Swinging Bridge Magazine: March 2021

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How well are you handling the stress in your life? Complete the six questions below, provided by biopsychology professor, Jennifer Thomson, to help gauge the amount of stress in your life during the semester. In her ninth year teaching at Messiah, Thomson enjoys instructing students on mental health and providing them healthy tools for dealing with stress. “Stress can be incredibly beneficial and motivating but only if we know how to manage it well,” Thomson said. “When we do stress right, we can overcome challenges and succeed at our goals. When our stress overwhelms us, it can have negative effects on our health.”

1. Over the past week, how often have you felt overwhelmed by all that you had to do?

4. Over the past week, how often were you

Never - 0

able to get a full night (at least 8 hours) of uninterrupted sleep?

Sometimes - 1

Every night - 0

Often - 2

Most nights - 1

Always - 3

Some nights - 2 Never - 3

2. Over the past week, how often have you

felt supported by your friends, family and others in your community?

find it difficult to stay focused or motivated?

Never - 3

Never - 0

Sometimes - 2

Sometimes - 1

Often - 1

Often - 2

Always - 0

Always - 3

3. Over the past week, how often have you

6. Over the past week, how often have you

Not at all - 0

Every day - 0

Some days - 1

Most days - 1

Most days - 2

Some days - 2

Every day - 3

Not at all - 3

experienced headaches, muscle aches or digestive issues (unrelated to a cold or illness)?


5. Over the past week, how often did you

MARCH 2021

engaged in self-care activities (meditation, prayer, exercise, healthy eating)?