. You can follow the

AUGA, a trusted new name

messages regarding this on our website,

It took some getting used to, but we do notice

that the name Auga has already become a

with more coordinated frequency. Current news is not merely listed on the website, but social media is also used to pass on interesting news items.

trusted name amongst our business relations. We do not compromise in terms of quality and

We are still the same company, but one that

continue to improve and renew our products

tailors its objectives continuously to the

on a regular basis. We emphasise sustainability,

changing market.

and by focussing on this, we are able to continue to guarantee quality. This applies to our

We would like to

entire programme, also to our Vivaria Label,

wish you a wonder-

where technique and quality are linked to a

ful Christmas

favourable purchase price for the consumer.

and a very successful

We strut our stuff once again in 2014

and enterprising

Participation in various international trade


exhibitions is once again planned for 2014, and it is (luckily) still the personal contacts that




VarioTec-E ECO, but better!

The A-Synchron motor has been used as a pond pump

Position 1:

50% capacity and motor power

for many years, but development is much further now, in

Position 2:

75% capacity and motor power

terms of efficiency and ease of control for pump capacity

Position 3:

100% capacity and full utilisation

and electricity consumption. We also applied these devel-

of motor power

opments to the new pumps which we will offer from the

AUTO position WAVE, variable increased and

coming season.

decreased capacity

The VarioTec-E pumps are equipped with 6-pole DC Permanent Magnet motors, with built-in 4-step capacity control. This is a

VarioTec-E 5000

40 W

5500 litre - 3.3 m

e 129.00

VarioTec-E 10000

90 W

9500 litre - 4.8 m

e 169.00

VarioTec-E 15000

135 W

14500 litre - 6.0 m

e 249.00

whole mouth full of technology, but the greatest part of this is that the pump capacity is adjustable and that electricity consumption decreases proportionally when the pump is adjusted back. What's more, these pumps are considerably more efficient.

VarioTec-A; the good things will remain! The VarioTec pumps which sell frequently will remain in the programme, after all, one can’t simply throw out a successful product . The pumps have been updated and will continue their existence with the A-addition (of A-synchron). The prices will remain just as favourable.

New air pumps 2 new AirTec pumps will supply ponds and filters with fresh air quietly. The AirTec 1200 and AirTec 2400 are suitable for external use and are supplied with air stones and tubing. Sales prices are e 69.00 and e 99.00 respectively

Expansion service for professional Water Technology Professional water technology does not end with the mere delivery of products. We also want these products to continue to work perfectly. Fountains require winter freeze protection. AUGA takes care of these aspects on behalf of the client, with its new service. This is why we offer service and maintenance on location for our installations. Winter storage of fountains also forms part of this service; removal from water, inspection, cleaning and reinstallation during spring.

LED’s do it!

LED light is lovely, sustainable and extremely energy-efficient We love LED lighting, in a technical sense, of course. The extremely low energy consumption and long operating life are naturally excellent arguments in favour of LED lights. Fountain LED

Next newsletter: • Pond management controls

rings are also available, in

from Messner

addition to the underwater spotlights, all equipped with the same quality Power LEDs, with the same colour

• Innovative drum filters

White (6000K) and in uniform voltage 24 V DC. Spotlights with 3 x 1 W or

• New UV-c equipment from Messner

9 x 1 W Power LEDs. LED rings with 9 or 12 Power LEDs 1 W.

Colophon Amazing Water is a publication of Auga. AUGA is a registered trade name of Messner Benelux. Design & Styling:

13 Winkelskamp 7255 PZ Hengelo Gld - The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0) 575 46 80 20 - Fax +31 (0) 575 46 12 44

Auga news letter no 2 dec 2013  

AUGA news letter no 2, december 2013

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