Swinging Bridge Magazine: March 2021

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Eclectic edition T

his March, we are showcasing two students with eclectic tastes in fashion.

Olivia Bardo is a senior English major with a double minor in politics and gender studies. Bardo is a student fellow with the Center for Public Humanities and the Editor-in-Chief at the Peregrine Review. In between her studies, she feeds her sense of fashion. “In terms of fashion inspiration, I don’t necessarily have any specific people I look to for style, but I like indie styles,” Bardo said. “I just pick pieces that I like, or base what I wear on colors that I think would look interesting together. I find my clothing just about anywhere. There’s no specific brand I search for. I just get what I like. I shop at thrift stores or I look for items on sale. I shop at H&M a lot.” Collecting inspiration from a variety of sources, Bardo has created her own eccentric look. “I would define my clothing style as vintage, eclectic and European,” she said. “I think my style expresses my different interests. I like to dress artsy and reveal my creativity. I love to layer patterns and add a pop of color somewhere. It could be just my socks sometimes. I dress in a way that’s uniquely me. My favorite piece I’ve recently added to my style is the cloud earrings I have in the photo. They’re made by Field of Flutterflies, a local earring maker from Lancaster.” Dressing in her unique style makes Olivia feel confident when tackling whatever goals in front of her. She takes ‘dress for the job you want’ to heart. In her spare time you can find her baking sourdough in her apartment or writing poems in the library.